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Alexandria National Cemetery
Pineville, Rapides Parish, Louisiana

GPS: 31.32172, -92.43289

209 E Shamrock St.
Pineville, LA 71360

Last updated: February 15, 2022
Total records: 9,063

Veterans Affairs Records, February 2022
Surnames M-O

Records linked below were acquired from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These records were compiled by the VA on February 7, 2022. Dates of death in these records range from 20-Jan-1823 to 11-Sep-2021. These include 969 records with no date of death. Total records: 9,063...

M, J, Sec. A, Site 1189
M, James, Sec. B, Site 886, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, IND
MACK, Noah, d. 08/18/1866, Sec. B, Site 1179, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 116TH USCT
MACKENZIE, Robert M, b. 01/25/1928, d. 07/16/2002, Sec. A, Site 52B, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
MACKEY, Perry, d. 09/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 2213, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 29TH USC
MACKIE, John, d. 06/14/1862, Sec. B, Site 2819, CAVALRY, PVT CO.I, 8TH US CAV
MADDEN, Edward A, b. 05/07/1898, d. 08/23/1970, Sec. F, Site 211, US ARMY, COL HQ 8TH SVC COMM, WORLD WAR II
MADDEN, Iris Ruth, b. 12/22/1927, d. 12/05/1981, Sec. A, Site 1552, Wife of James F Madden
MADDEN, James F, b. 05/16/1927, d. 04/20/1973, Sec. A, Site 1552, US NAVY, ADRC-PENN, WORLD WAR II
MADDEN, Mary E, b. 08/22/1902, d. 01/05/1972, Sec. F, Site 211, Wife of Edward A Madden
MADDOX, Marvin Lee, b. 09/28/1916, d. 05/20/1987, Sec. B, Site 3142A, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
MADDY, William, d. 08/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 287, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 38TH ILL
MADERE, Cornelius, b. 08/21/1904, d. 03/02/1963, Sec. R, Site 98A, US AIR FORCE, PFC 2530 AAFBU AC, WORLD WAR II
MADISON, Arvell Louis, b. 02/25/1949, d. 06/26/1993, Sec. A, Site 506A, US ARMY, SGT, VIETNAM
MADISON, Ethel M, b. 03/21/1950, d. 06/30/2020, Sec. A, Site 506A, Wife of Arvell Louis Madison
MADISON, Henry, d. 12/22/1866, Sec. B, Site 325, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 17TH US
MADISON, Irving, b. 11/24/1912, d. 02/27/1989, Sec. B, Site 873A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
MADISON, Issac, d. 11/21/1865, Sec. B, Site 1661, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 29TH USC
MADISON, John, d. 07/02/1911, Sec. A, Site 1338, INFANTRY, PVT E POWELLS DET
MADISON, Tee, d. 02/18/1938, Sec. C, Site 118, US ARMY, PVT CO.K, 815TH US
MADISON, William, d. 08/21/1865, Sec. B, Site 2204, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 114 USCT
MAFFETT, John J, d. 08/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 518, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 9TH IND
MAGLORIE, J B, d. 11/04/1943, Sec. C, Site 187, US ARMY, PVT CO.2 1ST TRNG, WORLD WAR I
MAGNON, Henry Noe, b. 02/19/1925, d. 03/21/1970, Sec. F, Site 113, US ARMY, TSGT 834TH TACTICAL, VIETNAM
MAHER, James, d. 05/13/1871, Sec. R, Site 47, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 10TH US
MAHON, Edward, d. 09/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 958, CAVALRY, CO.G, 10TH ILL CAV
MAHON, Marry A, d. 08/30/1870, Sec. R, Site 124, Daughter (Minor Child) of John Mahon
MAHON, Mary A, d. 03/29/1901, Sec. R, Site 115, Daughter (Minor Child) of Sgt Mahon
MAHONEY, Charles, d. 12/13/1876, Sec. R, Site 70, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 24TH US
MAHONEY, Thomas Peter, b. 03/09/1923, d. 10/04/1970, Sec. D, Site 84, US ARMY, PVT DET PAT STA HOSP, WORLD WAR II
MAJOR, Edward, d. 08/08/1865, Sec. B, Site 2059, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 118 USCT
MAJOR, William, d. 10/26/1865, Sec. B, Site 1066, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 38TH USCT
MALBY, Thomas, d. 08/28/1867, Sec. B, Site 488, INFANTRY, CORPL CO.C, 17TH USC
MALDONADE, Gerenime Vargas, d. 03/16/1945, Sec. R, Site 264, INFANTRY, PVT 857 PORT CO
MALICOATM, James, d. 10/01/1864, Sec. A, Site 791, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 50TH IND
MALONA, A, d. 10/28/1865, Sec. B, Site 1838, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
MALONE, Charles W, b. 09/27/1898, d. 11/26/1946, Sec. R, Site 208, INFANTRY, CORPL CO.B, 26TH INF
MALONE, John, d. 10/03/1867, Sec. B, Site 328, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 17TH US
MALONE, Shelley H, b. 03/20/1931, d. 12/06/1991, Sec. A, Site 1589A, US ARMY, SGT MAJOR, KOREA
MALONE, Waltraud Peggy, b. 07/01/1934, d. 03/28/2006, Sec. A, Site 1589A, Wife of Shelley H Malone
MALONEY, James, d. 01/09/1880, Sec. B, Site 2791, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 20TH US
MALTIE, Wilbert Jr, b. 09/10/1935, d. 12/01/1991, Sec. A, Site 1587A, US AIR FORCE, A/B(P), KOREA
MANAHAN, J, d. 07/03/1865, Sec. A, Site 284, CAVALRY, PVT CO.C, 10TH IND
MANASEE, Fisher, b. 06/28/1917, d. 07/26/1944, Sec. C, Site 273, US ARMY, PVT CAV- LA
MANDEVILLE, Margaret B, b. 09/16/1878, d. 10/04/1956, Sec. R, Site 367, Wife of William H Mandeville
MANDEVILLE, William H, b. 08/30/1871, d. 04/01/1960, Sec. R, Site 368, US ARMY, CPL CO.F, 3RD REGT
MANEMANN, Roger A, b. 01/02/1933, d. 12/23/1993, Sec. E, Site 159D, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, KOREA
MANGLE, Aubry Henderson, b. 12/09/1923, d. 01/18/1971, Sec. F, Site 215, US NAVY, S1/C, WORLD WAR II
MANGLE, Beulah S, b. 05/30/1925, d. 12/31/2002, Sec. F, Site 215, Wife of Aubry Henderson Mangle
MANHART, H, d. 07/31/1866, Sec. B, Site 2659, INFANTRY, CPL CO.E, 35TH US
MANISER, Richard, d. 09/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 1791, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 109TH USCT
MANNING, Arthur, d. 12/14/1941, Sec. R, Site 151, US ARMY, SSGT CO.6 AERO SQDN
MANNING, Charles, d. 09/01/1866, Sec. B, Site 1685, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 117 USC
MANNING, Odell, b. 07/22/1922, d. 12/06/1989, Sec. B, Site 1185A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MANUEL, Alfra J, b. 06/23/1913, d. 05/20/1966, Sec. B, Site 1383A, Wife of Perry Manuel Sr
MANUEL, Anson John, b. 05/15/1915, d. 03/08/1987, Sec. F, Site 98A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
MANUEL, Armalie P, b. 09/26/1927, d. 04/15/2006, Sec. C, Site 420, Wife of Wilson Manuel Sr
MANUEL, Perry Sr, b. 01/27/1908, d. 10/21/2000, Sec. B, Site 1383A, US NAVY, S2C, WORLD WAR II
MANUEL, Sildry M, b. 07/18/1921, d. 04/17/2016, Sec. F, Site 98A, Wife of Anson John Manuel
MANUEL, Wilson Sr, b. 01/18/1925, d. 05/30/1999, Sec. C, Site 420, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
MANYON, John, d. 05/18/1864, Sec. A, Site 316, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 11TH NY
MARCHALL, Percy, b. 01/07/1894, d. 11/02/1957, Sec. C, Site 298, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
MARK, Jack S, b. 11/25/1915, d. 12/08/1982, Sec. D, Site 62, US ARMY, T-5, WORLD WAR II
MARK, Ruby Cupp, b. 09/07/1924, d. 01/13/2014, Sec. D, Site 62, Wife of Jack S Mark
MARKS, Alberta, b. 09/24/1948, d. 01/13/1987, Sec. F, Site 92A, Wife of Robert Marks
MARKS, Robert Louis, b. 11/18/1938, d. 06/04/1990, Sec. F, Site 92A, US ARMY, SSGT, VIETNAM
MARKWELL, Abner F, d. 07/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 350, INFANTRY, SGT CO.H, 29TH ILL
MARKWELL, J N, d. 07/14/1865, Sec. B, Site 2600, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 8TH OHIO
MARLER, Waver Lawrence, b. 08/18/1888, d. 02/17/1966, Sec. D, Site 54, US ARMY, PVT HQ CO.137TH FA
MARLER, William, b. 10/12/1935, d. 02/11/1991, Sec. A, Site 374A, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
MARLOW, Jimmy, b. 02/23/1922, d. 10/12/1993, Sec. R, Site 179B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MARLOW, Kitty Norwood, b. 07/01/1937, d. 12/13/2009, Sec. R, Site 179B, Wife of Jimmy Marlow
MARQUARDT, Paul, Sec. B, Site 2829, US ARMY
MARQUART, Paul, d. 06/14/1889, Sec. B, Site 2827, CAVALRY, PVT CO.I, 3RD US CAV
MARSH, Duye C, b. 02/01/1935, d. 03/15/1976, Sec. B, Site 436B, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, KOREA
MARSH, Elaine J, b. 02/11/1925, d. 03/13/1996, Sec. A, Site 1074A, Wife of Woodrow W Marsh
MARSH, Vinceunt, d. 11/06/1865, Sec. B, Site 1573, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 19TH USCT
MARSH, Woodrow W, b. 04/18/1913, d. 08/06/1990, Sec. A, Site 1074A, US NAVY, ADR1, WORLD WAR II
MARSHALL, Bessie, b. 02/13/1916, d. 04/19/1962, Sec. B, Site 3039A, Wife of Graham Marshall
MARSHALL, Epherson, b. 02/09/1897, d. 07/24/1955, Sec. E, Site 185A, US ARMY, PVT CO.I, 816 PION
MARSHALL, J H, d. 09/03/1865, Sec. B, Site 1704, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 117 USC
MARSHALL, James, b. 08/22/1886, d. 10/21/1963, Sec. R, Site 111A, US ARMY, PFC CO.M, 805 PION
MARSHALL, Thomas, b. 03/23/1890, d. 12/30/1966, Sec. B, Site 3042A, US ARMY, PVT 12TH CO.6 REGT, WORLD WAR I
MARSHALL, Willie, b. 06/22/1921, d. 11/27/1978, Sec. B, Site 3404, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MARSHMAN, Audrey M, b. 09/24/1984, d. 10/18/1984, Sec. B, Site 3126A, Daughter (Minor Child) of Curtis V Marshman
MARTA, Diane K, b. 01/14/1975, d. 01/16/1975, Sec. A, Site 1535, Daughter (Minor Child) of Robert J Marta
MARTA, Lenard M, b. 01/12/1974, d. 01/25/1974, Sec. A, Site 1535, Son (Minor Child) of Robert J Marta
MARTA, Unnamed Son, b. 06/20/1972, d. 06/20/1972, Sec. A, Site 1535, Son (Minor Child) of Robert J Marta
MARTELL, Frances G, b. 01/02/1900, d. 01/01/1973, Sec. R, Site 308, Wife of Michael Martell
MARTELL, Michael, b. 04/20/1890, d. 03/29/1963, Sec. R, Site 308, US NAVY, Y3 STATE: LA, WORLD WAR I
MARTIN, B D, d. 01/05/1864, Sec. B, Site 812, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 91 ILL INF
MARTIN, Bertha William, b. 07/07/1901, d. 07/21/1963, Sec. B, Site 3774, Wife of Otis Martin
MARTIN, C, d. 09/02/1865, Sec. B, Site 303, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 77TH PA
MARTIN, Cecil P, b. 12/27/1895, d. 02/22/1960, Sec. E, Site 106B, US NAVY, Y2 WHITE STATE: VA, WORLD WAR I
MARTIN, Charles, d. 04/12/1938, Sec. C, Site 121, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 65TH PION
MARTIN, Edward N, b. 10/25/1894, d. 04/12/1948, Sec. C, Site 283, US ARMY, CPL 143RD MACH GUN, WORLD WAR I
MARTIN, Elmer Peter, b. 10/21/1914, d. 04/09/1994, Sec. E, Site 107B, US ARMY, TEC5, WORLD WAR II
MARTIN, Frank I, b. 02/22/1905, d. 03/04/1971, Sec. F, Site 174, US ARMY, T-5 730 RAILWAY BN, WORLD WAR II
MARTIN, Frank Jr, b. 06/11/1950, d. 07/12/2017, Sec. F, Site 174, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, VIETNAM
MARTIN, Fred, d. 07/02/1867, Sec. A, Site 732, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 20TH US
MARTIN, Irwin, d. 01/22/1932, Sec. C, Site 63A, US ARMY, PVT CO.K, COL CAS
MARTIN, Isarel, b. 06/05/1896, d. 02/22/1970, Sec. F, Site 35, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, DEV BN
MARTIN, J W, d. 09/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 959, CAVALRY, PVT CO.G, 13TH WIS
MARTIN, Jerry, d. 10/26/1918, Sec. A, Site 1407, INFANTRY, CPL CO.C, 51 USC INF
MARTIN, John, d. 07/22/1865, Sec. B, Site 41, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 109 USC
MARTIN, John T, d. 04/30/1945, Sec. R, Site 252, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 2 ALA INF
MARTIN, Kenny, d. 08/29/1938, Sec. C, Site 128, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 34TH SVC
MARTIN, Leo J, b. 02/22/1894, d. 05/01/1959, Sec. E, Site 158B, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 338 MG BN
MARTIN, Patrick, d. 10/07/1880, Sec. R, Site 41, CAVALRY, PVT CO.D, 1ST US CAV
MARTIN, W, d. 08/24/1865, Sec. B, Site 304
MARTIN, Wilbert, b. 11/02/1923, d. 06/27/1986, Sec. B, Site 1698A, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
MARTIN, William, d. 10/18/1864, Sec. A, Site 1199, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 36TH IOWA
MARTINEZ, Douglas P, b. 08/19/1927, d. 11/14/2011, Sec. A, Site 318A, US ARMY, US NAVY, SGT
MARTINEZ, Edward P, b. 05/18/1891, d. 10/23/1953, Sec. E, Site 133, US ARMY, PFC CO.F, 21 ENGRS
