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Albion Park Pioneer Cemetery
South Coast & Illawarra Region, New South Wales, Australia

Russell Street, Albion Park, NSW

Contributed by Wayne Hill, Jun 07, 2005, last edited Aug 25, 2009 [hillw1@dodo.com.au]. Total records = 73.

60 minutes south of Sydney and a further 20 minutes south of Wollongong is the Albion Park Pioneer Cemetery. It is located 500 meters south of the township of modern Albion Park, which is a kilometer from the Princes Highway turnoff, along the Illawarra Highway in Russell Street. It is on the western side of the road.

This cemetery is part of a community barbeque and rest area. Gum trees are scattered throughout the park as are the gravesites. Burials commenced c.1876, as the dates of the tombstones indicate, and continued until around 1959. Sadly some signs of vandalism are evident, but headstone restoration has been part of the local Lions Clubs Projects (Thank You) we must preserve our heritage!!

Sherril Hill and I walked and transcribed this cemetery in © 2004, using a digital camera. If anyone would like a photo please contact me.

- Wayne Hill

Cemetery Records

Atchison, Samuel, d. 3-7-1897, age: 64yr, after a lingering illness
Ball, George, b. 1925, d. 12/14/1925, age: 68yr, Our Dear Brother
Ball, Maria, d. 29-3-1890, age: 66yr, w/o Richard Padler Ball
Ball, Nicholas, b. 1863, d. 4/28/1935, age: 72yr, Our Dear Uncle
Ball, Richard Padler, b. 1822, d. 8/16/1900, age: 78yr, h/o Maria
Boylan, Margaret, b. 1825 Limerick Ireland, d. 10-6-1889, age: 64yr, w/o Michael
Boylan, Michael, b. 1801 Wicklow Ireland, d. 5-9-1894, age: 93yr, h/o Margaret
Colville, Jane, b. 11-4-1868, d. 23-9-1886, Verse
Cronan, James, b. 1850, d. 3-9-1892, age: 42yr, Erected By His Wife
Cronan, John, b. 1784 Mallow Co. Cork Ireland, d. 4-11-1880, age: 96yr, h/o Mary
Cronan, Mary, b. 1803 Cavan Co. Ireland, d. 25-8-1887, age: 84yr, w/o John
Falloon, Jane, b. 1865, d. 16-6-1894, age: 29yr, d/o Samuel & Ann Falloon
Falloon, Joseph, b. 1861, d. 1/15/1940, age: 79yr
Falloon, Mary, b. 1863, d. 4/9/1929, age: 66yr
Falloon, Samuel, b. 1834, d. 30-11-1898, age: 64yr, F.
Fraser, Alexander, b. 1800 Ross Shire Scotland, d. 18-3-1881 Lake View, age: 81yr, h/o Helen Munro
Fraser, Elsie May, b. 3-12-1882, d. 11-8-1885, d/o Daniel & Mary Ann, Verse
Fraser, Helen Munro, d. 12-9-1887, age: ?8yr, w/o Alexander
Fraser, William, b. 1856, d. 4-5-1878, age: 22yr
Haddin, James F, b. 1829, d. 10/17/1931, age: 84yr, h/o Sophia
Haddin, Jean, b. 1815, d. 12-11-1897, age: 82yr, w/o John
Haddin, Jean, b. 1885, d. 3-1-1888, age: 3yr, d/o James F & Mary
Haddin, John, b. 1813, d. 7-6-1893, age: 80yr, h/o Jean
Haddin, Mary, b. 1858, d. 16-9-1888, age: 30yr, w/o James F
Haddin, Sophia Mary, b. 1865, d. 7/19/1949, age: 84yr, w/o James F
Halkett, C. G., b. 1867, d. 12-1-1895, age: 28yr, w/o W.J.W.
Halkett, W. J. W., b. 1854, d. 4/13/1920, age: 66yr, h/o C.G.
Harriss, John George, b. 1872, d. 10/26/1953, age: 81yr
