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Alexandria National Cemetery
Pineville, Rapides Parish, Louisiana

GPS: 31.32172, -92.43289

209 E Shamrock St.
Pineville, LA 71360

Last updated: February 15, 2022
Total records: 9,063

Veterans Affairs Records, February 2022
Surnames K-L

Records linked below were acquired from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These records were compiled by the VA on February 7, 2022. Dates of death in these records range from 20-Jan-1823 to 11-Sep-2021. These include 969 records with no date of death. Total records: 9,063...

KAHN, Alfred, b. 12/08/1897, d. 05/05/1959, Sec. R, Site 363, US ARMY, CPL SQ B, 2132D AAFB
KALA, Alex, b. 11/17/1916, d. 01/29/1980, Sec. B, Site 1B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
KALKE, Paul, d. 08/07/1944, Sec. K, Site PW-2, FOREIGN FORCES, OBGEFR GERMAN P.O.W.
KANDLE, John, d. 10/23/1864, Sec. A, Site 1176, US ARMY, PVT US STEAMER EMMA
KANE, Edwin M, d. 04/09/1930, Sec. A, Site 1456, US ARMY, PVT CO.A DEV BATT, WORLD WAR I
KAPLAN, Herman Preston, b. 03/29/1930, d. 04/03/1983, Sec. B, Site 3479, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
KAPLAN, Micheal, b. 01/21/1900, d. 02/15/1976, Sec. A, Site 1168A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
KARAMATIC, Loretta De Koe, b. 06/26/1920, d. 02/28/1993, Sec. A, Site 1052A, Wife of Richard Joseph Karamatic
KARAMATIC, Richard Joseph, b. 08/16/1920, d. 11/06/1981, Sec. A, Site 1052A, US ARMY, SP5, WORLD WAR II
KARBOWSKI, Robert F, b. 06/07/1914, d. 11/13/1993, Sec. R, Site 385, US MARINE CORPS, SSG, WORLD WAR II
KATY, Archie, d. 08/28/1930, Sec. C, Site 50, US ARMY, MECH 835TH CO TRANS, WORLD WAR I
KAY, Joseph, b. 04/10/1924, d. 01/22/1983, Sec. D, Site 33, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
KEAN, Thos C, d. 11/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 799, INFANTRY, SGT CO.C, 28TH ILL
KEARNEY, John, d. 08/04/1868, Sec. B, Site 1375, INFANTRY, PVT 26TH US INF
KEARNEY, John J, b. 11/08/1886, d. 01/11/1966, Sec. R, Site 121B, US ARMY, SFC DET MED DEPT, 49T
KEARNS, Arthur E, b. 04/16/1884, d. 06/23/1949, Sec. C, Site 341, US ARMY, PFC WAGONER 23 INF 2, WORLD WAR I
KEASE, William, d. 08/11/1865, Sec. B, Site 1989, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 116 USC
KECK, Fredrick A, b. 10/16/1927, d. 09/05/2006, Sec. B, Site 866C, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
KECKNER, A, d. 09/30/1864, Sec. A, Site 845, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 120 OHIO
KEEL, Billy G, b. 12/17/1917, d. 10/30/1967, Sec. B, Site 3333, US ARMY, PFC BTRY B, 358TH FA
KEEN, Rosamond Pope, b. 07/16/1931, d. 12/14/1989, Sec. B, Site 1183A, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
KEENRIGHT, J, d. 09/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 947, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 19TH OHIO
KEENUM, Lottie C, b. 12/11/1918, d. 04/05/1998, Sec. B, Site 1836F, Wife of Otis E Keenum
KEENUM, Otis E, b. 06/01/1925, d. 05/08/1986, Sec. B, Site 1836F, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
KEITH, Alabama S, d. 09/21/1942, Sec. R, Site 178, Wife of Joseph H Keith
KEITH, Joseph H, d. 08/18/1947, Sec. R, Site 177, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 1ST SC INF
KEITHLINE, Willard H, d. 11/25/1912, Sec. B, Site 2850A, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 4TH US INF
KELHER, Jere, d. 09/30/1864, Sec. A, Site 752, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 120 OHIO
KELLAR, Arthur, b. 03/05/1916, d. 11/18/1979, Sec. B, Site 305A, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
KELLER, Harvey P, b. 09/09/1907, d. 06/08/1969, Sec. R, Site 316, US AIR FORCE, LTCOL, WORLD WAR II
KELLER, Mary H, b. 05/12/1912, d. 07/23/2001, Sec. R, Site 316, Wife of Harvey P Keller
KELLEY, Donna H, b. 11/16/1927, d. 03/28/1998, Sec. B, Site 3770, Wife of Walter E Kelley
KELLEY, Katherine, Sec. K, Site 10, Daughter (Minor Child) of Vernon B Kelley Jr
KELLEY, Mary, b. 07/05/1944, d. 07/06/1944, Sec. K, Site 10, Daughter (Minor Child) of Vernon B Kelley Jr
KELLEY, Mary L, b. 09/24/1942, d. 11/20/1983, Sec. B, Site 834A, Wife of Charles L Kelley
KELLEY, Walter E, b. 09/22/1919, d. 02/28/1960, Sec. B, Site 3769, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
KELLY, Charles Patrick, b. 01/31/1892, d. 05/08/1963, Sec. R, Site 436, US ARMY, ORD DEPT TECH ORD, WORLD WAR I
KELLY, Eliaha, d. 07/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 2170, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 45TH USC
KELLY, George Henry, b. 03/20/1891, d. 05/11/1967, Sec. B, Site 3259, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
KELLY, James L, b. 01/21/1910, d. 10/25/1990, Sec. B, Site 3373A, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
KELLY, John Luther, d. 11/07/1934, Sec. D, Site 6, US ARMY, MAJOR MED CORPS 80TH, WORLD WAR I
KELLY, Lewis, d. 08/30/1865, Sec. B, Site 550, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 116 USC
KELLY, Lloyd Ress, b. 07/10/1898, d. 05/09/1947, Sec. R, Site 273, US ARMY, PFC BTRY.D, 119 FA
KELLY, Patrick, d. 07/04/1864, Sec. A, Site 1202, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 30TH ME
KELLY, William H Jr, b. 04/01/1921, d. 01/16/1976, Sec. A, Site 1301C, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
KELONE, Gladys S, b. 08/04/1903, d. 11/22/1983, Sec. R, Site 409, Wife of Idovise Kelone
KELONE, Hypolite, b. 09/25/1884, d. 11/15/1959, Sec. R, Site 323, US ARMY, PFC HOSP CORPS WHITE
KELONE, Idovise, b. 05/22/1894, d. 06/09/1959, Sec. R, Site 410, US ARMY, PFC 324TH AMFB CO., WORLD WAR I
KELONE, Maude Cox, b. 07/23/1890, d. 11/15/1992, Sec. R, Site 324, Wife of Hypolite Kelone
KELSO, Earl Clifford, b. 07/27/1916, d. 02/08/1964, Sec. R, Site 124A, US ARMY, PVT SFC 2 SVC SEC MP, WORLD WAR II
KEMPER, Booker T, b. 06/04/1916, d. 07/18/1948, Sec. C, Site 252, US ARMY, PVT TRANS CORPS
KEMPER, Henry W, b. 02/20/1927, d. 03/05/1989, Sec. A, Site 666A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
KEMPER, James, b. 02/09/1896, d. 06/10/1960, Sec. B, Site 1658A, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 346 SVC BN
KEMPER, James E, d. 02/17/1946, Sec. C, Site 209, US ARMY, T/5 CO.L, 371ST US
KEMPER, Jessie, b. 02/10/1896, d. 06/20/1964, Sec. B, Site 3715, US ARMY, PVT ENG SVC CO.D, 525
KEMPER, Julia, b. 07/08/1900, d. 02/13/1984, Sec. B, Site 1659A, Wife of James Kemper
KEMPER, Mary S, b. 05/31/1900, d. 10/29/1972, Sec. B, Site 3715, Wife of Jesse Kemper
KEMPLE, Wilmore, b. 10/07/1891, d. 10/03/1979, Sec. B, Site 2789A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
KENARD, Chas, d. 11/12/1865, Sec. B, Site 1096, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 19 USCT
KENDRICK, Leon, b. 12/27/1907, d. 02/28/1974, Sec. F, Site 69, US ARMY, PVT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
KENNEDY, Amos, d. 06/03/1926, Sec. C, Site 29, INFANTRY, PVT 541 SERV ENG BN
KENNEDY, Frank E, b. 10/07/1915, d. 01/04/1945, Sec. E, Site 32, US ARMY, SGT 10 ARM DIV USAGF
KENNEDY, Gus Jr, b. 10/21/1929, d. 02/21/1980, Sec. R, Site 518, US ARMY, SFC, VIETNAM
KENNEDY, Joseph, b. 12/07/1919, d. 11/07/1954, Sec. E, Site 159, US ARMY, PVT 574 PORT CO.TC, WORLD WAR II
KENNEDY, Julien Carman IV, b. 05/27/1913, d. 10/26/1979, Sec. B, Site 3104, US ARMY, LT COL, VIETNAM
KENNEDY, William P, d. 12/09/1941, Sec. R, Site 158, CAVALRY, PVT TROOP K 5TH US, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
KENNEY, Jack, b. 12/08/1891, d. 04/18/1988, Sec. A, Site 64B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
KENNEY, Michael, Sec. A, Site 757, CAVALRY, PVT CO.I, 4TH US CAV
KENNEY, R W, d. 09/22/1864, Sec. A, Site 812, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 77 OHIO
KENNIL, John, d. 07/25/1868, Sec. B, Site 2700, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 17TH US