MARTINEZ, Lucille Lucia, b. 08/21/1891, d. 02/25/1968, Sec. E, Site 133, Wife of Edward P Martinez
MARVILLE, George W, d. 11/07/1933, Sec. A, Site 1458, US ARMY, SSGT 55TH CO, PURS
MARYE, Frank L, d. 06/25/1925, Sec. C, Site 1447, INFANTRY, PVT 162 DEP BRIG
MARZETT, Jessie Lee, b. 01/02/1919, d. 11/02/2008, Sec. B, Site 3633, Wife of Ulysses Grant Marzett
MARZETT, Joe, b. 02/21/1918, d. 04/23/1966, Sec. B, Site 397A, US ARMY, T/5 846TH PORT CO.TC, WORLD WAR II
MARZETT, Rose H, b. 10/12/1926, d. 06/04/2021, Sec. B, Site 397A, Wife of Joe Marzett
MARZETT, Ulysses Grant, b. 11/02/1916, d. 12/17/1964, Sec. B, Site 3633, US ARMY, T/5 CO.B, 1328 ENGR
MASON, Fready, b. 10/08/1919, d. 10/01/1986, Sec. C, Site 311-C, US NAVY, COX, WORLD WAR II
MASON, George, b. 07/30/1895, d. 05/07/1968, Sec. B, Site 3363, US ARMY, CPL CO.A, 24TH INF
MASON, George, d. 08/05/1865, Sec. B, Site 1131, INFANTRY, CORPL CO.G, 43RD INF
MASON, Gustavus, d. 07/30/1864, Sec. A, Site 848, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 30TH ME
MASON, Henry, b. 05/12/1893, d. 12/27/1960, Sec. B, Site 2601A, US ARMY AIR FORCES, PVT CO.B, 350 LABOR
MASON, Jermiah, d. 08/13/1885, Sec. B, Site 2098, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 9TH USC
MASON, Julius, d. 09/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 1043, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 38 USCT
MASON, Thomas, d. 10/23/1866, Sec. B, Site 1982, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 114 USCT
MASON, William, b. 11/21/1909, d. 05/22/1970, Sec. F, Site 144, US ARMY, PFC CO.C, 376TH ENGR
MASS, Bennett, d. 07/17/1867, Sec. B, Site 2072, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 9TH USC INF
MASSE, Josephine, b. 12/18/1900, d. 10/07/1977, Sec. A, Site 758A, Wife of Russell Joseph Masse
MASSE, Russell Joseph, b. 05/30/1914, d. 08/30/1972, Sec. A, Site 758A, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 94 SIG BN
MASTER, J, d. 05/23/1865, Sec. B, Site 820, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 77TH OHIO
MATECHANGE, H, d. 09/17/1867, Sec. B, Site 1286, INFANTRY, CIV
MATHER, Andrew Adrian, d. 09/18/1943, Sec. K, Site 2, Son (Minor Child) of Alexander Adrian Mather
MATHERSON, Chas, d. 11/26/1867, Sec. B, Site 2584, CAVALRY, RECRUIT 9TH USC CAV
MATHES, Robert Lee Sr, b. 04/07/1919, d. 05/05/1994, Sec. E, Site 67B, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
MATHEWS, Archie Lee, b. 02/06/1917, d. 09/14/1967, Sec. B, Site 3278, US ARMY, CPL 57TTH F.ART- LA, WORLD WAR II
MATHEWS, Herbert J, b. 02/06/1917, d. 03/20/1978, Sec. B, Site 3191, US ARMY, PVT
MATHEWS, J, d. 08/28/1865, Sec. B, Site 2005, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 29TH USC
MATHEWS, Jasper A, b. 11/04/1919, d. 07/22/1977, Sec. B, Site 3366, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
MATHEWS, John, d. 01/05/1868, Sec. A, Site 747, CAVALRY, PVT CO.I, 4TH US CAV
MATHEWS, John, d. 05/22/1934, Sec. C, Site 84, US ARMY, PVT 2ND CO.DET CAMP, WORLD WAR I
MATHEWS, S A, d. 04/29/1864, Sec. A, Site 29, CAVALRY, PVT CO.A, 13TH CONN
MATHIS, Adline, b. 09/22/1920, d. 05/29/2010, Sec. A, Site 1584, Wife of Ralph Mathis
MATHIS, Darwyn T, b. 01/11/1928, d. 05/14/1995, Sec. MA, Site 7, US ARMY, CORPORAL, WORLD WAR II
MATHIS, Ralph, b. 01/10/1904, d. 01/01/1983, Sec. A, Site 1584, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
MATSON, William, d. 09/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 957, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 3RD MICH
MATTHEWS, Anthony, b. 04/05/1927, d. 10/03/1966, Sec. B, Site 3246, US ARMY, CPL 4299TH QM GAS, WORLD WAR II
MATTHEWS, Bennie, b. 02/10/1915, d. 01/14/1968, Sec. B, Site 3314, US ARMY, TEC 4 HQ SVC CO.1324, WORLD WAR II
MATTHEWS, C C, d. 08/15/1864, Sec. A, Site 1216, INFANTRY, SGT CO.E, 173RD NY
MATTHEWS, David C, b. 03/20/1924, d. 11/18/1988, Sec. B, Site 478A, US ARMY, US AIR FORCE, SSGT
MATTHEWS, Joe, b. 11/13/1904, d. 02/11/1975, Sec. F, Site 238, US ARMY, PVT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
MATTHEWS, John, d. 10/14/1865, Sec. B, Site 2130, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 41ST USCT
MATTHEWS, John M, b. 04/10/1922, d. 10/02/1987, Sec. B, Site 447A, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
MATTHEWS, Leonard, d. 02/26/1941, Sec. R, Site 160, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL BATT F
MATTHEWS, Mattie, b. 06/21/1918, d. 02/27/1991, Sec. F, Site 238, Wife of Joe Matthews
MATTHEWS, William W, b. 05/02/1908, d. 01/18/1974, Sec. A, Site 564B, US NAVY, S1C STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
MATTHEWS, Willie D, b. 09/28/1946, d. 06/12/1972, Sec. A, Site 1531, US AIR FORCE, SGT 4780 AD WG USAF, VIETNAM
MATTHIS, Virgil, b. 10/22/1919, d. 12/10/1984, Sec. B, Site 1569A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MATY, F W, d. 07/29/1864, Sec. A, Site 809, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 12TH OHIO
MAXEY, Elmer Sr, b. 01/25/1915, d. 09/08/1986, Sec. B, Site 3502B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MAXEY, Luther L, b. 01/29/1913, d. 01/16/1945, Sec. C, Site 345, US ARMY, PFC CO.C, 17TH ARM A
MAXEY, Marvin Lodridge, b. 09/12/1923, d. 07/28/1992, Sec. B, Site 3502B, Wife of Elmer Maxey Sr
MAXMILIAN, Cador, d. 03/07/1868, Sec. A, Site 1279, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 28TH US
MAXWELL, Benjamin Beam Jr, b. 08/19/1918, d. 03/20/1970, Sec. F, Site 101, US ARMY AIR CORPS, LTCOL, WORLD WAR II
MAXWELL, Sybil B, b. 08/28/1913, d. 05/06/2001, Sec. F, Site 101, Wife of Benjamin Beam Maxwell Jr
MAY, Charles, d. 09/07/1867, Sec. B, Site 372, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 17TH US INF
MAY, George W, b. 01/12/1869, d. 05/08/1952, Sec. E, Site 250B, US ARMY, CAPTAIN
MAY, Geroge, b. 06/04/1911, d. 06/17/1948, Sec. C, Site 250, US ARMY, PFC AIR FORCES, WORLD WAR II
MAYER, Allen J, b. 12/23/1930, d. 05/28/2005, Sec. B, Site 3455, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, KOREA
MAYER, Frederick, d. 07/26/1896, Sec. R, Site 92, US ARMY, STEWARD
MAYER, John Willie, b. 07/16/1930, d. 04/09/1980, Sec. R, Site 519, US NAVY, HA
MAYER, Myrtle A, b. 11/09/1918, d. 09/18/1990, Sec. R, Site 519, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
MAYER, Rita Guillory, b. 10/20/1934, d. 09/07/1983, Sec. B, Site 3455, US AIR FORCE, A3C, KOREA
MAYES, James E, b. 12/21/1905, d. 08/22/1974, Sec. F, Site 181, US ARMY, PVT STATE: TEXAS, WORLD WAR II
MAYEUX, Elnora, b. 04/08/1919, d. 03/01/1970, Sec. R, Site 445, Wife of Landry Joseph Mayeux
MAYEUX, Joseph William, b. 07/24/1915, d. 01/21/1993, Sec. A, Site 507A, US ARMY, US NAVY, PVT
MAYEUX, Landry Joseph, b. 12/19/1917, d. 01/28/1963, Sec. R, Site 445, US ARMY, MSGT HQ SVC CO.773RD, WORLD WAR II
MAYEUX, Mary B, b. 11/29/1922, d. 10/21/2006, Sec. A, Site 507A, Wife of Joseph William Mayeux
MAYFIELD, John R, d. 01/20/1933, Sec. A, Site 552A, US ARMY, PVT HQ 28TH US INF, WORLD WAR I
MAYFIELD, Robert Jr, b. 03/13/1921, d. 10/04/1975, Sec. A, Site 1487B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
MAYHAN, Henry, d. 10/20/1864, Sec. A, Site 1187, INFANTRY, 2ND MO BTRY
MAYNARD, Johnnie Carl, b. 05/28/1927, d. 09/04/1994, Sec. R, Site 83-B, US ARMY, SSG, WORLD WAR II
MAYO, Carl Edward, b. 08/09/1941, d. 12/17/2011, Sec. D, Site 65, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
MAYO, Sybil, b. 02/27/1903, d. 08/01/1975, Sec. A, Site 1461C, US ARMY, PVT STATE: FL, WORLD WAR II
MAYOL, Jose, d. 10/29/1918, Sec. A, Site 1411, INFANTRY, PVT 83 MAC GUN BN
MAYS, Embers, b. 05/12/1929, d. 02/24/1973, Sec. A, Site 578A, US ARMY, PFC HQ CO.25TH INF, WORLD WAR II
MAYS, Ernest, b. 05/10/1887, d. 08/30/1965, Sec. R, Site 300, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 405TH RES
MAYS, Gertrude, b. 10/03/1893, d. 03/02/1987, Sec. B, Site 344H, Wife of Norah Mays
MAYS, Robert W, b. 08/04/1915, d. 04/23/1980, Sec. R, Site 515, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
MAYSE, Charley, b. 03/28/1919, d. 12/31/1968, Sec. B, Site 2090A, US ARMY, CPL 1918 ENGR AVN CO, WORLD WAR II
MAZE, Robert, b. 06/30/1890, d. 06/14/1962, Sec. B, Site 2041A, US ARMY, PFC CO.F, 801 PION
MCADAMS, Leslie Wayne, b. 02/16/1919, d. 07/22/1919, Sec. F, Site 233A, US NAVY, EM1/C, WORLD WAR II
MCADAMS, Margaret Rachel, b. 10/09/1919, d. 01/04/2011, Sec. F, Site 233A, Wife of Leslie Wayne McAdams
MCBRIDE, James, d. 10/14/1864, Sec. A, Site 746, CAVALRY, PVT CO.H, 6TH US CAV
MCBRIDE, Thomas, d. 07/21/1865, Sec. A, Site 734, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 46TH ILL
MCCAFFERTY, M J, d. 06/10/1870, Sec. R, Site 6, CAVALRY, CPL 4TH US CAV
MCCAIN, Buck, b. 11/24/1892, d. 03/15/1974, Sec. F, Site 56, US ARMY, PVT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR I
MCCAIN, Hubert, b. 05/04/1922, d. 09/26/1944, Sec. E, Site 10, US ARMY, PFC 123 INF REG USAG, WORLD WAR II
MCCAIN, Samantha, b. 04/04/1898, d. 03/12/1981, Sec. F, Site 56, Wife of Buck McCain
MCCALL, Henry Sr, b. 10/10/1912, d. 11/24/1988, Sec. B, Site 890A, US NAVY, STM1, WORLD WAR II
MCCALL, John, d. 02/22/1875, Sec. B, Site 2746, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 24TH US INF
MCCALL, Margaret, b. 08/02/1924, d. 05/24/1998, Sec. B, Site 890A, Wife of Henry McCall Sr
MCCALL, William Jr, b. 11/16/1926, d. 11/25/1966, Sec. B, Site 3043A, US ARMY, PFC 595TH TRANS TRK, WORLD WAR II
MCCALL, Zephyr Bee, b. 08/30/1927, d. 08/20/1989, Sec. B, Site 3043A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MCCANN, James, d. 06/05/1879, Sec. B, Site 2788, CAVALRY, PVT CO.C, 8TH US CAV
MCCANN, Mildred C, b. 01/16/1901, d. 06/05/1972, Sec. R, Site 328, Wife of Otis McCann
MCCANN, Orin F, b. 04/20/1897, d. 11/21/1960, Sec. C, Site 236D, US ARMY, PVT BTRY B 33 ARTY, WORLD WAR I
MCCANN, Otis, b. 07/23/1892, d. 08/22/1959, Sec. R, Site 329, US ARMY, PVT CO.E, 107TH AMMO
MCCARLEY, Alfa A, b. 10/07/1922, d. 08/17/1970, Sec. A, Site 411A, Wife of Bennell McCarley
MCCARLEY, Bennell, b. 07/02/1922, d. 09/10/1972, Sec. A, Site 411A, US ARMY, CPL CO.F, 41ST ARMD
MCCARLEY, Tommy Lee, b. 03/28/1948, d. 02/14/1965, Sec. A, Site 411A, Son (Minor Child) of Bennell McCarley
MCCARTER, Mathew, b. 09/22/1913, d. 09/17/1993, Sec. R, Site 317A, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
MCCARTHY, J A, d. 05/07/1879, Sec. R, Site 26, CAVALRY, PVT CO.H, 8TH US CAV
MCCARTHY, Walter, d. 10/06/1926, Sec. C, Site 31, US ARMY, PVT 540 ENGRS
MCCARTY, Daniel, d. 08/19/1898, Sec. B, Site 2842, CAVALRY, PVT CO.H, 1ST TEX
MCCARTY, David P Sr, b. 11/14/1933, d. 09/12/2000, Sec. R, Site 380, US AIR FORCE, A1C
MCCARTY, James E, b. 11/21/1918, d. 03/10/1978, Sec. B, Site 3328, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MCCARTY, John, d. 12/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 775, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 28TH ILL
MCCASLIN, J N, d. 10/14/1864, Sec. A, Site 858, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 77TH ILL
MCCAULEY, Earl S, b. 07/28/1887, d. 08/13/1959, Sec. R, Site 344, US ARMY, SGT DET QMC FT WHITE, WORLD WAR I
MCCAULEY, Laco W Jr, b. 02/22/1928, d. 10/28/1979, Sec. B, Site 3151, US ARMY, E-7 SFC, VIETNAM
MCCAULEY, Michael, d. 02/01/1865, Sec. A, Site 832, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 130 ILL INF
MCCAULEY, Olivia O, b. 04/30/1901, d. 01/31/1990, Sec. R, Site 343, Wife of Earl S McCauley
MCCAULEY, Robley, b. 06/28/1936, d. 03/03/1985, Sec. C, Site 416E, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, KOREA
MCCAULEY, Sunha Kue, b. 02/20/1929, d. 02/07/2005, Sec. B, Site 3151, Wife of Laco W McCauley Jr
MCCEARY, Bernard, d. 10/16/1866, Sec. B, Site 347, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 17TH US INF
MCCLAINE, Louis, b. 04/15/1895, d. 12/15/1978, Sec. B, Site 3384, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
MCCLARENCE, Infant, b. 08/15/1959, d. 08/15/1959, Sec. K, Site K147, Daughter (Minor Child) of Albert McClarence
MCCLARMAN, John, d. 12/03/1865, Sec. B, Site 446, CAVALRY, PVT CO.H, 4TH ILL CAV
MCCLEAN, Henry, d. 09/21/1865, Sec. B, Site 2054, INFANTRY, CO.D, 118TH USCT INF
