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Saint Lawrence Cemetery
Broadsound Shire, Queensland, Australia

Saint Lawrence is a port town some 150 km south of Mackay, Queensland, Australia. It was an important port for the new mining industry's shipments. The cemetery is current and pioneer.

This is a complete listing of all burials in this cemetery, completed by more than one person. The records below were provided by the following contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Oct 10, 2008. Total records = 122.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Adair, Elizabeth, d. 23 Dec 1928, b. 1851, age: 77yr, w/o John Adair, [AW]
Adair, John, d. 6 May 1927, b. 1850, age: 77yr, h/o Elizabeth Adair, [AW]
Adele, Priscilla Grace, d. 16 Mar 1980, b. 4 Feb 1949, age: 31yr, [AW]
Allan, Annie, d. 22 Mar 1940, b. 1865, age: 75yr, w/o avid Allan, [AW]
Allan, David, d. 13 Apr 1935, b. 1860, age: 75yr, 'loving wife and family', h/o Annie Allan, [AW]
Allan, Frank, d. 9 Jan 1954, b. age: 'dear husband', Father of Frankie, h/o Williamina, [AW]
Allan, Frankie, d. 6 Oct 1925, St. Lawrence, b. Feb 1920, age: 5yr 8mo, 'our dear little son' s/o Frank and Williamina Allan, [AW]
Allan, Williamina, d. 24 Mar 1978, b. age: w/o Frank Allan, m/o Frankie Allan, [AW]
Allen, John, d. 13 Aug 1901, b. 1816, age: 85, [AW]
Atkinson, Jack, d. 08 May 1997, aged 77yr, [JC]
Baldwin, Dale Anthony, d. 29 Sep 1985, b. age: 1mo 23da,'infant son and brother', [AW]
Black, Catherine Agnes, d. 16 Nov 1913, b. 1886, age: 27yr, w/o William Black, [AW]
Black, Emma Jane, d. 4 Dec 1995, b. 19 May 1895, age: 100yr, [AW]
Black, Harry, d. 12 Sep 1905, b. 1850, age: 55yr, 'loving wife and children', [AW]
Bouma, Foppe (Bob), d. 18 Dec 1991, b. 1 Sep 1925, age: 66yr, h/o Geertruida Bouma, Father of 9 children, [AW]
Boyd, Shannon, no dates, infant, [JC]
Campbell, Edward Septimus, d. 18 Dec 1872, b. 1848, age: 24yr, s/o the late A.E. Campbell, [AW]
Christian, Mark Millet, d. 26 Jun 1928, b. 1843, age: 85yr, 'erected by Edith Hatfield', [AW]
Clements, David, d. 28 Dec 1938, b. 1911, age: 27yr, b/o Willie Clements, s/o Jennie Clements, [AW]
Clements, Jennie, d. 27 Jun 1963, b. 1888, age: 75yr, m/o Willie and David Clements, [AW]
Clements, John Thomas (Jack), d. 13 Jul 1975, b. 1886, age: 89yr, [AW]
Clements, Willie, d. 28 Jul 1923, b. Jun 1908, age: 15yr 1mo, 'our dear son and brother', b/o David Clements, s/o Jennie Clements, [AW]
Connell, Morgan John, d. 18 Dec 1898, b. 1867, age: 31yr, 'loving wife', [AW]
Cooke, William, d. 24 Dec 1886, St. Lawrence, 'erected by loving brother John', [AW]
Crossingham, Warren, d. 22 Dec 1999, [JC]
Dee, Cong, d. 27 Jun 1889, St. Lawrence, b. 1834, age: 55yr, 'erected by loving son William Dee', [AW]
Diver, James, d. 23 Dec 1919, b. 1855, age: 64yr, [AW]