KENNY, Patrick, d. 10/20/1871, Sec. B, Site 1395, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 10TH US
KENT, Daniel, d. 11/10/1864, Sec. A, Site 781, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 43RD IND
KENT, Fred, b. 04/07/1897, d. 04/18/1946, Sec. C, Site 215, US NAVY, MASS ATT 2/01, WORLD WAR I
KENT, Rosa P, b. 04/01/1901, d. 01/13/1966, Sec. C, Site 215, Wife of Fred Kent
KEPLER, Wilhelm, d. 10/31/1892, Sec. B, Site 2836A, CAVALRY, PVT CO.B, 3RD US CAV
KEPNEY, Carwin Jr, b. 08/25/1962, d. 07/15/1987, Sec. B, Site 463C, US ARMY, CPL
KERMAN, Jacob, d. 10/12/1865, Sec. B, Site 442, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H
KERPER, John Frederic, b. 10/18/1883, d. 11/14/1957, Sec. C, Site 429, US ARMY, CAPT 319 ENGR 8TH DV, WORLD WAR I
KERPER, Leocadie G, b. 07/21/1881, d. 05/09/1975, Sec. C, Site 428, Wife of John F Kerper
KERR, Infant, d. 11/27/1878, Sec. B, Site 2781, Relative of Thomas Kerr
KERR, Infant, d. 06/23/1878, Sec. B, Site 2783, Relative of Thomas Kerr
KERR, John, d. 04/18/1864, Sec. A, Site 35, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 173 NY INF
KERR, Minnie, d. 05/25/1878, Sec. B, Site 2780, Wife of T Kerr
KETHLEY, Elbert R, b. 05/01/1930, d. 09/25/1967, Sec. B, Site 3303, US ARMY, CAPT STATE: MISS
KEYS, Asa J, d. 07/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 917, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 29 IOWA
KEYS, Edward R, b. 09/13/1917, d. 06/15/1944, Sec. C, Site 288, US ARMY, PFC INF STATE: LA
KEYS, Infant, b. 02/27/1970, d. 02/27/1970, Sec. F, Site 71, Daughter (Minor Child) of William Keys
KEYS, Miles, d. 09/19/1865, Sec. B, Site 1798, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 27 USC
KEYSER, William N Jr, b. 07/13/1963, d. 07/14/1963, Sec. K, Site K153, Son (Minor Child) of William N Keyser Sr
KHELEY, John, d. 08/15/1865, Sec. B, Site 426, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 44 ILL INF
KIESEWETTER, Johnny Wayne, b. 08/11/1937, d. 12/07/1993, Sec. E, Site 132C, US ARMY, MSG, VIETNAM
KIET, George, d. 09/17/1867, Sec. B, Site 494, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 17TH US INF
KILE, Harry D, d. 03/11/1939, Sec. B, Site 3026, US ARMY, PVT MED DEPT, WORLD WAR I
KILLEN, H, d. 03/21/1865, Sec. A, Site 1168, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 83 ILL INF
KILLINGSWORTH, David O, d. 12/23/1935, Sec. A, Site 577A, US ARMY, PVT HQ CO.5TH US INF, WORLD WAR I
KILPATRICK, Unnamed, b. 09/17/1959, d. 09/17/1959, Sec. K, Site K145, Son (Minor Child) of Charles M Kilpatrick
KILSON, Aramenthia, b. 08/29/1914, d. 12/20/1989, Sec. R, Site 123A, Wife of William H Kilson
KILSON, William Harrison, b. 05/12/1913, d. 02/04/1964, Sec. R, Site 123A, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 1700TH ENG
KILSON, William Harrison Jr, b. 05/10/1956, d. 12/10/1977, Sec. B, Site 3410, US MARINE CORPS, PVT
KIMBALL, Guy Warren, b. 05/24/1922, d. 07/18/1960, Sec. B, Site 3659, US NAVY, S2, WORLD WAR II
KIMBALL, J T, d. 09/30/1863, Sec. A, Site 1169, INFANTRY, 2ND M/SGT
KIMBELL, Chas, d. 08/28/1866, Sec. B, Site 385, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 17TH US
KIMBLE, Chas W, d. 09/30/1865, Sec. B, Site 1307, INFANTRY, ASS'T COUNCILAT US
KIMBLE, James, b. 06/03/1896, d. 10/27/1964, Sec. B, Site 3687, US ARMY, PVT CO.K, CAS DET
KIMBLE, Peter, d. 10/11/1865, Sec. B, Site 2067, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 118TH USC
KIMBRELL, Matthew, b. 11/10/1892, d. 05/24/1964, Sec. B, Site 3748, US ARMY, CPL QMC, WORLD WAR I
KIMBROUGH, Carol L, b. 05/30/1924, d. 10/12/1991, Sec. B, Site 3117A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
KIMBROUGH, William B, b. 06/29/1914, d. 03/26/1985, Sec. B, Site 3117A, US AIR FORCE, SMSGT, WORLD WAR II
KIMNY, Andy, Sec. B, Site 1613, INFANTRY
KINCAID, Edgar, b. 11/24/1886, d. 03/20/1950, Sec. E, Site 66, US ARMY, SGT AUG REMOUNT DEP, WORLD WAR I
KINDLE, Alzata Y, b. 09/16/1949, d. 09/08/1990, Sec. A, Site 1078C, Wife of Willie F Kindle Jr
KINDRED, Leonard E, b. 02/23/1927, d. 12/25/1999, Sec. R, Site 381, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
KINDRED, Madge Elizabeth, b. 06/12/1930, d. 06/13/2020, Sec. R, Site 381, Wife of Leonard E Kindred
KING, Abner, b. 10/28/1890, d. 08/03/1961, Sec. B, Site 2744A, US ARMY, 1ST SGT CO.B, 406
KING, Addie, b. 02/07/1896, d. 07/29/1948, Sec. C, Site 253, INFANTRY, CPL 805 PION INF, WORLD WAR I
KING, Alma, b. 08/22/1914, d. 08/22/1977, Sec. B, Site 3182, Wife of Jessie King
KING, Birnestine Williams, b. 06/03/1929, d. 03/07/1994, Sec. B, Site 3535, Wife of Walter King
KING, Buster, b. 12/24/1900, d. 12/30/1966, Sec. B, Site 544A, US ARMY, PVT 4TH CO., 1ST BN
KING, Camille A, b. 09/28/1916, d. 01/29/1958, Sec. E, Site 240, Wife of Steve King
KING, Cecil L, b. 06/05/1918, d. 12/21/1985, Sec. A, Site 1557A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
KING, Centennial, b. 10/16/1892, d. 04/27/1961, Sec. B, Site 2192A, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 3RD REGT
KING, Clarence Ray, b. 03/19/1935, d. 10/07/1989, Sec. A, Site 182A, US MARINE CORPS, PFC
KING, Dallas, d. 01/17/1931, Sec. C, Site 55, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 525TH ENGR
KING, Endymoin, d. 01/23/1914, Sec. A, Site 1352, INFANTRY, CPL CO.C, 77TH USCT
KING, Eunice, b. 03/17/1921, d. 05/02/1998, Sec. A, Site 1373D, Wife of Linus Fulton King
KING, Everzora, b. 01/09/1892, d. 08/28/2003, Sec. E, Site 184B, Wife of Solomon King
KING, Ezra, b. 12/13/1892, d. 02/20/1946, Sec. C, Site 210, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 415 RES LB
KING, Fannie, b. 02/25/1892, d. 07/09/1973, Sec. B, Site 2193A, Wife of Centennial King
KING, H F, d. 02/20/1905, Sec. A, Site 1320, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 1 LA INF
KING, Henry, b. 06/29/1910, d. 02/04/1988, Sec. A, Site 1282A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
KING, Isaac, b. 03/06/1893, d. 01/01/1964, Sec. R, Site 118A, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 350 LAB
KING, Issac, d. 06/26/1904, Sec. A, Site 1317, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, B 84 90
KING, Jordan, d. 10/18/1906, Sec. A, Site 1324, INFANTRY, SGT CO.C, 89 USC INF
KING, Levi P, d. 10/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 34, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 7TH USCT
KING, Linus Fulton, b. 03/28/1919, d. 05/28/1983, Sec. A, Site 1373D, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, KOREA
KING, Maelean D, b. 10/30/1938, d. 07/27/2020, Sec. A, Site 182A, Wife of Clarence Ray King
KING, Melvin Lee, b. 09/24/1923, d. 12/10/1982, Sec. D, Site 106, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II
KING, Nathaniel, b. 10/20/1921, d. 02/04/1986, Sec. B, Site 3780H, US ARMY, P4, WORLD WAR II
KING, Norman David, b. 06/01/1901, d. 11/23/1972, Sec. A, Site 847A, US ARMY, COL STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
KING, Orlean F, b. 12/05/1905, d. 03/20/1981, Sec. R, Site 118A, Wife of Isaac King
KING, Raymond, d. 01/13/1940, Sec. C, Site 144, US ARMY, PVT SVC 26TH ENGRS, WORLD WAR I
KING, Robert, b. 06/12/1893, d. 04/09/1947, Sec. C, Site 227, US ARMY, PVT 5TH CO.2ND REC, WORLD WAR I
KING, Sibbie Beuhler, b. 02/13/1910, d. 03/27/1980, Sec. A, Site 847A, Wife of Norman D King
KING, Solomon, b. 06/18/1892, d. 11/02/1959, Sec. E, Site 184C, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
KING, Steve Jr, b. 11/02/1915, d. 05/11/1982, Sec. E, Site 241, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
KING, Viney, d. 01/29/1916, Sec. A, Site 1352, Wife of Endymoin King
KING, Walter, b. 09/07/1924, d. 03/30/1968, Sec. B, Site 3535, US ARMY, PFC 6002ND ASU POC, WORLD WAR II
KING, William Charles Sr, b. 09/09/1959, d. 11/11/1993, Sec. E, Site 107, US ARMY, PV2
KING, William E, d. 08/23/1870, Sec. R, Site 44, INFANTRY, 1ST LT 10TH US INF
