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Wonglepong Cemetery
Wonglepong, Beaudesert Shire, Queensland, Australia

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Submitted by Judy Dickson, Apr 25, 2008, last edited May 16, 2008 [judy_dickson@brisnet.org.au]. Total records = 85.

This cemetery is located in Franklin Lane off the Beaudesert-Nerang Road at Wonglepong. Until recently it was managed by the Beaudesert Shire Council. This Council has now been amalgamated into the Scenic Rim Regional Council.

According to information sourced from the Queensland Archives, prior to 1914 this was a private cemetery, part of the property of Sarahvale owned by the Franklin family. In approximately November 1914, Ann Ford Franklin donated the land Tamborine Shire Council, who were at that stage the local council, for use as a public cemetery.

The cemetery was referred to as the Sarahvale cemetery and was later called Wanglepong then the Wonglepong, cemetery. It has also been referred to as the Lower Canungra Cemetery.

This is a transcription of all headstones was completed on 25 Apr 2008. The earliest graves noted were of Franklin family members in 1895. There were at least three unmarked graves.

- Judy Dickson

Cemetery Records

??, Auntie, no dates
??, Mathew, d. 9 Feb 1997, "our darling baby boy"
Bagnall, Dorothy May (nee Flesser), b. 20 Dec 1924, d. 23 Jul 2000, plaque on grave of Timothy Corbett Bagnall and Rose Ann Bagnall
Bagnall, Harold Corbett, b. 23 Aug 1918, d. 2 Oct 1996, plaque on grave of Timothy Corbett Bagnall and Rose Ann Bagnall
Bagnall, John, d. 16 Feb 1928, aged 67yrs
Bagnall, Rose Ann, d. 1 Jul 1949, aged 68yrs, s/w Timothy Corbett Bagnall (husband)
Bagnall, Timothy Corbett, d. 10 Dec 1932, aged 62yrs, s/w Rose Ann Bagnall (wife)
Barton, Elizabeth Agnes "Betty", b. 2 Jan 1920, d. 14 Jul 1996, aged 76yrs, (photo)
Beauchamp, Mark Patrick, b. 18 Jan 1977, d. 11 Dec 1980
Bode, Doreen Edith, d. 9 May 1989, aged 73yrs, shared grave with Johanne Kathryn Bode
Bode, E., b. 1859, d. 15 Jun 1926, aged 67yrs, "erected by the many friends and admirers of our natural artist, E Bode, in memory of his glorious work"
Bode, Johanne Kathryn, d. 23 Feb 1967, aged 20yrs, s/w Doreen Edith Bode
Bonnett, Charles, d. 1 Mar 1934, aged 76yrs, s/w Rosetta Bonnett (wife)
Bonnett, Rosetta, d. 30 Sep 1930, aged 69yrs, s/w Charles Bonnett (husband)
Boyland, Edith Minnie "Cis", d. 7 Aug 1990, aged 94yrs, s/w George Thomas B. Boyland, (husband)
Boyland, George Thomas B. "Tom", d. 29 Apr 1945, aged 49yrs, "who passed away suddenly", s/w Edith Minnie Boyland, (wife)
Burton, R.M., d. 22 Nov 1923, aged 21yrs, "my beloved husband"
Caswell, Allan William, b. 9 Jun 1904, d. 2 Jul 1994
Caswell, Edward Edmund, d. 6 Sept 1929, aged 92yrs, s/w Tamar Caswell
Caswell, Frances Elizabeth, b. 1904, d. 1906, s/w Peel and Margaret Caswell (parents)
Caswell, Herbert Reginald, d. no dates, "our little darling"
Caswell, Jane Isabella, d. 11 May 1957, aged 86yrs, s/w William Caswell
Caswell, Leslie Clive, b. 23 Jun 1907, d. 3 May 1996
Caswell, Margaret, b. 1865, d. 1952, s/w Peel Caswell (husband) and Frances Elizabeth Caswell (infant daughter)
Caswell, Peel, b. 1870, d. 1933, s/w Margaret Caswell (wife) and Frances Elizabeth Caswell (infant daughter)
Caswell, Tamar, d. 18 Jun 1935, aged 87yrs, s/w Edward Edmund Caswell
Caswell, William, d. 13 Jun 1963, aged 97yrs, s/w Jane Isabella Caswell
Cavell, Francis Edwin "Eddie", b. 1925, d. 1990
Cavell, Francis Lloyd, b. 1899, d. 1986, s/w Sarah Daisy Cavell and George Leslie Cavell
Cavell, George Leslie, b. 1928, d. 1981, s/w Francis Lloyd Cavell and Sarah Daisy Cavell
Cavell, Sarah Daisy, b. 1905, d. 1964, s/w Francis Lloyd Cavell and George Leslie Cavell
Colvin, Alexander, d. 22 Jul 1960, aged 87yrs, s/w Samuel Colvin and Elizabeth Heathwood, (Colvin Family Monument)
Colvin, Ann, d. 24 Apr 1931, aged 84yrs, s/w Joseph Colvin (husband), (Colvin Family Monument)