MCCLEES, Robert Floyd, b. 04/22/1937, d. 12/27/2005, Sec. R, Site 168A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, KOREA
MCCLELLAND, Arvid A, b. 01/16/1918, d. 04/17/1989, Sec. A, Site 857A, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
MCCLINTON, Garry Wayne, b. 09/16/1960, d. 10/29/2019, Sec. K, Site 116, US ARMY, SPC
MCCLINTON, Odessa, b. 09/12/1920, d. 12/25/1982, Sec. A, Site 1207D, Wife of Samuel McClinton
MCCLINTON, Samuel, b. 09/12/1920, d. 01/17/1994, Sec. A, Site 1207D, US NAVY, STEWART MATE 2C, WORLD WAR II
MCCLITCHER, E, d. 07/21/1865, Sec. B, Site 2589, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 29TH ILL
MCCLUNG, Sidney M Jr, b. 11/15/1920, d. 07/05/1980, Sec. R, Site 3918, US ARMY, SP5, KOREA
MCCLUNG, Thomas, d. 01/10/1923, Sec. A, Site 1441, INFANTRY
MCCLURE, Edward John Jr, b. 06/03/1924, d. 09/27/1972, Sec. A, Site 731A, US ARMY, MSGT AIT CO.COMM GP, WORLD WAR II
MCCLURE, M, d. 03/30/1865, Sec. A, Site 1166, CAVALRY, PVT CO.I, KAN CAV
MCCOLLOUGH, Joseph, d. 08/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 1176, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 46TH USCT
MCCOLLUM, John Wesley, b. 05/04/1907, d. 04/06/1969, Sec. R, Site 327, US ARMY, T/4 CO.E, 326 GLIDER
MCCOLLUM, Price Fennel, b. 03/27/1924, d. 07/03/1977, Sec. B, Site 3346, US NAVY, SSMB3C, WORLD WAR II
MCCONICO, Mckinley, d. 04/24/1940, Sec. C, Site 148, US ARMY, PVT CO.14TH 4TH TRNG, WORLD WAR I
MCCONNELL, Bernard H, b. 03/24/1913, d. 04/02/1989, Sec. B, Site 879A, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
MCCONNELL, Eva J, b. 03/26/1922, d. 06/28/1996, Sec. B, Site 879A, Wife of Bernard H McConnell
MCCONNELL, James, d. 08/11/1867, Sec. A, Site 1280, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 26TH US INF
MCCORMICK, Thomas Jr, b. 03/10/1917, d. 06/18/1983, Sec. B, Site 3468, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MCCOUL, Unknown, d. 01/01/1864, Sec. A, Site 18, CAVALRY, PVT CO.D, N.Y. CAV
MCCOY, Spence, d. 09/11/1865, Sec. B, Site 2014, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 8TH USC
MCCRACKEN, Otto Eugene, b. 12/26/1911, d. 12/31/1990, Sec. K, Site K57A, US NAVY, PHARMACIST MATE 3/C, WORLD WAR II
MCCRACKIN, Charles, d. 11/05/1931, Sec. A, Site 544A, INFANTRY, 1 CL PVT MACH GUN CO, WORLD WAR I
MCCRARY, Ross Dallas, b. 11/06/1907, d. 09/05/1983, Sec. B, Site 3453, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
MCCRAY, Carrie G, b. 06/08/1914, d. 09/02/2003, Sec. K, Site K65B, Wife of Joe McCray
MCCRAY, George, d. 07/28/1930, Sec. C, Site 49, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, US COL ART
MCCRAY, Joe, b. 10/26/1912, d. 11/26/1990, Sec. K, Site K65B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
MCCREA, Betty G, b. 04/24/1950, d. 07/08/1967, Sec. B, Site 3635, Daughter (Minor Child) of Robert Claude McCrea
MCCREA, Georgia S, b. 11/23/1923, d. 04/05/1993, Sec. B, Site 3635, Wife of Robert C McCrea
MCCREA, Robert Claude, b. 01/29/1907, d. 01/20/1994, Sec. B, Site 3635, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
MCCREERY, Thomas H, d. 02/10/1935, Sec. A, Site 564A, US ARMY, WGNR SUPP 156 INF, WORLD WAR I
MCCUE, Clarence Sr, b. 11/25/1925, d. 03/31/1975, Sec. E, Site 183, US ARMY, CPL STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
MCCUE, Edward, b. 09/15/1896, d. 08/09/1967, Sec. E, Site 184D, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, CAS DET COL
MCCUE, Fannie Lee, b. 03/22/1925, d. 02/27/1984, Sec. E, Site 184D, Wife of Edward McCue
MCCUE, Lutisha, b. 03/10/1904, d. 10/20/1959, Sec. E, Site 184E, Wife of Edward McCue
MCCUE, M, d. 03/30/1865, Sec. A, Site 844, CAVALRY, PVT CO.L, 6TH KANS
MCCUE, Rodney, b. 12/17/1962, d. 12/17/1962, Sec. E, Site 183, Son (Minor Child) of Clarence McCue
MCCULLINS, Earnest, b. 07/02/1918, d. 03/04/1989, Sec. B, Site 864A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MCCULLINS, Laura, b. 09/11/1924, d. 06/24/2016, Sec. B, Site 864A, Wife of Earnest McCullins
MCCUTCHEON, Lee, d. 08/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 1826, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 115 USCT
MCCUTCHIN, J B, d. 08/15/1865, Sec. B, Site 955, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 15TH OHIO
MCDANIEL, Carl Jr, b. 07/16/1927, d. 03/23/1990, Sec. E, Site 169A, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, KOREA
MCDANIEL, Carmen Lopez, b. 08/20/1931, d. 02/23/2003, Sec. E, Site 169A, Wife of Carl McDaniel Jr
MCDANIEL, Infant, b. 03/03/1965, d. 03/03/1965, Sec. A, Site 385A, Son (Minor Child) of Ray McDaniel
MCDONALD, Earl, b. 11/22/1925, d. 01/15/1988, Sec. A, Site 577B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MCDONALD, Jack Morris, b. 09/04/1916, d. 10/14/1989, Sec. A, Site 186A, US AIR FORCE, CMSGT, WORLD WAR II
MCDONALD, Kate Nancy, d. 10/29/1947, Sec. A, Site 1439, Wife of Kate Nancy McDonald
MCDONALD, Mignon C, b. 04/09/1919, d. 08/14/2004, Sec. A, Site 186A, Wife of Jack Morris McDonald
MCDONALD, William H, d. 04/04/1923, Sec. A, Site 1439, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 80TH NY INF
MCDONNELL, Isham Fennell, b. 07/22/1908, d. 02/03/1968, Sec. B, Site 3520, US ARMY, PFC T/3 CO.A, 656 ENG
MCDOUGALD, W H, d. 06/15/1894, Sec. A, Site 1304, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 17TH WIS
MCDUNN, Louis, Sec. A, Site 727, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 76TH USCT
MCELWEE, Joseph B, b. 01/26/1938, d. 04/12/1986, Sec. A, Site 1579C, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
MCELWEE, Raymond W, b. 08/27/1919, d. 04/22/1982, Sec. B, Site 3795, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
MCFADDEN, Monta, b. 10/16/1946, d. 05/23/1980, Sec. R, Site 501, Wife of Eugene John McFadden
MCFARLAND, Edith, b. 03/14/1924, d. 08/21/2015, Sec. B, Site 2772A, Wife of Orland Wade McFarland
MCFARLAND, Orland Wade, b. 09/17/1919, d. 11/16/1968, Sec. B, Site 2772A, US AIR FORCE, MAJOR 4126 STRAT, WORLD WAR II
MCFARLANE, Charles J, b. 09/06/1909, d. 12/14/1976, Sec. B, Site 3365, US AIR FORCE, LT COL, WORLD WAR II
MCFARLANE, John E, b. 12/15/1868, d. 01/06/1948, Sec. R, Site 287, US ARMY, PVT 17TH BTRY FLD
MCFEE, Geraldine, b. 09/25/1952, d. 09/29/1952, Sec. K, Site P48, Daughter (Minor Child) of Gerald F McFee
MCGAGO, Leroy, b. 01/25/1923, d. 01/11/1969, Sec. R, Site 88B, US ARMY, PVT SPEC TNG UNIT CP, WORLD WAR II
MCGAGO, Ruby Boatwright, b. 12/17/1923, d. 05/09/2010, Sec. R, Site 88B, Wife of Leroy McGago
MCGALRY, John, d. 08/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 2039, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 118TH USC
MCGEARY, William, Sec. B, Site 2702, INFANTRY
MCGEE, Benjamin, d. 09/16/1866, Sec. A, Site 670, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 51 USCT INF
MCGEE, Francis, d. 10/30/1866, Sec. B, Site 836, CAVALRY, CPL CO.E, 4TH US CAV
MCGEE, Merril Herbert, b. 07/07/1910, d. 05/02/1963, Sec. R, Site 425, US ARMY, PFC BTRY B 663 FA BN, WORLD WAR II
MCGEE, Smith, d. 09/30/1865, Sec. B, Site 1152, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 43RD USCT
MCGEHEE, Hugh C, b. 03/25/1902, d. 02/06/1969, Sec. R, Site 131B, US ARMY, TSGT MED DET 18820, WORLD WAR II
MCGEHEE, Lela P, b. 08/14/1915, d. 04/12/1986, Sec. R, Site 131B, Wife of Hugh C McGehee
MCGINNIS, Simon Jr, b. 02/25/1943, d. 11/22/1969, Sec. F, Site 17, US ARMY, T/5 665 QM TRK CO., WORLD WAR II
MCGISBERRY, Roosevelt, b. 12/21/1907, d. 03/20/1980, Sec. A, Site 565B, US ARMY, SPEC 3, WORLD WAR II
MCGOUGH, Alfred Eugene, b. 09/14/1924, d. 06/14/1978, Sec. B, Site 3181, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
MCGRATH, Thomas, d. 10/23/1868, Sec. B, Site 1376, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 26TH US INF
MCGRAW, Charles A, b. 05/08/1923, d. 04/25/1988, Sec. A, Site 788A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
MCGRAW, Earnest Cornelius, b. 04/02/1925, d. 06/04/1988, Sec. A, Site 1200A, US NAVY, HMC, WORLD WAR II
MCGRAW, Frank, Sec. A, Site 710, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 80TH USCT
MCGRAW, Juanita T, b. 09/03/1925, d. 10/02/2016, Sec. A, Site 1200A, Wife of Earnest Cornelius McGraw
MCGRUDER, John R, b. 01/12/1910, d. 07/18/1988, Sec. B, Site 3329A, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
MCGRUDER, Leithe V, b. 11/11/1910, d. 10/10/2006, Sec. B, Site 3329A, Wife of John R McGruder
MCGUIRE, Infant, b. 08/22/1952, d. 08/22/1952, Sec. K, Site P40, Son (Minor Child) of George E McGuire
MCGUIRE, Thomas, d. 11/12/1866, Sec. B, Site 394, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 17TH US INF
MCHANEY, Clarence Allen, b. 04/20/1936, d. 12/10/1974, Sec. F, Site 237, US ARMY, SP-3 STATE: S C, KOREA
MCHANEY, Orlen, b. 07/29/1936, d. 03/12/2021, Sec. F, Site 237, Wife of Clarence Allen McHaney
MCINNIS, John Thomas, b. 03/16/1920, d. 02/23/1984, Sec. B, Site 3451, US AIR FORCE, A3C, WORLD WAR II
MCINTOSH, Archibald, d. 08/19/1870, Sec. R, Site 48, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 10TH US INF
MCINTYRE, Jesse, d. 05/14/1937, Sec. C, Site 109, US ARMY, PVT 7TH 6TH REPL BN, WORLD WAR I
MCINTYRE, Patrick, d. 11/19/1865, Sec. A, Site 301, CAVALRY, SGT CO.A, 19TH PA CAV
MCKAN, George, d. 10/02/1865, Sec. B, Site 1128, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 43RD USC
MCKAY, Carey O, b. 12/06/1907, d. 02/25/1945, Sec. C, Site 321, US ARMY, PVT 436 MED CO, WORLD WAR II
MCKAY, Florida W, b. 11/12/1911, d. 12/17/1993, Sec. C, Site 321, Wife of Carey O McKay
MCKAY, James L, b. 02/10/1923, d. 10/20/2003, Sec. B, Site 3552, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MCKEAN, John P, b. 07/26/1878, d. 07/11/1940, Sec. R, Site 230, US ARMY, CORP CO.E, 1ST ARK
MCKEE, Dana Rachelle, b. 11/16/1971, d. 02/09/1972, Sec. F, Site 248, Daughter (Adult) of Raymond H McKee
MCKEE, Dinah Machelle, b. 11/16/1971, d. 11/17/1971, Sec. F, Site 248, Daughter (Minor Child) of Raymond Harold McKee
MCKIN, Joseph, d. 09/15/1865, Sec. B, Site 1046, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 38TH USCT
MCKINLEY, Garrett Patrick Sr, b. 09/10/1946, d. 08/04/1994, Sec. R, Site 370, US ARMY, SFC, VIETNAM
MCKINLEY, George, b. 12/22/1908, d. 11/26/1980, Sec. B, Site 3824, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
MCKINNEY, Buford J, b. 10/26/1910, d. 09/24/1984, Sec. B, Site 3131A, US AIR FORCE, W-1, WORLD WAR II
MCKINNEY, Mary A Basco, b. 01/01/1908, d. 08/05/2008, Sec. B, Site 3131A, US ARMY, 2ND LT, WORLD WAR II
MCKINNEY, Ruby, b. 09/25/1925, d. 10/02/1985, Sec. E, Site 264B, Wife of Rudolph McKinney
MCKINNEY, Rudolph, b. 05/28/1927, d. 10/25/1988, Sec. E, Site 264B, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
MCKISSICK, W E, d. 11/19/1864, Sec. A, Site 1152, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 36TH IOWA
MCKNIGHT, H, d. 02/04/1864, Sec. B, Site 1325, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 1 MO ARTY
MCKNIGHT, Ina Mcallister, b. 11/13/1919, d. 06/23/1991, Sec. B, Site 3160, Wife of John A McKnight
MCKNIGHT, John A, b. 12/21/1909, d. 03/18/1978, Sec. B, Site 3160, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
MCKOWAN, Henry, d. 10/17/1864, Sec. A, Site 1233, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 36TH IOWA
MCLAIN, Albert W, b. 07/24/1924, d. 07/30/1980, Sec. R, Site 3914, US NAVY, S1C, WORLD WAR II
MCLAIN, John, d. 10/11/1865, Sec. B, Site 2065, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 118TH USC
MCLAINE, William, d. 10/02/1865, Sec. B, Site 2116, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 45TH USCT
MCLANE, Henry, d. 08/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 2064, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 118TH USC
MCLAUGHLIN, Eugene C, b. 06/25/1931, d. 01/10/1990, Sec. B, Site 1177A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, KOREA
MCLAUGHLIN, John, d. 07/01/1864, Sec. A, Site 802, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 30 ME INF
MCLAUGHLIN, Stephen, d. 07/01/1864, Sec. R, Site 24, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 30TH ME INF
MCLAUGHLIN, Welles, d. 04/20/1864, Sec. A, Site 12, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 13TH CON
MCLAY, Robert, d. 12/09/1867, Sec. B, Site 1360, INFANTRY, PVT 1ST US ARTY
