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Mount Thompson Memorial Gardens
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net.

Adams, Estelle Maude, d. 15 Nov 1967, [ER]
Addison, Helen, d. 19 Nov 1947, age: 77yr, [ER]
Addison, Walter F, d. 02 Oct 1966, age: 99yr, [ER]
Ahlbrand, Henry Rudolph, d. 26 Sep 1938, age: 68yrs, [JD]
Aird, Jessie Gibson, d. 8 Oct 1944, [JD]
Aird, Urie, d. 11 Jul 1953, [JD]
Alexander, Martha, d. 29 Jan 1947, age: 74yr, [ER]
Allom, Ellavine, d. 25 Jun 1936, d/o G.F. and C.V. Allom, sister of F.V. Allom (birth record has Ella Vine Allom), [JD]
Amos, Percy, d. 27 Aug 1948, age: 58yrs, [JD]
Andersen, Lucy May, d. 14 Dec 1943, age: 46yrs, [JD]
Andersen, May Alice, d. 21 Aug 1974, age: 69yrs, [JD]
Anderton, Evan G., d. 24 Jan 1935, age: 60yrs, s/w Geraldine Cecilia Anderton (wife), [JD]
Anderton, Geraldine Cecilia, d. 9 Mar 1947, age: 78yrs, s/w Evan C. Anderton (husband), [JD]
Andrews, Benjamin Arthur, d. 8 Jul 1973, age: 82yrs, s/w & h/o Matilda, [HD]
Andrews, Matilda, d. 26 Dec 1969, age: 72yrs, s/w & w/o Benjamin Arthur, [HD]
Andrews, Noel Francis, d. 12 Apr 1948, age: 12hrs, [JD]
Anger, Isabella, d. 05 Jan 1964, age: 81yrs, [ER]
Annable, Christina, d. 24 Oct 1941, age: 86yrs, [JD]
Annable, Samuel, d. 7 Mar 1948, age: 85yrs, [JD]
Argent, Edward George, d. 1 Jun 1953, age: 70yrs, [JD]
Arrell, Henry John, d. 28 Apr 1954, age: 72yrs, [JD]
Atkinson, Mary Emily, d. 16 Jul 1948, age: 45yrs, s/w Sydney Neville Atkinson (husband), [JD]
Atkinson, Sydney Neville, d. 21 Dec 1946, age: 47yrs, s/w Mary Emily Atkinson (wife), [JD]
Ayris, Albert Ernest, d. 16 Nov 1937, age: 63yrs, [JD]
Ayris, Ann, d. 27 Jul 1973, age: 94yrs 2mths, [JD]
Baird, Mary Symington, d. 2 Feb 1978, age: 89yrs, s/w Thomas William Allan Baird, [JD]
Baird, Thomas William Allan, d. 10 Dec 1943, age: 57yrs, s/w Mary Symington Baird, [JD]
Baker, Sophie Rosina, d. 18 Mar 1948 at Wynnum, age: 80yrs, [JD]
Balchin, Albert Edwin, d. 11 Feb 1944, age: 64yrs, [JD]
Ball, Amy Forester, d. 20 Sep 1985, age: 94yrs, [ER]
Bambridge, Frederick T., d. 10 Nov 1944, age: 76yrs, [JD]
Barclay, George Edward, d. 6 Nov 1964, age: 61yrs, s/w Mary Ann Barclay, [JD]
Barclay, Mary Ann, d. 26 Mar 1935, age: 56yrs, s/w George Edward Barclay, [JD]
Barcly, Elsie Ann, d. 18 Dec 1977, age: 90yr, [ER]
Barcly, William John, d. 07 Jun 1947, age: 64yrs, [ER]
Barker, Margaret, b. 4/4/1875, d. 24/6/1953, [TM]
Barnsley, Edith Annie, d. 25 Jun 1947, age: 80yrs, s/w James Barnsley (husband), [JD]
Barnsley, James, d. 9 Jul 1944, age: 92yrs, s/w Edith Annie Barnsley (wife), [JD]
Barrett, William, d. 17 Dec 1947, age: 78yrs, [ER]
Bass, Alice Maud Emily, d. 20 Feb 1943, age: 73yrs, [JD]
Baynes, Peter Morris, d. 25 Jun 1972, age: 27yr, [ER]
Baynes, Roger William, d. 14 Jun 1949, age: 11yr, [ER]
Beard, Robert Edwin, d. 31 May 1939, age: 76yr, [JD]
Beaumont, Frederick G., d. 12 Aug 1945, age: 61yrs, [JD]
Beaumont, Mary Ann, d. 22 Mar 1946, age: 86yrs, [JD]
Bell, Colin Ogston, d. 16 Jul 1935, h/o Nerrie Bell, [JD]
Bell, Emma Rachel, d. 19 Dec 1972, age: 90yr, s/w William Bell, [JD]
Bell, William, d. 8 Mar 1955, age: 81yr, s/w Emma Rachel Bell, [JD]
