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Sacred Heart Cemetery
Truro, Barnstable County, Massachusetts

GPS: 42.00198,-70.05481

Bridge Rd.
Truro, MA 02666

Published: October 12, 2019
Total records: 455

Sacred Heart Cemetery is owned by the Diocese of Fall River and serves the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Wellfleet, MA.

Cemetery History

The earliest identifiable grave is that of Mary Gloria Amaral Rose, died 1868. Sacred Heart Cemetery is still active.

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Truro Cemetery Commission Records

Records published below were acquired from Truro Cemetery Commission on October 10, 2019...

ALVES, Joseph E., 1850/1922, Lot S1-12
ALVES, Mary J., 1875/, Lot S1-12
ATWOOD, Carlton Snow, 1898/1968, Lot S7-4
ATWOOD, Mary, 1903/1972, Lot S7-4
AVILA, George P., 1920/1986, Lot S7-2
AVILA, Wilhelmina (Duarte), 1917/1986, Lot S7-2
BAKER, Jerusha, 1840/1900, Lot S6-1
BAPTISTA, Rose D., 1904/1942, Lot S1-15
BELISLE, Henry J., ?/1965, Lot S7-1A
BELISLE, Lena, ?/1996, Lot S7-1A
BERRIO, Harold M., 1910/1982 (grave 3), Lot S8-10
BERRIO, Lillian R., 1912/1978 (grave 4), Lot S8-10
BETTENCOURT, Albert S., 1895/1975, Lot S6-3
BETTENCOURT, Genevieve, 1897/1975, Lot S6-3
BOGOLAWSKI, Joseph E., 1943/1992, Lot S8-2
BORGARELLO, Charles H., 1916/1986, Lot S5-7B
BORGARELLO, Elsie B., 1896/1972, Lot S5-7B
BORGARELLO, Guido M., 1890/1952, Lot S5-7B
BROWN, Elaine (Graves), ?/1984, Lot S8-19
BROWN, Marion Morris, 1907/1940, Lot S2-6
BUFFINGTON, Theresa, 1905/1978 (grave 3), Lot S8-22
BUNKER, Edgar, age 70/2004 (grave 5), Lot S8-20
BUNKER, Eileen, 1930/1984 (grave 4), Lot S8-20
CABRAL, Agnes, 1910/1936, Lot S3-12
CABRAL, Amelia, 1874/1953, Lot S3-12
CABRAL, Clarence, 1913/1938, Lot S3-12
CABRAL, Frank, 1901/1971, Lot S4-6
CABRAL, Joseph, 1863/1936, Lot S3-12
CABRAL, Wilfred, 1914/1941, Lot S3-12
CARPENTER, Ernest James, 1948/1984, Lot S8-13A
CASSILL, Ronald V., 1919/2002, Lot S8-13A
CODOZE, Antone S., 1824/1882, Lot S4-1A
CODOZE, Mary C., 1830/1919, Lot S4-1A
COLEMAN, George, 1949/1970, Lot S6-6A
CONWAY, Joseph A., 1915/2000, Lot S8-10
COOK, Marguerite (Dechamps), 1895/1968, Lot S5-7
CORDEIRO, Henry I., 1916/1989, Lot S8-1
CORDEIRO, Marguerite E., 1920/1982, Lot S8-1
COREY, Anna, 1916/1996, Lot S4-9
COREY, Capt. Frank M., 1881/1962, Lot S4-9
COREY, Mary (King), 1889/1942, Lot S4-9
DALTON, Constance E., 1908/1984, Lot S7-3B