MCLEA, Edward, d. 08/02/1870, Sec. B, Site 1363, CAVALRY, CO.K, 4TH US CAV
MCLEAN, George, d. 09/26/1865, Sec. B, Site 2066, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 118TH USC
MCLELLAN, J, d. 08/12/1865, Sec. B, Site 1994, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 116TH USC
MCLELLAN, No First Name, d. 08/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 2002, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
MCLENNAN, David, d. 03/30/1939, Sec. B, Site 3027, US ARMY, PVT 1 CL BASE HQ
MCLEROY, Grace Barbee, b. 10/14/1898, d. 12/02/1967, Sec. B, Site 3637, Wife of Rance J McLeroy
MCLEROY, Rance J, b. 11/30/1897, d. 11/05/1972, Sec. B, Site 3561, US ARMY, PVT BTRY D 47TH, WORLD WAR I
MCLEROY, Rance J Jr, b. 08/10/1924, d. 12/27/1944, Sec. C, Site 296, US ARMY, PVT ENGRS
MCMAHON, Thomas, d. 01/20/1866, Sec. B, Site 302, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 77TH PA INF
MCMAHON, Willie, b. 11/16/1932, d. 10/27/1992, Sec. A, Site 380A, US NAVY, SEAMAN RECRUIT SR, KOREA
MCMAINS, David, d. 09/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 2722, CAVALRY, PVT CO.H, 1ST IOWA
MCMASTER, C H, d. 09/06/1865, Sec. B, Site 956, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 13TH WIS
MCMULLEN, James, d. 06/24/1865, Sec. A, Site 266, CAVALRY, PVT CO.M, 10TH ILL
MCMULLEN, Willard Dewey, d. 04/08/1939, Sec. B, Site 3028, US NAVY, SEAMAN 2ND CL
MCNAMARA, Michael, d. 11/20/1880, Sec. B, Site 2793, INFANTRY, PVT CO.L, 20TH US INF
MCNAMARA, Michael, d. 04/22/1864, Sec. A, Site 6, CAVALRY, 3RD R I CAV
MCNEAL, Kathryn S, b. 11/19/1918, d. 03/20/2004, Sec. D, Site 95, Wife of Vester Loyd McNeal
MCNEAL, Vester Loyd, b. 11/18/1901, d. 10/01/1969, Sec. D, Site 95, US ARMY, CAPT 9206 TECH SVC, WORLD WAR II
MCNEELY, Elsie B, b. 06/12/1921, d. 11/25/1985, Sec. B, Site 3646, Wife of Ludlow McNeely
MCNEELY, Jenniffer Kay, b. 10/04/1953, d. 04/01/1975, Sec. B, Site 3646, Daughter (Adult) of Ludlow McNeely
MCNEELY, Johnnie, b. 09/03/1918, d. 01/18/1971, Sec. B, Site 3558, US ARMY, PFC CO.C, 20TH INF
MCNEELY, Ludlow, b. 12/08/1920, d. 11/30/1966, Sec. B, Site 3646, US NAVY, MOMM2 STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
MCNEILL, Thomas, d. 10/15/1865, Sec. B, Site 863, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 49TH ILL
MCNERY, Floyd Ray, b. 07/24/1924, d. 09/18/1990, Sec. A, Site 1076A, US AIR FORCE, US NAVY, SMSGT
MCNEW, Henry, d. 12/05/1865, Sec. B, Site 31, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 122 USCT
MCNULTY, John, d. 09/04/1864, Sec. A, Site 796, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 13TH ME INF
MCNUTT, Eugene C, b. 01/04/1898, d. 05/01/1959, Sec. E, Site 171A, US ARMY, PVT MG CC 119 INF, WORLD WAR I
MCPHERSON, Abe, b. 08/14/1896, d. 07/05/1981, Sec. B, Site 3840, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
MCPHERSON, Mamie C, b. 09/01/1897, d. 03/17/1966, Sec. B, Site 866A, Wife of Abe McPherson
MCQUARTERS, Henry, d. 04/25/1917, Sec. A, Site 1368, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 80TH USCT
MCQUEEN, Artie, d. 01/22/1967, Sec. B, Site 31A
MCQUEEN, Enoch Fletcher, b. 11/07/1890, d. 09/10/1966, Sec. B, Site 3239, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 39TH BN US
MCRAE, George, d. 07/28/1930, Sec. C, Site 49, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 110 US ARTY
MCSAY, Eli, Sec. A, Site 713, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 80TH USCT
MCSPARRON, John Anthony, b. 06/01/1920, d. 11/19/1978, Sec. A, Site 1337A, US ARMY, 1ST SGT, WORLD WAR II
MCTAMMANY, Francis, d. 10/30/1866, Sec. B, Site 839, CAVALRY, PVT CO.E, 4TH US CAV
MCTIRE, Lester Anthony, b. 10/09/1922, d. 02/27/1960, Sec. R, Site 215, US ARMY, TEC5, WORLD WAR II
MEACHUM, Roy N, d. 11/11/1942, Sec. R, Site 185, US ARMY, SGT CO.C, 715 ENG RY
MEADE, Samuel, d. 10/04/1865, Sec. B, Site 472, INFANTRY, CPL CO.D, 26TH OHIO
MEADS, James, d. 06/04/1864, Sec. B, Site 1696, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 117TH USC
MEAGGI, Hector, d. 01/15/1932, Sec. A, Site 546A, US NAVY, MASS ATT 1ST RES F, WORLD WAR I
MEANS, Aron, b. 10/24/1929, d. 01/07/1994, Sec. E, Site 198B, US ARMY, US AIR FORCE, SGT
MEANS, Mattie Campbell, b. 03/28/1928, d. 03/20/2007, Sec. E, Site 198B, Wife of Aron Means
MEDLER, Willard, b. 03/20/1921, d. 07/01/1988, Sec. A, Site 1203A, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
MEDOROR, K, d. 01/26/1866, Sec. B, Site 300, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 8TH USC
MEHL, George, d. 01/20/1865, Sec. A, Site 838, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 77TH OHIO
MEISE, Infant, d. 05/21/1944, Sec. K, Site 9, Daughter (Minor Child) of Ervan R Meise
MELBERT, Charlie, b. 02/17/1938, d. 06/12/1984, Sec. B, Site 1574A, US NAVY, SN
MELDER, J C, d. 01/26/1943, Sec. A, Site 1490, US ARMY, STSGT 3RD AC
MELTON, Charles Robert, b. 04/10/1932, d. 12/07/1990, Sec. A, Site 667C, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, KOREA
MENSING, Age, d. 10/11/1860, Sec. B, Site 1326, INFANTRY, BUGLER CO.M 2 USC
MENZIE, John Ralph, b. 02/23/1910, d. 01/27/1970, Sec. F, Site 45, US ARMY, MSGT HQ BN USATC, WORLD WAR II
MERCER, Alfred S, d. 12/12/1865, Sec. B, Site 778, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 28TH ILL
MEREDITH, John, d. 07/16/1864, Sec. A, Site 1074, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 46TH IND
MERRICK, Squire, d. 07/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 2171, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 114TH USC
MERRITT, John W, b. 02/18/1920, d. 05/17/1980, Sec. A, Site 1142A, US ARMY, SGM, WORLD WAR II
MERRITT, Olgak Katherine, b. 03/19/1911, d. 01/13/1981, Sec. A, Site 1142A, Wife of John W Merritt
MERRITT, Robert M, b. 03/25/1947, d. 09/12/2005, Sec. R, Site 206A, US ARMY, SGT, VIETNAM
MERRITTS, John, d. 08/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 2628, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 77TH PA INF
MERWIN, Cecil V, b. 11/12/1918, d. 08/06/1992, Sec. A, Site 230B, US ARMY, SSGT
MESHELL, Infant, b. 01/27/1956, d. 01/27/1956, Sec. K, Site K75, Son (Minor Child) of Emmett E Meshell
MESHELL, Jesse G, b. 05/21/1925, d. 10/18/1993, Sec. R, Site 394A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
METCALFE, Harrold, b. 08/26/1896, d. 08/22/1944, Sec. R, Site 192, US ARMY, PVT CO.M 153RD INF, WORLD WAR I
METELMAN, John, d. 09/18/1867, Sec. B, Site 356, CAVALRY, PVT CO.H, 6TH MO CAV
METOYER, Alfred Luke Sr, b. 06/12/1918, d. 04/19/1970, Sec. F, Site 115, US ARMY, CWO-W2 CO.D, SPEC TR
METOYER, Ethel C, b. 07/03/1905, d. 02/16/1978, Sec. R, Site 94A, Wife of Milton Metoyer
METOYER, Francis Roy Sr, b. 09/17/1913, d. 07/14/1973, Sec. A, Site 32A, US NAVY, SM1C STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
METOYER, Mary Louise, b. 07/17/1906, d. 02/28/2007, Sec. A, Site 32A, Wife of Francis Roy Metoyer Sr
METOYER, Mckinley Anthony, b. 08/09/1899, d. 06/08/1960, Sec. E, Site 249B, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 377TH ENGR
METOYER, Milton, b. 09/01/1890, d. 11/04/1962, Sec. R, Site 94A, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 524TH ENGRS
METOYER, Nora Lee, b. 07/25/1918, d. 01/25/2006, Sec. F, Site 115, Wife of Alfred Luke Metoyer Sr
METOYER, Wilson E, b. 05/31/1926, d. 07/12/2005, Sec. R, Site 190A, US NAVY, ST3, WORLD WAR II
METRAS, Albert Edmond, b. 12/14/1916, d. 12/23/1983, Sec. A, Site 1399D, US AIR FORCE, SMSGT, WORLD WAR II
METRAS, Ora Mae, b. 02/22/1912, d. 07/15/1988, Sec. A, Site 1399D, Wife of Albert Edmond Metras
METTS, James Floyd Sr, b. 07/27/1900, d. 04/20/1981, Sec. R, Site 3877, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
METZ, Edward R, b. 11/12/1892, d. 11/09/1967, Sec. B, Site 3305, US NAVY, YN 1C STATE: NY, CIVIL WAR
MEURER, Wm, d. 09/15/1867, Sec. B, Site 345, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 17TH US
MEYER, Fred M, d. 02/22/1946, Sec. R, Site 262, US ARMY, PVT 1CL 1ST CONV BN, WORLD WAR I
MEYER, Unknown, d. 01/18/1892, Sec. B, Site 2834A, Wife of John Meyer
MEYERCOUCH, John F, d. 09/06/1865, Sec. B, Site 782, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 28TH ILL
MICHAEL, Herman L, d. 09/20/1865, Sec. B, Site 806, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 28TH ILL
MICHAEL, Miller Scott, b. 09/23/1931, d. 02/14/1972, Sec. F, Site 282, US ARMY, PVT SUP CO.2ND QM BN, KOREA
MICHAEL, Mina V, b. 12/26/1898, d. 12/25/1973, Sec. F, Site 28, Wife of Raymond E Michael
MICHAEL, Raymond E, b. 12/10/1913, d. 08/24/1985, Sec. F, Site 28, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II
MICHAEL, Tivee Ann, b. 12/02/1936, d. 07/29/2005, Sec. F, Site 282, Wife of Miller Scott Michael
MICHEL, Norbert, b. 08/08/1956, d. 12/14/2002, Sec. B, Site 3272A, US ARMY, CAPT
MICIL, Ben, b. 04/21/1895, d. 08/14/1957, Sec. C, Site 424, US ARMY, WAGONER 9TH ENGR, WORLD WAR I
MICIL, Moddie A, b. 04/27/1885, d. 01/15/1980, Sec. C, Site 423, Wife of Ben Micil
MICKENS, Alice H, b. 05/20/1908, d. 06/10/1980, Sec. R, Site 504, Wife of Amos Mickens
MICKENS, Amos, b. 05/10/1909, d. 10/02/1992, Sec. R, Site 504, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
MIDDAUGH, Harry H, b. 12/07/1942, d. 07/29/1986, Sec. E, Site 269A, US ARMY, SP4
MIDDLETON, Chester Arthur, b. 07/22/1886, d. 01/29/1965, Sec. B, Site 878-A, US ARMY, PVT HQ CO.70TH INF, WORLD WAR I
MIDDLETON, Max A, b. 12/05/1927, d. 09/06/1987, Sec. B, Site 455A, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
MIDDLETON, Roy, b. 10/28/1920, d. 01/26/1959, Sec. R, Site 284C, US AIR FORCE, CAPT STATE: LA
MIEDZIONOSKI, Raymond, b. 11/24/1938, d. 07/20/2006, Sec. F, Site 2, US ARMY, SSG, VIETNAM
MIERS, Hawthorn, d. 10/14/1865, Sec. A, Site 693, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 60TH USC
MIFFLIN, James Edward, b. 03/28/1925, d. 06/13/1973, Sec. A, Site 591-AA, US NAVY, EM/3C STATE: ILL, WORLD WAR II
MILAM, Carroll T, b. 08/23/1923, d. 09/19/1981, Sec. B, Site 3810, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MILAM, Lonzo Shipman, b. 06/27/1920, d. 03/15/1975, Sec. A, Site 1577, US AIR FORCE, MSGT STATE: OK, WORLD WAR II
MILAZZO, Angelo, b. 11/09/1913, d. 04/20/1992, Sec. A, Site 1695, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
MILAZZO, Julia P, b. 11/02/1913, d. 04/20/1997, Sec. A, Site 1695, Wife of Angelo Milazzo
MILES, Arnold, d. 10/19/1866, Sec. B, Site 44, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 7TH USC
MILES, Austin, b. 08/25/1907, d. 04/19/1989, Sec. A, Site 1366A, US NAVY, SD1/C, WORLD WAR II
MILES, Callie L, b. 01/06/1903, d. 08/16/1974, Sec. A, Site 1657, Wife of Octo Miles
MILES, Derryl Wayne, b. 11/02/1955, d. 07/26/1994, Sec. R, Site 125A, US ARMY, SP4
MILES, Edgar, b. 03/09/1921, d. 07/31/1971, Sec. F, Site 67, US AIR FORCE, PFC 2535 AAFBU AC, WORLD WAR II
MILES, Edward Jr, b. 04/06/1968, d. 08/06/1987, Sec. B, Site 462A, US ARMY, PVT
MILES, Every G, b. 02/23/1922, d. 04/22/1978, Sec. F, Site 67, Wife of Edgar Miles
MILES, H S, d. 11/11/1872, Sec. R, Site 85, US ARMY, PVT SIG US SIG
MILES, Henry, b. 02/10/1924, d. 01/22/1990, Sec. B, Site 1175D, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
MILES, John C, b. 02/05/1961, d. 05/20/1984, Sec. R, Site 415A, US ARMY, SPEC 4
MILES, John Henry, b. 01/05/1949, d. 05/31/1989, Sec. A, Site 1139A, US ARMY, SGT, VIETNAM
MILES, Kiser, d. 06/08/1920, Sec. A, Site 1433, INFANTRY, PVT CO.LA 524 ENGRS
MILES, Octo, b. 04/15/1896, d. 05/18/1981, Sec. A, Site 1657, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
MILES, Willie, b. 12/06/1909, d. 12/01/1977, Sec. D, Site 36, US ARMY, T/4, WORLD WAR II
MILHOUSE, Joel, b. 01/10/1890, d. 10/08/1977, Sec. B, Site 3370, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
MILLARD, Geo B, d. 08/16/1865, Sec. A, Site 276, INFANTRY, COM SGT 8TH ILL
MILLER, Adeline, b. 04/18/1920, d. 11/10/2013, Sec. B, Site 3154, Wife of Robert C Miller
MILLER, Alice M, b. 11/27/1925, d. 12/02/2000, Sec. A, Site 540-A, Wife of Clement Miller
MILLER, Charles, d. 05/29/1878, Sec. R, Site 19, CAVALRY, SGT CO.E, 8TH US CAV
MILLER, Charles E, b. 06/05/1937, d. 09/03/1967, Sec. B, Site 3392, US ARMY, SGT E-5 CO.C, SPEC TR