Bellman, Thomas, d. 7 Feb 1944, age: 76yrs, [JD]
Bennett, Thomas Evans, d. 29 Nov 1946, age: 77yrs, [JD]
Bennie, Robert, d. 3 Sep 1947, age: 68yrs, [JD]
Bertwistle, Annie, d. 26 Dec 1950, age: 84yrs, s/w Joe Bertwistle (husband), [JD]
Bertwistle, Joe, d. 9 Mar 1945, age: 80yrs, s/w Annie Bertwistle (wife), [JD]
Best, Wilfred Stranger, d. 25 Nov 1947, age: 63yrs, [JD]
Bevington, Mary Hudson, d. 4 Aug 1936, s/w William Faulkner Bevington, [JD]
Bevington, William Faulkner, d. 10 Jan 1944, s/w Mary Hudson Bevington, [JD]
Bickle Allen Hengist, b. 10 Nov 1887, d. 7 Sep 1956, bur. 10 Sep 1956, h/o Levinea Ellen Larcome, s/o Robert &, Elizabeth Bickle, sec 10 wall 11 nich 72, [RD]
Bickle, Lavinia Ellen, d. 1 Dec 1946, age: 48yrs, [JD]
Binstead, Amelia, d. 21 Jul 1963, age: 86yrs, s/w Harold Binstead (husband), [JD]
Binstead, Harold, d. 11 Mar 1949, age: 74yrs, s/w Amelia Binstead (wife), [JD]
Bird, Mary Ann, d. 14 May 1954, age: 75yrs, [JD]
Bitossi, Frederick J., d. 4 Apr 1952, age: 23yrs, [JD]
Black, Gavin, d. 26 Jan 1947, age: 59yr, [ER]
Blackburn, Jane Mary, d. 3 Feb 1946, age: 85yrs, [JD]
Blythman, Arthur Ellis, d. 5 Jun 1936, [JD]
Bogle, Glenone Mary (Luscombe), b. 31 Oct 1905, d. 7 Feb 1986, w/o James, [JN]
Bogle, James, d. 19 Oct 1963, [JN]
Bohlen, Albert F.E., d. 7 Jul 1947, age: 71yrs, [JD]
Bolton, Frances Edith, d. 16 Feb 1947, age: 87yrs, [JD]
Bonner, Mary Jane, d. 31 Jan 1949, age: 74yrs, late of Charters Towers , [JD]
Bonney, Charles Randell, d. 9 Nov 1935, age: 13 �yr, s/o Frederick and Edith Bonney, [JD]
Bonney, Frederick L., d. 10 Jan 1970, f/o Randall, h/o Lass, [JD]
Bonney, Isobel Edith, d. 12 Jul 1956, m/o Randall, [JD]
Booth, Emma Gertrude, d. 28 Aug 1979, age: 87yrs, [JD]
Bowker, Francis, d. 20 Apr 1948, age: 69yrs, [JD]
Bradfield, Annie, d. 26 Dec 1943, age: 73yrs, [JD]
Braithwaite, Ellen Jane, d. 28 Jan 1950, age: 67yrs, s/w John Edmund Braithwaite (husband), [JD]
Braithwaite, John Edmund, d. 29 Mar 1944, age: 62yrs, s/w Ellen Jane Braithwaite (wife), [JD]
Brennan, Peter Francis, d. 14 Oct 1947, age: 61yrs , [JD]
Brickhill, Wilhelmina A., d. 3 Aug 1964, age: 85yr, [JD]
Briggs, Gregory Norman, d. 09 Mar 1983, age: 79yr, [ER]
Briggs, Matthew Robinson, d. 18 Apr 1948 , [JD]
Briggs, Moira Patricia, d. 07 Dec 2005, age: 96yr, [ER]
Briggs, Robert, d. 23 Feb 1983, age: 96yrs, [JD]
Brindell, Florinda De Burgh, d. 4 Mar 1936, age: 83yrs, [JD]
Britton, Frances Allison, d. 5 Jul 1951, [JD]
Brohman, Louisa, d. 5 Mar 1942, age: 68yrs, [JD]
Brown, Alice Emily, d. 08 Feb 1947, age: 35yr, [ER]
Brown, Christina, d. 11 Aug 1951, age: 76yrs, s/w William Brown, [JD]
Brown, Elizabeth, d. 9 Jun 1948, age: 67yrs, [JD]
Brown, John Innes, d. 3 Dec 1949, age: 67yrs, [JD]
Brown, William, d. 5 Feb 1935, age: 60yrs, s/w Christina Brown, [JD]
Bruce, Margaret, d. 24 Dec 1947, age: 80yrs, [JD]
Buchanan, Gertrude Mary, d. 26 Oct 1946, age: 71yrs , [JD]
Burbank, A.H., d. 5 Sep 1935, Surveyor Chinchilla, [JD]
Burlington, William, d. 2 Oct 1974, age: 91yrs, [JD]
Butters, Elizabeth Dale, d. 17 Jan 1947, age: 5hrs , [JD]
Cairncross, Flora Gwendoline Marion (Gwen), d. 23 Jun 1990, age: 90yr, s/w George A. McL. Cairncross , [JD]