DALTON, Thomas A., 1890/1961, Lot S7-3B
DAVIS, Doris Allen, 1928/1988, Lot S8-12
DAVIS, Frank W. Jr., 1948/1975, Lot S6-14
DAVIS, Frank William Sr., 1921/1989, Lot S6-14
DAVIS, Helen P., 1931/1954, Lot S4-13
DAVIS, Josephine Mae (Morris), 1925/1993, Lot S6-14
DAYS, Leonora E., 1915/2012, Lot S5-8
DAYS, Raymond A., 1908/1988, Lot S5-8
DAYS, Raymond F., 1944/1948, Lot S5-8
DELLER, Samuel P., age 36/1926, Lot S3-11
DELUZE, Anthony John, 1905/1965, Lot S1-15
DELUZE, John, 1878/1941, Lot S1-15
DELUZE, Mary T., 1885/1954, Lot S1-15
DESCHAMPS, Grace, 1900/1977, Lot S5-7
DESCHAMPS, Obed, (no dates inscribed), Lot S5-7
DIAS, Casimiro, 1901/1975, Lot S7-8A
DIHRBEBEBE, Lee Silva, 1940/2016, Lot S8-3
DOLAN, Michael H., 1880/1946, Lot S1-7
DOUCETTE, David R., 1956/1979 (grave 5), Lot S8-21
DOUCETTE, Michael, 1954/2001, Lot S8-21
DUART, Anthony J., 1910/1999, Lot S4-11
DUART, Frances E., 1909/1984, Lot S4-11
DUARTE, Angelina, 1891/1950, Lot S2-15
DUARTE, Antone Jr., 1911/1981, Lot S7-7B
DUARTE, Antone, 1880/1952, Lot S2-15
DUARTE, Edith, 1914/1914, Lot S2-15
DUARTE, Ethel M., 1916/1996, Lot S7-14A
DUARTE, Gladys (Snow), 1908/1974, Lot S7-7B
DUARTE, Joseph M., age 75/2014, Lot S7-14A
DUARTE, Joseph Sr., 1908/1996, Lot S7-14A
DUARTE, Richard Perry, 1918/1918, Lot S2-15
DUNCAN, Elizabeth, 1823/1902, Lot S3-1A
DUNCAN, James B., 1812/1886, Lot S3-1A
DUTRA, Clarence Joseph, 1919/2005, Lot S6-11
DUTRA, George S., 1900/1978, Lot S5-4
DUTRA, Isabel M., 1892/1964, Lot S4-4
DUTRA, Isabelle M., 1914/2004, Lot S5-6
DUTRA, John J. Jr., 1883/1955, Lot S5-6
DUTRA, Manuel Jr., 1885/1962, Lot S4-4
DUTRA, Manuel, (no dates inscribed), Lot S1-13
DUTRA, Marie Lenora (Roza), 1921/2010, Lot S6-11
DUTRA, Mary Julia, 1885/1976, Lot S5-6
DUTRA, Mary M., 1898/1984, Lot S5-4
ELWOOD, David, age 68/2005, Lot S8-6
ENOS, Antoine, 1831/1911, Lot S4-2
ENOS, Eunice J., 1803/1891, Lot S4-2
ENOS, Felicidade, 1834/1910, Lot S4-2
ENOS, Joanna, 1855/1942, Lot S3-7
ENOS, John, 1846/1896, Lot S3-7
ENOS, Joseph M., 1886/1942, Lot S3-7
ENOS, Joseph, 1866/1884, Lot S4-2
ENOS, Mary, 1867/1895, Lot S4-2
FARRIS, Anna Marchall, 1845/1915, Lot S2-13
FARRIS, Grace A., 1880/1959, Lot S2-13
FARRIS, Manuel L., 1880/1943, Lot S2-13
FARRIS, Manuel Lewis, 1919/1951, Lot S2-13
FETNER, Alvin C., 1920/1993, Lot S5-11
FETNER, Margaret (Gray), 1919/1986, Lot S5-11
FETNER, William, 1952/2005, Lot S5-11
FISHER, Caroline E., 1867/1969, Lot S1-7