KING, Winchester, b. 08/02/1919, d. 10/01/1988, Sec. B, Site 899A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
KINNEY, Raymond, b. 08/21/1938, d. 10/05/1986, Sec. B, Site 3502J, US NAVY, ADRI, VIETNAM
KINSEL, John, d. 05/06/1864, Sec. A, Site 38, INFANTRY, PVT CO.M
KIRK, Edna Stewart, b. 09/18/1894, d. 02/22/1986, Sec. A, Site 1632, Wife of Peter Kirk
KIRK, Mark A, b. 04/06/1967, d. 01/02/1987, Sec. C, Site 430B, US ARMY, PVT
KIRK, Peter, b. 07/09/1892, d. 06/08/1973, Sec. A, Site 1632, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 530TH ENGR
KIRK, Riggous, b. 09/25/1922, d. 02/05/1992, Sec. A, Site 1596A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
KIRKLAND, Katherine Lewis, b. 08/15/1924, d. 12/23/2014, Sec. A, Site 512B, Wife of Marlyn E Kirkland
KIRKLAND, Marlyn E, b. 08/22/1929, d. 12/20/1992, Sec. A, Site 512B, US ARMY, SFC
KIRKLIN, Robert R, b. 01/03/1929, d. 05/08/1951, Sec. E, Site 227, US ARMY, PVT KOREAN WAR 24TH, KOREA
KIRVEN, Samson Cunningham, b. 06/29/1922, d. 03/27/1956, Sec. E, Site 144, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
KITCH, Geo, Sec. B, Site 416, INFANTRY, OHIO
KITTERMAN, F M, d. 08/18/1864, Sec. A, Site 1015, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 36TH IOWA
KITTLING, James, b. 12/28/1920, d. 01/03/1991, Sec. A, Site 448C, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
KIZER, Infant, b. 08/11/1960, d. 08/11/1960, Sec. K, Site K138, Son (Minor Child) of Larry G Kizer
KIZER, Robert O, b. 06/09/1961, d. 06/09/1961, Sec. K, Site K138, Son (Minor Child) of Larry G Kizer
KLAMKE, Edmond G, b. 06/05/1875, d. 10/13/1948, Sec. D, Site 19B, US ARMY, MED RES STATE: LA, WORLD WAR I
KLAMKE, Helen J, b. 08/13/1897, d. 04/19/1966, Sec. D, Site 19B, Wife of Edmond Gottlob Klamke
KLEINERTZ, Wayne Franklin, b. 12/31/1925, d. 06/10/1970, Sec. F, Site 143, US AIR FORCE, SMSGT 2ND BOMB WING, VIETNAM
KLEM, Frederick C, d. 04/01/1946, Sec. R, Site 244, US ARMY, MUSICIAN CO.C, 2ND
KLINCK, Christian E Jr, b. 03/19/1931, d. 06/09/1971, Sec. F, Site 203, US ARMY, MSGT 6TH SPEC OPER, VIETNAM
KLOOR, George F, b. 07/19/1896, d. 09/20/1975, Sec. A, Site 974A, US ARMY, CPL STATE: LA, WORLD WAR I
KNAPP, Velma Ruth, b. 12/08/1919, d. 05/25/1991, Sec. E, Site 103A, US NAVY, YEOMAN 1ST CLASS, WORLD WAR II
KNIGHT, Franklin, b. 01/17/1921, d. 12/15/1993, Sec. E, Site 120B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
KNIGHT, S B S, d. 03/04/1864, Sec. A, Site 1023, INFANTRY, PVT NO DATA FOR BOS
KNORR, Albert Spear, b. 10/23/1904, d. 03/29/1972, Sec. A, Site 1528, US ARMY, CPL 1559 AAFBU AC, WORLD WAR II
KNOWLES, George Jr, b. 01/31/1928, d. 04/11/1981, Sec. R, Site 3878, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
KNOX, Arthur, b. 03/10/1888, d. 11/29/1966, Sec. B, Site 3645, US ARMY, PVT CO.H, 815TH PION
KOHLER, Carl, d. 09/09/1867, Sec. B, Site 349, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 17TH US
KOJIS, Robert Benard, b. 01/28/1931, d. 08/26/1969, Sec. D, Site 12A, US MARINE CORPS, SGT STATE: LA, KOREA
KOONER, Irvin, d. 01/28/1866, Sec. B, Site 2202, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 114 USCT
KOSIENSKI, Clarice J, b. 04/12/1921, d. 10/01/2005, Sec. A, Site 51C, US NAVY, Y2, WORLD WAR II
KOSIENSKI, Thaddeus A, b. 07/03/1921, d. 07/18/1997, Sec. A, Site 51C, US NAVY, STOREKEEPER, WORLD WAR II
KRAFT, Benjamin Franklin, b. 10/18/1910, d. 08/29/1963, Sec. E, Site 252, US ARMY, SSGT CO.A, 1317TH
KRAFT, William E, b. 12/09/1893, d. 02/25/1956, Sec. C, Site 155A, US ARMY, CPL CO.G, 803RD PION
KRAFT, William E Jr, b. 09/20/1927, d. 10/12/1984, Sec. B, Site 3122A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
KRASINSKI, Edward Frank, b. 10/20/1914, d. 01/07/1957, Sec. C, Site 411, US ARMY, TSGT 1005TH GUARD SQ, WORLD WAR II
KRATZ, Charles E, b. 03/12/1889, d. 06/20/1956, Sec. E, Site 30, US ARMY, WAGONER CO.B, 3RD TR
KRITZER, John, d. 09/06/1864, Sec. A, Site 836, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 36TH IOWA
KRONELL, John, d. 10/15/1865, Sec. B, Site 391, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 17TH US
KROPP, George, Sec. A, Site 829, INFANTRY
KROWSE, Roy A, b. 10/13/1894, d. 05/17/1977, Sec. B, Site 3326, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
KULPIT, Paula, b. 08/31/1947, d. 11/05/2020, Sec. A, Site 500D, Wife of Richard V Kulpit
KULPIT, Richard V, b. 04/07/1945, d. 09/22/2007, Sec. A, Site 500D, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, VIETNAM
KUNCE, Donald H, b. 12/12/1924, d. 11/25/1945, Sec. C, Site 326, US AIR FORCE, PVT 1CLL 511 BOMB SQ
KUNN, Ralph, d. 09/17/1864, Sec. A, Site 1186, INFANTRY, BUNN BOAT CLIFTON
KURLEY, Raslow, d. 09/23/1864, Sec. A, Site 1077, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 77TH OHIO
KUSAJTYS, Anthony E, d. 04/15/1937, Sec. B, Site 2847, CAVALRY, PVT 1CL PRISON GRD
KYLE, Betty Jean, b. 06/29/1962, d. 06/29/1962, Sec. K, Site K39-A, Daughter (Minor Child) of Paul William Kyle
KYLES, Aaron, b. 01/01/1891, d. 03/03/1971, Sec. F, Site 105, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 08 ENGR
LA CAZE, Howard Lyons Sr, b. 12/14/1897, d. 11/19/1982, Sec. B, Site 2130A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
LA CAZE, Junius, d. 04/26/1944, Sec. B, Site 3045, US ARMY, PVT 1CL 1 DEP SER, WORLD WAR I
LA CAZE, Miles P, b. 03/22/1925, d. 09/02/1991, Sec. A, Site 1138A, US NAVY, ST2, WORLD WAR II
LA CAZE, Shirley Norman, b. 07/27/1912, d. 01/02/1979, Sec. B, Site 2130A, Wife of Howard L La Caze
LABATT, Simon E, b. 05/25/1922, d. 09/29/1943, Sec. C, Site 275A, US ARMY, AIR CORPS CPL
LABORDE, Arthur, b. 03/16/1902, d. 05/10/1984, Sec. A, Site 1573A, US COAST GUARD, CHRELE, WORLD WAR II
LABORDE, Calvin S, b. 08/27/1912, d. 12/05/1984, Sec. E, Site 275E, US NAVY, CWO 3, WORLD WAR II
LABORDE, Edgar A, b. 11/19/1925, d. 10/04/1989, Sec. B, Site 1214A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
LABORDE, Joseph, b. 08/17/1922, d. 05/25/1986, Sec. B, Site 1836H, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
LACHNEY, Floyd C, b. 01/03/1948, d. 01/19/1968, Sec. B, Site 2817A, US ARMY, SP-4 CO.C, 3RD BN 7T
LACKAYE, Charnley H, b. 11/16/1898, d. 05/05/1993, Sec. C, Site 416, Wife of Thomas R Lackaye
LACKAYE, Thomas R, b. 11/06/1880, d. 02/17/1957, Sec. C, Site 417, US NAVY, 1ST USNRF WHITE, WORLD WAR I
LACOMBE, Benedict Albert, b. 10/19/1924, d. 11/22/1957, Sec. C, Site 421A, US AIR FORCE, CAPT 4028TH STRAT RE, KOREA
LACOMBE, Benedict Albert, d. 02/16/1942, Sec. R, Site 172, US ARMY, PVT INF UNASSIGNED, WORLD WAR I
LACOMBE, Edwina M, b. 05/27/1922, d. 07/28/1994, Sec. B, Site 3805, Wife of Willie J Lacombe
LACOMBE, Louis, b. 09/07/1919, d. 01/05/1991, Sec. K, Site K55A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
LACOMBE, Willie J, b. 05/24/1916, d. 09/19/1981, Sec. B, Site 3805, US NAVY, SHIPFITTER 3C, WORLD WAR II
LACORE, Wesley, d. 11/22/1932, Sec. A, Site 549A, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL INF E UNA, WORLD WAR I
LACOUR, Abraham, b. 03/11/1901, d. 09/02/1985, Sec. E, Site 272A, US ARMY, SSG, WORLD WAR II
LACOUR, Anthony Lee, d. 07/21/1935, Sec. A, Site 566A, US ARMY, PVT CAS CO. 10 RECT, WORLD WAR I
LACOUR, Dorothy C, b. 03/17/1927, d. 10/24/1999, Sec. B, Site 3326A, Wife of Leo Sam Lacour
LACOUR, Herbert A, b. 07/04/1923, d. 11/02/1989, Sec. A, Site 188A, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
LACOUR, Kenneth Wayne Sr, b. 08/06/1958, d. 05/22/1994, Sec. R, Site 389, US ARMY, PV2
LACOUR, Leo Sam, b. 10/20/1921, d. 08/02/1988, Sec. B, Site 3326A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
LACOUR, Mary E, b. 05/11/1908, d. 03/27/1998, Sec. E, Site 272A, Wife of Abraham Lacour
LACOUR, Milford, b. 09/13/1923, d. 11/08/1982, Sec. B, Site 3452A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
LACOUR, Virginia June, b. 06/15/1926, d. 08/26/1991, Sec. A, Site 188A, Wife of Herbert A Lacour