MILLER, Charles M, b. 08/07/1883, d. 05/09/1943, Sec. D, Site 17, US ARMY, COLONEL QMC, WORLD WAR II
MILLER, Charles William, b. 06/09/1916, d. 08/19/1963, Sec. B, Site 3776, US ARMY, SGT 540TH QM SUBS, WORLD WAR II
MILLER, Child, d. 04/24/1896, Sec. R, Site 116, Relative of Pvt Miller
MILLER, Clement, b. 02/29/1932, d. 07/03/1992, Sec. A, Site 540-A, US ARMY, SFC, VIETNAM
MILLER, Daniel, b. 05/02/1961, d. 05/03/1961, Sec. R, Site 127A, Son (Minor Child) of Anthony H Miller
MILLER, Delmar D, b. 06/29/1898, d. 08/03/1953, Sec. E, Site 124, US ARMY, PVT HQ DET 7TH DIV, WORLD WAR I
MILLER, Edward G, b. 08/29/1915, d. 08/06/1980, Sec. R, Site 3910, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MILLER, Eligah, b. 08/20/1890, d. 11/12/1986, Sec. C, Site 306B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
MILLER, Emil Jr, b. 07/21/1927, d. 03/13/1983, Sec. B, Site 3485, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
MILLER, Emma, b. 10/18/1896, d. 01/26/1970, Sec. F, Site 3, Wife of Otis Miller
MILLER, Floyd O, b. 07/13/1903, d. 05/28/1944, Sec. C, Site 373, US ARMY, SSGT 546TH BOMB SQ 8
MILLER, G W, d. 08/08/1864, Sec. A, Site 795, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 18TH IOWA
MILLER, Henry, d. 08/09/1856, Sec. B, Site 1550, INFANTRY, SGT CO.K, 23RD US INF
MILLER, Henry, d. 01/12/1866, Sec. B, Site 776, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 29TH ILL
MILLER, Ira, b. 05/22/1922, d. 01/10/1968, Sec. B, Site 3502, US ARMY, PVT 4366 QM BKRY CO, WORLD WAR II
MILLER, J, d. 01/12/1886, Sec. B, Site 891, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 15TH MICH
MILLER, J C, d. 07/28/1864, Sec. A, Site 1222, INFANTRY, SGT CO.D, 32 IOWA
MILLER, John, d. 10/06/1864, Sec. A, Site 771, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 77TH OHIO
MILLER, John, d. 09/10/1864, Sec. A, Site 1179, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 77TH OHIO
MILLER, Julius, d. 01/01/1894, Sec. R, Site 10, CAVALRY, FARRIER CO.E, 5TH US
MILLER, Marvin S, b. 01/05/1928, d. 05/07/1983, Sec. B, Site 3470, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, VIETNAM
MILLER, Melvin, b. 12/25/1910, d. 09/29/1978, Sec. B, Site 3122, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
MILLER, Otis, b. 06/08/1895, d. 10/09/1969, Sec. F, Site 3, US ARMY, PVT CO.K, 118TH INF
MILLER, Robert C, b. 07/31/1923, d. 09/24/1979, Sec. B, Site 3154, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MILLER, Robert W, b. 09/06/1920, d. 09/03/1986, Sec. B, Site 1654F, US ARMY, TEC5, WORLD WAR II
MILLER, Rosa Lee, b. 07/12/1916, d. 05/12/1980, Sec. B, Site 3122, Wife of Melvin Miller
MILLER, Rosalie B, b. 05/19/2008, d. 12/20/2008, Sec. B, Site 1654F, Wife of Robert W Miller
MILLER, Stephen, b. 08/25/1914, d. 02/26/1971, Sec. F, Site 133, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
MILLER, William Delton, b. 01/01/1915, d. 02/10/1973, Sec. A, Site 1648, US NAVY, MM/1C STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
MILLET, Armand, d. 07/02/1927, Sec. A, Site 1453, INFANTRY, PFC CO.D, 37 INF
MILLET, Raymond H, b. 06/12/1921, d. 12/05/1944, Sec. E, Site 14, US ARMY, SGT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
MILLHOUSE, Henry, b. 07/22/1929, d. 07/03/1994, Sec. R, Site 102A, US ARMY, CPL
MILLICAN, Essie Thelma, b. 10/02/1916, d. 03/06/1975, Sec. F, Site 292, Wife of Joseph W Millican Jr
MILLICAN, Joseph W Jr, b. 01/07/1911, d. 03/01/1975, Sec. F, Site 292, US NAVY, CORM/2CL, WORLD WAR II
MILLIGAN, Huston, b. 01/30/1905, d. 12/05/1957, Sec. R, Site 374, US ARMY, SGT MAINT CO, 41ST AR
MILLIS, James E, b. 03/22/1897, d. 04/14/1972, Sec. F, Site 273, US ARMY, CPL CO.E, 52ND INF
MILLIS, Viola D, b. 10/02/1894, d. 08/01/1971, Sec. F, Site 273, Wife of James E Millis
MILLNER, Bernard, b. 08/11/1924, d. 06/19/1983, Sec. B, Site 3476A, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
MILLNER, Rosa L, b. 04/01/1926, d. 01/11/1982, Sec. B, Site 3476A, Wife of Bernard Millner
MILLS, Clayton, b. 09/20/1912, d. 07/06/1985, Sec. A, Site 1549A, US MARINE CORPS, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MILLS, John, b. 03/04/1897, d. 02/22/1970, Sec. F, Site 47, US ARMY, PVT CO.L, 29TH INF
MILLS, Leonard, d. 11/02/1865, Sec. B, Site 2047, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 22TH USC
MILLS, Lester, b. 04/17/1926, d. 02/05/1993, Sec. A, Site 505A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
MILLS, Marshall Jr, b. 03/01/1927, d. 12/22/1950, Sec. E, Site 185, US NAVY, SEAMAN APPRENTICE, WORLD WAR II
MILLS, Maybelle, b. 05/21/1938, d. 05/11/2013, Sec. A, Site 1549A, Wife of Clayton Mills
MILLS, Walter, b. 11/16/1910, d. 05/17/1945, Sec. C, Site 255, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 850 ENGR
MILLS, William M, d. 06/11/1865, Sec. A, Site 260, INFANTRY, CPL CO.G, 8TH ILL INF
MILLS, Zula M, b. 01/08/1903, d. 09/04/1973, Sec. F, Site 47, Wife of John Mills
MILLSAP, Ben Franklin, b. 02/22/1922, d. 07/05/1954, Sec. E, Site 184A, US ARMY, PFC CO.D, 97TH ENGR
MILLSAP, Vivian J, b. 05/17/1927, d. 08/27/2010, Sec. E, Site 184A, Wife of Ben Franklin Millsap
MILO, Cleveland, b. 01/04/1894, d. 10/04/1963, Sec. R, Site 110A, US ARMY, PFC CO.B, 508 ENGRS
MILO, Geraldine L, b. 09/06/1926, d. 08/03/1980, Sec. R, Site 3911, Wife of Will Milo Sr
MILO, Will Sr, b. 04/18/1920, d. 05/29/2005, Sec. R, Site 3911, US ARMY, 1ST SGT, WORLD WAR II
MILTON, David, d. 10/13/1866, Sec. B, Site 1094, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 19TH USCT
MILTZ, Dimples M, d. 07/13/1949, Sec. C, Site 352, Wife of Norman F Miltz
MILTZ, Norman F, b. 05/05/1897, d. 01/21/1962, Sec. C, Site 353, US ARMY, SSGT 13 ATK SQ 3RD
MILUE, Harvey, d. 09/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 830, CAVALRY, PVT CO.C, 2ND TEX CAV
MIMS, Adeline H, b. 08/20/1921, d. 11/07/1992, Sec. A, Site 243A, Wife of Don Arvel Mims
MIMS, Don Arvel Sr, b. 09/09/1921, d. 07/03/2010, Sec. A, Site 243A, US NAVY, LCDR
MINARD, Charles, Sec. A, Site 51, INFANTRY, SGT CO.I, 160 NY INF
MINER, Wayne Allen Jr, b. 01/20/1949, d. 02/09/2007, Sec. C, Site 72A, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
MINES, Henry Dee, b. 09/21/1926, d. 03/12/1991, Sec. C, Site 124A, Wife of Walter J Mines
MINES, Walter J, b. 05/21/1923, d. 11/27/1997, Sec. C, Site 124A, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
MINGLEDORFF, Lewis Edward III, b. 02/24/1977, d. 02/25/1977, Sec. B, Site 1109A, Son (Minor Child) of Lewis E Mingldorff Jr
MINNICK, Herbert, d. 04/16/1943, Sec. C, Site 174, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 325TH SVC
MINTON, Kevin Scott, b. 03/02/1965, d. 09/17/1992, Sec. A, Site 333B, US ARMY, SP4
MITCHELL, Atkins J, b. 02/14/1964, d. 09/02/2005, Sec. R, Site 162A
MITCHELL, Charles E, d. 02/26/1943, Sec. R, Site 187, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 11TH INF
MITCHELL, Fred, b. 03/25/1920, d. 03/26/1964, Sec. B, Site 1542A, US ARMY, T/5 CO.B, 93RD ENGR
MITCHELL, Henry, d. 11/28/1866, Sec. B, Site 1586, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 2ND USCT
MITCHELL, James, d. 07/16/1920, Sec. A, Site 1431, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 527 ENG
MITCHELL, John, d. 10/07/1866, Sec. B, Site 1577, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 19TH USCT
MITCHELL, John T, b. 03/11/1931, d. 02/20/1985, Sec. K, Site K162-B, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, KOREA
MITCHELL, Leon, b. 09/08/1924, d. 08/18/1986, Sec. B, Site 3147A, US COAST GUARD, ST2, WORLD WAR II
MITCHELL, Marie, b. 11/09/1916, d. 07/19/1992, Sec. B, Site 1542A, Wife of Fred Mitchell
MITCHELL, Rose M, b. 01/29/1924, d. 06/30/1984, Sec. B, Site 3147A, Wife of Leon Mitchell
MITCHELL, Willie E, b. 08/22/1910, d. 08/02/1944, Sec. C, Site 254, US ARMY, PFC USAGF- STATE: LA
MOBERLEY, Ralph Herbert Jr, b. 01/31/1924, d. 04/02/1967, Sec. B, Site 3272, US AIR FORCE, LT COL
MOBLEY, Carlos V, b. 11/01/1889, d. 03/09/1949, Sec. R, Site 295, US ARMY, MAJOR STATE: GA, WORLD WAR II
MOBLEY, Huston, b. 03/19/1919, d. 11/17/1971, Sec. F, Site 110, US ARMY, SSGT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
MOBLEY, John, d. 06/03/1920, Sec. A, Site 1434, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 326 LA
MOBLEY, Katherine Inez, b. 12/12/1906, d. 12/15/1982, Sec. R, Site 296, Wife of Carlos V Mobley
MOBLEY, Thomas Ray, b. 04/20/1892, d. 05/13/1964, Sec. A, Site 422A, US ARMY, CAPT INF 20TH DIV CO, WORLD WAR I
MOBLEY, Wade Washington, b. 07/26/1916, d. 09/08/1970, Sec. D, Site 83, US ARMY, PVT CO.H, 381ST INF C
MOCK, Anita L, b. 09/17/1927, d. 12/09/1959, Sec. R, Site 313, Wife of Isaac Nelson Mock
MODES, Arnold G Sr, b. 10/09/1932, d. 08/10/1998, Sec. R, Site 135A, US NAVY, US ARMY, GMSN2
MODES, Bernice L, b. 02/25/1930, d. 12/27/2001, Sec. R, Site 135A, Wife of Arnold G Modes Sr
MODLIN, Nathaniel, d. 09/05/1964, Sec. A, Site 1078, INFANTRY, SGT CO.F, 32 OHIO INF
MOE, Perry, d. 12/26/1863, Sec. B, Site 774, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 38TH IOWA
MOFFETT, Fipp, d. 09/18/1866, Sec. B, Site 1675, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 117TH USC
MOLAN, Thomas, d. 11/05/1864, Sec. A, Site 1147, INFANTRY, SUN BOAT SACHEN
MOLETTE, Ella Viola, b. 09/18/1931, d. 03/07/2016, Sec. R, Site 406A, Wife of Moot Molette Jr
MOLETTE, Moot Jr, b. 12/12/1924, d. 07/28/1984, Sec. R, Site 406A, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
MOLL, Joseph, d. 02/15/1865, Sec. B, Site 962, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 4TH MICH
MONDAY, David, d. 08/15/1865, Sec. A, Site 668, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 76TH USC
MONDAY, George, d. 09/26/1939, Sec. C, Site 139, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 341SVC
MONIHAN, Donald, b. 12/08/1925, d. 03/20/1963, Sec. K, Site K13-A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT 401ST SUPP SQD, WORLD WAR II
MONOHAN, Danield, d. 08/18/1867, Sec. B, Site 1382, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 26TH US INF
MONROE, Carolyn Rax, b. 01/28/1956, d. 12/08/2008, Sec. B, Site 464A, Wife of Dwayne E Rax
MONROE, Charleston, b. 08/04/1897, d. 12/05/1958, Sec. E, Site 260, US ARMY, PFC DET TRANS CORPS, WORLD WAR I
MONTGOMERY, Barney B, b. 03/17/1897, d. 07/07/1965, Sec. B, Site 1626A, US ARMY, PVT SALVAGE CO.QMC, WORLD WAR I
MONTGOMERY, Eugene, b. 06/11/1924, d. 01/22/1964, Sec. R, Site 121A, US ARMY, SGT INF CO.A, 373RD
MONTGOMERY, John, d. 08/03/1865, Sec. B, Site 277, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 77TH PA
MONTGOMERY, Molden, d. 10/15/1865, Sec. B, Site 1140, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 43RD USC
MONTGOMERY, Myrtle Oestriecher, b. 10/26/1903, d. 08/02/1992, Sec. B, Site 1626A, Wife of Barney B Montgomery
MONTGOMERY, Walter, b. 01/06/1889, d. 03/30/1973, Sec. A, Site 1645, US ARMY, PFC 7TH CO.6TH REGT, WORLD WAR I
MONTOYA, Bennie, b. 06/27/1927, d. 02/08/1988, Sec. A, Site 1279A, US AIR FORCE, TEC SGT
MOODY, Essie, b. 07/01/1892, d. 08/30/1968, Sec. B, Site 3528, US ARMY, CPL CO.B, 416 RES LAB
MOODY, Hobart Clinton, b. 08/15/1936, d. 10/20/1988, Sec. F, Site 155A, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, VIETNAM
MOODY, Samuel, d. 01/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 1080, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 8TH USCT
MOONEY, Charles, d. 10/06/1867, Sec. A, Site 749, INFANTRY, 2ND MSGT CO.D, 20TH
MOONEY, James, d. 04/17/1884, Sec. B, Site 2820, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 19TH US INF
MOONLY, Aaron, d. 07/22/1865, Sec. B, Site 1561, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 23RD USC
MOONT, Thomas, d. 10/05/1864, Sec. A, Site 782, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 77TH OHIO
MOORE, Aaron James, b. 07/30/1924, d. 11/18/1992, Sec. A, Site 565C, Husband of Signe M Moore
MOORE, Alberta, b. 09/24/1904, d. 10/06/1981, Sec. A, Site 1555, Wife of Willis Moore
MOORE, Anthony Jerome, b. 03/11/1980, d. 03/11/1980, Sec. B, Site 3873, Son (Minor Child) of Jeffrey D Moore
MOORE, Anthony Jr, b. 02/20/1931, d. 06/11/1993, Sec. F, Site 205, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
