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Buckhorn Cemetery
Buckhorn, Austin County, Texas

GPS: 30.035741, -96.199633

7904 Ham Kendrick Rd
Bellville, TX 77418

Published: March 31, 2020
Total records: 199

Driving Directions

Buckhorn Cemetery is owned by Buckhorn Church Cemetery Association based out of Bellville. To reach the cemetery, drive FM 1456 north out of Bellville, into the community of Buckhorn, and turn right (south) on Ham Kendrick Rd. The cemetery will be on the left side, at the end of the road.

Cemetery Records

Records below were taken from a spreadsheet authored by James Hering of the Austin County Historical Commission, and published on the Cat Spring Cemetery Assocation Website.

We converted the spreadsheet data into HTML format for easier use with on this website. The spreadsheet was last updated on October 7, 2017.

(FATHER), Duke section
(MOTHER), Duke section
(UNMARKED GRAVE), Mitchmore section
(UNMARKED GRAVE), Bugg section
(UNMARKED GRAVE), Jackson section
(UNMARKED GRAVE), Biggs section
ACOCK, Elmer, b. 9/2/1900, d. 8-Dec-1967
ACOCK, Ethel Mae Keilberg, b. 5/24/1930, d. 22-Aug-1981
ACOCK, Louin, b. 12/10/1924, d. 11-Aug-2001
ACOCK, Margaret Thompson, b. 2/27/1924, d. 11-Aug-1987
ACOCK, Minnie Pearl Perkins, b. 8/14/1900, d. 18-Oct-1981
ACOCK, Mrs. Betty Hearn, d. 22-Dec-1955
ACOCK, Myrtle Smithe, b. 13 October 1897, d. 20-May-1991
ACOCK, Robert A., Jr., b. 1/6/1930, d. 16-Aug-1983
ACOCK, Robert F., b. 18 March 1888, d. 26-Jan-1965
ACOCK, Sallie Hamilton, b. 5/4/1917, d. 31-Jul-2003
ACOCK, Walter, b. 1 May 1857, d. 30-Jul-1935
AUSTIN, Frank M., b. 1/27/1905, d. 3-Apr-1905
AUSTIN, Lou, b. 2/4/1905, d. 1900's
BAILEY, Clayton Walter, b. 6/11/1900, d. 28-Nov-1987
BAILEY, Jessie L., b. 1 September 1897, d. 16-Sep-1979
BAILEY, M. Jewell, b. 8/30/1918
BAILEY, Mae Arnold, b. 10 January 1870, d. 15-Mar-1950
BAILEY, Walter, b. 1 November 1855, d. 29-Jun-1946
BARRETT, Jacob Allen, b. 24 December 1849, d. 6-Feb-1918
BARRETT, James Lawrence, b. 12/26/1907, d. 14-Feb-1982
BARRETT, James Samuel, b. 1 August 1873, d. 26-Jun-1949
BARRETT, Lettie Austin, b. 26 November 1855, d. 13-Nov-1947
BARRETT, Martha Duke, b. 17 May 1873, d. 8-Apr-1965
BARTLETT, W. M., b. 28 February 1821, d. 5-Mar-1902
BATES, Henry W., b. 10 January 1886, d. 12-Dec-1934
BENNETT, Edward, b. 26 October 1888, d. 28-May-1974
BIGGS, A.B. (M.D.), b. 1 December 1868, d. 12 July 1896
BIGGS, John Porter, b. 11 April 1885, d. 14-Jun-1931
BIGGS, Samuel L., b. 26 December 1795, d. 4 May 1884
BIGGS, Sarah M. Miller, b. 22 February 1847, d. 7-Mar-1905
BIGGS, Thomas Ira, b. 6 October 1871, d. 3-Apr-1907
BIGGS, Thomas S., b. 19 November 1833, d. 10-Jul-1917
BIGGS, Willie Elizabeth Vasser, b. 15 June 1886, d. 15-Dec-1968
