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Alexandria National Cemetery
Pineville, Rapides Parish, Louisiana

GPS: 31.32172, -92.43289

209 E Shamrock St.
Pineville, LA 71360

Last updated: February 15, 2022
Total records: 9,063

Veterans Affairs Records, February 2022
Surnames P-R

Records linked below were acquired from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These records were compiled by the VA on February 7, 2022. Dates of death in these records range from 20-Jan-1823 to 11-Sep-2021. These include 969 records with no date of death. Total records: 9,063...

PACE, James Carlton, b. 08/02/1943, d. 12/18/1988, Sec. B, Site 887A, US ARMY, PVT, VIETNAM
PACE, John F, b. 10/23/1916, d. 09/12/1964, Sec. B, Site 3695, US ARMY, T/4 REGT 6TH CO, WORLD WAR II
PACE, Truby O, b. 08/23/1917, d. 01/19/1991, Sec. B, Site 3695, Wife of John F Pace
PACE, Victor Guyton, b. 03/06/1917, d. 10/01/1968, Sec. B, Site 3045A, US ARMY, MSGT 33D COMM SQ SAC, WORLD WAR II
PACE, Virginia, b. 05/28/1922, d. 03/29/1979, Sec. B, Site 3045A, Wife of Victor G Pace
PACE, William F, b. 09/30/1919, d. 03/13/1981, Sec. B, Site 3870, US AIR FORCE, LT COL, WORLD WAR II
PADIN, Roland Francis, b. 12/07/1929, d. 03/23/1990, Sec. A, Site 595A, US MARINE CORPS, PVT, KOREA
PAGE, Clyde, b. 01/01/1915, d. 11/10/1965, Sec. B, Site 1203A, US ARMY, T/3 495TH TRK CO TC, WORLD WAR II
PAGE, James M, b. 12/21/1891, d. 04/13/1977, Sec. B, Site 3351, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
PAGE, Rufus, b. 05/23/1927, d. 04/11/1974, Sec. F, Site 153, US ARMY, PVT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
PAGE, Sam, d. 05/02/1931, Sec. C, Site 59, US ARMY, PVT CO.K, 367TH INF
PAGE, Wiley, b. 12/05/1928, d. 02/18/1990, Sec. A, Site 1430A, US ARMY, US AIR FORCE, PVT
PAIGE, Donald Lee, b. 08/01/1954, d. 08/16/1994, Sec. R, Site 128F, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, VIETNAM
PAIGE, Nathan, b. 03/06/1917, d. 06/08/1989, Sec. A, Site 1271F, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
PAINE, George Harris, b. 01/01/1883, d. 05/11/1949, Sec. R, Site 300A, US ARMY, BRIG GENERAL RETIRED, WORLD WAR II
PAINE, Legrand C, b. 04/04/1886, d. 05/07/1959, Sec. R, Site 299, Wife of George H Paine
PAINE, Robert, d. 03/21/1894, Sec. R, Site 89, INFANTRY, SGT INDIAN SCOUT
PALI, Luther K, b. 05/07/1925, d. 07/07/1945, Sec. R, Site 258, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 142ND BN
PALM, Josh, b. 08/21/1944, d. 10/05/1966, Sec. B, Site 43A, US ARMY, PFC CO.C, 2ND BN 503R
PALMER, Archie, b. 04/02/1896, d. 11/23/1969, Sec. F, Site 11, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 523RD ENGRS
PALMER, Milton B, d. 07/30/1864, Sec. B, Site 971, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 91TH ILL
PALMER, William Franklin, b. 07/02/1914, d. 08/15/1962, Sec. B, Site 3703, US NAVY, PHM1 WHITE, WORLD WAR II
PALMORE, Rita Jane, b. 08/11/1934, d. 04/18/2008, Sec. A, Site 320C, Wife of James Palmore
PALMS, Quintin Dion, b. 07/16/1992, d. 08/01/1992, Sec. A, Site 230A, Son (Minor Child) of Courtney Dion Palms
PANZA, Richard, d. 11/26/1865, Sec. B, Site 2155, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 41 USCT INF
PAPPAS, Elmo J, b. 05/22/1918, d. 01/03/1968, Sec. B, Site 3325, US AIR FORCE, CWO 1095 SUPP SQD, WORLD WAR II
PARCELL, W H, d. 09/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 940, INFANTRY, CPL CO.E, 23RD KY INF
PARHAM, Nat, b. 06/29/1893, d. 02/19/1966, Sec. R, Site 125B, US ARMY, COOK 56TH INF STATE:, WORLD WAR I
PARISH, John, d. 09/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 481, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 77TH PA INF
PARKER, Albert L, d. 09/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 950, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 41 OHIO INF
PARKER, Alex Scott, b. 01/12/1895, d. 08/31/1947, Sec. R, Site 279, US ARMY AIR FORCES, PVT STATE: TEXAS, WORLD WAR I
PARKER, Anderson, b. 12/26/1916, d. 08/28/1959, Sec. C, Site 305A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
PARKER, Angie, b. 09/25/1898, d. 08/03/1986, Sec. R, Site 431, Wife of Crawford Parker
PARKER, Anthony Jack, b. 12/08/1886, d. 10/12/1964, Sec. B, Site 3697, US ARMY, SGT 129TH GUARD CO., WORLD WAR I
PARKER, Barbara Jean, b. 08/24/1958, d. 08/24/1958, Sec. K, Site K107, Daughter (Minor Child) of Bobby R Parker
PARKER, Crawford, b. 09/30/1895, d. 11/27/1960, Sec. R, Site 430, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 7TH ENGR DV
PARKER, Hilda, b. 10/31/1921, d. 05/24/2011, Sec. F, Site 221, Wife of Thomas Parker
PARKER, Jack, d. 10/24/1918, Sec. A, Site 1410, US ARMY, PVT CASUALTY CO, WORLD WAR I
PARKER, James, d. 08/19/1865, Sec. B, Site 2000, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 8TH USC INF
PARKER, John Burton, b. 02/13/1941, d. 05/20/1984, Sec. B, Site 3442B, US MARINE CORPS, CPL
PARKER, Joseph A, d. 12/11/1937, Sec. C, Site 116, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL CO.C, 343
PARKER, Mary, b. 05/12/1910, d. 04/12/1987, Sec. B, Site 3664, Wife of Tom Parker Jr
PARKER, Nettie, b. 08/29/1902, d. 04/13/1969, Sec. A, Site 1410, Wife of Jack Parker
PARKER, Rickey Darnell, b. 09/14/1958, d. 07/11/1978, Sec. B, Site 3129, US ARMY, PFC
PARKER, Susie, b. 06/06/1918, d. 08/16/2008, Sec. C, Site 305A, Wife of Anderson Parker
PARKER, Thomas, b. 08/24/1891, d. 11/03/1971, Sec. F, Site 221, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, RES TRNG
PARKER, Tom Jr, b. 02/12/1912, d. 10/14/1964, Sec. B, Site 3664, US ARMY, PVT HQ 371ST ENGR C, WORLD WAR II
PARKER, William, d. 09/27/1865, Sec. A, Site 821, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 120TH OHIO
PARKER, Wm, d. 11/26/1904, Sec. A, Site 1319, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 53RD USC
PARKIN, Thomas, b. 12/05/1958, d. 12/05/1958, Sec. K, Site K115, Son (Minor Child) of Henry E Parkin
PARNELL, Carl Anthony, b. 12/01/1910, d. 02/24/1954, Sec. E, Site 136, US AIR FORCE, 1ST LT 3380 MED CP, KOREA
PARR, W F, d. 09/30/1864, Sec. A, Site 775, INFANTRY, CO.G, 77TH OHIO INF
PARSEE, Joseph L, b. 07/24/1924, d. 01/14/1976, Sec. A, Site 1336C, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
PARSLEY, Ernest, b. 10/06/1896, d. 11/15/1953, Sec. C, Site 380, US ARMY, CPL CO.E, 34TH INF 7T
PARSLEY, Jimmie Raymond, b. 07/02/1929, d. 03/28/1993, Sec. A, Site 1340, US ARMY, MSG, KOREA
PARSON, Norwood, b. 10/14/1888, d. 09/19/1946, Sec. C, Site 222, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 415TH RES
PARSON, Sallie, b. 09/04/1895, d. 12/14/1959, Sec. C, Site 222, Wife of Norwood Parson
PARSONS, Fred S, b. 09/12/1908, d. 07/24/1985, Sec. A, Site 1529A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
PARSONS, G V, d. 10/01/1904, Sec. A, Site 1318, CAVALRY, PVT CO.E, 12TH ILL
PARSONS, Jesse, d. 09/06/1931, Sec. A, Site 542A, US ARMY, WAGONER SUPP CO. 359, WORLD WAR I
PARTEE, Aaron, b. 08/31/1895, d. 06/25/1949, Sec. C, Site 244, US ARMY, PFC COO.C, 419 RES
PARTEE, Mary, b. 03/31/1911, d. 01/30/1972, Sec. C, Site 244, Wife of Aaron Partee
PARULSKI, Joseph A Jr, b. 01/12/1923, d. 10/18/2003, Sec. F, Site 229A, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
PATE, Leland Cleo, b. 02/23/1918, d. 01/30/1991, Sec. A, Site 377A, US AIR FORCE, US MARINE CORPS, SSGT
PATE, Mollie, b. 06/07/1916, d. 08/17/2004, Sec. A, Site 377A, Wife of Leland Cleo Pate
PATERSON, Frank Kenneth, b. 12/26/1933, d. 02/17/1980, Sec. R, Site 520, US AIR FORCE, A1C, KOREA
PATERSON, W, d. 11/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 895, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 77TH PA INF
PATIN, Dedier Joseph, b. 12/05/1919, d. 01/28/1980, Sec. R, Site 61A, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
PATIN, Elizabeth M, b. 07/25/1924, d. 03/02/1990, Sec. R, Site 61A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
PATRICK, James, d. 11/01/1865, Sec. B, Site 2219, INFANTRY, PVT 118TH USCT INF
PATRICK, John Herman, b. 11/20/1932, d. 08/21/1988, Sec. B, Site 3322A, US ARMY, PV2, KOREA
PATRICK, Robert V, b. 12/05/1925, d. 06/22/1906, Sec. B, Site 1792-G, US NAVY, TM3 (E-4), WORLD WAR II
PATRICK, Suzanne M, b. 10/15/1944, d. 02/24/1995, Sec. B, Site 1792-G, Wife of Robert V Patrick
PATTERSON, Albert Anzie, b. 06/14/1909, d. 12/23/1963, Sec. R, Site 117A, US ARMY, PVT 32ND BASE HQ 2, WORLD WAR II
PATTERSON, Buck, d. 09/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 1548, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 23RD USC
PATTERSON, Elizabeth, b. 09/12/1924, d. 06/27/1986, Sec. B, Site 1698B, Wife of Harlman Patterson
PATTERSON, George, d. 08/12/1865, Sec. B, Site 1562, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 23RD USC
PATTERSON, Robert Edgar, b. 05/03/1898, d. 03/17/1969, Sec. B, Site 3018A, US NAVY, BM/C STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
PATTILLO, Catherine Marie, b. 12/14/1952, d. 12/20/1952, Sec. K, Site K39, Daughter (Minor Child) of William T Pattillo
PATTILLO, Christinia Marie, b. 08/01/1958, d. 08/01/1958, Sec. K, Site K39, Daughter (Minor Child) of William T Pattillo
PATTON, Carolyn Duelm, b. 05/21/1940, d. 09/02/2015, Sec. R, Site 179A, Wife of Gordon William Patton
PATTON, Gordon William, b. 05/08/1938, d. 08/28/1993, Sec. R, Site 179A, US ARMY, SFC, VIETNAM
PAUL, David Jr, b. 07/15/1924, d. 02/22/2000, Sec. A, Site 1701A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
PAUL, Edward E, d. 08/19/1865, Sec. B, Site 1163, INFANTRY, CPL CO.H, 43RD USCT
PAUL, Eugene Henry, b. 07/14/1914, d. 05/01/1963, Sec. B, Site 3631, US ARMY, SGT SVC BTRY 62ND FA, WORLD WAR II
PAUL, Laure-Reine G, b. 04/01/1915, d. 10/05/1993, Sec. R, Site 416A, Wife of Raymond C Paul Sr
PAUL, Mary H, b. 12/17/1922, d. 06/24/2013, Sec. B, Site 3631, Wife of Eugene Henry Paul
PAUL, Ola Mae, b. 01/01/1923, d. 03/26/1980, Sec. A, Site 1701A, Wife of David Paul Jr
PAUL, Raymond C, b. 11/10/1922, d. 02/24/2014, Sec. R, Site 416A, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
PAULSON, John, d. 08/18/1866, Sec. B, Site 332, INFANTRY, DRUM MAJOR 17TH US
PAXTON, Andrew P, b. 05/19/1923, d. 12/07/1969, Sec. F, Site 13, US ARMY, PVT 949 AIR BASE SEC, WORLD WAR II
PAXTON, Leo, b. 05/13/1921, d. 02/09/1952, Sec. E, Site 206, US ARMY, T-4 CO.C, 376TH ENG
PAYNE, David J, d. 10/03/1865, Sec. B, Site 301, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 38TH ILL
PAYNE, Isiah, b. 05/02/1888, d. 06/04/1948, Sec. C, Site 249, US ARMY, PFC QMC STATE: MISS, WORLD WAR I
PAYNE, Lucien, b. 01/06/1935, d. 05/28/1986, Sec. B, Site 1792A, US AIR FORCE, A3, KOREA
PAYNES, Frank, b. 09/16/1890, d. 01/08/1957, Sec. C, Site 1447A, US ARMY, PFC CO.B, 325TH SVC
PAYTON, Charles D, d. 07/22/1943, Sec. R, Site 193, US ARMY, SGT 1ST CL AUX REM, WORLD WAR I
PEACE, Jessie, d. 01/30/1937, Sec. C, Site 106, US ARMY, PVT HDQRS 815 PION, WORLD WAR I
PEACOCK, H S, d. 09/12/1865, Sec. B, Site 2728, CAVALRY, PVT CO.B, 7TH IND CAV
PEAK, Clarence, d. 09/20/1934, Sec. A, Site 560A, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL 92ND BALL, WORLD WAR I
PEARL, A W, d. 12/12/1880, Sec. B, Site 2796, INFANTRY, PRINCE MARIA 20TH US
PEARSON, Allen, d. 03/21/1866, Sec. B, Site 1215, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 117TH USCT
PEARSON, Barnabas, d. 08/11/1864, Sec. A, Site 1030, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 77TH OHIO
PEARSON, Clem H, d. 03/01/1868, Sec. A, Site 748, CAVALRY, 2ND MSGT 6TH US CAV
PEARSON, Eddie, b. 04/12/1894, d. 07/04/1967, Sec. B, Site 3276, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 526TH ENGR
PEARSON, John Raymond, b. 11/13/1902, d. 11/25/1982, Sec. R, Site 510, US ARMY, LTC, WORLD WAR II
PEARSON, Leonard A, d. 10/22/1865, Sec. B, Site 860, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 21ST KY INF
PEARSON, Louis Rexer, b. 03/13/1913, d. 04/08/1980, Sec. R, Site 511, US ARMY, 2ND LT ARMY NURSE, WORLD WAR II
PEARSON, Sim, b. 04/05/1910, d. 04/29/1952, Sec. E, Site 226, US ARMY, T-5 CO.A, 381 PORT
PEASE, Edward, d. 09/24/1940, Sec. R, Site 152, US MARINE CORPS, CORP STATE: N.J.