Colvin, Constance, d. 3 Jan 1965, aged 82yrs, s/w Joseph Colvin (husband), (Colvin Family Monument)
Colvin, Joseph, d. 15 May 1970, aged 88yrs, s/w Constance Colvin (wife), (Colvin Family Monument)
Colvin, Joseph, d. 25 Apr 1897, aged 67yrs, s/w Ann Colvin (wife) (Colvin Family Monument)
Colvin, Samuel, d. 17 May 1914, aged 37yrs, s/w Alexander Colvin and Elizabeth Heathwood, (Colvin Family Monument)
Curtis, Albert, d. 18 May 1929, aged 57yrs, s/w Mary Hardie Curtis
Curtis, Mary Hardie, d. 12 Jun 1949, aged 70yrs, s/w Albert Curtis
Day, Clara Louisa, d. 8 Jun 1948, aged 66yrs
Day, David, d. 30 May 1959, aged 79yrs
Day, Grace Evelyn, d. 25 Aug 1927, aged 15yrs
Day, Stephen John, d. 27 Dec 1973, aged 25hrs
De Bono, Clara Isabel, d. 20 Jul 1985, aged 95yrs, eldest d/o Henry and Rosina Lea, plaque on grave of Emma Reiser
Doughty, Ruby Iris, d. 16 Feb 1963, aged 58yrs, s/w Grandad Needham
Falkenhagen, Dorothy, d. 2 Jul 1916, aged 28yrs, w/o Ernest Falkenhagen
Franklin, George Thomas, d. 13 Jul 1926, aged 73yrs, s/w Jessie Kirk Franklin, (wife)
Franklin, Henry Edwin Phillip, b. 1894, d. 1968, s/w Ellen Taylor and Lillie Franklin
Franklin, Henry, d. 20 Jun 1895, aged 63, s/w Jane Franklin (wife)
Franklin, Jane, d. 23 Aug 1895, aged 62yrs, s/w Henry Franklin (husband)
Franklin, Jessie Kirk, d. 31 Dec 1937, aged 76yrs, s/w George Thomas Franklin (husband)
Franklin, Lillie, d. 25 Feb 1952, aged 72yrs, s/w Ellen Taylor and Henry Edwin Phillip Frankin
Heathwood, Beryl Aston, d. 3 Nov 1915, aged 2yrs 10mths
Heathwood, Elizabeth, d. 2 Jan 1977, aged 92yrs, s/w Samuel Colvin and Alexander Colvin, (Colvin Family Monument)
Hinchcliffe, Annie, d. 18 Oct 1919, aged 52yrs, s/w Henry Albert Hinchcliffe
Hinchcliffe, El?ie Edith, ? May 1909, ? Jul ??01 (This is a temporary marker now very worn, the details may not be accurate)
Hinchcliffe, Henry Albert, d. 17 May 1952, aged 81yrs, s/w Annie Hinchcliffe
Hinchcliffe, Joseph Alexander, d. 20 Nov 1904, aged 3yrs, s/o H.A. and A. Hinchcliffe
Hollands, John Raymond, d. 14 Jun 2001
Lawton, William Poole, d. 31 Aug 1929, aged 42yrs
Lea, George Edward, d. 26 Aug 1915, aged 17yrs, s/o Barry and Rose Lea, s/w Emma and Louisa Reiser
Lea, Henry, d. Apr 1938, aged 84yrs, plaque on grave of Emma Reiser
Lea, Rosina Emma, d. 31 Jul 1960, aged 92yrs 11mths, plaque on grave of Emma Reiser
Lea, William Stewart, b. 5 Oct 1903, d. 14 Mar 1990, plaque on grave of Emma Reiser
Munster, Elizabeth McKay, d. 7 Jan 1939, aged 64yrs, s/w John Munster (husband)
Munster, John, d. 13 Jul 1929, aged 53yrs, s/w Elizabeth McKay Munster (wife)
Needham, Grandad, d. Jan 1927, s/w Ruby Iris Doughty
Nowland – Caswell, Jack, d. 19 Oct 1922, aged in his 2nd year
Nowland, Minnie, d. 10 Oct 1940
O'Brien, Rose, d. 30 Jun 1919, aged 35yrs, w/o Vincent O'Brien
Orr, Florence Eliza, d. 30 Nov 1932, aged 43yrs
Orr, Samuel George, d. 9 Aug 1984, aged 96yrs
Porep, Evalyn Mowbray, b. 12 Jan 1930, d. 1 Jun 2004, s/w Philip Joseph Porep and Julie May Porep
Porep, Julie May, b. 28 Oct 1954, d. 5 Jul 1979, s/w Philip Joseph Porep and Evalyn Mowbray Porep
Porep, Philip Joseph, b. 14 Jan 1925, d. 11 Aug 1999, s/w Julie May Porep and Evalyn Mowbray Porep
Rae, Eugenie, d. 7 Mar 1981, aged 67yrs
Reiser, Emma, d. 8 Jun 1893, aged 48yrs, s/w Louisa Reiser (daughter) and George Edward Lea
Reiser, George Fredrick, d. 1920, aged 77yrs, plaque on grave of Emma Reiser
Reiser, Louisa, d. 18 Apr 1898, aged 25yrs, s/w Emma Reiser (mother) and George Edward Lea
Taylor, Ellen, d. 25 Apr 1928, aged 43yrs, s/w Lillie Franklin and Henry Edwin Phillip Franklin
Thwaites, Susan, d. 20 May 1974, aged 87yrs, s/w Thomas Thwaites, (husband)
Thwaites, Thomas, d. 27 Nov 1964, aged 82yrs, s/w Susan Thwaites, (wife)
Vowden, Ann, d. 17 Jun 1930, aged 72yrs, s/w James Vowden, (husband)
Vowden, James, d. 17 Jun 1937, aged 88yrs, s/w Ann Vowden, (wife)
Wharton, Henry, d. 6 Sep 1929, aged 76yrs

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