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Elmwood Cemetery
Adams, Jefferson County, New York

GPS: 43.81335, -76.02992

Elmwood Ave
Adams, NY 13605

Published: February 20, 2022

Updated: February 21, 2022
Total records: 27

Located inside the Village of Adams, at the end of Elmwood Ave, in between I-81 and the railroad tracks.

Veterans Affairs Records

Cemetery records published below were acquired from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on February 15, 2022...

BENJAMIN, Gordon D, b. 03/13/1928, d. 09/19/2000, US NAVY, S2, WORLD WAR II
BROWN, Chester A, b. 03/18/1927, d. 09/04/2017, US NAVY, EM3, WORLD WAR II
BROWN, Henry L, b. 03/31/1921, d. 11/04/2004, US ARMY, PFC
BURNS, James M, b. 6/16/1941, d. 5/9/2013, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
CLAFLIN, Douglas M, b. 1926, d. 2012, US ARMY, WORLD WAR II
CLARK, Allen T, b. 08/27/1946, d. 12/02/2013, US ARMY, MSG, PERSIAN GULF
DACK, Francis E, b. 1924, d. 2016, US ARMY, WORLD WAR II
DAYGER, G Willis, b. 05/08/1935, d. 04/08/2012, US ARMY, SGT
GREENWOOD, Maurice R, b. 11/29/1923, d. 7/14/2011, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SGT, WORLD WAR II
HOUGH, Gene S, b. 05/23/1934, d. 05/20/1999, US NAVY, KOREA
HOUGH, Kent M, b. 09/15/1926, d. 02/16/2003, US NAVY, GM2, WORLD WAR II
LUNMAN, Jack P, b. 1924, d. 2003, US NAVY, AMM3, WORLD WAR II
MCECKRON, William S, b. 10/25/1917, d. 09/20/1998, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
NUFFER, Gerald C, b. 06/07/1919, d. 02/23/2006, US ARMY AIR FORCES, T SGT, WORLD WAR II
OTIS, John W, b. 07/06/1918, d. 11/28/2002, US ARMY, WORLD WAR II
PANETTA, Ernest A Jr, b. 07/07/1936, d. 12/29/2010, US ARMY, SFC, VIETNAM
PATCHEN, Harold E, b. 02/26/1933, d. 01/29/2001, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
PECK, Charles A, b. 09/29/1920, d. 07/28/2001, US ARMY AIR FORCES, M SGT, WORLD WAR II
PHILLIPS, Arthur G, b. 05/03/1922, d. 11/24/1997, US COAST GUARD, MM1, WORLD WAR II
PIDDOCK, Eugene G, b. 09/12/1935, d. 07/03/2007, US MARINE CORPS
PLOCHMANN, George K, b. 08/20/1914, d. 08/24/2014, US ARMY, M SGT, WORLD WAR II
RICHMOND, John E, b. 6/3/1918, d. 10/5/2012, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
SIMPSON, Roy W, b. 09/16/1910, d. 02/26/1981, US ARMY, S SGT, WORLD WAR II
SNYDER, William A, b. 09/04/1925, d. 05/15/2008, US NAVY, MOMM2, WORLD WAR II
SWEETLAND, Charles R, b. 07/04/1937, d. 03/14/2010, US ARMY, SP4
THOMAS, Charles D, b. 04/15/1922, d. 07/06/2012, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
WISNER, David J, b. 05/29/1937, d. 03/18/2004, US AIR FORCE, A2C, KOREA

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