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Gilbertown Cemetery
Easton, Fairfield County, Connecticut

gilbertown cemetery, easton, ct
Gilbertown Cemetery, Easton, CT

GPS: 41.23274, -73.32154

372 Black Rock Turnpike
Easton, CT 06612

Contributed by: Thomas M. Edwards [mial]
Date published: February 27, 2022
Total records: 330

Gilbertown Cemetery is owned by Town of Easton, maintained by the Cemetery Committee of Easton.

Cemetery History

Gilbertown Cemetery is located across the street from both Aspetuck and Center Street Cemeteries. The oldest of the three, the cemetery was first established in 1768, however, the oldest recorded burial is in 1779. The cemetery is no longer open for burial and has been restored by the town very recently.

Gilbertown Cemetery is also known as, "First Aspetuck Cemetery".

Condition of the cemetery at the time of this transcription remains very good. Grass neatly mowed, shrubs are taken care of, most stones upright and standing.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were compiled by Thomas M. Edwards on February 27, 2022 based on visits to the cemetery and a previous transcription compiled by H. D. Byrnes on November 10, 1934.

BANKS, Aaron, d. Jun 1837, age 2y, Son of Esther & Alanson. s/w Esther Banks.
BANKS, Abigail, d. 17 Dec 1829, age 3m, Daughter of Walter & Marinda. s/w Marinda Banks.
BANKS, Abigail, d. 22 Feb 1835, age 49y 17d, Wife of Thomas Banks.
BANKS, Eliza G., b. 15 Oct 1815, d. 2 Apr 1896
BANKS, Elizabeth W., d. 17 Oct 1867, age 69y 7m, Widow of Thomas Banks.
BANKS, Esther, d. May 1837, age 33y, Wife of Alanson Banks. s/w Aaron Banks.
BANKS, Esther, d. 22 Oct 1822, age 69y, Wife of Ezekiel Banks.
BANKS, Esther, d. 2 Nov 1844, age 84y, Wife of Joseph Banks
BANKS, Ezekiel, d. 14 Dec 1844, age 86y, s/w Sq. Banks
BANKS, Hezekiah, d. 31 Mar 1812, age 63y, Rev. War Veteran.
BANKS, Hezekiah, b. 12 Dec 1777, d. 6 Oct 1872, s/w Ruhamah Banks.
BANKS, Joseph, d. 15 Jul 1830, age 74y
BANKS, Marinda, d. 12 Dec 1829, age 3?y, Wife of Walter, Daughter of Nathaniel Adams. s/w Abigail Banks.
BANKS, Mary E., d. 2 Mar 1825, age 2y 6m, Daughter of Benjamin & Rachel Banks.
BANKS, Mary E., b. 2 Dec 1819, d. 23 May 1899, Daughter of Walter & Marinda Adams Banks.
BANKS, Rachel, d. 4 Jan 1827, age 40y 3m, Wife of Benjamin Banks.
BANKS, Ruhamah, d. 12 Feb 1875, age 89y 5m 8d, Wife of Hezekiah Banks. s/w Hezekiah Banks.
BANKS, Sarah, d. 21 Feb 1815, age 62y, Wife of Hezekiah Banks.
BANKS, Sarah A., d. 1 Jul 1834, age 12y 6m, Daughter of Hezekiah & Ruhamah Banks.
BANKS, Sarah M. F., d. 30 Aug 1842, age 4y, Daughter of Samuel & Clara Ann Banks.
BANKS, Sq. O., d. 10 Nov 1822, age 37y, s/w Ezekiel Banks. First name assumed to be Squires.
BANKS, Sturges, d. 24 Aug 1817, age 44y
BANKS, Thomas, d. 30 Jul 1848, age 66y
BANKS, Walter, b. 3 Jun 1793, d. 19 Mar 1887
BENNET, Mary E., d. 2 Oct 1819, age 78y, Wife of Thadeus Bennet.
BENNET, Thadeus, d. 20 Jun 1828, age 88y
BRADLEY, Aaron, d. 18 Aug 1843, age 63y 5m 22d
BRADLEY, Abigail, d. 3 Oct 1783, age 32y, Wife of Benjamin Bradley.
BRADLEY, Abigail M., d. 21 May 1807, age 18y, Daughter of David & Deborah Bradley.
BRADLEY, Abram A., d. 5 Oct 1851, age 41y
BRADLEY, Amelia, d. 26 Nov 1851, age 30y, Wife of Abram Bradley.
BRADLEY, Catharine, d. 1 Sep 1846, age 70y 7m 16d, Wife of Wakeman Bradley.
BRADLEY, Clarissa , d. 16 Apr 1847, age 47y, Wife of Samuel W. Bradley.
BRADLEY, David, d. 23 Feb 1821, age 68y
BRADLEY, Deborah, d. 24 Jan 1846, age 89y, Wife of David Bradley.
BRADLEY, Deborah, d. 3 Sep 1832, age 99y, Relict of Gershom Bradley.
