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Alexandria National Cemetery
Pineville, Rapides Parish, Louisiana

GPS: 31.32172, -92.43289

209 E Shamrock St.
Pineville, LA 71360

Last updated: February 15, 2022
Total records: 9,063

Veterans Affairs Records, February 2022
Surnames H-J

Records linked below were acquired from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. These records were compiled by the VA on February 7, 2022. Dates of death in these records range from 20-Jan-1823 to 11-Sep-2021. These include 969 records with no date of death. Total records: 9,063...

H, B C, Sec. B, Site 2651
HABURNE, Orlie, b. 06/06/1904, d. 10/20/1968, Sec. B, Site 3549, US AIR FORCE, T/SGT, WORLD WAR II
HACKETT, Moses, d. 10/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 1178, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HACKMAN, Henry, d. 07/20/1863, Sec. B, Site 970, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HADDING, Claud F, b. 01/26/1918, d. 08/07/1991, Sec. A, Site 858A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HADDING, Louvella, b. 08/07/1922, d. 02/02/2010, Sec. A, Site 858A, Wife of Claud F Hadding
HADLEY, Oliver W, d. 03/22/1944, Sec. R, Site 204, US ARMY AIR CORPS, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HADNOT, Earl, b. 11/05/1908, d. 06/11/1987, Sec. C, Site 421C, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
HAEFFER, Andrew, d. 10/24/1865, Sec. B, Site 384, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HAESSLY, Katherine L, b. 11/09/1899, d. 04/03/1956, Sec. E, Site 170, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
HAGAN, Howard Jr, b. 07/27/1948, d. 12/05/1981, Sec. B, Site 3483A, US ARMY, SFC, VIETNAM
HAGAN, Josephine E, b. 07/02/1908, d. 09/30/1981, Sec. A, Site 1372D, Wife of Milo Hagan
HAGAN, Milo, b. 01/17/1907, d. 11/03/1975, Sec. A, Site 1372D, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HAGAN, Warren, b. 02/10/1925, d. 06/13/1992, Sec. A, Site 38A, US NAVY, S1/C SV6, WORLD WAR II
HAGEMAN, Henry, d. 07/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 1565, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HAGEN, Julian W, b. 10/30/1924, d. 02/04/2008, Sec. B, Site 2002G, Wife of Kendria C Hagen
HAGEN, Kendria C, b. 08/08/1919, d. 03/22/1986, Sec. B, Site 2002G, US ARMY, 1SG, WORLD WAR II
HAGERMAN, Saml, d. 11/03/1865, Sec. B, Site 1062, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HAGGAR, James Edmond, b. 09/21/1922, d. 06/28/1989, Sec. A, Site 1360E, US AIR FORCE, MAJ, WORLD WAR II
HAGGAR, Nan W, b. 07/28/1926, d. 07/21/2008, Sec. A, Site 1360E, Wife of James Edmond Haggar
HAGGARD, Thos, d. 08/17/1865, Sec. B, Site 1601, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HAINE, Ernest, d. 11/11/1867, Sec. B, Site 320, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HAINES, William, d. 10/12/1865, Sec. B, Site 865, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HAKE, Nathan, d. 04/19/1865, Sec. B, Site 360, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HALE, August, d. 07/06/1865, Sec. R, Site 80, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HALE, Clarence J, d. 07/13/1920, Sec. A, Site 1440, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HALE, H C, d. 08/28/1864, Sec. A, Site 1229, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HALE, William J, b. 08/15/1920, d. 09/10/1974, Sec. A, Site 1662, US ARMY, SSG, WORLD WAR II
HALES, Chester Lafayette Jr, b. 04/23/1925, d. 04/02/2012, Sec. MA, Site 9, US ARMY AIR FORCES, SMSGT, WORLD WAR II
HALES, Dorothy J, b. 01/29/1926, d. 01/29/2010, Sec. MA, Site 9, Wife of Chester Lafayette Hales Jr
HALFORD, Derrill Renee, b. 10/10/1947, d. 11/13/1966, Sec. B, Site 475-A, Adult Dependent Son of Harry E Halford
HALFORD, Harry Ellis, b. 01/04/1916, d. 11/30/1994, Sec. B, Site 475-A, US ARMY, MAJOR, WORLD WAR II
HALFORD, Ruby D, b. 08/16/1921, d. 07/12/1970, Sec. B, Site 475-A, Wife of Harry E Halford
HALL, Aaron, b. 08/29/1914, d. 07/25/1976, Sec. B, Site 1175B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HALL, Annias, d. 08/04/1909, Sec. A, Site 1336, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HALL, C C, Sec. A, Site 44, US ARMY, PVT
HALL, Charollet Louis, b. 02/12/1952, d. 02/12/1952, Sec. K, Site P32, Daughter (Minor Child) of Filton E Hall
HALL, Clarence George, b. 12/20/1937, d. 09/20/1967, Sec. B, Site 3279, US NAVY, CGM, WORLD WAR II
HALL, Cyrus, d. 09/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 2727, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HALL, D F, Sec. A, Site 1266, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HALL, Dempsey, b. 03/22/1894, d. 02/22/1945, Sec. C, Site 199, US ARMY, COOK, WORLD WAR I
HALL, Earl Lester, b. 05/30/1915, d. 06/15/1990, Sec. A, Site 1437H, US ARMY, SM2/C, WORLD WAR II
HALL, Elargie, b. 06/19/1910, d. 07/21/1974, Sec. A, Site 1092A, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
HALL, Erastus, d. 11/21/1918, Sec. C, Site 3, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HALL, Ester Lee, b. 04/04/1922, d. 12/09/1970, Sec. R, Site 111B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HALL, Florice E, b. 07/13/1930, d. 01/27/2020, Sec. B, Site 3448, Wife of Willie O Hall
HALL, Frances Zirbes, b. 10/24/1912, d. 07/28/1979, Sec. B, Site 3157, Wife of Vernon C Hall
HALL, Frank, d. 10/02/1865, Sec. B, Site 1165, US ARMY, CPL, CIVIL WAR
HALL, George, d. 01/12/1868, Sec. B, Site 1200, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HALL, Jack, b. 11/19/1924, d. 06/10/1974, Sec. A, Site 846A, US NAVY, QM2C, WORLD WAR II
HALL, James Jr, b. 05/10/1914, d. 09/22/1946, Sec. C, Site 224, US AIR FORCE, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HALL, James Jr, b. 10/08/1920, d. 11/22/1959, Sec. E, Site 210B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HALL, John, d. 07/30/1865, Sec. B, Site 1219, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HALL, Larry, b. 07/26/1958, d. 07/13/1990, Sec. C, Site 192A, US ARMY, SP4
HALL, M M, d. 09/05/1864, Sec. A, Site 823, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HALL, Major, b. 01/15/1919, d. 06/24/1965, Sec. R, Site 111B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HALL, Reese, b. 10/01/1886, d. 04/23/1945, Sec. C, Site 200, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HALL, Vernon C, b. 12/03/1914, d. 10/07/1985, Sec. B, Site 3157, US ARMY, TEC/5, WORLD WAR II
HALL, Willie O, b. 11/12/1928, d. 09/30/1983, Sec. B, Site 3448, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
HALLBACK, Joe Walter, b. 04/01/1930, d. 04/07/1991, Sec. C, Site 129C, US ARMY, SP/3, KOREA
HALLY, Edward Francis, b. 03/20/1907, d. 05/26/1967, Sec. B, Site 3322, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
HALLY, Reba B, b. 03/09/1910, d. 11/03/1984, Sec. B, Site 3322, Wife of Edward Francis Hally
HAM, Wellington, d. 09/13/1867, Sec. B, Site 469, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HAMBLET, Albert R Jr, b. 09/13/1930, d. 05/20/2002, Sec. A, Site 591E, US AIR FORCE, MAJOR, KOREA
HAMBLIN, Martha Grace, b. 06/17/1959, d. 06/20/1959, Sec. K, Site K151, Daughter (Minor Child) of Edward Hamblin
HAMILTON, A, d. 09/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 1793, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HAMILTON, Clark Bruce, b. 07/10/1907, d. 04/30/1951, Sec. C, Site 400, US ARMY, T-5, WORLD WAR II
HAMILTON, F, d. 01/17/1864, Sec. A, Site 1213, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HAMILTON, F, d. 07/24/1865, Sec. A, Site 1207, US NAVY
HAMILTON, Gene Kieth, b. 03/14/1928, d. 07/01/1973, Sec. A, Site 911A, US ARMY, LT, KOREA
HAMILTON, Iris J, b. 09/25/1915, d. 02/20/1968, Sec. E, Site 159C, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
HAMILTON, James A, b. 11/13/1896, d. 06/08/1953, Sec. C, Site 395, US ARMY, BUGLAR, WORLD WAR I
HAMILTON, John W, b. 09/24/1935, d. 01/19/1997, Sec. A, Site 923-A, US MARINE CORPS, LCPL, VIETNAM
HAMILTON, Madeline J, b. 09/06/1915, d. 07/21/2010, Sec. E, Site 159C, Wife of Iris J Hamilton
HAMILTON, R F, d. 08/19/1864, Sec. A, Site 779, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HAMILTON, Willie, b. 02/01/1905, d. 04/23/1956, Sec. E, Site 120A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
HAMLIN, John, d. 09/17/1864, Sec. A, Site 1055, US NAVY, CIVIL WAR
HAMMER, A C, d. 04/20/1864, Sec. A, Site 59, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HAMMON, Henry, d. 09/17/1864, Sec. A, Site 856, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HAMMOND, Cornelius, b. 04/01/1886, d. 04/04/1975, Sec. A, Site 1385A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HAMMOND, Floyd, b. 06/25/1896, d. 03/31/1979, Sec. A, Site 1451A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HAMMOND, Frank Sproul, d. 04/13/1938, Sec. D, Site 11, US ARMY, LT, WORLD WAR I
HAMMOND, Lena, b. 03/14/1896, d. 02/22/1991, Sec. A, Site 1451A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HAMMOND, Mary, b. 04/08/1894, d. 12/25/1982, Sec. A, Site 1385A, Wife of Cornelius Hammond
HAMMONDS, Avis Louise, b. 04/20/1920, d. 03/29/1985, Sec. B, Site 3268, Wife of John J Hammonds
HAMMONDS, John J, b. 08/17/1914, d. 06/03/1967, Sec. B, Site 3268, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
HAMMONTREE, Billy L, b. 02/09/1937, d. 05/28/1967, Sec. B, Site 1169A, US ARMY, SSG, VIETNAM
HAMPTON, Albert, b. 08/07/1919, d. 03/15/1947, Sec. C, Site 226, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HAMPTON, Eddye Mae, b. 07/16/1914, d. 04/06/2014, Sec. F, Site 209, Wife of Luther C Hampton Sr
HAMPTON, James Floyd, b. 09/12/1894, d. 08/03/1957, Sec. E, Site 24, US NAVY, BM/2D USN RETIRED, WORLD WAR I
HAMPTON, Lee, b. 09/06/1911, d. 05/05/1972, Sec. A, Site 1527, US ARMY, STM 2C, WORLD WAR II
HAMPTON, Luther C Sr, b. 11/10/1918, d. 01/07/1975, Sec. F, Site 209, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
HAND, John H, d. 05/23/1913, Sec. A, Site 1346, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
HANDLEY, Leon W, b. 12/22/1919, d. 05/17/1984, Sec. R, Site 414A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HANDY, Henry, d. 08/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 1602, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 19TH USCT
HANDY, Thomas, d. 09/16/1864, Sec. A, Site 810, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 23RD OHIO
HANDY, Thomas, b. 03/15/1895, d. 06/11/1960, Sec. B, Site 1670A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HANDY, William, d. 12/06/1865, Sec. B, Site 1783, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 7TH USCT
HANGUS, George, d. 09/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 2100, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 9TH USCT
HANING, Berton Henry, b. 01/13/1924, d. 08/26/1989, Sec. B, Site 1221A, US NAVY, MM2/C, WORLD WAR II
HANKS, Karen Ann, b. 05/28/1957, d. 05/28/1957, Sec. K, Site K96, Daughter (Minor Child) of Charles H Hanks
HANKS, Malcolm C, d. 10/08/1942, Sec. R, Site 167, US ARMY, PVT 194TH AERO SQDN, WORLD WAR I
HANLEY, Brayan, d. 03/25/1866, Sec. A, Site 268, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 8TH ILL
HANNA, Robert, d. 10/22/1865, Sec. A, Site 694, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 68 USC INF
HANNAH, Jessie, b. 04/17/1957, d. 11/07/1959, Sec. K, Site K162, Daughter (Minor Child) of John H Hannah
HANNAH, John H, b. 10/07/1932, d. 08/06/2001, Sec. K, Site K163, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
HANNON, James, Sec. A, Site 64, INFANTRY
HANNUM, J P, d. 11/08/1865, Sec. B, Site 2623, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 57TH IND
HANSEN, Benjamin L, b. 08/13/1895, d. 04/26/1953, Sec. E, Site 115, US ARMY, COOK CO.4 1ST BN, 159
HANSEN, Nels Albert, b. 01/03/1895, d. 12/24/1968, Sec. R, Site 88E, US ARMY, CPL MOTOR TRANS CORP, WORLD WAR I
HANSON, Halvor, d. 10/06/1865, Sec. B, Site 480, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 13TH WIS
HANSON, James, d. 09/08/1865, Sec. B, Site 1038, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 38 USCT
HANSON, Thomas, d. 07/13/1864, Sec. A, Site 849, INFANTRY, PVT 1ST LA
HARBOR, Dan L Jr, b. 04/11/1978, d. 06/03/1978, Sec. B, Site 3185, Son (Minor Child) of Dan L Harbor Sr
HARDAGE, Anna M, b. 02/07/1910, d. 06/24/1985, Sec. A, Site 1523A, US NAVY, HM1, WORLD WAR II
HARDCASTLE, Dora M, b. 05/03/1894, d. 02/21/1975, Sec. B, Site 3680, Wife of Erich F Hardcastle
HARDCASTLE, Erich F, b. 07/20/1892, d. 05/03/1960, Sec. B, Site 3679, US ARMY, SFC CP SUPP DET CP, WORLD WAR I
HARDEN, Marshall Jr, b. 03/17/1939, d. 01/21/1983, Sec. A, Site 1585, US NAVY, EW1, VIETNAM
HARDEST, Uriah, d. 09/21/1864, Sec. A, Site 840, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 43RD IND
HARDGRAVES, Ellis, b. 09/10/1893, d. 01/06/1969, Sec. R, Site 88D, US ARMY, PVT CO.L, 125TH INF
HARDIN, Jesse, b. 06/25/1897, d. 03/24/1973, Sec. A, Site 617A, US ARMY, PVT 161TH DB, WORLD WAR I
HARDIN, Naomi Ruth, b. 11/28/1907, d. 02/08/2006, Sec. A, Site 617A, Wife of Jessie Hartens
HARDMAN, John, b. 02/04/1910, d. 06/05/1985, Sec. A, Site 1545A, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
HARDY, Elizabeth, b. 12/01/1921, d. 06/29/1980, Sec. R, Site 512, Wife of Joe Hardy
HARDY, Janice W, b. 07/07/1947, d. 05/15/1993, Sec. K, Site K95, Wife of Frank Hardy
HARDY, Joe, b. 03/15/1915, d. 11/18/1980, Sec. R, Site 512, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HARDY, Lee, b. 02/06/1894, d. 12/27/1962, Sec. C, Site 64A, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 415 RES