PEFFERS, Diana, b. 10/08/1907, d. 01/10/1972, Sec. R, Site 457, Wife of George Thomas Peffers
PEFFERS, George Thomas, b. 09/25/1907, d. 02/06/1963, Sec. R, Site 457, US AIR FORCE, MSGT STATE: MICH, WORLD WAR II
PELHAM, Edward L, b. 08/28/1897, d. 01/27/1984, Sec. B, Site 833A, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
PELOQUIN, Alphonse V, b. 01/31/1919, d. 07/14/1944, Sec. C, Site 307, US ARMY, SSGT 39TH INF 9 DIV, WORLD WAR II
PELTONEN, Eino H, d. 01/11/1942, Sec. B, Site 3039, US ARMY, PVT CO.G, 33RD ARMOR
PEMBERTON, Henry, d. 05/11/1866, Sec. R, Site 306, US NAVY, 2ND CLASS FIREMAN
PEMBRIC, Mary Clara, b. 07/25/1930, d. 04/09/2015, Sec. K, Site K64A, Wife of Robert Holmes Pembric
PEMBRIC, Robert Holmes, b. 07/23/1932, d. 12/02/1990, Sec. K, Site K64A, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
PEMBROOK, James, b. 08/27/1896, d. 12/20/1961, Sec. B, Site 2754A, US ARMY, SGT CO.B, 350 LABOR
PENDLETON, Charles Collins, b. 10/02/1918, d. 11/08/1957, Sec. E, Site 250A, US ARMY, T/5 576 ENGR DUMP TR, WORLD WAR II
PENDLETON, Elizabeth, d. 06/11/1883, Sec. R, Site 121, Daughter (Minor Child) of Unknown Pendleton
PENDLEY, Richard David, b. 03/17/1963, d. 03/17/1963, Sec. K, Site K122-A, Son (Minor Child) of Clarence D Pendley
PEPPERS, Daniel, d. 08/29/1864, Sec. A, Site 1039, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 36TH IOWA
PERCELL, J H, d. 09/04/1864, Sec. B, Site 803, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 28TH ILL
PEREZ, Tony, b. 12/25/1917, d. 11/21/1985, Sec. A, Site 1552A, US AIR FORCE, A1C, WORLD WAR II
PERINI, Phil C, b. 05/27/1877, d. 07/18/1950, Sec. E, Site 61, US ARMY, SGT 879 AERO SQ AIR, WORLD WAR I
PERKE, Christian, d. 11/04/1865, Sec. B, Site 2695, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 13TH WIS
PERKINS, Harry, d. 04/23/1875, Sec. B, Site 2749, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 24TH US INF
PERKINS, Hattie, b. 06/27/1921, d. 03/13/2016, Sec. B, Site 1181A, Wife of Lee Perkins
PERKINS, Henry C Jr, d. 06/18/1941, Sec. R, Site 164, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 114TH ENGRS
PERKINS, Jeanette, b. 01/07/1927, d. 09/09/1999, Sec. C, Site 388-A, Adult Dependent Daughter of Lewis Perkins Sr
PERKINS, Jeannette, b. 12/20/1890, d. 09/05/1954, Sec. C, Site 388-A, US ARMY, NURSE, WORLD WAR I
PERKINS, Lee, b. 06/06/1913, d. 12/19/1989, Sec. B, Site 1181A, US COAST GUARD, BM2/C, WORLD WAR II
PERKINS, Leo F, b. 06/11/1909, d. 07/10/1982, Sec. R, Site 157A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
PERKINS, Lewis Sr, b. 09/18/1888, d. 02/10/1965, Sec. C, Site 388-B, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR I
PERKINS, Louis Joseph, b. 11/08/1893, d. 12/04/1958, Sec. E, Site 246, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 410 RES LAB
PERRAULT, Alfred, d. 02/07/1935, Sec. C, Site 89, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL CO.B, 309T
PERRIGER, Levi, d. 09/22/1865, Sec. B, Site 2133, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 41ST USC
PERRY, Albert Jr, b. 04/05/1928, d. 01/24/1953, Sec. E, Site 236, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
PERRY, Albert Sr, b. 05/21/1917, d. 09/10/1971, Sec. F, Site 109, US ARMY, T-5 CO.C, 189TH ENGR
PERRY, Charles J, b. 06/13/1929, d. 09/03/1987, Sec. B, Site 454C, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
PERRY, Delores, b. 03/04/1933, d. 09/19/2020, Sec. C, Site 77A, Wife of Isiah Perry
PERRY, Dorothy, b. 07/12/1924, d. 04/29/1990, Sec. B, Site 3471A, Wife of Ernest Perry
PERRY, Ernest, b. 02/28/1926, d. 03/19/1982, Sec. B, Site 3471A, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
PERRY, George M, b. 02/28/1924, d. 01/02/1981, Sec. R, Site 486, US MARINE CORPS, COOK 1ST CL, WORLD WAR II
PERRY, Gertrude G, b. 12/08/1927, d. 06/30/2015, Sec. A, Site 731B, Wife of Jim Perry
PERRY, Isiah, b. 02/18/1933, d. 02/16/1994, Sec. C, Site 77A, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
PERRY, Jeff, b. 03/02/1916, d. 11/12/1981, Sec. B, Site 3486A, US NAVY, COOK 3 CL, WORLD WAR II
PERRY, Jim, b. 12/05/1921, d. 03/24/1988, Sec. A, Site 731B, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
PERRY, Joe, b. 08/10/1846, d. 12/26/1983, Sec. B, Site 1529A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
PERRY, Moses, d. 09/18/1866, Sec. B, Site 1682, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 117TH USC
PERRY, Moses, d. 09/12/1943, Sec. C, Site 180, US ARMY, PVT CO.5TH 165TH DEP, WORLD WAR I
PERRY, Ollie Jr, b. 07/15/1924, d. 11/11/1983, Sec. B, Site 3041A, US NAVY, STM2, WORLD WAR II
PERRY, Ralph, b. 08/18/1954, d. 04/15/1978, Sec. B, Site 3144, US AIR FORCE, AIRMAN 2/C, VIETNAM
PERRY, Reuben, d. 07/19/1940, Sec. R, Site 135, US ARMY, PVT CO.E, 7TH 3RD DIV
PERRY, Robert, b. 05/25/1914, d. 12/16/1968, Sec. B, Site 2046-B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
PERRY, Robert Harold, b. 11/18/1910, d. 02/19/1972, Sec. A, Site 142A, US ARMY, T/5 536TH QM SALV, WORLD WAR II
PERRY, Rosa Lee, b. 07/18/1929, d. 09/03/2021, Sec. B, Site 3486A, Wife of Jeff Perry
PERSCHY, Peter Joseph, b. 06/29/1965, d. 08/15/1994, Sec. R, Site 453, US ARMY, SGT
PERSON, Amos, d. 09/27/1866, Sec. B, Site 417, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 44TH ILL
PERVIEW, E, d. 07/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 1284, INFANTRY, CIV
PETER, Philip, d. 01/18/1864, Sec. A, Site 778, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 77TH OHIO
PETERS, James, d. 10/28/1877, Sec. B, Site 2770, CAVALRY, PVT CO.I, 8TH US CAV
PETERS, Lonnie Branner, b. 06/05/1911, d. 04/20/1973, Sec. A, Site 102A, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
PETERS, Wilfred M, b. 05/29/1920, d. 03/09/1994, Sec. K, Site K159, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
PETERS, William, d. 09/02/1865, Sec. B, Site 459, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 35TH IND
PETERSON, Arnold, d. 08/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 1652, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 29TH CONN
PETERSON, Arthur Bookter, b. 11/10/1931, d. 11/12/1931, Sec. A, Site 545A, US NAVY, FIREMAN 3RD CL, WORLD WAR I
PETERSON, Clarence E, b. 09/24/1921, d. 08/25/1981, Sec. B, Site 3812, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
PETERSON, Elmo, b. 01/18/1915, d. 07/17/1973, Sec. A, Site 757A, US ARMY, TEC-5 3996TH QM TRK, WORLD WAR II
PETERSON, Mary Ida, b. 01/26/1892, d. 03/17/1965, Sec. A, Site 545A, Wife of Arthur Bookter Peterson
PETERSON, Nathaniel, b. 09/16/1924, d. 08/17/1989, Sec. B, Site 1222A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
PETERSON, Nils, d. 01/12/1928, Sec. A, Site 1452, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 214 ENGRS
PETERSON, Oscar Enoch, d. 05/10/1942, Sec. R, Site 148, US NAVY, GUN 1CL RETIRED, WORLD WAR II
PETERSON, Roosevelt, b. 11/22/1919, d. 11/23/1985, Sec. C, Site 301B, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
PETERSON, Willie Mae, b. 05/15/1925, d. 04/03/2012, Sec. C, Site 301B, Wife of Roosevelt Peterson
PETTY, Ivan Jacob, b. 02/15/1904, d. 05/30/1964, Sec. B, Site 3736, US AIR FORCE, MSG UNITED STATES AF, WORLD WAR II
PEUNA, Nicholas, d. 12/23/1865, Sec. B, Site 1285, INFANTRY, CIV
PEVY, Am, b. 05/19/1893, d. 03/09/1960, Sec. R, Site 318, US ARMY, PVT CO.M, 156 INF 39T
PEYTON, Jimmie, d. 12/13/1942, Sec. C, Site 168, US ARMY, PVT 12TH CO.3RD TRNG, WORLD WAR I
PEYTON, Stewart R, b. 02/04/1912, d. 05/14/1975, Sec. A, Site 1437A, US ARMY, PFC STATE: IOWA, WORLD WAR II
PFEIFER, Iviich, Sec. A, Site 295, INFANTRY, N.Y.