Cairncross, George A. McL., d. 3 Jun 1964, age: 77yr, s/w Flora Gwendoline Marion Cairncross, [JD]
Cairncross, George, d. 1 Feb 1982, next to Jessie Helen Cairncross, [JD]
Cairncross, Harriet Gladys, b. 17 Jun 1892, d. 4 Feb 1981, [JD]
Cairncross, Jessie Helen, d. 22 Oct 1982, age: 96yr, next to George Cairncross, [JD]
Cairns, Margaret Wylie, d. 26 May 1947, age: 76yr, [ER]
Cameron, Hannah Louisa, d. 13 may 1944, age: 72yrs, [JD]
Campbell, Colin Lindsay, d. 8 Nov 1946, age: 55yrs, late AIF, s/w Roberta Elizabeth Campbell, [JD]
Campbell, Colin, d. 08 Apr 1948, age: 78yr, [ER]
Campbell, Elizabeth Easton, d. 19 Oct 1954, age: 69yr, [ER]
Campbell, John Alexander, d. 17 Apr 1948, age: 72yr, [ER]
Campbell, Maria K, d. 03 Sep 1954, age: 84yr, [ER]
Campbell, Roberta Elizabeth, d. 19 Feb 1998, age: 105yrs, s/w Colin Lindsay Campbell, [JD]
Capell, Thomas, d. 01 Jun 1948, age: 96yr, [ER]
Carson, Ruth, d. 16 Feb 1967, age: 88yr, [JD]
Cavanaugh, Ivy K. M., d. 25 Nov 1976, age: 80yrs, s/w Richard J. Cavanaugh, [JD]
Cavanaugh, June, d. 20 Apr 1996, age: 70yrs, s/w Mark S. Cavanaugh (husband), [JD]
Cavanaugh, Mark S., d. 30 Jun 1974, age: 57yrs, s/w June Cavanaugh (wife), [JD]
Cavanaugh, Richard J., d. 23 Mar 1956, age: 71yrs, s/w Ivy K. M. Cavanaugh, [JD]
Cavanough, A.L., d. 11 Nov 1943, age: 63yrs, s/w Margaret Cavanough (wife), [JD]
Cavanough, Margaret, d. 30 Aug 1970, s/w A.L. Cavanough (husband), [JD]
Chadwick, Walter Addison, d. 12 Dec 1944, age: 56yrs, [JD]
Chaplin, Robert, d. 27 Jul 1947, age: 90yr, [ER]
Chattin, Edward Ernest, d. 22 Oct 1946, age: 40yrs, [JD]
Chayter, Mary, d. 12 Sep 1944, age: 62yrs, [JD]
Chayter, Richard H., d. 5 Nov 1959, age: 79yrs, [JD]
Chippindall, Margaret, d. 10 Feb 1949, age: 45yr, [ER]
Chippindall, Stuart William, d. 21 Apr 1959, age: 69yr, [ER]
Christian, Lilly E., d. 29 Jun 1951, age: 87yrs, [JD]
Christian, Thomas William, b. 1865, d. 1936, [JD]
Clark, Alice Hilda Mary, d. 28 Nov 1957, age: 75yrs, s/w Frederick George Clark (husband), [JD]
Clark, Anne Elizabeth, d. 24 Mar 1954, age: 72yrs, s/w Claud Albert Clark, [JD]
Clark, Claud Albert, d. 14 Sep 1947, age: 61yrs, s/w Anne Elizabeth Clark, [JD]
Clark, Eleanor Jeanette, d. 27 Jun 1947, age: 80yrs, [JD]
Clark, Frederick George, d. 4 Sep 1974, age: 71yrs, s/w Alice Hilda Mary Clark (wife), [JD]
Clark, James, d. d. 17 Apr 1944, age: 72yrs, [JD]
Clark, Thomas, d. 25 Jun 1947, age: 66yrs, [JD]
Clark, William, d. 10 Jul 1966, age: 82yr, [JD]
Clarke, Augusta W.L, d. 02 Sep 1964, age: 85yr, [ER]
Clarke, Frank Ernest, d. 28 Dec 1948, age: 70yr, [ER]
Clarke, Mary, d. 30 Dec 1937, age: 77yrs, [JD]
Clarke, William Henry, d. 29 Oct 1936, age: 75yrs, [JD]
Cochrane, John, d. 20 May 1944, age: 82yrs, s/w Margaret Wylie Cochrane, [JD]
Cochrane, Margaret Wylie, d. 10 Mar 1944, age: 80yrs, s/w John Cochrane, [JD]
Cockerill, Anne Ruth, d. 28 Feb 1959, age: 79yrs, s/w Hugh Cockerill (husband), [JD]
Cockerill, Hugh, d. 3 Jul 1943, age: 72yrs, s/w Anne Ruth Cockerill (wife), [JD]
Coe, Benjamin James, d. 12 Nov 1946, age: 58yrs, s/w Mary Ellen Coe (wife), [JD]
Coe, Mary Ellen, d. 4 Jul 1973, age: 84yrs, s/w Benjamin James Coe (husband), [JD]
