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Alexandria National Cemetery
Pineville, Rapides Parish, Louisiana

GPS: 31.32172, -92.43289

209 E Shamrock St.
Pineville, LA 71360

Last updated: February 15, 2022
Total records: 9,063

Veterans Affairs Records, February 2022
Surnames U-Z

Records linked below were acquired from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These records were compiled by the VA on February 7, 2022. Dates of death in these records range from 20-Jan-1823 to 11-Sep-2021. These include 969 records with no date of death. Total records: 9,063...

ULRICH, J F, d. 03/31/1868, Sec. A, Site 755, CAVALRY, PVT CO.6TH US CAV
UMPHENOUR, Ruth, b. 07/27/1895, d. 09/17/1965, Sec. R, Site 473, Wife of Sterling G Umphenour
UNDERWOOD, Leo M, d. 01/20/1932, Sec. A, Site 551-A, US ARMY, MUSN 1ST CL HQ 70TH, WORLD WAR I
UNGER, Edward, d. 04/27/1936, Sec. A, Site 1480, US ARMY, PVT CO.I, 3RD NEBR
UPCHURCH, Infant, b. 12/14/1953, d. 12/14/1953, Sec. K, Site P64, Daughter (Minor Child) of John M Upchurch
UPTON, Geo, d. 02/24/1865, Sec. B, Site 52, INFANTRY, CPL CO.C, 10TH USC
V, A B, Sec. B, Site 2650
VAIL, Daniel C, d. 09/26/1864, Sec. A, Site 1016, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 14TH IOWA
VALENTINE, Carney V, b. 06/11/1922, d. 01/10/1989, Sec. B, Site 877B, US NAVY, PETTY OFFICER 1/C, WORLD WAR II
VALENTINE, Gordon K, b. 06/29/1924, d. 02/15/1986, Sec. A, Site 1564A, US NAVY, LCDR, WORLD WAR II
VALENTINE, Richard C III, b. 07/15/1953, d. 07/17/1999, Sec. B, Site 3780-F, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
VALENTINE, Richard C Jr, b. 04/14/1920, d. 01/11/1986, Sec. B, Site 3780-F, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
VALISCROSS, John, d. 05/03/1864, Sec. A, Site 1265, CAVALRY, PVT CO.H, 3RD MASS
VALLERY, Booker Taliaferro, b. 05/20/1927, d. 11/26/1987, Sec. B, Site 437A, US ARMY, SSG, KOREA
VALLERY, John, b. 05/02/1910, d. 04/16/1962, Sec. B, Site 2624A, US ARMY, PFC 247TH AAF BU AC, WORLD WAR II
VALLERY, Nellie Wallace, b. 07/15/1899, d. 06/03/2011, Sec. B, Site 2624A, Wife of John Vallery
VALLERY, Woodrow Wilson Sr, b. 09/16/1917, d. 01/14/1965, Sec. B, Site 3677, US MARINE CORPS, PFC 2ND CAS CO., WORLD WAR II
VALLEY, Earline J, b. 09/06/1919, d. 02/20/1986, Sec. B, Site 3780J, Wife of Sylvester Valley
VALLEY, Jim, b. 10/10/1988, d. 12/09/1980, Sec. R, Site 491, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
VALLEY, Sylvester, b. 05/22/1915, d. 12/19/1989, Sec. B, Site 3780J, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
VALSIN, Frank, b. 11/08/1892, d. 12/04/1975, Sec. A, Site 1461B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
VALTZ, Philip, d. 07/23/1866, Sec. B, Site 2699, INFANTRY, PVT 17TH US INF
VAN BUREN, George, b. 12/25/1899, d. 08/08/1970, Sec. F, Site 228, US ARMY, PFC CO.G, 25TH INF
VAN DYKE, Clarence, b. 04/12/1893, d. 12/25/1953, Sec. E, Site 181A, US ARMY, MSGT USA RET, WORLD WAR II
VAN DYKE, Edward, b. 08/21/1914, d. 01/21/1985, Sec. R, Site 405A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
VAN DYKE, Harold A Jr, b. 03/25/1918, d. 03/07/1990, Sec. A, Site 1425E, US ARMY, 1ST SGT, WORLD WAR II
VAN DYKE, Thomas Jefferson, d. 04/30/1937, Sec. C, Site 111, US ARMY, PVT 13TH 349TH LAB, WORLD WAR I
VANDAREN, William, d. 08/26/1866, Sec. B, Site 1702, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 117TH USC
VANDERBECK, Infant, b. 05/05/1953, d. 05/05/1953, Sec. K, Site 57, Son (Minor Child) of Garrett O Vanderbeck
VANDERSYPEN, John, b. 05/26/1895, d. 09/09/1959, Sec. C, Site 430, US ARMY, PVT 114TH TRENCH MOR, WORLD WAR I
VANDYKE, Leon, b. 10/29/1916, d. 05/29/1989, Sec. A, Site 1362A, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
VANKILL, J, Sec. B, Site 482, US ARMY, PVT CO.E, IND.
VAPPIE, Ella Mae, b. 04/12/1925, d. 07/30/1984, Sec. R, Site 404-A, Wife of Julius L Vappie
VAPPIE, Julius L, b. 07/07/1921, d. 08/20/1994, Sec. R, Site 404-A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
VARDANEGA, Tony, b. 10/17/1889, d. 03/11/1967, Sec. B, Site 1063A, US ARMY, SGT HQ 466TH AERO SQ, WORLD WAR I
VARRA, Daniel Anthony, b. 03/10/1939, d. 12/15/1972, Sec. A, Site 1651, US NAVY, F/A LOUISIANA
VASCOCU, Edward Russell, b. 05/31/1890, d. 02/25/1967, Sec. B, Site 963A, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 309TH INF
VAUGHN, T B, d. 04/11/1864, Sec. A, Site 20, US ARMY, PVT
VEAL, Callie, b. 12/28/1904, d. 10/05/1991, Sec. R, Site 113A, Wife of John Veal
VEAL, Ed Jr, b. 12/19/1925, d. 05/14/1984, Sec. C, Site 310-B, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
VEAL, Elouise, b. 08/21/1919, d. 11/27/1997, Sec. C, Site 183A, Wife of George Veal
VEAL, George, b. 03/06/1918, d. 08/14/1990, Sec. C, Site 183A, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II
VEAL, John, b. 02/14/1895, d. 12/17/1963, Sec. R, Site 113A, US ARMY, CPL CO.E, 806TH PION
VEAL, Nolan D, b. 02/28/1894, d. 04/18/1959, Sec. E, Site 269, US ARMY, COOK BASE HOSP CP, WORLD WAR I
VEDE, John Solly, b. 08/17/1922, d. 03/15/1944, Sec. C, Site 361, US MARINE CORPS, FLDC-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
VEILLON, Melvin J, b. 11/02/1926, d. 09/12/1982, Sec. B, Site 3460A, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
VENABLE, Toni D, b. 07/05/1944, d. 06/30/1993, Sec. F, Site 206, Wife of John A Venable
VENSON, Alma, b. 06/03/1926, d. 10/08/1970, Sec. F, Site 254, Wife of Samuel Venson
VENSON, Samuel M, b. 07/03/1924, d. 08/13/1992, Sec. F, Site 254, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
VERCHER, John, b. 07/09/1896, d. 08/07/1968, Sec. B, Site 3526, US ARMY, PFC SVC CO 24TH INF, WORLD WAR I
VERCHER, Louise, b. 11/24/1907, d. 02/25/1969, Sec. B, Site 3526, Wife of John Vercher
VERMILLION, John E, b. 03/15/1940, d. 05/04/1985, Sec. F, Site 14A, US NAVY, SN
VERSHER, Mose, b. 12/13/1927, d. 06/05/1991, Sec. E, Site 106E, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
VERZWYVELT, Francis L, b. 01/31/1926, d. 09/14/1979, Sec. B, Site 3155, US NAVY, ABM3C, WORLD WAR II
VERZWYVELT, Ronald Francis, b. 01/22/1948, d. 02/14/1971, Sec. F, Site 92, US NAVY, E-3 NMCB 22TH CBC, VIETNAM
VESTAL, Child, Sec. R, Site 123, Relative of Lt Vestal
VICKERY, Charles R, b. 01/31/1920, d. 11/25/2003, Sec. B, Site 3537, US ARMY, MAJ, WORLD WAR II
VIDITE, R H, d. 09/11/1887, Sec. R, Site 59, INFANTRY, MUS CO.E, 19TH US INF
VIDRINE, Marshall, b. 02/10/1895, d. 09/25/1961, Sec. B, Site 3701, US ARMY, COOK BTRY B 47TH FA, WORLD WAR I
VILLEMARETTE, Roy, b. 11/04/1916, d. 05/15/1966, Sec. B, Site 1614A, US ARMY, PFC CO.E, 30TH INF US
VILLER, John, d. 09/10/1864, Sec. A, Site 1190, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 176TH NY
VINAKER, Jacob, Sec. A, Site 708, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 80TH USCT
VINCENT, Stella Eva, b. 11/21/1921, d. 09/24/1972, Sec. A, Site 565-C, US AIR FORCE, CPL SQUDN D 2621ST, WORLD WAR II
VINE, Curtis, d. 09/03/1865, Sec. B, Site 1067, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 38TH USC
VINEYARD, J R, d. 01/29/1866, Sec. B, Site 781, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 28TH ILL
VINING, Thomas Joseph, b. 05/22/1918, d. 01/27/1968, Sec. B, Site 3522, US ARMY, PVT CO.H, 19TH INF
VINNING, Anthony, d. 06/22/1904, Sec. R, Site 96, Son (Minor Child) of Anthony Vinning
VINSON, Alfred, d. 11/07/1939, Sec. C, Site 142, US ARMY, PVT 1CL DEPOT SVC CO, WORLD WAR I
VINSON, James Earl, b. 01/22/1948, d. 05/07/1992, Sec. A, Site 1685A, US ARMY, PVT, VIETNAM
VINSON, Jeanette T, b. 07/29/1924, d. 02/06/1998, Sec. B, Site 469A, Wife of Willie E Vinson
VINSON, Thomas J, b. 08/08/1936, d. 02/14/1970, Sec. B, Site 3308, US ARMY, SP4 CO.B, 121ST SIG
VINSON, Willie E, b. 02/08/1917, d. 05/26/1987, Sec. B, Site 469A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
VISALLI, Samuel Francis, b. 10/17/1929, d. 03/03/1994, Sec. A, Site 358B, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
VOKES, Fawden, d. 08/22/1877, Sec. R, Site 30, CAVALRY, PVT CO.H, 8H US CAV
VOLPONE, Debra E, b. 12/20/1959, d. 02/14/1960, Sec. K, Site K158, Daughter (Minor Child) of Guinio M Volpone
VOLSON, Newton, b. 08/05/1889, d. 02/09/1970, Sec. D, Site 81, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 512TH ENGRS
VON MILLA, Walter Martin, b. 08/09/1909, d. 07/18/1966, Sec. B, Site 3233, US ARMY, PFC 116TH INF INF US, WORLD WAR II
VON SENDEN, Lois B, b. 02/01/1926, d. 08/27/1989, Sec. B, Site 3167, Wife of Walker Von Senden
VON SENDEN, Walker, b. 04/23/1906, d. 12/09/1978, Sec. B, Site 3167, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
VON SHILLING, Hans, d. 10/09/1864, Sec. A, Site 305, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H
VOORHIES, Will C, b. 01/09/1904, d. 06/22/1943, Sec. D, Site 29, US NAVY, LT COMMANDER, WORLD WAR II
VOSS, William C, b. 06/25/1935, d. 08/06/1977, Sec. B, Site 3184, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
VOWELL, William Henry, d. 10/17/1939, Sec. B, Site 3035, US NAVY, PHARMACISTS MATE, WORLD WAR I
VOYLES, Billy Lewis, b. 08/13/1932, d. 05/21/1988, Sec. A, Site 1194C, US AIR FORCE, MSGT
VOYLES, Joanne S, b. 05/12/1937, d. 02/13/2014, Sec. A, Site 1194C, Wife of Billy Lewis Voyles
W, H, Sec. A, Site 842
WACHTEL, Edwin F, d. 01/30/1898, Sec. B, Site 2841, US ARMY, ORD SGT USA
WACKERHAGAN, C A, d. 08/12/1867, Sec. A, Site 990, US ARMY, USCT CAPT
WADE, Cora Truss, b. 10/19/1904, d. 01/14/1981, Sec. C, Site 231, Wife of Edward Eugene Wade
WADE, Edward Eugene, b. 03/13/1896, d. 06/19/1947, Sec. C, Site 231, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 815TH PION
WADE, George, d. 12/17/1873, Sec. R, Site 17, CAVALRY, PVT CO.D, 8TH US CAV
WADE, Manuel, b. 12/11/1890, d. 02/15/1955, Sec. C, Site 374A, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 530 ENGR
WADKINS, Julius, b. 03/06/1894, d. 10/31/1952, Sec. E, Site 230, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
WADSWORTH, Demetrice O, b. 12/28/1971, d. 09/04/2003, Sec. B, Site 3413, US ARMY, SPC, PERSIAN GULF
WAFER, Enoch, b. 11/04/1889, d. 10/25/1971, Sec. F, Site 193, US ARMY, PVT 5TH DEPOT SVC CO, WORLD WAR I
WAGES, Charles William, b. 06/21/1932, d. 03/12/2007, Sec. C, Site 71A, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
WAGES, John, d. 08/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 292, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 61ST OHIO
WAGHN, B H, Sec. A, Site 1048, CAVALRY, PVT 14TH NY CAV
WAGNER, Arthur, b. 05/16/1892, d. 05/31/1965, Sec. R, Site 459, US ARMY, PVT QMC-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR I
WAGNER, Autumn Joy, b. 10/19/1931, d. 01/30/2019, Sec. A, Site 1437E, Wife of Charles George Wagner Jr
WAGNER, Charles George Jr, b. 03/22/1924, d. 02/04/1990, Sec. A, Site 1437E, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
WAGNER, Ed, d. 10/11/1929, Sec. C, Site 44, US ARMY, PVT 7TH CO.2ND REC, WORLD WAR I
WAGNER, John, d. 07/30/1867, Sec. B, Site 2586, US ARMY, PVT 4TH MASS BTRY