FISHER, Douglas E., 1944/1985 (grave 4), Lot S8-4
FISHER, Manuel R., 1846/1923, Lot S1-7
FRANCIS, Alexander A., 1859/1945, Lot S3-8
FRANCIS, Alexander R., 1887/1927, Lot S3-8
FRANCIS, Anna, 1828/1912, Lot S3-8
FRANCIS, Anthony R., 1896/1969, Lot S5-1A
FRANCIS, Antoine, 1888/1888, Lot S3-5
FRANCIS, Frances L., 1871/1947, Lot S5-1A
FRANCIS, John S., 1873/1958, Lot S2-12
FRANCIS, Joseph, 1865/1938, Lot S5-1A
FRANCIS, Manuel, age 75/1915, Lot S3-5
FRANCIS, Mary F. (Joseph), 1865/1905, Lot S3-8
FRANCIS, Mary P., 1878/1967, Lot S2-12
FRANCIS, Rose C., age 66/1922, Lot S3-5
FRATUS, Anthony, 1883/1916, Lot S1-5/6
FRATUS, Antoine R., 1862/1924, Lot S1-5/6
FRATUS, Louise D., 1904/1998, Lot S6-8
FRATUS, Lucinda, 1866/1890, Lot S1-5/6
FRATUS, Manuel R., 1864/1903, Lot S1-5/6
FRATUS, Mary, 1904/1904, Lot S1-5/6
FRATUS, Mercia R., 1873/1922, Lot S1-5/6
FRATUS, Treya, 1869/1894, Lot S1-5/6
FRIEDMAN, Edward D., (graves 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8), Lot S8-17
FRIEDMAN, Mary Louise, age 74/1997 (graves 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8), Lot S8-17
GARIEPY, Frances Goulart, 1877/1937, Lot S5-7A
GARIEPY, Louis, 1868/1935, Lot S5-7A
GASPAR, Female Infant, 1963/1963, Lot S3-14
GASPAR, Raymond J., 1921/1999, Lot S3-14
GILL, Annie E., 1906/1987, Lot S7-19B
GILL, William J., 1904/1967, Lot S7-19B
GONSALVES, Eleanor M., 1934/2008, Lot S7-16
GOUTHRO, Eleanor (Farrell), 1911/1954, Lot S6-2
GRAY, Antone Silva, ?/1941, Lot S1-3
GRAY, Caroline A., 1867/1947, Lot S3-3
GRAY, Ernest M., 1903/1925, Lot S3-3
GRAY, Ernestine M., 1925/1925, Lot S1-2
GRAY, Filomena, 1850/1885, Lot S3-3
GRAY, Francis J., 1900/1940, Lot S5-3
GRAY, Franf S., (no dates inscribed), Lot S3-14
GRAY, Frank, 1852/1873, Lot S4-3
GRAY, Herbert Joseph, 1915/1931, Lot S1-3
GRAY, Isabelle M., 1880/1949, Lot S5-3
GRAY, John S., 1880/1928, Lot S5-3
GRAY, John, 1847/1927, Lot S3-3
GRAY, John, 1876/1926, Lot S3-3
GRAY, Joseph S., 1844/1930, Lot S4-4
GRAY, Margaret, 1919/1986, Lot S5-2
GRAY, Mary A. Morris, 1889/1956, Lot S1-3
GRAY, Mary E. (Frazier), 1893/1990, Lot S1-2
GRAY, Mary S., 1857/1920, Lot S4-4
GRAY, Mary, age 88/1997, Lot S1-3
GRAY, Robert W., 1914/1974, Lot S1-2
GRAY, Sonny, (no dates inscribed), Lot S1-3
GRAY, Thomas W. Jr., 1930/1930, Lot S1-2
GRAY, Thomas W., 1890/1948, Lot S1-2
GRAY, William, 1896/1921, Lot S3-3
GREY, Joseph W., 1873/1941, Lot S5-5
GREY, Julia F., 1883/1930, Lot S5-5