Colborne, Samuel William, d. 15 Nov 1946, age: 73yrs, [JD]
Cole, Alexandra Louisa, d. 26 Jan 1944, age: 41yrs, [JD]
Collier, Ada, d. 10 Oct 1952, age: 84yr, [ER]
Collier, James F, d. 17 May 1948, age: 85yr, [ER]
Colquhoun, Elizabeth Emma, d. 2 Nov 1946, age: 74yrs, s/w George Goodrich Colquhoun (husband), [JD]
Colquhoun, George Goodrich, d. 4 Dec 1946, age: 81yrs, s/w Elizabeth Emma Colquhoun (wife), [JD]
Conner, Allan C., d. 10 Apr 1935, age: 20yrs 5mths, [JD]
Connor, Arthur Henry, d. 17 Oct 1946, age: 60yrs, [JD]
Connor, Ronald W., d. 14 Oct 1950, age: 38yrs, [JD]
Cook, Alfred Edward, d. 12 Jul 1948, age: 39yr, [ER]
Cooke, Catherine Eliza, d. 19 Nov 1974, age: 92yrs, s/w William Cooke, [JD]
Cooke, Elsie Selina, d. 15 Jun 1992, age: 79yrs, s/w William Edgar Cooke, [JD]
Cooke, Margaret Esther, d. 29 Dec 1943, [JD]
Cooke, William Edgar, d. 10 Feb 1993, age: 86yrs, s/w Elsie Selina Cooke, [JD]
Cooke, William, d. 27 Jun 1954, age: 82yrs, s/w Catherine Eliza Cooke, [JD]
Cooper, Eliza, d. 23 Mar 1947, age: 67yrs, [JD]
Cormack, Elizabeth Lydia, d. 4 May 1948, age: 70yrs, [JD]
Costin, Elizabeth Inns, d. 31 Jul 1938, age: 81yrs, s/w George Philip Costin, [JD]
Costin, George Philip, d. 16 Jul 1935, age: 87yrs, s/w Elizabeth Inns Costin, [JD]
Cott, John Edward, d. 3 Dec 1946, age: 6mths , [JD]
Coulson, Ivy Phyllis, d. 22 Nov 2002, age: 84yr, [ER]
Cowan, Muriel Isabell, d. 27 Mar 1984, age: 79yrs, s/w Robert James Cowan (husband), [JD]
Cowan, Robert James, d. 17 Jun 1977, age: 77yrs, s/w Muriel Isabell Cowan (wife), [JD]
Cowap, Ellie, d. 8 Dec 1969, age: 98yrs, [JD]
Cowap, James A., d. 12 Dec 1937, age: 67yrs, [JD]
Cowie, Alexander, d. 8 Feb 1935, s/w Clara Cowie, [JD]
Cowie, Clara, d. 31 Oct 1963, s/w Alexander Cowie, [JD]
Crampton, George S, d. 02 Sep 1964, age: 83yrs, s/w, Isabella, [ER]
Crampton, Isabella M, d. 17 Dec 1963, age: 74yr, s/w, George, [ER]
Cran, Amy Elizabeth, d. 14 Jul 1978, age: 96yrs, [JD]
Cran, Ivy Carissima, d. 29 Oct 1968, age: 83yrs, [JD]
Cran, Robert Irving, d. 4 Jul 1944, age: 65yrs, [JD]
Crawford, Elizabeth, d. 27 Jul 1957, age: 77yr, [ER]
Crawford, William, d. 25 Apr 1947, age: 68yr, [ER]
Crew, Clara Helen, d. 27 Aug 1951, age: 73yrs, s/w George T.J. Crew, [JD]
Crew, George T.J., d. 18 Apr 1935, age: 59yrs, s/w Clara Helen Crew, [JD]
Crook, John, d. 25 Dec 1944, age: 74yrs, [JD]
Crouch, Baby, d. 23 Dec 1946 , [JD]
Crozier, Thomas Allen, d. 21 Jan 1935, age: 43yrs, [JD]
Cunneen, Matilda Ann, d. 29 May 1976, age: 93yrs, s/w Owen Cunneen, [JD]
Cunneen, Owen, d. 24 Jul 1944, age: 65yrs, s/w Matilda Ann Cunneen, [JD]
Cunningham, Ellen Rosalie, d. 18 Jul 1936, "The best and truest of wives", [JD]
Cunningham, William, d. 18 Feb 1952, [JD]
Cuthbert, Helen, b. 1849, d. 1935, age: 86yrs, [JD]
Czapek, Frieda, d. 25 Jan 1944, age: 49yrs, [JD]
Czapek, Johann, d. 13 Jul 1944, age: 57yrs, [JD]
Daniels, Nancy Ina, d. 11 May 1947, age: 29yrs, [JD]
Daniels, Walter William, d. 3 May 1947, age: 60yrs, [JD]
Davies, Caroline, d. 21 Jan 1945, s/w Horace Davies, [JD]
Davies, Horace, d. 12 Jan 1968, s/w Caroline Davies, [JD]
Davies, Janet, d. 10 Oct 1951, relict of Archibald Davies, [JD]
Davis, Levison Thomas, d. 10 Jun 1948, age: 61yr, s/w, Maud, [ER]