WAGNER, John Donald, b. 06/22/1927, d. 06/18/1965, Sec. R, Site 109B, US AIR FORCE, TSGT RETIRED, WORLD WAR II
WAGNER, Raymond George, b. 04/16/1902, d. 03/10/1966, Sec. R, Site 126B, US ARMY, MAJOR CAV RES, WORLD WAR II
WAGNER, Richard G Sr, b. 12/27/1918, d. 05/05/1991, Sec. E, Site 99A, US COAST GUARD, SEAMEN, WORLD WAR II
WAGONER, Hansford H, b. 09/16/1903, d. 03/22/1983, Sec. B, Site 3482, US ARMY, SFC, KOREA
WAGONER, John, Sec. B, Site 278, INFANTRY
WAHN, P H, d. 08/23/1864, Sec. A, Site 1059, CAVALRY, PVT CO.K, 14TH NY CAV
WAIT, George, d. 03/11/1866, Sec. B, Site 2195, INFANTRY, CPL CO.A, 114TH USCT
WAKEFIELD, Elihu, d. 08/20/1864, Sec. A, Site 1178, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 173RD IOWA
WALDO, Lawerence, d. 04/25/1864, Sec. A, Site 999, INFANTRY, CAPT CO.B, 83RD OHIO
WALENSY, M V, d. 06/14/1864, Sec. A, Site 1037, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 83RD OHIO
WALES, Audrey M, b. 10/05/1932, d. 11/26/1989, Sec. B, Site 3502K, Wife of Charles C Wales
WALES, Charles C, b. 07/01/1926, d. 10/14/1986, Sec. B, Site 3502K, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
WALK, Samuel, d. 11/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 1665, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 29TH USCT
WALKER, Blanche M, b. 03/26/1914, d. 07/16/1993, Sec. A, Site 1180A, Wife of William Boyce Walker
WALKER, Burton G, b. 08/27/1926, d. 01/06/1995, Sec. E, Site 170A, US NAVY, SEAMAN, WORLD WAR II
WALKER, Carl Ray, b. 08/03/1927, d. 11/15/1977, Sec. B, Site 3168, US NAVY, S/1C, WORLD WAR II
WALKER, Charles, d. 08/03/1865, Sec. B, Site 2035, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 118TH USC
WALKER, Cilton J, b. 09/01/1907, d. 04/24/1967, Sec. B, Site 3258, US ARMY, PFC CO.C, 375TH ENGR
WALKER, Columbus O, d. 01/27/1935, Sec. A, Site 562A, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 12TH MG BN
WALKER, Columbus O, b. 01/17/1930, d. 02/29/1992, Sec. A, Site 1594, US ARMY, PVT
WALKER, D, d. 09/02/1865, Sec. B, Site 2008, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 116TH USCT
WALKER, Effie Mae, b. 09/02/1934, d. 04/08/1985, Sec. C, Site 424B, Wife of Joseph R Walker
WALKER, Frank, d. 07/31/1865, Sec. B, Site 824, CAVALRY, PVT CO.C, 2ND TEX
WALKER, Hildreth Sr, b. 09/08/1910, d. 01/13/1963, Sec. R, Site 96A, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 1ST BN IRTC
WALKER, James, d. 08/22/1865, Sec. B, Site 2049, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 118TH USC
WALKER, John G, d. 12/25/1940, Sec. B, Site 3023, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 1ST BN LA
WALKER, John S, b. 05/18/1890, d. 09/12/1984, Sec. E, Site 170A, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
WALKER, Joseph, d. 09/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 2012, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 8TH USC INF
WALKER, Joseph R Sr, b. 04/22/1936, d. 08/13/2009, Sec. C, Site 424B, US AIR FORCE, SMSGT, KOREA
WALKER, Kenneth F, b. 06/18/1907, d. 08/10/1976, Sec. B, Site 3310, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WALKER, Lawanda Cardozier, b. 12/23/1930, d. 06/29/1994, Sec. A, Site 59A, Wife of Lee Mims Walker
WALKER, Lazenby, d. 12/15/1863, Sec. B, Site 785, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 91ST ILL
WALKER, Lee Mims, b. 08/19/1928, d. 08/16/1987, Sec. A, Site 59A, US MARINE CORPS, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WALKER, Lewis P, d. 07/17/1938, Sec. B, Site 2866, US ARMY, SSGT HQ CO.49TH INF, WORLD WAR I
WALKER, Margie F, b. 09/28/1896, d. 11/30/1953, Sec. B, Site 2866, Wife of Lewis P Walker
WALKER, Martha Wilson, b. 09/10/1894, d. 02/08/1992, Sec. E, Site 170A, Wife of John S Walker
WALKER, Mattie Mae, b. 09/08/1928, d. 06/16/2020, Sec. A, Site 1594, Wife of Columbus O Walker
WALKER, Maude P, b. 11/09/1911, d. 01/23/1983, Sec. R, Site 96A, Wife of Hildreth Walker Sr
WALKER, Oscar C, b. 10/31/1922, d. 12/12/1995, Sec. A, Site 1053-B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WALKER, Richard, d. 09/01/1865, Sec. B, Site 2196, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 114TH USCR
WALKER, Ronald, b. 06/05/1954, d. 07/15/1975, Sec. A, Site 1411B, US ARMY, PVT-LOUISIANA, VIETNAM
WALKER, Ronald Ray, b. 04/14/1951, d. 05/08/1979, Sec. B, Site 3161, US AIR FORCE, A 1ST C, VIETNAM
WALKER, Thomas Sr, b. 02/10/1912, d. 06/20/1975, Sec. A, Site 1270B, US ARMY, SSGT-GEORGIA, WORLD WAR II
WALKER, Ward Jr, b. 02/23/1927, d. 04/18/1961, Sec. B, Site 2142A, US ARMY, PVT 462ND AAFBU CAMP, WORLD WAR II
WALKER, William, d. 06/23/1867, Sec. B, Site 649, CAVALRY, PVT CO.L, 9TH US CAV
WALKER, William Boyce, b. 08/28/1907, d. 09/17/1995, Sec. A, Site 1180A, US ARMY, CAPTAIN, KOREA
WALL, Carl, b. 02/14/1892, d. 03/05/1959, Sec. E, Site 158, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
WALL, Grace M, Sec. E, Site 158A, Wife of Carl Wall
WALLACE, Catherine, b. 02/05/1931, d. 11/29/1972, Sec. A, Site 795A, Wife of Clarence Wallace Jr
WALLACE, Clarence M, d. 10/15/1946, Sec. R, Site 265, US ARMY, SGT MAJOR BATT HDQRS, WORLD WAR I
WALLACE, Claudius, d. 12/22/1863, Sec. B, Site 1279, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 13TH MN
WALLACE, Daniel M, d. 05/09/1949, Sec. E, Site 23, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 1ST REGT
WALLACE, David C Jr, b. 08/24/1923, d. 09/19/1980, Sec. R, Site 3897, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WALLACE, Dorothy Mae, b. 08/09/1929, d. 05/22/1994, Sec. B, Site 3123, Wife of Johnny Wallace Jr
WALLACE, Ernestine, b. 09/20/1976, d. 09/20/1976, Sec. A, Site 1372C, Daughter (Minor Child) of James E Wallace
WALLACE, John S, d. 09/24/1866, Sec. B, Site 1572, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 29TH USCT
WALLACE, Johnny Jr, b. 03/21/1933, d. 09/24/1978, Sec. B, Site 3123, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
WALLACE, Robert Charles, b. 11/06/1926, d. 03/02/1945, Sec. C, Site 280, US MARINE CORPS, PFC-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
WALLACE, Vesta William, b. 09/27/1913, d. 11/06/1981, Sec. B, Site 3560, Wife of Lillard Wallace
WALLER, Hannah Eliza, b. 06/07/1926, d. 05/14/2018, Sec. B, Site 3851, Wife of William G Waller
WALLER, Hiram Butler II, b. 07/11/1933, d. 08/04/1985, Sec. A, Site 1558A, US ARMY, SFC, VIETNAM
WALLER, Infant, b. 08/22/1952, d. 08/22/1952, Sec. K, Site P45, Relative of Ronald E Waller
WALLER, William G, b. 09/30/1919, d. 07/15/1998, Sec. B, Site 3851, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
WALLER, Willie, b. 07/20/1917, d. 08/11/1963, Sec. R, Site 108A, US NAVY, CM3-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
WALLEY, Infant, b. 09/28/1953, d. 09/28/1953, Sec. K, Site 61, Son (Minor Child) of Lt Daniel Walley
WALLFORD, William, d. 12/19/1866, Sec. B, Site 1579, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 19TH USCT
WALLS, Ellen S, b. 12/15/1925, d. 09/10/1981, Sec. B, Site 3806, Wife of Willie Walls
WALLS, Russell Emmitt, b. 10/09/1926, d. 02/02/1986, Sec. A, Site 1559A, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
WALLS, Willie, b. 12/27/1925, d. 08/11/1992, Sec. B, Site 3806, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WALSH, David, d. 06/07/1877, Sec. R, Site 127, Son (Minor Child) of David Walsh
WALSH, John D, d. 01/14/1879, Sec. R, Site 99, Son (Minor Child) of David Walsh
WALSH, Thomas, d. 08/07/1866, Sec. B, Site 1336, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 1ST US ARTY
WALSON, William, d. 11/23/1898, Sec. R, Site 129, INFANTRY, PVT CO.L, 3RD TEXAS
WALTER, Earnest Lee Sr, b. 04/27/1916, d. 12/24/1965, Sec. B, Site 484A, US NAVY, STM 1-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
WALTERS, Cindy Yvones, b. 12/24/1958, d. 12/26/1958, Sec. K, Site K121, Daughter (Minor Child) of Thomas L Walters
WALTERS, Dorothy P, b. 03/11/1932, d. 07/06/2004, Sec. A, Site 1078D, Wife of Robert Walters
WALTERS, Robert, b. 11/19/1907, d. 11/19/1991, Sec. A, Site 1078D, US NAVY, APPRENTICE SEAMAN, WORLD WAR II
WALTERS, Talbot, d. 08/24/1866, Sec. B, Site 1190, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 116TH USCT
WALTERS, William, b. 06/30/1898, d. 07/23/1973, Sec. A, Site 1634, US ARMY, PVT CO.E, DEV BN
WALTHAM, David H, d. 09/19/1865, Sec. B, Site 305, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 30TH IND
WALTON, Leon E, b. 11/17/1896, d. 08/03/1947, Sec. R, Site 275, US ARMY, PVT 324TH INF 81 DIV, WORLD WAR I
WARD, Charles W, b. 01/01/1927, d. 03/20/1981, Sec. B, Site 3863, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WARD, Emile J, b. 12/25/1908, d. 06/15/1985, Sec. F, Site 13A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WARD, James, b. 05/11/1920, d. 06/24/1986, Sec. B, Site 1792I, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WARD, John A, b. 11/20/1896, d. 07/19/1946, Sec. C, Site 216, US ARMY, PVT 324TH LABOR CO., WORLD WAR I
WARD, Martin, d. 07/09/1864, Sec. A, Site 1062, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 77TH OHIO
WARD, Richard Lewis, b. 06/08/1926, d. 12/17/1980, Sec. R, Site 490, US NAVY, SFC, WORLD WAR II
WARD, Samuel L, b. 06/13/1908, d. 01/05/1979, Sec. B, Site 1694A, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
WARD, Shelby, d. 08/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 2030, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 118TH USC
WARD, Swing William, b. 03/06/1913, d. 03/04/1946, Sec. C, Site 211, US ARMY, PVT 84TH AVIATION SQ, WORLD WAR II
WARD, Willie, d. 05/09/1931, Sec. C, Site 60, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 523RD ENGRS
WARDEN, Ed Sr, b. 07/28/1922, d. 03/04/1978, Sec. B, Site 3162, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WARDEN, Martha L, b. 01/06/1931, d. 03/01/2004, Sec. B, Site 3162, Wife of Ed Warden Sr
WARE, Herbert C, b. 08/07/1919, d. 08/03/1990, Sec. A, Site 1073A, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
WARE, J W, d. 12/16/1876, Sec. R, Site 29, CAVALRY, PVT CO.H, 8TH US CAV
WARE, James, d. 10/18/1866, Sec. B, Site 1672, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 117TH USC
WARE, James, d. 09/01/1865, Sec. B, Site 1821, INFANTRY, PVT USC INF
WARFIELD, Lewis, b. 10/18/1919, d. 10/18/1993, Sec. B, Site 1217D, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WARNER, Cephus, b. 06/22/1910, d. 02/05/2000, Sec. B, Site 845-A, US NAVY, S2, WORLD WAR II
WARNER, George E, b. 12/14/1891, d. 09/06/1944, Sec. R, Site 209, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, BATT B 127
WARNER, Pinkey P, b. 10/14/1918, d. 02/01/1967, Sec. B, Site 845-A, Wife of Cephus Warner
WARNER, Seymour, d. 01/21/1866, Sec. B, Site 857, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 21ST ILL
WARNER, William, d. 09/17/1866, Sec. B, Site 834, CAVALRY, PVT CO.E, 8TH US CAV
WARNHOFF, Edward H, b. 07/20/1886, d. 07/14/1972, Sec. A, Site 667A, US ARMY, CPL CO.D, 138TH INF
WARNHOFF, Malissa Marie, b. 08/06/1896, d. 07/15/1981, Sec. A, Site 667A, Wife of Edward Warnhoff