Harriss, Violet Lucy, b. 1877, d. 5/6/1925, age: 48yr, w/o J.G.Harriss
Johnson, Annie, b. 1877, d. 1/29/1936, age: 59yr, w/o William
Johnson, William James, b. 1868, d. 7/24/1948, age: 80yr, h/o Annie
Johnson, William James, b. 1904, d. 2/15/1917, age: 13yr, s/o William & Annie
Kelleher, Dennis, b. 1838 County Cork Ireland, d. 11-7-1889, age: 51yr, H.F.
Mathie, Annie, b. 1845, d. 1/11/1905, age: 60yr, w/o William
Mathie, William, b. 1835, d. 28-3-1897, age: 62yr, h/o Annie
McCleer, Annie, b. 1849, d. 6/30/1924, age: 75yr, w/o Edward
McDonald, Ebenezer, b. 1871, d. 10/13/1918, age: 47yr, s/o George & Elizabeth
McDonald, Elizabeth, b. 1843, d. 7/13/1920, age: 77yr
McDonald, George, b. 1847, d. 11/20/1927, age: 80yr
McGill, Andrew, b. 1795, d. 13-9-1876, age: 81yr, f/o Barbara & Elizabeth
McGill, Andrew, b. 1844, d. 4/20/1926, age: 82yr
McGill, Archibald, b. 1842, d. 12/28/1915, age: 73yr, h/o Margaret
McGill, Barbara, b. 1827, d. 6/27/1904, age: 77yr, His Daughter
McGill, Elizabeth, b. 1850, d. 11-4-1896, age: 46yr, His Daughter
McGill, Isabella, b. 1833, d. 8/22/1902, age: 69yr, w/o James
McGill, James, b. 1822 Co. Argyle Scotland, d. 6-2-1890 Croome, age: 68yr, h/o Isabella
McGill, Jane Isabell, b. 1876, d. 23-3-1883, age: 7yr, Our Dear Children
McGill, Margaret, b. 1848, d. 8/18/1935, age: 87yr, w/o Archibald
McGill, Martha Annie, b. 1875, d. 17-3-1883, age: 8yr, Our Dear Children
McGill, Mary, b. 1878, d. 20-3-1883, age: 5yr, Our Dear Children
McGill, Neil James, no dates, age: 6wk, s/o James
McGill, Sarah Amie, b. 1886, d. 14-9-1889, age: 3yr, Our Dear Children
McGill, Stuart Meek, b. 1872, d. 4/25/1927, age: 55yr
McGill, William Alexander, b. 1880, d. 26-3-1883, age: 3yr, Our Dear Children
Mercer, Campbell, b. 1820, d. 4-4-1869, age: 49yr, h/o Jane
Mercer, Jane, b. 1813, d. 21-4-1889, age: 76yr, w/o Campbell
Mercer, Margaret, b. 1844, d. 27-6-1888, age: 44yr, Eldest d/o Campbell & Jane
Mercer, Martha, b. 1846, d. 14-9-1851, age: 5yr, Yongest d/o Campbell & Jane
Moles, Alexandrina, b. 1858, d. 14-4-1886, age: 28yr
Moles, Jane, b. 1855, d. 11/7/1926, age: 71yr
Moles, Mary, b. 7-10-1825, d. 2/6/1900, w/o William Moles
Moles, Sara Elizabeth, b. 12-2-1870, d. 11/23/1901
Moore, Ellen, b. 1859, d. 24-12-1882, age: 23yr, d/o James & Mary
Moore, James, b. 1830, d. 29-11-1893, age: 63yr, h/o Mary
Moore, Mary, b. 1839, d. 13-2-1895, age: 56yr, w/o James
Rosten, John, b. 1856, d. 9/4/1924, age: 68yr, F.
Rosten, Sarah Ann, b. 1854, d. 5/22/1931, age: 77yr, M.
Smith, Ila, b. 1944, d. 12/8/1944, age: 7mo, Baby Of George & Margaret
Snodgrass, Edith Margaret, b. 1883, d. 12/11/1940, age: 57yr
Snodgrass, Leicester Curzon, b. 29-10-1884 Sevenoaks Macleay River, d. 7/15/1959, age: 75yr
Stevenson, James, b. 1881, d. 10/2/1943, age: 62yr, H.
Stevenson, Susannah, b. 1876, d. 1/4/1969, age: 93yr, M.
Turnbull, George, b. 1831, d. 27-1-1891, age: 60yr, h/o Victoria

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