LACROIX, Annie N, b. 01/19/1919, d. 12/24/1999, Sec. A, Site 1372F, Wife of Walter Joseph Lacroix
LACROIX, Edgar Roy, b. 07/28/1928, d. 10/15/1979, Sec. B, Site 3153, US ARMY, CORPORAL
LACROIX, George Edward, b. 08/06/1913, d. 09/29/1971, Sec. F, Site 249, US ARMY, TSGT 378 INF REGT, WORLD WAR II
LACROIX, James L, b. 06/09/1903, d. 09/19/1985, Sec. E, Site 268A, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
LACROIX, Sybil Maxine, b. 04/07/1930, d. 02/24/2020, Sec. B, Site 3153, Wife of Edgar Roy Lacroix
LACROIX, Walter Joseph, b. 12/26/1918, d. 11/27/1991, Sec. A, Site 1372F, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
LACY, Leroy Chris, b. 06/28/1924, d. 12/21/1979, Sec. A, Site 256A, US ARMY, 1 SGT, WORLD WAR II
LAFEAR, Houston, b. 04/07/1895, d. 04/25/1984, Sec. R, Site 280A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
LAFEAR, Rosa, b. 05/26/1899, d. 10/10/1984, Sec. A, Site 1571, Wife of William Lafear
LAFEAR, William, b. 12/17/1892, d. 10/05/1974, Sec. A, Site 1571, US ARMY, PVT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR I
LAFFOON, Huey P, b. 12/06/1931, d. 03/06/1952, Sec. E, Site 90, US MARINE CORPS, CPL STATE: LA, KOREA
LAGORE, John, d. 08/24/1867, Sec. B, Site 485, CAVALRY, PVT CO.C, 6TH US CAV
LAINER, Jesse J, b. 06/06/1919, d. 10/26/1980, Sec. R, Site 497, US NAVY, MM 3RD, WORLD WAR II
LAIR, Alice, b. 10/19/1925, d. 04/25/2014, Sec. A, Site 1257B, Wife of Leroy Lair Sr
LAIR, Jessie Jr, b. 08/17/1958, d. 08/12/1977, Sec. B, Site 3178, Son (Adult) of Jessie Lair Sr
LAIR, Jessie Sr, b. 04/10/1930, d. 10/01/1991, Sec. B, Site 3178, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
LAIR, Leroy Sr, b. 02/28/1919, d. 07/10/1975, Sec. A, Site 1257B, US ARMY, CPL STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
LAIRD, George D, b. 10/07/1906, d. 03/15/1965, Sec. A, Site 320A, US ARMY, 1ST LT CO.M, 156TH
LAIRD, John W, b. 12/16/1954, d. 12/16/1954, Sec. K, Site K68, Son (Minor Child) of John W Laird
LALLY, T C, Sec. R, Site 126, INFANTRY
LAM, Clarence E, b. 01/16/1913, d. 09/17/1978, Sec. B, Site 3125, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
LAM, Sylvia Rita, b. 01/16/1917, d. 07/29/2018, Sec. B, Site 3125, Wife of Clarence E Lam
LAMARRE, Albert, b. 02/28/1920, d. 03/15/1964, Sec. B, Site 3757, US ARMY, PFC CO.C, 581ST SIG
LAMARTINA, Frank N, b. 11/27/1914, d. 02/26/1944, Sec. E, Site 7, US AIR FORCE, SSGT 764 AA BOMB SQ, WORLD WAR II
LAMAZE, Billie Jo, b. 10/19/1926, d. 05/27/2008, Sec. B, Site 856A, Wife of George Edward Lamaze
LAMAZE, George Edward, b. 09/01/1921, d. 02/03/1967, Sec. B, Site 856A, US NAVY, CWO RETIRED, WORLD WAR II
LAMB, Charles, d. 04/02/1877, Sec. B, Site 2763, CAVALRY, PVT CO.D, 8 US CAV
LAMBDIN, William Henry, b. 05/23/1894, d. 07/04/1980, Sec. R, Site 508, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
LAMBERT, Calvin G, b. 05/21/1897, d. 08/06/1978, Sec. E, Site 106A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
LAMBERT, Catherine M, b. 02/26/1922, d. 08/23/2001, Sec. B, Site 2090-B, WOMEN'S ARMY AUX CORPS, WORLD WAR II
LAMBERT, Charlie L, d. 01/20/1940, Sec. R, Site 132, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, DEV BN #1
LAMBERT, Jack M, b. 12/07/1923, d. 12/25/1988, Sec. B, Site 885A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
LAMBERT, James Thomas, b. 02/04/1933, d. 08/04/1967, Sec. B, Site 3382, US ARMY, PVT SVC CO.11TH INF, KOREA
LAMBERT, John D, b. 03/31/1898, d. 12/15/1980, Sec. R, Site 489, US ARMY, PVT
LAMBERT, Laurel L, b. 08/03/1943, d. 05/15/1984, Sec. C, Site 410, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, VIETNAM
LAMBERT, Lawrence, b. 10/04/1916, d. 07/28/1969, Sec. B, Site 2090-B, US AIR FORCE, CWO, KOREA
LAMBERT, Mary Elizabeth, b. 01/03/1912, d. 11/07/1991, Sec. C, Site 190A, Wife of Philip H Lambert
LAMBERT, Maud M, b. 03/17/1900, d. 12/24/1957, Sec. E, Site 106, Wife of Calvin G Lambert
LAMBERT, Philip Hugh, b. 06/21/1910, d. 07/03/1990, Sec. C, Site 190A, US NAVY, BTC
LAMBERT, Rubie Mae, b. 12/09/1914, d. 02/26/1988, Sec. R, Site 489, Wife of John D Lambert
LAMKIN, Milfred J, b. 07/02/1922, d. 03/20/1986, Sec. A, Site 1554, US NAVY, BM1, WORLD WAR II
LAMKIN, Ommie Lee, b. 10/19/1912, d. 06/29/1989, Sec. A, Site 1554, Wife of Milfred J Lamkin
LAMONT, Joseph, d. 08/18/1868, Sec. A, Site 1284, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 20TH US INF
LAMOTHE, Clarence, b. 05/05/1889, d. 04/04/1977, Sec. B, Site 1179A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
LAMOTHE, Robert Jr, b. 03/17/1928, d. 10/06/1994, Sec. R, Site 156-A, US ARMY, MSG, VIETNAM
LAMOTTE, Celeste, b. 10/16/1905, d. 10/25/1984, Sec. R, Site 401A, Wife of Robert Lamotte
LAMURY, Antonio, d. 03/01/1926, Sec. A, Site 1450, US ARMY, PVT HOSP CORPS
LANCASTER, W, d. 08/21/1865, Sec. B, Site 1831, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 109 USC
LANCORE, Joseph, d. 07/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 2587, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 114 OHIO
LANDRY, Alcide P, b. 12/27/1897, d. 05/04/1988, Sec. A, Site 790A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
LANDRY, Antoine, b. 04/07/1922, d. 06/03/1985, Sec. A, Site 1539A, US ARMY, CWO3, WORLD WAR II
LANDRY, Carlton, b. 01/02/1899, d. 02/29/1968, Sec. B, Site 3540, US ARMY, PVT UNASSIGNED 841ST, WORLD WAR I
LANDRY, Estelle S, b. 01/22/1924, d. 06/25/2003, Sec. A, Site 790A, Wife of Alcide P Landry
LANDRY, Jesse Joseph, b. 02/19/1916, d. 04/29/1980, Sec. R, Site 509, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
LANDRY, Kearney J, b. 07/11/1922, d. 04/30/1943, Sec. C, Site 290, US ARMY, PVT
LANDRY, Ruby L, b. 07/27/1924, d. 09/07/2013, Sec. A, Site 1539A, Wife of Antoine Landry
LANE, Richard, d. 10/12/1865, Sec. B, Site 2114, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 45 USCT IN
LANEHART, Dealvro F, b. 04/04/1901, d. 09/18/1982, Sec. R, Site 92B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
LANG, Elmo, b. 02/21/1921, d. 10/02/1980, Sec. R, Site 3894, US NAVY, S1C, WORLD WAR II
LANGDON, George, Sec. B, Site 10, US ARMY, LIEUT
LANGFORD, Leah H, b. 11/06/1938, d. 12/27/2003, Sec. R, Site 410A, Wife of Thomas A Langford
LANGFORD, Thomas A, b. 08/22/1925, d. 06/18/1984, Sec. R, Site 410A, US NAVY, SK2, WORLD WAR II
LANGLEY, James William, b. 05/21/1919, d. 07/14/1988, Sec. B, Site 3328A, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
LANGLEY, Lloyd V, b. 05/12/1925, d. 09/24/1985, Sec. E, Site 266-A, US MARINE CORPS, SGT MAJ, KOREA
LANGLEY, Magaline Ruth, b. 10/11/1932, d. 04/16/1995, Sec. E, Site 266-A, Wife of Paul V Langley
LANGSTON, Blanche B, b. 02/10/1910, d. 03/02/1991, Sec. E, Site 209, Wife of John L Langston
LANGSTON, Henry C, d. 04/03/1925, Sec. A, Site 1445, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, MISS INF
LANGSTON, John Louis, b. 10/09/1913, d. 11/21/1951, Sec. E, Site 209, INFANTRY, TSGT CP B 364 INF-, WORLD WAR II
LANGTON, Rose Lee, d. 04/27/1876, Sec. B, Site 2757, Daughter (Minor Child) of Harry Langton
LANGWALD, Joseph, d. 08/11/1936, Sec. A, Site 1450A, US ARMY, SSGT 3RD WING HQ GHQ
LANIGAN, David, d. 10/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 939, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 1ST KY BN
LANIGAN, Jacob, d. 07/27/1866, Sec. B, Site 2696, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 17TH US IN
LANNOYE, William Ronald, b. 06/11/1940, d. 05/20/1988, Sec. A, Site 795C, US NAVY, HMC, VIETNAM
LANSING, J W, d. 07/10/1864, Sec. A, Site 1193, CAVALRY, PVT CO.A, 162 NY CAV
LAPRAIRIE, Charles Allen, b. 04/15/1915, d. 04/10/1972, Sec. A, Site 1520, US NAVY, CGM - LA, WORLD WAR II
LARGE, Philip, d. 12/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 1591, INFANTRY, PVT 19TH USCT INF
LARIBEE, Theodore E, d. 10/11/1865, Sec. B, Site 422, CAVALRY, PVT CO.H, 12 IND CAV
LARRY, Solomon, b. 09/15/1922, d. 04/16/1945, Sec. C, Site 260, US NAVY, S/1ST CL STATE: LA