WARRELL, Harrison, d. 08/21/1867, Sec. B, Site 461, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 35TH US INF
WARRELL, Harrison, Sec. B, Site 411, INFANTRY, PVT NO DATA
WARREN, Jake Jr, b. 03/11/1903, d. 06/24/1961, Sec. B, Site 2743A, US ARMY, SFC SVC BTRY 508TH, WORLD WAR II
WARREN, Kenneth S, b. 08/21/1960, d. 08/22/1960, Sec. K, Site K134, Son (Minor Child) of Kenneth S Warren
WARREN, Lawrence, d. 08/20/1894, Sec. B, Site 2838, CAVALRY, PVT CO.K, US CAV
WARREN, Lena S, b. 02/16/1912, d. 04/14/1990, Sec. B, Site 2743A, Wife of Jake Warren Jr
WARSHAW, Rose M, b. 01/14/1927, d. 04/25/1984, Sec. R, Site 279A, Wife of George Warshaw
WASHINGTON, Albert, b. 07/14/1920, d. 11/28/1943, Sec. C, Site 241, US ARMY, PVT-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
WASHINGTON, Alvin Sr, b. 07/01/1921, d. 04/18/1985, Sec. F, Site 4A, US ARMY, TEC-5, WORLD WAR II
WASHINGTON, Beulah, b. 07/04/1946, d. 08/07/2001, Sec. B, Site 1792D, Adult Dependent Daughter of Howard Washington Sr
WASHINGTON, Cleveland, b. 06/20/1916, d. 01/07/1959, Sec. E, Site 263A, US ARMY, PVT BEL DET 1878TH, WORLD WAR II
WASHINGTON, Dora, b. 01/18/1939, d. 04/16/1987, Sec. B, Site 3042B, Wife of Wilmer S Washington
WASHINGTON, Dora Mae, b. 05/01/1924, d. 06/02/1986, Sec. B, Site 1792D, Wife of Howard Washington Sr
WASHINGTON, Edna B, b. 01/14/1928, d. 05/09/2001, Sec. R, Site 122A, Wife of Richard Harvey Washington
WASHINGTON, Ethel B, b. 12/23/1908, d. 02/15/1995, Sec. B, Site 1141-A, Wife of Otis Washington Jr
WASHINGTON, Geo, d. 03/01/1900, Sec. A, Site 1308, CAVALRY, PVT CO.F, 10TH USC
WASHINGTON, George, d. 10/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 1540, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 22ND USCT
WASHINGTON, George, d. 07/22/1865, Sec. B, Site 1527, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 23RD USCT
WASHINGTON, George, d. 07/05/1865, Sec. B, Site 2844A, CAVALRY, PVT CO.L, 29TH US CAV
WASHINGTON, George, d. 09/12/1865, Sec. A, Site 701, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 47TH USC
WASHINGTON, George, b. 07/20/1920, d. 11/28/1990, Sec. B, Site 1283A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WASHINGTON, George, b. 02/15/1908, d. 03/17/1979, Sec. B, Site 2129B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WASHINGTON, George Ellis, b. 02/22/1943, d. 10/12/1980, Sec. R, Site 3892, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
WASHINGTON, Gloria Burns, b. 03/03/1925, d. 04/15/2019, Sec. R, Site 186, Wife of James J Washington
WASHINGTON, Howard Sr, b. 02/15/1921, d. 05/27/2003, Sec. B, Site 1792D, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WASHINGTON, James, d. 10/30/1940, Sec. C, Site 152, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, COLORED
WASHINGTON, James J, b. 05/22/1922, d. 09/30/1993, Sec. R, Site 186, US ARMY, MSGT AIR CORP, WORLD WAR II
WASHINGTON, Joe, b. 12/03/1919, d. 09/12/1988, Sec. B, Site 901B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WASHINGTON, John, d. 08/26/1866, Sec. B, Site 1700, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 117TH USC
WASHINGTON, Julius, b. 03/16/1911, d. 05/14/1966, Sec. B, Site 1831A, US ARMY, PFC CO.L, 25TH INF
WASHINGTON, Lawrence, b. 11/16/1891, d. 07/27/1969, Sec. B, Site 2188C, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 530TH ENGR
WASHINGTON, Lewis Emanuel, b. 09/19/1917, d. 01/29/1969, Sec. R, Site 352, US ARMY, T-5 891ST ENGRS CO, WORLD WAR II
WASHINGTON, Mary C, b. 04/28/1921, d. 03/21/1984, Sec. F, Site 4A, Wife of Alvin Washington Sr
WASHINGTON, Maud M, b. 07/04/1914, d. 12/06/1988, Sec. B, Site 886A, Wife of Nathan Washington
WASHINGTON, Nathan, b. 10/14/1911, d. 01/24/1998, Sec. B, Site 886A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WASHINGTON, Otis Jr, b. 03/12/1912, d. 10/20/1965, Sec. B, Site 1141-A, US ARMY, SSG, WORLD WAR II
WASHINGTON, Richard Harvey, b. 04/18/1925, d. 01/28/1964, Sec. R, Site 122A, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
WASHINGTON, Thomas, d. 08/28/1865, Sec. B, Site 1201, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 31ST USCT
WASHINGTON, Wilmer S, b. 11/12/1929, d. 04/15/2003, Sec. B, Site 3042B, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
WATKINS, Frank, b. 11/21/1892, d. 07/19/1952, Sec. E, Site 75, US NAVY, LIEUTENANT
WATKINS, Harrison, d. 02/06/1866, Sec. B, Site 1216, INFANTRY, PVT 117TH USC INF
WATKINS, Lillian Marie, b. 11/05/1898, d. 11/24/2007, Sec. E, Site 75, Wife of Frank Watkins
WATKINS, Lynn, d. 02/12/1941, Sec. R, Site 156, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 1ST LA INF
WATKINS, Wilbur R, b. 11/18/1918, d. 04/29/1943, Sec. E, Site 53, US AIR FORCE, FL/O AAF BOMB SQ, WORLD WAR II
WATKINS, Wilfield W, b. 02/20/1918, d. 06/05/1945, Sec. C, Site 240A, US NAVY, RMI-LOUISIANA
WATKINS, Williams, d. 08/26/1865, Sec. B, Site 1127, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 43RD USC
WATSON, Charles, b. 08/02/1932, d. 08/27/1950, Sec. E, Site 210, US ARMY, PVT 2 INF REGT 23, KOREA
WATSON, Colin, d. 12/11/1925, Sec. C, Site 28, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 70TH 71ST
WATSON, Edward, d. 07/02/1941, Sec. R, Site 143, US ARMY, PVT 8TH CO CAC ARK, WORLD WAR I
WATSON, Flynn, b. 08/12/1894, d. 07/26/1970, Sec. F, Site 200, US ARMY, PVT CO.I, 814TH PION
WATSON, Henry, d. 09/02/1865, Sec. B, Site 2154, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 41ST USCT
WATSON, Henry, d. 09/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 2125, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 41ST USCT
WATSON, J A, d. 05/06/1864, Sec. A, Site 1262, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 96TH OHIO
WATTS, Thomas, d. 09/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 1776, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 115TH USCT
WEATHERFORD, Frank, b. 10/17/1908, d. 03/26/1972, Sec. A, Site 1532, US ARMY, PFC 420TH AAF BU AC, WORLD WAR II
WEATHERFORD, Tildia B, b. 10/31/1923, d. 04/04/1991, Sec. A, Site 1532, Wife of Frank Weatherford
WEATHERLY, William H, b. 11/18/1964, d. 11/25/1987, Sec. A, Site 64C, US ARMY, PFC
WEAVER, J J, d. 09/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 285, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 77TH PA INF
WEAVER, William, d. 12/04/1865, Sec. B, Site 894, US ARMY, PVT CO.I, 77TH PA
WEBB, F, d. 09/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 954, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 71ST OHIO
WEBB, Infant, b. 12/12/1957, d. 12/12/1957, Sec. K, Site K100, Son (Minor Child) of James H Webb
WEBB, Leonard W, b. 12/10/1948, d. 07/17/1983, Sec. B, Site 3444A, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
WEBB, Raymond H, b. 01/15/1892, d. 01/24/1960, Sec. R, Site 289A, US ARMY, PVT MECH CO.F, 4TH
WEBB, William, d. 09/04/1866, Sec. B, Site 1678, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 117TH USC
WEBB, Willie Jr, b. 07/30/1938, d. 07/12/1993, Sec. A, Site 1079B, US NAVY, SN
WEBBER, Henry, d. 05/06/1864, Sec. A, Site 841, INFANTRY, CPL CO.H, 43RD IND
WEBER, August, d. 01/29/1870, Sec. B, Site 1387, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 10TH US INF
WEBER, George Philip, b. 08/19/1889, d. 09/27/1962, Sec. C, Site 367, US ARMY, 1ST LT CO.B, 7TH ENGR
WEBER, Jacob, d. 11/07/1925, Sec. A, Site 1446, INFANTRY, CO.E, 1ST MO INF
WEBER, Vivian, b. 05/22/1892, d. 02/16/1977, Sec. C, Site 367, Wife of George Philip Weber
WEBSTER, Anthony L, b. 03/07/1971, d. 03/12/1971, Sec. F, Site 107, Son (Minor Child) of John Webster
WEBSTER, Frank, d. 07/23/1940, Sec. C, Site 149, US ARMY, PVT 841ST TRANS CORP, WORLD WAR I
WEBSTER, Isabel, b. 04/23/1895, d. 11/19/1972, Sec. B, Site 2725A, Wife of Tillman Webster
WEBSTER, John III, b. 10/16/1949, d. 05/09/2008, Sec. F, Site 107, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
WEBSTER, Lucien B, d. 11/24/1853, Sec. B, Site 2, INFANTRY, COL 4TH US ARTY
WEBSTER, Tillman, b. 05/07/1896, d. 01/29/1961, Sec. B, Site 2725A, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 371 INF 93R
WEDGE, J H, d. 09/28/1865, Sec. B, Site 1556, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 23RD USC
WEEKS, Charles A, d. 10/05/1867, Sec. B, Site 323, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 17TH US INF
WEHLAN, Bernard, d. 10/31/1892, Sec. B, Site 2835A, CAVALRY, PVT CO.B, 3RD US CAV
WEIL, Chester Arthur, b. 08/30/1908, d. 10/31/1970, Sec. F, Site 270, US ARMY, SSGT CO.C, 376TH ENGR
WEIR, Thomas, d. 10/03/1865, Sec. B, Site 371, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 65TH OHIO
WEISE, Claus, d. 07/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 331, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 28TH ILL
WEISER, Danial, d. 12/22/1864, Sec. A, Site 774, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 32ND IND
WEISSNER, George, d. 08/30/1881, Sec. B, Site 2817, CAVALRY, PVT CO.I, 8TH US CAV
WELCEK, Anton L, b. 01/01/1888, d. 05/31/1961, Sec. B, Site 3711, US ARMY, MUSC 2 CL HQ CO.5, WORLD WAR I
WELCEK, Marie Frank, b. 12/25/1896, d. 12/21/1980, Sec. B, Site 3712, Wife of Anton Welcek
WELCH, Fred Eugene, b. 03/08/1936, d. 09/08/1980, Sec. R, Site 3903, US AIR FORCE, A2CP
WELCH, Martha Elizabeth, b. 09/09/1907, d. 09/29/1988, Sec. E, Site 148, Wife of Willie Welch
WELCH, Martin Samuel Sr, b. 12/23/1917, d. 07/06/1994, Sec. R, Site 416-B, US NAVY, SV-6, WORLD WAR II
WELCH, William, d. 09/07/1934, Sec. C, Site 86, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL CO.D, 525
WELCH, Willie T, b. 11/24/1895, d. 01/03/1956, Sec. E, Site 149, US ARMY, PVT CO.K, 166TH INF
WELCOME, Edward, b. 02/05/1918, d. 09/28/1983, Sec. B, Site 3449, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WELCOME, Mary E, b. 01/19/1923, d. 07/03/1988, Sec. B, Site 3449, Wife of Edward Welcome
WELLS, August, d. 10/02/1865, Sec. B, Site 1033, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 28TH USCT
WELLS, Carolyn Mcconnell, b. 02/21/1918, d. 10/09/2019, Sec. F, Site 148, US NAVY, LTJG, WORLD WAR II
WELLS, George D, d. 08/31/1865, Sec. B, Site 297, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 31ST IND
WELLS, Gerald Walter, b. 01/01/1922, d. 02/10/1991, Sec. C, Site 118A, US NAVY, DMC, WORLD WAR II
WELLS, Marshall, d. 09/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 1327, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 1ST US
WELLS, Stephens C, d. 10/27/1865, Sec. B, Site 888, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 21ST ILL
WELLS, Tom Henderson, b. 06/03/1917, d. 04/16/1971, Sec. F, Site 148, US NAVY, CDR-TEXAS, WORLD WAR II
WENIE, Thomas W, d. 10/11/1882, Sec. B, Site 2813, INFANTRY, LIEUT CO.B, 19TH US
WENSON, Peter, d. 11/01/1869, Sec. B, Site 832, CAVALRY, PVT CO.K, 4TH US CAV
WERNER, John, d. 11/21/1884, Sec. A, Site 1289, CAVALRY, PVT CO.H, 7TH US CAV
WESH, Charles, d. 11/01/1866, Sec. B, Site 1211, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 117TH USCT
WESLER, Wm R, d. 05/05/1864, Sec. A, Site 1268, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 56TH OHIO