Davis, Maud, d. 21 Mar 1985, age: 89yr, s/w, Levison, [ER]
Dawson, Dorothy Margret, d. 01 Sep 1993, age: 92yr, [ER]
Dawson, Mathew Crescent, d. 19 Oct 1946, age: 48yr, [ER]
Day, Gordon William, d. 14 Oct 1937, age: 37yrs, [JD]
Deakin, Lydia, d. 4 Sep 1960, age: 87yrs, s/w William Deakin, [JD]
Deakin, William, d. 13 Jan 1944, age: 74yrs, s/w Lydia Deakin, [JD]
Deane, Charles Henry, d. 27 Jul 1949, age: 70yr, [ER]
Deane, Florence Mary, d. 24 Aug 1969, age: 86yr, [ER]
Dekker, Melissa Renee, d. 7 May 1976, age: 5yrs, [JD]
Devenport, Cecil Francis, d. 8 Sep 1947, age: 27yrs, [JD]
Dewber, Gilbert Shelley, d. 10 May 1949, age: 39yr, s/w, Mavis, [ER]
Dewber, Mavis May, d. 28 Sep 1999, age: 86yr, s/w, Gilbert, [ER]
Dibley, Albert Edward, d. 25 Mar 1947, age: 47yrs, [JD]
Dickson, Catherine Isabelle, d. 30 Jan 1979, age: 85yrs, s/w Thomas Dickson, [JD]
Dickson, Cordelia Charlotte, d. 12 Oct 1946, age: 82yrs, s/w James Robert Dickson (husband), [JD]
Dickson, Dorothy Joan, d. 9 Aug 1985, age: 60yrs, s/w Gregory Thomas Dickson, [JD]
Dickson, Frederick William, d. 7 Sep 1946, age: 57yrs, (late A.I.F), [JD]
Dickson, Gladys R., d. 19 Aug 1975, age: 74yrs, [JD]
Dickson, Gregory Thomas, d. 9 Apr 1948, age: 24hrs, s/o Dorothy and Thomas, s/w Dorothy Joan Dickson, [JD]
Dickson, James Robert, d. 22 Aug 1937, age: 79yrs, s/w Cordelia Charlotte Dickson (wife), [JD]
Dickson, Philip Heydn, d. 27 Feb 1952, age: 7 weeks, [JD]
Dickson, Thomas, d. 8 Oct 1974, age: 86yrs, s/w Catherine Isabelle Dickson, [JD]
Dietz, Albert, d. 8 Sep 1946, age: 63yrs, [JD]
Dietz, Anna Marie, d. 3 Sep 1956, age: 76yrs, [JD]
Dixon, James, d. 22 Jul 1947, age: 76yr, [ER]
Dobbin, Agnes, d. 6 Jun 1962, age: 82yrs, [JD]
Dods, Duncan, d. 16 Nov 1957, age: 75yrs, [JD]
Dods, Edith May, d. 9 Jun 1946, age: 53yrs, [JD]
Doran, Peter Graham, d. 11 Apr 1938, age: 4yrs 3mths, [JD]
Dougal, Isabella, d. 17 Jul 1945, age: 74yrs, [JD]
Drew, Elizabeth Dawson, d. 6 Feb 1937, age: 55yrs, [JD]
Drummond, Peter Dougal (infant), d. 23 Jan 1944, s/w Thelma Winifred Drummond (mother), [JD]
Drummond, Thelma Winifred (Crem), d. 18 Jan 1944, age: 38yrs, s/w Peter Dougal Drummond (infant son), [JD]
Dunham, Alfred, d. 07 Apr 1948, age: 74yr, [ER]
Dunham, Matilda, d. 12 Apr 1965, age: 88yr, [ER]
Dunnings, Ada Winifred, d. 6 Dec 1946, age: 51yrs, [JD]
Earl, Mary Catherine, d. 17 Feb 1937, age: 70yrs, [JD]
Eaton, Frederick Charles, d. 11 Jun 1966, age: 54yr, [JD]
Edmonds, Mary Ann, d. 20 Feb 1938, age: 64yrs, [JD]
Edwards, Maud Ellis L., d. 17 Sep 1952, age: 77yrs , [JD]
Edwards, Norman, d. 8 Mar 1944, age: 46yrs, [JD]
Eglinton, Anna Maria Alice, d. 10 Jul 1937, [JD]
Elliott, Eileen May, d. 17 Nov 1947, age: 26yrs , [JD]
Ellwood, Clifford Andrew, d. 11 Sep 1964, age: 65yr, [JD]
Farr, Ellen, d. 10 Feb 1944, age: 90yrs, [JD]
Faulkner, Ada Nellie, d. 18 Nov 1963, age: 59yr, [ER]
Faulkner, Alfred, d. 25 Dec 1946, age: 84yrs, s/w Ann Faulkner, [JD]
Faulkner, Alfred, d. 30 Sep 1948, age: 78yr, [ER]
Faulkner, Alice Victoria, d. 02 Jan 1974, age: 75yr, [ER]
Faulkner, Alice, d. 23 May 1960, age: 60yr, [ER]
Faulkner, Ann, d. 17 Oct 1947, age: 84yrs, s/w Alfred Faulkner , [JD]