BLANCHETTE, Edna, b. 3/4/1905, d. 22-Apr-1905
BLANCHETTE, R. L., b. 1/18/1923, d. 27-Oct-1965
BUGG, George, b. 8 August 1892, d. 8 January 1893
BUGG, Johnnie Lee, b. 21 July 1899, d. 17-Feb-1918
BUGG, Mattie J., b. 25 June 1899, d. 1-Aug-1900
CARTER, L. V. Abbs, b. 3/10/1931, d. 10-Mar-1997
CLEMON, James, b. 3 March 1832, d. 26 January 1895
CLOUD, Earl James, b. 23 July 1898, d. 1-Nov-1986
CLOUD, Guy, b. 5 January 1896, d. 7-Nov-1966
CLOUD, James J., b. 2/10/1905, d. 12-Mar-1905
CLOUD, Jonathan C., b. 7/9/1985, d. 11-Nov-1998
CLOUD, Margie Lee Thomas, b. 6/9/1904, d. 3-Nov-1988
CLOYD, Connie Louise, b. 12/20/1963, d. 7-Apr-1987
CLOYD, Kenneth Ray, b. 12/5/1954, d. 21-Mar-2004
CLOYD, Terry Lee, b. 5/15/1956, d. 4-Jun-1956
COCHRAN, Florence Montgomery, b. 21 August 1849, d. 26-May-1929
COCHRAN, Nehemiah, b. 28 June 1836, d. 22 January 1899
CRAWFORD, Charles S., b. 28 October 1856, d. 15-May-1939
CRAWFORD, James E., b. 21 July 1898, d. 26-Jun-1971
CRAWFORD, Martha V., b. 14 February 1860, d. 21-Jan-1939
DODD, Harry L., b. 3/24/1905, d. 25-Mar-1905
DODD, Julia Klentzmann, b. September 1881, d. 25-Mar-1905
DUKE, Samuel L., b. March 1840, CSA
DUNN, Miss Sallie, b. 21 June 1869, d. 18 November 1884
DUNN, Mrs. Carrie, b. 1 April 1830, d. 15 October 1893
EVANS, Phillip Lowell, b. 12/17/1942, d. 20-Dec-1987
FERGUSON, F. M., b. 7 August 1863, d. 5-Jun-1944
FERGUSON, Felix, b. 12/10/1901, d. 3-Dec-1981
FERGUSON, Joe G., b. 3/21/1905, d. 5-Apr-1905
FERGUSON, Melisa Fisher, b. 2/27/1901, d. 19-Dec-1984
FERGUSON, Samuel, b. 1 August 1873, d. 26-Jun-1949
FERGUSON, Wanda Lee C., b. 6/8/1947
FITT, Annie T. Smith, b. 7 January 1877, d. 4-Nov-1930
FITT, Clarence A., b. 16 July 1879, d. 30-Sep-1922
FITZGIBBON, William E., b. 17 August 1888, d. 24-Jan-1904
FOSTER, Benjamin Franklin, b. 22 May 1817, d. 8 July 1895
FOSTER, Erin Lucile, b. 10 July 1893, d. 17 September 1895
FOSTER, Jannett A., b. 29 October 1892, d. 22 October 1894
FOSTER, Jonnie Howard Collins, b. 2/12/1905, d. 30-Mar-1905
FOSTER, Louis, b. 9 February 1898, d. 5-Dec-1905
GARRETT, Celia Johnson, b. 11 April 1857, d. 1-Jan-1904
GARRETT, James Richard, Jr., b. 15 March 1880, d. 28-Dec-1910
GARRETT, Maggie Murich, b. 1/10/1918, d. 7-Jul-1931
GARRETT, Raymond Arthur, b. 1/4/1925, d. 4-Jul-1931
GARRETT, Thomas N., b. 12/2/1922, d. 4-Jul-1931
GARRETT, Walter Nathaniel, b. 6 May 1887, d. 21-Jan-1931
GOWER, Mildred Jean, b. 4/20/1930, d. 31-May-1949
HALL, Opal I., b. 3/21/1905, d. 24-Mar-1905
HAMMACK, Allie A., b. 12 August 1878, d. 27-May-1966
HAMMACK, Ernest Hull, b. 11 March 1876, d. 6-Sep-1958
HAMMACK, Esbe McCrarey, b. 1/16/1905, d. 20-Mar-1905
HAMMACK, infant, b. 4 April 1894, d. 21 April 1894
HAMMACK, infant, b. 16 June 1895, d. 23 August 1895
HAMMACK, James William, b. 7 June 1869, d. 4-Apr-1946