WESLEY, Francis Ford, b. 09/22/1916, d. 01/04/1979, Sec. B, Site 2019A, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
WESLEY, Harold B, b. 07/01/1909, d. 03/20/1967, Sec. B, Site 889A, US AIR FORCE, COL-ALABAMA, WORLD WAR II
WESLEY, John, d. 10/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 1203, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 46TH USCT
WEST, Bobby P, b. 07/29/1931, d. 04/11/1987, Sec. A, Site 57A, US AIR FORCE, COL, VIETNAM
WEST, Horace William, b. 12/27/1918, d. 07/01/1968, Sec. B, Site 3518, US ARMY, MAJOR, WORLD WAR II
WEST, James, d. 03/15/1876, Sec. B, Site 2756, CAVALRY, PVT CO.I, 8TH US CAV
WEST, James R, d. 08/25/1942, Sec. R, Site 176, US ARMY, PVT UNASSIGNED
WEST, John, d. 09/15/1866, Sec. B, Site 1206, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 116TH USCT
WEST, Marguerite Paul, b. 10/21/1908, d. 09/22/1997, Sec. B, Site 3518, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WEST, Robert J, b. 07/29/1924, d. 08/25/1962, Sec. C, Site 298F, US AIR FORCE, MSGT 6314TH SUPP, WORLD WAR II
WEST, Simon, Sec. A, Site 1031
WEST, Wm, d. 10/16/1864, Sec. A, Site 834, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 36TH IOWA
WESTBROOK, Betty Ann, b. 01/01/1931, d. 09/22/1988, Sec. B, Site 900-C, Wife of Willie C Westbrook
WESTBROOK, Willie C, b. 07/23/1931, d. 06/15/1997, Sec. B, Site 900-C, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
WESTLAKE, Steve Edward, b. 01/14/1910, d. 05/25/1965, Sec. R, Site 106B, US ARMY, T/5-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
WESTMORELAND, L B, b. 11/04/1921, d. 12/31/1944, Sec. E, Site 29, US ARMY, T/5 101ST INF 26TH, WORLD WAR II
WESTPOINT, Richard, d. 10/12/1886, Sec. B, Site 1220, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 114TH USC
WHALEN, Infant, b. 06/10/1957, d. 06/10/1957, Sec. K, Site K94, Daughter (Minor Child) of Jackson D Whalen
WHALEN, Jackson D Jr, b. 04/20/1958, d. 04/25/1958, Sec. K, Site K94, Son (Minor Child) of Jackson D Whalen Sr
WHALER, Thomas C, d. 05/15/1890, Sec. R, Site 5, CAVALRY, SGT CO.D, 3RD US CAV
WHARTON, Larry E, b. 02/01/1938, d. 03/30/2008, Sec. A, Site 319A, US ARMY, SGT
WHARTON, Marguerite, b. 05/11/1893, d. 02/27/1972, Sec. F, Site 269, Wife of William Langley Wharton
WHARTON, Nimrod, d. 01/13/1866, Sec. B, Site 1213, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 117TH USCT
WHARTON, Robert R, b. 12/12/1919, d. 01/12/1972, Sec. F, Site 264, US AIR FORCE, TSGT HQ AIR RES SVC, WORLD WAR II
WHARTON, William Langley, b. 08/21/1892, d. 10/27/1970, Sec. F, Site 269, US ARMY, COL ACADEMIC REG INF, WORLD WAR II
WHATLEY, Helen E, b. 04/30/1934, d. 09/21/2006, Sec. A, Site 1079A, Wife of Jesse G Whatley
WHATLEY, Jesse G, b. 10/16/1920, d. 10/30/1972, Sec. A, Site 1079A, US AIR FORCE, MSG 4410TH SUPPLY, WORLD WAR II
WHATLEY, Roy C, b. 08/05/1912, d. 07/01/1944, Sec. C, Site 316, US ARMY, PVT 13TH ARMORED REG
WHEAT, David G, b. 05/05/1933, d. 11/11/1950, Sec. E, Site 182, US ARMY, PVT 24TH DIV 10TH
WHEAT, Eugene S, b. 08/16/1910, d. 01/27/1977, Sec. B, Site 3399, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WHEAT, Gene Joseph, b. 09/02/1938, d. 02/22/1968, Sec. B, Site 3516, US NAVY, HM2-LOUISIANA, VIETNAM
WHEAT, John H, d. 06/28/1930, Sec. C, Site 48, US ARMY, MSGT ASC DEPT UNASS, WORLD WAR I
WHEAT, Ollie Briggs, b. 09/11/1910, d. 01/28/1984, Sec. B, Site 3399, Wife of Eugene S Wheat
WHEATLEY, Annie Walker, b. 06/03/1905, d. 09/23/1993, Sec. B, Site 3785, Wife of Willie Wheatley
WHEATLEY, John, b. 03/10/1919, d. 09/26/1964, Sec. B, Site 3707, US ARMY, SSG HQ SVC CO.1693RD, WORLD WAR II
WHEATLEY, Leavet Jr, b. 10/15/1946, d. 11/04/1967, Sec. B, Site 3287, US ARMY, SP-4-CALIFORNIA, VIETNAM
WHEATLEY, Willie, b. 01/12/1897, d. 08/05/1982, Sec. B, Site 3785, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
WHEELER, John, d. 08/28/1865, Sec. B, Site 800, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 28TH ILL
WHEELER, John, d. 08/19/1865, Sec. B, Site 1037, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 38TH USCT
WHEELER, Lyman, d. 11/13/1895, Sec. R, Site 14, CAVALRY, PVT CO.I, 5TH US CAV
WHEELER, William Charles, b. 02/03/1930, d. 03/11/1996, Sec. B, Site 3852, US ARMY, SSG, KOREA
WHIDDON, Morris L, b. 03/26/1917, d. 06/07/1993, Sec. F, Site 231A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WHIG, Richard, Sec. A, Site 678, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 51ST USC
WHIPPLE, Wm Z, d. 08/16/1864, Sec. A, Site 843, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 14TH KAN
WHITAKER, John William Jr, b. 06/04/1922, d. 12/07/1941, Sec. R, Site 281, US NAVY, S/1C-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
WHITCOMB, Salmon S, b. 06/02/1909, d. 01/01/1992, Sec. A, Site 1598A, US ARMY, 2LT, WORLD WAR II
WHITE, Addie G, b. 11/23/1895, d. 09/02/1963, Sec. B, Site 3777, Wife of Clarence E White
WHITE, Alex, b. 06/02/1911, d. 01/17/1991, Sec. A, Site 383A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WHITE, Anthony, b. 11/09/1913, d. 05/13/1978, Sec. B, Site 3189, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
WHITE, Benjamin R, b. 08/21/1907, d. 04/26/1972, Sec. A, Site 1530, US ARMY, SFC CO.C, TRPS
WHITE, Clarence Elmer, b. 09/16/1895, d. 02/13/1970, Sec. B, Site 3777, US ARMY, PFC AUX REMOUNT DEP, WORLD WAR I
WHITE, David, d. 09/08/1887, Sec. B, Site 1209, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 41ST USCT
WHITE, Dennis R Jr, b. 06/24/1984, d. 07/10/1984, Sec. B, Site 1121A, Son (Minor Child) of Dennis R White
WHITE, Drotha, b. 01/02/1898, d. 05/12/1983, Sec. A, Site 1674, Wife of Siras White
WHITE, Eddie, b. 11/29/1929, d. 10/05/1986, Sec. B, Site 3442D, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
WHITE, Fred M, b. 06/26/1926, d. 05/16/1985, Sec. A, Site 1526A, US NAVY, S1C, WORLD WAR II
WHITE, G, d. 08/19/1865, Sec. B, Site 1999, INFANTRY, PVT 29TH CONN INF
WHITE, Hazel M, b. 12/29/1926, d. 08/27/2012, Sec. B, Site 3502H, Wife of James H White
WHITE, Hilda Neal, b. 07/09/1914, d. 02/25/2013, Sec. B, Site 3670, Wife of John D White
WHITE, Horace H, d. 08/26/1865, Sec. B, Site 279, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 31ST IND
WHITE, Horace Johnson, b. 12/16/1916, d. 10/09/1964, Sec. B, Site 3708, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 679TH TANK
WHITE, Howard, d. 12/07/1918, Sec. A, Site 1418, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 330TH US
WHITE, J W, d. 10/23/1864, Sec. A, Site 766, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 173RD NY
WHITE, James H, b. 04/29/1923, d. 10/01/1986, Sec. B, Site 3502H, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, WORLD WAR II
WHITE, James Lee, b. 09/30/1913, d. 03/04/1983, Sec. B, Site 3449A, US ARMY, TEC 3, WORLD WAR II
WHITE, Jim, b. 07/16/1888, d. 02/06/1969, Sec. R, Site 335, US ARMY, 1ST SGT SVC DET C&G, WORLD WAR II
WHITE, John D, b. 08/14/1907, d. 05/25/1960, Sec. B, Site 3669, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WHITE, Joy C, b. 11/29/1927, d. 12/01/2005, Sec. A, Site 1526A, Wife of Fred M White
WHITE, Lashanda A, b. 10/21/1986, d. 10/22/1986, Sec. B, Site 1206-E, Daughter (Minor Child) of Victor White
WHITE, Louis Earl, b. 12/29/1962, d. 02/15/2004, Sec. B, Site 3442D, US ARMY, SP4
WHITE, Mary Belle, b. 07/05/1931, d. 05/11/1993, Sec. C, Site 322B, Wife of Robert David White III
WHITE, Merdies K, b. 12/22/1915, d. 07/11/1979, Sec. B, Site 3189, Wife of Anthony White
WHITE, Nikkel Loraine, b. 03/10/1975, d. 03/10/1975, Sec. A, Site 590A, Daughter (Minor Child) of Roosevelt L White
WHITE, Oscar L, b. 11/06/1932, d. 07/20/1986, Sec. B, Site 1792K, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
WHITE, R D III, b. 08/22/1931, d. 09/24/1990, Sec. C, Site 322B, US NAVY, AD3, KOREA
WHITE, Richard Wilbert, b. 10/15/1931, d. 10/19/1982, Sec. R, Site 49A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, KOREA
WHITE, Roddy Wayne, b. 09/23/1963, d. 09/24/1963, Sec. B, Site 3778, Son (Minor Child) of Curtis Louis White
WHITE, Samuel, d. 08/16/1866, Sec. B, Site 1170, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 116TH USCT
WHITE, Siras, b. 03/03/1891, d. 10/07/1974, Sec. A, Site 1674, US ARMY, PVT-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR I
WHITE, Walter, b. 12/12/1926, d. 06/03/1989, Sec. A, Site 1141A, US NAVY, STM1/C, WORLD WAR II
WHITE, Washington, d. 10/08/1865, Sec. B, Site 2180, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 114TH USC
WHITEHEAD, William F, b. 03/18/1909, d. 03/19/1974, Sec. F, Site 126, US ARMY, TSGT-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
WHITERD, B O, d. 04/29/1864, Sec. A, Site 7, CAVALRY, PVT CO.L, 3RD RI CAV
WHITFORD, Joe Walde, b. 05/24/1896, d. 06/22/1947, Sec. R, Site 274, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 13TH DEP BN
WHITLEY, Robert, b. 09/03/1892, d. 12/02/1955, Sec. E, Site 146A, US ARMY, COOK CO.C, 335TH SVC
WHITNEY, Edward, b. 02/09/1923, d. 04/19/1993, Sec. E, Site 55B, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
WHITSELL, Mart, b. 07/05/1911, d. 02/07/1969, Sec. R, Site 174-A, US ARMY, LT COL 5010 SUP SQ, WORLD WAR II
WHITTEN, Archie E, b. 01/27/1915, d. 02/24/1945, Sec. R, Site 283, US ARMY, PFC-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
WHITTEN, Oscar A, b. 06/01/1895, d. 11/29/1962, Sec. R, Site 434, US ARMY, SGT BAKERY CO.400, WORLD WAR I
WHITTEN, Patrick Anthony, b. 10/20/1950, d. 09/11/1969, Sec. D, Site 97, US MARINE CORPS, PFC-LOUISIANA, VIETNAM
WHITTEN, Robert Lindsey, b. 01/30/1940, d. 11/24/1968, Sec. R, Site 1A, US ARMY, SP4 37TH ENGR DET
WHITTLE, George, d. 11/04/1865, Sec. B, Site 1633, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 29TH CONN
WHOTE, Grason, d. 11/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 2101, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 9TH USC
WHYTE, Clifton, d. 09/23/1877, Sec. B, Site 2769, CAVALRY, PVT CO.L, 8TH US CAV
WICHAM, Samuel, Sec. B, Site 2026, INFANTRY, USCT
WICHERT, Christin, d. 11/08/1865, Sec. B, Site 2631, CAVALRY, PVT CO.B, 12TH ILL
WICHMAN, Charles, d. 09/05/1866, Sec. B, Site 1334, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 1ST US ARTY
WICKHAM, Emily C, b. 11/05/1913, d. 04/08/1997, Sec. A, Site 1275-A, Wife of Raymond F Wickham
WICKHAM, Raymond F, b. 02/22/1917, d. 02/18/1988, Sec. A, Site 1275-A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WICKS, Fernandez Cortez, b. 06/26/1986, d. 07/18/1988, Sec. A, Site 1204A, Son (Minor Child) of Philander Wicks
WIDNER, John William, b. 09/06/1892, d. 07/02/1965, Sec. R, Site 112B, US ARMY, MSGT SUP DET SUP, WORLD WAR II
WIDNER, Margaret L, b. 07/16/1897, d. 07/28/1975, Sec. R, Site 112B, Wife of John William Widner
WIECZOREK, Frank K, d. 01/21/1942, Sec. R, Site 170, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 108TH AMM
WIESINGER, Laura, b. 03/02/1925, d. 08/13/1996, Sec. A, Site 1399-D, Wife of Otto Adolf Wiesinger Jr