HARE, Bertha Palfrey, b. 07/25/1919, d. 11/07/1983, Sec. B, Site 783-A, Wife of Lester N Hare
HARE, Hobart Emlen, b. 07/04/1916, d. 07/27/1982, Sec. B, Site 3786, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR II
HARE, Lester N, b. 11/29/1915, d. 12/21/2001, Sec. B, Site 783-A, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
HARGAS, Adam, d. 08/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 2104, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 9TH USCT
HARGER, Thomas, d. 10/05/1867, Sec. B, Site 395, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 17TH US
HARGRAVE, Broughton, b. 02/14/1920, d. 01/06/1990, Sec. A, Site 661A, US ARMY, SSG, WORLD WAR II
HARGRAVE, Inge, b. 05/05/1931, d. 05/25/2000, Sec. A, Site 661A, Wife of Broughton Hargrave
HARGROVE, Jesse, b. 05/26/1926, d. 03/30/1964, Sec. B, Site 1585A, US ARMY, CPL BATT C, 469TH F
HARGT, Peter, d. 07/09/1864, Sec. A, Site 780, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 77 OHIO
HARIGEL, John, d. 10/22/1918, Sec. A, Site 1400, INFANTRY, PVT PROV GUARD CO
HARLE, John Hamilton, b. 01/20/1917, d. 07/10/1954, Sec. C, Site 400A, US ARMY, T/5 221ST DEML REPL, WORLD WAR II
HARMISON, Matthew, b. 02/18/1925, d. 02/02/1986, Sec. A, Site 1561A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HARMON, Clarence C, d. 09/04/1867, Sec. B, Site 501, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 17TH US
HARMON, David H, b. 06/24/1962, d. 06/25/1962, Sec. K, Site K52-A, Son (Minor Child) of Lawrie H Harmon
HARPER, James Howard, b. 11/24/1923, d. 11/05/1984, Sec. B, Site 1525A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HARPER, John W, b. 02/09/1890, d. 12/06/1959, Sec. C, Site 423A, US ARMY, PVT AUX REM DEP 330, WORLD WAR I
HARPER, Will, b. 06/28/1878, d. 02/26/1951, Sec. C, Site 385, US ARMY, 1ST SGT RETIRED, WORLD WAR II
HARPER, William, b. 02/25/1897, d. 02/22/1981, Sec. B, Site 3871, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HARPER, Willie A, b. 09/27/1898, d. 05/13/1965, Sec. R, Site 128B, US ARMY, CPL CO.C, 2ND GEN HQ
HARR, Lee, d. 11/10/1865, Sec. B, Site 390, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 37 ILL INF
HARRELL, Leonard, b. 07/10/1897, d. 02/03/1969, Sec. R, Site 342, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 67 PION
HARRELL, Lucille, b. 11/15/1901, d. 08/17/1975, Sec. R, Site 342, Wife of Leonard Harrell
HARRINGTON, Infant, b. 06/30/1965, d. 06/30/1965, Sec. B, Site 3655, Daughter (Minor Child) of Lucius Harrington Jr
HARRINGTON, Jack P Sr, b. 08/13/1904, d. 10/13/1984, Sec. B, Site 3121A, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
HARRINGTON, James H, d. 08/06/1865, Sec. B, Site 516, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 3RD MICH
HARRIS, Arthur, b. 07/23/1895, d. 05/26/1978, Sec. B, Site 3137, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HARRIS, Barbara J, b. 09/22/1938, d. 06/26/1971, Sec. F, Site 53, Wife of Zonie A Harris
HARRIS, Caleb Jr, b. 04/16/1926, d. 03/21/1980, Sec. A, Site 1600A, US NAVY, STM 1ST CLASS, WORLD WAR II
HARRIS, Charles, d. 10/12/1866, Sec. B, Site 1619, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 19TH USCT
HARRIS, Edna, b. 10/19/1914, d. 09/17/1986, Sec. B, Site 3147, Wife of Ernest Harris
HARRIS, Ernest, b. 05/06/1901, d. 03/28/1978, Sec. B, Site 3147, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
HARRIS, Frank, b. 12/25/1895, d. 04/18/1952, Sec. E, Site 225, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 25TH SER
HARRIS, Frankie Mae, b. 12/09/1919, d. 12/03/1994, Sec. F, Site 166, Wife of Kiser Harris
HARRIS, Harold, b. 03/01/1907, d. 07/22/1966, Sec. B, Site 3234, US ARMY, SFC BTRY B, 57TH FA
HARRIS, Harrison, d. 08/02/1865, Sec. A, Site 686, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 68 USC INF
HARRIS, Henry, b. 12/25/1894, d. 12/13/1971, Sec. F, Site 222, US ARMY, PFC CO.A, 325 SVC BN
HARRIS, Houston, b. 03/31/1924, d. 09/17/1950, Sec. E, Site 212, US ARMY, CPL STATE: LA, KOREA
HARRIS, Infant, b. 09/30/1952, d. 09/30/1952, Sec. K, Site P49, Daughter (Minor Child) of Clifford E Harris
HARRIS, Irma E, b. 05/23/1915, d. 10/03/1958, Sec. E, Site 172A, Wife of Julius Harris
HARRIS, Irving E, b. 06/30/1932, d. 08/07/1993, Sec. R, Site 205, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, KOREA
HARRIS, J F, d. 01/29/1866, Sec. B, Site 2096, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 9TH USCT
HARRIS, James, d. 08/16/1865, Sec. A, Site 731, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 51 USCT
HARRIS, James Jr, b. 03/14/1936, d. 08/31/1974, Sec. A, Site 1671, US ARMY, SSGT STATE: LA, VIETNAM
HARRIS, Jessie, b. 11/06/1926, d. 01/22/2016, Sec. R, Site 310, Wife of Samuel Harris
HARRIS, John Pugh, b. 12/11/1895, d. 01/12/1956, Sec. E, Site 151, US NAVY, MM/1ST WHITE, WORLD WAR I
HARRIS, Julius, b. 10/02/1909, d. 08/04/1953, Sec. E, Site 172A, US ARMY, T/4 BTRY E, 323RD F
HARRIS, Kiser, b. 07/25/1913, d. 11/21/1971, Sec. F, Site 166, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 376 ENGR
HARRIS, Mary, b. 12/06/1911, d. 12/04/1978, Sec. B, Site 3137, Wife of Arthur Harris
HARRIS, Mary, b. 11/17/1894, d. 04/01/1985, Sec. B, Site 795A, Wife of Willie Harris
HARRIS, Pamela Gail, b. 07/07/1954, d. 07/18/1954, Sec. K, Site P66, Daughter (Minor Child) of Paul R Harris
HARRIS, Rachell, b. 06/25/1920, d. 09/02/1950, Sec. E, Site 193, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
HARRIS, Richard, d. 07/05/1865, Sec. B, Site 828, CAVALRY, PVT CO.A, 2ND TEX
HARRIS, Risard Bryan Jr, b. 03/15/1994, d. 03/15/1994, Sec. E, Site 145C, Son (Minor Child) of Risard Harris
HARRIS, Samuel, b. 01/07/1922, d. 06/18/1969, Sec. R, Site 310, US MARINE CORPS, PFC STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
HARRIS, Samuel Lewis, b. 10/29/1944, d. 11/22/1982, Sec. D, Site 104, US ARMY, CPL, VIETNAM
HARRIS, Sylvan John, b. 07/15/1918, d. 02/26/1990, Sec. A, Site 1429A, US ARMY, SSG
HARRIS, Willie, b. 07/15/1893, d. 04/09/1977, Sec. B, Site 795A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HARRIS, Willie Lee, b. 07/04/1893, d. 05/02/1976, Sec. A, Site 1155A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HARRIS, Wilson, d. 07/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 2187, INFANTRY, SGT CO.K, 114 USCT
HARRISON, Andrew, d. 09/09/1911, Sec. A, Site 1339, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 70TH 71
HARRISON, Andy, d. 02/02/1939, Sec. C, Site 131, US NAVY, MESS ATT 3RD CL RES, WORLD WAR I
HARRISON, Ben Frank, b. 09/16/1911, d. 06/02/1971, Sec. F, Site 136, US ARMY, MAJ SGT, KOREA
HARRISON, Cheathamn, d. 08/15/1865, Sec. B, Site 2050, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 118 USCT
HARRISON, Doctor P, b. 06/01/1894, d. 09/12/1980, Sec. R, Site 3901, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HARRISON, Henry, d. 10/28/1865, Sec. B, Site 2176, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 114TH USCT
HARRISON, Henry, d. 10/04/1866, Sec. B, Site 1607, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 19TH USCT
HARRISON, J G, d. 09/21/1867, Sec. B, Site 379, INFANTRY, SGT CO.K, 17TH US
HARRISON, Mahlon, d. 11/06/1867, Sec. A, Site 3, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 20TH US
HARRISON, Mamie B, b. 07/30/1912, d. 02/17/1988, Sec. F, Site 136, Wife of Ben Frank Harrison
HARRISON, Manuel W, d. 07/03/1865, Sec. A, Site 23, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 1ST IND
HARRISON, Paul, b. 12/29/1921, d. 05/02/1964, Sec. R, Site 104D, US ARMY, T/4 4408TH QM SVC, WORLD WAR II
HARRISON, Samuel, d. 10/23/1865, Sec. B, Site 1590, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 19TH USCT
HARRISON, Sarah, d. 11/06/1927, Sec. A, Site 1339, Wife of Andrew Harrison
HARRISON, T J, d. 06/15/1936, Sec. D, Site 1348, INFANTRY, CAPTAIN 3RD INF
HART, Annie Mae, b. 02/14/1928, d. 10/06/2019, Sec. F, Site 9A, Wife of Daniel R Hart
HART, Bessie A, b. 01/06/1925, d. 06/03/2008, Sec. B, Site 1175A, Wife of John Richard Hart
HART, Charles, d. 11/01/1867, Sec. B, Site 1383, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 26TH US
HART, Clyde, b. 12/06/1889, d. 05/20/1949, Sec. C, Site 331, US ARMY, PVT ST AR TRNG CORPS, WORLD WAR I
HART, Daniel R, b. 05/01/1923, d. 11/01/1985, Sec. F, Site 9A, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II
HART, John Richard, b. 09/12/1923, d. 10/31/1983, Sec. B, Site 1175A, US ARMY, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
HARTLEY, T, d. 08/14/1864, Sec. A, Site 47, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 32 IOWA
HARTMANN, Stanley R, b. 12/16/1923, d. 09/01/1943, Sec. R, Site 282, US MARINE CORPS, PFC STATE: LA
HARTNETT, Jean Marie, b. 07/15/1955, d. 07/17/1955, Sec. K, Site PK70, Daughter (Minor Child) of John F Hartnett
HARTSAIL, Nelson, d. 08/14/1864, Sec. B, Site 515, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 49TH OHIO
HARTSUIKER, William Theodore, b. 12/25/1927, d. 05/11/1959, Sec. E, Site 104, US ARMY, PFC TRP B 25TH CONST, WORLD WAR II
HARVESON, Clement Hugh, b. 10/10/1926, d. 11/25/1990, Sec. B, Site 3372A, US NAVY, S1C, WORLD WAR II
HARVEY, Amanda, b. 12/01/1922, d. 06/27/1998, Sec. A, Site 54A, Wife of Bruce H Harvey
HARVEY, Bruce H, b. 06/12/1921, d. 03/13/1987, Sec. A, Site 54A, US NAVY, STM2, WORLD WAR II
HARVEY, Earl Stafford, b. 03/17/1923, d. 07/12/1968, Sec. B, Site 3503, US ARMY, T/5 445TH QM TRK CO, WORLD WAR II
HARVEY, Earnestine, b. 12/25/1934, d. 04/10/2013, Sec. C, Site 185A, Wife of Roosevelt Harvey Jr
HARVEY, Eli Jr, b. 01/01/1920, d. 09/02/1996, Sec. B, Site 1654-G, US NAVY, SC2, WORLD WAR II
HARVEY, H, d. 11/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 896, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 77 FA INF
HARVEY, James M, b. 09/15/1913, d. 01/09/1989, Sec. B, Site 878B, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
HARVEY, Leroy E, d. 11/19/1943, Sec. C, Site 189, US ARMY, CPL TRK 768TH ENGR, WORLD WAR II
HARVEY, Lewis O, b. 09/10/1915, d. 06/11/1989, Sec. A, Site 655C, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
HARVEY, Nolan Wayne, b. 03/19/1983, d. 03/20/1983, Sec. A, Site 1683, Son (Minor Child) of Mr Noland Wayne Harvey
HARVEY, Roosevelt Jr, b. 04/05/1933, d. 07/24/1990, Sec. C, Site 185A, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
HARVEY, Rosemary B, b. 06/12/1916, d. 04/04/1999, Sec. B, Site 878B, Wife of James M Harvey
HARVEY, Thelma H, b. 06/10/1929, d. 09/21/1986, Sec. B, Site 1654-G, Wife of Eli Harvey Jr
HATCHELL, Ross H, d. 01/28/1938, Sec. A, Site 1494, US ARMY, SGT MACH GUN CO.1ST, WORLD WAR I
HATCHER, Steven J, b. 06/02/1972, d. 06/03/1972, Sec. A, Site 603A, Son (Minor Child) of Frank M Hatcher III
HATCHET, Johnny Jr, b. 06/18/1911, d. 07/13/1973, Sec. A, Site 96A, US ARMY, CPL STATE: FLORIDA, WORLD WAR II
HATCHETT, Ben Harrison, b. 01/08/1893, d. 12/30/1982, Sec. A, Site 1207A, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
HATCHETT, Edna O, b. 04/01/1909, d. 11/08/1985, Sec. A, Site 1207A, Wife of Ben H Hatchett
HATFIELD, Earl, b. 10/05/1916, d. 01/03/1988, Sec. A, Site 1301F, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HATFIELD, Freida, b. 11/25/1925, d. 08/01/1990, Sec. A, Site 1301F, Wife of Earl Hatfield
HATFIELD, Jasper, d. 10/14/1865, Sec. B, Site 866, INFANTRY, PVT
HATHAWAY, Benj, d. 09/11/1865, Sec. B, Site 2043, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 118 USC
HATHAWAY, G W, d. 01/02/1876, Sec. B, Site 2759, Son (Minor Child) of C E Hathaway
HATHAWAY, Julia, d. 11/27/1877, Sec. B, Site 2772, Daughter (Minor Child) of D W Hathaway
HAUGEN, Earl Allen Sr, b. 01/17/1921, d. 05/22/1965, Sec. R, Site 107B, US AIR FORCE, MSGT STATE: N.DAKOTA, WORLD WAR II
HAUSEY, Jesse D, b. 11/30/1926, d. 04/19/1987, Sec. B, Site 475C, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II
HAUSEY, Magdalene, b. 08/13/1927, d. 01/09/2007, Sec. B, Site 475C, Wife of Jesse D Hausey
HAVEN, Eli, d. 07/08/1867, Sec. B, Site 413, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 17TH US
HAVENS, Albert E, b. 04/29/1929, d. 05/08/1986, Sec. B, Site 1836E, US NAVY, SN, KOREA
HAVENS, William, d. 09/27/1865, Sec. B, Site 945, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 4TH MICH
HAVENS, William, Sec. B, Site 275, INFANTRY, MICH
HAVERT, Essex, d. 06/25/1933, Sec. C, Site 74, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, COLORED CA
HAWKINS, Albert, b. 12/24/1916, d. 07/26/1967, Sec. B, Site 3372, US ARMY, SSG HQ DET, 49TH QM
HAWKINS, Daniel, b. 04/22/1895, d. 01/03/1967, Sec. B, Site 3668, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 525TH ENGR
HAWKINS, George, d. 10/24/1866, Sec. B, Site 1090, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 19 USCT
HAWKINS, Henry, d. 08/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 1158, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 43RD USCT
HAWKINS, Herman A, b. 08/05/1890, d. 06/17/1950, Sec. E, Site 39, US ARMY, COOK AMB CO, NO 38 6
HAWKINS, J P, b. 12/04/1910, d. 02/14/1986, Sec. A, Site 1579B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HAWKINS, John H, d. 11/12/1867, Sec. B, Site 1210, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 41ST USCT
HAWKINS, Martha, b. 07/21/1910, d. 08/18/1985, Sec. A, Site 1579B, Wife of J P Hawkins
HAWKINS, Ray, b. 02/15/1924, d. 08/10/1984, Sec. R, Site 402A, US NAVY, S1, WORLD WAR II
HAWKINS, Will, b. 03/06/1894, d. 11/28/1949, Sec. A, Site 763A, US ARMY, SGT CO.D, 4TH DEV BN
HAWKINS, Willora Dansen, b. 07/20/1921, d. 01/23/2004, Sec. B, Site 3372, Wife of Albert Hawkins