Fletcher, George Thomas, d. 21 Jan 1974, age: 85yrs, s/w Ruth Fletcher (wife), [JD]
Fletcher, Ruth, d. 1 Oct 1982, age: 93yrs, s/w George Thomas Fletcher (husband), [JD]
Floyd, Rachel, d. 22 Sep 1947, age: 70yrs, [JD]
Fogg, Florence Emma, d. 4 Jan 1947, age: 64yrs, [JD]
Foley, Elsie, d. 25 Sep 1965, age: 79yrs, s/w William James Foley (husband), [JD]
Foley, William James, d. 30 Jul 1943, age: 55yrs, late AIF, s/w Elsie Foley (wife), [JD]
Forster, Lilian Gertrude, d. 06 Jan 1948, age: 52yr, [ER]
Forsyth, Louisa, d. 3 Feb 1947, age: 72yrs, s/w Thomas John Forsyth, [JD]
Forsyth, Thomas John, d. 10 Jul 1968, age: 93yrs, s/w Louisa Forsyth, [JD]
Fossey, Annie Clarke, d. 03 Sep 1954, age: 62yr, [ER]
Fossey, Arthur J.S, d. 28 Sep 1947, age: 57yr, [ER]
Fraser, Christina, d. 21 Oct 1965, age: 85yrs, [JD]
Fraser, Simon, d. 3 Sep 1974, age: 86yrs, [JD]
Frazer, Bessie Roblin, d. 19 Aug 1948, [JD]
Frazer, Leslie Colin, d. 1936, age: 31yrs, [JD]
Gammie, David, d. 12 Dec 1934, s/w Mary Ann Gammie, [JD]
Gammie, Mary Ann, d. 21 Oct 1957, s/w David Gammie, [JD]
Ganter, Charles Edward, d. 20 Jul 1959, age: 67yr, s/w Ellen Ganter, [DR]
Ganter, Edward Viv, b. 24 Apr 1918, d. 3 Sep 1998, s/w Joan Drew Ganter, [DR]
Ganter, Ellen (Cowan), d. 25 Oct 1971, age: 77yr, s/w Charles Edward Ganter, [DR]
Ganter, Joan Drew, b. 28 May 1920, d. 4 Aug 2000, s/w Edward Viv Ganter, [DR]
Gee, George, d. 26 Jun 1956, age: 86yrs, [JD]
Gee, Vivian Sheldon, b. 1 Jan 1913, d. 23 Jan 2003, age: 90yrs, [JD]
Gessner, Henry George, d. 3 Aug 1968, age: 73yrs, [JD]
Gibbs, John William, d. 18 Nov 1946, age: 56yrs, [JD]
Gibson, Davina, d. 11 Apr 1948, age: 72yrs, [JD]
Gibson, Leslie Wylie, d. 23 Dec 1937, age: 38yrs, [JD]
Girdler, Herbert Blechynden, d. 13 Jun 1983, age: 92yrs, [JD]
Gleadhill, Roy Donald, d. 30 Mar 1947, age: 19yrs, [JD]
Goaks, Annie Emma, d. 07 Jun 1947, age: 68yrs, [ER]
Goaks, Arthur, d. 14 Jun 1970, age: 89yr, [ER]
Goldsmith, Edith E., d. 4 Aug 1947, age: 46yrs, [JD]
Goodway, Bertha Catherine, d. 16 Apr 1970, age: 87yrs, s/w Edward Bernard C. Goodway (husband), [JD]
Goodway, Edward Bernard C., d. 11 Jul 1944, age: 62yrs, s/w Bertha Catherine Goodway (wife), [JD]
Gordon, Dorothy Helen, d. 15 Aug 1946, age: 39yrs, [JD]
Gore, George Charles, d. 4 May 1947, age: 45yrs , [JD]
Gover, Dorothea A., d. 22 Sep 1946, age: 75yrs, [JD]
Govey, John Vernon, d. 6 May 1943, age: 48yrs, [JD]
Govey, Margaret Jane, d. 4 Sep 1979, age: 79yrs, [JD]
Gow, Gertrude Maud, d. 8 Dec 1943, age: 69yrs, [JD]
Grace, Walter, d. 31 Dec 1947, age: 72yrs , [JD]
Grainger, Annie Pugh, d. 13 Jul 1945, age: 87yrs, [JD]
Grant, Agnes Gilmour, d. 1 Sep 1948, age: 78yrs, [JD]
Gray, Archibald, d. 09 May 1948, age: 56yr, [ER]
Gray, Janet Gourlay, d. 8 Nov 1947, age: 32yrs, [JD]
Green, Agnes B., d. 26 Dec 1965, [JD]
Green, Harriet E.I., d. 18 May 1967, age: 90yrs, [JD]
Green, Walter J., d. 1 Jun 1936, h/o Agnes B. Green, [JD]
Grenning, Christian, d. 06 Jun 1948, age: 67yr, [ER]
Grenning, Sarah Margaret, d. 28 Dec 1974, age: 89yr, [ER]
Guyomar, Francis, d. 26 May 1953, age: 58yrs , [JD]
Hagen, Harold M., d. 14 Oct 1946, age: 80yrs, [JD]
Hall, Lydia, d. 15 Mar 1948, age: 71yrs, [JD]