PHARIS, John A, b. 08/19/1936, d. 04/27/1994, Sec. D, Site 37A, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
PHELPS, Dewey Earle, b. 06/24/1898, d. 06/19/1953, Sec. E, Site 121, US ARMY, MAJOR MARIETTA TC, WORLD WAR II
PHELPS, Martin, d. 11/06/1866, Sec. B, Site 802, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 28TH ILL
PHELPS, Patricia, Sec. K, Site P47, Daughter (Minor Child) of Wilbur Huckman Phelps
PHELPS, Paul, b. 09/19/1952, d. 09/20/1952, Sec. K, Site P47, Son (Minor Child) of Wilbur Huckman Phelps
PHELPS, Thelma H, b. 03/14/1901, d. 12/30/1987, Sec. E, Site 120, Wife of Dewey E Phelps
PHILLEY, Jack O, b. 06/15/1923, d. 02/06/1945, Sec. E, Site 44, US AIR FORCE, 2ND LT STATE: TEXAS, WORLD WAR II
PHILLIPPS, Davis, d. 09/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 421, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 31ST IND
PHILLIPS, Bennie, b. 08/21/1898, d. 03/26/1962, Sec. B, Site 3773, US ARMY, PFC CO.B, 17TH MG BN
PHILLIPS, Bobbie Nell, b. 01/03/1923, d. 06/19/2013, Sec. B, Site 548B, Wife of William Phillips Sr
PHILLIPS, Dave, d. 10/21/1924, Sec. C, Site 20, INFANTRY, PVT 805 PION INF
PHILLIPS, Doris C, b. 07/05/1924, d. 03/19/2005, Sec. B, Site 3502F, Wife of Jasper N Phillips
PHILLIPS, Floyd Emerson, b. 03/06/1908, d. 04/18/1956, Sec. E, Site 107A, US NAVY, RADARMAN 3RD CL W, WORLD WAR II
PHILLIPS, Gerald B, b. 09/08/1949, d. 04/05/2004, Sec. B, Site 1637A, US ARMY, SP5, VIETNAM
PHILLIPS, Henry, b. 11/10/1925, d. 08/30/1993, Sec. A, Site 847C, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
PHILLIPS, Jasper N, b. 11/15/1915, d. 09/23/1986, Sec. B, Site 3502F, US NAVY, SKG
PHILLIPS, Joseph A, b. 12/04/1898, d. 03/18/1976, Sec. A, Site 1219C, US ARMY, 1ST SGT, WORLD WAR II
PHILLIPS, Lisbon, b. 07/22/1897, d. 01/11/1981, Sec. R, Site 3890, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
PHILLIPS, Mary, b. 01/15/1900, d. 09/27/1985, Sec. R, Site 3890, Wife of Lisbon Phillips
PHILLIPS, Sallie S, b. 11/07/1883, d. 01/08/1963, Sec. A, Site 1472, Wife of William A Phillips
PHILLIPS, Vivian O, b. 09/18/1912, d. 09/18/1985, Sec. B, Site 3773, Wife of Bennie Phillips
PHILLIPS, William, b. 08/21/1918, d. 04/02/1976, Sec. B, Site 548B, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
PHILLIPS, William A, b. 05/02/1880, d. 03/13/1935, Sec. A, Site 1472, US ARMY, CORPL CO.E, 11TH US
PHILLPOTT, David A, d. 02/01/1866, Sec. B, Site 848, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 21ST KY INF
PHINIZY, Otis, d. 09/30/1930, Sec. C, Site 51, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 431 SERV BN
PHINNEY, George, d. 08/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 2095, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 9TH USCT
PHOENIX, George, b. 04/06/1897, d. 11/19/1987, Sec. B, Site 440A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
PIATT, Cathey Ellen, b. 07/16/1952, d. 07/17/1952, Sec. K, Site P42, Daughter (Minor Child) of Donald T Piatt
PICKARD, John S Jr, d. 10/03/1935, Sec. A, Site 1485, US ARMY, SERGT CO.I, 2ND US VO
PICKETT, Vernon W, b. 08/12/1912, d. 09/14/1944, Sec. R, Site 298, US ARMY, 1ST LT 137TH INF 35, WORLD WAR II
PIER, Robert R, d. 03/27/1943, Sec. R, Site 171, US ARMY, SSGT 477TH BOMB SQDN, WORLD WAR II
PIERCE, Frank B, d. 11/19/1918, Sec. C, Site 2, INFANTRY
PIERCE, Franklin, d. 08/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 1557, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 23RD USC
PIERCE, Lula, b. 02/09/1900, d. 01/10/1987, Sec. B, Site 3513, Wife of Manie Pierce
PIERCE, Manie, b. 12/25/1894, d. 07/18/1968, Sec. B, Site 3513, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 530TH ENGR
PIERRE, James E, b. 07/16/1915, d. 11/10/1983, Sec. B, Site 809A, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
PIERSON, Hezkiah, b. 06/04/1888, d. 06/18/1957, Sec. C, Site 289A, US ARMY, PVT 11TH CO, 3RD TNG
PIERSON, Lela L, b. 01/27/1893, d. 05/06/1961, Sec. C, Site 288A, Wife of Hezkiah Pierson
PIERSON, Neal Joseph, b. 11/21/1915, d. 12/07/1966, Sec. B, Site 3266, US AIR FORCE, MSGT-MISSOURI, WORLD WAR II
PIERSON, Richard N, b. 04/15/1923, d. 02/12/1996, Sec. A, Site 1651-A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
PIERSON, Roosevelt, b. 09/27/1947, d. 08/05/1980, Sec. R, Site 3909, US ARMY, SGT, VIETNAM
PIERSON, Velma T, b. 01/22/1910, d. 04/12/2009, Sec. B, Site 3266, Wife of Neal Joseph Pierson
PIKLAHN, Walter, d. 06/20/1945, Sec. K, Site PW-4, FOREIGN FORCES, PVT GERMAN POW
PILCHER, Grover Cleveland, b. 02/04/1923, d. 04/22/1945, Sec. C, Site 298A, US NAVY, RES 3C STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
PILCHER, James E, b. 04/19/1920, d. 11/26/1944, Sec. C, Site 298B, US AIR FORCE, TSGT 734 AAF BOMB, WORLD WAR II
PILGREEN, Phelan T, b. 07/11/1924, d. 03/08/1988, Sec. A, Site 721A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
PILLEY, George Clayton, b. 12/28/1941, d. 01/07/1991, Sec. A, Site 441A, US ARMY, SSGT, VIETNAM
PINKLEY, Herbert Harvey, b. 12/22/1923, d. 08/13/1988, Sec. A, Site 1205A, US ARMY, SFC
PINKLEY, Suzanne H, b. 09/12/1929, d. 10/26/2010, Sec. A, Site 1205A, Wife of Herbert Harvey Pinkley
PINKNEY, Lee, b. 03/04/1895, d. 10/04/1976, Sec. B, Site 3340, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
PINKNEY, Leroy Jr, b. 04/29/1922, d. 01/01/1967, Sec. B, Site 375A, US ARMY, PFC 246TH AAF BU AC, WORLD WAR II
PINKNEY, Letha, b. 12/08/1899, d. 09/12/1979, Sec. B, Site 3340, Wife of Lee Pinkney
PINTON, J H, d. 07/01/1865, Sec. B, Site 943, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 77TH PA INF
PIPER, John, b. 08/05/1896, d. 01/24/1969, Sec. R, Site 1B, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 419TH RES
PIPKINS, Lenzy, b. 05/22/1930, d. 12/22/1988, Sec. B, Site 882A, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
PITRE, Atney, b. 02/17/1906, d. 12/13/1944, Sec. E, Site 21, US ARMY, SGT 49TH AAF AVC SQ, WORLD WAR II
PITRE, Charles Dalton, b. 03/28/1900, d. 12/01/1971, Sec. F, Site 208, US ARMY, MAJOR HQ DET US AR, WORLD WAR II
PITRE, Elinor F, b. 06/15/1912, d. 12/24/2005, Sec. F, Site 208, Wife of Charles Dalton Pitre
PITRE, Norman Claud, b. 12/26/1906, d. 04/03/1953, Sec. E, Site 114, US ARMY, PVT MD 1987 SVC COMD, WORLD WAR II
PITRE, Paul Sr, b. 10/04/1931, d. 04/08/1992, Sec. A, Site 1697, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
PITTMAN, Benjamin Leonidas, b. 11/21/1898, d. 01/11/1959, Sec. R, Site 408, US ARMY, MSGT PHARMACIST
PITTMAN, Beuford A, b. 07/22/1906, d. 04/06/1994, Sec. K, Site K155, US ARMY, COLONEL, WORLD WAR II
PITTMAN, Helen S, b. 09/28/1893, d. 11/06/1985, Sec. R, Site 407, Wife of Benjamin L Pittman
PITTMAN, James R, b. 07/05/1927, d. 09/11/2011, Sec. R, Site 408, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
PITTMAN, Olivia Mae, b. 04/15/1911, d. 03/14/1994, Sec. K, Site K155, Wife of Beuford A Pittman
PITTS, J E, d. 09/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 1103, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 8TH USC INF
PITTS, James Ernest Jr, b. 03/05/1927, d. 01/18/1963, Sec. R, Site 96B, US AIR FORCE, TSGT 3535 OTW OBS, WORLD WAR II
PITTS, Stewart, d. 04/21/1866, Sec. B, Site 2093, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 9TH USC INF
PIZANIE, Irene Bell, d. 05/28/1950, Sec. C, Site 366A, Wife of Verdie B Pizanie
PIZANIE, Verdie B, b. 08/20/1910, d. 12/20/1944, Sec. C, Site 365, US ARMY, PVT CO.G, 307 INF 77T
PLACE, Lester, d. 10/31/1864, Sec. A, Site 789, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 32ND IOWA
PLAZER, Fred, d. 02/06/1865, Sec. A, Site 776, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 77TH OHIO
PLEASANT, Elizabeth T, b. 10/22/1928, d. 12/24/2012, Sec. F, Site 108, Wife of Otha Pleasant
PLEASANT, Otha, b. 12/08/1915, d. 09/02/1971, Sec. F, Site 108, US ARMY, CPL 3523 QM TRUCK CO, WORLD WAR II
PLEGGETT, Adam, d. 09/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 1666, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 29TH USC
PLUM, Frank, b. 11/18/1908, d. 03/19/1988, Sec. A, Site 729A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
POGUE, William, d. 05/24/1899, Sec. B, Site 2830, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 37TH NJ INF
POLK, Alice, b. 09/15/1919, d. 11/19/2003, Sec. B, Site 1218D, Wife of Joseph Polk
POLK, Helen Ruth, b. 06/13/1921, d. 10/08/1971, Sec. F, Site 212, Wife of Milton Polk
POLK, James K, d. 09/14/1865, Sec. B, Site 1608, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 19TH USCT
POLK, Joe, b. 12/21/1924, d. 07/06/1944, Sec. C, Site 292, US MARINE CORPS, PFC STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
POLK, Joseph, b. 09/18/1914, d. 10/12/1993, Sec. B, Site 1218D, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
POLK, Milton, b. 03/12/1921, d. 08/19/1970, Sec. F, Site 212, US ARMY, TEC 4 273 SIG CONSTR, WORLD WAR II
POLK, Robert Lee, b. 06/22/1914, d. 06/24/1978, Sec. B, Site 3133, US ARMY, CWO, WORLD WAR II
POLKER, Lewis, d. 07/28/1865, Sec. B, Site 2619, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 42 ILL INF
POLLEY, John H, d. 12/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 805, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 28TH ILL
POLLOCK, John, d. 01/27/1865, Sec. B, Site 513, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 21 ILL INF
POLLOCK, Joseph, d. 01/01/1863, Sec. B, Site 454, US NAVY, USS HARRIETT US NAVY
POMPE, Charles, d. 06/06/1865, Sec. A, Site 293, INFANTRY, CORPL CO.C, 29TH WIS
PONGO, Stephen S Jr, d. 10/30/1943, Sec. K, Site 5, Son (Minor Child) of Stephen S Pongo Sr
PONTHIEU, Adam Joseph III, b. 06/21/1956, d. 09/11/1993, Sec. R, Site 342A, US ARMY, SGT
PONTHIEUX, Edgar George, b. 01/02/1937, d. 09/23/1991, Sec. E, Site 29B, US AIR FORCE, A2C, KOREA
PONTHIEUX, Ima, b. 12/06/1911, d. 04/09/1945, Sec. C, Site 236B, US ARMY, PFC 382 INF 96TH DIV, WORLD WAR II
POOLE, Grady, d. 05/17/1937, Sec. B, Site 2844, US NAVY, SEAMAN 2ND CL
POOLE, Samuel, d. 04/16/1864, Sec. A, Site 989, US NAVY, ASST ENGR
POPE, J C, d. 01/05/1866, Sec. A, Site 1002, CAVALRY, 1ST LT 19TH PA CAV
