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Samuel Chapel Cemetery
Buckhorn, Austin County, Texas

GPS: 30.047200, -96.184367

Buckhorn LN
Buckhorn, TX, 77418

Published: February 17, 2020
Total records: 111

Samuel Chapel Cemetery is also known as, "Buckhorn Cemetery", even though there is another Buckhorn Cemetery in Austin County. It is still officially known as Samuel Chapel Cemetery by the Austin County Appraisal District.

Driving Directions

From Bellville, TX, take FM 1456 north to Buckhorn. Turn left on Korthauer Ln. A couple of intersections up is Buckhorn Ln, turn right. Cemetery is at the end of the road.

Cemetery Records

Records below were taken from a spreadsheet authored by James Hering of the Austin County Historical Commission, and published on the Cat Spring Cemetery Assocation Website. We converted the spreadsheet data into HTML format for easier use with on this website. The spreadsheet was last updated on October 7, 2017.

ARMSTRONG, Cleora Leaks, b. 10/31/1902, d. 16-Mar-1985
ARMSTRONG, Nealy, b. 3/20/1905, d. 23-May-1905
BANKETT, Hanna, b. 2/23/1905, d. 20-May-1905
BEAL, Dorothy Byars, b. 5/16/1924, d. 18-Sep-1989
BLACKMAN, Ira B. Jr., b. 5/14/1929, d. 1-May-1986
BLACKMON, Christopher J., b. 8/10/1979, d. 4-Aug-1996
BLACKMON, Margaret, d. 5-Jan-1951
BLACKMON, Nely, b. 9/16/1916, d. 27-Oct-1972
BLACKMON, Ronald, b. 12/5/1957, d. 17-Aug-1979
BLAIR, Annie Lee, b. 9/11/1904, d. 7-Mar-1912
BLAIR, Birdie, b. 6 March 1890, d. 7 March 1890
BONNER, Bennie, b. 4/5/1905, d. 1-Jun-1905
BONNER, Isabella, b. 2/15/1905, d. 29-May-1905, check dates
BRYANT, Cherry, d. 24-Oct-1976
BRYANT, Johnny, b. 3/22/1914, d. 18-Oct-1981
BRYANT, Lester C., d. 21-Mar-1972
BUSH, Callie, b. 7 April 1870, d. 10-Nov-1957
BUSH, Clarence Hebert, b. 12/6/1928, d. 23-Jun-1992
BUSH, E. B., b. 1 October 1870, d. 9-Jun-1946
BUSH, Eddie Jr., b. 7/8/1900, d. 2-Jun-1975
BYARS, Annie, b. 11 May 1886, d. 30-Mar-1983
BYARS, John A. Sr., b. 3/27/1905, d. 5-Jun-1905
BYARS, Katie Mae, b. 8/14/1914, d. 1-Jun-1980
BYARS, Melvin, b. 4/2/1905, d. 29-May-1905
CARTER, Carrie E., b. 22 June 1897, d. 23-Mar-1964
CARTER, George, b. 6 February 1891, d. 1-May-1985
CARTER, Kevin W., b. 23-May-1905, d. 23-May-1905
CARTER, L. V., b. 3/10/1931, d. 10-Mar-1997
CARTER, Lorene, b. 4/30/1935, d. 21-Jun-1988
COLE, Leroy T., b. 9/18/1918, d. 15-Jan-1967
CRAWFORD, Freddie, d. 1-Feb-1972
CRUMPTON, L. C., b. 9/11/1911, d. 15-Feb-1960
DYKES, Willie Mae, b. 4 March 1897, d. 20-Dec-1971
EDWARDS, Lucinda, b. 3/10/1905, d. 5-Jun-1905
EDWARDS, Willie Mae, b. 12/12/1912, d. 29-Feb-1996
EVANS, Mary, b. 3/26/1919, d. 10-Nov-1999
GANT, Beatrice, b. 8/27/1911, d. 23-Dec-1970
GREEN, Willie Mae, b. 9/13/1909, d. 1-Jul-1993
HAMMOND, Margaret, b. 1/24/1905, d. 17-Nov-1911
HAMMOND, unknown, b. 1/25/1905, d. 1-Feb-1944
HARPER, Eddie Matthew, b. 5/25/1939, d. 30-Jun-1990
HARRIS, Andrew, d. 16-Oct-1918
HARRIS, Henry, b. 23 June 1894, d. 31-Dec-1966
HOLLOWAY, Jewel, b. 2/9/1901, d. 20-Dec-1980
HOLMES, Anne Katie Lee, b. 11/30/1902, d. 29-May-1995
