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Eagleby Cemetery
Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia

Herses Rd, Eagleby, Qld, Australia

Contributed by Judy Dickson, Sep 02, 2006 [judy_dickson@brisnet.org.au]. Total records = 96.

To get to this cemetery from Brisbane, take the Pacific Motorway and turn off Exit 34. Follow the signs to River Hills Road. Continue down RiverHills Rd past the Beenleigh Cemetery and turn left into Fryars Rd. Follow Fryars Rd and turn left into Herses Rd. The cemetery will be on your left.

From the late 1860's German families moved to the area and established homes along the fertile banks of the Albert and Logan Rivers in what is now known as Eagleby. In this period the area occupied by the German community became known as "Little Germany" or "German Pocket". These families are well represented in this pioneer cemetery.

The responsible Council is the Gold Coast City Council. For further information on the cemetery or burials you can contact them by phone from within Australia: 07 55816640 or from Overseas: +61 7 55816640.

I walked this cemetery in July 2006. This listing represents all legible markers. There are some graves without surviving headstones and an unknown number of unmarked graves.

- Judy Dickson

Cemetery Records

Amabile, Trisha, b. 17 Mar 1933, d. 21 Dec 2003
Bartlett, Earl William Charles, d. 21 Aug 1953, aged 17days
Behm, Carl W., d. 1915, aged 84yrs, s/w Wilhelmine Behm
Behm, Wilhelmine, d. d. 1930, aged 98yrs, s/w Carl W. Behm
Berndt, Christian F.H., d. 16 Oct 1939, aged 85yrs, s/w Emilie J.A. Berndt
Berndt, Emilie J.A., d. 3 Dec 1945, aged 84yrs, s/w Christian F. H. Berndt
Brauer, Christian F., geb 27 Oct 1883, gest 22 Jul 1914
Briggs, Rodney Ernest, 8 Jan 1995, aged 64yrs
Christoffel, Wilhelmine Caroline (geb Draeger), geb 16 May 1829, gest 11 Jun 1899
Dreyer, Alfred George, d. 13 Dec 1973, aged 67yrs, s/w Dorothea Friedericka Marie Dreyer
Dreyer, Auguste Loise (geb Christoffel), geb 11 Sep 1867, gest 24 Aug 1909
Dreyer, Bertha, d. 21 Apr 1946, aged 77yrs, s/w Herman Wilhelm Dreyer
Dreyer, Doris, d. 9 Sep 1923, aged 88yrs, s/w Johann Claus Dreyer
Dreyer, Dorothea Friedericka Marie, d. 31 Mar 1994, aged 87yrs, s/w Alfred George Dreyer
Dreyer, Herman Wilhelm, d. 29 Jun 1942, aged 74yrs, s/w Bertha Dreyer (wife)
Dreyer, Johann Claus, d. 24 Aug 1916, aged 80yrs, s/w Doris Dreyer
Dreyer, John Claus, d. 22 Dec 1935, aged 71yrs
Fels, Carl Friedrich, geb 20 Apr 1835, gest 7 Mar 1906
Fischer, August, d. 14 Oct 1937, aged 79yrs, next to Martha Fischer (wife)
Fischer, Carl Frederick Wilhelm, d. 27 Jun 1944, aged 71yrs, s/w Emma Caroline Fischer
Fischer, Carl Friedrich, geb 25 Apr 1827, gest 23 Sep 1885, s/w Gustine Fischer
Fischer, Emma Caroline, d. 22 Dec 1924, aged 41yrs, s/w Carl Frederick Wilhelm Fischer
Fischer, Gustine (geb Mewis), geboren den 26 Dec 1837, gestorben den 3 Jun 1883, s/w Carl Friedrich Fischer
Fischer, Martha, d. 7 Sep 1935, aged 68yrs, next to August Fischer (husband)
Harvey, Robert James, b. 1 Oct 1935 at Brisbane Queensland, d. 9 Jan 2003
Herse, Annette L., b. 18 Feb 1946, d. 11 Feb 1967
Herse, August, d. 4 Apr 1909, aged 38yrs, s/w Bertha Herse
Herse, Bertha, d. 29 Mar 1952, aged 77yrs, s/w August Herse
Herse, Carl F., d. 4 May 1954, aged 88yrs
Herse, Cedric, (no dates), s/w Roy Herse
Herse, Christian, b. 28 Aug 1836, d. 5 Apr 1927
Herse, Clara Maria (nee Ludcke), d. 3 Nov 1998, aged 100yrs, s/w Wilhelm Friedrick Herse
Herse, Frederich W., b. 1876, d. 1935, s/w Minna E. Herse
Herse, Fredericke, b. 21 Jul 1837, d. 21 Aug 1921, s/w Christian Herse
Herse, Helene Therese, b. 2 Apr 1902, d. 23 Jun 1984, s/w Theodore Wilhelm Herse
Herse, Hulda M., d. 27 Oct 1942, aged 69yrs
Herse, Minna E., b. 1881, d. 1939, s/w Frederich W. Herse
Herse, Roy, (no dates), s/w Cedric Herse
Herse, Stillborn (son), s/o August and Bertha Herse
Herse, Theodore Wilhelm, b. 14 Mar 1899, d. 24 Jul 1985, s/w Helene Therese Herse