Halliday, Sarah Ellen, d. 10 Sep 1948, age: 91yrs, [JD]
Hansen, Ronald, d. 11 Aug 1965, age: 54yr, [JD]
Harris, Emily Edith, d. 6 Apr 1969, age: 87yr, [JD]
Harris, Mathilde Frederica, d. 13 Dec 1937, age: 74yrs, [JD]
Harvey, Isabel, d. 12 Aug 1944, age: 26yrs, [JD]
Harwood, George, d. 23 Sep 1966, age: 57yrs, s/w Raymond George Harwood, [JD]
Harwood, Raymond George, d. 17 Aug 1981, age: 46yrs, s/w George Harwood, [JD]
Hastie, Bert C., d. 6 Feb 1974, age: 88yrs, s/w Gjerda Ulreda (Ada) Hastie, [JD]
Hastie, Gjerda Ulreda (Ada), d. 27 Jun 1976, age: 90yrs, s/w Bertie C. Hastie, [JD]
Hatchman, Aileen Maud, d. 02 Sep 1978, age: 86yr, [ER]
Havill, Ethel, d. 05 Jul 1975, age: 90yr, [ER]
Havill, Fred, d. 04 Jul 1949, age: 67yr, [ER]
Hawkins, Violet Chapman, d. 25 Mar 1947, age: 59yrs, [JD]
Hayne, Leila, d. 14 Mar 1938, age: 59yrs, s/w William Madison Hayne (husband), [JD]
Hayne, William Madison, d. 7 Apr 1945, age: 80yrs, s/w Leila Hayne, [JD]
Head, Janet, d. 21 Dec 1935, age: 67yrs, [JD]
Henderson, Sergt. Thomas, d. 6 Apr 1936, late S.A.H.A, [JD]
Henderson, Thomas, d. 2 Jan 1947, age: 74yrs , [JD]
Hession, Ethel Gladys, d. 12 Nov 1966, age: 81yr [ER]
Hession, John Joseph, d. 12 Feb 1969, age: 79yr, [ER]
Heydn, Mary Dora, d. 7 Dec 1943, age: 87yrs, [JD]
Heywood, Alfred, d. 16 Jun 1935, age: 71yrs, [JD]
Hill, William, b. 1863 at Balquhidder, d. 13 May 1935, [JD]
Hislop, William A., d. 7 Jan 1947, age: 78yrs, [JD]
Hodgson, Elizabeth, d. 28 Apr 1947, [JD]
Hodgson, Emily, d. 03 Jun 1977, [ER]
Hodgson, John, d. 27 Nov 1947, age: 61yr, [ER]
Hoens, Lottie Cassiope, d. 23 Oct 1968, [ER]
Hoens, William, d. 26 Sep 1947, age: 72yr, [ER]
Hoffman, John, d. 21 Jan 1938, age: 55yrs, [JD]
Holborow, Barbara, d. 9 Jan 1944, age: 87yrs, [JD]
Holdaway, Frank Nelson, d. 13 Jan 1946, age: 55yrs, [JD]
Holpen, Alfred, b. 21 Dec 1915, d. 29 May 1991, s/o Wiliam and Lily Holpen, [JC]
Holpen, Daisy, b. 3 Mar 1915, d. 5 Oct 1992, w/o Alfred Holpen, d/o Thomas and Grace Randall, [JC]
Holpen, Esma, b. 11 Dec 1945, d. 27 Nov 1951, d/o Alfred and Daisy Holpen, [JC]
Horton, Violet Ellen (nee Skyring), d. 10 Mar 1963, age: 77yrs, s/w Sarah Ellen Skyring, [JD]
Hoskins, Eliza, d. 27 Jun 1955, age: 90yr, s/w, Fred, [ER]
Hoskins, Fred W, d. 28 May 1949, age: 87yr, s/w, Eliza, [ER]
Hough, Lilian Charlotte, d. 18 Aug 1966, age: 86yrs, [JD]
Houston, James M.C, d. 14 Oct 1949, [ER]
Howarth, Alfred H., d. 16 Jul 1963, age: 53yr, Cpl Aust Fortress Engineers, [JD]
Howarth, Tom Blease, d. 1 Jun 1975 age: 73yrs, [JD]
Howie, Edwin Darcey, d. 30 May 1949, age: 32yrs , [JD]
Hudson, Edward Elliott, d. 25 Apr 1948, age: 41yr, [ER]
Hudsson, Elfreda Allen, d. 08 Aug 2004, age: 92yr, [ER]
Hughes, Albert Lewis, d. 2 Aug 1944, age: 50yrs, s/w Janet Ann Hughes, [JD]
Hughes, Janet Ann, d. 14 Oct 1988, age: 92yrs, s/w Albert Lewis Hughes, [JD]
Humber, Edwin, b. 19 Jan 1876, d. 19 Jan 1935, s/w Sydney Humber, [JD]
Humber, Sydney, b. 21 Dec 1905, d. 21 Dec 1952, s/w Edwin Humber, [JD]
Hussey, Evelyn Sarah, d. 29 Nov 1946, age: 67yrs, [JD]
Hutchison, James Alexander (Alex), d. 17 May 1947, age: 43yrs, [JD]
Hyett, Lily Avoca, d. 18 Sep 1962, age: 79yrs, [JD]