HAWLEY, John, d. 09/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 2721, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, C WVV
HAWORTH, Willie, b. 07/28/1909, d. 07/19/1981, Sec. B, Site 3841, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HAWTHORN, J L, d. 04/02/1862, Sec. B, Site 2733, INFANTRY
HAWTHORNE, Alvin Armel, b. 03/11/1916, d. 09/22/1945, Sec. R, Site 240, US MARINE CORPS, PVT 1/CL
HAYDEN, Irvin Frank, d. 10/19/1938, Sec. B, Site 2865, US ARMY, PVT HQ CO.19TH REGT, WORLD WAR I
HAYDEN, Louis E, b. 12/25/1922, d. 07/21/1989, Sec. F, Site 234A, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
HAYDON, Clemond, d. 08/29/1866, Sec. B, Site 1029, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 38 USCT
HAYEN, Susan Marie, b. 07/28/1958, d. 07/28/1958, Sec. K, Site K105, Daughter (Minor Child) of Charles F Hayen
HAYES, Agnes Louise, b. 11/22/1930, d. 11/25/1988, Sec. A, Site 1156A, Wife of Edward B Hayes
HAYES, Annette, b. 05/20/1903, d. 12/17/1986, Sec. B, Site 1809A, Wife of Joseph Hayes
HAYES, Cleveland, b. 03/24/1924, d. 07/17/1987, Sec. B, Site 463BB, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HAYES, Edward, b. 08/24/1925, d. 07/16/1973, Sec. A, Site 1156A, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
HAYES, Ethel Smith, b. 08/10/1918, d. 09/13/2006, Sec. B, Site 463BB, Wife of Cleveland Hayes
HAYES, Henry, Sec. B, Site 1005, INFANTRY, SGT STQ
HAYES, John C, b. 11/10/1928, d. 05/19/1979, Sec. B, Site 479A, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
HAYES, John D, b. 06/13/1945, d. 09/14/1977, Sec. B, Site 3172, US ARMY, SP4, VIETNAM
HAYES, John D, b. 05/06/1913, d. 03/13/1990, Sec. A, Site 1425F, US NAVY, S2/C, WORLD WAR II
HAYES, Joseph, b. 06/19/1893, d. 10/26/1960, Sec. B, Site 1808A, US ARMY, SGT CO.B, 334 SVC BN
HAYES, Marie, b. 06/19/1914, d. 11/30/1991, Sec. B, Site 3461, Wife of Robert Hayes
HAYES, Robert, b. 01/29/1919, d. 06/06/1983, Sec. B, Site 3461, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HAYES, Robert C, d. 04/02/1937, Sec. B, Site 2846, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL 3RD DISP
HAYNES, James, d. 09/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 468, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 57TH IND
HAYNES, Murkel Douglas, b. 10/12/1915, d. 12/18/1970, Sec. F, Site 103, US ARMY, T/5 CO.12 STU SCU, WORLD WAR II
HAYNES, Roger S, b. 02/20/1943, d. 01/11/1969, Sec. B, Site 2822A, US ARMY, SSGT 21 SUP SQ AAC
HAYNES, Winfield W, d. 09/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 487, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 17TH US
HAYS, Edward Brahan, b. 01/15/1903, d. 10/05/1966, Sec. B, Site 3245, US AIR FORCE, PFC TROOP CARRIER SQ, WORLD WAR II
HAYS, William E, d. 06/02/1922, Sec. A, Site 1395, INFANTRY, PVT HDQ 1ST RED 153
HAYWARD, Robert B Sr, b. 05/01/1892, d. 12/28/1973, Sec. F, Site 42, US ARMY, PVT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR I
HAYWOOD, William, d. 10/30/1866, Sec. B, Site 1674, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 117TH USC
HAZEL, Edna, b. 10/20/1924, d. 09/20/2002, Sec. B, Site 3106, Wife of James Hazel
HAZEL, James, b. 03/17/1913, d. 09/28/1979, Sec. B, Site 3106, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HAZELTON, Sybil T, b. 05/22/1916, d. 11/23/1998, Sec. F, Site 94A, Wife of Vincent Hazelton
HAZELTON, Vincent, b. 10/05/1914, d. 02/03/1987, Sec. F, Site 94A, US NAVY, LTJG, WORLD WAR II
HAZLE, Earl, b. 04/09/1925, d. 01/16/1960, Sec. A, Site 474A, US ARMY, PVT 3985TH QM TRK CO, WORLD WAR II
HAZLEY, Jack, b. 06/29/1915, d. 03/02/1979, Sec. B, Site 3118, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
HEADRICK, Robert C, b. 12/04/1918, d. 11/26/1944, Sec. C, Site 204A, US ARMY, PVT CO.I, 377 INF 95
HEALY, Daniel F Jr, b. 01/16/1902, d. 10/02/1986, Sec. B, Site 3502I, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR II
HEALY, Margaret E, b. 03/28/1906, d. 07/04/1998, Sec. B, Site 3502I, Wife of Daniel F Healy Jr
HEARTE, William H, d. 01/02/1940, Sec. R, Site 43A, US ARMY, PVT MOT TRANS CORPS, WORLD WAR I
HEATH, Paul Jones, b. 08/21/1900, d. 01/24/1972, Sec. A, Site 39A, US ARMY, PFC CO.C, 2 GHQ MP
HEATH, Ruby Neff, b. 08/27/1904, d. 05/22/1992, Sec. A, Site 39A, Wife of Paul Jones Heath
HEATH, Urnish, d. 11/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 1139, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 43RD USC
HEBERT, Howard H, b. 05/20/1920, d. 12/21/1944, Sec. C, Site 303, US ARMY, PVT CPL 9907TH FA BN, WORLD WAR II
HEBERT, Howard Luke Sr, b. 11/27/1918, d. 10/27/1994, Sec. E, Site 132-D, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HECK, William, d. 11/05/1865, Sec. B, Site 847, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 57TH IND
HECKARD, Wesley, d. 10/09/1918, Sec. A, Site 1393, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 419TH LAB
HECTOR, Michael W, b. 03/06/1957, d. 01/21/1982, Sec. A, Site 1065A, US ARMY, SSGT
HEDGE, Henry A, d. 09/20/1865, Sec. B, Site 418, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 24TH IND
HEFFTIN, Edward, d. 10/07/1867, Sec. B, Site 1345, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 1ST IND
HEFLEY, Elton Carl, b. 08/02/1914, d. 02/06/1977, Sec. A, Site 1220A, US AIR FORCE, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
HEFLEY, Martha, b. 09/23/1921, d. 02/29/2012, Sec. A, Site 1220A, US ARMY, 2LT, WORLD WAR II
HEIMAN, Joseph, d. 06/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 930, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 37TH WIS
HEIMBACH, Herbert H, b. 02/23/1921, d. 07/11/1971, Sec. C, Site 418, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
HEIMBACH, Leitha B, b. 01/13/1914, d. 11/22/1996, Sec. C, Site 418, Wife of Herbert H Heimbach
HEINBACK, Unknown, d. 10/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 879, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 77TH PA
HEITZEL, J, d. 12/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 849, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 77 PA INF
HELEGERSON, William, b. 11/17/1905, d. 02/18/1987, Sec. A, Site 1520A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HELGERSON, M Louise, b. 05/06/1902, d. 05/08/1985, Sec. A, Site 1520A, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
HELM, John, d. 08/27/1865, Sec. B, Site 2193, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 114TH USCR
HELMS, John W, b. 11/01/1950, d. 07/04/2005, Sec. F, Site 243, US AIR FORCE, A1C, VIETNAM
HELSTON, Charles, d. 08/25/1867, Sec. B, Site 1040, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 38TH USCT
HELSTROM, James N, d. 07/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 18, INFANTRY, LIEUT CO.D, 8TH USC
HELTON, Foyster E, b. 07/12/1936, d. 04/09/1965, Sec. A, Site 449A, US AIR FORCE, A1C HQ SQ SEC 366TH
HELWICK, Amos, d. 04/03/1864, Sec. B, Site 1278, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 19TH IOWA
HEMTON, A, d. 07/31/1865, Sec. B, Site 1843, INFANTRY, SGT CO.G, 115TH USCT
HENAY, F W, d. 02/05/1896, Sec. R, Site 66, INFANTRY, SGT CO.C, 23RD US
HENDERSON, Gilbert, b. 06/20/1893, d. 08/18/1970, Sec. F, Site 199, US ARMY, PFC 121 FH 106 SNTN, WORLD WAR I
HENDERSON, Iverson, b. 02/25/1922, d. 08/11/1994, Sec. R, Site 439, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HENDERSON, Jackson, d. 10/01/1866, Sec. B, Site 1714, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 117TH USC
HENDERSON, John, d. 10/05/1865, Sec. B, Site 1134, INFANTRY, CPL CO.I, 43RD INF
HENDERSON, John, d. 03/19/1865, Sec. A, Site 307, INFANTRY
HENDERSON, Love, d. 12/18/1921, Sec. A, Site 1432, INFANTRY, PVT CO.L, 814 PION
HENDERSON, Robert A, b. 09/17/1893, d. 02/07/1959, Sec. E, Site 145A, US ARMY, PVT COOKS QMC-WHITE, WORLD WAR I
HENDERSON, Roy F, b. 10/15/1896, d. 09/20/1982, Sec. R, Site 92A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HENDERSON, Samuel, d. 10/31/1865, Sec. B, Site 1641, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 29 USC
HENDERSON, Viney, b. 10/03/1804, d. 02/25/1978, Sec. E, Site 145B, Wife of Robert A Henderson
HENDERSON, William, d. 11/14/1865, Sec. B, Site 1123, INFANTRY, SGT CO.E, 19TH USC
HENDRICKS, Levaune Laird, b. 01/11/1914, d. 03/14/1971, Sec. F, Site 175, US NAVY, F1/C STATE: OKLAHOMA, WORLD WAR II
HENDRIX, Blandina P, b. 04/06/1901, d. 08/10/1987, Sec. R, Site 3917, Wife of Tracy M Henrix
HENDRIX, Elmer V, b. 06/21/1921, d. 07/08/1975, Sec. F, Site 234, US ARMY, CPL STATE: MISSOURI, WORLD WAR II
HENDRIX, J H, d. 08/17/1864, Sec. A, Site 1043, CAVALRY, SGT CO.K, 5TH KANS
HENDRIX, Ralph G, b. 09/23/1917, d. 08/07/1981, Sec. B, Site 3833, US NAVY, SEAMAN 1C, WORLD WAR II
HENDRIX, Tracy Monroe, b. 03/18/1893, d. 06/16/1980, Sec. R, Site 3917, US ARMY, MAJOR, WORLD WAR II
HENNISON, Elizabeth, Sec. B, Site 2608, Daughter (Minor Child) of J W Hennison
HENRY, Bertha Lee, b. 08/26/1924, d. 11/14/2009, Sec. F, Site 16, Wife of George Henry
HENRY, Bly, d. 09/03/1865, Sec. B, Site 2009, INFANTRY, PVT
HENRY, Charles, b. 08/12/1881, d. 06/26/1962, Sec. B, Site 3693, US ARMY, SGT CO.L, 4TH CAV
HENRY, Dorothy Mae, b. 03/02/1930, d. 01/09/2014, Sec. B, Site 3780C, Wife of Philip Henry
HENRY, George, b. 08/05/1924, d. 11/20/1969, Sec. F, Site 16, US ARMY, SGT 3416 QM TRK CO., WORLD WAR II
HENRY, Philip, b. 10/31/1919, d. 12/04/1985, Sec. B, Site 3780C, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HENRY, Unknown, d. 01/01/1863, Sec. B, Site 29, US NAVY, USS HARRIETT
HENRY, W J, d. 09/01/1865, Sec. B, Site 1521, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, USCT INF
HENRY, Willie Vaile, b. 03/03/1945, d. 08/09/1970, Sec. F, Site 198, US ARMY, SP4 E-4, VIETNAM
HENSLEY, Edward, d. 09/17/1866, Sec. B, Site 1583, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 19TH USCT
HENSLEY, Thomas, d. 11/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 1114, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 8TH USCT
HENSON, Austin, d. 07/22/1913, Sec. A, Site 1347, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 70TH CO.F
HENSON, George, d. 12/05/1933, Sec. A, Site 555A, US ARMY, PVT BTRY C, 7TH F
HENSON, Samuel, d. 08/28/1865, Sec. B, Site 1634, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 29TH COMM
HERALD, Conrad, d. 12/01/1882, Sec. B, Site 2815, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 19TH US
HERDER, Louis, d. 08/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 460, INFANTRY, PVT 4TH ILL INF
HERMANSON, Selser R, b. 12/16/1915, d. 01/21/1944, Sec. D, Site 12B, US ARMY, CAPTAIN CO.B, 144
HERRING, Byrl Lenard, b. 02/15/1922, d. 04/18/1989, Sec. A, Site 859C, US NAVY, FTC, WORLD WAR II
HERRING, Claudis D, b. 02/08/1926, d. 06/15/2016, Sec. A, Site 859C, Wife of Byrl Lenard Herring
HERRINGTON, Cecil P, b. 02/01/1907, d. 10/29/1994, Sec. E, Site 158-D, US ARMY AIR CORPS, COLONEL, WORLD WAR II
HERRINGTON, Ethma D, b. 02/25/1913, d. 02/19/2000, Sec. E, Site 158-D, Wife of Cecil P Herrington
HERRINGTON, Walter Hamlin, b. 11/28/1895, d. 12/12/1950, Sec. C, Site 387, US ARMY, CAPT STATE: MISS, WORLD WAR II
HERRIOTT, Elmer W, b. 04/24/1923, d. 04/13/1984, Sec. F, Site 5A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HERSHBERGER, Hattie K, d. 11/28/1877, Sec. B, Site 2771, Wife of N C Hershberger
HERSHEY, Donald Eugene, b. 05/08/1944, d. 07/15/1979, Sec. B, Site 3112, US ARMY, SGT 1ST CLASS, VIETNAM
HESS, Walter Hicks, b. 11/18/1910, d. 02/14/1968, Sec. B, Site 3544, US ARMY, PVT 624 TECH SCHOOL, WORLD WAR II
HESSLER, John W, b. 09/21/1892, d. 02/28/1971, Sec. F, Site 78, US ARMY, SGT CO.26 ENGRS EC, WORLD WAR I
HESSLER, Minerva, b. 12/22/1905, d. 12/29/1972, Sec. F, Site 78, Wife of John William Hessler
HESTLEY, Birdie Judson, b. 07/23/1891, d. 02/10/1967, Sec. B, Site 857A, US NAVY, CCS STATE: GEORGIA, WORLD WAR II
HEUTZAL, Peter, d. 11/18/1864, Sec. A, Site 799, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 28TH WIS
HEWITT, Edmond S, b. 09/18/1894, d. 05/25/1984, Sec. R, Site 413A, US ARMY, WORLD WAR I
HEWITT, Wesley, d. 04/27/1866, Sec. B, Site 1695, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 117 USC
HIBBLER, Alphonso, b. 02/01/1925, d. 02/19/1990, Sec. A, Site 1431A, US ARMY, SGT
HIBBLER, Mirl Gladys, b. 02/13/1931, d. 09/11/2008, Sec. A, Site 1431A, Wife of Alphonso Hibbler
HIBBS, Thomas M, d. 01/05/1930, Sec. A, Site 1009, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 33RD US
HICKERSON, Hugh, b. 09/06/1917, d. 05/26/1986, Sec. B, Site 1836I, US NAVY, ETR1
HICKMAN, Clarence Earnest, b. 09/25/1909, d. 04/23/2001, Sec. D, Site 79, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HICKMAN, Eleanor L, b. 05/26/1903, d. 07/31/1991, Sec. D, Site 79, Wife of Clarence Earnest Hickman
HICKMAN, Jacob C, d. 08/20/1865, Sec. B, Site 960, INFANTRY, SGT CO.B, 71 OHIO
HICKMAN, Judith Ann, b. 08/10/1972, d. 08/11/1972, Sec. A, Site 629A, Daughter (Minor Child) of Francis N Hickman
HICKMAN, Robert David, b. 02/13/1933, d. 07/28/1966, Sec. D, Site 9A, US AIR FORCE, CAPT 100TH STRAT REC
HICKS, Arthur Joseph Sr, b. 10/10/1897, d. 01/08/1964, Sec. B, Site 3734, US ARMY, PFC CO.A, 3RD MP BN
HICKS, Frank S, b. 06/04/1930, d. 11/06/1985, Sec. F, Site 8A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HICKS, Iva C, b. 07/01/1917, d. 09/27/1995, Sec. R, Site 44-A, Wife of Murray Hicks
HICKS, Leonard James, b. 09/16/1915, d. 11/05/1987, Sec. A, Site 63A, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, KOREA
HICKS, Lily O, b. 04/12/1926, d. 06/28/2004, Sec. A, Site 63A, Wife of Leonard James Hicks