GRINDLE, Charles M., 1918/1963, Lot S6-3
GRINDLE, Rita, 1923/2011, Lot S6-3
GROOM, Elizabeth, 1932/2006 (grave 2), Lot S8-10
GROOM, Richard J., 1920/1982 (grave 1), Lot S8-10
HANSON, Mary M., 1885/1950, Lot S4-6
HARRINGTON, Isaura B., 1920/1976, Lot S8-1
HARRINGTON, John Joseph, 1930/1989, Lot S8-1
HOLMBERG, Kathleen E., 1953/1958, Lot S8-2
HOWARD, George A., 1908/1977 (grave 5), Lot S8-22
HOWARD, Lilian, 1917/2017 (grave 4), Lot S8-22
HOWARD, Mary (Fratus), 1900/1969, Lot S1-5/6
JASON, Isabel, 1883/1967, Lot S2-9
JASON, John Jr, 1912/1927, Lot S2-9
JOHNSON, Leif A., 1938/2007 (graves 7, 8), Lot S8-22
JOSEPH, Almenia, 1906/1908, Lot S4-11
JOSEPH, Anna Belle, 1885/1946, Lot S4-8
JOSEPH, Antone R., 1872/1954, Lot S4-11
JOSEPH, Arthur F., 1925/2001, Lot S8-2
JOSEPH, Arthur Jr., 1956/2018, Lot S8-2
JOSEPH, Arthur Sidney, 1897/1961, Lot S7-4
JOSEPH, Caroline B., 1914/1980, Lot S7-4
JOSEPH, Charles Alves, 1888/1959, Lot S4-8
JOSEPH, Eugenia P., 1878/1964, Lot S5-1
JOSEPH, Frances, 1845/1917, Lot S3-4
JOSEPH, George, 1849/1931, Lot S4-8
JOSEPH, John A., 1874/1971, Lot S5-1
JOSEPH, Kathryn R., 1919/1979, Lot S8-2
JOSEPH, Manuel, 1840/1909, Lot S3-4
JOSEPH, Mary C., 1873/1943, Lot S4-11
JOSEPH, Mary Emma, 1892/1963, Lot S4-8
JOSEPH, Mary Julia, 1868/1932, Lot S4-8
JOSEPH, Raymond Sidney, 1924/1993, Lot S7-4
JOSEPH, Richard P., age 73/1989, Lot S5-1
JOSEPH, William R., 1926/1977, Lot S7-4
KELLEY, John J. (Jack), 1933/2000, Lot S1-6
KELLEY, John Joseph, 1900/1959, Lot S6-9
KELLEY, Lucy (Fratus), 1901/1962, Lot S6-9
KING, Annie V., 1857/1940, Lot S4-9
KING, Frank J., 1907/1930, Lot S3-13
KING, Frank, 1885/1961, Lot S3-13
KING, John L., 1909/1934, Lot S3-13
KING, John, 1878/1930, Lot S3-15
KING, Joseph, 1850/1908, Lot S4-9
KING, Josephine, 1845/1887, Lot S4-9
KING, Mary L.., 1888/1957, Lot S3-13
KINKELAAR, Infant Male, 1958/1958, Lot S6-15
KOLZ, Vivian R., 1921/2003, Lot S6-6A
KRUMPELBECK, John W. F., 1917/1987, Lot S6-7
KRUMPELBECK, Marguerite, 1921/1976, Lot S6-7
LANE, Henrietta Amelia, age 65/1895, Lot S3-1
LANE, Manuel, age 68/1899, Lot S3-1
LIAL, Manuel, (no dates inscribed), Lot S3-1
LOPES, Antone "Tony", 1904/1998, Lot S7-19A
LOPES, Jeannette A., 1920/2011, Lot S7-19A
LOPES, Joseph, 1867/1946, Lot S5-9
LOPES, Kenneth, age 49/2002, Lot S7-19A
LOPES, Ronald C., 1940/2001, Lot S7-19A
LOPES, Rosa A., 1872/1950, Lot S5-9
MACRO, Mark Alan, 1965/2000 (grave 7), Lot S8-3