PORTA, Annie Delaney, b. 11/09/1913, d. 04/10/2003, Sec. A, Site 512C, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
PORTER, Buster B, b. 01/12/1908, d. 06/14/1984, Sec. B, Site 1573A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
PORTER, David R, d. 11/28/1866, Sec. B, Site 5, CAVALRY, LIEUT 4TH US CAV
PORTER, Finniah S, b. 11/14/1890, d. 08/30/1994, Sec. E, Site 55-A, Wife of Jewell R Porter
PORTER, George W, b. 01/04/1898, d. 11/10/1973, Sec. A, Site 1563, US ARMY, PVT STATE: LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR I
PORTER, Gertrude, b. 07/10/1906, d. 10/27/1977, Sec. A, Site 1563, Wife of George W Porter
PORTER, J T, d. 09/30/1864, Sec. A, Site 851, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 23RD WIS
PORTER, Jewell R, b. 06/29/1893, d. 09/12/1956, Sec. E, Site 55-A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
PORTER, Reese, b. 01/05/1926, d. 08/03/1982, Sec. B, Site 3791, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
PORTER, Tom, b. 08/20/1892, d. 08/16/1974, Sec. A, Site 1664, US ARMY, PFC STATE: LA, WORLD WAR I
PORTER, Virgil M, b. 10/15/1925, d. 08/11/1980, Sec. R, Site 3908, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
PORTILLA, Sarah A, b. 07/17/1933, d. 08/14/1961, Sec. B, Site 2767A, Wife of Miguel C Portilla
POSEY, Thomas A, b. 10/17/1931, d. 02/22/1951, Sec. E, Site 82, US AIR FORCE, PFC AIR F RES, KOREA
POSPISIL, Jacklynne A, b. 01/09/1944, d. 01/12/1986, Sec. B, Site 2002A, Wife of William F Pospisil
POTHIER, Oliver Louis Jr, b. 06/05/1898, d. 01/31/1965, Sec. A, Site 423A, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 217TH F SIG
POTTER, Albert William, b. 11/10/1904, d. 06/07/1967, Sec. B, Site 3275, US ARMY, PFC INF STATE: IOWA, WORLD WAR II
POTTLE, Daniel, d. 08/07/1912, Sec. A, Site 1344, CAVALRY, PVT CO.I, 9TH ILL CAV
POULOS, Stevens, b. 06/30/1895, d. 07/04/1973, Sec. A, Site 891A, US ARMY, PVT CO.G, 331ST INF
POUSSON, Armond A, b. 01/17/1918, d. 02/03/2000, Sec. K, Site K26A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, VIETNAM
POUSSON, Constance Doreen, b. 10/03/1922, d. 04/12/2015, Sec. K, Site K26A, Wife of Armond A Pousson
POUSSON, Jeffrey Neil, b. 10/09/1954, d. 09/16/1962, Sec. K, Site K26A, Son (Minor Child) of Armond A Pousson
POWE, Harry, d. 02/23/1940, Sec. C, Site 147, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 65TH PION
POWELL, Danielle Lanae, b. 10/31/1993, d. 10/31/1993, Sec. E, Site 99, Daughter (Minor Child) of Edwin Powell
POWELL, Edith Ann, b. 12/23/1946, d. 02/29/1976, Sec. B, Site 392B, US ARMY, SP/5, VIETNAM
POWELL, Esther, b. 12/03/1906, d. 12/14/1998, Sec. R, Site 502, Wife of Octavis Powell
POWELL, Haywood Bloxham, b. 04/02/1916, d. 03/27/1967, Sec. B, Site 888A, US AIR FORCE, MSGT STATE: FLORIDA, WORLD WAR II
POWELL, Jiley Claude, b. 03/12/1914, d. 03/12/1979, Sec. B, Site 3165, US NAVY, SHIP FITTER 2ND CL T, WORLD WAR II
POWELL, Kenneth Jackson, b. 03/04/1915, d. 10/18/1979, Sec. B, Site 3152, US ARMY, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
POWELL, Louise, b. 07/03/1919, d. 11/02/1992, Sec. B, Site 3152, Wife of Kenneth Jackson Powell
POWELL, Matthew, b. 07/07/1921, d. 08/25/1994, Sec. A, Site 1373-B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
POWELL, Octavis, b. 08/16/1879, d. 06/02/1980, Sec. R, Site 502, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
POWELL, S L, d. 03/26/1864, Sec. B, Site 818, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 94 ILL INF
POWELL, Theodore T, b. 03/04/1944, d. 10/15/1944, Sec. R, Site 246, US ARMY, SGT SECT E 231ST AAF
POWELL, Travis, b. 10/16/1896, d. 03/13/1951, Sec. C, Site 382, US MARINE CORPS, G4 SGT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR I
POWERS, Felton F, b. 03/01/1916, d. 01/30/1945, Sec. C, Site 312, US ARMY, SSGT CO.C, 169TH INF
PRATER, Kenneth P Sr, b. 12/13/1937, d. 10/31/1984, Sec. B, Site 3125A, US NAVY, FA
PRATHER, Helen Hayward, b. 03/02/1914, d. 04/28/1967, Sec. B, Site 3332, Wife of Lawrence H Prather
PRATT, A J, d. 07/30/1865, Sec. B, Site 2162, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 31 USCT
PRELTO, George, d. 03/22/1868, Sec. B, Site 2210, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 41ST USC
PRESCOTTE, Hilldreth Sr, b. 07/30/1919, d. 01/09/1984, Sec. R, Site 320, US AIR FORCE, SGT, WORLD WAR II
PRESTON, Dennis, d. 09/08/1865, Sec. B, Site 1667, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 29TH USC
PRESTON, J, d. 08/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 1997, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 8TH USC
PRESTRIDGE, Bennett Warren, b. 05/02/1933, d. 07/25/1982, Sec. B, Site 3787, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, KOREA
PRETZ, Rocco, d. 09/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 2168, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 162 USC INF
PREVATT, Debra Jean, b. 04/23/1956, d. 04/24/1956, Sec. K, Site K79, Daughter (Minor Child) of Vernon J Prevatt
PRICE, Anna M, b. 03/10/1921, d. 03/03/2003, Sec. B, Site 3275A, Wife of Floyd L Price
PRICE, Applean R, b. 06/22/1919, d. 07/08/1984, Sec. B, Site 3145A, Wife of James H Price
PRICE, Edward Charles, b. 09/15/1916, d. 02/11/2003, Sec. E, Site 40B, US AIR FORCE, SMSGT, WORLD WAR II
PRICE, James H, b. 05/26/1917, d. 07/02/1986, Sec. B, Site 3145A, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
PRICE, Jerry Lee Sr, b. 09/05/1934, d. 06/14/1992, Sec. A, Site 949B, US ARMY, 1 SG, KOREA
PRICE, Margaret Ann, b. 01/01/1929, d. 06/10/2020, Sec. B, Site 892A, Wife of Raymond L Price Jr
PRICE, Orelia Rock, b. 07/12/1935, d. 04/06/2021, Sec. A, Site 1412-B, Wife of Leonard Beathard Price
PRICE, Oscar, d. 06/11/1918, Sec. A, Site 1426, INFANTRY, PFC CO.H, 18TH US INF
PRICE, Raymond L Jr, b. 06/28/1932, d. 11/15/1988, Sec. B, Site 892A, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
PRICE, W M, d. 10/25/1866, Sec. B, Site 2751, US ARMY
PRICE, Willie, d. 07/09/1939, Sec. C, Site 134, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 325TH SVC
PRIDDELL, Mary Ann, b. 03/26/1965, d. 03/28/1965, Sec. A, Site 294A, Daughter (Minor Child) of Ronald Priddell
PRIMROSE, Joseph H, b. 01/06/1888, d. 05/16/1950, Sec. E, Site 57, US ARMY, 1ST LT CO.C, 25TH INF
PRINCE, Arthur, d. 04/09/1882, Sec. B, Site 2802, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 19TH US INF
PRITCHARD, Cecil Ray, b. 08/26/1910, d. 07/05/1971, Sec. F, Site 245, US MARINE CORPS, PFC STATE: TN, WORLD WAR II
PRITTS, James Richard, b. 11/13/1946, d. 01/29/2005, Sec. C, Site 66A, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
PRITTS, Sharyn Ann, b. 10/13/1946, d. 08/19/2015, Sec. C, Site 66A, Wife of James Richard Pritts
PROFFITT, William Josiah, b. 07/03/1931, d. 02/09/1990, Sec. A, Site 1435A, US AIR FORCE, SMSGT, KOREA
PROSHE, Jack, b. 12/04/1898, d. 06/02/1966, Sec. R, Site 128D, US ARMY, PVT 590TH ORD CO, ORD
PROSHEE, Mable L, b. 10/04/1925, d. 01/12/1987, Sec. R, Site 128D, Wife of Jack Proshee
PROUT, William, d. 08/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 1136, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 3RD USC INF
PROVEAUX, Wallace Daniel Jr, b. 01/02/1938, d. 09/05/1986, Sec. B, Site 3502A, US NAVY, AA
PRUDHOMME, Sidney, b. 07/25/1910, d. 12/24/1967, Sec. B, Site 409A, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 371ST INF
PRUITT, Derose, b. 08/22/1885, d. 04/09/1959, Sec. E, Site 132B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
PRUITT, James, b. 08/10/1929, d. 12/07/1949, Sec. E, Site 51, US ARMY, CPL CO.E, STAFF BN HD
PRUITT, Pearl, b. 08/20/1905, d. 11/15/1999, Sec. E, Site 132A, Wife of Derose Pruitt
PRYOR, Beatrice G, b. 02/09/1919, d. 07/02/1988, Sec. A, Site 1196A, Wife of Julious W Pryor
PRYOR, Earl, b. 04/13/1893, d. 01/20/1971, Sec. F, Site 229, US ARMY, SGT DEPOT SVC CO.9, WORLD WAR I
PRYOR, Earl Jr, b. 02/25/1923, d. 07/02/1993, Sec. F, Site 173, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
PRYOR, Edward, b. 11/21/1888, d. 05/12/1970, Sec. F, Site 130, US ARMY, PFC CO.C, 350 MACH BN
PRYOR, Edwin E, d. 04/16/1943, Sec. R, Site 190, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
PRYOR, Julious W, b. 04/12/1922, d. 05/21/1988, Sec. A, Site 1196A, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
PRYOR, Robert Jr, b. 01/02/1921, d. 10/05/1989, Sec. B, Site 1212A, US NAVY, GM3C, WORLD WAR II
PRYOR, Therisa L, b. 02/10/1925, d. 09/09/2008, Sec. F, Site 173, Wife of Earl Pryor Jr
PRYOR, Thomas J, d. 02/13/1931, Sec. C, Site 56, US ARMY, PVT ENGRS CO.A, 529T
PUCKETT, Grady, b. 07/18/1898, d. 11/20/1971, Sec. F, Site 275, US ARMY, MUS CO.M, 105 INF 27T
PUE, Chester, b. 12/29/1917, d. 03/15/1991, Sec. C, Site 126A, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
PUGH, Infant Son, d. 05/25/1943, Sec. K, Site 1, Son (Minor Child) of Graydon J Pugh
PUGH, Jessie M, b. 02/19/1931, d. 12/30/2012, Sec. C, Site 126A, Wife of Chester Pue
PUGH, Mathews, b. 05/17/1899, d. 09/02/1993, Sec. A, Site 526B, US ARMY, MSG
PULLEN, Chester H, d. 10/30/1940, Sec. R, Site 141, US ARMY, PVT CO.G, DEV BATT
PULLEN, Jerald Paul, b. 06/27/1951, d. 01/19/1991, Sec. A, Site 381A, US MARINE CORPS, LCPL, VIETNAM
PULLIN, Edgar Miles, d. 02/26/1940, Sec. R, Site 136, US ARMY, PVT 36TH 9TH BN, 165T
PULLMAN, G, d. 07/28/1865, Sec. B, Site 2618, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 125TH OHIO
PURDY, James, d. 09/04/1864, Sec. A, Site 1054, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 48TH OHIO
PURDY, Martin Van Buren, b. 08/15/1892, d. 07/02/1953, Sec. E, Site 177, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, DEV 161
PURNELL, W H, d. 01/16/1866, Sec. B, Site 2078, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 9TH USC INF
PURVIS, Essie R, b. 10/10/1909, d. 02/01/1982, Sec. F, Site 265, Wife of Governor Purvis
PURVIS, Governor Mcclanahan, b. 05/30/1906, d. 12/30/1974, Sec. F, Site 265, US NAVY, SP-3 RESERVE, WORLD WAR II
PUSEY, Charles H, d. 08/12/1943, Sec. R, Site 200, US ARMY, PFC CO.A, 41ST ARMORE
PUTT, Alfred L, b. 05/17/1918, d. 11/21/1957, Sec. C, Site 417A, US ARMY, SP2, WORLD WAR II