HICKS, Margaret P, b. 07/27/1905, d. 01/12/1991, Sec. B, Site 3734, Wife of Arthur Hicks
HICKS, Murray, b. 02/06/1901, d. 11/13/1968, Sec. R, Site 44-A, US ARMY, 1ST SGT 29TH SIG LGT, WORLD WAR II
HICKS, Richard L, b. 06/04/1946, d. 02/03/2005, Sec. F, Site 161A, US NAVY, VIETNAM
HILBUN, James A Jr, b. 12/24/1940, d. 05/19/1971, Sec. F, Site 188, US ARMY, CW2 AIR TROOP 2ND, VIETNAM
HILL, Bonnie, b. 03/08/1915, d. 03/22/1988, Sec. A, Site 730A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HILL, Claibourne C, d. 04/14/1933, Sec. A, Site 1469, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL PVT 2ND, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
HILL, George W, d. 09/15/1865, Sec. B, Site 1034, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 38TH USCT
HILL, Giles, d. 10/26/1865, Sec. B, Site 885, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 4TH MICH
HILL, James, d. 08/02/1866, Sec. B, Site 38, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 38TH USC
HILL, James Irvin, b. 01/05/1924, d. 06/16/1993, Sec. K, Site K76, US AIR FORCE, TSGT
HILL, Joil, b. 02/09/1928, d. 08/29/2002, Sec. A, Site 1599, US ARMY, SFC, KOREA
HILL, Marshall Allen, b. 08/01/1927, d. 02/20/1983, Sec. A, Site 1585A, US NAVY, RMS3 RMSN, KOREA
HILL, Miles E Sr, b. 12/11/1918, d. 02/18/1985, Sec. K, Site K158-B, US ARMY, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
HILL, Norma J Dye, b. 11/06/1928, d. 09/01/2020, Sec. K, Site K76, Wife of James Irvin Hill
HILL, William, b. 09/30/1896, d. 03/28/1962, Sec. B, Site 1990A, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 814 PION
HILTON, William, d. 08/05/1866, Sec. A, Site 1151, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 77 OHIO
HILTS, Charlie, b. 10/15/1924, d. 08/16/1984, Sec. B, Site 3141A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HIMEL, Lawrence Dh Sr, b. 03/22/1900, d. 12/01/1984, Sec. B, Site 3124A, US MARINE CORPS, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HIMES, Alma Lee, b. 01/13/1939, d. 03/16/2006, Sec. B, Site 1201A, Wife of Lonzo Himes Jr
HIMES, Lonzo Jr, b. 10/17/1917, d. 11/21/1989, Sec. B, Site 1201A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HINES, Anna S, b. 10/30/1932, d. 12/15/1962, Sec. R, Site 95B, Wife of James Edward Hines Jr
HINES, George James, b. 09/05/1900, d. 06/07/1970, Sec. F, Site 172, US ARMY, COOK HQ CO.3RD BN, WORLD WAR I
HINES, Jaan Lorraine, b. 08/19/1959, d. 09/24/1963, Sec. R, Site 95B, Daughter (Minor Child) of James Edward Hines Jr
HINES, Sam, b. 06/03/1920, d. 03/14/1959, Sec. E, Site 267, US ARMY, PFC BTRY B 466 AA AW, WORLD WAR II
HINKLEY, Emma R, b. 04/21/1916, d. 10/01/1989, Sec. B, Site 3737, Wife of Melvin S Hinkley
HINKLEY, Melvin Sylvester, b. 01/18/1909, d. 06/04/1964, Sec. B, Site 3737, US ARMY, 1ST SGT PETRO CO.CE, WORLD WAR II
HINKLEY, William Clark, d. 12/11/1943, Sec. K, Site 6, Son (Minor Child) of Melvis S Hinkley
HINSON, H, d. 08/14/1865, Sec. B, Site 1558, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 23RD USC
HINSON, J H, d. 12/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 2194, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 114 USCR
HINTON, Ira Lucas, b. 09/06/1889, d. 04/21/1966, Sec. B, Site 364A, US ARMY, SFC CO.C, 4052ND SVC
HIRAMS, Joshua, d. 09/19/1866, Sec. B, Site 1585, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 19TH USCT
HIXNBAUGH, J W, d. 09/25/1864, Sec. B, Site 974, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 91 ILL INF
HOBBS, Albert R Sr, b. 01/08/1926, d. 03/20/2005, Sec. B, Site 1157A, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
HOBBS, Arthur Theodore, d. 03/07/1927, Sec. A, Site 1454, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, CON VAL
HOBBS, Elizabeth, b. 05/02/1966, d. 05/20/1966, Sec. B, Site 1157A, Daughter (Minor Child) of Albert R Hobbs Sr
HOBBS, Ruby Evangalista, b. 07/08/1934, d. 10/30/2015, Sec. B, Site 1157A, Wife of Albert R Hobbs Sr
HOBBS, Suzanne, b. 03/09/1899, d. 06/29/1976, Sec. A, Site 1665, Wife of Tom Hobbs
HOBBS, Tom, b. 01/12/1898, d. 07/18/1974, Sec. A, Site 1665, US ARMY, PVT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR I
HOBDY, Dorothy W, b. 11/02/1935, d. 05/15/2018, Sec. B, Site 3138A, Wife of Willie L Hobdy Sr
HOBDY, Willie L Sr, b. 02/11/1925, d. 08/24/1984, Sec. B, Site 3138A, US ARMY, T/5, WORLD WAR II
HOCHSTEDLER, Charles, b. 12/01/1889, d. 06/18/1975, Sec. A, Site 1301B, US ARMY, PVT STATE: INDIANA, WORLD WAR I
HODGE, James, d. 09/25/1864, Sec. B, Site 1814, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, USCT INF
HODGSON, Gilbert Oliver, b. 01/21/1921, d. 06/21/1981, Sec. B, Site 3842, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
HOF, Tina Marie, b. 10/05/1966, d. 10/05/1966, Sec. B, Site 3240, Daughter (Minor Child) of Harold E Hof
HOFFMAN, Clement, d. 09/16/1867, Sec. B, Site 407, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 17 NJ INF
HOFFMAN, John, Sec. B, Site 28, INFANTRY, PVT
HOFFMAN, Patrick, d. 04/12/1868, Sec. B, Site 2647, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 17 US INF
HOFFMAN, William, d. 06/02/1866, Sec. B, Site 2634, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 37 ILL INF
HOGAN, John, Sec. A, Site 1221, INFANTRY, PVT
HOGAN, Joseph, d. 10/28/1867, Sec. A, Site 753, INFANTRY, SGT CO.D, 20TH US
HOGAN, Patrick, d. 08/18/1891, Sec. R, Site 2, CAVALRY, PVT CO.C, 3RD US CAV
HOGAN, Thomas, d. 10/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 881, CAVALRY, PVT CO.E, 21 KY CAV
HOGLAND, Alonzo, d. 05/04/1885, Sec. B, Site 2822, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 19 US INF
HOGUE, George F, b. 10/03/1892, d. 09/27/1951, Sec. E, Site 81, US ARMY, PFC CO.E, 114 ENGRS
HOGUE, James M, b. 07/25/1918, d. 11/19/1984, Sec. B, Site 1525B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HOGUE, Jose Belle, b. 08/11/1899, d. 03/19/1959, Sec. E, Site 81, Wife of George F Hogue
HOGUE, Molly L, b. 10/09/1929, d. 04/04/1989, Sec. A, Site 853A, Wife of Virgle Ralph Hogue
HOGUE, Virgle Ralph, b. 03/11/1923, d. 07/31/1993, Sec. A, Site 853A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
HOLDER, Frederick Henry, b. 11/06/1923, d. 06/01/1991, Sec. E, Site 104A, US AIR FORCE, LT COL
HOLEY, Edward, d. 08/07/1864, Sec. A, Site 37, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, LA SCOUT
HOLLAND, Add, b. 04/16/1896, d. 11/14/1979, Sec. B, Site 348A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HOLLAND, Alfred Lloyd, b. 05/17/1927, d. 03/28/1966, Sec. B, Site 442A, US ARMY, CPL STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
HOLLAND, Edith A, b. 06/03/1915, d. 11/06/1999, Sec. R, Site 105A, Wife of Clarence H Holland
HOLLAND, Edna B, b. 02/14/1915, d. 02/20/1983, Sec. B, Site 348A, Wife of Add Holland
HOLLAND, John, d. 08/28/1865, Sec. B, Site 293, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 21 KY INF
HOLLAND, John Jr, d. 08/22/1864, Sec. A, Site 797, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 30TH ME
HOLLAND, Josephine Eloise, b. 11/26/1923, d. 02/02/2018, Sec. F, Site 240, Wife of Raymond Holland
HOLLAND, Raymond, b. 02/23/1926, d. 09/29/1970, Sec. F, Site 240, US AIR FORCE, CAPTAIN AFRES, VIETNAM
HOLLAND, Viola B, b. 08/21/1915, d. 02/01/1981, Sec. B, Site 442A, Wife of Alfred H Holland
HOLLAWAY, Peter, d. 08/02/1865, Sec. B, Site 2033, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 118 USC
HOLLENBECK, Joy Angel, b. 07/21/1955, d. 10/27/1982, Sec. B, Site 3454A, US ARMY, CPL
HOLLEY, Harvey B, b. 01/06/1907, d. 08/03/1994, Sec. A, Site 1283B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HOLLINBECK, George, d. 08/02/1868, Sec. B, Site 2656, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 17TH US
HOLLINS, William, d. 04/08/1927, Sec. C, Site 36, INFANTRY, PVT 508 ENGS
HOLLIS, Jannie, b. 05/08/1901, d. 11/13/1979, Sec. A, Site 1041A, Wife of Overton Hollis
HOLLIS, Overton, b. 09/20/1895, d. 06/08/1974, Sec. A, Site 1041A, US ARMY, PVT RESERVE LAB BAT, WORLD WAR I
HOLLOWAY, Charlie L, b. 08/11/1963, d. 02/03/1987, Sec. B, Site 344E, US MARINE CORPS, CPL
HOLLOWAY, Earnest L Sr, b. 08/17/1928, d. 03/07/1986, Sec. B, Site 2002-B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HOLLOWAY, Fred Hiram, b. 09/06/1919, d. 03/05/1960, Sec. B, Site 3739, US MARINE CORPS, SSGT WHITE, WORLD WAR II
HOLLOWAY, Gussie, b. 12/05/1933, d. 01/31/1996, Sec. B, Site 2002-B, Wife of Earnest L Holloway Sr
HOLLY, Benjamin, d. 07/21/1865, Sec. B, Site 1041, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 38TH USCT
HOLMAN, John, b. 07/04/1896, d. 10/07/1987, Sec. B, Site 449A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HOLMES, Drafford, b. 12/20/1909, d. 06/23/1970, Sec. E, Site 197B, US AIR FORCE, PFC 2517 AAF BU AC, WORLD WAR II
HOLMES, Henry, b. 09/18/1889, d. 09/09/1951, Sec. E, Site 204, US ARMY, PFC CO.G, 815 PION
HOLMES, Isaac Sr, b. 09/13/1896, d. 03/30/1975, Sec. A, Site 1675, US ARMY, PVT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR I
HOLMES, James W, d. 01/04/1944, Sec. R, Site 199, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 60TH ARMD
HOLMES, Jimmy W, b. 02/17/1957, d. 09/30/1993, Sec. A, Site 205A, US ARMY, SGT
HOLMES, Lynn, b. 07/17/1955, d. 12/07/2013, Sec. B, Site 311A, Wife of Lonnie Holmes Jr
HOLMES, Presley, b. 09/10/1910, d. 05/04/1978, Sec. B, Site 3158, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
HOLMES, Rachel, b. 10/28/1903, d. 11/11/1959, Sec. E, Site 197A, Wife of Drafford Holmes
HOLMES, Ray F, b. 03/06/1912, d. 07/02/1991, Sec. D, Site 71, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HOLMES, Thomas, d. 10/22/1865, Sec. A, Site 691, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 68 USC INF
HOLT, John C, d. 06/05/1934, Sec. A, Site 558A, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL BTY D, WORLD WAR I
HONESTY, Lewis, d. 08/19/1865, Sec. B, Site 1833, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 28 USCT
HONORE, Bessie J, b. 11/16/1919, d. 01/23/1995, Sec. B, Site 3816, Wife of Lincoln John Honore
HONORE, Lincoln John, b. 10/30/1915, d. 07/12/1981, Sec. B, Site 3816, US NAVY, STM 2/C, WORLD WAR II
HONORE', John B, b. 08/30/1928, d. 03/30/2006, Sec. C, Site 68A, US MARINE CORPS, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HONORE', Marylou D, b. 09/20/1927, d. 03/19/2008, Sec. C, Site 68A, Wife of John B Honore'
HOOD, William Hall, b. 12/12/1885, d. 10/25/1952, Sec. C, Site 327, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
HOOK, Charles, d. 12/02/1938, Sec. B, Site 2837, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 16TH ILL
HOOKER, Fred, b. 09/28/1889, d. 12/02/1964, Sec. B, Site 3665, US ARMY, PFC CO.F, 814TH PION
HOOPER, Callie, b. 01/03/1889, d. 04/21/1962, Sec. C, Site 295, Wife of Clarence Hooper
HOOPER, Clarence, d. 10/17/1957, Sec. C, Site 296A, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 533 ENGR BN
HOOPER, Elbert, b. 03/24/1894, d. 08/10/1957, Sec. C, Site 285A, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 419 RES LA
HOOPER, Frankie J, b. 09/29/1923, d. 03/07/1979, Sec. B, Site 3119, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
HOOPER, Luella Patsy, b. 08/08/1899, d. 10/04/1964, Sec. C, Site 285D, Wife of Elbert Hooper
HOOVER, Gaston Lee Jr, b. 09/14/1947, d. 07/12/1994, Sec. R, Site 390, US MARINE CORPS, SGT, VIETNAM
HOOVER, Harold D, b. 11/03/1958, d. 11/03/1958, Sec. K, Site K109, Son (Minor Child) of Donald L Hoover
HOOVER, Norman D, b. 11/03/1958, d. 11/03/1958, Sec. K, Site K109, Son (Minor Child) of Donald L Hoover
HOPE, William, d. 07/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 1283, INFANTRY, CIVILIAN
HOPKINS, Francis W, d. 03/13/1899, Sec. B, Site 2843A, Daughter (Minor Child) of William Hopkins
HOPKINS, Marvin William, b. 01/20/1930, d. 12/17/1985, Sec. A, Site 1555A, US ARMY, SGT, KOREA
HOPKINS, Primrose, d. 11/25/1865, Sec. B, Site 2158, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 41 USCT
HOPPE, Eugene Joseph, b. 10/05/1919, d. 11/09/1982, Sec. B, Site 3451A, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
HOPS, Steyman, d. 11/26/1865, Sec. B, Site 465, INFANTRY, PVT 48TH OHIO INF
HORAN, John J, d. 06/08/1936, Sec. A, Site 1479, US ARMY, PVT CO.L, D 6TH US
HORNE, Sherman Hoover, b. 10/03/1956, d. 10/03/1956, Sec. K, Site K81, Son (Minor Child) of Sherman Horne
HORRY, G W, d. 10/08/1865, Sec. B, Site 479, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 32ND IND
HOSKIN, John, b. 08/04/1908, d. 04/01/1975, Sec. A, Site 1301A, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
HOSS, Andrew Jackson Jr, b. 10/22/1912, d. 08/18/1982, Sec. B, Site 3781, US AIR FORCE, CAPT, WORLD WAR II
HOSS, Myrtle Catherine, b. 10/12/1906, d. 09/06/1988, Sec. B, Site 3781, Wife of Andrew J Hoss Jr
HOTCHKISS, Norman, d. 01/27/1864, Sec. A, Site 1208, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 13 CONN
HOUSER, Carl, d. 09/15/1867, Sec. B, Site 376, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 17 US INF
HOUSTON, Lee, b. 06/15/1887, d. 01/11/1954, Sec. C, Site 230, US ARMY, PVT 3-CO 1 BN, 165
HOWARD, Abbot, d. 07/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 1199, INFANTRY, CPL CO.B, 31 USCT
HOWARD, Alice W, b. 02/04/1900, d. 06/16/1981, Sec. B, Site 3843, Wife of James G Howard
HOWARD, Anna Bradley, b. 08/14/1905, d. 09/21/2003, Sec. A, Site 785A, Wife of Lee Howard
HOWARD, Charles, d. 10/17/1866, Sec. B, Site 1223, INFANTRY, CPL CO.D, 114 USC