LARSON, Gordon J, b. 11/22/1894, d. 07/02/1969, Sec. B, Site 2640-B, US ARMY, CHAUFFER 1ST CL 341, WORLD WAR I
LARUE, Ernest, b. 07/24/1914, d. 10/13/1989, Sec. A, Site 184A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
LARUE, Velma A, b. 07/15/1924, d. 10/17/1989, Sec. A, Site 184A, Wife of Ernest W Larue
LASANE, Caesar W, b. 03/16/1931, d. 10/16/1990, Sec. C, Site 314A, US ARMY, SEC, VIETNAM
LASYONE, Carl W, b. 01/08/1917, d. 09/20/1954, Sec. C, Site 349-A, US ARMY, PVT BATT 529 FA-LA, WORLD WAR II
LASYONE, Curry Lee, b. 08/29/1896, d. 03/01/1976, Sec. A, Site 166A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
LASYONE, Earl Lee, b. 03/19/1919, d. 10/19/1991, Sec. A, Site 1368A, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
LASYONE, Lavinia, b. 02/21/1901, d. 02/24/1973, Sec. A, Site 166A, Wife of Curry Lee Lasyone
LATCHMAN, Solomon, b. 06/14/1922, d. 04/19/1991, Sec. C, Site 128A, US ARMY, PVT
LATON, Reuben, d. 10/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 1059, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 38TH USC
LAUBER, Walter J, b. 04/15/1928, d. 06/22/1977, Sec. B, Site 3188, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
LAUGHLEY, John, d. 09/08/1867, Sec. B, Site 400, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 17TH US
LAUHOFF, John A III, b. 07/23/1941, d. 09/08/1986, Sec. B, Site 3502C, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, VIETNAM
LAUNDRESS, Child, Sec. R, Site 122, Relative of Unknown Laundress
LAURENTS, Edmond Rock, b. 08/31/1892, d. 08/31/1951, Sec. C, Site 325, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 380 INF
LAVALAIS, Annie Mae, b. 03/29/1927, d. 03/02/1985, Sec. B, Site 3103, Wife of Edward Lavalais
LAVALAIS, Edward, b. 05/25/1925, d. 01/10/1980, Sec. B, Site 3103, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL, WORLD WAR II
LAVANAWAY, David A, b. 12/27/1893, d. 11/23/1960, Sec. C, Site 416B, US ARMY, SGT BASE HOSP DET, WORLD WAR I
LAVERGNE, Alber B, b. 08/10/1924, d. 08/17/1944, Sec. C, Site 333, US ARMY, PFC CO.L, 137 INF
LAVERY, Emma, d. 09/09/1876, Sec. A, Site 1298
LAWLER, W S, d. 07/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 1844, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 115 USCT
LAWRENCE, Charles William, b. 03/02/1932, d. 10/12/1991, Sec. A, Site 1142B, US AIR FORCE, T/SGT, KOREA
LAWRENCE, Francis Henry, d. 09/27/1918, Sec. A, Site 1428, INFANTRY, COOK HDQ, 114 ENGRS
LAWRENCE, J W Jr, b. 01/05/1926, d. 11/24/2006, Sec. C, Site 74A, US ARMY, LTC, KOREA
LAWRENCE, Mary B, b. 05/16/1928, d. 01/10/2015, Sec. C, Site 74A, Wife of J W Lawrence Jr
LAWRENCE, Mary Elizabeth, b. 01/21/1933, d. 09/15/2009, Sec. A, Site 1142B, Wife of Charles William Lawrence
LAWRENCE, Nelson, d. 09/06/1865, Sec. B, Site 1645, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 29 USC INF
LAWRENCE, Thomas, d. 07/31/1865, Sec. B, Site 1632, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 29TH CONN
LAWRENCE, W D, b. 03/25/1926, d. 05/29/1963, Sec. R, Site 288A, US ARMY, SFC STATE: LA
LAWRENCE, Walter Perry, b. 07/09/1921, d. 08/31/1966, Sec. B, Site 387A, US ARMY, SFC CO.B, 253RD BN
LAWSON, Benny B, b. 09/02/1920, d. 08/26/1992, Sec. A, Site 745-B, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
LAWSON, Edward Henry, b. 09/07/1920, d. 11/26/1982, Sec. D, Site 105, US NAVY, EM 3/C, WORLD WAR II
LAWSON, Harold Arthur III, b. 02/25/1948, d. 07/18/2020, Sec. C, Site 304, US ARMY, SP5, VIETNAM
LAWSON, Isiah J, d. 09/18/1935, Sec. C, Site 93, INFANTRY, SGT HDQRS CO.805TH, WORLD WAR I
LAWSON, Lee, b. 09/26/1923, d. 12/26/1978, Sec. B, Site 2185A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
LAWSON, Loren, d. 09/26/1865, Sec. A, Site 278, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, ILL INF
LAWSON, Margaret E, b. 11/11/1920, d. 10/22/1996, Sec. A, Site 745-B, Wife of Benny B Lawson
LAX, Herbert, b. 04/04/1894, d. 08/05/1945, Sec. R, Site 237, US NAVY, ENGRS 1 CL
LAYHEE, John, d. 08/05/1865, Sec. B, Site 2644, INFANTRY, PVT 17TH US INF
LAYLAND, James, b. 06/10/1922, d. 07/27/1990, Sec. C, Site 184A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
LEA, Joseph A, d. 02/04/1937, Sec. B, Site 2849, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL, WORLD WAR I
LEBAR, Eddie, b. 12/25/1899, d. 09/21/1968, Sec. B, Site 1997B, US ARMY, PFC 807 CO.TRANS, WORLD WAR I
LEBINE, Ronnie James, b. 06/28/1960, d. 11/29/1983, Sec. B, Site 3445, US AIR FORCE, SSGT
LEBLANC, Adam Elliott, b. 07/21/1918, d. 05/23/1982, Sec. R, Site 28A, US MARINE CORPS, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
LEBLANC, Agnes E, b. 07/21/1913, d. 12/03/1986, Sec. B, Site 3277A, Wife of Samuel Leblanc
LEBLANC, Altha Joseph, d. 10/22/1937, Sec. B, Site 2855, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 141TH F
LEBLANC, Joseph C, d. 10/30/1942, Sec. R, Site 181, US ARMY, PVT 1CL 19TH INF, WORLD WAR I
LEBLANC, Nora, b. 12/13/1892, d. 12/04/1972, Sec. B, Site 2855, Wife of Altha Joseph Leblanc
LECKIE, Albert Sydnor, b. 04/20/1919, d. 05/28/1987, Sec. D, Site 42, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR II
LECKIE, John G, b. 08/13/1923, d. 07/02/1945, Sec. D, Site 4, US ARMY, 2ND LT AC 421 NIGHT, WORLD WAR II
LECKIE, Marie B, b. 05/15/1924, d. 12/05/2005, Sec. D, Site 42, US NAVY, Y1, WORLD WAR II
LEDEY, Joseph, d. 06/13/1944, Sec. B, Site 2188A, US ARMY, PVT CO.B COL CAS, WORLD WAR I
LEDIG, Walter Daniel Jr, b. 08/15/1909, d. 12/30/1978, Sec. A, Site 1425A, US ARMY, LT COL, WORLD WAR II
LEDUFF, Beatrice H, b. 08/05/1936, d. 08/15/2018, Sec. F, Site 100, Wife of Jerome Edwin Leduff
LEDUFF, Jerome Edwin, b. 07/03/1920, d. 02/19/1970, Sec. F, Site 100, US ARMY, PVT 3147 QM SVC CO, WORLD WAR II
LEE, Arthur, d. 08/26/1865, Sec. B, Site 1142, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 43 USC INF
LEE, Benj, d. 11/01/1866, Sec. B, Site 1717, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 117 USC
LEE, Bruce Hoover, b. 04/20/1922, d. 03/25/1966, Sec. B, Site 865A, US NAVY, S1C STATE: MISS, WORLD WAR II
LEE, Charles Lavender, d. 02/01/1940, Sec. R, Site 133, US ARMY, PVT CO.G, 322 ALA
LEE, Clifton, b. 07/20/1916, d. 11/01/1953, Sec. E, Site 179A, US ARMY, PVT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
LEE, Cyrus Clayton, b. 12/31/1898, d. 07/22/1971, Sec. F, Site 258, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 156 INF 39
LEE, Dan'Nte, b. 08/03/1975, d. 01/22/1994, Sec. R, Site 304A, Son (Adult) of Joseph Ryder Lee
LEE, Emanuel, b. 08/28/1908, d. 06/17/1968, Sec. B, Site 3299, US ARMY, PFC 384 AVN SQ.AC, WORLD WAR II
LEE, George, b. 03/28/1892, d. 06/22/1981, Sec. B, Site 3845, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
LEE, Hannibal, d. 10/15/1910, Sec. A, Site 1337, INFANTRY, PVT H C89 C 80
LEE, Harrison, b. 04/05/1895, d. 07/11/1972, Sec. A, Site 745A, US ARMY, PFC CO.B, 508 ENGRS
LEE, Horace, b. 05/26/1896, d. 03/03/1961, Sec. B, Site 2094A, US ARMY, PVT 2ND CO DET COL, WORLD WAR I
LEE, James, d. 09/11/1865, Sec. B, Site 2218, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 80TH USCT
LEE, John, d. 05/24/1873, Sec. R, Site 40, CAVALRY, SGT CO.E, 9TH US
LEE, Joseph, d. 09/30/1939, Sec. C, Site 140, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, COL CAS
LEE, Joseph David, b. 12/17/1949, d. 11/28/1991, Sec. A, Site 1600C, US ARMY, SGT, VIETNAM
LEE, Joseph H, b. 08/02/1915, d. 06/13/1945, Sec. E, Site 22, US ARMY, SSGT 92 AIR BORN DIV
LEE, Juilette White, b. 05/25/1912, d. 11/11/1989, Sec. B, Site 1208A, Wife of Eddie Lee
LEE, Leroy, b. 07/27/1947, d. 04/07/1975, Sec. A, Site 1232A, US ARMY, SP4 STATE: LA, VIETNAM
LEE, Lyman Anthony, b. 04/04/1932, d. 03/11/1988, Sec. A, Site 727A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, KOREA
LEE, Martha W, b. 03/26/1937, d. 10/23/2020, Sec. A, Site 727A, Wife of Lyman Anthony Lee
LEE, Montgomery, b. 10/03/1923, d. 11/15/1981, Sec. B, Site 3798, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