Duff, Peter, d. 27 May 1876, aged 5yr, [JC]
Dunlop, Harry Gordon, d. 15 Apr 1866, Drwned at Wilangi, b. 4 Jul 1841, age: 25yr, [AW]
Dunn, Samuel, d. 2 Jan 1903, b. 1898, age: 50yr, [AW]
Ennis, Colin, d. 24 Dec 1991, aged 50yr, [JC]
Fox, Reginald Alexander, d. 6 Jul 1872, b. Dec 1869, age: 2yr 8mo, s/o George and Annie Fox, [AW]
Gooch, Thomas, d. 11 Mar 1884, b. 1816, age: 68yr, [AW]
Greedy, Harriet Louisa, d. 22 May 1962, b. 1871, age: 91yr, m/o Thomas and Lily Greedy, [AW]
Greedy, Lily, d. 24 May 1909, b. Oct 1895, age: 13, age: 13yr 7mo, Sister of Thomas Greedy, d/o W and Harriet Greedy, [AW]
Greedy, Sarah, d. 19 Oct 1891, St. Lawrence, b. 1833, age: 58yr, w/o Thomas Greedy, [AW]
Greedy, Thomas, d. 10 Oct 1928, b. Feb 1845, age: 83, age: 83yr 8mo, h/o Sarah Greedy, [AW]
Greedy, Thomas, d. 13 Sep 1908, b. Feb 1897, age: 11, age: 11yr 7mo, b/o Lily Greedy, s/o W and H Greedy, [AW]
Greedy, William Charles, d. 24 Aug 1957, b. 1911, age: 46yr, 'loving family', [AW]
Greedy, William John, d. 11 Mar 1949, b. 1869, age: 80yr, 'loving wife and family', (with Sarah and Thomas Greedy; son?), [AW]
Halloran, Bridget Theresa, d. 19 Jul 1894, St. Lawrence, b. 1855, age: 39yr, w/o John Halloran. m/o Ellen Halloran, [AW]
Halloran, Ellen, d. Feb 1895, St. Lawrence, d/o Bridget Theresa Halloran, age: 11mo, [AW]
Hannan, May, d. 25 Jan 1999, aged 89yr, [JC]
Hannan, Victor, d. 27 Aug 1969, b. 1902, age: 67yr, 'my dear husband and our father', [AW]
Hatfield, Edward, d. 21 Sep 1872, b. 15 Sep 1872, age: 6da, Infant s/o Thomas and Ann Hatfield, [AW]
Hatfield, Elizabeth, d. 5 Apr 1907, b. 1831, age: 76yr, w/o William Hatfield, [AW]
Hatfield, William, d. 27 Mar 1899, b. 1825, age: 74yr, h/o Elizabeth Hatfield, [AW]
Hawkins, Caroline, d. 22 Jan 1900, b. 1865, age: 35yr, w/o Sam Hawkins Jr., 'erected by daughters C.G. and C. A. Hawkins, [AW]
Hawkins, Samson, d. 17 May 1909, b. 1841, age: 68yr, 'erected by his loving sons', [AW]
Hewitt, Doreen May, d. 15 Sep 1984, b. 1918, age: 66yr, [AW]
Hopson, Marcia Fanny, d. 28 Feb 1896, b. 1835, age: 61yr, w/o Henry Hopson, [AW]
Johanna, Elizabeth, d. no dates, [JC]
Joss, Elizabeth, d. 1 Aug 1937, b. 14 Feb 1851, age: 79yr, With Margaret and William Joss, Daughter-in-law?, [AW]
Joss, Margaret, d. 14 Dec 1876, Gowrie, St. Lawrence", b. 8 Dec 1813, Aberdeen, Scotland", 63yr, w/o William Joss. Died after a short illness, [AW]
Joss, William Ronald, d. 2 Jul 1939, b. 4 Jan 1849, age: 90yr, s/o William and Margaret?, [AW]
Joss, William, d. 11 May 1885, Porphry Hills, b. 11 Oct 1813, Aberdeen, Scotland, age: 72yr, h/o Margaret Joss, [AW]
Leggeat, John, d. 13 Apr 1874, b. Carrier, About 50yr old, [AW]
Lennane, Priscilla Grace, b. 04 Feb 1949, d. 16 Mar 1980, aged 31yr, [JC]
