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Mountain Home National Cemetery
Johnson City, Washington County, Tennessee

GPS: 36.31085, -82.37387

215 Heroes Drive
Mountain Home, TN 37684

Last updated: February 14, 2022
Total records: 19,662

Mountain Home National Cemetery is owned by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and operated by the National Cemetery Administration.

Veterans Affairs Records, July 2000
Surnames Y

Records linked below were acquired from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These records were last compiled by the VA on February 7, 2022. Dates of death range from Dec 25, 1829 to Dec 31, 2021. These include 87 records with no date of death. Total records: 19,662...

YACKER, Irwin S, b. 10/01/1925, d. 07/25/2003, Sec. MM, Row 1, Site 6, US NAVY, COX, WORLD WAR II
YACKER, Norma, b. 12/29/1945, d. 11/08/1999, Sec. MM, Row 1, Site 6, Wife of Irwin S Yacker
YAGER, Charles Edwin, b. 10/12/1923, d. 01/02/2010, Sec. SS, Site 915, US MERCHANT MARINE, 3RD MATE, 3RD MATE, WORLD WAR II
YAGER, Frederick, b. 12/01/1905, Sec. H, Row 1, Site 9, US ARMY, CO.K, 6TH W.VA INF
YAGER, Ruth E, b. 03/27/1926, d. 02/09/2009, Sec. SS, Site 915, Wife of Charles E Yager
YANCEY, Bartley, b. 02/04/1894, d. 08/15/1958, Sec. L, Row 12, Site 19, US ARMY, PVT 13TH CO.4TH BN, WORLD WAR I
YANCEY, John C, b. 03/22/1889, d. 06/08/1965, Sec. CC, Row 3, Site 18, US ARMY, PVT CO.E, 47TH INF, WORLD WAR I
YARBER, Kevin R, b. 02/28/1966, d. 10/23/2001, Sec. MM, Row 10, Site 47, US ARMY, SP4, PERSIAN GULF
YARBER, William Edward, b. 06/07/1949, d. 12/13/2011, Sec. SS, Site 313, US ARMY, SGT, SGT, VIETNAM
YARBOUGH, Frank E, b. 12/01/1947, d. 07/20/2016, Sec. UU, Site 469, US ARMY, SSG, VIETNAM
YARNELL, Earnest Bruce, b. 12/12/1919, d. 02/25/1976, Sec. KK, Site 105, US MARINE CORPS, WO, KOREA, VIETNAM
YATES, Edith Mae, b. 03/09/1922, d. 12/06/1995, Sec. LL, Site 1973, Wife of Willard Melvin Yates
YATES, Franklin D, b. 02/01/1936, d. 10/29/2019, Sec. TT, Site 635, US ARMY, PFC
YATES, Hubert H, b. 03/04/1921, d. 10/26/2001, Sec. MM, Row 10, Site 48, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
YATES, James Ernest, b. 11/18/1933, d. 07/24/2005, Sec. SS, Site 1718, US AIR FORCE, A1C, KOREA
YATES, Jean, b. 11/12/1940, d. 11/05/2020, Sec. SS, Site 1718, Wife of James Ernest Yates
YATES, Joseph, d. 09/26/1910, Sec. C, Row 5, Site 17, US ARMY
YATES, Joseph R, b. 03/28/1896, d. 07/09/1953, Sec. Q, Row 2, Site 24, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 339TH INF, WORLD WAR I
YATES, Lawrence G, b. 02/13/1921, d. 04/16/2011, Sec. WW, Site 199, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
YATES, Ralph Anthony, b. 03/21/1942, d. 06/20/2013, Sec. SS, Site 71, US ARMY, SSG, PERSIAN GULF, VIETNAM
YATES, Rozell, b. 03/29/1943, d. 08/15/2021, Sec. 3, Site 537, Wife of Leonard Eugene Yates
YATES, Sherman Dwight, b. 02/02/1943, d. 09/07/2013, Sec. SS, Site 22, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
YATES, Sidney Ralph, b. 04/30/1925, d. 12/24/2017, Sec. TT, Site 224, US NAVY, HA1, WORLD WAR II
YATES, Willard Melvin, b. 06/26/1915, d. 06/18/1991, Sec. LL, Site 1973, US NAVY, WT 1, WORLD WAR II
YAWN, Melvin Jr, b. 04/20/1945, d. 05/26/2013, Sec. SS, Site 61, US ARMY, PVT, VIETNAM