WIESINGER, Otto Adolf Jr, b. 05/24/1933, d. 09/18/1994, Sec. A, Site 1399-D, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, VIETNAM
WIFE, Unknown, Sec. R, Site 108, Wife of Unknown Unknown
WIFFORD, George, Sec. B, Site 1567, INFANTRY
WIGGINS, Albert N, b. 11/24/1926, d. 04/05/1993, Sec. F, Site 301, US NAVY, SEAMAN 1ST CL, WORLD WAR II
WIGGINS, Curtis Charles, b. 01/17/1923, d. 05/09/1989, Sec. A, Site 1131A, US ARMY, CPL
WIGGINS, Dorothy, b. 04/03/1925, d. 01/28/2004, Sec. F, Site 301, Wife of Albert N Wiggins
WIGGINS, Geo, d. 10/27/1864, Sec. A, Site 1149, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 77TH OHIO
WIGGINS, Henry Jr, b. 12/15/1943, d. 04/14/1994, Sec. E, Site 81B, US NAVY, CWO3, VIETNAM
WIGGINS, Rosalie H, b. 12/18/1915, d. 09/05/1987, Sec. B, Site 464C, US ARMY, MAJOR, WORLD WAR II
WILBORN, William, d. 08/23/1865, Sec. B, Site 1643, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 20TH USC
WILCOX, Clifton C, b. 01/19/1941, d. 05/31/1978, Sec. B, Site 3138, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, VIETNAM
WILCOX, Luther E, d. 07/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 2597, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 76TH ILL
WILDE, Leland H, b. 07/10/1924, d. 12/16/1993, Sec. E, Site 146B, US MARINE CORPS, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WILDE, Shirley R, b. 06/16/1929, d. 05/14/2009, Sec. E, Site 146B, Wife of Leland H Wilde
WILDER, John, d. 07/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 1847, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 115TH USCT
WILDERSON, Raymond Joseph, b. 11/11/1924, d. 04/22/1970, Sec. F, Site 88, US ARMY, SFC E-7 821ST CS BN, KOREA
WILDS, G W, d. 01/09/1870, Sec. B, Site 908, CAVALRY, CPL CO.K, 4TH US CAV
WILEY, James A, d. 01/09/1870, Sec. B, Site 1361, CAVALRY, CPL CO.K, 4TH US CAV
WILKERSON, Curley Julius Jr, b. 07/30/1923, d. 10/07/1982, Sec. B, Site 822A, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
WILKERSON, Gladys, b. 01/04/1923, d. 12/30/1965, Sec. B, Site 822A, Wife of Curley Wilkerson Jr
WILKERSON, Henry, d. 07/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 1135, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 43RD USC
WILKINS, Cleophas, b. 03/12/1921, d. 09/04/1950, Sec. E, Site 195, US ARMY, SGT 77TH ENGR COM, KOREA
WILKINS, Florsteen, b. 03/16/1926, d. 10/28/1992, Sec. A, Site 655D, Wife of James Wilkins
WILKINS, James Jr, b. 07/29/1922, d. 06/26/1992, Sec. A, Site 655D, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
WILKINS, Thomas, b. 10/14/1917, d. 03/31/1989, Sec. A, Site 1371A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
WILKINSON, Henry, d. 08/22/1865, Sec. B, Site 58, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 8TH US ARTY
WILKINSON, John, d. 11/25/1866, Sec. B, Site 2197, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 114TH USCR
WILKINSON, John, d. 10/27/1865, Sec. B, Site 1635, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 29TH USC
WILKINSON, Johnie, b. 02/10/1891, d. 04/16/1956, Sec. E, Site 94A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
WILKINSON, Thomas, d. 08/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 1610, INFANTRY, SGT CO.E, 19TH USC
WILKS, Marvin L, b. 01/02/1934, d. 03/03/2005, Sec. F, Site 89A, US ARMY, KOREA
WILL, Grace Mary, b. 09/10/1919, d. 05/26/1989, Sec. B, Site 3186, Wife of Jack Benjamin Will
WILL, Jack Benjamin, b. 03/08/1921, d. 06/29/1977, Sec. B, Site 3186, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WILLEY, Nichole Marie, b. 02/25/1969, d. 02/27/1969, Sec. R, Site 336, Daughter (Minor Child) of Anthony H Willey
WILLIAM, Homer, b. 11/26/1926, d. 04/02/1989, Sec. A, Site 1369A, US NAVY, S2C, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAM, John, d. 09/22/1867, Sec. B, Site 366, INFANTRY, CPL CO.F, 17TH US INF
WILLIAM, W P, Sec. B, Site 2665, US ARMY
WILLIAM, Walter Jr, d. 03/22/1923, Sec. C, Site 15, INFANTRY, PVT 816TH PION INF
WILLIAMS, Albert, b. 01/28/1920, d. 09/14/1979, Sec. B, Site 2613A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Alphonse, b. 02/02/1892, d. 10/31/1961, Sec. B, Site 2623-A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
WILLIAMS, Ambrose Jr, b. 04/04/1918, d. 05/19/1954, Sec. E, Site 182A, US AIR FORCE, CPL 3817TH BASE SVC, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Andrew E, b. 04/25/1924, d. 02/25/1975, Sec. F, Site 252, US ARMY, PFC-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Antonio, b. 09/22/1955, d. 05/24/1992, Sec. B, Site 863A, US ARMY, PV2, VIETNAM
WILLIAMS, Ardalur, b. 11/15/1905, d. 05/18/1979, Sec. B, Site 436A, Wife of Levell Williams
WILLIAMS, Atliece Simpson, b. 03/24/1922, d. 09/06/1994, Sec. A, Site 1386-B, Wife of Willie V Williams
WILLIAMS, Bennie, b. 04/17/1910, d. 07/26/1981, Sec. B, Site 3837, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Bennie David, b. 09/06/1906, d. 08/29/1979, Sec. B, Site 3109, US NAVY, SEAMAN 2C, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Bert, b. 10/31/1910, d. 11/28/1970, Sec. F, Site 145, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 67TH INF TN
WILLIAMS, Bessie M, b. 02/08/1923, d. 05/26/2005, Sec. R, Site 288B, Wife of Hamit Williams
WILLIAMS, Bobbie, b. 05/02/1913, d. 12/25/1971, Sec. F, Site 250, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Bonita Renee, b. 07/30/1965, d. 08/03/1965, Sec. R, Site 115E, Daughter (Minor Child) of George W Williams
WILLIAMS, Bonnie, b. 09/18/1922, d. 08/15/1989, Sec. B, Site 1276A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Brian Keith, b. 12/14/1973, d. 12/19/2016, Sec. A, Site 1698, Adult Dependent Son of John D Williams
WILLIAMS, Camille D, b. 05/04/1895, d. 05/05/1977, Sec. R, Site 330, Wife of Efa Williams
WILLIAMS, Catherine J, b. 05/31/1930, d. 05/30/2012, Sec. B, Site 1220A, Wife of Elmer James Williams
WILLIAMS, Charles, d. 09/14/1866, Sec. B, Site 2172, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 114TH USC
WILLIAMS, Charles, b. 01/28/1926, d. 03/14/1977, Sec. B, Site 3385, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
WILLIAMS, Charles Sr, b. 05/01/1922, d. 02/13/1967, Sec. B, Site 962A, US NAVY, STM1-RESERVE, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Charles W, b. 05/30/1897, d. 01/07/1951, Sec. C, Site 386, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 330TH INF
WILLIAMS, Clarence, b. 09/06/1910, d. 01/04/1983, Sec. A, Site 1245D, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Clarence B III, b. 07/31/1948, d. 10/01/2003, Sec. B, Site 3414, US ARMY, PV1, VIETNAM
WILLIAMS, Cleveland D Jr, b. 02/08/1976, d. 02/11/1976, Sec. B, Site 1324A, Son (Minor Child) of Cleveland Williams
WILLIAMS, Cloteal, b. 05/15/1925, d. 09/28/1996, Sec. F, Site 250, Wife of Bobbie Williams
WILLIAMS, Clyde W, b. 10/20/1938, d. 06/18/2001, Sec. B, Site 3690, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, VIETNAM
WILLIAMS, Cornelia J, b. 01/15/1874, d. 01/23/1965, Sec. A, Site 1334, Wife of Peter Williams
WILLIAMS, Cornelius, b. 01/05/1922, d. 12/04/1973, Sec. A, Site 1572, US ARMY, PVT-TEXAS, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Dan B, b. 02/25/1892, d. 03/17/1971, Sec. F, Site 79, US ARMY, PVT CO.M, 372TH INF
WILLIAMS, David S Jr, b. 02/21/1972, d. 08/30/1972, Sec. A, Site 1539, Son (Minor Child) of David S Williams Sr
WILLIAMS, Deborah Michelle, b. 09/18/1968, d. 10/22/1968, Sec. B, Site 3550, Daughter (Minor Child) of Roy Dean Williams
WILLIAMS, Dolores Smith, b. 09/13/1931, d. 05/26/2004, Sec. B, Site 3405, Wife of Howard L Williams
WILLIAMS, Doris, b. 09/20/1913, d. 11/16/2002, Sec. F, Site 145, Wife of Bert Williams
WILLIAMS, Eddie, b. 08/07/1914, d. 11/01/1983, Sec. B, Site 463A, US ARMY, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Edgar, d. 06/27/1950, Sec. E, Site 180, US ARMY, PFC MED DET 376TH, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Edward Jefferson, b. 10/12/1932, d. 01/17/1994, Sec. E, Site 237B, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
WILLIAMS, Edward Jr, b. 09/05/1904, d. 02/06/1968, Sec. B, Site 3512, US ARMY, PVT 590 ORD AMMO, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Edward Sydney, b. 10/31/1883, d. 05/10/1956, Sec. E, Site 81A, US ARMY, 1ST LT -LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR I
WILLIAMS, Efa, b. 11/18/1894, d. 02/06/1969, Sec. R, Site 330, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 349TH LAB
WILLIAMS, Elmer James, b. 03/23/1932, d. 08/20/1989, Sec. B, Site 1220A, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
WILLIAMS, Erma L, b. 04/24/1921, d. 04/22/1986, Sec. B, Site 463A, Wife of Eddie Williams
WILLIAMS, Esther, b. 02/02/1926, d. 02/18/1998, Sec. A, Site 1199A, Wife of Mckinley Williams
WILLIAMS, Esther, b. 07/15/1923, d. 09/30/2017, Sec. A, Site 53A, Wife of Jack Williams Jr
WILLIAMS, Ethel H, b. 05/30/1896, d. 04/27/1971, Sec. R, Site 89B, Wife of Spencer Williams
WILLIAMS, Ever Lee, b. 02/08/1925, d. 04/23/2009, Sec. B, Site 962A, Wife of Charles Williams Sr
WILLIAMS, Frank O, b. 08/16/1925, d. 12/28/1990, Sec. A, Site 1361A, US NAVY, US AIR FORCE, MM2C
WILLIAMS, George, d. 09/18/1866, Sec. B, Site 375, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 17TH US
WILLIAMS, George, b. 02/28/1896, d. 09/20/1957, Sec. C, Site 292A, US ARMY, PVT CO.M, 806TH PION
WILLIAMS, George, d. 04/16/1866, Sec. B, Site 1709, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 117TH USC
WILLIAMS, George, d. 11/04/1933, Sec. C, Site 79, US ARMY, PVT CO.G, 82ND US COL
WILLIAMS, George K, b. 05/18/1918, d. 05/27/1954, Sec. R, Site 264, US ARMY, SFC TRANS CORPS, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, George W, b. 04/25/1936, d. 06/26/1977, Sec. R, Site 115E, US AIR FORCE, TSGT
WILLIAMS, Gladys, b. 06/13/1922, d. 06/04/1994, Sec. E, Site 171, Wife of Willie Williams
WILLIAMS, Green, b. 09/01/1924, d. 07/31/1968, Sec. B, Site 3532, US ARMY, PFC CO.A, 25TH SIG HY
WILLIAMS, H, d. 09/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 1797, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 7TH USC
WILLIAMS, Hamit, b. 06/09/1920, d. 11/27/1966, Sec. R, Site 288B, US ARMY, T/5 1694TH ENGR CBT, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Hardy, b. 07/25/1892, d. 09/09/1964, Sec. B, Site 3718, US ARMY, PVT CAS DET CP CO.K, WORLD WAR I
WILLIAMS, Hardy Ezekiel, b. 10/09/1912, d. 02/17/1951, Sec. E, Site 187, US ARMY, SSGT HDQ SER CO.2803, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Harold W Sr, b. 12/04/1912, d. 03/07/1995, Sec. A, Site 91-A, US ARMY, TEC-4, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Helen, b. 01/24/1933, d. 11/27/2013, Sec. A, Site 1690, Wife of Leon Williams
WILLIAMS, Henderson, b. 02/08/1926, d. 05/04/1947, Sec. C, Site 228, US NAVY, SEAMAN 1ST CL-LA, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Henry, d. 07/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 1621, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 29TH CONN
WILLIAMS, Henry, d. 08/22/1867, Sec. B, Site 483, CAVALRY, PVT CO.B, 6TH US CAV