HOWARD, Columbus M, d. 12/23/1863, Sec. B, Site 788, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 91 ILL INF
HOWARD, Earl, b. 04/13/1926, d. 01/11/2019, Sec. B, Site 3864, US NAVY, ST3, WORLD WAR II
HOWARD, Earl Jr, b. 05/04/1950, d. 05/20/1989, Sec. A, Site 657A, US AIR FORCE, SSGT
HOWARD, George, b. 06/10/1912, d. 04/13/1988, Sec. A, Site 1277A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HOWARD, George, d. 08/02/1866, Sec. B, Site 2703, INFANTRY, PVT 17TH US INF
HOWARD, Hubbard B, d. 12/29/1942, Sec. A, Site 1491, US ARMY, SGT CO.K, 1ST LA INF
HOWARD, Isaac, d. 08/14/1866, Sec. B, Site 1101, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 116 USC
HOWARD, Jacquelyn Yvette, b. 06/04/1958, d. 12/25/1961, Sec. B, Site 1787A, Daughter (Minor Child) of Mcervin Howard
HOWARD, James G, b. 08/01/1896, d. 07/28/1998, Sec. B, Site 3843, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
HOWARD, James T, b. 06/01/1945, d. 01/09/1987, Sec. F, Site 88A, US AIR FORCE, MSGT, VIETNAM
HOWARD, Jesse C, b. 06/17/1932, d. 03/12/1979, Sec. B, Site 3117, US ARMY, SP/3, KOREA
HOWARD, Joerena Janet, b. 05/24/1964, d. 09/25/1964, Sec. B, Site 1787A, Daughter (Minor Child) of Mcervin Howard
HOWARD, Lee, b. 08/07/1907, d. 04/01/1988, Sec. A, Site 785A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HOWARD, Mary, b. 04/08/1908, d. 07/28/1978, Sec. R, Site 172C, Wife of Nathaniel Howard
HOWARD, Mcervin, b. 08/07/1929, d. 02/03/1994, Sec. B, Site 1787B, US ARMY, LTC, KOREA
HOWARD, Michael D, b. 11/17/1975, d. 01/21/1976, Sec. A, Site 288A, Son (Minor Child) of Darryl Howard
HOWARD, Nathaniel, b. 04/03/1912, d. 05/13/1965, Sec. R, Site 172C, US ARMY, T/4 HDQRS SVC CO.93, WORLD WAR II
HOWARD, Thomas, b. 04/06/1895, d. 06/13/1970, Sec. F, Site 156, US ARMY, PVT CO.K, 806 PION
HOWARD, Tommie, b. 01/23/1916, d. 07/18/1970, Sec. F, Site 184, US ARMY, PFC 4152 AAFBU, AC
HOWARD, Vanessa V, b. 06/04/1957, d. 04/23/1962, Sec. B, Site 1787A, Daughter (Minor Child) of Mcervin Howard
HOWARD, Willie, d. 04/03/1931, Sec. C, Site 58, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 415TH RES
HOWARD, Willow M, b. 03/01/1924, d. 10/24/1992, Sec. A, Site 449B, Wife of William M Howard
HOWARTH, J H, d. 05/03/1864, Sec. A, Site 315, INFANTRY, MOUNTED BATTY
HOWE, Albert W, b. 03/24/1915, d. 05/20/1975, Sec. A, Site 1232B, US AIR FORCE, SENIOR MSGT, KOREA
HOWE, Audria Mae, b. 10/03/1919, d. 05/09/2009, Sec. A, Site 1232B, Wife of Albert W Howe
HOWE, Joseph, Sec. B, Site 455, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 51 IND
HOWELL, Albert J, d. 11/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 897, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 77 PA INF
HOWELL, Duke H, b. 12/24/1876, d. 04/19/1952, Sec. E, Site 97, US ARMY, PVT CO.H, 33 US VOL
HOWELL, Emma V, b. 08/12/1887, d. 06/26/1962, Sec. E, Site 96, Wife of Duke H Howell
HOWELL, James, b. 08/13/1891, d. 05/17/1966, Sec. B, Site 495A, US ARMY, PVT CO.G, 154TH INF
HUBAL, Francis, d. 11/06/1866, Sec. B, Site 388, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 17 US INF
HUBBARD, E, d. 11/03/1887, Sec. B, Site 2657, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 17 US INF
HUBBARD, Peter, b. 04/24/1924, d. 09/06/1992, Sec. A, Site 783B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HUBER, Edward, d. 08/17/1866, Sec. B, Site 314, INFANTRY, RECRUIT 17 US INF
HUBERT, William, b. 09/20/1919, d. 12/24/1956, Sec. E, Site 16A, US ARMY, PFC 535 PORT CO TC, WORLD WAR II
HUCKABY, Lawrence, b. 01/28/1932, d. 03/06/1991, Sec. A, Site 372A, US AIR FORCE, A2, KOREA
HUCKLEBERRY, Jacob, d. 11/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 874, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 3RD MICH
HUDDLE, Page Nelson, b. 06/21/1896, d. 11/13/1945, Sec. R, Site 242, US ARMY, PVT N.3 1ST SHOP REG, WORLD WAR I
HUDDLE, Pearl, b. 01/09/1902, d. 05/12/1971, Sec. R, Site 242, Wife of Page Nelson Huddle
HUDGENS, Alice D, d. 11/06/1949, Sec. B, Site 3033, Wife of John Hudgens
HUDGENS, John Wesley, d. 09/27/1939, Sec. B, Site 3033, US NAVY, CARPENTERS 1ST CL, WORLD WAR I
HUDSON, Emmanuel, b. 05/18/1987, d. 05/18/1987, Sec. E, Site 275D, Son (Minor Child) of Charles L Hudson
HUDSON, Herbert H, b. 11/10/1929, d. 11/01/1989, Sec. A, Site 185A, US NAVY, SM3, WORLD WAR II
HUDSON, Jacob, d. 11/02/1863, Sec. B, Site 1113, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 8TH ILL
HUDSON, Jerrie, d. 07/23/1865, Sec. B, Site 1570, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 22 USCT
HUDSON, Matthew G, b. 01/15/1989, d. 01/15/1989, Sec. E, Site 275D, Son (Minor Child) of Charles L Hudson
HUDSON, Robert, d. 12/18/1932, Sec. C, Site 69, US ARMY, PVT ENGRS USASS CO.D, WORLD WAR I
HUDSON, Walter W, d. 04/19/1860, Sec. B, Site 3, INFANTRY, LT
HUDSON, Zachary, d. 11/05/1865, Sec. B, Site 889, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 31 IND INF
HUEL, Elijah, b. 02/23/1920, d. 07/22/1992, Sec. A, Site 578B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HUEL, Lessie Dodson, b. 11/25/1915, d. 05/01/2012, Sec. A, Site 578B, Wife of Elijah Huel
HUFF, Andrew, d. 05/17/1938, Sec. C, Site 124, US ARMY, PVT 49TH CO 13TH REC, WORLD WAR I
HUFF, Catherine Ann, b. 11/21/1960, d. 11/21/1960, Sec. R, Site 440, Daughter (Minor Child) of George E Huff
HUFFMAN, Emmett C, b. 02/12/1929, d. 11/25/1991, Sec. A, Site 1586, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HUFFMAN, George, d. 01/22/1866, Sec. B, Site 796, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 34 IND INF
HUGGINS, Ira Earl, b. 03/09/1897, d. 05/04/1970, Sec. F, Site 116, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 58 INF
HUGHES, Francis Paul Jr, b. 01/04/1934, d. 02/01/1987, Sec. B, Site 1698H, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, KOREA
HUGHES, Francis W, b. 12/31/1923, d. 02/01/1945, Sec. C, Site 318, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 129 BN 37T
HUGHES, Isaac, d. 06/05/1932, Sec. C, Site 66, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 415TH RES
HUGHES, Lloyd W, b. 08/05/1920, d. 08/01/1983, Sec. B, Site 3457, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
HUGHES, Rebecca S, b. 03/08/1938, d. 09/03/1985, Sec. A, Site 1531A, US ARMY, SP4
HUGULEY, Clinton Ray, b. 09/23/1965, d. 09/24/1965, Sec. B, Site 1584B, Son (Minor Child) of Harold Huguley Jr
HUMPHREY, Burnell, b. 02/20/1925, d. 05/14/1973, Sec. A, Site 1636, US ARMY, PVT HQR 4106 AUS, WORLD WAR II
HUMPHREY, Dora, b. 11/06/1894, d. 12/30/1973, Sec. F, Site 27, US ARMY, PVT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR I
HUMPHREY, Doray, b. 11/06/1894, d. 12/30/1973, Sec. C, Site 300B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HUMPHREY, Louvinue, b. 02/22/1905, d. 01/05/1998, Sec. F, Site 27, Wife of Doray Humphrey
HUNGERFORD, Kenneth V, b. 10/20/1913, d. 09/22/1944, Sec. C, Site 374, US ARMY, SGT 508 PARA INF 82, WORLD WAR II
HUNT, A, d. 05/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 1827, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 109 USCT
HUNT, Albert, d. 10/06/1865, Sec. B, Site 439, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 57 IND INF
HUNT, William Thomas, b. 06/23/1914, d. 11/06/1976, Sec. B, Site 3357, US ARMY, MAJOR, WORLD WAR II
HUNTER, A, Sec. B, Site 2658, INFANTRY
HUNTER, Algene Lawrence, b. 09/07/1924, d. 08/16/1993, Sec. R, Site 198, US NAVY, SEAMAN 1/C, WORLD WAR II
HUNTER, Cornelius, d. 05/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 1850, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 81 USCT
HUNTER, Jack, b. 08/16/1918, d. 05/12/1956, Sec. C, Site 273A, US ARMY, T/5 3388 QM TRK CO, WORLD WAR II
HUNTER, James, d. 09/04/1865, Sec. B, Site 2141, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 162 USCT
HUNTER, James, b. 03/29/1913, d. 11/16/1972, Sec. A, Site 1015A, US NAVY, S1 STATE: ARKANSAS, WORLD WAR II
HUNTER, Jessie M, b. 09/26/1936, d. 06/11/1990, Sec. A, Site 1015A, Wife of James Hunter
HUNTER, Mike, b. 11/06/1892, d. 03/16/1977, Sec. B, Site 3329, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
HUNTER, Robert, d. 10/06/1865, Sec. B, Site 1817, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 115 USCT
HUNTER, Velma Adams, b. 04/25/1930, d. 10/23/2017, Sec. R, Site 198, Wife of Algene Lawrence Hunter
HURLEY, Richard I, b. 08/31/1923, d. 05/26/1983, Sec. B, Site 3469, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
HURLEY, Richard James, b. 12/04/1907, d. 01/12/1981, Sec. R, Site 3885, US AIR FORCE, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
HURST, Patrick, b. 09/05/1912, d. 10/08/1989, Sec. B, Site 1213A, US NAVY, S2/C, WORLD WAR II
HURST, Rolfe H, b. 05/31/1890, d. 03/19/1953, Sec. E, Site 113, US ARMY, SGT 1 CL CAMP SUP, WORLD WAR I
HURTS, Elijan, b. 03/31/1924, d. 09/08/1980, Sec. R, Site 3902, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HUSSEY, William Daniel Jr, b. 02/22/1919, d. 02/05/1990, Sec. E, Site 171D, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
HUTCHING, Martle B, d. 11/21/1865, Sec. B, Site 892, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 38 ILL
HUTCHINS, Drew Coe, b. 11/14/1890, d. 12/19/1957, Sec. R, Site 396, US ARMY, MUSICIAN 3D CL HQ CO, WORLD WAR I
HUTCHINS, Joseph, d. 01/14/1889, Sec. B, Site 2826, CAVALRY, CPL CO.I, 3RD US CAV
HUTCHINS, William W, b. 08/23/1918, d. 09/30/1945, Sec. C, Site 308, US ARMY, AIR CORPS SGT, WORLD WAR II
HUTCHINSON, Charlie, b. 05/15/1896, d. 08/10/1950, Sec. E, Site 80, US ARMY, MASS SGT HQ CO 3D E, WORLD WAR I
HUTCHINSON, Ethel Josephine, b. 02/20/1892, d. 04/27/1980, Sec. E, Site 79, Wife of Charlie Hutchinson
HUTCHINSON, Eugene D, b. 02/28/1935, d. 05/02/1997, Sec. B, Site 3555, US AIR FORCE, A1C, KOREA
HUTCHINSON, Floyd F, b. 10/28/1913, d. 10/03/1988, Sec. A, Site 1206C, US ARMY, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
HUTCHINSON, Marie B, b. 09/22/1915, d. 09/22/1992, Sec. A, Site 1206C, Wife of Floyd F Hutchinson
HUTCHINSON, Simon, b. 03/10/1909, d. 10/06/1993, Sec. R, Site 213, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HUTCHINSON, W H, d. 09/03/1867, Sec. B, Site 498, INFANTRY, CPL CO.E, 17 US INF
HUTSON, Edward H, b. 09/22/1945, d. 11/14/1987, Sec. B, Site 443A, US ARMY, PVT, VIETNAM
HUTTER, Charles G, d. 06/05/1865, Sec. B, Site 1332, INFANTRY, SGT CO.I, 1ST ILL AR
HUTZELL, Peter, d. 01/11/1865, Sec. A, Site 825, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 77TH OHIO
HYATT, J G, d. 09/11/1867, Sec. B, Site 362, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 17TH US
HYDE, Elizabeth J, b. 01/09/1902, d. 12/12/1993, Sec. E, Site 152, Wife of John Hyde
HYDE, Henry M, b. 08/24/1901, d. 03/14/1946, Sec. R, Site 261, US ARMY, PVT 51ST FERRYING SQ, WORLD WAR II
HYDE, James H, d. 10/13/1866, Sec. B, Site 840, CAVALRY, PVT CO.E, 4TH US CAV
HYDE, John, b. 08/08/1897, d. 02/09/1956, Sec. E, Site 153, US ARMY, PVT 15TH CO.COAST D, WORLD WAR I
HYDE, Riley, d. 10/06/1865, Sec. B, Site 1546, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 23RD USCT
HYMAN, Robert L, b. 08/21/1918, d. 03/20/1989, Sec. B, Site 862A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
HYMES, Barbara L, b. 10/26/1952, d. 01/30/2006, Sec. B, Site 3028A, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
HYNES, Eugene Thomas, b. 06/14/1946, d. 06/24/1946, Sec. K, Site 18, Son (Minor Child) of Eugene T Hynes
HYNES, Mary Dolores, d. 06/24/1946, Sec. K, Site 18, Daughter (Minor Child) of Eugene T Hynes
ILES, Julius W, b. 12/14/1922, d. 08/10/1988, Sec. A, Site 1194B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
ILES, Leroy, b. 09/28/1920, d. 11/08/1989, Sec. B, Site 1209A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
INGLE, Erastus T, b. 08/03/1847, d. 09/27/1914, Sec. D, Site 1358
INGLE, Jerome B, d. 09/08/1935, Sec. A, Site 1483, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
INGRAM, William Franklin, b. 11/29/1915, d. 05/08/1971, Sec. F, Site 149, US NAVY, MOMM 1, WORLD WAR II
INSLEY, Henry, d. 06/02/1865, Sec. A, Site 272, US ARMY, PVT
IRBY, Ben F, b. 01/20/1888, d. 09/04/1974, Sec. F, Site 195, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
IRBY, Dempsey Lamar, b. 09/17/1927, d. 10/12/1993, Sec. B, Site 1218A, US NAVY, US ARMY, SEAMAN
IRELAND, Clarence A, b. 03/14/1925, d. 09/05/1998, Sec. B, Site 3866, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
IRISH, Noble, d. 10/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 406, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
IRVEN, James Travis, b. 12/08/1961, d. 10/07/1962, Sec. K, Site K112-A, Son (Minor Child) of Raymond Irven
IRVING, Lem R, d. 07/20/1941, Sec. C, Site 162, US ARMY, PVT
IRVING, Robert A, b. 07/19/1910, d. 11/26/1984, Sec. R, Site 396A, US ARMY, SP5, WORLD WAR II
IRWIN, W R, d. 10/12/1865, Sec. B, Site 443, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
ISAACS, Daniel, d. 12/25/1859, Sec. R, Site 54, US ARMY, SGT, CIVIL WAR
ISADORE, Gladys, b. 11/01/1920, d. 10/31/2000, Sec. F, Site 289, Wife of Howard William Isadore
ISADORE, Howard William, b. 08/31/1913, d. 03/16/1972, Sec. F, Site 289, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
ISONHOOD, Francis Leroy, b. 11/18/1934, d. 03/15/1988, Sec. A, Site 726A, US AIR FORCE, AB
ISSAC, Herman L, b. 08/14/1907, d. 03/29/1981, Sec. R, Site 3881, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JACKMAN, H, d. 06/30/1865, Sec. A, Site 32, US ARMY, PVT
JACKSON, Aaron, b. 08/30/1895, d. 09/02/1988, Sec. B, Site 44A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