YEARY, Hobert Garrett, b. 09/20/1897, d. 02/22/1967, Sec. DD, Row 1, Site 19, US ARMY, PVT BTRY A 5TH REGT, WORLD WAR I
YERGER, Jacob Shall, b. 07/11/1885, d. 01/14/1969, Sec. Z, Row 3, Site 8, US ARMY AIR CORPS, 1 LT STATE: MISSISSI, WORLD WAR I
YERTON, Charles Leonard, b. 11/18/1944, d. 02/10/2016, Sec. UU, Site 80, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, VIETNAM
YERXA, James Hamilton Jr, b. 12/16/1943, d. 06/22/2018, Sec. 3, Site 15, US NAVY, SR
YETS, Marion T, d. 01/01/1932, Sec. J, Row 6, Site 2, US ARMY, CO.B, 3RD TENN INF
YETTS, Donald W, b. 09/16/1932, d. 03/28/1980, Sec. II, Row 9, Site 11, US NAVY, AMCS, KOREA, VIETNAM
YODER, Walter, b. 03/19/1894, d. 01/26/1971, Sec. EE, Row 1, Site 3, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 503 ENGRS, WORLD WAR I
YOKEM, John, d. 09/29/1914, Sec. C, Row 8, Site 3, US NAVY
YOKLEY, George Wallace, b. 06/10/1926, d. 11/16/2011, Sec. SS, Site 295, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
YONAS, George F, b. 04/21/1941, d. 07/18/2020, Sec. 2, Site 525, US ARMY, SPC, VIETNAM
YONTS, Virgil V Sr, b. 08/04/1934, d. 07/31/2015, Sec. UU, Site 491, US NAVY, FN
YONZ, Richard O, d. 03/09/1963, Sec. BB, Row 1, Site 16, US ARMY, PVT EVAC HOSP #5, WORLD WAR I
YORK, Charles L, b. 07/16/1968, d. 05/10/2020, Sec. 2, Site 343, US NAVY, PO2, PERSIAN GULF
YORK, Clyde Alvin, b. 06/13/1913, d. 07/14/1964, Sec. AA, Row 4, Site 3, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
YORK, David Anthony, b. 08/31/1947, d. 02/17/2014, Sec. UU, Site 678, US NAVY, SK3, VIETNAM
YORK, Lawrence, d. 08/07/1933, Sec. J, Row 2, Site 15, US ARMY, PVT
YORK, Stephen Stanley, b. 09/01/1917, d. 02/28/1994, Sec. LL, Site 1780, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
YOST, Earl K, b. 12/13/1918, d. 01/14/1980, Sec. HH, Row 10, Site 26, US MARINE CORPS, 2ND LT, WORLD WAR II
YOST, Louise F, b. 05/30/1923, d. 01/04/1989, Sec. HH, Row 10, Site 26, Wife of Earl K Yost Jr
YOUNCE, Eli M, b. 10/12/1879, d. 03/22/1962, Sec. U, Row 1, Site 20, US ARMY, PVT CO.K, 4TH INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
YOUNCE, Robert Lee, b. 03/05/1923, d. 04/15/2005, Sec. QQ, Site 123, US ARMY, SP5, SP5, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
YOUNG, Allen Gale, b. 11/08/1952, d. 11/25/2008, Sec. SS, Site 937, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
YOUNG, Arnold, b. 08/06/1909, d. 03/25/1969, Sec. Z, Row 3, Site 25, US ARMY, PVT STATE: TN, WORLD WAR II
YOUNG, Arthur E, b. 02/22/1890, d. 10/06/1968, Sec. Z, Row 2, Site 5, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
YOUNG, Aubrey A, b. 07/09/1922, d. 06/17/1990, Sec. LL, Site 2064, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
YOUNG, Billy Odell, b. 12/27/1941, d. 05/28/2019, Sec. TT, Site 641, US ARMY, CPL, VIETNAM
YOUNG, Charles, b. 08/15/1897, d. 12/25/1960, Sec. L, Row 11, Site 23, US ARMY, PVT QM CO.312 LAB BN, WORLD WAR I
YOUNG, Charles D, b. 03/19/1948, d. 09/07/2004, Sec. RR, Site 175, US ARMY, SP5, VIETNAM
YOUNG, Charles Wesley Jr, b. 02/21/1947, d. 05/09/2019, Sec. 3, Site 139, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, CPL
YOUNG, Clarence, b. 08/02/1902, d. 07/27/1957, Sec. L, Row 13, Site 16, US ARMY, TEC 5 CO.B, 184TH, WORLD WAR II