MOORE, Archie, d. 08/27/1866, Sec. B, Site 1673, INFANTRY, CPL CO.B, 117TH USC
MOORE, Charles, d. 10/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 1659, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 29TH USCT
MOORE, Charlotte L, b. 12/07/1916, d. 11/28/1989, Sec. B, Site 1190A, US ARMY, WAC PVT, WORLD WAR II
MOORE, Clarence, b. 01/03/1922, d. 02/07/1979, Sec. A, Site 1206A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
MOORE, Doc, d. 08/11/1865, Sec. B, Site 1988, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 116 USC INF
MOORE, Dorothy Liggins, b. 10/04/1931, d. 11/26/2018, Sec. F, Site 205, Wife of Anthony Moore Jr
MOORE, Eddie, d. 04/16/1935, Sec. C, Site 90, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, COL CAS DET
MOORE, Geo W, d. 11/01/1865, Sec. B, Site 854, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 30TH IND
MOORE, James, d. 03/08/1871, Sec. R, Site 57, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 10TH US INF
MOORE, James A, b. 08/02/1959, d. 05/04/1983, Sec. B, Site 3480, US MARINE CORPS, PFC
MOORE, James Roland, b. 12/12/1910, d. 06/11/1965, Sec. R, Site 108B, US AIR FORCE, TSGT USAF HOSP, WORLD WAR II
MOORE, John F, d. 11/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 877, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 77TH PA INF
MOORE, Joseph, b. 07/31/1894, d. 10/24/1959, Sec. C, Site 311B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
MOORE, M, d. 09/16/1864, Sec. A, Site 824, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 48TH OHIO
MOORE, Mack Ray, b. 05/11/1965, d. 12/19/1986, Sec. F, Site 86A, US ARMY, SP4
MOORE, Mrs, Sec. R, Site 109, Relative of M Moore
MOORE, Nelson, d. 06/29/1866, Sec. B, Site 1218, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 114TH USC
MOORE, Pearlie Mae, b. 01/04/1919, d. 08/13/1976, Sec. A, Site 1206A, Wife of Clarence Moore
MOORE, Thomas J, d. 06/30/1916, Sec. A, Site 1364, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 20TH IOWA
MOORE, Tim, d. 02/25/1941, Sec. C, Site 157, US ARMY, PVT CO.14TH 44TH BN, WORLD WAR I
MOORE, Virgil L, b. 03/27/1896, d. 07/19/1965, Sec. B, Site 3675, US ARMY, PVT MACH GUN CO, WORLD WAR I
MOORE, Willis, b. 01/01/1895, d. 10/03/1973, Sec. A, Site 1555, US ARMY, PVT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR I
MOORY, Peter, b. 04/08/1898, d. 09/24/1980, Sec. R, Site 3895, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
MORAN, Evelyn E, b. 07/10/1902, d. 12/20/1979, Sec. A, Site 1219A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
MORAN, Octave Jr., b. 07/25/1946, d. 03/29/1980, Sec. R, Site 516, US ARMY, CPL, VIETNAM
MORDORE, T, d. 09/01/1865, Sec. B, Site 941, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 77TH PA
MOREAU, Clarence Jackson, b. 09/20/1925, d. 08/12/1992, Sec. A, Site 1014B, US NAVY, S/1C, WORLD WAR II
MOREAU, Dewey, b. 03/02/1895, d. 01/01/1956, Sec. C, Site 285B, US ARMY, PVT HQ CO INF 805
MORELAND, Harry, d. 03/29/1936, Sec. A, Site 575A, US ARMY, 1ST SGT CO.A, 14TH US
MORGAN, Alvey, b. 05/31/1900, d. 11/03/1953, Sec. E, Site 134, US ARMY, T/5 HDQ SVC CO.207, WORLD WAR II
MORGAN, Clark H, b. 04/15/1919, d. 05/26/1977, Sec. B, Site 2073A, US ARMY, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
MORGAN, Curtis L, b. 10/17/1920, d. 09/22/1988, Sec. B, Site 901C, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
MORGAN, Ernest L, b. 10/09/1919, d. 04/08/1991, Sec. C, Site 127A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT
MORGAN, George Dewey, b. 04/23/1898, d. 12/25/1958, Sec. C, Site 426A, US NAVY, CHIEF MACH, WORLD WAR II
MORGAN, George Sr, b. 11/09/1932, d. 01/24/1985, Sec. B, Site 3111A, US ARMY, SPEC 3, KOREA
MORGAN, James B, b. 03/08/1923, d. 01/18/1946, Sec. R, Site 263, US ARMY, PVT 1CL CO.B, 272 US
MORGAN, Lemuel, d. 09/09/1866, Sec. B, Site 1025, INFANTRY, PVT CO.38TH USCT
MORGAN, Lloyd, b. 11/16/1932, d. 05/04/1986, Sec. A, Site 1584A, US ARMY, SP3, KOREA
MORGAN, Mamie F, b. 12/31/1900, d. 11/30/1989, Sec. C, Site 426A, Wife of George D Morgan
MORGAN, Robert, b. 01/02/1907, d. 02/20/1962, Sec. B, Site 3692, US ARMY, PVT 9352 SUPP CO ENG, WORLD WAR II
MORGAN, Violet W, b. 11/05/1923, d. 02/09/1994, Sec. C, Site 127A, Wife of Ernest L Morgan
MORGAN, Walter Clyde, b. 07/23/1924, d. 07/06/1944, Sec. E, Site 15, US ARMY, PFC CO.B, 1ST BN 2ND
MORHEAD, Thomas, d. 11/13/1863, Sec. A, Site 808, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 26TH IND
MORIARTY, Eugene, d. 07/08/1867, Sec. B, Site 504, INFANTRY, SGT CO.E, 17TH US INF
MORIN, Barry Patrick, b. 03/07/1950, d. 07/19/1994, Sec. R, Site 128A, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
MORITZ, Roland E, b. 04/25/1921, d. 09/28/2002, Sec. B, Site 1278A, US ARMY, 1LT, WORLD WAR II
MORLAN, Ruby Laverne, b. 09/16/1903, d. 04/28/1923, Sec. A, Site 1640, US ARMY, CAPT 31ST GEN HOSP, WORLD WAR II
MORLTE, Hickman, b. 02/09/1923, d. 06/23/1990, Sec. A, Site 1434A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MORNING, Smith, d. 08/16/1866, Sec. B, Site 1169, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 116 USCT
MORRELL, Geo, d. 01/02/1876, Sec. B, Site 2754, INFANTRY, CPL US SIG
MORRIS, Arthur, b. 04/21/1928, d. 03/09/1989, Sec. A, Site 664A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
MORRIS, Estelle, d. 12/06/1877, Sec. B, Site 2773, Daughter (Adult) of Capt Morris
MORRIS, Frank C, b. 04/24/1974, d. 04/24/1974, Sec. A, Site 1053A, Son (Minor Child) of Frank C Morris Sr
MORRIS, Hagger, b. 02/14/1896, d. 08/20/1990, Sec. A, Site 1551, Wife of Spincer Morris
MORRIS, J W, d. 07/21/1864, Sec. A, Site 1206, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 77TH OHIO
MORRIS, Jimmie D, b. 07/15/1921, d. 04/21/1942, Sec. E, Site 52, US ARMY, SGT 3RD 90TH BOMB SQ, WORLD WAR II
MORRIS, Joseph A, b. 11/19/1931, d. 09/09/1984, Sec. B, Site 3135A, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
MORRIS, Kathryn, b. 01/13/1937, d. 12/06/2017, Sec. A, Site 664A, Wife of Arthur Morris
MORRIS, Neal, d. 09/25/1929, Sec. C, Site 43, US ARMY, PVT CO.K, COLORED CAS
MORRIS, R, d. 08/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 2006, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 29TH USC
MORRIS, Robert E, d. 11/28/1936, Sec. B, Site 2835, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CLASS BTRY B, WORLD WAR I
MORRIS, Spincer, b. 05/05/1895, d. 12/31/1972, Sec. A, Site 1551, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 350 LAB BN
MORRISON, David Ervin Jr, b. 01/09/1948, d. 06/13/1962, Sec. K, Site K65-A, Son (Minor Child) of David Ervin Morrison Sr
MORRISON, Job, d. 11/02/1866, Sec. B, Site 2630, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 26TH OHIO
MORRISON, Joseph W, b. 01/01/1909, d. 06/10/1978, Sec. B, Site 3183, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MORSE, John, b. 11/11/1894, d. 07/28/1947, Sec. C, Site 232, US ARMY AIR FORCES, PVT CO.B, 325 SVC BN
MORTON, Cato, Sec. A, Site 715, INFANTRY
MORTON, Daniel, d. 09/26/1865, Sec. A, Site 674, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 47TH USC
MORTON, John, d. 09/01/1865, Sec. B, Site 1642, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 29TH USC
MOSELY, James Clarence, b. 08/05/1918, d. 05/27/1973, Sec. A, Site 1639, US ARMY, PFC CO.A, 1318 ENGRS
MOSER, Hiram, d. 09/02/1867, Sec. B, Site 496, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 17TH US INF
MOSER, Orville Sr, b. 04/29/1893, d. 07/12/1970, Sec. F, Site 186, US NAVY, CHIEF M/M, WORLD WAR I
MOSES, George, b. 02/24/1893, d. 07/07/1967, Sec. B, Site 1170A, US ARMY, PVT 21ST CO.6TH REC, WORLD WAR I
MOSHER, George Adam Sr, b. 03/27/1919, d. 08/12/1958, Sec. R, Site 404, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MOSKUS, Lovy Strother, b. 02/01/1919, d. 10/26/1989, Sec. F, Site 95, US ARMY, WAAC AUX 1ST CL, WORLD WAR II
MOSKUS, Theodore Joseph, b. 11/24/1918, d. 10/05/1971, Sec. F, Site 95, US ARMY, T/5 3186 ENGR SVC CO, WORLD WAR II
MOSLEY, Robert, d. 10/19/1918, Sec. A, Site 1397, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 1419 RES
MOSS, Clyde C, d. 10/27/1945, Sec. R, Site 241, US ARMY, PVT HDQRS 140 US FLD, WORLD WAR I
MOSS, Pat Lee, b. 07/19/1935, d. 10/03/1994, Sec. A, Site 1438-B, US ARMY, MAJOR, VIETNAM
MOTON, Edward W Jr, b. 01/23/1968, d. 02/15/1993, Sec. A, Site 502A, US ARMY, SSGT
MOUNT, Aulyce M, b. 07/23/1912, d. 02/20/1994, Sec. B, Site 3733, Wife of Herbert Foster Mount
MOUNT, Herbert Foster, b. 11/18/1906, d. 04/22/1962, Sec. B, Site 3733, US ARMY, T/5 ORD DEPT WHITE, WORLD WAR II
MOUNT, Willie Jr, b. 12/13/1933, d. 11/18/2002, Sec. B, Site 1280B, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, KOREA
MOYER, Charles E, b. 09/15/1952, d. 09/15/1952, Sec. K, Site P46, Daughter (Minor Child) of Charles E Moyer
MOYER, W H, d. 05/05/1864, Sec. A, Site 1267, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 130 ILL INF
MUDGE, Crystal, b. 04/12/1913, d. 04/28/1968, Sec. B, Site 3315, Wife of Edwin S Mudge
MUDGE, Edwin S, b. 03/31/1908, d. 07/18/1986, Sec. B, Site 3315, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II
MUELLER, Albert Herman, b. 09/16/1894, d. 01/11/1970, Sec. F, Site 44, US ARMY, CPL CO.B, 116 MOT
MUELLER, Donald William, b. 05/05/1917, d. 09/12/1955, Sec. D, Site 26, US AIR FORCE, MAJOR, WORLD WAR II
MUELLER, Glennis, b. 02/25/1920, d. 02/05/2001, Sec. D, Site 26, Wife of Donald William Mueller
MULLAN, Henry J, b. 12/17/1912, d. 09/28/1985, Sec. A, Site 1544A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
MUNCEY, Isaac Richard, b. 04/07/1941, d. 05/06/1989, Sec. A, Site 1365A, US AIR FORCE, A2C
MUNDER, Andrew, d. 08/23/1865, Sec. B, Site 963, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 3RD MICH
MUNDY, Linus Lee, b. 05/15/1913, d. 02/14/1973, Sec. A, Site 1653, US ARMY, SFC HQ CO USAGND UAR, KOREA
MUNOZ, Rosaria, b. 02/12/1962, d. 02/12/1962, Sec. K, Site K78-A, Daughter (Minor Child) of Leandro Munoz
MUNOZ, Rueben, b. 06/16/1964, d. 06/16/1964, Sec. K, Site K78-A, Son (Minor Child) of Leandro Munoz
MUNSON, Robert H, d. 06/15/1945, Sec. K, Site 21, Son (Minor Child) of Robert H Munson Jr
MURCHISON, J B, d. 01/18/1865, Sec. A, Site 31, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 4TH MASS
MURILL, A P, Sec. A, Site 309, INFANTRY
MURPHEY, Arthur Jr, b. 11/23/1889, d. 05/12/1959, Sec. E, Site 119A, US ARMY, ASST BAND L HQ CO., WORLD WAR I
MURPHEY, James R, b. 02/09/1932, d. 03/13/1985, Sec. B, Site 3113A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, KOREA
MURPHY, Brian D, b. 05/20/1952, d. 06/08/1991, Sec. E, Site 105A, US ARMY, PVT, VIETNAM
MURPHY, Carl O, b. 03/07/1896, d. 11/24/1950, Sec. C, Site 369, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 103 INF 26
MURPHY, Charles P Jr, b. 01/13/1920, d. 06/25/1943, Sec. C, Site 294, US ARMY, PVT 701ST TANK BN, WORLD WAR II
MURPHY, Charlie Douglas, b. 01/19/1911, d. 02/28/1963, Sec. R, Site 446, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 178 BN INF
MURPHY, David, b. 04/06/1916, d. 09/13/1988, Sec. B, Site 907A, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
MURPHY, Edward, d. 08/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 1147, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 116 USCT
MURPHY, Fred, b. 06/07/1916, d. 03/01/1974, Sec. F, Site 111, US ARMY, WO, KOREA
MURPHY, Gwendola L, b. 10/02/1924, d. 06/16/2000, Sec. F, Site 111, Wife of Fred Murphy
MURPHY, Hubert, b. 05/08/1915, d. 05/18/1963, Sec. R, Site 98B, US ARMY, T/5 534TH PORT CO TC, WORLD WAR II
MURPHY, J A, d. 07/12/1864, Sec. A, Site 785, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 36TH IOWA
MURPHY, John, Sec. A, Site 744, INFANTRY
MURPHY, Lorenzia Sr, b. 12/15/1912, d. 09/08/1997, Sec. A, Site 723-A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
MURPHY, Matilda Viola, b. 10/04/1911, d. 01/31/1988, Sec. A, Site 723-A, Wife of Lorenzia Murphy Sr
MURPHY, Willie B, b. 03/11/1927, d. 01/17/1951, Sec. E, Site 196, US ARMY, SGT 69TH ORD AMM CO, WORLD WAR II
MURPHY, Wm S, d. 10/30/1865, Sec. B, Site 20, INFANTRY, CAPT CO.H, 1ST W.VA
MURRAY, Andrew, d. 10/26/1864, Sec. A, Site 1194, CAVALRY, PVT CO.D, 173 NY CAV