HAMMACK, Julius F., b. 1/20/1905, d. 15-Mar-1905
HAMMACK, Julius F., b. 2/27/1911, d. 5-Mar-1981
HAMMACK, Mary Eleanor Jackson, b. 15 February 1877, d. 27-Oct-1967
HAMMACK, Mildred, b. 11/21/1916, d. 9-Sep-1997
HAMMACK, Walter Omega, b. 14 April 1881, d. 6-Jul-1963, TX US
HARRISON, Dollie, b. 20 January 1815, d. 22 March 1880
HINTON, Ellen McDonald, b. 16 August 1863, d. 23-May-1911
HOFF, Leroy, b. 10/17/1918, d. 6-Dec-2004
HOFF, Lola, b. 10/30/1933, d. 8-Aug-1975
HOFFMAN, Emma Stephenson, b. 1 May 1854, d. 3-Jan-1939
HOFFMAN, James L., b. 10 August 1881, d. 12-Jun-1908
HOFFMAN, William Henry, b. 25 June 1854, d. 28-Jul-1932
JACKSON, Ada L., b. 29 January 1893, d. 18 April 1893
JACKSON, Avy V. Ferguson, b. 3/18/1905, d. 21-May-1905
JACKSON, Isabelle, b. 7 May 1871, d. 25 June 1896
JACKSON, James Hoffman, b. 13 September 1875, d. 10 November 1898
JACKSON, Mary Fernanda Curtis, b. 14 March 1856, d. 7-Jun-1934
JACKSON, Nehemiah Cochran, b. 2 May 1887, d. 1-Aug-1905
JACKSON, Texanna, b. 16 February 1854, d. 26 September 1884
JACKSON, W. P., b. 30 September 1825, d. 23 February 1895
JACKSON, William Pinckney, b. 30 September 1825, d. 20 February 1895
JACKSON, William Prentice, b. 2/21/1905, d. 13-May-1905
KEILBERG, Frank Alonzo, b. 12/13/1907, d. 20-Dec-1990
KEILBERG, Lolabelle Falk, b. 11/4/1907, d. 15-Jan-2003
KENDRICK, Cynthia G. Ramage, b. 20 October 1864, d. 22-May-1942
KENDRICK, Elmira J., b. 3/6/1905, d. 17-May-1905
KENDRICK, Fred W., b. 2/28/1905, d. 10-May-1905
KENDRICK, infant, b. 8 August 1883, d. 8 August 1883
KENDRICK, John J., b. 1/28/1905, d. 18-Mar-1928
KENDRICK, John Reginald, d. 13-Jul-1924
KENDRICK, Mary Jane, b. 11/21/1912, d. 11-Apr-2003
KENDRICK, May V. Hammack, b. 22 May 1885, d. 4-Apr-1978
KENDRICK, William, b. 18 December 1881, d. September 1884
KENDRICK, Wyly Hammack, b. 8/10/1915, d. 5-May-1991, US Army Tech 5 WW II
KENDRICK, Wyly Milton, b. 5 April 1890, d. 30-Nov-1981
KINGSTON, Alice C., b. 2/1/1935
KINGSTON, George Albert, b. 6/6/1910, d. 10-Jun-1972
KINGSTON, George E., Sr., b. 8/18/1932, d. 17-Aug-1996
KINGSTON, Glenn W., b. 4/30/1905, d. 22-May-1905
KINGSTON, Thomas R., b. 6/18/1936, d. 26-Aug-1956, TX Sp/3 Army Raplacon
KLENTZMANN, Barney C., b. 2/19/1905, d. 20-Oct-1948
KLENTZMANN, Barney H., b. 21 November 1843, d. 2 February 1897
KLENTZMANN, Hedwig Beyer, b. July 1854, d. 10-Apr-1905
LAWRENCE, Palestine, b. 27 December 1864, d. 10 August 1890
LAWRENCE, Palestonie, b. 4 August 1890, d. 28 August 1890
LEASER, E.O., b. 1/26/1908, d. 19-May-1941
LOCKE, E. Porter, b. 2/6/1905, d. 20-Apr-1905
LOCKE, Helen E., b. 3/9/1905, d. 28-Apr-1905
LOCKE, R. Della, b. 2/10/1905, d. 2-May-1905
LOCKE, Walter B., b. 3/5/1905, d. 21-Mar-1905
MARTIN, Henry James, b. 25 April 1867, d. 21-Feb-1946