HOLMES, David Lee
HOLMES, Eligha Willie, b. 9 February 1897, d. 6-Jul-1985
HOLMES, Eligha, b. 3/1/1905, d. 7-Jun-1905
HOLMES, Elizabeth Curry, b. 3/19/1921, d. 27-Jul-2000
HOLMES, Lonnie Charles, b. 1/28/1954, d. 24-Jul-1994
HOLMES, Robert, b. 10/3/1946, d. 31-May-1975
HOUSTON, Jim, b. 3/24/1905, d. 20-May-1905
HOUSTON, Johnnie, b. 25 December 1899, d. 20-Jun-1990
HOUSTON, Louise, b. 24 December 1880, d. 7-Mar-1961
HOUSTON, Roderick, b. 2/3/1979, d. 22-Mar-1983
HOUSTON, Tommie Sr., b. 10/20/1914, d. 31-Jan-1988
HUDSPETH, Maggie, b. 12/15/1915, d. 8-Jun-1976
JACKSON, Columbus, b. 8/24/1906, d. 19-Mar-1966
JACKSON, Douglas M., b. 3/3/1941, d. 9-Jun-1993
JACKSON, John Louis, b. 25 December 1898, d. 25-Dec-1994
JACKSON, Leo, b. 1/5/1942, d. 16-Jul-1977
JACKSON, Leon, b. 7/1/1908, d. 2-Feb-1964
JACKSON, Mara L., b. 8 October 1872, d. 12-Jun-1966
JACKSON, Thomas Earl, b. 6/13/1934, d. 10-Jan-2000
JACKSON, Willie Thomas, b. 6/16/1916, d. 9-Sep-1974
JACKSON, Willie, b. 6/3/1916, d. 9-Sep-1974
JACKSON, Willie, b. 8/20/1906, d. 5-Nov-1983
JOHNSON, David Jr., b. 1/16/1902, d. 11-Sep-1970
JOHNSON, Rosie, b. 3/15/1905, d. 5-Jun-1905
LARK, Willie, b. 29 November 1886, d. 5-Jun-1959
LEAKS, Anna Thomas, b. 29 September 1881, d. 7-Oct-1981
LEAKS, Chasity, b. 5-Jun-1905, d. 5-Jun-1905
LEAKS, Delmus, b. 19-Jul-1951, d. 19-Jul-1951
LEAKS, Henderson Sr., d. 27-Apr-1934
LEAKS, Henderson. Jr., b. 3/12/1905, d. 12-May-1905
LEAKS, James Sr., b. 19 March 1896, d. 22-Oct-1983
LEAKS, Jessie, d. 20-Apr-1978
LEAKS, La Toyia Renee, b. 12/29/1978, d. 5-Dec-1995
LEAKS, Marzello, b. 4/1/1928, d. 12-May-1987
LEAKS, Rosie Thomas, b. 12/18/1909, d. 16-Nov-1998
LEAKS, Susie, d. 23-Mar-1952
LEAKS, Walter, b. 3/8/1905, d. 19-May-1905
LEAKS, Winnie, b. 7 July 1894, d. 8-Feb-1960
LOVE, Henry Jr., b. 4/11/1905, d. 6-Jun-1905
LOVE, Henry, b. 11/9/1909, d. 27-Jun-1972
MILLER, Pearl C., b. 4/1/1905, d. 20-May-1905
MOORE, Juanita, b. 7 July 1894, d. 12-Mar-1978
MOORE, Will, b. 25 March 1887, d. 7-Jan-1974
PHILLIPS, Henry, b. 5/12/1926, d. 22-Oct-1962
RAZEE, John, d. 1-Apr-1966
REESE, John A., b. 3/8/1905, d. 27-Apr-1905
ROSS, Ellen, b. 8 August 1869, d. 6-Jun-1918
ROSS, Sandy, b. 11 June 1859, d. 8-Sep-1911
SEALS, Anthony James Sr., b. 9/19/1914, d. 30-Aug-1999
SEALS, Willie Estella Reese, b. 3/18/1913, d. 19-Dec-1999
SIMPSON, Ollie, d. 22-Jan-1980
SINGLETON, Mary, b. 5 March 1884, d. 5-Mar-1982
STONE, John O., b. 20 May 1895, d. 16-Feb-1964
SYKES, Nathaniel Jr., b. 4/29/1905, d. 26-May-1905
THOMAS, Anna Leaks, b. 29 September 1881, d. 7-Oct-1981
THOMAS, Annoise, b. 4/18/1912, d. 27-Mar-1986
THOMAS, Lela, b. 3/10/1905, d. 1-Jul-1966
THOMAS, Will, b. 2 July 1878, d. 15-Dec-1966
TIPPITT, Fannie Lee, b. 3/14/1905, d. 16-Dec-1974
TIPPITT, Will, d. 22-Jul-1983
WARD, Ernest L., b. 10/8/1916, d. 3-Oct-1976
WILLIAMS, Archie, b. 17 April 1893, d. 9-Jul-1974
WILLIAMS, Lena Laura, b. 9/15/1905, d. 16-Jun-1996
WILLIAMS, Leonard, b. 25 June 1897, d. 4-Aug-1962

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