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Holly Grove Cemetery
Singer, Beauregard Parish, Louisiana

GPS: 30.677926, -93.398403

Newlin Cemetery Rd
Singer, LA 70634

Submitted by: Charles Anderson [mail]
Published: July 9, 2021
Total records: 43

Cemetery History

The old Holly Grove Church is no longer there, but the cemetery remains. This cemetery is still enclosed by an old post & wire fence right off Newlin Cemetery Rd, right where the road makes a turn over the railroad tracks. The cemetery is located on the northeast side of the road, about 200 feet out. Today it remains hidden underneath a canopy of trees.

This is not the same as the Newlin Cemetery which is located only 300 feet to the northwest along the same road.

Many of the graves were never marked and several others have tombstones that are no longer readable. This cemetery was originally transcribed by Roberta B. Doty and Evelyn E. Cole in February 12, 1993 yielding a total of 19 records. Charles Anderson visited this cemetery in February 2013 and transcribed several more recent burials..

Cemetery Records

Records below were transcribed from tombstone inscriptions by Charles Anderson during a visit to the cemetery in February 2013.

BEASLEY, Aron, b. 7-Sep-1932, d. 9-Jul-2005
BEASLEY, Frank, d. 23-Nov-1953
BEASLEY, Johnny, b. Feb 1917, d. 23-Mar-1967
BEASLEY, Paul, b. 1926, d. 1991
BETTS, Angeline B, b. 27-Nov-1941, d. 4-Jul-2005
BOYD, Gracie Joyce, b. 16-Jan-1919, d. 17-Jun-1997
BRONSON, Henry Allen, d. 3-Feb-2010
BROWN, Lula, b. 8-May-1870, d. 20-Aug-1933
CLARK, "Catherine "Kate", b. 26-Sep-1960, d. 21-Apr-1996
COLLIENOR, Eugenia, b. 9-Jan-1974, d. 13-Dec-1978
DARBY, Ella Daws, b. 18-Dec-1920, d. 14-Jan-1995
DENTON, Lillie, b. 24-Dec-1894, d. 25-Nov-1965
DENTON, Willie, b. 1-Jun-1886, d. 20-Mar-1966
DOYLE, Jennie, b. 26-Mar-1905, d. 9-Apr-1971
EDWARDS, May Jane, b. 1912, d. 1995
ELLISON, Ed, b. 18-Nov-1942
FORD, Ada Lee, b. 20-Jan-1897, d. 26-Dec-1931
HILL, Ruth D, b. 26-Jan-1977, d. 24-Mar-1978
HILL, Terrance D, b. 30-Jun-1979, d. 9-Feb-1998
JONES, Jearldian, b. 10-Sep-1942, d. 18-Aug-1999
JONES, Lester Leon Kennedy, d. 15-Oct-1965
JONES, Pastor Frank Jr, b. 7-Aug-1940, d. 12-Mar-2007
JOYCE, M. C. Sr., b. 1936, d. 16-Jun-2006
JOYCE, Willie Jean, b. 16-Jun-1939, d. 15-Aug-1990
MYERS, Nicholas DeVante, d. 1-Apr-2009
NELSON, "Adam "Blue", b. 31-Aug-1924, d. 27-Nov-2000
NELSON, Aaron, b. 30-Aug-1924, d. 24-Jul-1993
NELSON, Ethre Mae, b. 20-May-1925, d. 30-Jan-1992
NELSON, Henry Josh, b. 9-Apr-1926, d. 11-May-1992
NELSON, Lula M, b. 4-Apr-1930, d. 31-Oct-1992
NELSON, Rosie Lee, b. 14-Nov-1927, d. 24-Jul-2003
PRATER, Elijah, d. 20-Dec-1933
PRATER, Herman, b. 16-Dec-1921, d. 7-Oct-1987
PRATER, Ollie M, b. 1923, d. 1997
PRATER, Ward Prater, b. 29-Oct-1941, d. 30-Oct-1941
SMITH, "Justin "Jay", b. 12-Mar-1998, d. 6-Jul-2008
WEALTHEAL, Dorsey Maxier, d. 2-Feb-1938
WILDER, Lucille, b. 1922, d. 12-Jun-2006
WILLIAM, John, d. 15-Jul-1934
WILLIS, Robert Lee Sr., d. 27-Apr-2012
WILLIS, Tyrone D, b. 5-Mar-1972, d. 24-Feb-2006

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