PUTT, Joesphine, b. 01/10/1922, d. 11/08/1996, Sec. C, Site 417A, Wife of Alfred L Putt
QUASH, Daniel D, d. 11/05/1865, Sec. B, Site 2156, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 41ST USCT
QUAVE, Hillard, b. 04/10/1920, d. 10/14/1989, Sec. A, Site 180B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
QUIGG, Wm, d. 11/06/1863, Sec. B, Site 884, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 38TH ILL
QUILLIN, Willard C, b. 11/09/1925, d. 10/27/1988, Sec. F, Site 156A, US MARINE CORPS, US AIR FORCE, TSGT
QUINEY, Isreal, b. 02/13/1895, d. 05/29/1986, Sec. B, Site 1792C, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
QUINEY, Nathaniel, b. 03/15/1914, d. 07/17/1984, Sec. R, Site 408A, US NAVY, STM1, WORLD WAR II
QUINEY, Willie Mae, b. 11/09/1914, d. 01/21/1990, Sec. B, Site 1792C, Wife of Isreal Quiney
QUINN, Harold Kenneth, b. 12/04/1914, d. 03/27/1977, Sec. B, Site 3395, US ARMY, WORLD WAR II
QUINNEY, Roxie, b. 04/10/1901, d. 12/24/2000, Sec. B, Site 3335, Wife of Solomon Quinney
QUINNEY, Solomon, b. 05/15/1893, d. 04/28/1968, Sec. B, Site 3335, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
RABALAIS, Percy Hudson, b. 12/24/1925, d. 01/04/1993, Sec. A, Site 509A, US NAVY, SEAMAN 2ND CL, WORLD WAR II
RACHAL, Achille Paro, b. 09/15/1907, d. 05/02/1971, Sec. F, Site 162, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
RACHAL, Caroline M, b. 09/03/1904, d. 08/02/1984, Sec. B, Site 2645A, Wife of Henry Rachal
RACHAL, Ernest P Sr, b. 02/05/1914, d. 10/16/1981, Sec. R, Site 71A, US NAVY, SD2C, WORLD WAR II
RACHAL, Frank, b. 02/28/1896, d. 04/02/1972, Sec. A, Site 1526, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
RACHAL, Frankie, b. 06/30/1924, d. 09/24/1998, Sec. F, Site 162, Wife of Achille Paro Rachal
RACHAL, Helen B, b. 08/25/1916, d. 08/06/2008, Sec. B, Site 2002H, Wife of John Rachal Jr
RACHAL, Henry, b. 08/29/1893, d. 01/05/1961, Sec. B, Site 2644A, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, RES LAB BN
RACHAL, John Jr, b. 08/04/1937, d. 03/27/1986, Sec. B, Site 2002H, US MARINE CORPS, PFC
RACHAL, Lawrence, b. 10/26/1911, d. 08/10/1994, Sec. R, Site 312A, US ARMY, SSG, WORLD WAR II
RACHAL, Leroy John, b. 02/15/1920, d. 10/08/1954, Sec. C, Site 348A, US NAVY, STEWART MATE 2ND CL, WORLD WAR II
RACHAL, Lionel T, b. 09/24/1948, d. 06/09/1969, Sec. R, Site 311, US ARMY, CPL CO.A, 1ST BN INF
RACHAL, Lorenza, b. 09/05/1904, d. 04/29/2000, Sec. A, Site 1526, Wife of Frank Rachal
RACKS, Jesse, d. 05/25/1925, Sec. C, Site 24, US ARMY, PVT 326 SVC BATT, WORLD WAR I
RADIGAN, Richard, d. 09/16/1937, Sec. B, Site 2845, US MARINE CORPS, PVT STATE: KANSAS, WORLD WAR I
RAFALEOWSKI, Andrew A, b. 04/21/1949, d. 11/09/1991, Sec. A, Site 1078B, US ARMY, SFC, VIETNAM
RAFFERTY, John, d. 01/18/1867, Sec. B, Site 2660, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 17TH US INF
RAHM, Albert J, b. 11/25/1928, d. 02/22/1983, Sec. B, Site 3448A, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
RAHM, Arnold John, b. 06/07/1949, d. 04/19/1972, Sec. F, Site 22, US ARMY, CW2, VIETNAM
RAHM, Carrol S, b. 10/11/1950, d. 11/08/2000, Sec. F, Site 22, Wife of Arnold John Rahm
RAHM, Eileen Patricia, b. 09/26/1924, d. 04/13/2015, Sec. B, Site 3448A, Wife of Albert J Rahm
RAHM, Susan, b. 01/01/1970, d. 01/01/1970, Sec. F, Site 22, Daughter (Minor Child) of Arnold John Rahm
RAIGER, Anton, Sec. B, Site 289, INFANTRY, KY INF
RAINES, Elvira, b. 08/15/1927, d. 01/09/2020, Sec. A, Site 487B, Wife of Herman Raines
RAINES, Herman, b. 06/01/1922, d. 10/12/1992, Sec. A, Site 487B, US ARMY, CPL
RAINEY, Charles, b. 02/25/1926, d. 03/31/1989, Sec. B, Site 861E, US MARINE CORPS, PFC, WORLD WAR II
RAINEY, Matthew, d. 09/16/1931, Sec. A, Site 543A, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL CO.A, 7TH
RAINO, Vince R, b. 04/29/1992, d. 04/29/1992, Sec. A, Site 416A, Son (Minor Child) of Victory R Raino
RAMARES, Deley D, b. 04/16/1908, d. 11/05/1974, Sec. F, Site 140, Wife of Frank P Ramares
RAMARES, Frank P, b. 03/16/1902, d. 04/23/1974, Sec. F, Site 140, US ARMY, PVT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
RAMSEY, John, d. 09/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 429, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 9TH IND INF
RANDALL, Joe M, d. 06/29/1936, Sec. C, Site 100, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, DEV BN 5
RANDALL, Ralph, b. 06/16/1924, d. 01/04/1967, Sec. B, Site 3267, US ARMY, MSGT E-7
RANDALL, Theresia, b. 05/08/1918, d. 08/22/2019, Sec. B, Site 3267, Wife of Ralph Randall
RANDOLPH, Patrick, d. 09/19/1865, Sec. B, Site 1532, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 23RD USCT
RANKIN, Burl Eldred, b. 05/14/1911, d. 03/26/1990, Sec. E, Site 167A, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
RANKIN, Flora T, b. 04/24/1921, d. 05/16/2010, Sec. E, Site 167A, Wife of Burl Eldred Rankin
RASCOE, Billy M, b. 04/05/1940, d. 01/18/1989, Sec. A, Site 1206B, US ARMY, PFC
RAULS, Emily D, b. 09/15/1893, d. 08/12/1974, Sec. B, Site 3373, Wife of James Rauls
RAULS, James, b. 01/25/1896, d. 06/20/1968, Sec. B, Site 3373, US ARMY, PFC CO.A, 419 RES
RAUSCHKOLB, John, d. 05/13/1936, Sec. B, Site 3018, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL 62ND ENGR, WORLD WAR I
RAUSCHKOLB, John Jr, b. 10/22/1906, d. 04/02/1973, Sec. A, Site 1652, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 115TH INF
RAW, John, d. 10/06/1865, Sec. B, Site 440, US ARMY, CPL CO.77 PA INF
RAX, Dwayne E, b. 04/25/1956, d. 10/15/1983, Sec. B, Site 464A, US AIR FORCE, SRA, VIETNAM
RAX, Ed Jr, b. 01/01/1911, d. 02/27/1968, Sec. B, Site 3529, US ARMY, PFC CO.F, 1326 ENGR
RAX, Norman Jr, b. 05/08/1931, d. 02/04/1988, Sec. A, Site 1280A, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
RAX, Violet Dottry, b. 03/03/1934, d. 04/14/1994, Sec. A, Site 1280A, Wife of Norman Rax Jr
RAY, Ashley N, b. 06/11/1983, d. 06/15/1983, Sec. A, Site 1360D, Daughter (Minor Child) of Bernard P Ray Jr
RAY, Daisy Lee, b. 11/17/1921, d. 02/18/2014, Sec. B, Site 3536, Wife of Jake Ray
RAY, Hardie, d. 01/29/1939, Sec. B, Site 3021, US ARMY, PVT 1ST GAS 1ST DEV, WORLD WAR I
RAY, Harris Larue Jr, b. 11/05/1958, d. 11/05/1958, Sec. K, Site K113, US AIR FORCE, A1C
RAY, Jake, b. 07/01/1899, d. 09/05/1970, Sec. B, Site 3536, US ARMY, PVT 1878 SCU DEML, WORLD WAR II
RAY, James, d. 09/28/1865, Sec. B, Site 1537, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 22ND USCT
RAY, Jerry, d. 11/06/1865, Sec. B, Site 1785, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 115 USCT
RAY, Joe, b. 03/26/1882, d. 07/21/1960, Sec. B, Site 1776A, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 415 RES LAB
RAY, Mitchell, b. 07/28/1888, d. 01/25/1956, Sec. C, Site 272A, US ARMY, PVT CO.M, 805TH PION
RAY, Russell, b. 08/06/1910, d. 01/23/1978, Sec. B, Site 3148, US NAVY, SF 2/C, WORLD WAR II
RAY, Vincent, b. 02/16/1956, d. 09/18/1968, Sec. B, Site 3536, Son (Minor Child) of Jake Ray
RAY, Wylie, d. 12/13/1899, Sec. B, Site 2845A, CAVALRY, PVT CO.L, 29TH US CAV
RAYBURN, James C., b. 03/11/1917, d. 08/29/1980, Sec. R, Site 3906, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
RAYFORD, Jobe, d. 01/13/1973, Sec. A, Site 115A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
RAYFORD, Maggie A, b. 05/04/1896, d. 12/07/1985, Sec. A, Site 115A, Wife of Jobe Rayford
RAYMO, Earnest J, b. 01/20/1914, d. 01/14/1945, Sec. C, Site 196, US ARMY, SGT CO.E, STATE: LA
RAYMOND, Bettie M, b. 08/25/1881, d. 05/05/1987, Sec. F, Site 34, Wife of John Raymond
RAYMOND, Harrison, d. 07/26/1864, Sec. A, Site 1177, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 160 NY INF
RAYMOND, John, b. 05/30/1896, d. 01/28/1970, Sec. F, Site 34, US ARMY, PFC CO.C, 328 LABOR
RAYMOND, Kelly, b. 02/16/1914, d. 02/13/1989, Sec. A, Site 121A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
READ, P S, d. 08/24/1864, Sec. A, Site 1153, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 120 OHIO
READY, Charles Henry, b. 08/09/1928, d. 12/04/1977, Sec. D, Site 37, US ARMY, SFC, KOREA
READY, Ida Mae, b. 10/28/1925, d. 03/01/1984, Sec. D, Site 37, Wife of Charles H Ready
REAGAN, John, d. 08/01/1864, Sec. A, Site 57, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 1ST LA
REATAM, Joe, d. 10/31/1918, Sec. A, Site 1412, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, COLORED CAS
REDDRICKS, Clyde W, b. 02/04/1915, d. 09/15/1945, Sec. R, Site 291, US ARMY, PVT 234 ENGR C BN
REDMAN, A, d. 08/28/1866, Sec. B, Site 1198, INFANTRY, LAUNDRESS
REECE, Philip, d. 10/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 1712, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 117 USC INF
REED, Amery, d. 08/15/1865, Sec. B, Site 2112, INFANTRY, CPL CO.D, 45 USCT INF
REED, Calvin Roy, b. 02/03/1895, d. 03/11/1963, Sec. R, Site 447, US ARMY, PFC MED DET BASE HOS, WORLD WAR I
REED, Cuffie, b. 03/12/1892, d. 06/11/1977, Sec. B, Site 3393, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
REED, Earnest, b. 01/08/1926, d. 12/01/1990, Sec. K, Site K62A, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, WORLD WAR II
REED, Edward, d. 09/03/1863, Sec. B, Site 1671, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 117 USC INF
REED, Harry Gordon, b. 04/22/1922, d. 11/12/1967, Sec. B, Site 3334, US ARMY, TEC 4 MD STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
REED, Henry, b. 07/06/1896, d. 09/30/1956, Sec. E, Site 42A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
REED, Henry Jr, b. 05/12/1908, d. 06/08/1989, Sec. A, Site 1142C, US NAVY, S1/C, WORLD WAR II
REED, Herman, b. 06/07/1924, d. 08/04/2001, Sec. R, Site 3876, US NAVY, S2, WORLD WAR II
REED, Israel, b. 01/12/1888, d. 09/23/1978, Sec. B, Site 3124, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
REED, James R, d. 10/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 452, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 52ND IND
REED, Jeff B Jr, b. 04/16/1923, d. 05/25/1984, Sec. B, Site 1530A, US ARMY, TEC5, WORLD WAR II
REED, Joseph, d. 09/09/1866, Sec. B, Site 548, INFANTRY, SGT CO.F, 36TH USC
REED, Kiziah, b. 06/07/1892, d. 01/20/1971, Sec. E, Site 234, Wife of Richard Reed
