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Dalby Monumental Cemetery
Dalby, Queensland, Australia

Cemetery Road, Dalby Qld

It was opened in 1871, originally under the control of a Board of Trustees. In 1905 responsibility passed to the Dalby Town Council. According to the Council website, the cemetery was closed to new interments as at 31 Dec 1980, however they continue to honour grave sites that have previously been reserved.

A sign at the cemetery indicates that it is jointly maintained by the Dalby Apex Club and the Dalby Council. When visited on the 12 Jun 2006, the cemetery was well maintained although a number of headstones had fallen due to either subsidence or vandalism. Enquires concerning Cemetery records can be made to the Dalby Council Engineering Services Department on 074 6721170.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited May 05, 2008. Total records = 13.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Brassingthwaighte, Eliza, d. 24 Oct 1917, aged 89yr, s/w Mona Brassingthwaighte (granddaughter), [JD]
Brassingthwaighte, Mona, d. 4 Oct 1916, aged 14yr, s/w Eliza Brassingthwaighte, [JD]
Haack, Alfred, d. 16 May 1951, aged 42yr, [JD]
Krippner, Minnie, b. Auckland New Zealand, d. 20 Jan 1926, aged 67yr, [JD]
Lewis, Emma Ellery, d. 17 Jun 1967, "my dear wife, our mother and grandmother", aged 78yrs, s/w Lorna Elsie Robertson, [JD]
Moore, Francis Allan, d. 20 Feb 1941, aged 23yr, [JD]
Robertson, Lorna Elsie, d. 20 Dec 1962, "our darling daughter and our mother", aged 38yrs, s/w Emma Ellery Lewis, [JD]
Skerman, Frances Jean, d. 3 Sep 1944, aged 5wk, next to Walter G. and Nellie Isabel Skerman, [JD]
Skerman, Nellie Isabel, d. 4 Oct 1955, aged 70yr, "our dear mother", s/w Walter G. Skerman, next to Frances Jean Skerman, [JD]
Skerman, Roy Allen, d. 23 Oct 1955, aged 37yr, [JD]
Skerman, Walter G., Jr., d. 31 Mar 1940, aged 57yr, "my dear husband and our father", s/w Nellie Isabel Skerman, next to Frances Jean Skerman, [JD]
Smiles, Ronald Francis, b. 11 Jan 1901, d. 8 Jan 1975, aged 73yr, next to Sydney Johnson Smiles, [JD]
Smiles, Sydney Johnson, d. 4 Apr 1943, aged 4yr, s/o C.K. and R.F. Smiles, next to Ronald Francis Smiles, [JD]
Wiemers, Frank Joseph, d. 20 Apr 1956, aged 78yr, s/w Mary Rose Wiemers, [JD]
Wiemers, Mary Rose, d. 5 Sep 1945, aged 64yr, s/w Frank Joseph Wiemers, [JD]

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