LEE, Myrtle, b. 12/11/1919, d. 02/14/2005, Sec. B, Site 2002C, Wife of Robert Lee Sr
LEE, Omel W, b. 05/07/1920, d. 02/17/2000, Sec. B, Site 278A, Wife of Wilbert Edward Lee
LEE, Rachel, b. 04/12/1921, d. 05/27/2008, Sec. E, Site 35A, Wife of Robert Lee
LEE, Robert, d. 07/11/1873, Sec. B, Site 1368, CAVALRY, PVT CO.K, 9TH US CAV
LEE, Robert C Sr, b. 11/25/1915, d. 06/06/1992, Sec. E, Site 35A, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
LEE, Robert Sr, b. 10/28/1924, d. 03/08/1986, Sec. B, Site 2002C, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
LEE, Roberta, b. 10/03/1908, d. 09/21/1971, Sec. F, Site 235, Wife of Harrison Lee
LEE, Samuel, d. 10/13/1866, Sec. B, Site 2207, INFANTRY, SGT CO.F, 114 USCT
LEE, Theresa Marie, b. 01/08/1952, d. 01/10/1952, Sec. K, Site P31, Daughter (Minor Child) of Robert E Lee
LEE, Thomas, b. 08/10/1922, d. 02/08/1973, Sec. A, Site 655A, US ARMY, PFC CO.I, 25TH INF
LEE, Thomas, d. 04/15/1864, Sec. A, Site 4, US ARMY, PVT 2ND LA SOUTH
LEE, Wilbert Edward, b. 06/23/1919, d. 12/12/1965, Sec. B, Site 278A, US AIR FORCE, SSG, WORLD WAR II
LEE, William, d. 08/30/1938, Sec. A, Site 1478, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 26TH KY
LEE, William, d. 11/11/1867, Sec. B, Site 60, INFANTRY, RECRUIT 41 USCT
LEGGETT, Edwin Valras, b. 11/26/1925, d. 04/08/1991, Sec. MA, Site 5, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
LEGGETT, James H, b. 01/12/1916, d. 08/26/2003, Sec. R, Site 353, US ARMY, LT COL, WORLD WAR II
LEGGETT, Wanda, b. 07/29/1917, d. 02/06/1984, Sec. R, Site 353, Wife of James H Leggett
LEGIER, David, d. 06/08/1863, Sec. B, Site 2595, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 24TH IND
LEGRAS, James Smith, b. 03/29/1916, d. 12/08/1965, Sec. B, Site 1584A, US ARMY, SSG 640TH ORD CO.ORD, WORLD WAR II
LEHMAN, Beatrice K, b. 07/02/1895, d. 12/22/1977, Sec. R, Site 382, Wife of Bertram K Lehman
LEHMAN, Bertram, b. 07/31/1891, d. 06/08/1963, Sec. R, Site 382, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 311 INF 78
LEHMAN, Bertram Jr, b. 05/16/1920, d. 03/22/2006, Sec. C, Site 69A, US ARMY AIR FORCES, US ARMY, TSGT
LEHMAN, Yvonne Kuhn, b. 03/30/1927, d. 12/30/2016, Sec. C, Site 69A, Wife of Bertram Lehman Jr
LEHR, W H, d. 07/02/1865, Sec. A, Site 288, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 47 IND INF
LEIBEN, H, d. 07/13/1864, Sec. A, Site 1161, CAVALRY, PVT CO.B, 1ST LA CAV
LEIBROCK, C H, d. 11/22/1883, Sec. R, Site 64, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 19TH US IN
LEJEUNE, Lionel Joseph, b. 02/20/1919, d. 11/18/1978, Sec. B, Site 3426, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
LEMELL, Clarence, b. 08/13/1932, d. 03/01/1964, Sec. R, Site 116B, US ARMY, PFC CO.B, 129 INF
LEMELL, Leroy, b. 09/02/1934, d. 12/27/1992, Sec. A, Site 510A, US ARMY, SP4
LEMIRE, Joseph L, b. 04/06/1903, d. 04/02/1978, Sec. B, Site 3338, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
LEMOINE, Douglas Joseph, b. 10/29/1926, d. 01/07/1987, Sec. F, Site 87A, US NAVY, SM3, WORLD WAR II
LEMOINE, John F, b. 01/11/1932, d. 05/26/2002, Sec. A, Site 1357A, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
LEMOINE, Victor George, b. 04/23/1909, d. 12/14/1955, Sec. E, Site 147, US ARMY, SSGT HQ CO.1857 SCU, WORLD WAR II
LEMON, John, d. 03/28/1913, Sec. A, Site 1345, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 87TH USCT
LEMONS, Albert Sr, b. 06/08/1919, d. 11/23/1991, Sec. E, Site 166A, US ARMY, T/4, WORLD WAR II
LEMONS, Irma Lee, b. 03/15/1926, d. 03/28/1990, Sec. E, Site 166A, Wife of Albert Lemons
LEMONS, James Jr., b. 04/10/1918, d. 06/16/1989, Sec. A, Site 1360I, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
LEMOTT, Bill, b. 09/11/1890, d. 04/07/1973, Sec. A, Site 77A, US ARMY, PVT CO.K, 814 PION
LENFESTY, Dennis, d. 10/21/1865, Sec. B, Site 2718, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 2 WIS CAV
LENIX, Frederick E, d. 01/05/1940, Sec. R, Site 131, US ARMY, M.SIG ELECT 474 AERO, WORLD WAR I
LENTZ, Charles, d. 06/23/1868, Sec. B, Site 1372, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 26TH US
LENZINI, Angelo, b. 02/17/1884, d. 05/13/1956, Sec. E, Site 68A, US ARMY, PFC BASE HOSP MED, WORLD WAR I
LENZINI, Lillie, b. 03/15/1886, d. 03/04/1964, Sec. C, Site 103A, US ARMY, PFC BASE HOSP MED, WORLD WAR I
LEON, John, d. 09/12/1865, Sec. A, Site 682, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 80 USC INF
LEONARD, Grady Lee Jr, b. 08/09/1942, d. 04/27/1965, Sec. B, Site 3678, US AIR FORCE, A1C RETIRED - LA
LEONARD, James, d. 09/12/1864, Sec. A, Site 830, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 161 NY INF
LERAY, Maurice Jules, b. 12/26/1940, d. 06/17/1985, Sec. A, Site 1547A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, VIETNAM
LEROY, Charles J, d. 02/02/1936, Sec. A, Site 1487, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 1ST LA INF
LESH, Lewis, d. 09/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 298, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 35 IND INF
LESLIE, James P, d. 11/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 890, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 15 MICH
LESLIE, W H, d. 12/11/1865, Sec. A, Site 787, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 36 IOWA
LETHIHAM, Jacob, d. 02/25/1866, Sec. B, Site 26, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 10TH US
LEVI, C, d. 02/20/1864, Sec. A, Site 788, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I
LEVI, Ples, b. 01/15/1893, d. 09/26/1977, Sec. B, Site 3380, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
LEVINGER, Henry, d. 07/24/1866, Sec. B, Site 1333, INFANTRY, CPL CO.I, 1ST US
LEVY, Christopher, d. 10/23/1864, Sec. A, Site 1040, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 173 NY INF
LEVY, J H, d. 11/01/1867, Sec. B, Site 2583, INFANTRY, HOSP STEWARD
LEVY, W, d. 05/18/1865, Sec. A, Site 772, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 173 NY INF
LEWIS, Antonio, d. 12/06/1866, Sec. B, Site 2198, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 117 USCT
LEWIS, Beatrice, b. 11/25/1923, d. 05/07/1976, Sec. A, Site 1219D, Wife of Clem Lewis
LEWIS, Buster, b. 03/29/1893, d. 08/18/1965, Sec. R, Site 115D, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 335TH SVC
LEWIS, C V, d. 10/04/1865, Sec. B, Site 887, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 4TH MICH
LEWIS, Charles, d. 09/17/1864, Sec. A, Site 792, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 32 IOWA
LEWIS, Child, d. 06/16/1877, Sec. B, Site 2765, Relative of Pvt Lewis
LEWIS, Clarence, d. 07/09/1934, Sec. C, Site 85, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL ENGRS CO., WORLD WAR I
LEWIS, Clem, b. 02/05/1890, d. 12/04/1975, Sec. A, Site 1219D, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
LEWIS, Earl, b. 01/05/1916, d. 08/16/1971, Sec. F, Site 191, US NAVY, S2/C STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
LEWIS, Ed, d. 06/15/1943, Sec. C, Site 177, US ARMY, PVT 9TH CO.REC G BN, WORLD WAR I
LEWIS, Edward, b. 01/23/1925, d. 03/20/1958, Sec. C, Site 294A, US ARMY, T/4 403RD QM TRK CO, WORLD WAR II
LEWIS, Efrem Devol, b. 02/20/1968, d. 10/10/1994, Sec. K, Site 14, US NAVY, BM2, PANAMA
LEWIS, Estella Johnson, b. 03/17/1891, d. 12/16/1981, Sec. R, Site 115D, Wife of Buster Lewis
LEWIS, Freddie, b. 01/25/1948, d. 08/13/1968, Sec. B, Site 3515, US ARMY, PFC CO.C, 4TH BN 47TH
LEWIS, George Earl Jr, b. 07/09/1950, d. 04/14/1979, Sec. B, Site 3115, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
LEWIS, Harry Chester, b. 10/12/1910, d. 05/13/1950, Sec. E, Site 55, US ARMY, T/5 3114 ORD BASE AR, WORLD WAR II
LEWIS, Henry, d. 11/11/1865, Sec. B, Site 2214, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 9TH USC
LEWIS, Henry, b. 08/20/1933, d. 05/29/1951, Sec. E, Site 194, US AIR FORCE, PFC 6127 AIR GP AAF, KOREA