REED, Manuel W, b. 10/14/1893, d. 03/12/1952, Sec. E, Site 218, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 542 ENGRS
REED, Matthews D, b. 12/11/1923, d. 10/23/1980, Sec. E, Site 150, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
REED, Millie, b. 01/05/1897, d. 11/01/1987, Sec. E, Site 42A, Wife of Henry Reed
REED, Richard, b. 07/10/1892, d. 03/11/1953, Sec. E, Site 234, US ARMY, PFC CO.B, 335TH SV BN
REED, Richard Jr, b. 05/04/1933, d. 01/29/1993, Sec. F, Site 297, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
REED, Robert Lewis, b. 12/30/1925, d. 01/28/1952, Sec. E, Site 73A, US NAVY, HOSP 3RD, KOREA
REED, Ross Carl Jr, b. 02/05/1948, d. 05/20/1979, Sec. B, Site 813A, US ARMY, PVT E-1(P), VIETNAM
REED, Terry D, b. 07/07/1968, d. 01/23/1970, Sec. F, Site 43, Son (Minor Child) of Cleven Reed Sr
REED, William, d. 09/23/1863, Sec. B, Site 1715, INFANTRY, SGT CO.C, 117 USC INF
REEDE, Asa B, d. 04/20/1915, Sec. A, Site 1361, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 77TH ILL
REEDY, Benjamin F Jr, b. 03/09/1920, d. 03/26/1984, Sec. R, Site 259A, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II
REESE, Annie, b. 01/01/1902, d. 06/18/1969, Sec. B, Site 1681A, Wife of Esa Reese
REESE, Esa, b. 04/15/1889, d. 02/28/1962, Sec. B, Site 1681A, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 348 SVC BN
REESE, Wille P, b. 08/02/1917, d. 07/14/1974, Sec. F, Site 284, US ARMY, PVT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
REEVE, Clarence, d. 11/29/1917, Sec. A, Site 1376, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 156 NA INF
REEVES, Audrey Mae, b. 09/18/1935, d. 01/03/2016, Sec. A, Site 1013D, Wife of Jerald Edwin Reeves
REEVES, Jerald Edwin, b. 05/26/1932, d. 12/02/1991, Sec. A, Site 1013D, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, KOREA
REGARD, Allen, b. 04/14/1917, d. 01/11/1984, Sec. R, Site 325, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
REHM, Loria Ann, b. 05/07/1952, d. 05/08/1952, Sec. K, Site P36, Daughter (Minor Child) of George R Rehm
REHOB, Chris J, d. 11/05/1865, Sec. B, Site 1386, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 26TH US INF
REID, H, Sec. A, Site 712, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 80TH USCT
REILEY, George, d. 11/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 1097, INFANTRY, CPL CO.I, 19TH USC
REILEY, T, d. 08/22/1865, Sec. B, Site 1829, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 7TH USC
REILY, Agnes Pettit, b. 10/26/1921, d. 11/06/2003, Sec. B, Site 463AA, US NAVY, LTJR, WORLD WAR II
REILY, Louis P., b. 08/03/1914, d. 07/31/1987, Sec. B, Site 463AA, US NAVY, CDR, WORLD WAR II
REITH, Donald Morrison, b. 06/28/1931, d. 05/30/1993, Sec. F, Site 167A, US ARMY, SFC, KOREA
REITH, Margarete, b. 10/13/1929, d. 03/08/1998, Sec. F, Site 167A, Wife of Donald Morrison Reith
REMO, Charlie, b. 09/14/1907, d. 02/05/1973, Sec. A, Site 90A, US ARMY, PFC 496 SIG CONST CO, WORLD WAR II
RENECKER, George, d. 10/02/1866, Sec. B, Site 1718, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 117TH USC
RENTCH, John, d. 07/16/1864, Sec. A, Site 1205, CAVALRY, PVT CO.C, 6TH KANS
RESCHKE, Euna A, b. 09/29/1934, d. 11/26/2020, Sec. A, Site 1077A, Wife of Ewald A Reschke
RESCHKE, Ewald A, b. 05/01/1921, d. 09/18/1990, Sec. A, Site 1077A, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
REUBEN, Catherine, b. 11/28/1917, d. 07/12/1994, Sec. K, Site K59-A, Wife of Preston J Reuben
REUBIN, Preston J, b. 05/16/1916, d. 12/20/1990, Sec. K, Site K59-A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
REXFORD, Robert E, b. 09/18/1922, d. 11/04/1971, Sec. F, Site 233, US AIR FORCE, SSGT 3505TH M S GP
REYNOLDS, Alfred H, d. 02/28/1864, Sec. B, Site 978, US NAVY, ENSIGN
REYNOLDS, Dora E, d. 09/28/1882, Sec. B, Site 2812, Daughter (Minor Child) of S W Reynolds
REYNOLDS, Elbert B, b. 02/09/1892, d. 09/03/1933, Sec. A, Site 554A, US ARMY, SGT 1ST CL 124 TRANS, WORLD WAR I
REYNOLDS, Irvin H, b. 12/18/1917, d. 03/02/1989, Sec. B, Site 871A, US ARMY, TSGT
REYNOLDS, Martha A, b. 02/02/1892, d. 12/10/1979, Sec. A, Site 554A, Wife of Elbert E Reynolds
REYNOLDS, Rose L, b. 09/23/1924, d. 09/20/2006, Sec. C, Site 309C, Wife of Shirley Reynolds
REYNOLDS, Sherman, b. 09/10/1921, d. 10/08/1970, Sec. F, Site 268, US ARMY, PFC 480 AVN SQ AC, WORLD WAR II
REYNOLDS, Shirley, b. 09/10/1922, d. 11/03/1985, Sec. C, Site 309C, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
REYNOLDS, Steve, b. 12/25/1901, d. 12/13/1978, Sec. A, Site 1399A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
RHOADS, Infant Son, d. 04/14/1923, Sec. D, Site 2, Son (Minor Child) of Capt Gilbert Rhoads
RHODES, Ollie Mae, b. 03/20/1900, d. 04/04/1969, Sec. R, Site 92D, Wife of Willie Rhodes
RHODES, William Jr, b. 05/07/1930, d. 01/18/1980, Sec. B, Site 3102, US ARMY, PVT 1 CL, KOREA
RHODES, Willie, b. 02/16/1897, d. 07/10/1962, Sec. R, Site 92D, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 350 LABOR
RICE, Alexander, d. 05/04/1866, Sec. B, Site 2076, INFANTRY, CPL CO.B, USC INF
RICE, James S, d. 11/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 873, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 21 KY INF
RICE, John, d. 03/23/1867, Sec. A, Site 290, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 20TH US INF
RICE, Will, b. 02/11/1886, d. 08/23/1951, Sec. E, Site 197, US ARMY, PVT QMC STATE: LA, WORLD WAR I
RICH, Jim, d. 09/09/1929, Sec. C, Site 42, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, COLORED CAS
RICH, Joe, b. 10/15/1921, d. 03/24/1963, Sec. R, Site 99A, US ARMY, PFC 3430TH TC TRK CO, WORLD WAR II
RICHARD, Clarence Jr, b. 02/09/1944, d. 01/01/1976, Sec. A, Site 1424D, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
RICHARD, Euell Joseph, b. 03/19/1932, d. 08/21/1972, Sec. A, Site 718A, US NAVY, CS-1 STATE: LA, VIETNAM
RICHARD, M, d. 08/06/1864, Sec. A, Site 1069, CAVALRY, PVT CO.E, 2ND LA CAV
RICHARD, Peter, Sec. A, Site 718, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 80TH USCT
RICHARDS, Buddy Ray, b. 10/24/1931, d. 08/20/1986, Sec. B, Site 1654D, US ARMY, SFC, KOREA
RICHARDS, Georgia Jo, b. 11/07/1944, d. 05/25/2005, Sec. B, Site 1654D, Wife of Buddy Ray Richards
RICHARDS, John E, d. 08/18/1864, Sec. A, Site 1218, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 36TH IOWA
RICHARDSON, Adolph, d. 03/06/1927, Sec. C, Site 35, INFANTRY, PVT 349 LAB BN
RICHARDSON, Bellman, b. 06/30/1913, d. 11/21/1971, Sec. F, Site 180, US ARMY, PFC 2520 AAFBU AC, WORLD WAR II
RICHARDSON, Charles J, b. 12/28/1889, d. 02/12/1945, Sec. R, Site 255, US NAVY, CHAFFEAUR, WORLD WAR II
RICHARDSON, Cornelius, b. 03/14/1894, d. 07/27/1947, Sec. C, Site 235, US ARMY, PVT CO.L, 65TH PION
RICHARDSON, Delia G, b. 11/08/1893, d. 02/09/1965, Sec. C, Site 234, Wife of Cornelius Richardson
RICHARDSON, Edward L, d. 10/21/1864, Sec. A, Site 1058, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 77TH OHIO
RICHARDSON, Ethel, b. 01/06/1896, d. 12/27/1979, Sec. C, Site 35, Wife of Adolph Richardson
RICHARDSON, Geo H, d. 10/21/1865, Sec. B, Site 1669, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 29TH CONN
RICHARDSON, Henry, b. 06/20/1935, d. 06/12/1990, Sec. A, Site 920A, US ARMY, SFC, VIETNAM
RICHARDSON, Joseph G, b. 12/12/1914, d. 07/22/2002, Sec. A, Site 1600, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
RICHARDSON, Richard, d. 10/03/1866, Sec. B, Site 1048, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 38TH USCT
RICHEY, Anna, b. 03/15/1906, d. 05/02/1958, Sec. E, Site 69, Wife of Green H Richey
RICHEY, Green H, b. 09/10/1894, d. 02/22/1951, Sec. E, Site 69, US ARMY, PVT COOK TROOP G 302, WORLD WAR I
RICHIE, Aaron, d. 08/26/1865, Sec. B, Site 1079, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 8TH USCT
RICHMOND, Bobbie, b. 05/16/1927, d. 07/29/2008, Sec. B, Site 3849, Wife of Edward L Richmond
RICHMOND, Edward L, b. 06/21/1923, d. 05/19/1981, Sec. B, Site 3849, US NAVY, GM, WORLD WAR II
RICHMOND, Fannie L, b. 02/25/1896, d. 02/25/1968, Sec. R, Site 357, Wife of Rill I Richmond
RICHMOND, John R, d. 09/12/1865, Sec. B, Site 424, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 51 OHIO INF
RICHMOND, Rill I, b. 04/06/1893, d. 06/30/1957, Sec. R, Site 358, US ARMY, WAGONER SUPP CO 1ST, WORLD WAR I
RICKETT, Emmanuel, d. 01/11/1866, Sec. B, Site 1536, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 22ND USCT
RIDDLETON, A, d. 01/16/1866, Sec. B, Site 2102, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 9TH USC INF
RIDEAU, Deloris B, b. 12/12/1941, d. 07/27/2007, Sec. B, Site 3706, Wife of Floyd Baptist Rideau
RIDEAU, Floyd Baptist, b. 08/02/1938, d. 08/29/1964, Sec. B, Site 3706, US NAVY, BM2 STATE; LA
RIEGEL, Evelyn M, b. 10/23/1915, d. 08/14/1971, Sec. F, Site 260, Wife of Irwin Francis Riegel
RIEGEL, Irwin Francis, b. 10/14/1913, d. 05/05/1977, Sec. F, Site 260, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
RIEHM, Infant Son, b. 10/11/1953, d. 10/11/1953, Sec. K, Site P62, Son (Minor Child) of Clarence Riehm
RIGMAIDEN, Ryan Eugene, b. 02/20/1989, d. 02/20/1989, Sec. A, Site 124A, Son (Minor Child) of Tommy Rigmaiden
RIKARD, Morgan C, b. 06/29/1914, d. 11/17/1942, Sec. C, Site 342, US ARMY, PFC 120 INF REGT 35, WORLD WAR II
RILEY, Charles, d. 08/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 1996, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E8TH USC INF
RILEY, Crist, b. 05/11/1895, d. 03/11/1976, Sec. B, Site 479B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
RILEY, E T, d. 09/12/1867, Sec. B, Site 333, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 17TH US INF
RILEY, Edward Pleasant, b. 07/01/1916, d. 08/15/1966, Sec. B, Site 3236, US NAVY, RESERVE STM 3, WORLD WAR II
RILEY, Elizabeth G, b. 04/25/1913, d. 03/27/1990, Sec. B, Site 3236, Wife of Edward P Riley
RILEY, Jacob, d. 08/30/1865, Sec. B, Site 288, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 21 KY INF
RILEY, James, d. 08/08/1867, Sec. B, Site 2706, INFANTRY, PVT 17TH US INF
RILEY, John, d. 10/14/1865, Sec. B, Site 1566, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 22 USC INF
