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Featured Photo for June and July 1999

"Sweet Purple", photography by Acid|Stars [candie_flesh@hotmail.com].  Visit the website:  "Decaying Angels".

From the River View Cemetery in Essex, Connecticut, January 1999.

About the monument:

it is a family memorial restored from the 1800's.  The inscriptions are as follows:

Wife of David W. Manwaring
Born November 2nd 1830
Died June 17th 1872
Grave, the guardian of our dust.
Grave, the treasury of the skies.
Every alom of thy trust.
Rest in hope again to rise.

Clarence H.
Son of David W. and Almira Manwaring
Born April 25th 1872
Died June 25th 1872
The Shepard, in His tender love enfolds the little lamb above.

David W. Manwaring
Born October 24th 1821
Died December 17th 1898

Daughter of David W. and Almira Manwaring
Born April 29th 1853
Died October 10th 1868
No suffering now, all tears we wiped away. The heaven born spirit lives in endless day.

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