WILLIAMS, Henry, d. 09/02/1865, Sec. B, Site 1625, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 29TH CONN
WILLIAMS, Henry, d. 08/12/1865, Sec. B, Site 2152, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 41ST USCT
WILLIAMS, Henry, d. 01/30/1944, Sec. C, Site 182, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, COLORED CAS
WILLIAMS, Henry, b. 09/09/1909, d. 01/31/1918, Sec. R, Site 481, US NAVY, SEAMAN 2C, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Henry Norman, b. 03/13/1926, d. 12/20/1986, Sec. R, Site 409A, US NAVY, STM1, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Herbert James, b. 12/13/1940, d. 12/30/1982, Sec. A, Site 1220D, US AIR FORCE, A1C, VIETNAM
WILLIAMS, Herman M, b. 11/03/1917, d. 07/01/1966, Sec. B, Site 18A, US ARMY, PVT 432ND ORD AMMO, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Howard L, b. 04/16/1933, d. 10/15/1977, Sec. B, Site 3405, US ARMY, PVT
WILLIAMS, Howard P Sr, b. 04/05/1916, d. 05/22/1978, Sec. B, Site 3139, US ARMY, WOJG, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Ira Lee, b. 06/22/1934, d. 11/10/1995, Sec. B, Site 3837, Wife of Bennie Williams
WILLIAMS, Ivison A, b. 09/06/1920, d. 10/24/1991, Sec. A, Site 192AA, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, J W, d. 08/07/1864, Sec. B, Site 972, INFANTRY, SGT CO.C, 20TH WIS
WILLIAMS, Jack Jr, b. 05/12/1916, d. 03/08/1987, Sec. A, Site 53A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, James, d. 06/30/1941, Sec. C, Site 160, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 525TH ENGR
WILLIAMS, James, d. 08/18/1865, Sec. A, Site 702, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 47TH USC
WILLIAMS, James, b. 05/24/1924, d. 12/29/1967, Sec. B, Site 1650A, US ARMY, T/5 420TH QM BAKERY, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, James Jr, b. 04/12/1920, d. 03/16/1983, Sec. B, Site 3481, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, James W, d. 11/06/1918, Sec. A, Site 1414, INFANTRY, PVT HEAD 2ND TROOP
WILLIAMS, James Washington, b. 06/07/1942, d. 08/30/1990, Sec. B, Site 3377A, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
WILLIAMS, Jerry, b. 12/11/1906, d. 09/26/2001, Sec. B, Site 2862A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Jerry Douglas, b. 08/27/1920, d. 08/10/1970, Sec. F, Site 214, US ARMY, T/4 248 QM DEP CO., WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Jerry M, b. 01/12/1899, d. 09/01/1961, Sec. B, Site 2173A, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 313TH SVC
WILLIAMS, Jim, d. 04/23/1934, Sec. A, Site 557A, US ARMY, PVT FIRE TRUCK CO., WORLD WAR I
WILLIAMS, Joe, b. 05/10/1887, d. 06/12/1947, Sec. C, Site 229, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 420TH RES
WILLIAMS, John D, b. 01/28/1931, d. 10/08/1979, Sec. B, Site 3105, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
WILLIAMS, John Eddie Jr, b. 01/02/1923, d. 11/25/1960, Sec. B, Site 2051A, US ARMY, PFC CO.B, 184TH ENGR
WILLIAMS, John Frederick, b. 05/13/1940, d. 11/20/1992, Sec. A, Site 962B, US AIR FORCE, AIRMAN
WILLIAMS, John J, d. 05/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 797, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 34TH IND
WILLIAMS, Jonas Jr, b. 07/24/1921, d. 05/30/1990, Sec. A, Site 916A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Joseph, b. 09/24/1894, d. 12/08/1962, Sec. R, Site 95A, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 419TH RES
WILLIAMS, Lawrence, b. 04/15/1918, d. 02/06/1973, Sec. A, Site 141A, US ARMY, PVT 642ND ORD CO, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Leon, b. 12/23/1916, d. 05/01/1992, Sec. A, Site 1690, US ARMY, SPEC FIVE/ SP5, KOREA
WILLIAMS, Levell, b. 11/05/1910, d. 05/11/1983, Sec. B, Site 436A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Lige Jr, b. 08/15/1915, d. 11/09/1973, Sec. A, Site 1561, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Lillian, b. 12/12/1901, d. 11/13/1971, Sec. F, Site 96, Wife of Ivison Asberrie Williams
WILLIAMS, Louis Benjamin, b. 04/22/1910, d. 03/31/1959, Sec. E, Site 268, US ARMY, MSGT RETIRED COLORED, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Luke, d. 02/27/1923, Sec. C, Site 13, INFANTRY, CO.B, 350TH LABOR BN
WILLIAMS, Mack N, b. 06/04/1921, d. 12/16/2001, Sec. C, Site 310E, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Marcell, b. 02/15/1892, d. 11/24/1967, Sec. B, Site 3290, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 415TH LAB
WILLIAMS, Martha Irene, b. 03/03/1884, d. 05/28/1962, Sec. C, Site 116A, Wife of Edward Sydney Williams
WILLIAMS, Marvin R, b. 07/12/1932, d. 03/23/1987, Sec. B, Site 1347A, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
WILLIAMS, Mckinley, b. 03/10/1925, d. 05/18/1992, Sec. B, Site 868A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Mckinley, b. 03/24/1915, d. 06/02/1988, Sec. A, Site 1199A, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Milton Sr, b. 08/24/1920, d. 09/21/1966, Sec. B, Site 3244, US ARMY, PFC 442ND QM TRUCK, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Mose, b. 09/08/1910, d. 07/11/1984, Sec. B, Site 3146A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Nancy L, b. 01/26/1908, d. 09/09/2001, Sec. A, Site 1561, Wife of Lige Williams Jr
WILLIAMS, Nashall Enderson, b. 06/19/1931, d. 01/15/1991, Sec. A, Site 437A, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
WILLIAMS, Nathan, d. 09/08/1866, Sec. B, Site 544, INFANTRY, PVT 36TH USC INF
WILLIAMS, Newton, d. 08/04/1883, Sec. R, Site 58, INFANTRY, 1ST CO.A, 19TH US INF
WILLIAMS, Oliver, b. 03/21/1923, d. 02/28/1972, Sec. A, Site 155A, US ARMY, PFC CO.A, 73RD ENGR
WILLIAMS, Oliver S, b. 10/26/1916, d. 02/06/1978, Sec. B, Site 3417, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Ollie M, b. 10/16/1934, d. 03/27/2004, Sec. E, Site 237B, Wife of Edward Jefferson Williams
WILLIAMS, Orlander Sr, b. 07/04/1910, d. 02/11/1965, Sec. A, Site 371A, US ARMY, PFC CO.D, 543RD SVC
WILLIAMS, Perry, b. 04/05/1895, d. 12/23/1988, Sec. B, Site 884A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
WILLIAMS, Peter, d. 07/18/1908, Sec. A, Site 1334, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 6TH USC HVY
WILLIAMS, Pink, b. 03/28/1892, d. 01/11/1960, Sec. A, Site 486A, US ARMY, PFC CO.B, 349TH LAB
WILLIAMS, Priscilla E, b. 06/28/1898, d. 09/13/1981, Sec. C, Site 270, Wife of Robert Williams Sr
WILLIAMS, Rebecca, b. 04/03/1922, d. 11/22/1990, Sec. C, Site 310E, Wife of Mack N Williams
WILLIAMS, Richard, d. 09/16/1866, Sec. B, Site 1045, INFANTRY, PV CO.G, 38TH USCT
WILLIAMS, Richard, d. 07/27/1877, Sec. B, Site 2767, CAVALRY, SGT CO.L, 8TH US CAV
WILLIAMS, Richard, d. 07/14/1938, Sec. C, Site 126, US ARMY, PVT 6TH 2ND REC BN, WORLD WAR I
WILLIAMS, Richard L, b. 01/07/1907, d. 05/18/1978, Sec. D, Site 48, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Robert, d. 06/19/1866, Sec. A, Site 721, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 80TH USCT
WILLIAMS, Robert, b. 04/01/1894, d. 12/16/1948, Sec. C, Site 270, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, COL CAS DET
WILLIAMS, Robert, b. 03/15/1897, d. 03/03/1978, Sec. B, Site 3415, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
WILLIAMS, Roland, b. 05/01/1932, d. 06/01/1967, Sec. B, Site 3260, US ARMY, SP-2 BTRY F, 2ND BN
WILLIAMS, Roosevelt R, b. 12/21/1905, d. 02/17/1968, Sec. B, Site 3244, Wife of Milton Williams Sr
WILLIAMS, Rosa Lee, b. 06/04/1906, d. 05/13/1988, Sec. B, Site 3109, Wife of Bennie D Williams
WILLIAMS, Roy, b. 12/17/1930, d. 06/07/1985, Sec. A, Site 1521A, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
WILLIAMS, Sewell Jr, b. 11/15/1941, d. 02/20/1982, Sec. B, Site 3470A, US AIR FORCE, A3C
WILLIAMS, Spencer, b. 08/09/1897, d. 02/03/1963, Sec. R, Site 89B, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, DEV BN 2 CO
WILLIAMS, Steve Sr, b. 02/28/1947, d. 11/25/1993, Sec. R, Site 394D, US AIR FORCE, SMSGT, VIETNAM
WILLIAMS, Taylor, b. 07/09/1890, d. 04/19/1970, Sec. F, Site 39, US ARMY, PFC CO.C, 307TH SVC
WILLIAMS, Theodore, d. 06/24/1944, Sec. C, Site 265, US ARMY, CPL 1510 ENGRS, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Theopulus, d. 12/13/1936, Sec. C, Site 104, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 319TH LAB
WILLIAMS, Tom, b. 05/31/1895, d. 06/19/1961, Sec. B, Site 2724A, US ARMY, PVT 27TH CO.161ST DP, WORLD WAR I
WILLIAMS, Vearge, b. 03/06/1893, d. 07/26/1968, Sec. B, Site 3521, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, DEV BN 8TH
WILLIAMS, Vera Lee, b. 07/30/1926, d. 06/24/1984, Sec. R, Site 409A, Wife of Henry Norman Williams
WILLIAMS, Walter Frank, b. 08/23/1911, d. 06/18/1991, Sec. A, Site 850A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Wilbert, b. 05/27/1911, d. 05/18/1978, Sec. D, Site 49, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, William J, b. 09/13/1912, d. 12/14/1986, Sec. F, Site 85A, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Willie, b. 02/15/1930, d. 09/28/1962, Sec. R, Site 90B, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 31ST MED
WILLIAMS, Willie, d. 04/03/1943, Sec. C, Site 173, US ARMY, CPL 22ND CO.6TH BATT, WORLD WAR I
WILLIAMS, Willie, b. 06/12/1919, d. 05/12/2002, Sec. E, Site 171, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Willie V, b. 04/14/1921, d. 04/26/2006, Sec. A, Site 1386-B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMS, Willis, d. 09/29/1917, Sec. A, Site 1372, CAVALRY, PVT CO.E, 4TH US CAV
WILLIAMSON, Alex Sr, b. 05/14/1917, d. 06/01/1991, Sec. C, Site 119A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WILLIAMSON, F, d. 05/16/1868, Sec. B, Site 1298, INFANTRY, CIV
WILLIAMSON, Henry Everette, b. 05/14/1897, d. 04/04/1958, Sec. R, Site 402, US ARMY, PHM3D, WORLD WAR I
WILLIAMSON, Infant, b. 12/04/1953, d. 12/04/1953, Sec. K, Site P63, Son (Minor Child) of Ruie Williamson
WILLIAMSON, Katie, b. 12/01/1919, d. 02/22/1991, Sec. C, Site 119A, Wife of Alex Williamson
WILLIE, Henry, b. 03/06/1918, d. 08/10/1943, Sec. C, Site 258, US ARMY, T/5-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
WILLIS, Arthur W, b. 07/04/1921, d. 04/12/1945, Sec. C, Site 349, US AIR FORCE, PFC 126TH INF, WORLD WAR II
WILLIS, Franklin A, b. 04/26/1913, d. 11/16/1944, Sec. C, Site 350, US ARMY, PFC 126TH INF USAGF, WORLD WAR II
WILLIS, Mary Hobson, b. 12/05/1908, d. 10/11/1993, Sec. B, Site 1217A, Wife of Theodore Willis
WILLIS, Norma I, b. 01/19/1937, d. 08/23/2016, Sec. F, Site 131, Wife of Willard Eugene Willis
WILLIS, Willard Eugene, b. 11/10/1930, d. 12/04/1970, Sec. F, Site 131, US ARMY, TSGT 3420TH INSTR SQ, VIETNAM
WILLOUGHBY, John A, b. 11/09/1910, d. 05/24/1992, Sec. D, Site 72, US NAVY, MM3/C, WORLD WAR II
WILLS, Olan Morris, b. 03/20/1918, d. 05/18/1991, Sec. E, Site 102A, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
WILLSHER, Elizabeth W, b. 05/06/1923, d. 10/15/2015, Sec. A, Site 1567A, Wife of Harry J Willsher
WILLSHER, Harry J, b. 04/07/1923, d. 10/21/1991, Sec. A, Site 1567A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