RILEY, Patrick, d. 08/22/1867, Sec. B, Site 339, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 17TH US INF
RIMER, Clifford Barton, b. 12/22/1931, d. 03/25/1990, Sec. A, Site 601A, US AIR FORCE, CAPTAIN, KOREA
RING, Barbara J, b. 08/12/1931, d. 12/19/2011, Sec. E, Site 270A, Wife of Robert Lee Ring
RING, Robert Lee, b. 05/09/1929, d. 09/18/1985, Sec. E, Site 270A, US ARMY, SGM, KOREA
RINGLE, John M, b. 11/20/1954, d. 10/17/2006, Sec. F, Site 280A, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
RINGO, Odell, b. 11/04/1910, d. 11/03/1993, Sec. D, Site 81A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
RIORDAN, Edward, Sec. A, Site 308, INFANTRY
RIPEL, Bernard, d. 10/14/1918, Sec. A, Site 1389, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 84 INF
RIPPY, Joseph G, b. 02/22/1923, d. 12/21/1944, Sec. E, Site 31, US ARMY, PFC 501 PARA INF, WORLD WAR II
RISER, James E, b. 04/10/1922, d. 04/17/2017, Sec. B, Site 3745, US AIR FORCE, SMSGT, WORLD WAR II
RISER, Mildred E, b. 05/09/1923, d. 12/26/1963, Sec. B, Site 3745, Wife of James E Riser
RISNER, William, d. 10/15/1865, Sec. B, Site 2129, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 41 USCT INF
RITTER, Robert, b. 10/12/1956, d. 10/12/1956, Sec. K, Site K83, Son (Minor Child) of Robert Eugene Ritter
RIVERA, Julio Rodriguez, b. 07/04/1941, d. 01/01/2018, Sec. F, Site 244, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
RIVERA, Sieglinde F, b. 03/27/1933, d. 08/26/1969, Sec. D, Site 56, Wife of Otilio Rivera
RIVERS, Stephanie M, b. 10/05/1977, d. 01/27/1978, Sec. B, Site 3193, Daughter (Minor Child) of Herbert R Rivers
RIZZO, Salvatore James, b. 05/29/1930, d. 03/08/1990, Sec. A, Site 596A, US ARMY, MSG, KOREA
ROACH, Elmer L, b. 08/29/1926, d. 06/01/1946, Sec. C, Site 247A, US ARMY, CPL 2ND ENGR-LOUISIA, WORLD WAR II
ROANE, Spencer S Jr, b. 09/12/1919, d. 12/26/1980, Sec. R, Site 487, US ARMY, US AIR FORCE, PFC
ROARK, Billy Ray, b. 09/06/1935, d. 05/25/1994, Sec. R, Site 392, US ARMY, LTC, VIETNAM
ROBB, P C, d. 11/15/1882, Sec. R, Site 16, CAVALRY, PVT CO.B, 8TH US CAV
ROBBINS, Lester J, d. 08/23/1865, Sec. B, Site 961, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 3RD MICH
ROBERSON, Ellis C, b. 12/14/1884, d. 07/05/1952, Sec. E, Site 95, US ARMY, PVT CO.E, 106TH ENGR
ROBERSON, Frank, b. 04/08/1909, d. 05/05/1962, Sec. B, Site 2086A, US ARMY, PFC 849TH QM GAS SUP, WORLD WAR II
ROBERSON, James, b. 03/15/1898, d. 09/08/1953, Sec. E, Site 173A, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, DEV BN 4 CM
ROBERSON, Ollie Mccoy, b. 10/15/1916, d. 10/24/1959, Sec. C, Site 309B, US ARMY, T/4 HQ 1 BN 350 FA, WORLD WAR II
ROBERSON, Pearlie May, b. 12/12/1917, d. 07/31/1975, Sec. C, Site 308A, Wife of Ollie M Roberson
ROBERTS, Clenord A, b. 04/28/1927, d. 11/07/1983, Sec. B, Site 782A, US ARMY, TEC5, WORLD WAR II
ROBERTS, Dorothy M, b. 11/03/1922, d. 01/08/2011, Sec. A, Site 187A, Wife of Earnest Roberts
ROBERTS, Earl Alex, b. 07/17/1935, d. 03/06/1994, Sec. C, Site 408, US ARMY, PV2, KOREA
ROBERTS, Earl Alex Jr, b. 03/31/1958, d. 03/23/1979, Sec. B, Site 548A, US ARMY, SP/5
ROBERTS, Earnest, b. 09/22/1923, d. 10/18/1989, Sec. A, Site 187A, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ROBERTS, Eddie, b. 01/21/1889, d. 04/15/1962, Sec. B, Site 3702, US ARMY, PVT CO.G, 84TH INF 17
ROBERTS, Freda A, b. 02/22/1934, d. 09/26/2020, Sec. B, Site 782A, Wife of Clenord A Roberts
ROBERTS, Geneva H, b. 11/09/1922, d. 04/08/2007, Sec. A, Site 1642, Wife of Isiah Roberts
ROBERTS, Henry, b. 10/25/1888, d. 01/09/1966, Sec. R, Site 172D, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 349TH LAB
ROBERTS, Henry, b. 01/21/1918, d. 07/19/1959, Sec. R, Site 349, US ARMY, SGT HQ DET 91ST MP, KOREA
ROBERTS, Irene, b. 03/02/1922, d. 05/19/1990, Sec. B, Site 3327A, Wife of Lucy Rachal
ROBERTS, Isiah, b. 08/14/1922, d. 04/23/1973, Sec. A, Site 1642, US COAST GUARD, ST M/C, WORLD WAR II
ROBERTS, James A, b. 10/20/1926, d. 07/10/1973, Sec. A, Site 571B, US ARMY, SGT MAJ E-9 HDQR, WORLD WAR II
ROBERTS, John, d. 04/21/1917, Sec. A, Site 1367, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 37 USCT
ROBERTS, John J Jr, b. 03/11/1919, d. 07/29/1988, Sec. B, Site 3327A, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
ROBERTS, Mary Lou, b. 12/04/1927, d. 09/24/1997, Sec. A, Site 1425-B, Wife of William Earl Roberts
ROBERTS, Mckinley R, b. 08/24/1929, d. 02/16/2016, Sec. A, Site 783DD, US ARMY, PSG, KOREA
ROBERTS, Michael Louis, b. 07/13/1959, d. 03/14/1986, Sec. A, Site 1568A, US ARMY, PVT
ROBERTS, Owen B, d. 08/03/1866, Sec. B, Site 2588, INFANTRY, CO.E, 77TH PA INF
ROBERTS, Palestine B, b. 08/16/1904, d. 06/26/1974, Sec. R, Site 172D, Wife of Henry Roberts
ROBERTS, Pervis Jr, b. 09/02/1945, d. 02/20/1967, Sec. B, Site 3647, US NAVY, SN STATE: LA
ROBERTS, Renate E, b. 08/15/1934, d. 10/21/1996, Sec. A, Site 783DD, Wife of Mckinley R Roberts
ROBERTS, Russell, b. 02/07/1925, d. 06/03/1990, Sec. A, Site 919A, US MARINE CORPS, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ROBERTS, Suokie, d. 01/04/1924, Sec. A, Site 1367, Wife of John Roberts
ROBERTS, Verna Hughes, b. 09/02/1898, d. 01/10/1992, Sec. B, Site 3702, Wife of Eddie Roberts
ROBERTS, Waddell Iii, b. 01/17/1949, d. 12/23/1982, Sec. A, Site 1583, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
ROBERTS, Walker D, d. 04/10/1943, Sec. R, Site 189, US ARMY, PVT 2ND CO.MOB CAC, WORLD WAR I
ROBERTS, William Earl, b. 07/13/1921, d. 09/28/1994, Sec. A, Site 1425-B, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
ROBERTS, Zachary Jr, b. 07/03/1931, d. 03/10/1991, Sec. A, Site 448B, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
ROBERTSON, Boston, b. 07/14/1906, d. 07/10/1968, Sec. B, Site 3520A, US ARMY, PVT 321ST AVN SQ AC, WORLD WAR II
ROBERTSON, Henry, d. 04/10/1939, Sec. C, Site 137, US ARMY, COOK 26TH SVC CO 20T, WORLD WAR I
ROBERTSON, Jack, d. 06/20/1930, Sec. C, Site 47, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 367TH INF
ROBERTSON, James Edward, b. 08/26/1888, d. 11/14/1948, Sec. C, Site 323, US NAVY, AS STATE: NEBRASKA, WORLD WAR I
ROBERTSON, Mildred P, b. 08/03/1919, d. 08/05/1984, Sec. B, Site 3520A, Wife of Boston Robertson
ROBINETTE, Jack, b. 09/02/1918, d. 06/10/1983, Sec. B, Site 3472, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
ROBINSON, Andrew Jackson, d. 07/06/1932, Sec. D, Site 3, US ARMY, CAPT QM CORPS USA, WORLD WAR I
ROBINSON, Archiie D, b. 01/15/1922, d. 03/09/1992, Sec. A, Site 1592, US ARMY, SP6
ROBINSON, Barbara A, b. 04/27/1920, d. 07/13/2013, Sec. C, Site 70A, Wife of Edward Lee Robinson
ROBINSON, Carrie B, b. 09/01/1918, d. 11/30/1999, Sec. B, Site 3442, Wife of Sylander Robinson
ROBINSON, Dan E, b. 05/03/1916, d. 08/27/1981, Sec. B, Site 3829, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ROBINSON, Daniel, d. 09/04/1865, Sec. B, Site 1111, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, USC INF
ROBINSON, Edward, d. 08/24/1865, Sec. B, Site 2048, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 23RD USC
ROBINSON, Edward Lee, b. 10/03/1923, d. 11/04/2003, Sec. C, Site 70A, US AIR FORCE, LT COL, WORLD WAR II
ROBINSON, Effie Lee, b. 10/02/1918, d. 09/07/1978, Sec. B, Site 3126, Wife of Murphy Robinson
ROBINSON, Elijah, b. 08/21/1888, d. 04/05/1969, Sec. B, Site 3018B, US ARMY, SGT 5TH DEPOT SVC CO, WORLD WAR I
ROBINSON, Erma Lee, b. 09/12/1936, d. 09/19/2016, Sec. A, Site 808A, Wife of Robert Norman Robinson
ROBINSON, Hazel B, b. 09/28/1921, d. 10/26/1990, Sec. A, Site 851A, Wife of Leon Ross Robinson
ROBINSON, Henry, d. 08/11/1865, Sec. B, Site 1539, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 22ND USCT
ROBINSON, Henry, d. 08/21/1892, Sec. A, Site 1303, CAVALRY, TRUMPT CO.B, 9TH US
ROBINSON, Henry T, b. 11/07/1944, d. 06/22/1964, Sec. B, Site 3685, US ARMY, PFC APO 46 NY NY 5TH
ROBINSON, James Lee, b. 04/16/1923, d. 04/06/1966, Sec. E, Site 92, US ARMY, PVT CO.K, 365TH INF
ROBINSON, John, d. 04/15/1929, Sec. C, Site 38, US ARMY, PVT 1 CL HQ CO.349, WORLD WAR I
ROBINSON, John C, b. 02/13/1918, d. 02/09/1970, Sec. F, Site 37, US ARMY, SM SGT 834TH SEC
ROBINSON, Johnie, b. 04/01/1897, d. 03/15/1950, Sec. E, Site 175, US ARMY, PVT CO.B COL CAS DET, WORLD WAR I
ROBINSON, Joseph, b. 04/09/1911, d. 11/25/1966, Sec. B, Site 3264, US ARMY, PFC 214TH PORT CO TC, WORLD WAR II
ROBINSON, Kato, b. 03/28/1894, d. 05/31/1964, Sec. R, Site 127B, US ARMY, PVT CAS DET CO.C, COL
ROBINSON, L C, b. 04/18/1915, d. 05/06/1986, Sec. B, Site 1836G, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ROBINSON, Leon Ross, b. 11/02/1919, d. 04/03/1989, Sec. A, Site 851A, US ARMY, US AIR FORCE, MAJ
ROBINSON, Lucille, b. 01/06/1907, d. 02/24/1990, Sec. B, Site 3264, Wife of Joseph Robinson
ROBINSON, Murphy, b. 04/01/1911, d. 08/13/1993, Sec. B, Site 3126, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ROBINSON, Oretha, b. 04/23/1930, d. 01/24/2019, Sec. B, Site 1836G, Wife of L C Robinson
ROBINSON, R H, d. 01/13/1866, Sec. B, Site 1277, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 7TH VT INF
ROBINSON, Ramos, d. 12/13/1932, Sec. C, Site 70, US ARMY, PVT 7TH CO.2ND REC, WORLD WAR I
ROBINSON, Robert Norman, b. 02/13/1932, d. 11/13/1972, Sec. A, Site 808A, US ARMY, PVT HVY MORT CO.147T, KOREA
ROBINSON, Samuel, d. 01/13/1866, Sec. B, Site 2163, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 31 USCT INF
ROBINSON, Sylander, b. 10/12/1919, d. 12/25/1983, Sec. B, Site 3442, US NAVY, S1C, WORLD WAR II
ROBINSON, Thomas, d. 08/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 1708, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 117 USC INF
ROBINSON, Tusen, d. 05/15/1866, Sec. A, Site 714, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 80TH USCT
ROBLIN, Victor J, d. 09/29/1938, Sec. B, Site 2859, US ARMY, PVT 1 CL 13TH SQN
ROCK, Alex, b. 01/12/1909, d. 09/05/1979, Sec. B, Site 3108, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ROCK, Jordan, d. 08/13/1866, Sec. B, Site 1681, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 117H USC
RODERACK, Todd, d. 09/22/1865, Sec. B, Site 2061, GENERAL HOSPITAL, PVT CO.E, 118TH USCT