MADRUGA, Antone B., 1849/1916, Lot S2-1
MADRUGA, Francisca, 1847/1919, Lot S2-1
MARSH, Nadine, 1910/1998, Lot S8-2A
MARSHALL, Antone, 1847/1924, Lot S2-2
MARSHALL, Joseph P., 1901/1904, Lot S1-4
MARSHALL, Laura, 1849/1919, Lot S4-6
MARSHALL, Magaret A., 1850/1898, Lot S4-6
MARSHALL, Manuel C., 1885/1948, Lot S4-6
MARSHALL, Manuel S., 1854/1922, Lot S4-6
MARSHALL, Reta J., 1845/1906, Lot S2-2
MARTIN, (Stillborn) Theresa, Dec 19 1975, Lot S7-8B
MARTIN, Anthony L., age 43/1984, Lot S7-8B
MARTIN, David L., 1961/2015, Lot S7-8B
MAVROGEORGE, Henrietta (Perry), 1916/1984, Lot S1-16
MAYO, Joseph, age 84/1924, Lot S3-11
MAYO, Mary, age 75/1929, Lot S3-11
MITCHELL, Daniel A., 1881/1967, Lot S1-1
MITCHELL, Leonida, 1851/1901, Lot S1-1
MOHR, Elizabeth Anne, 1955/2007 (graves 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8), Lot S8-17
MOONEY, Agnes J., 1903/2000, Lot S6-7
MOONEY, Ann Lee, age 46/2015, Lot S6-7
MOONEY, Denis, 1937/2017, Lot S6-7
MOONEY, Francis "Brud", 1923/1996, Lot S6-7
MOONEY, Francis J., 1897/1942, Lot S6-7
MOONEY, Marguerite M., 1921/1976, Lot S6-7
MORRIS, Betty A., 1930/2014, Lot S8-12
MORRIS, Emma S., 1892/1893, Lot S4-5
MORRIS, George B. Sr., 1901/1982, Lot S8-12
MORRIS, John, 1871/1952, Lot S5-4
MORRIS, Joseph F., 1869/1957, Lot S2-6
MORRIS, Joseph Peter, 1897/1925, Lot S3-9
MORRIS, Joseph, 1841/1910, Lot S4-5
MORRIS, Louis J., 1896/1918, Lot S2-6
MORRIS, Louisa, 1849/1912, Lot S4-5
MORRIS, Marion F., 1909/1995, Lot S8-12
MORRIS, Mary (Alvernaz), 1874/1962, Lot S2-6
MORRIS, Mary A., 1871/1932, Lot S5-4
MORRIS, Mary E., 1861/1916, Lot S3-9
MORRIS, Peter, 1859/1925, Lot S3-9
MOTT, Mary F., age 72/1962, Lot S3-11
McLAUGHLINE, Christine Florence, 1915/1984, Lot S8-19
McLAUGHLINE, Thomas C., 1914/2001, Lot S8-19
NOONS, Annie M. (Francis), 1900/1992, Lot S7-16
NOONS, Ellen (Morris), 1879/1943, Lot S1-12
NOONS, Joaquim, 1875/1953, Lot S1-12
NOONS, Joseph W. Jr., 1921/1985, Lot S7-16
NOONS, Joseph W. Sr., 1901/1986, Lot S7-16
NOONS, Milton L., 1926/1967, Lot S7-16
NOONS, William Louis, ?/1938, Lot S1-12
NUNES, Joseph G., 1901/1977, Lot S3-15
NUNES, Mary (King), 1894/1998, Lot S3-15
NUNES, Mary S., 1897/1941, Lot S1-9
NURCZYNSKI, Andrew, age 67/2005, Lot S8-9
OLIVER, Annie E., 1895/1914, Lot S3-13
OLIVER, C. John, 1852/1933, Lot S2-10
OLIVER, Lucy, 1898/1984, Lot S2-10
OLIVER, Mary Cudois, 1860/1929, Lot S2-10
OLIVER, William, 1901/1901, Lot S2-10
OLIVIERA, Frank M., 1925/1981, Lot S8-11