Lenton, Mark, d. 8 Jan 1901, St. Lawrence, b. 4 Dec 1882, St. Lawrence, age: 19yr, Youngest s/o T and M.E. Lenton, Erected by his adopted mother A. Tagg and friend E. Jose, [AW]
Lock, Charles Arthur, d. 18 Apr 1886, aged 2yr, son of Charles & C Lock, Emerald, [JC]
McArthur, Brian Patrick, d. 5 Apr 1983, b. 1942, age: 41yr, [AW]
McArthur, John, d. 11 Nov 1960, b. 1864, age: 96yr, h/o Mary Jane McArthur, 'loving family', [AW]
McArthur, Mary Jane, d. 16 Jan 1949, b. 1865, age: 84yr, w/o John McArthur, 'loving family', [AW]
McArthur, Robert, d. 2 Feb 1959, b. 1896, age: 63yr, [AW]
McArthur, William, d. 7 Oct 1983, b. 19 Jan 1905, age: 78yr, [AW]
McFie, John, d. 13 Mar 1897, Bombandie (Stn), b. 1841, age: 56yr, h/o Maria McFie, 'loving wife and children', [AW]
McFie, Leonard, d. 10 Jul 1872, St. Lawrence, Inf. s/o John and Maria McFie, [AW]
McGrade, Ethel Anna, d. 28 Sep 1888, St. Lawrence, b. 26 Sep 1888, St. Lawrence, age: 2da, [AW]
McGraw, Mabel, d. 26 May 1955, b. 1952, age: 53yr, 'my wife and our mother', [AW]
McKenzie, Alexander William, d. 6 Oct 1973, b. 4 Nov 1910, age: 63, [AW]
Merritt, Kathlen, d. Mar 1893, d/o Mary Merritt, Presumably both died in childbirth, [AW]
Merritt, Mary, d. Mar 1893, b. 1860, age: 33yr, w/o Walter W. Merritt, m/o Kathleen Merritt, 'erected by her sons and husband', [AW]
Murphy, Catherine, d. 23 Jyl 1991, aged 31yr, [JC]
Murphy, William Robin, d. 06 Feb 1989, aged 56yr, [JC]
Murray, Gladys, d. 31 Dec 1911, b. Jul 1898, age: 13, age: 13yr 5mo, d/o P and A Murray, [AW]
Nilsson, Ronald Alan, d. 26 Nov 1990, aged 57yr, [JC]
Parnell, Horatio Inglis, d. 07 May 1872, aged 66yr, [JC]
Parnell, Ralph Adolphus, d. 17 Jun 1878, b. 1860, age: 18yr, [AW]
Payne, Agnes, d. 4 Sep 1948, b. 1898, age: 50, w/o James Simpson Payne, [AW]
Payne, Aym Evelyn, d. 31 May 1902, b. 25 Mar 1902, age: 2mo, [AW]
Payne, Elizabeth Jane Maria, d. 20 Aug 1904, b. 1856, age: 48, w/o Herbert Payne, 'erected by her husband and sons', [AW]
Payne, Frank Edward, d. 23 Jan 1958, b. 29 Mar 1898, age: 60, h/o Clara, father of Clara, Eddie, Alex, Clarrie.', [AW]
Payne, Frederick Charles, d. 24 Jul 1889, b. 27 Dec 1888, age: 6mo, Brother to Amy, [AW]
Payne, Harriet, d. 29 Nov 1894, b. 14 Mar 1894, age: 8mo, Sister to Amy, [AW]
Payne, Herbert, d. 27 Oct 1923, b. 1856, age: 67, h/o Elizabeth Jayne Maria Payne, 'our dear father, erected by his loving sons.', [AW]
Payne, James Simpson, d. 14 Feb 1988, b. 1896, age: 92yr, h/o Agnes Payne, 'father, g'father and g'g'father.', [AW]
Payne, John Richard, d. 13 Nov 1935, b. 1882, age: 53yr, 'erected by loving wife and son', [AW]
Payne, Maria Maud, d. 6 Aug 1899, b. 18 May 1899, age: 3mo, Sister to Amy, [AW]
Pedersen, Elizabeth, d. 12 Nov 1934, b. 1856, age: 78yr, w/o Neils Pedersen, [AW]
Pedersen, Neils, d. 6 Apr 1937, b. 1857, age: 80yr, h/o Elizabeth Pedersen, [AW]