MURRAY, Bernard, b. 02/26/1895, d. 02/02/1968, Sec. B, Site 3519, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 508 ENG
MURRAY, Charles M, d. 11/09/1869, Sec. B, Site 299, INFANTRY, CIV ENGR 2ND M DEPT
MURRAY, Charlie, b. 10/26/1886, d. 04/20/1957, Sec. C, Site 284A, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 419TH RES
MURRAY, Ella M, b. 12/26/1900, d. 12/15/1989, Sec. B, Site 3442I, Wife of James Murray
MURRAY, James, b. 08/31/1893, d. 11/07/1986, Sec. B, Site 3442I, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
MURRAY, James R II, b. 01/21/1918, d. 08/28/1996, Sec. A, Site 694-B, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
MURRAY, John, d. 12/10/1899, Sec. R, Site 91, INFANTRY, SGT NO DATA
MURRAY, Joseph M, b. 07/15/1894, d. 01/13/1958, Sec. R, Site 379, US ARMY, CPL QMC WHITE, WORLD WAR I
MURRAY, Nellie C, b. 02/17/1893, d. 06/23/1959, Sec. R, Site 378, Wife of Joseph M Murray
MURRAY, Nelson, d. 01/28/1866, Sec. B, Site 2136, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 62ND INF
MURRAY, Ora A Jr, b. 11/02/1955, d. 04/18/1992, Sec. A, Site 1696, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, VIETNAM
MURRAY, Ruth G, b. 11/14/1921, d. 05/19/2005, Sec. A, Site 694-B, Wife of James R Murray II
MURRAY, Shepard, b. 09/05/1889, d. 10/05/1969, Sec. F, Site 1, US ARMY, PFC CO.A, 326 LABOR
MURRAY, William, d. 08/10/1867, Sec. B, Site 397, INFANTRY, CPL CO.K, 17TH US
MURRAY, William, d. 11/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 1353, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 117TH USC
MURRAY, William, d. 08/10/1867, Sec. B, Site 36, INFANTRY, CPL CO.K, 17TH USCT
MURVIN, James Rollins, b. 03/15/1876, d. 06/10/1963, Sec. R, Site 417, US ARMY, PVT TRP D, 2ND REGT
MUSCHNER, Steven R, b. 09/14/1951, d. 09/15/1951, Sec. K, Site P28, Son (Minor Child) of Ernest W Muschner
MUSE, Chauncey W, b. 06/07/1916, d. 08/08/1992, Sec. B, Site 1216A, US AIR FORCE, MAJOR, WORLD WAR II
MUSE, Nellie M, b. 07/26/1919, d. 09/01/1989, Sec. B, Site 1216A, Wife of Chauncey W Muse
MUSHER, William, d. 11/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 1129, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 43RD USC
MUSSLEWHITE, Leon St Clair, b. 08/26/1916, d. 10/18/1982, Sec. B, Site 3868, US AIR FORCE, MAJOR, WORLD WAR II
MUSTOM, Frank T, b. 01/04/1919, d. 02/09/1945, Sec. R, Site 244B, US AIR FORCE, 1ST LT INF USAGF
MUTERY, Henry, b. 01/01/1899, d. 07/23/1974, Sec. A, Site 1654, US ARMY, PVT STATE: ALABAMA, WORLD WAR I
MUTFORD, Thomas J, b. 10/31/1937, d. 05/26/1984, Sec. C, Site 260C, US ARMY, SPEC 4
MYER, John, d. 08/09/1866, Sec. B, Site 449, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 17TH US INF
MYER, Percy, d. 10/20/1933, Sec. C, Site 76, US ARMY, PVT 7TH 162ND DEP, WORLD WAR I
MYER, W A, d. 08/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 1707, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 117TH USC
MYERS, A J, d. 11/01/1865, Sec. B, Site 883, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 30TH IND
MYERS, C F, d. 08/01/1870, Sec. R, Site 51, INFANTRY, SGT CO.I, 10TH US INF
MYERS, Fred, d. 09/13/1867, Sec. B, Site 357, INFANTRY, COMSY SGT 17TH US
MYERS, Jacob Thomas, b. 09/11/1924, d. 09/14/1970, Sec. F, Site 227, US NAVY, SEAMAN 2ND CL, WORLD WAR II
MYERS, Peter, d. 11/15/1865, Sec. B, Site 361, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 37TH ILL
MYERS, Richard H, d. 02/18/1863, Sec. B, Site 1299, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 26TH IND
MYERS, Stephens, d. 07/29/1879, Sec. R, Site 98, Son (Minor Child) of Stephens Myers
MYLES, Millard May, d. 01/17/1933, Sec. A, Site 548A, US NAVY, FIREMAN 2ND CL, WORLD WAR I
MYRICK, Maude, b. 06/08/1926, d. 11/23/1997, Sec. C, Site 322C, Wife of Meflin Mckinley Myrick
MYRICK, Meflin Mckinley, b. 01/24/1927, d. 09/27/1990, Sec. C, Site 322C, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
NAGLE, Richard, d. 12/09/1867, Sec. B, Site 327, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 17TH US INF
NASH, Daisy T, b. 02/13/1919, d. 08/07/2017, Sec. D, Site 96, Wife of Louis T Nash Sr
NASH, Edward, b. 10/22/1915, d. 07/28/1971, Sec. F, Site 54, US ARMY, PFC 476 AMPH TRK CO, WORLD WAR II
NASH, Eli, d. 01/14/1923, Sec. C, Site 17, INFANTRY, COOK CO.G, 160TH NY
NASH, George, b. 01/18/1921, d. 09/06/1979, Sec. B, Site 1024A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NASH, Louis T Sr, b. 07/19/1912, d. 09/23/1969, Sec. D, Site 96, US ARMY, T-4 49TH QM CO QMC, WORLD WAR II
NASH, Willie, b. 08/02/1892, d. 10/05/1962, Sec. R, Site 93D, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 350 LABOR
NATHAN, Elmer James, b. 04/30/1930, d. 04/30/1990, Sec. A, Site 912A, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
NAVARRO, Albert Julien, b. 09/05/1941, d. 11/20/1990, Sec. C, Site 310D, US AIR FORCE, CAPT, VIETNAM
NEAL, Ethel V, b. 02/04/1918, d. 01/02/2003, Sec. C, Site 362B, Wife of George Neal Jr
NEAL, Frank S, b. 06/19/1907, d. 08/10/1945, Sec. C, Site 293, US ARMY, PFC STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
NEAL, Fred, b. 02/15/1919, d. 04/19/1987, Sec. B, Site 476A, US NAVY, SM1, WORLD WAR II
NEAL, George Jr, b. 02/06/1920, d. 02/18/1984, Sec. C, Site 362B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NEAL, Julian D, b. 08/16/1928, d. 12/12/2009, Sec. R, Site 513, US ARMY, SFC, KOREA
NEAL, Virginia C, b. 12/20/1932, d. 03/28/1980, Sec. R, Site 513, Wife of Julian D Neal
NECK, Johnny H, b. 12/17/1927, d. 05/14/1973, Sec. A, Site 699A, US ARMY, T-5 538TH AAA SLT, WORLD WAR II
NEELLEY, Francis Washington, b. 08/14/1917, d. 01/19/1994, Sec. C, Site 409, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Adlean Inez, b. 12/03/1920, d. 08/05/1973, Sec. A, Site 1631, Wife of Clarence Nelson
NELSON, Andy, d. 03/07/1942, Sec. C, Site 165, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 24TH US INF
NELSON, Clarence, b. 11/22/1913, d. 10/18/1985, Sec. A, Site 1631, US ARMY, SFC, KOREA
NELSON, Claudis, b. 08/18/1924, d. 12/06/1969, Sec. F, Site 18, US ARMY, PVT 2535 AAFBU AC, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Cornelious N, b. 09/22/1911, d. 01/04/1984, Sec. A, Site 13A, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Dorothy M, b. 10/26/1923, d. 02/03/2011, Sec. R, Site 236A, Wife of Freddie C Nelson
NELSON, Frances Martha, b. 04/25/1920, d. 07/03/2004, Sec. R, Site 386, Wife of George W Nelson
NELSON, Freddie C, b. 09/09/1920, d. 04/16/1984, Sec. R, Site 236A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, George W, b. 05/09/1924, d. 11/11/1993, Sec. R, Site 386, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, George Washington, b. 01/04/1943, d. 12/09/1967, Sec. B, Site 1180A, US ARMY, SSG CO.D, 2ND BN
NELSON, James C, b. 09/02/1905, d. 05/05/1989, Sec. A, Site 859B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Mildred Isaac, b. 12/11/1905, d. 03/09/1973, Sec. A, Site 13A, Wife of Cornelious Noby Nelson
NELSON, Richard B, b. 01/29/1924, d. 12/23/1987, Sec. B, Site 436E, US AIR FORCE, US ARMY, PVT
NELSON, Theo A, b. 09/22/1922, d. 05/25/1978, Sec. B, Site 3378, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, Vidrie, b. 07/04/1916, d. 11/06/1945, Sec. C, Site 248, US ARMY, PVT TRANS CORPS, WORLD WAR II
NELSON, William, d. 08/22/1878, Sec. R, Site 71, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 24TH US INF
NEMOMS, Jasper E, b. 12/03/1911, d. 12/14/1982, Sec. D, Site 89, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
NEMOMS, Luberta, b. 02/26/1906, d. 08/10/1992, Sec. D, Site 89, Wife of Jasper E Nemons
NESOM, Charles N, b. 08/08/1866, d. 08/05/1931, Sec. A, Site 1466, US ARMY, SGT 4TH SIG CORPS US, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
NESOM, Charles N Jr, b. 11/25/1907, d. 09/28/1999, Sec. A, Site 1685, US ARMY, LTC, WORLD WAR II
NESOM, Lennie Belle, b. 03/16/1908, d. 01/25/1994, Sec. A, Site 1685, Wife of Charles N Nesom Jr
NESOM, Maria B, b. 01/04/1886, d. 05/07/1958, Sec. A, Site 1466, Wife of Charles N Nesom
NETTLES, Elijah, d. 01/26/1939, Sec. C, Site 130, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 15TH BN REP
NEUHOFF, William, d. 09/13/1864, Sec. A, Site 1154, CAVALRY, PVT CO.F, 9TH WIS CAV
NEVILLE, William James, b. 11/05/1922, d. 11/27/1976, Sec. B, Site 3345, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
NEWBY, Clair Francis, b. 07/27/1891, d. 03/14/1954, Sec. C, Site 391, US ARMY, SFC 990TH SAN SQ MED, WORLD WAR I
NEWBY, J C, d. 04/13/1880, Sec. R, Site 72, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 24TH US INF
NEWCOMB, Gordon M, b. 05/16/1916, d. 08/24/1981, Sec. B, Site 3815, US NAVY, BM 1 C, WORLD WAR II
NEWCOMB, Hoyle Richard, b. 08/29/1922, d. 01/27/1990, Sec. A, Site 593A, US NAVY, BM2/C, WORLD WAR II
NEWELL, M, d. 10/11/1864, Sec. A, Site 763, INFANTRY
NEWLAND, W G, d. 05/02/1865, Sec. B, Site 9, INFANTRY, 2ND LT CO.E, 43RD IND
NEWMAN, Burley, b. 02/12/1895, d. 06/13/1967, Sec. B, Site 3269, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 3RD DEV BN
NEWMAN, Garrett, d. 02/01/1927, Sec. C, Site 34, INFANTRY, PFC 865 TRANS CORPS
NEWMAN, Herman, d. 04/29/1878, Sec. R, Site 21, CAVALRY, PVT CO.E, 8TH US CAV
NEWMAN, Lauren E, b. 06/29/1986, d. 06/29/1986, Sec. E, Site 271A, Daughter (Minor Child) of Brian D Newman
NEWMAN, Sebe V, b. 08/15/1892, d. 06/21/1964, Sec. B, Site 3684, US ARMY, PVT BN QMC CO.D, 348T
NEWTON, Eddie, b. 02/04/1907, d. 02/12/1948, Sec. C, Site 239, US ARMY, PFC ENGRS, WORLD WAR II
NEWTON, Lester Jr, b. 08/14/1943, d. 09/18/1985, Sec. A, Site 1540A, US ARMY, SP4
NEY, Jeremiah, d. 12/31/1865, Sec. B, Site 2022, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 22TH USC
NEYLAND, Everett W Jr, b. 05/13/1925, d. 12/12/1996, Sec. A, Site 783-E, US NAVY, ENS, WORLD WAR II
NEYLAND, Wanda Marie, b. 03/02/1928, d. 03/16/2010, Sec. A, Site 783-E, Wife of Everett W Neyland Jr
NICHOLAS, Shirley B, b. 06/02/1941, d. 06/05/1991, Sec. E, Site 106D, Wife of Mitchel C Nicholas
NICHOLS, John, d. 09/01/1885, Sec. B, Site 1172, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 22TH CONN
NICHOLS, Samuel, d. 07/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 1845, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 109TH USCT
NICKENS, Precelia E, d. 04/20/1879, Sec. R, Site 110, Daughter (Minor Child) of Sgt Nickens
NICKLESON, Woodrow, b. 05/13/1917, d. 03/18/1979, Sec. B, Site 3116, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NICKOLATATOS, Apostalos, d. 07/31/1937, Sec. B, Site 2848, US ARMY, PVT 3RD CO.1ST BN, WORLD WAR I
NICOTRE, Joseph Edward, b. 07/23/1911, d. 03/16/1992, Sec. A, Site 1588A, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
NIGHTLINGER, Guy, d. 11/27/1945, Sec. R, Site 243, US ARMY, PVT CO.33RD COAST
NISBET, Otis, b. 01/24/1898, d. 10/06/1969, Sec. F, Site 4, US ARMY, PVT MED DET 27TH ENG, WORLD WAR II
NISH, Henry, d. 10/18/1865, Sec. A, Site 695, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 68TH USC
NISPEL, James R, b. 11/27/1950, d. 11/29/1950, Sec. K, Site 15, Son (Minor Child) of Richard L Nispel
NITZ, Timothy J, b. 05/12/1953, d. 01/21/1995, Sec. C, Site 189-A, US NAVY, SEAMAN, VIETNAM
NOBLE, Essie L, b. 01/06/1908, d. 01/23/1989, Sec. F, Site 164A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NOBLE, Henry, d. 11/04/1865, Sec. B, Site 1624, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 29TH CONN
NOBLE, Otis, d. 06/22/1868, Sec. B, Site 1349, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 1ST US
NOBLE, Rosa Mae, b. 05/29/1928, d. 12/21/2005, Sec. F, Site 164A, Wife of Essie L Noble
NOE, Roy Eugene, b. 10/11/1967, d. 07/04/1984, Sec. B, Site 3148A, Stepson (Minor Child) of William P Pilcher
NOEL, Robert Stanley, b. 05/20/1936, d. 02/02/1992, Sec. A, Site 1594A, US ARMY, SFC
NOLAN, Bentley, b. 02/28/1891, d. 03/02/1950, Sec. E, Site 173, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 814TH PION
NOLAN, Jeffrey D, b. 07/05/1956, d. 12/03/1978, Sec. B, Site 3121, US ARMY, SP/4, VIETNAM
NOLAN, Robert, d. 04/05/1871, Sec. R, Site 45, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 10TH US INF
NOLAND, Oliver M Jr, b. 11/15/1941, d. 02/16/1979, Sec. A, Site 1438A, US AIR FORCE, MAJOR, VIETNAM