OLIVIERA, Marion A., 1927/1996, Lot S8-11
ORMSBY, Donald J., 1912/1977, Lot S6-13
ORMSBY, Ida Durkee, 1903/1972, Lot S6-13
ORMSBY, Mary Dawn, 1938/1959, Lot S6-13
OTT, Fred C., ?/1981, Lot S7-15
OTT, Olive B., ?/1987, Lot S7-15
PERRY, Adeline A., 1889/1924, Lot S2-4
PERRY, Anthony, 1903/1970, Lot S7-3B
PERRY, David, 1955/2004, Lot S6-9
PERRY, Edward L., 1927/2018 (graves 4, 5), Lot S8-17
PERRY, Francis A., 1925/1927, Lot S1-16
PERRY, Frank B., 1848/1936, Lot S1-10
PERRY, Frank, 1886/1971, Lot S1-16
PERRY, Jean (Gray), 1926/1995 (grave 5), Lot S8-4
PERRY, John Vargus, 1915/1985 (grave 5), Lot S8-4
PERRY, Joseph B., 1887/1887, Lot S1-10
PERRY, Manuel B., 1888/1892, Lot S1-10
PERRY, Mary G., 1910/1981, Lot S7-3B
PERRY, Rose A., 1895/1981, Lot S1-16
PERRY, Rose, 1851/1933, Lot S1-10
PETERS, Agnes Rose, 1876/1966, Lot S1-14
PETERS, Agnes, 1905/1913, Lot S1-14
PETERS, Agnes, 1914/1990, Lot S1-14
PETERS, Antoine M., 1849/1934, Lot S4-3
PETERS, Clara M., 1892/1892, Lot S4-3
PETERS, Flora Nancy, 1884/1984, Lot S4-3
PETERS, Frank L., 1880/1919, Lot S4-3
PETERS, Joseph G. Sr., 1874/1957, Lot S1-14
PETERS, Laurence F., 1910/1930, Lot S1-14
PETERS, Mary G., 1849/1911, Lot S4-3
PETERS, Mary J., 1876/1897, Lot S4-3
PETERS, Thomas A., 1885/1886, Lot S4-3
PETERS, Thomas Harrison, 1889/1927, Lot S5-2
PRADA, Ernest, 1911/1971, Lot S7-7A
PRADA, Madeline Rose (Perry), 1913/1992, Lot S7-7A
REARDON, Virginia, 1920/2015, Lot S8-22-9
REINING, Robert P. Jr., 1934/1994, Lot S7-15
REITH, Edward E. 3Rd, 1940/1988 (grave 1), Lot S8-13A
REITH, Edward E., 1911/1994 (grave 2), Lot S8-13A
ROGERS, Anna E., 1837/1901, Lot S2-5
ROGERS, Anna E., 1871/1927, Lot S2-5
ROGERS, Antonio E., 1852/1925, Lot S4-12
ROGERS, Ellen T. (Harrington), 1867/1947, Lot S2-5
ROGERS, Frank, 1876/1878, Lot S2-5
ROGERS, John E., 1869/1947, Lot S2-5
ROGERS, John F., 1887/1946, Lot S4-12
ROGERS, John H., 1871/1949, Lot S5-7C
ROGERS, Joseph, 1869/1955, Lot S4-7
ROGERS, Manuel E., 1845/1928, Lot S2-5
ROGERS, Mary E. J., 1889/1918, Lot S4-12
ROGERS, Mary E., 1856/1910, Lot S4-12
ROGERS, Mary E., 1866/1878, Lot S2-5
ROGERS, Mary E., 1876/1897, Lot S4-7
ROGERS, Mary J., 1889/1961, Lot S2-3
ROGERS, Mary R., 1901/1963, Lot S5-7C
ROGERS, Philomena A., 1880/1952, Lot S4-7
ROGERS, Rose C., 1880/1943, Lot S5-7C
ROSE, Alfred M., 1906/1976, Lot S4-4
ROSE, Aloysius "Al", 1928/1978, Lot S5-10
ROSE, Anthony F., 1868/1939, Lot S2-7