LEWIS, Henry, Sec. B, Site 2103, INFANTRY
LEWIS, Isaac, b. 10/08/1892, d. 06/18/1971, Sec. F, Site 190, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 349 LABOR
LEWIS, J W, d. 09/12/1865, Sec. B, Site 1173, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 29TH CONN
LEWIS, Lee, b. 11/22/1917, d. 08/19/2010, Sec. B, Site 1792J, US NAVY, STM1, WORLD WAR II
LEWIS, Leonard, d. 07/20/1865, Sec. B, Site 1840, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 115 USCT
LEWIS, Levy, b. 01/01/1896, d. 10/27/1956, Sec. C, Site 274A, US ARMY, PVT 36TH CO., 9TH BN
LEWIS, Martha, b. 03/18/1892, d. 12/18/1971, Sec. F, Site 190, Wife of Isaac Lewis
LEWIS, Mose, d. 10/07/1918, Sec. A, Site 1392, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, COLORED
LEWIS, Mote, d. 07/02/1936, Sec. C, Site 101, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 325TH LAB
LEWIS, Nelson, d. 06/12/1864, Sec. A, Site 1219, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 30TH ME I
LEWIS, Refedell, b. 05/03/1915, d. 07/09/1975, Sec. A, Site 1474A, US NAVY, CM3 STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
LEWIS, Richard, d. 07/20/1865, Sec. B, Site 2142, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 162 USCT
LEWIS, Robert, d. 08/29/1864, Sec. A, Site 1075, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 46TH IND
LEWIS, Robert, b. 01/18/1929, d. 09/27/1968, Sec. B, Site 3543, US ARMY, SFC MESS STEWARD A, WORLD WAR II
LEWIS, Sarah W., b. 01/08/1924, d. 06/30/1986, Sec. B, Site 1792J, Wife of Lee Lewis
LEWIS, Sepreu E, b. 09/04/1897, d. 04/05/1966, Sec. C, Site 273D, Wife of Levy Lewis
LEWIS, Thomas, d. 08/26/1865, Sec. B, Site 1553, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 23RD USC
LEWIS, William, d. 08/28/1866, Sec. B, Site 1679, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 117 USC
LEWIS, Wilmore, b. 08/10/1915, d. 09/16/1971, Sec. F, Site 151, US ARMY, T/5 3380 QM TRK CO, WORLD WAR II
LEWIS, Zeck, b. 12/25/1890, d. 11/09/1960, Sec. B, Site 2050A, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 530 SVC BN
LIBBY, J F, d. 10/27/1864, Sec. A, Site 1051, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 13TH MO
LIEBST, Charles A, b. 04/14/1892, d. 05/08/1950, Sec. E, Site 62, US ARMY, COL STATE: MISS, WORLD WAR II
LIENHOP, Eugene, b. 09/23/1907, d. 01/07/1957, Sec. C, Site 405, US ARMY, MSGT, KOREA
LIENHOP, Hazel M, b. 07/21/1908, d. 08/31/1994, Sec. C, Site 404, Wife of Eugene Lienhop
LIENHOP, Joseph E, b. 08/31/1930, d. 02/08/2010, Sec. C, Site 404, US ARMY, KOREA
LIGHT, Helen L, b. 12/05/1945, d. 09/29/1989, Sec. B, Site 1215A, Wife of James Light
LIGHTFOOT, Esther I, b. 01/15/1890, d. 04/05/1956, Sec. E, Site 72, Wife of James A Lightfoot
LIGHTFOOT, James A, b. 11/15/1874, d. 08/26/1956, Sec. E, Site 73, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 2ND REGT
LIGIBLE, Louis, d. 12/31/1866, Sec. B, Site 1340, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 1ST US ART
LILLEY, Lewi R, b. 01/10/1919, d. 07/31/1983, Sec. B, Site 3463, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
LILLY, Clay, d. 08/04/1865, Sec. B, Site 1991, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 116TH USC
LILLY, Ronald Warren, b. 05/25/1949, d. 05/09/1993, Sec. K, Site K133, US ARMY, SSGT
LIMON, Annie L, b. 05/16/1904, d. 11/22/1982, Sec. D, Site 46, Wife of Raymond E Limon
LINCECUM, Max James, b. 09/05/1923, d. 06/12/1981, Sec. B, Site 3821, US MARINE CORPS, E-6, WORLD WAR II
LINCH, A, d. 01/02/1864, Sec. A, Site 1066, CAVALRY, PVT CO.C, 3RD MO CAV
LINDLE, Frederick S, d. 03/26/1932, Sec. A, Site 1468, US ARMY, PVT BAND 1ST US VOL, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
LINDSAY, Geo, d. 08/20/1864, Sec. A, Site 1017, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 36TH IOWA
LINDSEY, Abner, Sec. A, Site 685, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 68 USC
LINK, Ivan E, b. 05/04/1918, d. 08/22/1974, Sec. A, Site 949A, US ARMY, SGT/MAJ, WORLD WAR II
LIPKIN, Jim, b. 04/26/1892, d. 04/20/1952, Sec. E, Site 217, US ARMY, PFC QMC UNASSIGNED, WORLD WAR I
LIPSEY, Thomas Bart, b. 07/09/1894, d. 06/11/1978, Sec. B, Site 3398, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
LISLE, George, d. 02/06/1865, Sec. B, Site 382, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 37TH ILL
LITTLE, Green B, d. 08/29/1865, Sec. A, Site 277, INFANTRY, CPL CO.H, 8TH ILL
LITTLE, John H, d. 10/06/1864, Sec. A, Site 759, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 16TH IND
LITTLETON, Max Leonard, b. 11/26/1917, d. 06/26/1966, Sec. B, Site 496A, US ARMY, SGT CO.A, 87TH RCN
LIVAUDAIS, Ethel, b. 05/29/1892, d. 03/11/1968, Sec. A, Site 398A, Wife of Howard Livaudais
LIVAUDAIS, Howard D, b. 03/23/1890, d. 02/17/1965, Sec. A, Site 398A, US ARMY, CPL CO.D, 22ND BN US
LIVELY, Harold, b. 11/02/1931, d. 08/20/1984, Sec. B, Site 3140A, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
LIVELY, L, d. 11/11/1865, Sec. B, Site 1807, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 115 USC
LIVELY, Tilghman, d. 07/29/1864, Sec. B, Site 1154, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 43RD USCT
LIVINGSTON, John, d. 08/19/1865, Sec. B, Site 1081, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 8TH USCT
LIVINGSTON, Thomas J, b. 07/24/1924, d. 07/31/1981, Sec. B, Site 3836, US NAVY, SEAMAN 2C, WORLD WAR II
LLOYD, Archie F, b. 02/29/1908, d. 11/25/1986, Sec. C, Site 304A, US NAVY, CEC, WORLD WAR II
LOBACK, David Addison, b. 12/13/1930, d. 08/18/1981, Sec. B, Site 3814, US NAVY, CMT, KOREA
LOCKHART, Juanita, b. 03/24/1930, d. 12/24/1963, Sec. B, Site 3755, Wife of Leldon Harry Lockhart
LOCKHART, Leldon Harry, b. 05/26/1926, d. 12/28/1963, Sec. B, Site 3755, US NAVY, AC1
LOCKWOOD, Lloyd Benton, b. 06/21/1920, d. 07/03/1969, Sec. B, Site 2134B, US NAVY, S1C, WORLD WAR II
LODGE, Wm, d. 07/05/1880, Sec. R, Site 42, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 1ST US INF
LOFTIN, Jewel W, b. 11/28/1918, d. 12/02/2003, Sec. B, Site 1797A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
LOFTON, Hamlet Wilford, b. 11/17/1909, d. 09/10/1977, Sec. B, Site 3409, US NAVY, STM1C, WORLD WAR II
LOFTON, Jack, b. 07/29/1891, d. 03/03/1957, Sec. C, Site 279A, US ARMY, PVT 53RD CO.14 RED, WORLD WAR I
LOFTON, Mckinley, b. 12/11/1916, d. 01/25/1979, Sec. D, Site 57, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
LOFTON, Sarada Jenkins, b. 09/01/1912, d. 07/07/1988, Sec. B, Site 3409, Wife of Hamlet Wilford Lofton
LOFTON, Willie Martin, b. 09/15/1899, d. 03/02/1966, Sec. B, Site 1130A, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 123RD QM
LOGAN, Dee, d. 02/28/1923, Sec. C, Site 14, INFANTRY, PVT 314 LABOR BN
LOGAN, Levi, d. 07/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 1848, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 43RD USCT
LOGAN, T H, d. 11/11/1870, Sec. B, Site 1388, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 10TH US
LOHMAN, Fred B, b. 01/20/1902, d. 01/29/1972, Sec. F, Site 276, US ARMY, CPL 55TH BASE HQ, WORLD WAR II
LOHMANN, Franz, d. 10/30/1945, Sec. K, Site PW-8, FOREIGN FORCES, OBGEFR, WORLD WAR II
LOMANA, Jean, d. 11/28/1865, Sec. B, Site 444, CAVALRY, PVT
LONDAY, A W, d. 10/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 467, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 65TH OHIO
LONG, Benjamin, d. 09/15/1865, Sec. B, Site 2110, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 45TH USCT
LONG, Bravell E, d. 12/27/1924, Sec. A, Site 1443, CAVALRY, PVT CO.I, 8TH TN CAV
LONG, Edward C, d. 05/15/1943, Sec. B, Site 3043, US ARMY, PVT 529TH ORD HVY, WORLD WAR II
LONG, George, d. 08/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 1533, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 23RD USCT
LONG, Gillis William, b. 05/04/1923, d. 01/20/1985, Sec. B, Site 1610B, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
