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Atkinson Cemetery
Bellville, Austin County, Texas

GPS: 29.95260, -96.28233

W. Austin St.
Bellville, TX 77418

Published: October 26, 2019
Total records: 79

Driving Directions

Take State Highway 159 west out of Bellville. At the intersection with Clens Rd (Austin Rd) you will see a sign along SH-159 for "Lyons Cemetery" and "Atkinson Cemetery". Turn left here on to Clens Rd. Follow Clens Rd for about 1/3 mile, and you'll see Atkinson Cemetery on your left.

Cemetery Records

Records below were taken from a spreadsheet authored by James Hering of the Austin County Historical Commission, and published on the Cat Spring Cemetery Assocation Website. We converted the spreadsheet data into HTML format for easier use with on this website. The spreadsheet was last updated on October 7, 2017.

BISHOP, Doris Marie Lyons, b. 2/13/1926, d. 9-Jun-2001
BISHOP, Robert Morris, Jr., b. 8/23/1944, d. 2-May-1997, Vietnam
BISHOP, Robert Morris, Sr., b. 12/4/1914, d. 27-Dec-1983
BISHOP, Vanessa Sue Lynn, b. 5/5/1983, d. 10-Nov-1983
BROOKS, Louise Jane Atkinson, b. 14 October 1836, d. 20 August 1894
BROOKS, Nanie Louise, b. 11/28/1901, d. 29-Sep-1908
BROOKS, Wyatt Marion, b. 12/31/1904, d. 27-Mar-1905, CSA
CARDER, Joseph, b. 5 November 1847, d. 31-Mar-1918
CARDER, Mary E., b. 3 June 1872, d. 23-Jan-1918
CARR, David Charles, b. 12/22/1946, d. 18-Feb-2000
CARR, John Charles, b. 7/30/1902, d. 11-Mar-1963
CARR, Leona Villa, b. 9/28/1917, d. 27-Jan-1999
CARR, Richard C., b. 12/13/1944, d. 8-Jan-1996
CARRAWAY, Archie H., b. 4/12/1907, d. 24-Aug-1977
CARRAWAY, Bessie Lyons, b. 3/2/1908, d. 17-Sep-1985
CARRAWAY, Earl F., b. 10/6/1929, d. 5-Jan-1957
CARRAWAY, Eli William, b. 6/17/1902, d. 14-Jan-1972
CARRAWAY, Fred Louis, b. 10/2/1926, d. 28-Nov-1995
CARRAWAY, Jashua, b. 12/17/1905, d. 3-Aug-1979
CARRAWAY, Josh, b. 2/6/1905, d. 10-Apr-1905
CARRAWAY, Lucy S. A., b. 2/19/1905, d. 3-May-1905
CIOLEK, John Steve, b. 5/26/1948, d. 14-Oct-1995, Vietnam
CLARK, Vernon Grady, b. 2/23/1923, d. 8-Mar-1937
CLARK, Vernon H., b. 4 January 1881, d. 11-Sep-1937
CRAWFORD, Martha P., b. 3/1/1921, d. 1-Oct-1936
E. W. S.
EDWARDS, Jack E., b. 7/30/1924, d. 24-May-1965, WW II
GRAY, Asa S., b. 22 June 1872, d. 25-Jun-1942
GRAY, Willie Jane Hollingshead, b. 6 October 1881, d. 14-Mar-1961
HOHLE, Clarence, b. 4/10/1905
HOHLE, Larry Wayne, b. 12/19/1949, d. 29-Sep-1992
HOHLE, Vivian Lee Carraway, b. 12/30/1927, d. 11-Jul-1998
JOHNSON, Thomas Dwayne, Jr., b. 12/27/1993, d. 27-Dec-1993
KIENTZ, Fritz, b. 15 February 1881, d. 2-Dec-1950
KING, Ben G., b. 7 May 1872, d. 5-Dec-1937
KING, Georgie A. Spence, b. 27 May 1875, d. 21-May-1939
KING, Nancy J. Granville, b. 16 February 1842, d. 16 November 1899
KING, Thomas Bledsoe, b. 1/9/1905, d. 10-Nov-1908, CSA
LAMBERTH, J. L., b. 18 February 1895, d. 17-Feb-1920
LAMBERTH, Jesse L., b. 6/8/1905, d. 8-Jun-1905
LAMBERTH, Jessie Earl, Jr., b. 3/9/1947, d. 1-Dec-1963
LAMBERTH, Jessie Earl, Sr., b. 10/6/1919, d. 17-Nov-1970, WW II
LAMBERTH, Joseph H., b. 14 May 1866, d. 8-Mar-1948
LAMBERTH, Lester, b. 6/7/1905
LAMBERTH, Mary Catherine Buttram, b. 29 October 1865, d. 16-Nov-1935
LEE, Annie L., b. 17 April 1889, d. 24-Mar-1953
LYONS, A. M., b. 21 April 1871, d. 23 June 1872
LYONS, Catherine Virginia Atkinson, b. 9 December 1825, d. 20 February 1899
LYONS, Charles W., b. 10/16/1933, d. 10-Jan-1987, KW Nam
LYONS, David Marion, b. 1/19/1928, d. 3-Jan-1974, WW II
LYONS, Dora E. Felps, b. 9 December 1896, d. 7-Mar-1975
LYONS, Elizabeth, b. 1/22/1905, d. 10-Mar-1905
LYONS, Gordon Marion, b. 10/29/1979, d. 5-Nov-1979
LYONS, Hattie Minze, b. 3 August 1883, d. 13-Mar-1920
LYONS, James Alfred, b. 8/15/1916, d. 21-Nov-2001
LYONS, Jeff D., b. 17 February 1862, d. 20-Mar-1936
LYONS, Jess, b. 8/1/1903, d. 1-Jun-1969
LYONS, Jesse D., b. 1/24/1932, d. 14-Mar-1951
LYONS, John Henry, b. 26 December 1892, d. 15-Dec-1973
LYONS, Joseph Robert, b. 24 July 1864, d. 21-Dec-1939
LYONS, Lee, b. 17 April 1892, d. 15-Aug-1924
LYONS, Mattie Carraway, b. 10/21/1903, d. 8-Jun-1999
LYONS, Minnie Spence, b. 2/17/1905, d. 27-Mar-1905
LYONS, S. W., b. 1 October 1867, d. 10 August 1884
LYONS, Sam W., b. 8/6/1913, d. 16-Jun-1960, WW II
LYONS, Tommy, b. 3/10/1905, d. 11-Mar-1905
LYONS, William J. W., b. 22 August 1818, d. 1 January 1899
LYONS, William M., b. 2/11/1905, d. 29-Apr-1905
LYONS, , b. 3/20/1905, d. 22-Mar-1905
MCCUE, infant son, b. 5/25/1933, d. 9-Jun-1933, s/o Joe P.
REED, William C., b. 1/15/1905, d. 9-Apr-1922
SPENCE, Alexander R., b. 21 July 1866, d. 31-Mar-1946
SPENCE, Mary Agnes Morris, b. 17 November 1875, d. 31-Dec-1936
SPENCE, Mary Collier, b. 2/13/1905, d. 7-May-1905
SPENCE, Morris Doc, b. 6/25/1903, d. 12-Feb-1976
VAUGHN, Essie Lois S., b. 12/31/1930, d. 9-Sep-1989
VAUGHN, infant, b. 6/15/1992
VAUGHN, Virgil C., Sr., b. 8/21/1930, d. 11-Jan-1980
W. A. M.

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