JACKSON, Ambrose, b. 05/15/1893, d. 10/18/1961, Sec. B, Site 2850C, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
JACKSON, Amos, b. 01/25/1922, d. 01/19/1982, Sec. B, Site 3801, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JACKSON, Andrew, b. 10/17/1920, d. 04/07/1985, Sec. C, Site 422B, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
JACKSON, Andrew, d. 09/12/1865, Sec. B, Site 1164, US ARMY
JACKSON, Annie Lee, b. 09/02/1931, d. 05/17/1989, Sec. B, Site 3102A, Wife of Foster Jackson
JACKSON, Ara E, b. 03/07/1893, d. 09/05/1966, Sec. B, Site 44A, Wife of Aaron Jackson
JACKSON, Arthur, b. 11/13/1887, d. 01/03/1955, Sec. E, Site 216, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
JACKSON, Arthur, b. 06/17/1925, d. 03/05/1985, Sec. C, Site 416D, US NAVY, STM1, WORLD WAR II
JACKSON, Celia, d. 02/08/1935, Sec. D, Site 8, Wife of William G Jackson
JACKSON, Charles, b. 04/05/1896, d. 05/27/1979, Sec. B, Site 3114, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
JACKSON, Charles, d. 02/09/1879, Sec. B, Site 2787, US ARMY
JACKSON, Cleveland, b. 08/15/1895, d. 06/25/1971, Sec. B, Site 3547, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
JACKSON, Clifford C Sr, b. 07/16/1932, d. 01/12/1985, Sec. B, Site 3108A, US ARMY, PVT, KOREA
JACKSON, Dave, b. 03/13/1906, d. 07/30/1946, Sec. C, Site 221, US ARMY, WORLD WAR II
JACKSON, Douglas E, d. 10/27/1937, Sec. B, Site 2856, US ARMY AIR CORPS, PVT
JACKSON, Elbert, b. 10/04/1925, d. 07/31/1980, Sec. R, Site 3912, US NAVY, SM2C, WORLD WAR II
JACKSON, Elexene, b. 11/17/1915, d. 01/23/1998, Sec. A, Site 1541, Wife of Willie R Jackson
JACKSON, Elnora C, b. 02/15/1906, d. 09/06/2003, Sec. F, Site 38, Wife of Volsie Jackson
JACKSON, Esau Frank Jr, b. 02/15/1933, d. 05/02/1991, Sec. E, Site 98-A, US AIR FORCE, A1C, KOREA
JACKSON, Fielding, d. 09/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 2723, US ARMY
JACKSON, Foster, b. 10/25/1920, d. 12/07/1984, Sec. B, Site 3102A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JACKSON, Frank Sr., b. 06/16/1895, d. 08/13/1982, Sec. R, Site 18A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
JACKSON, Fred, b. 08/01/1891, d. 03/22/1952, Sec. E, Site 215, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
JACKSON, Fred, b. 02/24/1898, d. 05/23/1988, Sec. A, Site 1197A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JACKSON, Fred C, b. 07/10/1928, d. 04/06/1997, Sec. MA, Site 3A, US AIR FORCE, CMSGT, KOREA
JACKSON, George, b. 05/21/1919, d. 08/15/1970, Sec. D, Site 82, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JACKSON, Gere, d. 08/10/1865, Sec. B, Site 1522, US ARMY, PVT
JACKSON, Grimes, d. 11/12/1866, Sec. B, Site 2208, US ARMY
JACKSON, Henry, b. 02/29/1924, d. 03/25/1982, Sec. R, Site 29A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JACKSON, Henry Sheridan, b. 10/15/1922, d. 02/20/1944, Sec. C, Site 337, US MARINE CORPS, CPL, WORLD WAR II
JACKSON, Houston, b. 08/11/1896, d. 06/16/1969, Sec. R, Site 317, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
JACKSON, James, b. 07/24/1895, d. 07/26/1961, Sec. B, Site 2172A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
JACKSON, Janetta B, b. 02/12/1935, d. 05/13/1999, Sec. E, Site 98-A, Wife of Esau Frank Jackson Jr
JACKSON, John, d. 07/11/1903, Sec. A, Site 1314, US ARMY, PVT
JACKSON, Johnny, b. 09/06/1922, d. 08/14/1988, Sec. B, Site 3324A, US ARMY, SP2, KOREA
JACKSON, Lester, b. 06/09/1920, d. 12/09/1986, Sec. B, Site 3276A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JACKSON, Lewis, d. 09/14/1865, Sec. B, Site 2220, US ARMY, PVT
JACKSON, Lewis Wilbert, b. 11/02/1935, d. 09/22/1993, Sec. R, Site 352A, US NAVY, SN, VIETNAM
JACKSON, Lucille, b. 02/28/1900, d. 01/17/1981, Sec. A, Site 705A, Wife of Shepherd Jackson
JACKSON, Lucille C, b. 04/16/1908, d. 12/03/1980, Sec. D, Site 8, Wife of William G Jackson
JACKSON, Martin Luther, b. 10/15/1897, d. 01/08/1957, Sec. E, Site 68, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JACKSON, Mildred Jean, b. 02/23/1932, d. 11/09/2020, Sec. F, Site 235A, Wife of Willie Jackson
JACKSON, Nelson, b. 08/20/1893, d. 07/03/1971, Sec. E, Site 250C, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
JACKSON, No First Name, Sec. B, Site 7, US ARMY
JACKSON, Payton, d. 09/15/1865, Sec. B, Site 2018, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
JACKSON, Ralph, b. 01/13/1897, d. 08/30/1965, Sec. R, Site 476, US NAVY, SDG1, KOREA
JACKSON, Regina, b. 10/01/1909, d. 02/25/1995, Sec. B, Site 3114, Wife of Charles Jackson
JACKSON, Richard, d. 08/14/1866, Sec. B, Site 1102, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
JACKSON, Robert, b. 02/16/1892, d. 10/10/1974, Sec. A, Site 1562, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
JACKSON, Shepherd, b. 12/06/1894, d. 09/30/1972, Sec. A, Site 705A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
JACKSON, Thomas, d. 05/18/1867, Sec. B, Site 1343, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
JACKSON, Thomas, d. 08/19/1865, Sec. B, Site 1834, US ARMY, CIVIL WAR
JACKSON, Thomas W, b. 07/31/1919, d. 02/25/1995, Sec. R, Site 332-A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JACKSON, Vina F, b. 04/18/1917, d. 02/12/1975, Sec. A, Site 809A, Wife of Willie Jackson
JACKSON, Volsie, b. 05/10/1913, d. 02/16/1970, Sec. F, Site 38, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JACKSON, Wash, d. 03/04/1941, Sec. C, Site 155, US ARMY, PFC
JACKSON, West, b. 08/14/1896, d. 03/10/1948, Sec. C, Site 242, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR I
JACKSON, William G, b. 08/19/1895, d. 01/07/1983, Sec. D, Site 9, US ARMY, MAJOR, WORLD WAR I
JACKSON, Willie, b. 01/01/1900, d. 07/31/1972, Sec. A, Site 809A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
JACKSON, Willie, b. 10/12/1927, d. 08/03/1989, Sec. F, Site 235A, US ARMY, SGT, WORLD WAR II
JACKSON, Willie R, b. 10/17/1918, d. 12/28/1985, Sec. A, Site 1541, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JACOB, Michael, d. 06/29/1883, Sec. B, Site 2818, US ARMY, SGT, CIVIL WAR
JACOB, Numa, b. 03/20/1896, d. 12/27/1960, Sec. B, Site 2144A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
JACOBS, James, d. 12/18/1865, Sec. B, Site 2089, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
JACOBS, Jimmy Lee, b. 07/14/1952, d. 09/02/1984, Sec. B, Site 3136A, US AIR FORCE, AB, VIETNAM
JACOBS, Una Lazaro, b. 11/29/1908, d. 10/10/1965, Sec. B, Site 3632, US ARMY, SSG
JACOBS, William, d. 09/22/1864, Sec. B, Site 975, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
JAGNEAUX, Maria, b. 08/12/1966, d. 08/13/1966, Sec. B, Site 344A, Daughter (Minor Child) of Alden R Jagneaux
JAKOB, Johanna H, b. 12/30/1930, d. 11/09/1974, Sec. A, Site 1014A, Wife of John E Jakob
JAKOB, John Edgar, b. 09/01/1936, d. 08/02/1993, Sec. A, Site 1014A, US AIR FORCE, T/SGT, VIETNAM
JAMAR, Thomas, b. 05/28/1880, d. 10/03/1962, Sec. R, Site 423, US ARMY, MUSICIAN, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
JAMES, Edna Short, b. 11/05/1924, d. 10/01/2002, Sec. B, Site 1997A, Wife of Wilson W James
JAMES, Gilbert Hugh, b. 05/23/1918, d. 11/11/1962, Sec. R, Site 210A, US ARMY, T3, WORLD WAR II
JAMES, Henry, d. 01/30/1865, Sec. A, Site 257, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 8TH ILL
JAMES, Henry, d. 10/22/1865, Sec. B, Site 1638, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 29TH USC
JAMES, Henry V, b. 11/05/1949, d. 09/08/2005, Sec. R, Site 153A, US ARMY, E5
JAMES, Joe W, b. 03/25/1920, d. 12/28/1989, Sec. B, Site 1179C, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
JAMES, Marshall R, b. 07/05/1950, d. 04/19/2002, Sec. A, Site 591D, US ARMY, SSG, VIETNAM
JAMES, Unknown, d. 09/29/1865, Sec. B, Site 1794, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
JAMES, Velta Marie, b. 07/28/1927, d. 09/02/2007, Sec. R, Site 210A, Wife of Gilbert Hugh James
JAMES, William, d. 09/23/1865, Sec. B, Site 1795, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 115TH USCT
JAMES, William Clark, b. 05/10/1897, d. 08/08/1960, Sec. C, Site 388C, US NAVY, MLDR2 STATE: LA, WORLD WAR I
JAMES, Wilson W, b. 07/26/1917, d. 09/03/1967, Sec. B, Site 1997A, US ARMY, SGT HQ BTRY 5TH HOW, WORLD WAR II
JANIES, Napoleon L, b. 11/16/1890, d. 03/17/1968, Sec. B, Site 3533, US ARMY, PVT CO.L, 65TH PION
JARRELL, Alson M, b. 05/05/1888, d. 02/09/1949, Sec. E, Site 16, US ARMY, SGT CO.H, 5TH INF 17
JARVIS, Adam, d. 08/06/1865, Sec. B, Site 1133, US ARMY, PVT CO.G, 43RD USC
JASPER, Alice Young, b. 12/10/1895, d. 09/16/1967, Sec. B, Site 3362, Wife of James Jasper
JASPER, David, d. 07/13/1939, Sec. C, Site 5, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 4TH DEV BN
JASPER, Emily, b. 12/18/1918, d. 01/02/2000, Sec. A, Site 1271E, Wife of Oliver Jasper Sr
JASPER, James, b. 06/20/1895, d. 06/12/1967, Sec. B, Site 3362, US ARMY, PVT-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR I
JASPER, Oliver Sr, b. 10/10/1910, d. 02/20/1988, Sec. A, Site 1271E, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JASPER, Richard, b. 08/06/1896, d. 07/21/1960, Sec. B, Site 1990C, US ARMY, PVT 2ND CO.DET LA CO, WORLD WAR I
JASPER, Tom, b. 01/01/1894, d. 02/08/1950, Sec. C, Site 238, US ARMY, PVT 415TH RES LAB BN, WORLD WAR I
JAYNES, Marion Boyd, b. 12/14/1929, d. 05/11/1992, Sec. A, Site 1575A, Wife of Robert L Jaynes
JAYNES, Robert L, b. 06/23/1927, d. 09/26/1991, Sec. A, Site 1575A, US NAVY, SN, WORLD WAR II
JAYNES, Unknown, d. 06/05/1866, Sec. B, Site 402, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 17TH US INF
JEFFCOAT, Deborah Silina, b. 01/10/1957, d. 01/13/1957, Sec. K, Site K87, Daughter (Minor Child) of Marlin B Jeffcoat
JEFFERSON, Carroll, b. 05/11/1918, d. 06/23/2003, Sec. B, Site 1029A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JEFFERSON, Harold Edward Sr, b. 06/13/1926, d. 07/05/1994, Sec. A, Site 1245-B, US ARMY, SFC, WORLD WAR II
JEFFERSON, Harrison, b. 09/09/1907, d. 11/02/1988, Sec. B, Site 893A, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
JEFFERSON, Henry, d. 11/14/1865, Sec. B, Site 1617, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 19TH USCT
JEFFERSON, Infant, b. 08/25/1982, d. 08/25/1982, Sec. F, Site 29, Daughter (Minor Child) of Isac Jefferson
JEFFERSON, Isac, b. 07/02/1953, d. 02/23/2020, Sec. F, Site 29, US AIR FORCE, SGT
JEFFERSON, James, b. 03/01/1889, d. 03/22/1982, Sec. B, Site 3468A, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR I
JEFFERSON, James, d. 09/01/1879, Sec. R, Site 106, US ARMY, CIVILIAN
JEFFERSON, Jeannette, b. 09/05/1920, d. 04/16/1977, Sec. B, Site 1029A, Wife of Carroll Jefferson
JEFFERSON, Oscar, d. 04/16/1932, Sec. C, Site 65, US ARMY, PVT ENGRS UNASS CO.B, WORLD WAR I
JEFFERSON, Richard, b. 10/14/1933, d. 02/09/1986, Sec. A, Site 1563A, US ARMY, PVT
JEFFERSON, Wm, d. 07/23/1865, Sec. B, Site 2217, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 36TH USCT
JEMISON, Charles E, b. 07/20/1948, d. 09/20/1974, Sec. A, Site 961A, US MARINE CORPS, CPL STATE: LA, VIETNAM
JEMISON, James Ray, b. 02/08/1926, d. 04/30/1984, Sec. A, Site 1571A, US ARMY, SSG, WORLD WAR II
JENIFER, Lake, d. 08/01/1915, Sec. A, Site 1362, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 70TH USCT
JENKINS, A, d. 09/11/1865, Sec. B, Site 2015, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 29TH USC
JENKINS, Henry, d. 10/29/1886, Sec. B, Site 1544, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, USCT INF
JENKINS, Jackson, d. 11/02/1865, Sec. A, Site 697, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 68TH USC
JENKINS, Johnnie, b. 07/22/1890, d. 11/24/1971, Sec. F, Site 152, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, 447TH RES
JENKINS, Levi Jr, b. 11/25/1915, d. 04/30/1965, Sec. R, Site 128C, US ARMY, PFC CO.B, 246TH QM BN
JENKINS, Margaret, b. 03/13/1926, d. 01/20/2001, Sec. F, Site 51, Wife of Vernon Jenkins
JENKINS, Octo, d. 03/10/1931, Sec. C, Site 57, US ARMY, PVT CO.K, COL CAS DET
JENKINS, Olivia M, b. 04/12/1912, d. 06/27/1988, Sec. R, Site 128C, Wife of Levi Jenkins
JENKINS, Robert, b. 06/25/1893, d. 06/20/1951, Sec. E, Site 192, US ARMY, PVT 11TH CO. 3RD BN, WORLD WAR I
JENKINS, Tom, d. 09/29/1931, Sec. C, Site 62, US ARMY, PVT CO.B, DEV BN #8
JENKINS, Vernon, b. 01/03/1924, d. 01/02/1971, Sec. F, Site 51, US ARMY, MSGT, WORLD WAR II
JENKINS, Walter Louis, b. 02/26/1953, d. 07/05/1992, Sec. A, Site 553C, US ARMY, SSG, VIETNAM
JENKINS, William Henry, b. 11/25/1928, d. 01/06/1984, Sec. D, Site 100, US ARMY, SFC, KOREA
JENKINS, Wm, d. 09/28/1867, Sec. B, Site 338, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 17TH US INF
JENKSON, Henry, d. 10/17/1864, Sec. A, Site 1203, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 13TH ME INF
JEROME, J E, d. 12/07/1866, Sec. B, Site 843, CAVALRY, PVT CO.I, 4TH US CAV
JERTZ, Daniel, d. 08/10/1866, Sec. B, Site 2646, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 17TH US
JESCLARD, Jules N, b. 04/26/1880, d. 04/26/1951, Sec. E, Site 71, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 1ST REGT LA
JESSIE, Gabe, b. 01/01/1894, d. 12/15/1951, Sec. E, Site 208, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 526TH ENGR
JETT, Charlie, b. 02/04/1895, d. 02/19/1946, Sec. C, Site 220, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 805TH PION
JETT, Dorothy Mae, b. 04/16/1935, d. 01/29/1986, Sec. B, Site 3780-G, Wife of John D Jett Sr
JETT, Jay Lynn, b. 03/01/1922, d. 04/21/1992, Sec. A, Site 1700, US NAVY, SEAMAN 1ST CL, WORLD WAR II
JEWETT, John, Sec. R, Site 120, INFANTRY
JOFFRION, Cepheus, b. 05/09/1917, d. 07/26/1983, Sec. B, Site 3458, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