WILSON, Andrew V, b. 02/08/1917, d. 09/19/1977, Sec. B, Site 3368, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
WILSON, Annie B, b. 11/22/1893, d. 06/23/1980, Sec. B, Site 3644, Wife of John L Wilson
WILSON, Avery, b. 05/29/1911, d. 09/08/1987, Sec. B, Site 454B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WILSON, Ben, b. 01/26/1893, d. 07/25/1989, Sec. B, Site 1277-A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
WILSON, Brown A, b. 02/15/1933, d. 12/15/2006, Sec. C, Site 73A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, KOREA
WILSON, Dudley D, d. 10/10/1940, Sec. B, Site 3038, US ARMY, PVT CO.H, 4TH MISS
WILSON, Ed, b. 10/17/1895, d. 09/07/1969, Sec. D, Site 98, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 508TH ENGRS
WILSON, Eddie, d. 10/28/1918, Sec. A, Site 1409, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 419TH RES
WILSON, Florence W, b. 07/28/1932, d. 12/06/1989, Sec. D, Site 98, Wife of Ed Wilson Sr
WILSON, Frankie Lee, b. 01/09/1928, d. 04/18/1993, Sec. C, Site 187A, US ARMY, SGM
WILSON, George H, d. 04/18/1940, Sec. R, Site 144, US ARMY, PVT CO.K, 68TH INF
WILSON, Gordan, d. 09/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 1789, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 109TH USCT
WILSON, Harry D Jr, b. 10/01/1990, d. 10/01/1990, Sec. A, Site 191A, US AIR FORCE, SSGT
WILSON, Henry, d. 04/18/1864, Sec. A, Site 1204, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 2ND MO BTRY
WILSON, Hezekiaih, d. 08/27/1866, Sec. B, Site 1689, INFANTRY, SGT CO.A, 117TH USC
WILSON, Hyman, b. 11/26/1911, d. 12/28/1964, Sec. B, Site 3654, US ARMY, PFC 176TH PORT CO, TC
WILSON, Ivory, b. 12/16/1924, d. 02/07/1979, Sec. B, Site 2790A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WILSON, James, Sec. A, Site 16, INFANTRY
WILSON, John, b. 02/25/1895, d. 07/18/1965, Sec. B, Site 3644, US ARMY, CPL CO.B, 304TH STEVE
WILSON, Julia A, b. 03/28/1930, d. 12/05/1979, Sec. B, Site 2790A, Wife of Ivory Wilson
WILSON, Leslie G, b. 03/23/1902, d. 12/17/1978, Sec. A, Site 1360A, US ARMY, RANK UNK, WORLD WAR II
WILSON, Louis, b. 04/18/1929, d. 07/15/1993, Sec. A, Site 1092B, US ARMY, PV2, KOREA
WILSON, Lucinda N, b. 07/29/1929, d. 12/19/2012, Sec. B, Site 3654, Wife of Hyman Wilson
WILSON, Marie Q, b. 03/28/1937, d. 10/12/2018, Sec. B, Site 3103A, Wife of Sammy Allen Wilson
WILSON, Marvin Woodrow, b. 07/04/1923, d. 01/26/1993, Sec. F, Site 298, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, KOREA
WILSON, Mary B, b. 02/02/1921, d. 09/14/1999, Sec. B, Site 1277-A, Wife of Ben Wilson
WILSON, Nancy M, b. 05/27/1927, d. 02/01/2001, Sec. B, Site 1206A, Wife of Ples Wilson
WILSON, Ples, b. 12/02/1921, d. 01/06/1965, Sec. B, Site 1206A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WILSON, Richard, b. 04/14/1917, d. 07/30/1986, Sec. B, Site 1698E, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, KOREA
WILSON, Sammy Allen, b. 04/19/1931, d. 12/06/1984, Sec. B, Site 3103A, US ARMY, SFC, KOREA
WILSON, Thomas, Sec. A, Site 803, US NAVY, GUN BOAT US
WILSON, Tom, b. 07/15/1909, d. 07/01/1989, Sec. F, Site 226A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WILSON, W H, d. 09/12/1865, Sec. B, Site 1124, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 42ND USC
WILTER, Benjamin, d. 09/12/1864, Sec. A, Site 1046, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 32ND OHIO
WILTON, Beatrice, b. 11/06/1928, d. 01/30/1991, Sec. A, Site 376A, Wife of Joe Wilton
WILTON, Henry, b. 06/01/1897, d. 12/09/1973, Sec. A, Site 950A, US ARMY, PVT LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR I
WILTON, Laura, b. 08/29/1899, d. 05/11/1988, Sec. C, Site 193, Wife of Robert Wilton
WILTON, Robert, d. 06/26/1944, Sec. C, Site 193, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 330TH ENGR
WIMBERLY, Hal Willis, b. 03/26/1912, d. 04/04/1988, Sec. A, Site 784-A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, KOREA
WIMBERLY, Marshall N, b. 01/27/1914, d. 05/09/1985, Sec. A, Site 1524A, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
WIMBERLY, Nancy G, b. 07/27/1921, d. 01/13/1996, Sec. A, Site 784-A, Wife of Hal Willis Wimberly
WINANS, Ross M, b. 10/24/1897, d. 01/16/1948, Sec. C, Site 271A, US ARMY, SGT 141 FLD ARTY, 39T
WINBORNE, Anne A, b. 12/26/1918, d. 03/17/1998, Sec. F, Site 59, Wife of James C Winborne
WINBORNE, James C, b. 06/29/1915, d. 02/27/1970, Sec. F, Site 59, US ARMY, MSGT-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
WINBUSH, Calvin, b. 08/25/1954, d. 02/28/1993, Sec. A, Site 1372G, US ARMY, PFC
WINBUSH, Richard, b. 12/10/1898, d. 08/20/1966, Sec. B, Site 3237, US ARMY, PVT 7TH CO, 2ND RECON
WINDER, Bernett W, b. 03/31/1929, d. 09/10/1995, Sec. B, Site 3127, Wife of Broda Winder
WINDER, Broda, b. 01/03/1922, d. 07/24/1978, Sec. B, Site 3127, US NAVY, SEAMAN FIRST CLASS, WORLD WAR II
WINDER, Johnny, b. 01/17/1894, d. 02/09/1976, Sec. A, Site 1411C, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
WINDER, Ursela Latrice, b. 01/17/1972, d. 01/24/1972, Sec. A, Site 103A, Daughter (Adult) of Jimmy R Winder
WINDER-COLLINS, Connie Marie, b. 06/12/1951, d. 10/14/2014, Sec. A, Site 911E, US NAVY, DPSN, VIETNAM
WINDHAM, Agnes Stakelum, b. 12/26/1910, d. 01/25/2006, Sec. B, Site 2002I, Wife of James E Windham
WINDHAM, Elsye, d. 06/23/1934, Sec. A, Site 559A, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 162ND US
WINDHAM, James E, b. 12/20/1910, d. 03/31/1986, Sec. B, Site 2002I, US ARMY, LT COL, WORLD WAR II
WINDSOR, Nathaniel, d. 02/04/1866, Sec. B, Site 831, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 4TH WIS INF
WINEGEART, Adolph Alfred, b. 10/06/1923, d. 01/07/1991, Sec. A, Site 446A, US NAVY, COX, WORLD WAR II
WINEGEART, Willie Sayes, b. 07/30/1926, d. 05/29/1991, Sec. A, Site 446A, Wife of Adolph Alfred Winegeart
WING, Abraham, d. 08/08/1866, Sec. B, Site 2590, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 34TH IOWA
WINGATE, Wallace G, b. 07/06/1904, d. 06/12/1990, Sec. A, Site 1437F, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WINN, Alferd, d. 09/22/1864, Sec. A, Site 696, INFANTRY, SGT CO.E, 47TH USC
WINNFIELD, Otis, b. 09/02/1929, d. 08/03/1958, Sec. E, Site 255, US ARMY, PFC CO.A, 509TH TANK
WINSLOW, Edward, d. 09/05/1865, Sec. A, Site 687, INFANTRY, CO.E, 68TH USC INF
WINSTON, Steven T C, b. 09/02/1976, d. 09/04/1976, Sec. E, Site 58, Son (Minor Child) of Elijah T Winston
WINTHROP, Alvin Sr, b. 09/02/1918, d. 06/04/2001, Sec. A, Site 514B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WINTHROP, Marjorie D, b. 10/23/1922, d. 07/26/1992, Sec. A, Site 514B, Wife of Alvin Winthrop Sr
WIPPLE, Alfred, d. 09/05/1867, Sec. B, Site 503, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 17TH US INF
WISE, Henry, b. 01/01/1891, d. 01/30/1975, Sec. A, Site 1669, US ARMY, PVT-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR I
WISE, James Sherman, b. 04/02/1911, d. 10/31/1979, Sec. B, Site 2842A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WISE, Sam Meeker, b. 05/19/1891, d. 10/10/1953, Sec. C, Site 270A, US ARMY, PVT-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR I
WISENOR, Ernest J, b. 06/04/1930, d. 08/13/1950, Sec. E, Site 98, US ARMY, CPL
WITHERILL, Francis W, d. 09/09/1882, Sec. B, Site 2809, Son (Minor Child) of Capt Witherill
WITHEROW, Paul G, b. 08/25/1917, d. 03/25/1988, Sec. A, Site 783C, US AIR FORCE, MAJ
WITHEROW, Virginia A, b. 01/23/1921, d. 11/28/1989, Sec. A, Site 783C, Wife of Paul Witherow
WITT, Hellen G, b. 02/20/1915, d. 03/08/2016, Sec. B, Site 3657, Wife of Roland J Witt
WITT, Roland J, b. 05/31/1909, d. 01/05/1967, Sec. B, Site 3657, US ARMY, SP5 MED HOLDING DET, WORLD WAR II
WITTMER, Martha L, b. 02/22/1919, d. 01/06/1976, Sec. F, Site 41, Wife of Robert M Wittmer
WITTMER, Robert M, b. 10/09/1910, d. 01/21/1974, Sec. F, Site 41, US AIR FORCE, CWO1, WORLD WAR II
WOFFORD, F, Sec. B, Site 2664, INFANTRY, CO.E, 35TH US INF
WOFFORD, Joseph H, d. 12/24/1944, Sec. R, Site 248, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, HOSP CORPS
WOJCIECHOWSKI, Charlotte B, b. 07/21/1925, d. 10/17/2006, Sec. B, Site 3530, Wife of Stanley J Wojciechowski Sr
WOJCIECHOWSKI, Stanley J Sr, b. 04/30/1923, d. 11/19/2003, Sec. B, Site 3530, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
WOLFE, Allen L, b. 05/12/1921, d. 12/02/1980, Sec. R, Site 493, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
WOLFE, Patsy, b. 02/15/1929, d. 08/02/2017, Sec. R, Site 493, Wife of Allen L Wolfe
WOLFINGER, Aaron S, d. 07/19/1865, Sec. A, Site 310, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 46TH ILL
WOLLENSCHLAEGER, Emil, d. 12/27/1886, Sec. B, Site 2824, CAVALRY, PVT CO.M, 8TH US CAV
WOOD, Alva, b. 02/27/1894, d. 01/28/1953, Sec. E, Site 56, US AIR FORCE, AIRMAN 1ST C 1704, WORLD WAR II
WOOD, Calvin, d. 09/19/1865, Sec. B, Site 1177, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 46TH USCT
WOOD, Mitchell M, d. 05/03/1936, Sec. A, Site 1489, US ARMY, CPL CO.C 1ST LA INF, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
WOOD, Richard, d. 09/02/1865, Sec. B, Site 1564, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 22ND USC
WOOD, Samuel, d. 12/26/1865, Sec. B, Site 1071, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 38TH USC
WOODARD, James B, b. 04/21/1928, d. 10/21/1991, Sec. B, Site 861D, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
WOODARD, Leola, b. 05/17/1927, d. 02/13/1969, Sec. R, Site 174-B, Wife of Herbert Woodard
WOODARD, Murray Benton, b. 08/24/1902, d. 01/08/1972, Sec. F, Site 262, US NAVY, C SP(S)-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
WOODARD, Sam, b. 01/12/1896, d. 01/31/1975, Sec. A, Site 1667, US ARMY, PFC-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR I
WOODLAND, Austin, d. 11/11/1866, Sec. B, Site 1121, US ARMY, PVT CO.I, 19TH USC
WOODLEY, Rebecca, b. 12/14/1918, d. 01/19/2003, Sec. A, Site 1130C, Wife of Sherman B Woodley
WOODLEY, Sherman B, b. 05/20/1916, d. 04/20/1989, Sec. A, Site 1130C, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WOODMAN, Carl, d. 11/27/1866, Sec. B, Site 355, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 17TH US INF
WOODROOF, Dorothy H, b. 07/22/1920, d. 01/07/2006, Sec. A, Site 1028A, Wife of John William Woodroof
WOODROOF, John William, b. 01/23/1922, d. 12/15/1972, Sec. A, Site 1028A, US ARMY, E-9 SGM CO.B, HQS COM
WOODS, Alice W, b. 02/14/1916, d. 07/31/1999, Sec. A, Site 307A, Wife of Joseph Hartley Woods
WOODS, Archie, b. 12/31/1924, d. 01/12/1989, Sec. B, Site 877C, US NAVY, BM2/C, WORLD WAR II
WOODS, Charles William, b. 01/06/1927, d. 03/30/1979, Sec. A, Site 1494E, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
WOODS, Clara B, b. 01/09/1929, d. 02/16/2010, Sec. A, Site 1270A, Wife of James Clarence Woods
WOODS, Henry, b. 05/20/1920, d. 09/29/1973, Sec. A, Site 1655, US ARMY, SSGT HQ CO 823 ENGR, WORLD WAR II