LONG, J K, d. 08/03/1864, Sec. A, Site 1029, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 77TH OHIO
LONG, John, b. 04/04/1889, d. 09/21/1975, Sec. R, Site 112A, US ARMY, PVT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR I
LONG, Marion Jesse, b. 05/12/1915, d. 12/11/1966, Sec. B, Site 3257, US AIR FORCE, TSGT USAF RETIRED, WORLD WAR II
LONG, Mary, b. 05/27/1891, d. 11/25/1963, Sec. R, Site 112A, Wife of John Long
LONG, Oyd W, b. 07/05/1913, d. 11/30/1985, Sec. F, Site 11A, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
LONG, Philip, d. 08/10/1865, Sec. B, Site 1526, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 23 USCT
LONG, Stephen, d. 07/24/1865, Sec. B, Site 1599, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 19TH USCT
LONGEE, Robert W Sr, b. 01/03/1937, d. 02/16/1976, Sec. A, Site 1487D, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
LONGWELL, Dorothy, b. 06/01/1918, d. 02/20/1956, Sec. C, Site 286A, Wife of Melvin L Scott
LONIX, Henry, b. 03/04/1919, d. 03/31/1978, Sec. B, Site 3145, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
LONIX, Jerelean, b. 07/15/1923, d. 04/28/1997, Sec. B, Site 3145, Wife of Henry Lonix
LONZO, Geneva, b. 04/14/1912, d. 06/28/1989, Sec. B, Site 1792B, Wife of John Lonzo
LONZO, John, b. 09/19/1905, d. 05/27/1986, Sec. B, Site 1792B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
LONZO, Kearry, b. 10/07/1916, d. 11/18/1977, Sec. B, Site 3425, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
LONZO, Nellie, b. 02/27/1913, d. 01/31/1979, Sec. B, Site 3425, Wife of Kearry Lonzo
LOOKER, J, d. 08/07/1865, Sec. A, Site 291, CAVALRY, PVT CO.A, 1ST ME CAV
LOPER, Horace Wesley, b. 08/10/1910, d. 04/22/1954, Sec. E, Site 142, US ARMY, T/5 103RD MED SVC CO, WORLD WAR II
LOPER, Irena S, b. 10/22/1910, d. 10/17/1989, Sec. E, Site 141, Wife of Horace Wesley Loper
LORD, Steven D, b. 10/30/1984, d. 10/30/1984, Sec. B, Site 1120A, Son (Minor Child) of Samantha Lord
LORGINS, J L, d. 09/08/1865, Sec. B, Site 1647, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 29TH USC
LORIO, Earl, b. 04/06/1916, d. 09/06/1984, Sec. B, Site 3134A, US ARMY, SGT, VIETNAM
LORIO, Lutisha Gaines, b. 07/09/1929, d. 10/27/2020, Sec. B, Site 3134A, Wife of Earl Lorio
LOUDOLPH, Louis, d. 11/01/1867, Sec. B, Site 1342, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 1ST US ART
LOUIS, Edward James, b. 08/21/1939, d. 06/07/1982, Sec. B, Site 3789, US ARMY, E-6 SSGT, KOREA
LOUIS, Grace M, b. 08/13/1941, d. 03/29/2006, Sec. B, Site 3789, Wife of Edward James Louis
LOUIS, Isaac, b. 06/12/1921, d. 10/31/1993, Sec. B, Site 1284B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
LOUTHER, Henry, d. 07/04/1865, Sec. B, Site 2161, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 62 USCT
LOVE, Ada Amelia, b. 04/05/1954, d. 03/05/2008, Sec. E, Site 94C, Wife of Charles Love
LOVE, Bernell, b. 11/07/1919, d. 01/19/1991, Sec. A, Site 382A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
LOVE, Samuel, d. 04/29/1875, Sec. B, Site 2750, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 24TH US
LOVE, Samuel Dudley, b. 03/23/1940, d. 05/08/1992, Sec. B, Site 870A, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
LOVE, Sandy, d. 02/20/1920, Sec. C, Site 6, INFANTRY, PVT 70 X 71 USC INF
LOVEJOY, Elmary, b. 02/18/1907, d. 12/15/1987, Sec. A, Site 1040A, Wife of George T Lovejoy
LOVEJOY, George T, b. 04/23/1913, d. 07/11/1980, Sec. A, Site 1040A, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
LOVELL, Pamela L, b. 10/13/1969, d. 06/04/1970, Sec. B, Site 3509, Daughter (Minor Child) of Wesley R Lovell
LOVELL, Susan D, b. 07/03/1967, d. 01/19/1968, Sec. B, Site 3509, Daughter (Minor Child) of Wesley R Lovell
LOVING, Fred W, b. 07/10/1886, d. 11/26/1948, Sec. C, Site 232A, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 23RD ENGR
LOVITT, Samuel, d. 12/13/1895, Sec. A, Site 1305, CAVALRY, PVT CO.B, 9TH US CAV
LOWALL, James, d. 07/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 2186, INFANTRY, SGT CO.E, 114 USCT
LOWE, Leroy Sr, b. 07/01/1908, d. 06/21/1977, Sec. B, Site 3682, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
LOWE, Ora Lee, b. 04/10/1927, d. 09/04/1983, Sec. B, Site 3682, Wife of Leroy Lowe Sr
LOWERY, Clayton W, b. 01/24/1934, d. 03/03/1999, Sec. B, Site 3672, US ARMY, SGT MAJ, KOREA
LOWERY, Jacqueline L, b. 09/01/1962, d. 09/03/1962, Sec. B, Site 3672, Daughter (Minor Child) of Clayton W Lowery
LOYD, Cecil Roy, b. 11/23/1929, d. 07/18/1991, Sec. D, Site 76, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
LOYD, Joyce D, b. 11/14/1934, d. 12/19/2012, Sec. D, Site 76, Wife of Cecil Roy Loyd
LOYD, M L, d. 09/28/1948, Sec. C, Site 272, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 33RD ENGRS
LOZANO, Jesus III, b. 01/03/1965, d. 01/03/1965, Sec. B, Site 1627A, Son (Minor Child) of Jesus Lozano
LUBER, Carl, d. 07/22/1866, Sec. B, Site 2697, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 17TH US
LUCAS, Anthony, d. 08/19/1865, Sec. B, Site 1166, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 43RD USCT
LUCAS, James, d. 02/10/1866, Sec. B, Site 1214, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 117TH USCT
LUCAS, Lawrence, b. 07/25/1921, d. 08/21/1992, Sec. A, Site 732B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
LUCAS, Willie, b. 03/15/1888, d. 07/23/1946, Sec. C, Site 218, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, COL CAS
LUCKETT, Katie, b. 09/06/1897, d. 07/11/1954, Sec. R, Site 234, Wife of Philip N Lockett
LUCKETT, Philip N, b. 11/29/1897, d. 08/03/1946, Sec. R, Site 233, US ARMY, PVT 1ST LA INF CO.F, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
LUMADUE, Donald L, b. 12/06/1927, d. 06/24/1965, Sec. R, Site 303, US AIR FORCE, MAJ STATE: OHIO, WORLD WAR II
LUNEAU, Alphouse, b. 04/11/1892, d. 07/17/1917, Sec. A, Site 1371, CAVALRY, APPRENTICE 11 US CAV
LUNEAU, Ward, b. 04/09/1898, d. 04/07/1953, Sec. E, Site 118, US ARMY, PVT BAKERY CO.NR 379, WORLD WAR I
LUSE, Charles Albert, b. 05/08/1884, d. 03/14/1967, Sec. B, Site 1064A, US ARMY, MUS 2 CL HQ CO 146TH, WORLD WAR I
LUTHER, Martin, d. 10/21/1865, Sec. B, Site 1083, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 8TH USCT
LUTTRELL, Edward F, b. 07/01/1932, d. 01/12/1988, Sec. MA, Site 4, US AIR FORCE, A 3C
LUTZ, John, d. 07/29/1885, Sec. B, Site 512, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 3RD MICH
LYLE, Samuel, d. 08/19/1865, Sec. B, Site 2045, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 118 USC
LYLES, Paul E, b. 03/15/1931, d. 07/16/1950, Sec. C, Site 388, US ARMY, PVT CO.G, 19TH INF
LYMAN, A W, d. 10/12/1864, Sec. A, Site 793, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 36TH IOWA
LYNCH, Edwin L, b. 01/05/1925, d. 09/06/1992, Sec. A, Site 796B, US NAVY, SV6, WORLD WAR II
LYNCH, Patrick, d. 02/27/1869, Sec. A, Site 1278, INFANTRY, SGT CO.E, 26TH US
LYNN, Edward, d. 10/13/1864, Sec. A, Site 1155, CAVALRY, PVT CO.H, 3RD MO CAV
LYNN, Harris, d. 09/30/1867, Sec. B, Site 315, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 17 US INF
LYON, Gilbert, d. 10/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 466, INFANTRY, SGT CO.F, 42 ILL INF
LYONS, Floyd, b. 01/31/1924, d. 08/07/1973, Sec. A, Site 1625, US ARMY, PVT CO.K, 2ND CHEM
LYONS, James, d. 08/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 2029, INFANTRY, SGT CO.H, 118 USC
LYONS, Leonard W, b. 08/26/1926, d. 07/20/1988, Sec. A, Site 719B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
LYONS, Robert J, d. 10/31/1865, Sec. B, Site 875, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 77TH PA
LYONS, Walter C, b. 03/22/1914, d. 07/28/1993, Sec. A, Site 1117B, US ARMY, TEC4, WORLD WAR II
LYTER, George, d. 01/07/1866, Sec. B, Site 1690, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 117 USC

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