JOFFRION, Howard Jr, b. 03/15/1940, d. 06/13/1991, Sec. D, Site 69, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
JOFFRION, Mildred, b. 08/12/1920, d. 04/07/1997, Sec. B, Site 3458, Wife of Cepheus Joffrion
JOHAS, Wm, d. 01/14/1866, Sec. B, Site 1329, US ARMY, PVT CO.M, 1ST NY ARTY
JOHNS, Robert E, b. 04/25/1933, d. 10/28/1991, Sec. A, Site 591A, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
JOHNSON, A, d. 12/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 1804, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 109 USCT
JOHNSON, Aaron E, b. 11/08/1923, d. 06/19/1945, Sec. E, Site 9, US NAVY, S/F3 STATE: FLORIDA, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Albert, b. 09/14/1913, d. 01/18/1967, Sec. B, Site 376A, US ARMY, PFC 656TH PORT CO., WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Alex, d. 11/04/1865, Sec. B, Site 878, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, 31ST IND
JOHNSON, Allen, d. 07/28/1942, Sec. C, Site 166, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, 1ST DEV BAT
JOHNSON, Alma, b. 04/14/1900, d. 08/20/1969, Sec. B, Site 2218A, Wife of Moses Johnson
JOHNSON, Amanda E, b. 08/27/1904, d. 06/16/1990, Sec. A, Site 922-A, Wife of Issac Johnson
JOHNSON, Ambrose, d. 02/27/1867, Sec. B, Site 1698, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 117TH USC
JOHNSON, Amos J, b. 03/23/1919, d. 01/23/1982, Sec. B, Site 3475A, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Audrey Mae, b. 02/28/1928, d. 12/15/1986, Sec. B, Site 431A, Wife of Frank Johnson
JOHNSON, Beatrice K, b. 04/23/1903, d. 11/17/2002, Sec. B, Site 2160A, Wife of Willie Johnson
JOHNSON, Bennie, b. 02/03/1913, d. 02/26/1988, Sec. A, Site 724A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Booker, d. 08/23/1867, Sec. A, Site 1286, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 9TH USCT
JOHNSON, Booker T, b. 02/16/1928, d. 07/25/1990, Sec. A, Site 1071A, US NAVY, STM1, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Bowman H, d. 04/16/1918, Sec. A, Site 1382, INFANTRY, SGT CO.A, USC INF
JOHNSON, Charles, d. 07/24/1865, Sec. B, Site 1044, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 38TH USCT
JOHNSON, Charlie L, b. 03/23/1915, d. 02/22/1989, Sec. A, Site 126A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Charlie S, b. 05/22/1910, d. 08/18/1989, Sec. B, Site 1219A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Chester Busch Jr, b. 06/25/1930, d. 07/29/2003, Sec. F, Site 90A, US ARMY, MSG
JOHNSON, Clara Welch, b. 04/15/1915, d. 10/07/1993, Sec. B, Site 1219A, Wife of Charlie S Johnson
JOHNSON, Classie K, b. 01/10/1907, d. 03/20/1985, Sec. R, Site 3919, Wife of Jimmie T Johnson
JOHNSON, Cy, b. 07/08/1892, d. 02/22/1949, Sec. C, Site 268, US ARMY, PFC CO.A, 324TH ENGRS
JOHNSON, David, d. 08/18/1866, Sec. B, Site 1180, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 116TH
JOHNSON, Dora, b. 03/08/1901, d. 12/24/1978, Sec. B, Site 2636A, Wife of Earnest Johnson
JOHNSON, Dorothy B, b. 11/03/1920, d. 08/24/1998, Sec. A, Site 789A, Wife of Frank Johnson Sr
JOHNSON, Earnest, b. 02/12/1892, d. 06/28/1968, Sec. B, Site 2636A, US ARMY, PVT HQ CO.161 DEP, WORLD WAR I
JOHNSON, Earnest Starks, b. 08/14/1918, d. 10/11/1970, Sec. F, Site 256, US AIR FORCE, SMSGT 1611 TRS MATS, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Edith, b. 07/27/1929, d. 07/07/1993, Sec. A, Site 1437I, Wife of Thomas Johnson
JOHNSON, Edward Jr, b. 03/29/1913, d. 06/12/1986, Sec. A, Site 1585B, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Ethel M, b. 10/20/1921, d. 07/05/2010, Sec. B, Site 3834, Wife of Freddie Johnson
JOHNSON, Eugene, b. 02/20/1930, d. 03/12/1950, Sec. E, Site 174, US ARMY, CPL MED DET-, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Eva Wheat, b. 07/08/1897, d. 11/24/1976, Sec. C, Site 48, Wife of John H Wheat
JOHNSON, Florence W, b. 01/27/1921, d. 04/29/2002, Sec. B, Site 3475A, Wife of Amos J Johnson
JOHNSON, Foster James, b. 03/19/1892, d. 07/19/1986, Sec. E, Site 275G, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
JOHNSON, Frank, b. 09/19/1926, d. 10/24/1967, Sec. B, Site 431A, US ARMY, PFC 3295TH QM SVC CO, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Frank Sr, b. 04/24/1914, d. 04/30/1988, Sec. A, Site 789A, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Franklin, b. 08/28/1895, d. 08/01/1970, Sec. F, Site 197, US ARMY, PFC CO.A, 525TH ENGR
JOHNSON, Fred, b. 07/04/1893, d. 02/02/1955, Sec. C, Site 220A, US ARMY, PVT CO.G, 803RD PION
JOHNSON, Freddie, b. 11/11/1918, d. 08/08/1981, Sec. B, Site 3834, US ARMY, T-5, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, George, d. 07/07/1866, Sec. B, Site 2106, INFANTRY, PVT CO.A, USCT INF
JOHNSON, George W, b. 09/15/1937, d. 04/04/1986, Sec. B, Site 2002J, US ARMY, SGT M, KOREA
JOHNSON, Gus Joseph, b. 02/29/1908, d. 11/14/1967, Sec. B, Site 3412, US ARMY, PFC STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, H G, d. 01/23/1865, Sec. B, Site 2118, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 45TH USCT
JOHNSON, Harvey, b. 07/08/1908, d. 07/31/1955, Sec. E, Site 172B, US ARMY, MSGT 533 MP CO.APO, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Henry, d. 08/01/1865, Sec. B, Site 1631, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 29TH CONN
JOHNSON, Henry, d. 10/27/1878, Sec. R, Site 76, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 10TH US INF
JOHNSON, Henry, d. 01/18/1937, Sec. C, Site 105, US ARMY, BUGLER CO.B, SVC 525
JOHNSON, Henry, d. 04/28/1933, Sec. C, Site 73, US ARMY, PVT TROOP G 10TH US
JOHNSON, Henry Eugene, b. 12/19/1917, d. 08/19/1968, Sec. B, Site 3523, US ARMY, CPL CO.C, 376TH ENGR
JOHNSON, Henry M, b. 03/20/1919, d. 09/05/1979, Sec. B, Site 3156, US ARMY, SSGT, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Infant, d. 12/01/1876, Sec. R, Site 114, Daughter (Minor Child) of Capt L Johnson
JOHNSON, Isaac, b. 09/07/1895, d. 08/16/1965, Sec. R, Site 477, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 165TH INF
JOHNSON, Isaac, b. 09/03/1918, d. 07/18/1995, Sec. A, Site 922-A, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, James, d. 09/18/1866, Sec. B, Site 1574, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 19TH USCT
JOHNSON, James, d. 09/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 1593, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 19TH USCT
JOHNSON, James, d. 08/22/1865, Sec. B, Site 1530, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 23RD USCT
JOHNSON, James, b. 12/03/1892, d. 02/08/1952, Sec. E, Site 211, US ARMY, PVT QM DEPOT SER BN, WORLD WAR I
JOHNSON, James, b. 07/16/1919, d. 03/04/1960, Sec. E, Site 236B, US ARMY, PVT 3656TH QM TRK CO, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, James Albert, b. 06/06/1896, d. 01/25/1953, Sec. E, Site 233, US ARMY, SSGT-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, James W, b. 07/16/1917, d. 12/07/1986, Sec. B, Site 3278A, US ARMY, SP5, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Jane Louise, b. 05/16/1938, d. 11/26/2015, Sec. B, Site 2002J, Wife of George W Johnson
JOHNSON, Jermiah Jr, b. 03/14/1930, d. 06/19/1950, Sec. E, Site 178, US ARMY, PVT CO.K, 24TH INF
JOHNSON, Jim, b. 09/15/1893, d. 09/23/1981, Sec. R, Site 72A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
JOHNSON, Jimmie T, b. 03/04/1915, d. 03/16/1980, Sec. R, Site 3919, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Joe, b. 05/12/1932, d. 06/15/1978, Sec. B, Site 3135, US ARMY, PVT
JOHNSON, John, d. 07/24/1939, Sec. C, Site 138, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 409TH RES
JOHNSON, John C, d. 07/16/1939, Sec. B, Site 3031, US ARMY, WAGR CO.M 2ND ALA, SPANISH AMERICAN WAR
JOHNSON, John William, b. 11/17/1907, d. 12/17/1965, Sec. R, Site 120B, US ARMY, SSG 70TH RD AAF, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Johnnie Ray, b. 01/26/1950, d. 09/18/1993, Sec. D, Site 92A, US ARMY, SP5, VIETNAM
JOHNSON, Joseph, d. 07/31/1907, Sec. A, Site 1333, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 70TH F 71
JOHNSON, Judy L, b. 11/08/1942, d. 03/10/2019, Sec. E, Site 9, Adult Dependent Daughter of Aaron E Johnson
JOHNSON, Kamra L K, b. 11/04/1987, d. 12/11/1987, Sec. B, Site 436C, Daughter (Minor Child) of Michael W Johnson
JOHNSON, Leeroy, b. 12/09/1920, d. 03/06/2000, Sec. A, Site 1320B, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Leon, b. 05/05/1929, d. 12/05/1973, Sec. A, Site 1621, US ARMY, PFC-LOUISIANA, VIETNAM
JOHNSON, Levy Allen, b. 03/18/1922, d. 06/28/1980, Sec. R, Site 517, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Lillie, b. 11/01/1898, d. 08/09/1972, Sec. F, Site 197, Wife of Franklin Johnson
JOHNSON, Lonzie Walter, b. 09/20/1924, d. 09/18/1951, Sec. C, Site 379, US MARINE CORPS, PVT STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Lorensie, d. 09/15/1943, Sec. C, Site 183, US ARMY, PVT CO.E, 470TH QM
JOHNSON, Luther, b. 10/22/1920, d. 03/20/1982, Sec. B, Site 3473A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Mabries, b. 07/09/1923, d. 09/05/1992, Sec. A, Site 1320B, Wife of Leeroy Johnson
JOHNSON, Margie, b. 08/03/1925, d. 11/19/1992, Sec. A, Site 577C, Wife of Wheattie Johnson
JOHNSON, Mary, b. 12/06/1924, d. 03/29/1996, Sec. A, Site 1071A, Wife of Booker T Johnson
JOHNSON, Mary E, b. 12/23/1910, d. 05/19/2008, Sec. B, Site 1223A, Wife of Oliver Johnson
JOHNSON, Merrick, b. 03/08/1929, d. 02/14/1980, Sec. R, Site 521, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
JOHNSON, Morris P, b. 07/18/1921, d. 02/22/1945, Sec. C, Site 322, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Moses, b. 09/25/1890, d. 08/09/1961, Sec. B, Site 2217A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
JOHNSON, Noah, d. 09/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 2021, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 22ND USC
JOHNSON, O W, d. 08/09/1865, Sec. B, Site 1646, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 29TH CONN
JOHNSON, Oliver, b. 08/31/1905, d. 08/09/1989, Sec. B, Site 1223A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Percy, d. 12/17/1935, Sec. C, Site 95, US ARMY, PVT CO.C, DEV BN #1
JOHNSON, Ralph E, b. 07/04/1924, d. 08/23/1982, Sec. R, Site 17A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Richard, d. 11/03/1865, Sec. B, Site 1612, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 19TH USCT
JOHNSON, Robert, b. 11/16/1954, d. 11/10/1985, Sec. C, Site 305B, US NAVY, SN, VIETNAM
JOHNSON, Robert E, b. 12/25/1945, d. 01/18/1979, Sec. B, Site 1565A, US AIR FORCE, AM 3RD CL, VIETNAM
JOHNSON, Robert L, b. 03/24/1944, d. 05/19/1998, Sec. A, Site 444A, US NAVY, AE1, VIETNAM
JOHNSON, Robert Lee, b. 05/25/1933, d. 10/31/1992, Sec. A, Site 1670, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
JOHNSON, Robert M, d. 05/04/1904, Sec. B, Site 2856A, INFANTRY, CPL CO.K, 26TH US INF
JOHNSON, Robert W, d. 12/23/1935, Sec. A, Site 573A, US ARMY, PVT CO.F, 337TH US
JOHNSON, Robin H, b. 02/19/1912, d. 02/02/1989, Sec. F, Site 165A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Roy A, b. 02/21/1932, d. 12/18/2002, Sec. B, Site 53A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, KOREA
JOHNSON, Sallie, b. 11/04/1909, d. 03/17/1974, Sec. F, Site 230, Wife of Samuel Thomas Johnson
JOHNSON, Sam, b. 03/03/1904, d. 08/25/1973, Sec. A, Site 1627, US ARMY, PFC STATE: LA, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Samuel, d. 08/14/1865, Sec. B, Site 1529, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 23RD USCT
JOHNSON, Samuel Thomas, b. 11/16/1898, d. 06/04/1971, Sec. F, Site 230, US ARMY, PVT F.REMOUNT SQDN, WORLD WAR I
JOHNSON, Thomas, b. 05/01/1917, d. 02/02/1990, Sec. A, Site 1437I, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Tina, b. 07/18/1924, d. 09/25/1992, Sec. B, Site 3156, Wife of Henry M Johnson
JOHNSON, Ulysses, b. 12/03/1920, d. 07/27/1952, Sec. E, Site 101, US ARMY, MSGT CO.A DEML 102D, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Velma C, b. 09/09/1903, d. 10/23/1995, Sec. B, Site 3412, Wife of Gus Joseph Johnson
JOHNSON, Violet, b. 01/01/1932, d. 08/27/1984, Sec. R, Site 521, Wife of Merrick Johnson
JOHNSON, W J, d. 09/17/1866, Sec. B, Site 1584, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 19TH USCT
JOHNSON, W T, d. 06/17/1865, Sec. A, Site 262, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 46TH ILL
JOHNSON, Walter L, d. 01/10/1936, Sec. A, Site 1373, US ARMY, PVT CO.E, 19TH US INF
JOHNSON, Walter S, b. 07/29/1946, d. 05/09/1998, Sec. A, Site 1066A, US ARMY, SGT, VIETNAM
JOHNSON, Wheattie Sr, b. 11/23/1924, d. 06/08/2019, Sec. A, Site 577C, US ARMY, TEC 4, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, William, d. 11/02/1866, Sec. B, Site 46, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 10TH USC
JOHNSON, William, d. 06/24/1865, Sec. B, Site 1528, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 23RD USCT
JOHNSON, Willie, b. 09/25/1888, d. 06/11/1961, Sec. B, Site 2159A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
JOHNSON, Willie, b. 05/17/1914, d. 04/12/1993, Sec. E, Site 16D, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Willie O'Neal, b. 11/02/1913, d. 12/20/1991, Sec. A, Site 1593A, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
JOHNSON, Wm H, d. 09/22/1865, Sec. B, Site 1130, INFANTRY, PVT CO.F, 43RD USC
JOHNSTON, Brett Eddy, b. 09/22/1947, d. 04/04/1981, Sec. B, Site 3857, US AIR FORCE, SGT, VIETNAM
JOHNSTON, Gregg Forest, b. 04/17/1963, d. 04/28/1992, Sec. A, Site 1688, US AIR FORCE, 1ST LT, PERSIAN GULF