WOODS, Henry Gene, b. 09/12/1909, d. 09/22/1993, Sec. R, Site 188A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WOODS, James Clarence, b. 04/07/1924, d. 03/27/1975, Sec. A, Site 1270A, US ARMY, T/5-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
WOODS, Joseph Hartley, b. 08/09/1911, d. 03/29/1965, Sec. A, Site 307A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WOODS, Robert Curtis, b. 05/04/1912, d. 10/06/1963, Sec. R, Site 102B, US ARMY, PFC CO.B, 1324TH ENGR
WOODS, Ruby Lee, b. 07/26/1927, d. 05/24/1998, Sec. A, Site 1494E, Wife of Charles William Woods
WOODS, Samuel, d. 05/12/1864, Sec. A, Site 313, US ARMY, SGT CO.D, 56TH OHIO
WOODS, W K, d. 01/16/1874, Sec. A, Site 1014, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 19TH US INF
WOODS, William, b. 09/18/1914, d. 08/04/1990, Sec. B, Site 3380A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
WOODS, Yvonne Hughes, b. 02/28/1933, d. 01/18/1994, Sec. R, Site 188A, Wife of Henry Gene Woods
WOODWARD, Charles Cleveland, b. 01/01/1906, d. 04/27/1981, Sec. B, Site 3854, US NAVY, SM3
WOODWARD, George, d. 10/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 868, INFANTRY, CPL CO.B, 21ST ILL
WOODWARD, Mason, b. 04/06/1911, d. 03/14/1986, Sec. B, Site 2002D, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
WOODWARD, Norma B, b. 05/24/1909, d. 01/06/1999, Sec. B, Site 3854, Wife of Charles Cleveland Woodward
WOODY, Henderson, d. 10/22/1865, Sec. B, Site 353, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 24TH IND
WOOTEN, Earnest L, b. 10/28/1923, d. 05/09/1991, Sec. E, Site 100A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WOOTEN, James Elmore, b. 10/19/1925, d. 08/02/1975, Sec. A, Site 1494B, US AIR FORCE, A1C, WORLD WAR II
WORDEN, Norman C, d. 08/17/1943, Sec. R, Site 201, US ARMY, CPL 2ND CO, 166TH DEP
WORSHAM, William E, b. 02/11/1919, d. 02/19/1945, Sec. E, Site 28, US MARINE CORPS, 1ST LT-LOUISIANA
WORTHINGTON, Harry Doyle, b. 11/27/1904, d. 05/07/1949, Sec. C, Site 343, US COAST GUARD, CHIEF PETTY OFFICER
WOULARD, J A, d. 05/07/1862, Sec. B, Site 2734, US ARMY
WREN, Carol Ray, b. 02/26/1942, d. 12/21/1959, Sec. K, Site K160, US ARMY, 1ST LT RETIRED WHITE
WREN, Clovis B, b. 01/13/1907, d. 09/13/1973, Sec. K, Site K161, US ARMY, 1ST LT, WORLD WAR II
WREN, Iolia O, b. 05/08/1913, d. 11/13/2006, Sec. K, Site K161, Wife of Clovis B Wren
WRETTLE, S M, d. 06/19/1864, Sec. A, Site 1061, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 26TH IND
WRIGHT, Beatrice, b. 04/25/1926, d. 05/09/1992, Sec. B, Site 1A, Wife of Dave Wright Jr
WRIGHT, Dave Jr, b. 07/20/1920, d. 01/05/1980, Sec. B, Site 1A, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
WRIGHT, Eileen M, b. 02/16/1928, d. 05/31/2004, Sec. B, Site 1210A, Wife of Marion Jack Wright
WRIGHT, General, b. 03/05/1890, d. 07/27/1955, Sec. E, Site 172C, US ARMY, PFC, SVC CO
WRIGHT, George, d. 08/19/1866, Sec. B, Site 43, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 7TH USC
WRIGHT, George W, b. 07/20/1923, d. 10/29/1944, Sec. C, Site 275, US NAVY, S/1CL-LOUISIANA
WRIGHT, Infant, b. 06/25/1971, d. 06/25/1971, Sec. F, Site 232, Daughter (Minor Child) of James P Wright
WRIGHT, Infant, b. 01/13/1953, d. 01/13/1953, Sec. K, Site P52, Daughter (Minor Child) of Edgar W Wright
WRIGHT, Isiah, b. 01/09/1946, d. 09/28/1983, Sec. B, Site 3450, US ARMY, SSGT, VIETNAM
WRIGHT, J, d. 11/01/1885, Sec. B, Site 1809, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 7TH USCT
WRIGHT, Laura G, b. 08/29/1907, d. 06/25/1962, Sec. E, Site 172C, Wife of General Wright
WRIGHT, Marion Jack, b. 01/17/1920, d. 11/02/1989, Sec. B, Site 1210A, US ARMY, SFC
WRIGHT, Olevia, b. 12/25/1915, d. 10/19/2018, Sec. B, Site 3464A, Wife of Willie Wright
WRIGHT, Samuel E, b. 01/09/1891, d. 03/13/1957, Sec. C, Site 419, US ARMY, CPL CO.M, 1530 INF
WRIGHT, Uclous, b. 02/15/1895, d. 02/12/1945, Sec. C, Site 198, US ARMY, PVT 5TH 2ND BN, 162ND
WRIGHT, Walker, d. 12/08/1866, Sec. B, Site 1803, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 122TH USC
WRIGHT, William Newton, b. 06/06/1934, d. 04/18/1992, Sec. A, Site 1694, US AIR FORCE, A/3C
WRIGHT, Willie, b. 12/03/1889, d. 06/05/1982, Sec. B, Site 3464A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
WYATT, Jessie William, b. 02/07/1931, d. 11/23/1992, Sec. A, Site 552B, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
WYATT, Philip, Sec. A, Site 672, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 30TH USC
WYLIE, Clyde Herbert, b. 03/03/1944, d. 09/20/2010, Sec. D, Site 1B, US AIR FORCE, SRA, VIETNAM
WYMAN, H A, d. 05/12/1864, Sec. A, Site 1261, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 29TH ME INF
WYSINGLE, Rebecca P, b. 07/04/1927, d. 06/03/2008, Sec. A, Site 1067A, Wife of Willie Wysingle
WYSINGLE, Willie, b. 03/29/1910, d. 06/30/1990, Sec. A, Site 1067A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
YANCE, Philip T, d. 11/24/1865, Sec. B, Site 2622, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 57TH IND
YARBROUGH, John Calvin, b. 12/03/1888, d. 07/10/1954, Sec. C, Site 393, US ARMY, MECH CO.K, 57TH INF
YATES, Daniel D, d. 10/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 1355, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 29TH USC
YATES, Haskell, b. 11/28/1917, d. 04/01/1966, Sec. B, Site 821A, US AIR FORCE, TSG RETIRED, WORLD WAR II
YATES, Ira, d. 08/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 2144, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 117TH USCT
YATES, Lurline Mcquillin, b. 07/14/1923, d. 09/24/1994, Sec. B, Site 821A, Wife of Haskell P Yates
YEAGER, Daniel, d. 08/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 549, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 116TH USC
YEAGER, Henry F, b. 01/29/1924, d. 06/09/1994, Sec. E, Site 41A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
YEIGER, Fielding, d. 02/08/1867, Sec. B, Site 1984, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 114TH USCT
YIELDING, Wilburn Ross, b. 09/28/1930, d. 09/04/1950, Sec. C, Site 396, US ARMY, CPL 27TH INF 29TH, KOREA
YOAST, John, d. 12/03/1865, Sec. B, Site 829, CAVALRY, PVT CO.A, 2ND TEXAS
YODERS, James William, b. 01/31/1907, d. 09/14/1965, Sec. R, Site 474, US AIR FORCE, MSGT RETIRED, WORLD WAR II
YOEMANS, Isaac, d. 01/16/1864, Sec. B, Site 1281, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 95TH ILL
YOUNG, Andrew Merriman III, b. 12/03/1913, d. 10/02/1962, Sec. R, Site 285A, US ARMY, MAJOR MED CORPS
YOUNG, Augusta, b. 02/20/1889, d. 11/10/1956, Sec. C, Site 273C, US ARMY, PVT CO.1 DEV BN 2, WORLD WAR I
YOUNG, Ben Jr, b. 10/27/1917, d. 01/15/1973, Sec. A, Site 604A, US NAVY, CK2-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
YOUNG, Bruce J, b. 12/14/1932, d. 10/25/2006, Sec. D, Site 24A, US AIR FORCE, A1C, KOREA
YOUNG, C A, d. 08/05/1865, Sec. B, Site 1651, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 29TH CONN
YOUNG, Charles, d. 08/02/1866, Sec. B, Site 2599, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 17TH US INF
YOUNG, Charles L, b. 01/03/1938, d. 07/15/1994, Sec. A, Site 1258B, US NAVY, AO1
YOUNG, Charlie, b. 04/01/1920, d. 12/05/1983, Sec. B, Site 3446, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
YOUNG, Cheryl L, b. 11/21/1946, d. 10/08/1988, Sec. B, Site 898A, US AIR FORCE, A3/C, VIETNAM
YOUNG, Christopher, b. 02/22/1897, d. 06/07/1949, Sec. C, Site 263, US ARMY, SGT CO.B, 350 LABOR
YOUNG, Erna A, b. 11/02/1904, d. 10/01/1986, Sec. A, Site 435A, Wife of Irving W Young
YOUNG, Even Kliney, b. 01/12/1912, d. 02/18/1962, Sec. B, Site 2085A, US ARMY, PVT 895TH QM TRUCK, WORLD WAR II
YOUNG, Fred, d. 02/14/1934, Sec. C, Site 82, INFANTRY, PVT 812TH CO TRANS
YOUNG, Freddie, b. 11/26/1913, d. 03/17/1968, Sec. B, Site 3507, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 383RD ENGR
YOUNG, George, b. 02/15/1893, d. 04/23/1955, Sec. C, Site 272E, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 319TH LABOR
YOUNG, Henry, d. 08/10/1865, Sec. B, Site 2200, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 114TH USCT
YOUNG, Henry Y, d. 08/04/1929, Sec. C, Site 40, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 805TH PION
YOUNG, Irving Washington, b. 12/13/1895, d. 04/24/1954, Sec. A, Site 435A, US NAVY, WT, WORLD WAR I
YOUNG, J N, d. 02/27/1866, Sec. B, Site 2607, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 37TH ILL
YOUNG, James, d. 09/29/1875, Sec. A, Site 1285, CAVALRY, PVT CO.K, USG CAV
YOUNG, James, d. 10/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 2077, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 9TH USC
YOUNG, James, d. 07/11/1941, Sec. C, Site 161, US ARMY, PVT HQ CO.805TH PION, WORLD WAR I
YOUNG, John M, b. 01/09/1892, d. 02/15/1946, Sec. C, Site 208, US ARMY, PVT CO.G, 304TH REG
YOUNG, Marshall Sr, b. 04/05/1925, d. 06/30/2004, Sec. F, Site 157A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
YOUNG, Olga, b. 10/09/1927, d. 03/23/2018, Sec. R, Site 285A, US ARMY, MAJOR MED CORPS
YOUNG, Percy, b. 10/10/1910, d. 06/01/1992, Sec. E, Site 34-A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
YOUNG, Roberta S, b. 02/17/1930, d. 01/19/2008, Sec. D, Site 24A, Wife of Bruce J Young
YOUNG, Velma Lee, b. 10/27/1929, d. 11/01/1988, Sec. F, Site 157A, Wife of Marshall Young Sr
YOUNG, Vera, b. 01/22/1927, d. 10/12/2016, Sec. E, Site 34-A, Wife of Percy Young
YOUNG, Webster B, b. 11/08/1925, d. 04/24/1994, Sec. A, Site 1372H, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
YOUNG, Willie Alfred, b. 09/01/1934, d. 02/17/1991, Sec. A, Site 373A, US MARINE CORPS, PFC
YOUNG, Wilmer, b. 11/05/1893, d. 07/15/1965, Sec. R, Site 464, US ARMY, PFC CAS CO.1 US ARMY, WORLD WAR I
YOUNGBLOOD, Clyde L Sr, b. 04/09/1927, d. 11/22/1985, Sec. C, Site 303B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
YURT, Joseph, d. 10/16/1942, Sec. R, Site 169, US ARMY, CPL BTY A 2ND F.A., WORLD WAR I
ZACHMYC, Henry E, b. 09/13/1930, d. 07/28/1986, Sec. B, Site 1698D, US NAVY, HMCS, KOREA
ZEIGER, Andrew F, b. 01/07/1909, d. 05/05/1983, Sec. B, Site 3478, US NAVY, GMM 1C, WORLD WAR II
ZEIGLER, Alice, b. 01/07/1935, d. 03/05/1999, Sec. B, Site 878 C, Wife of Edward Willie Zeigler Jr
ZEIGLER, Edward Willie Jr, b. 11/12/1924, d. 01/05/1989, Sec. B, Site 878 C, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ZIDE, Martin B, b. 10/24/1928, d. 02/10/1996, Sec. A, Site 1551-B, US ARMY, PVT-1, KOREA
ZIEGLER, C H, d. 02/05/1894, Sec. R, Site 84, INFANTRY, US SIGNAL 1ST CL SGT
ZIMMERMAN, Arthur O, b. 04/30/1915, d. 04/14/1991, Sec. C, Site 129B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ZODER, John E, b. 02/20/1889, d. 11/25/1939, Sec. B, Site 3037, US ARMY, PVT CO.7 STUDENT'S, WORLD WAR I
ZODER, Mary R, b. 07/12/1870, d. 01/16/1966, Sec. B, Site 3037, Wife of John E Zoder
ZOOK, Dwight H, d. 05/13/1940, Sec. R, Site 146, US ARMY, SGT CO.G, 141ST TEXAS
ZULNY, James, d. 10/20/1864, Sec. A, Site 1198, US ARMY, PVT 2ND MO INF
ZWICK, William, b. 04/06/1898, d. 01/17/1948, Sec. C, Site 265A, US ARMY, AIR CORPS PFC, WORLD WAR II

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