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Mountain Home National Cemetery
Johnson City, Washington County, Tennessee

GPS: 36.31085, -82.37387

215 Heroes Drive
Mountain Home, TN 37684

Last updated: February 14, 2022
Total records: 19,662

Mountain Home National Cemetery is owned by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and operated by the National Cemetery Administration.

Veterans Affairs Records, July 2000
Surnames Z

Records linked below were acquired from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These records were last compiled by the VA on February 7, 2022. Dates of death range from Dec 25, 1829 to Dec 31, 2021. These include 87 records with no date of death. Total records: 19,662...

ZACCONE, Curtis Gabriel Jr, b. 04/25/1962, d. 05/16/2010, Sec. SS, Site 608, US ARMY, PVT
ZARNOW, Jimmie Lee, b. 08/27/1936, d. 01/13/2020, Sec. 3, Site 271, US ARMY, SP4
ZASTROW, Richard, d. 10/05/1910, Sec. D, Row 5, Site 1, US ARMY
ZELL, Robert L, d. 01/05/1920, Sec. F, Row 11, Site 11, US ARMY, PVT CO.I, 1ST D.C., SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
ZELL, William Db, d. 08/14/1916, Sec. C, Row 9, Site 19, US ARMY, PVT
ZELLER, Roscoe A, b. 09/25/1891, d. 01/11/1961, Sec. T, Row 4, Site 6, US ARMY, PFC CO.K, 147TH INF, WORLD WAR I
ZEOLI, Giuseppe, d. 02/16/1928, Sec. I, Row 11, Site 14, US ARMY, PVT 301ST ENGRS
ZEOLI, Joe Henry, b. 02/10/1926, d. 11/25/2006, Sec. SS, Site 1540, US NAVY, SC3, WORLD WAR II
ZEOLI, Naomi K, b. 06/05/1924, d. 07/28/2016, Sec. SS, Site 1540, Wife of Joe H Zeoli
ZICKAFOOSE, Betty Ruth, b. 12/16/1942, d. 01/25/2018, Sec. SS, Site 1070G, Wife of George Michael Zickafoose
ZIEGLER, George L Sr, b. 01/01/1920, d. 11/10/2004, Sec. LL, Site 88, US NAVY, MEW2, WORLD WAR II
ZIEGLER, Nina Lela, b. 11/27/1922, d. 05/07/2018, Sec. RR, Site 802, Wife of Paul H Ziegler
ZIEGLER, Paul Harold, b. 10/08/1919, d. 08/03/2007, Sec. RR, Site 802, US ARMY, SSG, WORLD WAR II
ZIESEL, Leonard M, b. 01/07/1943, d. 09/10/2020, Sec. 2, Site 656, US ARMY, SP5, VIETNAM
ZIESING, A R, b. 01/01/1893, d. 01/01/1923, Sec. SP, Site 13, US NAVY
ZIMMER, William J, b. 01/09/1922, d. 12/25/2005, Sec. RR, Site 95, US NAVY, AS, WORLD WAR II
ZIMMERMAN, Carl Douglas, b. 05/25/1940, d. 10/01/2018, Sec. TT, Site 396, US ARMY, LT COL
ZIMMERMAN, Claudie A, b. 02/10/1937, d. 09/11/2016, Sec. UU, Site 698, US ARMY, 1ST LT, VIETNAM
ZIMMERN-REED, Annette W, b. 02/07/1933, d. 07/24/2012, Sec. QQ, Site 62, US PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE, CAPT
ZOSEL, Lester L, b. 02/05/1921, d. 11/05/1997, Sec. LL, Site 1349, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ZOSEL, Teresa, b. 07/19/1932, d. 01/09/2018, Sec. LL, Site 1349, Wife of Lester L Zosel
ZUOKEMEFA, Cassandra E, b. 12/22/1957, d. 11/24/2018, Sec. TT, Site 430, US AIR FORCE, A1C, A1C
ZWALL, Richard, b. 11/25/1938, d. 02/27/2018, Sec. SS, Site 1070M, US NAVY, CAPT, VIETNAM
ZWANZIG, Carl Robert, b. 10/21/1942, d. 05/24/2011, Sec. SS, Site 335, US AIR FORCE, A2C, VIETNAM

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