YOUNG, Claude Steely Jr, b. 10/18/1951, d. 12/08/2012, Sec. SS, Site 151, US NAVY, PO1, PO3, VIETNAM
YOUNG, Dana Lee, b. 05/18/1940, d. 02/07/2014, Sec. QQ, Site 212, US ARMY, SP4
YOUNG, Danny Wilson, b. 08/26/1949, d. 08/16/2014, Sec. UU, Site 353, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
YOUNG, David R, b. 12/20/1952, d. 02/28/1996, Sec. LL, Site 973, US NAVY, YN2, VIETNAM
YOUNG, Donna K, b. 04/04/1967, d. 03/12/2006, Sec. SS, Site 1597, Wife of Robert Michael Young
YOUNG, Edward J, b. 06/17/1935, d. 07/29/2020, Sec. 2, Site 527, US NAVY, HN, KOREA
YOUNG, Emma M, b. 12/18/1899, d. 09/26/1992, Sec. L, Row 12, Site 3, Wife of Jesse Young
YOUNG, Frank C, b. 12/28/1895, d. 04/26/1961, Sec. L, Row 10, Site 10, US ARMY, PVT 41ST CO. 107TH, WORLD WAR I
YOUNG, Gwendolyn A, b. 07/12/1948, d. 06/10/2020, Sec. 3, Site 139, Wife of Charles Wesley Young Jr
YOUNG, Harry D, b. 01/05/1923, d. 10/17/1987, Sec. LL, Site 2812, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
YOUNG, Howard Oakley, b. 02/17/1907, d. 06/22/1972, Sec. HH, Row 6, Site 17, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
YOUNG, Jacob, d. 03/26/1963, Sec. BB, Row 1, Site 20, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 502ND ENGR, WORLD WAR I
YOUNG, James H, Sec. I, Row 3, Site 12, US ARMY, CO.L, 2ND VA. INF
YOUNG, James Wesley, b. 06/04/1918, d. 02/13/1964, Sec. AA, Row 1, Site 16, US AIR FORCE, CPL 814TH BASE UNIT, WORLD WAR II
YOUNG, Jean, b. 04/10/1942, d. 06/21/2004, Sec. QQ, Site 212, Wife of Dana Lee Young
YOUNG, Jesse, b. 02/05/1877, d. 10/19/1945, Sec. L, Row 12, Site 3, US ARMY, PFC BATT. B, 351STF, WORLD WAR I
YOUNG, John Charles, b. 05/21/1942, d. 10/27/2007, Sec. SS, Site 1381, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
YOUNG, Joseph C, b. 12/26/1892, d. 12/26/1953, Sec. Q, Row 3, Site 14, US ARMY, PVT 325TH AMB. CO., WORLD WAR I
YOUNG, Louis R, d. 12/06/1917, Sec. A, Row 10, Site 19, US ARMY, PVT
YOUNG, Michael Lamont, b. 12/12/1947, d. 04/04/2020, Sec. 2, Site 239, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
YOUNG, Nannie Mae, b. 08/28/1915, d. 12/17/2003, Sec. LL, Site 2064, Wife of Aubrey A Young
YOUNG, Nathan Jr, b. 03/07/1930, d. 07/03/1960, Sec. T, Row 3, Site 5, US AIR FORCE, PFC STATE: TN, KOREA
YOUNG, Ramon Delos, b. 08/24/1927, d. 05/07/1993, Sec. LL, Site 56, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
YOUNG, Raymond, b. 10/01/1908, d. 09/24/1997, Sec. LL, Site 1237, US ARMY, MAJ, WORLD WAR II, KOREA
YOUNG, Roger Preston, b. 05/30/1948, d. 01/01/2021, Sec. 2, Site 133, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, VIETNAM
YOUNG, Ruth, b. 02/06/1932, d. 11/15/1988, Sec. LL, Site 2812, Wife of Harry D Young
YOUNG, William Gilbert, b. 07/25/1926, d. 11/04/2005, Sec. RR, Site 90, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
YOUNG, William H, d. 04/01/1933, Sec. J, Row 12, Site 7, US ARMY, MUSN CO.L, 3RD ALA
YOUNG, William Thomas, b. 02/17/1944, d. 07/05/2008, Sec. WW, Site 15C, US NAVY, SN, VIETNAM
YOUNGER, Billy Wayne, b. 09/10/1938, d. 02/25/2019, Sec. TT, Site 535, US NAVY, FNSN
YOUNGMAN, James, d. 10/01/1908, Sec. E, Row 3, Site 2, US ARMY, CO.K, 12TH NY SM INF

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