JOHNSTON, Stepphen, Sec. A, Site 717, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 80TH USCT
JOHNSTONE, Dorothy, b. 11/23/1925, d. 05/13/2002, Sec. E, Site 250B, Wife of Denis K Johnstone
JOLLY, Moab, d. 11/20/1918, Sec. A, Site 1416, US ARMY, PVT
JONEL, James E, d. 12/08/1866, Sec. B, Site 401, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 17TH US
JONES, A J, d. 09/16/1864, Sec. A, Site 1021, INFANTRY, PVT CO.D, 30TH ME INF
JONES, Alexander, d. 10/16/1888, Sec. A, Site 1292, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 51 USCT
JONES, Anna, b. 07/26/1934, d. 03/18/1999, Sec. B, Site 3367, Wife of Isaac Jones
JONES, Bennie, b. 04/15/1908, d. 12/05/1985, Sec. B, Site 3780-E, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Burley, b. 07/08/1896, d. 01/14/1966, Sec. R, Site 122B, US ARMY, PVT CO.G, 371ST INF
JONES, Burrel, b. 07/18/1922, d. 06/16/1992, Sec. A, Site 617B, US NAVY, MS1
JONES, Charles Melvin, b. 12/04/1932, d. 06/23/1993, Sec. E, Site 42B, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, KOREA
JONES, Charley Jr, b. 07/02/1925, d. 03/12/1977, Sec. B, Site 3316, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Chester, b. 11/21/1911, d. 04/20/1983, Sec. F, Site 261, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Clarence, b. 05/25/1895, d. 02/15/1957, Sec. C, Site 39A, US ARMY, PFC CO.D, 319TH SVC
JONES, Clarence, b. 05/30/1954, d. 04/29/1990, Sec. C, Site 194B, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
JONES, Clarence, b. 05/31/1922, d. 09/06/1992, Sec. A, Site 770B, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Dale M, b. 03/06/1917, d. 08/08/1944, Sec. C, Site 301, US ARMY, SGT 169 INF USAGF, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Donald, b. 08/15/1941, d. 01/18/1984, Sec. R, Site 252A, US AIR FORCE, A3C, VIETNAM
JONES, Dora M, b. 03/12/1898, d. 10/31/1965, Sec. E, Site 154, Wife of J T Jones
JONES, Earl, b. 12/28/1914, d. 11/11/1986, Sec. B, Site 3442J, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Earl Lester, b. 05/30/1928, d. 08/24/1993, Sec. A, Site 1041B, US ARMY, PV2, KOREA
JONES, Elizabeth, d. 04/12/1927, Sec. C, Site 37, Wife of Lawrence Jones
JONES, Emily, d. 01/10/1875, Sec. B, Site 2743, INFANTRY, CO.C, 24TH US INF
JONES, Emmett, b. 11/20/1893, d. 02/13/1960, Sec. A, Site 461A, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 404TH RES
JONES, Evans, d. 07/23/1866, Sec. B, Site 1338, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 1ST US ARTY
JONES, Fernande M, d. 11/13/1942, Sec. D, Site 16, Wife of Henry Swift Jones
JONES, Frank, b. 12/25/1907, d. 05/21/1964, Sec. A, Site 448A, US ARMY, SFC STATE: S.C, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Frank Leon, b. 04/22/1923, d. 08/16/1986, Sec. E, Site 267A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JONES, George, d. 11/09/1876, Sec. B, Site 2761, CAVALRY, PVT CO.H, 8TH US CAV
JONES, Gerald L, b. 03/23/1964, d. 03/24/1964, Sec. B, Site 3758, Son (Minor Child) of James L Jones
JONES, Gladys Wells, b. 06/22/1928, d. 01/06/2001, Sec. A, Site 770B, Wife of Clarence Jones
JONES, Granville C, b. 12/21/1935, d. 09/26/1986, Sec. E, Site 263BB, US AIR FORCE, AB, KOREA
JONES, Gussie, b. 07/29/1903, d. 10/07/1998, Sec. C, Site 113, Wife of Harry Higgins Jones
JONES, Harry, b. 03/15/1928, d. 08/21/1965, Sec. R, Site 116E, US ARMY, PFC CO.B, 38TH INF RE
JONES, Harry Higgins, d. 06/01/1937, Sec. C, Site 113, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR I
JONES, Harvey Percell, b. 02/25/1932, d. 04/03/1963, Sec. R, Site 101A, US AIR FORCE, SSGT 832ND SUPP SQDN
JONES, Henry, d. 10/26/1865, Sec. B, Site 1663, INFANTRY, PVT CO.H, 29TH USCT
JONES, Henry, d. 08/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 2105, INFANTRY, PVT CO.B, 9TH USCT
JONES, Henry Swift, b. 07/20/1892, d. 07/16/1972, Sec. D, Site 15, US ARMY, 2ND LT TRANS CORPS, WORLD WAR I
JONES, Herman, b. 12/23/1924, d. 06/16/1973, Sec. A, Site 566B, US ARMY, PFC 4299TH QM GAS SU, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Ike, b. 06/05/1898, d. 03/03/1948, Sec. C, Site 246, US ARMY, CPL -LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR I
JONES, Irvin O, b. 05/16/1929, d. 08/18/1994, Sec. A, Site 1337B, US ARMY, SFC, VIETNAM
JONES, Isaac, b. 01/15/1930, d. 12/07/1976, Sec. B, Site 3367, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
JONES, Ivory Johnson, b. 10/18/1934, d. 02/08/2015, Sec. E, Site 42B, Wife of Charles Melvin Jones
JONES, James, b. 04/07/1908, d. 01/31/1980, Sec. B, Site 2850B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JONES, James L, b. 05/24/1938, d. 10/11/1984, Sec. B, Site 3758, US AIR FORCE, A1C, VIETNAM
JONES, James Temothy, b. 12/03/1892, d. 03/07/1956, Sec. E, Site 155, US ARMY, PVT 3RD CO.1ST BN, WORLD WAR I
JONES, Jerry Lee, b. 09/05/1950, d. 10/03/1990, Sec. C, Site 320A, US ARMY, PFC, VIETNAM
JONES, Jessie D, b. 08/17/1926, d. 11/15/1968, Sec. R, Site 350, US ARMY, T-5 1315TH ENGR CONS, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Jim, d. 06/08/1935, Sec. C, Site 88, US ARMY, CORPL CO.B, COLORED
JONES, Jno, d. 08/24/1865, Sec. B, Site 2003, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
JONES, John, d. 12/08/1870, Sec. R, Site 52, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 10TH US
JONES, John, d. 08/16/1865, Sec. B, Site 1551, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 23RD USC
JONES, John, d. 07/26/1865, Sec. B, Site 1629, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 29TH CONN
JONES, John, d. 11/07/1865, Sec. B, Site 1132, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 43RD USC
JONES, John, d. 07/30/1865, Sec. B, Site 942, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 77TH PA
JONES, John, Sec. B, Site 748, INFANTRY, PVT
JONES, John A, d. 12/22/1865, Sec. B, Site 2094, INFANTRY, PVT CO.I, 9TH USCT
JONES, John J, d. 03/22/1864, Sec. A, Site 21, INFANTRY, PVT 21ST IOWA INF
JONES, John Jr, b. 12/24/1895, d. 02/15/1968, Sec. B, Site 3525, US ARMY, PVT HQ CO.156TH INF, WORLD WAR I
JONES, John R, d. 07/03/1865, Sec. B, Site 1657, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 29TH CONN
JONES, Johnetta, b. 09/09/1935, d. 03/14/2003, Sec. B, Site 3442J, Wife of Earl Jones
JONES, Johnie W, d. 07/15/1922, Sec. C, Site 7, INFANTRY, PVT 814TH PION INF
JONES, Johnnie C, b. 08/08/1927, d. 12/03/1985, Sec. A, Site 1553A, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
JONES, Joseph, b. 11/28/1892, d. 02/25/1954, Sec. E, Site 222, US ARMY, PVT-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR I
JONES, Josephine, b. 11/10/1910, d. 12/05/1972, Sec. A, Site 860A, Wife of Rafe Jones
JONES, Josh, b. 11/14/1895, d. 12/25/1978, Sec. B, Site 2184A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
JONES, Katherine, b. 10/22/1927, d. 02/08/2006, Sec. B, Site 1282A, Wife of Willie Jones
JONES, Lawrence, d. 04/14/1927, Sec. C, Site 37, INFANTRY, PVT 527TH ENGRS
JONES, Leonard Jr, b. 08/11/1920, d. 06/15/1962, Sec. R, Site 167A, US AIR FORCE, TSGT 78TH BASE UNIT, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Lewis, b. 08/04/1900, d. 06/24/1955, Sec. E, Site 211A, US ARMY, PVT HQ GO 367TH INF, WORLD WAR I
JONES, Lois, b. 12/13/1932, d. 07/09/2018, Sec. R, Site 101A, Wife of Harvey Percell Jones
JONES, Lonsby Jr, b. 01/03/1921, d. 01/19/1954, Sec. E, Site 193A, US AIR FORCE, PFC-248 BASE UNIT
JONES, Louella, b. 11/11/1902, d. 07/15/1977, Sec. R, Site 107A, Wife of Spencer Jones
JONES, Louis, b. 12/08/1940, d. 04/02/2012, Sec. A, Site 311A, US ARMY, SP5, VIETNAM
JONES, Louis, b. 05/10/1915, d. 11/06/1989, Sec. A, Site 58A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Mack A, b. 08/27/1942, d. 04/10/1985, Sec. F, Site 7A, US ARMY, SGT, VIETNAM
JONES, Margarette, b. 02/22/1924, d. 08/26/2011, Sec. A, Site 1590A, Wife of Richard Lewis Jones Sr
JONES, Mrs Doretha, b. 05/16/1945, d. 08/20/2021, Sec. F, Site 7A, Wife of Mack A Jones
JONES, Myrtle P, b. 08/31/1918, d. 05/26/2003, Sec. B, Site 3377, Wife of Robert L Jones Jr
JONES, Oscar, b. 07/04/1877, d. 02/27/1946, Sec. C, Site 212, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, DEV BN 162
JONES, Oscar, b. 05/30/1908, d. 11/16/1978, Sec. B, Site 3416, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Ples, b. 02/25/1925, d. 01/18/1981, Sec. R, Site 482, US NAVY, COOK 3RD CL, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Rafe, b. 06/18/1912, d. 04/04/1979, Sec. A, Site 860A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Richard Dwain, b. 11/18/1957, d. 02/07/1958, Sec. K, Site K102, Son (Minor Child) of Johnny D Jones
JONES, Richard Lewis Sr, b. 09/05/1918, d. 12/07/1991, Sec. A, Site 1590A, US NAVY, COX, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Robert L Jr, b. 06/11/1917, d. 12/11/1976, Sec. B, Site 3377, US ARMY, COL, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Rosa, b. 10/07/1899, d. 11/11/1968, Sec. C, Site 246, Wife of Ike Jones
JONES, Rosa Lee, b. 10/03/1919, d. 10/08/1971, Sec. F, Site 261, Wife of Chester Jones
JONES, Rosa Mae, b. 06/12/1929, d. 04/15/1987, Sec. A, Site 58A, Wife of Louis Jones
JONES, Sam, b. 11/28/1894, d. 12/25/1977, Sec. B, Site 3420, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR I
JONES, Samuel, b. 06/03/1924, d. 03/11/1990, Sec. A, Site 1426A, US NAVY, SC3/C, WORLD WAR II
JONES, Spencer, b. 01/27/1893, d. 08/06/1963, Sec. R, Site 107A, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 508 ENGRS
JONES, Stephen, d. 09/13/1865, Sec. B, Site 2046, INFANTRY, PVT CO.E, 22TH USCT
JONES, Theresa W, b. 03/09/1922, d. 10/15/1990, Sec. C, Site 315A, Wife of Abe Jones
JONES, W I, d. 07/28/1865, Sec. A, Site 286, INFANTRY, PVT CO.C, 47TH IND
JONES, William, d. 08/13/1878, Sec. R, Site 77, INFANTRY, PVT CO.K, 24TH US INF
JONES, William, d. 01/16/1883, Sec. B, Site 2816, CAVALRY, PVT CO.I, 8TH US CAV
JONES, Willie, b. 06/10/1929, d. 06/08/1989, Sec. B, Site 1282A, US ARMY, PFC, KOREA
JORDAN, Calvin T, b. 12/31/1955, d. 01/19/2005, Sec. R, Site 454, Adult Dependent Son of Robert G Jordan Sr
JORDAN, Edward, d. 07/10/1901, Sec. B, Site 2847A, INFANTRY, PVT 12TH COAST ARTY
JORDAN, Edward L, b. 09/01/1909, d. 09/22/1955, Sec. E, Site 159A, US NAVY, CH HOSP MAN, WORLD WAR II
JORDAN, Ernest Dean, b. 08/21/1932, d. 09/17/1986, Sec. E, Site 265A, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
JORDAN, Estell E, b. 08/29/1934, d. 11/09/1962, Sec. R, Site 454, Wife of Robert G Jordan Sr
JORDAN, Geo W, d. 09/09/1867, Sec. B, Site 408, US ARMY, PVT, CIVIL WAR
JORDAN, Harold V Jr, b. 04/01/1961, d. 05/02/1988, Sec. A, Site 791A, US MARINE CORPS, PFC
JORDAN, Harry, b. 08/11/1911, d. 10/08/1990, Sec. C, Site 319A, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JORDAN, Hester, b. 03/23/1920, d. 12/15/2004, Sec. C, Site 319A, Wife of Harry Jordan
JORDON, Jeff, b. 09/13/1930, d. 03/27/1977, Sec. B, Site 3364, US ARMY, CPL, KOREA
JORDON, Philip, d. 01/07/1918, Sec. A, Site 1380, INFANTRY, PVT CO.G, 156TH NG
JOSEPH, Able Jr, b. 08/09/1912, d. 07/16/1983, Sec. B, Site 3194, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JOSEPH, Dorothy H, b. 06/15/1923, d. 05/26/1977, Sec. B, Site 3194, Wife of Able Joseph Jr
JOSEPH, Edna Lee, b. 11/07/1932, d. 02/05/2007, Sec. A, Site 1425D, Wife of Gistab Joseph
JOSEPH, Gertrude F, b. 11/06/1905, d. 12/10/2002, Sec. A, Site 1195A, Wife of Harry E Joseph
JOSEPH, Gistab, b. 03/24/1919, d. 12/03/1990, Sec. A, Site 1425D, US ARMY, T5, WORLD WAR II
JOSEPH, Harry E, b. 07/27/1907, d. 05/21/1988, Sec. A, Site 1195A, US ARMY, TEC/4, WORLD WAR II
JOSEPH, Henry, b. 08/03/1921, d. 07/17/1974, Sec. A, Site 1663, US ARMY, PFC-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
JOSEPH, Jack Eugene, b. 01/27/1887, d. 06/18/1962, Sec. R, Site 92C, US NAVY, S2-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR I
JOSEPH, Landry, b. 09/11/1924, d. 10/06/1991, Sec. E, Site 31A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JOSEPH, Leroy, b. 03/20/1927, d. 03/08/1966, Sec. R, Site 172E, US NAVY, STM2C-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
JOSEPH, Robert, b. 01/04/1899, d. 11/24/1963, Sec. B, Site 1851A, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, COL CAS DET
JOSEPH, Robert, b. 05/05/1913, d. 10/22/1993, Sec. B, Site 1044A, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
JOSHUA, George B, d. 11/26/1933, Sec. C, Site 80, US ARMY, PVT CO.L, 25TH US INF
JOWERS, Clarence R, b. 09/24/1924, d. 04/28/1987, Sec. C, Site 429B, US ARMY, PVT, WORLD WAR II
JOYAL, Roland Joseph, b. 02/18/1921, d. 10/12/1970, Sec. F, Site 267, US ARMY, SGT 3RD PHOTO RCN, WORLD WAR II
JUDY, Hearley R, b. 11/19/1911, d. 04/08/1981, Sec. R, Site 3879, US AIR FORCE, TSGT, WORLD WAR II
JULY, John, d. 03/11/1900, Sec. R, Site 88, US ARMY, SGT INDIAN SCOUT
JULY, Other, d. 05/30/1898, Sec. R, Site 90, Relative of John July
JUMP, Fred C, d. 06/18/1930, Sec. A, Site 1460, US ARMY, PVT CO.A, 125TH INF
JUNEAU, Alton Anthony Sr, b. 10/30/1906, d. 12/02/1961, Sec. D, Site 88, US ARMY, CWO-LOUISIANA, WORLD WAR II
JUNEAU, Edna, d. 10/07/1951, Sec. B, Site 2853, Wife of Philip J Juneau
JUNEAU, Melvin J, Sec. MA, Site 6, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II
JUNEAU, Philip J, d. 08/19/1937, Sec. B, Site 2853, US ARMY, PVT 1ST CL CO.D, 37T
JUNIUS, Frank, d. 10/11/1865, Sec. A, Site 723, INFANTRY, PVT 47TH USCT INF
JUSTUS, Lessile H, b. 06/17/1877, d. 11/05/1946, Sec. R, Site 236, US ARMY, PVT CO.D, 52ND IOWA

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