MARTIN, Lucy E., b. 2/26/1905, d. 30-Apr-1905
MARTIN, Rosa Anna, b. 28 August 1876, d. 3-Feb-1949
MARTIN, Thomas L., b. 5/25/1909, d. 5-Apr-1982
MARTIN, William T., b. 3/14/1905, d. 4-Jun-1905
MASSEY, Gladys E., b. 3/20/1905, d. 4-Jun-1905
MCCRAREY, James A., b. 1/22/1905, d. 10-Apr-1905
MCKEOWN, Nathan Bray, b. 2/9/1990, d. 24-Aug-1990
MCKEOWN, Robert J., Sr., b. 9/11/1929, d. 29-Mar-1993
MEREDITH, James, b. 11/5/1903, d. 13-Nov-2003
MEREDITH, Vonnie Curley, b. 9/11/1911, d. 26-Jun-1996
MILLER, Anna V., b. 7/21/1908, d. 26-Jul-1908
MILLER, Disa, b. 27 December 1820, d. 18 October 1886
MILLER, W. T., b. 2 November 1861, d. 12-Jan-1928
MITCHMORE, Nellie Pearl, b. 3/13/1905, d. 27-Apr-1905
MITCHMORE, Wm. Frank, b. 2/22/1905, d. 14-May-1905
MITTANCK, Gussie Kendrick, b. 8 July 1898, d. 27-Jul-1985
MITTANCK, Leon Richard Albert, b. 10 May 1896, d. 17-Apr-1988, Pfc. US
MIZE, Dr. John Thomas, b. 18 February 1872, d. 22-Sep-1944
MIZE, Inez Etta, b. 3/15/1905, d. 28-May-1905
MIZE, Marie Emma Hinton, b. 18 July 1882, d. 26-Apr-1960
MORGAN, Melissa Hoffman, b. 8 January 1885, d. 10-May-1910
OLIVER, Amanda, b. 1/9/1905, d. 4-Mar-1905
OLIVER, Tillman, b. 2/18/1905, d. 10-Mar-1905
OSBORNE, Eldred Tyler, b. 6/8/1901, d. 27-Jul-1975
PEARSON, P. H., b. 25 October 1805, d. 24 September 1880
PERKINS, Elbert, b. 8 September 1886, d. 25-Jun-1954
PERKINS, George, Jr., b. 1/24/1917, d. 28-Jan-1923
PERKINS, Georgie, b. 19 December 1896, d. 31-Mar-1960
PERKINS, Jack, b. 3/25/1905, d. 11-Apr-1905
PERKINS, Robert, b. 2 February 1896, d. 17-Jul-1967
PERKINS, Woodson L., b. 1/17/1917, d. 15-Jun-1982
REAMOS, Sherwood Young, b. 12/16/1904, d. 1-Mar-1905, TX REV
ROGERS, Blanche Golden, b. 12/21/1928, d. 17-Jun-2003
SANDERS, Susie, b. 4/4/1915, d. 8-Aug-1971
SHINE, Elizabeth Cloud, b. 9/15/1904
SLOAN, Mrs. Barbara A., b. 10 August 1840, d. 29-Jul-1924
SLOAN, T. D., b. 18 July 1828, d. 5-Oct-1908
SMITH, Annie Acock, b. 26 September 1893, d. 25-Jan-1950
SMITH, Dick, b. 2/14/1905, d. 24-Apr-1905
SMITH, John, d. 18-Jan-1935
SMITH, Judy, d. 27-May-1948
SMITH, Ludie Hicks, b. 2/14/1905, d. 1900's
SMITH, Mary Etta Acock, b. 3/22/1903, d. 13-Apr-1987
SMITH, Sterling R., b. 7/10/1906, d. 24-Sep-1968
SMITH, Will, b. 5 December 1898, d. 1-Jan-1962
STEWART, John, b. 1/24/1905, d. 12-Apr-1905
STEWART, Malcolm, b. 25 December 1849, d. 23 June 1893
STURDIVANT, Robert A., b. 25 January 1861, d. 29-Nov-1936
STURDIVANT, Sarah F., b. 22 July 1874, d. 2-Nov-1942
TAPSCOTT, Mary Ann Scales, b. 6 May 1847, d. 8-Mar-1905
TAYLOR, Allie W., b. 1/22/1905, d. 17-Mar-1905
THOMPSON, Jack, b. 10/15/1921, d. 4-Jul-1931
WOODLEY, Hattie P., b. 19 October 1864, d. 3-Apr-1927
WOODLEY, William H., b. 6 May 1854, d. 11-Sep-1936

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