NOLE, Benjamin, d. 10/03/1865, Sec. B, Site 1813, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 180TH USC
NOLET, Watson, d. 11/22/1865, Sec. B, Site 2192, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
NOLL, Edward, d. 09/19/1865, Sec. B, Site 2058, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 118TH USCT
NORED, John William, b. 09/10/1898, d. 09/21/1948, Sec. C, Site 334, US NAVY, GM 3RD CL, WORLD WAR I
NORMAN, John, d. 09/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 1126, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 43RD USC
NORMAN, Nehemiah, b. 02/18/1934, d. 01/19/1980, Sec. A, Site 1680A, US ARMY, SP3 E4
NORMAND, James P, b. 09/25/1895, d. 01/17/1951, Sec. C, Site 385A, US ARMY, PVT BTRY A, 9TH BN FL
NORRIS, Alex, b. 05/04/1910, d. 09/23/1978, Sec. B, Site 3428, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NORRIS, Andrew, d. 08/08/1865, Sec. B, Site 1175, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 31ST USCT
NORRIS, Charles, b. 04/19/1888, d. 09/02/1974, Sec. A, Site 1658, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
NORRIS, Ernest Alton, b. 02/12/1935, d. 12/09/1995, Sec. A, Site 860-B, US ARMY, CORPAL
NORRIS, Ester, b. 09/20/1921, d. 04/27/2001, Sec. F, Site 300, Wife of John S Norris Sr
NORRIS, James E, b. 01/09/1924, d. 10/27/1976, Sec. B, Site 3337, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
NORRIS, Jimmy Lyn, b. 10/11/1951, d. 02/04/2020, Sec. B, Site 3337, US ARMY, SP5, VIETNAM
NORRIS, Joe, b. 08/01/1922, d. 08/23/1980, Sec. R, Site 3904, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NORRIS, John David, b. 12/20/1928, d. 05/08/1992, Sec. A, Site 1686, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, VIETNAM
NORRIS, John S Sr, b. 07/29/1920, d. 01/19/1993, Sec. F, Site 300, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
NORRIS, Robbie L, b. 10/29/1933, d. 05/06/2009, Sec. A, Site 1686, Wife of John David Norris
NORTON, J H, d. 03/25/1864, Sec. A, Site 24, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 21 MO INF
NORTON, Offie William, b. 11/22/1889, d. 10/14/1970, Sec. F, Site 241, US ARMY, WAG SUP CO 116 INF, WORLD WAR I
NORVELL, Sigurd, b. 01/31/1921, d. 12/19/1985, Sec. F, Site 86, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
NORVELL, Versie, b. 09/20/1912, d. 01/04/1970, Sec. F, Site 86, Wife of Sigurd Norvell
NORWITZ, Irvin, b. 04/26/1932, d. 03/02/1993, Sec. A, Site 167A, US ARMY, US AIR FORCE, PFC
NORWOOD, Oscar Jr, b. 12/26/1919, d. 11/21/1989, Sec. B, Site 1202A, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
NOVACK, Ruth Lupkin, b. 02/16/1924, d. 07/12/1995, Sec. K, Site K157, Wife of Victor Novack
NOVACK, Victor, b. 09/08/1921, d. 03/07/1994, Sec. K, Site K157, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
NUGENT, Clay T, b. 10/28/1947, d. 08/13/1992, Sec. A, Site 1300B, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
NUGENT, Daniel, b. 10/13/1912, d. 06/26/1944, Sec. R, Site 292, US ARMY, PVT 39TH INF REG- LA, WORLD WAR II
NUGENT, Edward Theodore, b. 01/28/1933, d. 11/02/1987, Sec. B, Site 442B, US NAVY, FN, KOREA
NUGENT, Hazzkahier, d. 07/08/1943, Sec. R, Site 194, US ARMY, PFC 114TH ENGRS, WORLD WAR I
NUGENT, Julius F, b. 12/10/1896, d. 03/21/1952, Sec. E, Site 74B, US ARMY, PVT CO.M, 84TH INF 17
NUGENT, Patrick, d. 10/30/1865, Sec. B, Site 944, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 77TH PA INF
NUGIER, Charles A, b. 05/24/1914, d. 02/23/1946, Sec. C, Site 311, US ARMY, PFC 121ST ENGRS C, WORLD WAR II
NUNNALLY, John Frank, b. 03/24/1918, d. 06/13/1964, Sec. B, Site 3726, US ARMY, CPL AIR CORPS 1573TH, WORLD WAR II
NUSBAUM, Albert, d. 07/15/1867, Sec. B, Site 377, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 7TH US INF
O'LEARY, Edith, b. 07/03/1920, d. 08/22/1979, Sec. F, Site 279, Wife of Thomas Oleary
O'NEAL, Moody M, b. 04/25/1919, d. 05/11/1987, Sec. B, Site 1279A, US ARMY, SSGT
O'NEIL, J H, d. 08/07/1905, Sec. A, Site 1322, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 2ND LA VOL
OAKS, Samual, d. 07/02/1864, Sec. A, Site 790, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 43RD IOWA
OBER, Leonard H, b. 05/10/1879, d. 03/01/1951, Sec. C, Site 383, INFANTRY, SGT CO.F, 38TH REGT
OBREON, Enoch, d. 01/16/1865, Sec. A, Site 1232, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 43RD IND
OBRIAN, Thomas, d. 12/12/1867, Sec. B, Site 326, INFANTRY, PVT 17TH US INF
OBRIEN, John, d. 11/16/1902, Sec. R, Site 43, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 4TH US INF
OBRIEN, John, d. 08/03/1866, Sec. B, Site 2641, INFANTRY, PVT 17TH US INF
OBRIEN, Joseph, d. 12/07/1879, Sec. R, Site 75, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 24TH US INF
OBRIEN, W C, d. 09/19/1867, Sec. B, Site 335, INFANTRY, SGT CO.K, 17TH US INF
OCONNER, Annie D, b. 01/11/1925, d. 11/13/1989, Sec. B, Site 1206C, Wife of Eddie Oconnor
OCONNER, Dennis, d. 04/14/1876, Sec. R, Site 33, CAVALRY, PVT CO.M, 8TH US CAV
OCONNOR, Charlie Ray, b. 01/16/1964, d. 01/07/2021, Sec. A, Site 116B, US ARMY, SP4
OCONNOR, Eddie Sr, b. 01/13/1913, d. 01/21/1993, Sec. B, Site 1206C, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
OCONNOR, Edward, d. 05/20/1866, Sec. B, Site 2637, INFANTRY, RECRUIT 17TH US INF
OCONNOR, John, d. 10/17/1867, Sec. B, Site 2682, INFANTRY, SGT CO.K, 17TH US INF
OCONNOR, Joseph Thomas, b. 10/21/1955, d. 10/21/1955, Sec. C, Site 309A, Son (Minor Child) of Thomas D Oconnor
ODGEN, Manuel L, b. 12/15/1961, d. 12/26/1961, Sec. R, Site 442, Son (Minor Child) of Donald G Odgen
OERKE, Delbert Leon, b. 06/22/1925, d. 02/11/1993, Sec. F, Site 296, US AIR FORCE, AIRMAN 3D CLASS
OESTREICHER, Paul P, b. 04/25/1894, d. 04/08/1968, Sec. B, Site 3300, US NAVY, F2, WORLD WAR I
OESTRIECHER, Anna Marie, b. 11/18/1961, d. 11/21/1961, Sec. B, Site 3651, Daughter (Minor Child) of Philip E Oestriecher
OESTRIECHER, Dorothy B, b. 02/03/1931, d. 05/04/2019, Sec. B, Site 3652, Wife of Philip E Oestriecher
OESTRIECHER, Mary Agnes, b. 10/08/1897, d. 01/17/1982, Sec. B, Site 3300, Wife of Mr Edward Oestriecher
OESTRIECHER, Philip E, b. 01/06/1931, d. 03/11/2001, Sec. B, Site 3651, US NAVY, BM3, KOREA
OGDEN, Donald G, b. 05/27/1939, d. 12/30/1977, Sec. R, Site 442, US AIR FORCE, A1C
OGDEN, Julia, b. 11/11/1938, d. 08/23/2018, Sec. R, Site 443, Wife of Donald G Odgen
OHIA, Dennis, d. 09/30/1864, Sec. A, Site 1143, INFANTRY, TEAMSTERS
OKEEFE, John, d. 12/24/1870, Sec. B, Site 1389, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 10TH US INF
OKONAS, Peter, d. 06/12/1865, Sec. A, Site 271, INFANTRY, PVT CO., C
OLANO, Dorothy D, b. 12/21/1915, d. 08/09/2003, Sec. F, Site 137, Wife of Neil O Olano
OLANO, Neil O, b. 02/23/1916, d. 10/08/1971, Sec. F, Site 137, US ARMY, PFC 208 MED BN, WORLD WAR II
OLEARY, Thomas, b. 09/10/1915, d. 02/14/1975, Sec. F, Site 279, US NAVY, YNC STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
OLEARY, Timothy, d. 09/24/1881, Sec. B, Site 2800, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 2TH US INF
OLIVER, Bertha Beatrice, b. 06/05/1917, d. 12/07/1987, Sec. D, Site 32, Wife of John D Oliver
OLIVER, Henry, d. 05/03/1920, Sec. C, Site 9, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, CAL DET
OLIVER, James, d. 08/15/1867, Sec. A, Site 304, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 20TH US INF
OLIVER, James, d. 09/23/1865, Sec. B, Site 2730, CAVALRY, SGT CO.B, 7TH IND CAV
OLIVER, John D, b. 02/20/1921, d. 05/30/1979, Sec. D, Site 32, US AIR FORCE, CHIEF MSGT USAF, WORLD WAR II
OLIVER, Joseph, d. 10/05/1865, Sec. B, Site 1563, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 23RD USC
OLIVER, Joshua, d. 10/23/1865, Sec. B, Site 1660, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 22TH USC
OLIVER, Nannette D, b. 03/05/1973, d. 05/02/1992, Sec. A, Site 1692, Daughter (Adult) of Larry E Oliver
ONEAL, Benjamin, d. 11/17/1917, Sec. A, Site 1375, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 156TH LFS
ONEAL, Edward Franklin, b. 07/03/1900, d. 04/21/1966, Sec. B, Site 353A, US ARMY, PFC ENGR SCHOOL DET, WORLD WAR I
ONEAL, George, d. 11/10/1869, Sec. B, Site 1378, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 26TH US INF
ONEAL, James, d. 03/17/1885, Sec. R, Site 63, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 19TH US INF
ONEAL, James Monroe, b. 06/24/1903, d. 03/24/1967, Sec. B, Site 901A, US AIR FORCE, MSGT USAF RETIRED, WORLD WAR II
ONEAL, Owen, d. 11/03/1868, Sec. B, Site 1379, INFANTRY, SGT CO.D, 26TH US INF
ONISHEA, Jit Joseph, b. 09/07/1915, d. 07/13/1988, Sec. A, Site 719C, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
OPARKA, William Max, b. 04/16/1910, d. 11/05/1952, Sec. C, Site 313, US ARMY, MSGT HQ HQ DET TC, WORLD WAR II
OPRY, Billy Barney, b. 02/26/1930, d. 09/22/1983, Sec. B, Site 3452, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, KOREA
ORANGE, David Elzie, b. 05/09/1926, d. 01/04/1994, Sec. E, Site 172D, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
ORANGE, Nannie W, b. 05/17/1907, d. 08/13/2003, Sec. E, Site 172D, Wife of David Elzie Orange
ORSER, Marilyn M, b. 06/03/1931, d. 03/07/1997, Sec. B, Site 3725, Wife of Samuel D Orser
ORSER, Samuel D, b. 12/29/1879, d. 06/11/1964, Sec. B, Site 3725, US ARMY, PVT, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
ORTEGO, Leo Paul, b. 01/18/1895, d. 08/08/1947, Sec. R, Site 276, US ARMY, SSGT QMC, WORLD WAR I
ORTEGO, Verdia S, b. 01/27/1902, d. 08/20/1978, Sec. R, Site 277, Wife of Leo Ortego
ORTIGO, Armo, d. 05/01/1935, Sec. A, Site 1474, US ARMY, PVT SPECL 6 CL SVC
ORTON, Burks, b. 07/04/1894, d. 01/16/1971, Sec. F, Site 64, US ARMY, PVT 864 CO TRANS COR, WORLD WAR I
OSBERRY, Charles A, b. 05/21/1945, d. 04/24/1995, Sec. B, Site 3782, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
OSBERRY, Jean A, b. 08/30/1945, d. 08/14/1982, Sec. B, Site 3782, Wife of Charles A Osberry
OSBORN, George W, d. 07/14/1943, Sec. E, Site 42, US ARMY, 1ST SGT HQ CO, 3RD BN
OSBORN, Scott, d. 08/23/1865, Sec. B, Site 2070, INFANTRY, CPL CO.K, 118TH USC
OSBORNE, Richard R, b. 08/30/1933, d. 02/06/1984, Sec. C, Site 13A, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
OSGOOD, J W, d. 04/07/1864, Sec. A, Site 742, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 22TH IOWA
OSWALT, Stanley W, b. 04/02/1928, d. 02/20/1989, Sec. A, Site 128C, US ARMY, US AIR FORCE, PVT
OTT, William Thomas, b. 09/14/1888, d. 02/04/1948, Sec. C, Site 272B, US ARMY, PVT 1ST LA INF NAT, WORLD WAR I
OUSLEY, Jeremiah, d. 01/26/1875, Sec. R, Site 38, CAVALRY, PVT CO.G, 9TH US CAV
OVERSTREET, Frank, d. 08/21/1920, Sec. C, Site 10, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 447 LABOR
OVERSTREET, Issac, d. 11/05/1865, Sec. B, Site 1087, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 8TH USCT
OVERTON, Lizzie Mae, b. 10/26/1923, d. 12/13/1991, Sec. A, Site 1591A, Wife of Oliver Overton Sr
OVERTON, Oliver Sr, b. 09/04/1921, d. 04/12/1992, Sec. A, Site 1591A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
OWEN, Dean Morgan, b. 10/23/1920, d. 03/30/1985, Sec. B, Site 3114A, US AIR FORCE, MAJOR, WORLD WAR II
OWEN, Eber, b. 11/14/1897, d. 01/24/1971, Sec. F, Site 91, US ARMY, PVT DET QMC SELFRIDG, WORLD WAR I
OWEN, Robert Charles, b. 10/08/1951, d. 10/09/1951, Sec. K, Site P29, Son (Minor Child) of Donald C Owen
OWEN, Roy, b. 08/09/1891, d. 01/11/1969, Sec. R, Site 394, US ARMY, CHAUF 864 SQ SCAMTS, WORLD WAR I
OWENS, Doris, b. 01/21/1933, d. 05/26/2015, Sec. B, Site 3120, Wife of James Bennie Owens
OWENS, Garnet, b. 10/01/1922, d. 03/13/1988, Sec. A, Site 728A, Wife of Oliver O Owens
OWENS, James Bennie, b. 12/14/1930, d. 10/19/1978, Sec. B, Site 3120, US NAVY, SM 1ST CL, KOREA
OWENS, Oliver O, b. 06/09/1916, d. 04/17/2001, Sec. A, Site 728A, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
OWENS, Will, b. 12/25/1895, d. 10/24/1979, Sec. B, Site 2840A, US ARMY, PVT, WAR OF 1812
OWENS, William David, b. 12/10/1929, d. 06/15/1977, Sec. B, Site 3339, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
OWENS, William Henry Jr, b. 10/16/1913, d. 09/13/1944, Sec. C, Site 243, US NAVY, SHIPCOOK 3RD CL

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