RODERICK, Kevin, b. 03/26/1982, d. 03/26/1982, Sec. B, Site 3562, Son (Minor Child) of Mark Roderick
RODGERS, F, d. 05/17/1864, Sec. A, Site 994, US ARMY, CHAPLAIN
RODGERS, Michael David, b. 01/27/1948, d. 07/12/1993, Sec. A, Site 1357B, US ARMY, SGT, VIETNAM
RODGERS, Olan Jr, b. 12/14/1925, d. 04/02/1976, Sec. A, Site 1270C, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
RODICKER, Christian, d. 01/25/1865, Sec. A, Site 1064, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 77TH OHIO
RODINY, George, d. 08/28/1866, Sec. B, Site 1824, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 7TH USC INF
RODMORE, W H, Sec. B, Site 2729, US ARMY, IOWA
ROE, John, d. 10/06/1865, Sec. B, Site 54, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 122ND USC
ROGERS, Arthur Charles, b. 04/21/1914, d. 07/10/1995, Sec. R, Site 299, US NAVY, PO2, WORLD WAR II
ROGERS, George, d. 06/28/1866, Sec. B, Site 1697, INFANTRY, CPL CO.K, 117TH USC
ROGERS, Iva L, b. 02/01/1925, d. 03/05/2002, Sec. R, Site 299, Wife of Arthur Charles Rogers
ROGERS, J J, d. 09/06/1870, Sec. R, Site 49, INFANTRY, 1ST SGT CO.E, 10TH US
ROGERS, Jesse, b. 05/15/1888, d. 06/19/1971, Sec. F, Site 164, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 419 RES LAB
ROGERS, William, d. 10/24/1918, Sec. A, Site 1404, US ARMY, CO.B, COLORED CAS DET
ROGILLIO, Walter S, b. 09/14/1926, d. 10/21/1952, Sec. E, Site 89, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
ROLAND, Jewel A Wilson, b. 03/27/1931, d. 05/03/1979, Sec. B, Site 3389, Wife of Paul Roland
ROLAND, Paul, b. 10/14/1931, d. 12/22/1976, Sec. B, Site 3389, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
ROLL, Conrad, d. 09/10/1867, Sec. B, Site 381, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 17TH US INF
ROLLAR, Dominick, d. 08/05/1865, Sec. B, Site 509, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 13TH WIS
ROLLINS, Teresa M, b. 08/23/1960, d. 07/02/1963, Sec. K, Site K142, Daughter (Minor Child) of Dane R Rollins
ROMER, Charles Viggo, b. 08/12/1899, d. 03/30/1962, Sec. B, Site 2849B, US NAVY, S2 STATE: WISCONSIN, WORLD WAR I
ROMER, Nettye C, b. 10/23/1900, d. 06/03/1988, Sec. B, Site 2849B, Wife of Charles Viggo Romer
RONSONET, Lawlace, b. 10/06/1924, d. 03/07/1968, Sec. B, Site 3538, US AIR FORCE, SSGT 4004TH ABRON, WORLD WAR II
ROOBS, Flora, d. 01/17/1875, Sec. B, Site 2745, Daughter (Minor Child) of Joseph Roobs
ROOD, James, d. 03/14/1864, Sec. A, Site 49, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 32 IOWA INF
ROOSEVELT, Jackson V, b. 07/14/1914, d. 03/24/1981, Sec. B, Site 3862, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ROQUE, Elsie A, b. 03/28/1925, d. 11/15/2004, Sec. C, Site 420B, Wife of Harold Roque Sr
ROQUE, Harold Sr, b. 10/14/1923, d. 04/06/1985, Sec. C, Site 420B, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ROSCOE, Wade B Jr, b. 05/19/1911, d. 06/30/1994, Sec. R, Site 123B, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ROSE, John, d. 07/18/1867, Sec. A, Site 1276, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 20TH US INF
ROSE, Joseph, d. 12/05/1942, Sec. C, Site 172, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 526TH ENGRS
ROSE, Robert, b. 10/21/1906, d. 01/16/1981, Sec. R, Site 483, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ROSENTHAL, Benjamin J, d. 08/06/1941, Sec. R, Site 168, US ARMY, 1ST SGT CO.L, 2ND US
ROSENTHAL, Cornelius, b. 08/01/1909, d. 01/10/1980, Sec. B, Site 3150, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ROSENTHAL, Edna R, b. 01/04/1917, d. 06/05/2000, Sec. E, Site 32A, Wife of Orteal Rosenthal Sr
ROSENTHAL, Lillie Mae, b. 08/20/1917, d. 03/25/1993, Sec. B, Site 3150, Wife of Cornelius Rosenthal
ROSENTHAL, Orteal Sr, b. 03/05/1913, d. 10/13/1991, Sec. E, Site 32A, US NAVY, STG3, WORLD WAR II
ROSHINKNOFF, Edward, d. 08/24/1867, Sec. B, Site 1381, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 26TH US INF
ROSHTO, Bessie Elizabeth, b. 06/01/1923, d. 02/15/1998, Sec. C, Site 312A, Wife of Elmer Breland Roshto Sr
ROSHTO, Elmer Breland Sr, b. 12/06/1922, d. 11/04/1990, Sec. C, Site 312A, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
ROSIER, Patrick J, b. 10/09/1894, d. 01/23/1949, Sec. C, Site 329, US ARMY, PVT CO.30 CENTRAL OF, WORLD WAR I
ROSS, Anderson, d. 07/20/1865, Sec. B, Site 2183, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 114 USCT
ROSS, Child, d. 07/16/1877, Sec. B, Site 2766, Relative of Eliza Ross
ROSS, Dennis, b. 10/19/1912, d. 06/03/1980, Sec. R, Site 506, US AIR FORCE, SGT, WORLD WAR II
ROSS, George Walter, b. 06/09/1888, d. 02/12/1947, Sec. R, Site 225, US NAVY, COMMISARY STEWARD, WORLD WAR I
ROSS, James, b. 04/02/1927, d. 12/06/1968, Sec. R, Site 414, US ARMY, PVT 503RD REPL CO, KOREA
ROSS, John W, d. 10/28/1866, Sec. B, Site 1118, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 19TH USC
ROSS, Lucille C, b. 07/30/1912, d. 12/23/1996, Sec. R, Site 506, Wife of Dennis Ross
ROSS, Otto, d. 05/25/1868, Sec. B, Site 2698, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 17TH US INF
ROSS, Thomas, d. 08/04/1865, Sec. B, Site 1116, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 19TH USC
ROSS, W D, d. 11/26/1893, Sec. B, Site 2837A, US MARINE CORPS, SGT US SIGNAL CORPS
ROSS, Washington, d. 08/02/1885, Sec. B, Site 524, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 116TH USCT
ROSSELL, Isaac, d. 07/24/1865, Sec. B, Site 511, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 4TH MICH
ROTH, Francis, d. 10/08/1865, Sec. B, Site 470, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 65TH OHIO
ROTTS, William, d. 01/03/1892, Sec. R, Site 1, CAVALRY, CPL CO.A, 3RD US CAV
ROUCH, Philip, d. 11/11/1865, Sec. B, Site 1330, INFANTRY, PVT CO.M 1 US ARTY
ROUNDS, Leonard James, b. 07/28/1905, d. 06/27/1962, Sec. B, Site 3713, US ARMY, T-4 3923RD SIGNAL SV, WORLD WAR II
ROURKE, Peter, d. 08/01/1869, Sec. A, Site 1273, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 26 US INF
ROWE, William, d. 10/10/1865, Sec. B, Site 2060, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 118TH USCT
ROWELL, Charles Ray Sr, b. 06/22/1940, d. 07/05/1990, Sec. A, Site 1432A, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, VIETNAM
ROY, Beo, b. 11/14/1909, d. 02/12/1985, Sec. K, Site K160-B, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
ROY, Elisha, d. 09/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 1098, GENERAL HOSPITAL, PVT CO.C, 19TH USC
ROY, Jane G, b. 12/01/1913, d. 10/09/1993, Sec. R, Site 207, Wife of Mark Joseph Roy Jr
ROY, Mark Joseph, b. 08/05/1904, d. 08/04/1993, Sec. R, Site 207, US AIR FORCE, COL
ROYAL, Lewis, d. 05/18/1864, Sec. A, Site 40, INFANTRY, PVT 9TH IND BTRY
RUBIN, Addie W, b. 07/15/1894, d. 07/23/1976, Sec. B, Site 2042A, Wife of Simon Rubin
RUBIN, Simon, b. 05/15/1894, d. 08/15/1962, Sec. B, Site 2042A, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 524TH ENGRS
RUCKER, Charles, d. 08/24/1865, Sec. B, Site 2028, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 118TH USC
RUDDERSON, Rufus, d. 02/09/1879, Sec. A, Site 1287, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, USC INF
RUSH, Gerald Calvin, b. 03/22/1915, d. 10/21/1967, Sec. B, Site 3402, US ARMY, 1ST SGT CO.E, 39TH IF
RUSH, Irma Wiley, b. 01/07/1927, d. 02/07/2019, Sec. A, Site 694A, Wife of William Rush
RUSH, Peter, d. 10/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 861, INFANTRY, CPL CO.C, 13TH WIS
RUSH, William, b. 08/01/1923, d. 06/17/1992, Sec. A, Site 694A, US NAVY, MM 3C, WORLD WAR II
RUSHER, F, d. 08/15/1865, Sec. A, Site 279, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, ILL INF
RUSHING, Clyde Sr, b. 11/18/1920, d. 09/30/2003, Sec. B, Site 881A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
RUSHING, Elmer, b. 08/14/1895, d. 02/02/1964, Sec. C, Site 299B, US ARMY, PVT CO.E, 367 INF 92
RUSHING, Louella S, b. 10/15/1921, d. 12/29/1988, Sec. B, Site 881A, Wife of Clyde Rushing
RUSHING, Ollie L, b. 06/04/1892, d. 01/01/1959, Sec. C, Site 299A, Wife of Elmer Rushing
RUSHING, Oren Struby, b. 09/27/1906, d. 08/28/1958, Sec. R, Site 302, US ARMY, PFC CO.G, 9TH INF REG
RUSK, Dewey A, b. 07/20/1898, d. 01/14/1950, Sec. C, Site 357, US ARMY, PFC DET DEPT FT WASH, WORLD WAR I
RUSSELL, Alma R, b. 07/06/1946, d. 05/10/1990, Sec. C, Site 194-C, Wife of Gerald L Russell
RUSSELL, Gerald Lowell, b. 10/11/1934, d. 10/22/1994, Sec. C, Site 194-C, US ARMY, SSG, KOREA
RUSSELL, James E, b. 12/01/1936, d. 11/26/1992, Sec. A, Site 436B, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
RUSSELL, John H, b. 08/20/1920, d. 07/01/1995, Sec. C, Site 310-C, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
RUSSELL, Joseph L, b. 08/22/1898, d. 08/12/1971, Sec. C, Site 323A, US ARMY, CPL CO.A, 21 INF 16TH
RUSSELL, Myrtis, b. 02/15/1923, d. 11/13/1990, Sec. C, Site 310-C, Wife of John H Russell
RUSTIN, J M, d. 09/01/1865, Sec. B, Site 1819, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 7TH USC INF
RUTH, Alfred D, b. 04/17/1948, d. 08/26/1969, Sec. D, Site 50, US MARINE CORPS, PFC STATE: OREGON, VIETNAM
RUTH, Amos, b. 11/04/1892, d. 01/21/1970, Sec. F, Site 23, US ARMY, CPL DEPOT SVC CO.3, WORLD WAR I
RUTH, Andrew Daniel, b. 03/20/1945, d. 07/04/2012, Sec. A, Site 312A, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, VIETNAM
RUTKIN, Joseph, b. 08/16/1916, d. 01/31/1984, Sec. B, Site 1841A, US ARMY, LT COL, WORLD WAR II
RYALS, Jack P, b. 10/02/1922, d. 10/25/1995, Sec. K, Site K117, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
RYALS, Tina Louise, b. 12/11/1958, d. 12/13/1958, Sec. K, Site K117, Daughter (Minor Child) of Jack P Ryals
RYAN, John, d. 10/19/1866, Sec. B, Site 2041, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 118TH USC
RYDER, Charles, d. 11/10/1866, Sec. B, Site 1580, INFANTRY, CPL CO.K, 19TH USCT
RYLAND, Queenie P, b. 09/03/1902, d. 04/06/1997, Sec. A, Site 282-A, Wife of Tullos Ware Ryland
RYLAND, Tullos Ware, b. 03/09/1893, d. 04/19/1965, Sec. A, Site 282-A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I

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