Randell, Alfred Ernest, d. 21 Sep 1979, b. 1912, age: 67yr, h/o Lily Elizabeth Randell, [AW]
Randell, H. B., d. 1946, b. 1875, age: 71yr, Spouse of M.E. Randell, [AW]
Randell, Lily Elizabeth, d. 9 Feb 1991, b. 13 Jul 1911, age: 80yr, w/o Alfred Ernest Randell, [AW]
Randell, M.E., d. 1965, b. 1879, age: 86, Spouse of H.B. Randell, [AW]
Rivers, Charles William, d. 24 Apr 1876, St. Lawrence, b. 1845, age: 31yr, [AW]
Roberts, Caroline Margaret, d. 1 Dec 1927, b. Apr 1842, age: 85yr 8mo, 'erected by her loving sons and daughters', [AW]
Robinson, Elizabeth Rachel, d. 26 Mar 1950, b. 8 Mar 1865, age: 85yr, [AW]
Robinson, John Henry, d. 15 Sep 1896, b. 14 Nov 1880, Rocky Bar, St. Lawrence", 6yr, s/o John and Margaret Robinson, [AW]
Robinson, Margaret, d. 20 Sep 1939, b. 1841, age: 98yr, 'erected by loving daughters, son and g'son', [AW]
Robinson, William John, d. 19 Aug 1955, b. 14 Aug 1875, age: 80yr, [AW]
Rowley, Thomas, d. 29 Jul 1870, b. 1818, age: 52te, Eldest s/o the late Thomas Rowley Esq. of Holdsworthy, near Liverpool, NSW, [AW]
Schroder, Christina, d. 27 Jan 1935, b. 1842, age: 93yr, w/o Christian Schroder, [AW]
Schrodes, Christian Frederick, d. 7 Oct 1921, b. 1835, age: 86yr, h/o Christina Schroder, [AW]
Simpson, Isabell Ruth, d. 8 May 1916, b. 1852, age: 64yr, 'my dear wife and our mother', 'husband, brother and family'. w/o Robert Simpson, [AW]
Simpson, John Walter, d. 30 Aug 1941, b. 1900, age: 41yr, s/o Robert and Isabell Simpson, [AW]
Smith, Christine, d. 5 Aug 1930, b. 1849, age: 81yr, w/o Frank Smith, [AW]
Smith, Mary, d. 1 Aug 1870, w/o Thomas Smith, Native of Donegal, Ireland, [AW]
Stevenson, Alice, d. 27 Aug 1954, b. 1870, age: 84yr, With Gladys Murray. Mother?, [AW]
Tagg, Agnes, d. 24 Feb 1938, b. 1 Jan 1854, age: 84yr, [AW]
Tagg, Annie, d. 22 Nov 1874, b. 1852, age: 22yr, w/o Thomas Francis Tagg, [AW]
Tagg, Helena, d. 22 Jun 1872, b. May 1872, age: 6 weeks and 1 day, Infant d/o Thomas Francis and Annie Tagg, [AW]
Tagg, May, d. 2 Nov 1874, b. Jul 1874, age: 3mo 29da, Infant d/o Thomas Francis and Annie Tagg, [AW]
Talbot, Elizabeth Ann, d. 26 May 1888, aged 71yr, [JC]
Talbot, Ramsden C., d. 16 Mar 1937, [JC]
Talbot, Sarah, d. 31 May 1944, [JC]
Walker, Martha, d. 10 Dec 1878, St. Lawrence, Aberdeen, Scotland, age: 80?, [AW]
Wallace, Robert Ewing, d. 13 Jan 1877, b. May 1874, age: 2yr 8 mo, 2nd s/o Smith and Elizabeth Wallace, [AW]
Wallace, Thomas William James, d. 11 Dec 1877, b. 1835, age: 42yr, [AW]
Warcon, Cedric Lionel (Wick), d. 2 Oct 1981, b. 1924, age: 57yr, [AW]
Wharton, Thelma Lily, d. 31 Jan 1919, b. 16 Oct 1917, age: 2yr, [AW]
Winter, Edward, d. 13 May 1965, b. 1903, age: 62yr, 'our husband and father', [AW]
Winter, Ethel Madeleine, d. 26 Jyl 1994, aged 89yr, [JC]

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