ROSE, Anthony, 1883/1895, Lot S2-7
ROSE, Donald F., 1921/1965, Lot S2-8
ROSE, Dorothy A., 1923/1988, Lot S7-17
ROSE, Eileen G., 1924/2013, Lot S5-10
ROSE, Frances M., 1866/1940, Lot S2-7
ROSE, Frank, 1889/1966, Lot S7-17
ROSE, Irene May, 1914/1980, Lot S7-17
ROSE, John A III, 1921/2005 (stone memorial), Lot S5-10
ROSE, John A., age 70/1965, Lot S5-10
ROSE, Joseph F. Jr., (no dates inscribed), Lot S2-7
ROSE, Joseph F., 1818/1901, Lot S2-8
ROSE, Joseph P. Jr., 1879/1957, Lot S6-4
ROSE, Joseph Peter, 1846/1928, Lot S2-9
ROSE, Linda, 1952/1952, Lot S5-10
ROSE, Mamie (King), age 63/1955, Lot S5-10
ROSE, Manuel P., 1821/1905, Lot S2-11
ROSE, Manuel W., 1898/1956, Lot S2-8
ROSE, Manuel, 1884/1885, Lot S2-7
ROSE, Marion, 1877/1962, Lot S2-9
ROSE, Mary A., 1893/1982, Lot S7-17
ROSE, Mary Emily, 1874/1959, Lot S2-9
ROSE, Mary F., 1825/1909, Lot S2-8
ROSE, Mary Frances, 1847/1921, Lot S2-9
ROSE, Mary Gloria Amaral, 1847/1868, Lot S2-11
ROSE, Mary L. (Marshall), 1882/1946, Lot S6-4
ROSE, Norman F., 1931/ 2011, Lot S6-12
ROSE, Rita Mary, 1910/2011, Lot S6-4
ROSE, Sarah, (no dates inscribed), Lot S2-7
ROSE, Twins (Male) Infants, 1959/1959, Lot S6-12
ROSE, Twins Infants, 1889/1889, Lot S2-7
ROSE, William F., 1887/1959, Lot S2-9
ROZA, Charles M., 1916/1966, Lot S5-12
ROZA, Debora Anne, age 61/2016, Lot S5-12
ROZA, Emma, age ?/1962/1963, Lot S5-12
ROZA, Frank M., 1882/1956, Lot S6-11
ROZA, Jesse Medeiros, 1911/1971, Lot S6-11
ROZA, Lucinda A. Pochoto, 1889/1961, Lot S6-11
SANTOS, Francis, 1940/2010, Lot S5-12
SANTOS, Helen, 1941/2007, Lot S5-12
SANTOS, June Marie Theresa, 1936/2005, Lot S7-8B
SILVA, Aldina, 1886/1945, Lot S1-8
SILVA, Alfred J., age 85/2011, Lot S7-16
SILVA, Amelia Lane, 1871/1899, Lot S1-8
SILVA, Anna E., 1849/1919, Lot S1-8
SILVA, Antoine, 1824/1898, Lot S4-10
SILVA, Antoine, 1867/1944, Lot S1-9
SILVA, Antoine, 1900/1955, Lot S2-12
SILVA, Antone E., 1888/1950, Lot S2-15
SILVA, Arthur F., 1917/1982, Lot S8-3
SILVA, Doris C., 1929/2005, Lot S7-16
SILVA, Edith (Duarte), 1914/1914, Lot S2-15
SILVA, Ernest, 1914/1996, Lot S3-15
SILVA, Frank I., 1910/1987 (grave 10), Lot S8-5
SILVA, Gilbert J., 1892/1969, Lot S6-5
SILVA, Grace, 1906/1908, Lot S4-10
SILVA, Hannah, 1829/1911, Lot S4-10
SILVA, Helen V., 1896/1974, Lot S6-5
SILVA, Jacob Daniel, 1989/1989, Lot S8-13A
SILVA, John Star, age 59/1888, Lot S4-1
SILVA, John, 1895/1965, Lot S1-8
SILVA, Joseph E., 1868/1943, Lot S1-8