Herse, Wilhelm Friedrick, d. 6 Mar 1959, aged 58yrs, s/w Clara Maria Herse
Lane, Margaret Joan, b.17 Feb 1954, d. 15 Feb 1954
Lausen, Grethe, b. 9 Jun 1934 in Denmark, d. 15 Dec 2003
Lausen, Karl Henry, b. 19 Aug 1910 in Denmark, d. 19 Oct 2003
Lubach, Stillborn (son), b. 12 Sep 1922, s/o Martin and Rubina Lubach
Ludcke, August, d. 3 Sep 1939, aged 80yrs
Ludcke, Maria (geb Christoffel), geboren den 28 ten Jul 1864, gestorben den 18 ten Jun 1924
Lupton, Melissa Sue, d. 12 Nov 1993, aged 9yrs, s/w Susan Maria Lupton, "my wife and daughter"
Lupton, Susan Maria, d. 22 Jan 1991, aged 33yrs, s/w Melissa Sue Lupton, "my wife and daughter"
Lusar, Marta, b. 22 Jul 1905, d. 25 Feb 2005
Lüdke, Georg Hermann, geb den 1 Jul 1905, gest den 2 Jul 1905
Marks, Alfred Johann, d. 8 Oct 1975, aged 80yrs, s/w Amy Hilda Marks
Marks, Amy Hilda, d. 4 Aug 1994, aged 99yrs, s/w Alfred Johann Marks
Marks, Noel Cedric, d. 26 Aug 1985, aged 61yrs 8mths
Metzroth, Maria Magdeline, d. 27 Sep 1909, aged 39yrs
Oppermann, C. Philipp B., b. 9 Mar 1877, d. 2 Jan 1878, s/w Hermann Oppermann and Emma Oppermann, children of H. and R. Oppermann
Oppermann, Emma, b. 15 Dec 1887, d. 23 Dec 1887, s/w C. Philipp B. Oppermann and Hermann Oppermann, children of H. and R. Oppermann
Oppermann, Heinrich Philipp, geb den 16 Jan 1833, gest den 16 Jan 1912, s/w Rosina Oppermann
Oppermann, Hermann, b. 3 Jun 1883, d. 10 Jun 1883, s/w Philipp B. Oppermann and Emma Oppermann, children of H. and R. Oppermann
Oppermann, Rosina (geb Holzberger), geb den 18 May 1844, gest den 1 Nov 1899, s/w Heinrich Phillip Oppermann
Radunz, David, geb 17 Sep 1817, gest 5 Jun 1897, s/w Dorethea Radunz
Radunz, Dorethea, geb 15 Sep 1823, gest 12 Nov 1907, s/w David Rudunz
Radunz, Evelyn May, b. 29 Dec 1909, d. 17 May 1995
Rose, Albert William, d. 7 Jun 1936, aged 63yrs
Rose, Erick Adam, d. 12 Jun 1980, aged 84yrs, next to Maria Karoline Rose (wife)
Rose, Friedericke A., b. 9 Oct 1841, d. 17 Jan 1928, s/w Wilhelm C. Rose
Rose, Friedrich, geb den 24 Jan 1829, gest 30 Jan 1901
Rose, Ida (nee Krebs), b. 23 Jun 1896, d. 3 Dec 1954, s/w Richard George Rose (husband)
Rose, Luise Dorothea, geb 7 Feb 1844, gest 24 Dec 1907
Rose, Maria Karoline, d. 2 Jun 1944, aged 63yrs, next to Erick Adam Rose (husband)
Rose, Matilda A., d. 31 Aug 1967, aged 87yrs
Rose, Richard George, b. 13 Oct 1878, d. 20 Jul 1950, s/w Ida Rose (wife)
Rose, Wilhelm C., b. 15 Dec 1835, d. 28 Sep 1926, s/w Friedericke A. Rose
Rossman, Dina, d. 6 Jan 1948, aged 81yrs
Rossmann, Heinrich Christian, d. 5 Dec 1933, aged 76yrs
Samtlebe, Frederich, d. 13 May 1921, aged 73yrs, s/w Maria Samtlebe
Samtlebe, Maria, d. 21 Nov 1920, aged 72yrs, s/w Frederich Samtlebe
Saverin, Bertholdt, d. 17 Jun 1950, aged 33yrs, "accidentally drowned"
Saverin, Emma Louise, d. 29 May 1967, aged 81yrs, s/w Wilhelm Carl Saverin (husband)
Saverin, Friedrich Johann, b. b. 28 Apr 1941, d. 28 Jan 1923, s/w Maria P. Saverin (wife)
Saverin, Hermann Friedrich, d. 4 Oct 1955, aged 62yrs
Saverin, Hilda, d. 15 Aug 1928, aged 15yrs, "my dear daughter and our sister"
Saverin, Maria P., d. 30 Mar 1938, aged 83yrs, s/w Friedrich Johann Saverin (husband)
Saverin, Minna, d. 13 Jan 1942, aged 63yrs
Saverin, Wilhelm Carl, d. 2 Oct 1949, aged 72yrs, s/w Emma Louise Saverin (wife)
Sommer, Sophie Louise (nee Ludcke), b. 29 Dec 1902, d. 22 Sep 1990, aged 87yrs
Spann, Caecilie, geb 9 Mar 1837(?), gest 13 Jan 1907
Spann, Johann, 89 jahre, s/w Wilhelmine Spann
Spann, Maria, gest 5 Mai 1890, 42 jahre s/w Wilhelm Spann
Spann, Wilhelm, gest 17 Mar 1921, 74 jahre, s/w Maria Spann
Spann, Wilhelmine, 87 jahre, s/w Johann Spann
Sparks, Duglas, d. aged 7mths (no dates)
Stark, Benjamin, geb den 15 Mar 1895, gest den 13 Oct 1895, s/w Marie Stark and Ernest Stark
Stark, Ernest G, geb den 4 Oct 1859, gest den 30 May 1945
Stark, Marie, geb den 20 Feb 1864, gest den 21 Aug 1896, s/w Benjamin Stark and Ernest Stark
Wilson, Jason Peter, (no dates)

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