Ingham, Mary, d. 14 Jan 1948, age: 80yrs, [JD]
Innes, Sarah Charlotte, d. 23 Jul 1979, age: 87yr, [ER]
Innes, William, d. 19 Aug 1947, age 62yr, [ER]
Ison, Elizabeth, d. 24 Oct 1974, age: 94yrs, s/w George Ison, [JD]
Ison, George, d. 3 Mar 1944, age: 65yrs, s/w Elizabeth Ison, [JD]
Jackson, Agnes Lillian, d. 31 Jan 1984, age: 87yr [ER]
Jackson, Ethel Minnie, d. 24 Mar 1969, age: 84yrs, s/w Joshua David Jackson (husband), [JD]
Jackson, Joshua David, d. 21 Jan 1944, age: 61yrs, s/w Ethel Minnie Jackson (wife), [JD]
Jackson, Percival, d. 18 Nov 1948, age: 51yr, [ER]
James, Constance Isabel, d. 3 Aug 1971, age: 88yrs, s/w Herbert Tomfred James, [JD]
James, Elizabeth Ann, d. 27 May 1945, age: 80yrs, [JD]
James, Herbert Tomfred, d. 19 Apr 1946, age: 70yrs, s/w Constance Isabel James, [JD]
Jefferies, Elsie, d. 11 May 1988, age: 92yrs, [JD]
Jefferies, Harry, d. 24 Sep 1947, age: 55yrs, [JD]
Jefferson, Frederick Charles, d. 1 Feb 1936, age: 57yrs, h/o Ruby Jefferson, [JD]
Jefferson, Ruby, d. 15 Jul 1948, age: 63yrs, [JD]
Jeffery, John Henry, d. 6 Sep 1946, age: 45yrs, [JD]
Jeffrey, John Henry, d. 18 Jun 1944, age: 70yrs, [JD]
Jeffs, Eva, d. 30 Jan 1968, age: 64yrs, s/w Reginald George Jeffs, [JD]
Jeffs, George Walter, d. 1 Jul 1981, age: 70yrs, [JD]
Jeffs, Grace, d. 19 Dec 1960, age: 81yrs, [JD]
Jeffs, Reginald George, d. 7 Dec 1962, age: 60yrs, s/w Eva Jeffs (wife), f/o Joyce, Donald and Colin, [JD]
Jennings, Ronald Edward, d. 18 Feb 1944, age: 8wks, [JD]
Johnson, Mamie, d. 17 Apr 1948, age: 55yr, [ER]
Johnston, Adelaide E, d. Apr 27, 1961, age: 93yr, Our Dear Mother, [MM]
Johnston, Mary Ethel, d. 29 Sep 1943, age: 65yrs, s/w Robert Aubrey Johnston, [JD]
Johnston, Robert Aubrey, d. 20 Jan 1957, age: 74yrs, s/w Mary Ethel Johnston, [JD]
Jones, Evaline Clara, d. 21 Dec 1965, s/w Llewelyn Moreton Jones, [JD]
Jones, John Morgan, d. 11 Jul 1949, [ER]
Jones, Llewelyn Moreton, d. 22 Jun 1944, s/w Evaline Clara Jones, [JD]
Jones, Maud Elizabeth, d. 30 Sep 1957, [ER]
Jordan, Lucy Maude, d. 01 Apr 1965, age: 86yr, [ER]
Jordan, Walter Clarence, d. 05 Jul 1947, age: 72yr, [ER]
Juster, Maud Ann, d. 27 Jan 1947, age: 53yrs , [JD]
Keen, Florence Ada, d. 24 Aug 1980, age: 88yrs, s/w Walter George Keen, [JD]
Keen, Walter George, d. 20 Aug 1954, age: 70yrs, s/w Florence Ada Keen, [JD]
Keenan, Helen, d. 22 Feb 1937, age: 79yrs, [JD]
Keith, George Stirling, d. 10 Aug 1941, age: 79yrs, late AIF, [JD]
Kerr, Elizabeth, d. 19 Aug 1948, age: 70yr, [ER]
Kerr, John Joseph, d. 19 Feb 1954, age: 80yr, [ER]
King, Alfred Waudby, d. 2 Jul 1945, age: 86yrs, [JD]
King, Eva Muriel, d. 13 May 1954, age: 91yrs, [JD]
King, Margaret Dyve, d. 30 Jan 1944, age: 89yrs, [JD]
Kitto, Mary Jane, d. 18 May 1947, age: 80yrs, [JD]
Klingner, Davina, d. 3 Feb 1959, age: 81yrs, [JD]
Klingner, Samuel, d. 12 Mar 1946, age: 72yrs, [JD]
Knight, Arthur Blagg, d. 15 Jun 1948, age: 77yr, [ER]
Knight, Etty Dominco, d. 04 Sep 1950, age: 74yr, [ER]
Knight, George Edward, d. 5 Feb 1947, age: 84yrs, [JD]
Knoll, August F.W., d. 30 Jan 1944, age: 47yrs, [JD]
Kurz, Frederick William, d. 13 Dec 1946, age: 61yrs , [JD]

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