SILVA, Joseph, 1897/1951, Lot S4-10
SILVA, Laura F., 1901/1995, Lot S2-12
SILVA, Lilian (Mitchell), age 94/2003 (grave 9), Lot S8-5
SILVA, Linda Carol, 1949/1996, Lot S7-16
SILVA, Louisa, age 64/1902, Lot S4-1
SILVA, Mary E., 1871/1937, Lot S4-10
SILVA, Mary I., 1905/1931, Lot S4-10
SILVA, Mildred K., 1917/2000, Lot S3-15
SILVA, Nora Mae, 1895/1921, Lot S4-10
SILVA, Philimena G., 1870/1943, Lot S1-9
SILVA, Richard (Duarte ), 1915/1915, Lot S2-15
SILVA, Steven, 1947/1987, Lot S8-3
SILVA, Turrie W., 1920/2006, Lot S8-3
SILVIA, Frederick G., 1931/2000, Lot S3-2
SINCLAIR, Flemaner, 1871/1944, Lot S4-2
SKAHILL, Joseph Austin, 1945/1986 (grave 1), Lot S8-19
SOARES, Manuel, 1892/1972, Lot S7-1
SOARES, Mary Costa, 1890/1966, Lot S7-1
SOUZA, Anthony A., 1908/1963, Lot S7-6
SOUZA, Genevieve (Thomas), 1921/1984, Lot S7-6
SOUZA, John King, age 51/1930, Lot S1-11
SOUZA, Manuel J., 1925/2018, Lot S7-1
STEELE, Earl Chester, 1930/1930, Lot S3-9
STOCK, Charles E., 1929/1988, Lot S6-8
STOCK, Dorothy M. (Fratus), 1927/2005, Lot S6-8
SWAIN, Peter Charles, 1947/1990, Lot S8-22
SYLVA, Manuel P., 1845/1893, Lot S2-4
SYLVA, Palsenia, 1843/1889, Lot S2-4
SYLVIA, Katherine G., 1904/1965, Lot S3-2
TESSON, Ernest Cyril, 1900/1962, Lot S7-5
TESSON, Isabel J., 1905/1982, Lot S7-5
THOMAS, Anna S., 1857/1928, Lot S2-3
THOMAS, George, 1944/2011, Lot S7-6
THOMAS, Joseph "Antoine", age 85/1913, Lot S2-3
TRIPPE, Harold Jackson, 1938/2000, Lot S3-15
TURNER, Aaron Michael, 1965/1976, Lot S8-1
TURNER, Jennifer Lynn, 1968/1976, Lot S8-1
UTER, Madeleine E. (Deluze), 1908/1990, Lot S1-15
VEARA, Frank, 1913/1917, Lot S4-13
VEARA, Mary, 1875/1940, Lot S4-13
VEARA, Sebastian, 1867/1943, Lot S4-13
WALSH, Elizabeth Cecelia Wenning, 1896/1989, Lot S7-18
WALSH, John H., age 89/2012, Lot S7-18
WALSH, Ruth C., 1926/2007, Lot S7-18
WALSH, Stephen Valentine, 1885/1983, Lot S7-18
WHITE, Patricia Jo-Ann, (stillborn), Lot S5-6
WILLIAMS, Carrie V., 1894/1972, Lot S6-10
WILLIAMS, Frank, age 89/1916, Lot S3-6
WILLIAMS, George C., 1912/1970, Lot S6-10
WILLIAMS, George S., 1888/1953, Lot S6-10
WILLIAMS, Mary D. (Duarte), 1910/1989 (graves 1, 2, 3), Lot S8-20
WOOD, Frances, 1918/2013, Lot S4-13
WOOD, Herbert, age 93/2008, Lot S4-13
ZAVADA, Doris (Gletow), 1922/2000 (graves 7), Lot S8-5
ZAVADA, Emil, 1920/1970 (grave 8), Lot S8-5
ZISSULIS, Elizabeth (Turner), 1946/2013, Lot S8-1

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