BRADLEY, Enos, d. 23 Jul 1814, age 75y
BRADLEY, Eunice, d. 18 Feb 1806, age 14y 9m 18d, Daughter of Levi & Mary Bradley.
BRADLEY, Francis, d. 9 Jul 1807, age 53y
BRADLEY, Francis, d. 2 Jul 1809, age 82y
BRADLEY, Gershom, d. 15 Jan 1795, age 82y
BRADLEY, Gershom, d. 27 Aug 1855, age 89y
BRADLEY, Gershom Jr, d. 20 Jan 1846, age 42y 10m 9d
BRADLEY, Grisel, d. 24 Dec 1821, age 64y, Wife of Lyman Bradley.
BRADLEY, Harry, d. 7 Nov 1822, age 24y, Son of Gershom & Mary Bradley.
BRADLEY, John, d. 15 May 1840, age 75y
BRADLEY, Levi, d. 8 May 1829, age 70y
BRADLEY, Lyman, d. 8 Sep 1822, age 67y
BRADLEY, Marietta, d. 21 Feb 1834, age 34y, Wife of Wolsey Bradley.
BRADLEY, Mary, d. 1 Jun 1824, age 54y, Wife of Gershom Bradley.
BRADLEY, Mary , d. 20 Jan 1849, age 90y 6m, Wife of Levi Bradley.
BRADLEY, Mary Eliza (Murwin), d. 18 Nov 1842, age 27y 3m 16d, Wife of Abram Bradley, daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Murwin.
BRADLEY, Moses, d. 21 Dec 1824, age 26y
BRADLEY, Ruth, d. 6 Jan 1806, age 75y, Wife of Francis Bradley.
BRADLEY, Samuel W., d. 4 Jun 1889, age 88y 8m 15d
BRADLEY, Wakeman, d. 1 Apr 1863, age 86y 6m
BRADLEY, Woolsey, d. 14 Sep 1848, age 54y
BURR, Abby (O'Banks), d. 12 Jul 1865, age 70y 1m 14d, Wife of Jesse Burr. Daughter of Solomon & Sarah O'Banks.
BURR, Abigail, d. 13 Jun 1814, age 73y, Wife of Moses Burr.
BURR, Jesse, d. 3 Sep 1822, age 28y
BURR, Moses, d. 11 Oct 1825, age 84y
CABLE, Joseph, d. 2 May 1815, age 25y 2m
CABLE, Rachel, d. 6 Mar 1830, age 36y, Wife of Mahli Cable.
CABLE, Thaddeus, d. 12 Dec 1828, age 66y
DAVIS, John, d. 28 Jul 1824, age 48y
DAVIS, Minddwill, d. 21 Dec 1834, age 70y, Widow of John Davis.
DAVIS, Olive, d. 4 May 1839, age 47y
DIAMOND, Harriet, d. 29 Feb 1832, age 21y
DIMON, John, d. 7 Dec 1793, age 29y 26d, s/w Sylvenus Jennings.
DISBROW, John A., d. 25 May 1857, age 52y
FANTON, Capt. Abel, d. 31 May 1805, age 44y
FANTON, Charlott, d. 13 Jul 1837, age 41y, Daughter of Abel & Jerusha Fanton.
FANTON, Hannah, d. 16 Jul 1844, age 63y 5m, Wife of Simeon Fanton.
FANTON, Harriet, d. 8 Nov 1824, age 15y, Daughter of Hezekiah & Polly Fanton.
FANTON, Hezekiah, d. 15 Nov 1845, age 62y
FANTON, Hezekiah, d. 2 Dec 1822, age 79y
FANTON, Jerusha, d. 28 Jan 1804, age 38y, Wife of Capt. Abel Fanton.
FANTON, Margery, d. 6 Oct 1810, age 30y, Wife of Capt. Hull Fanton.
FANTON, Mary, d. 20 May 1844, age 65y, Wife of Silliman Fanton.
FANTON, Mary Elizabeth, d. 15 Mar 1838, age 3y 6m 5d, Daughter of Horace & Catherine Fanton.
FANTON, Perlina, d. 15 Jun 1806, age 4y, Daughter of Silliman & Mary Fanton.
FANTON, Polly, d. 18 Sep 1851, age 66y, Wife of Hezekiah Fanton.
FANTON, Ruth, d. 29 May 1817, age 67y, Wife of Hezekiah Fanton.
FANTON, Sarah, d. 22 Mar 1810, age 58y, Wife of Nehemiah Fanton.
FANTON, Silliman, d. 10 Mar 1838, age 61y
FANTON, Simeon, d. 26 May 1839, age 57y
GILBERT, Ebenezer M., d. 17 Feb 1810, age 4y 8m, Son of Ezra & Rebecca Gilbert. s/w Ezra Gilbert.
GILBERT, Ezra J., d. 2 Oct 1814, age 16 weeks., Son of Ezra & Rebecca Gilbert. s/w Ebenezer Gilbert.
GILBERT, Lois, d. 28 Dec 1801, age 73y, Wife of Mr. Joseph Gilbert.
GILBERT, Permelia, d. 22 Oct 1837, age 58y, Wife of David Gilbert
GILBERT, Sarah Polina, d. 24 Aug 1858, age 35y, Daughter of Joseph & Matilda Gilbert.
GILBERT, Sterling, d. 18 Nov 1836, age 7m 18d, Son of Silas & Marietta Gilbert.
GOULD, Permelia, d. 14 Oct 1837, age 13y 3m 3d, Daughter of Eber & Marinda Gould.
HAWLEY, Mary C. (Williams), d. 29 Nov 1856, age 27y 9m 14d, Daughter of Peter & Abigail Williams, wife of Harry Hawley.
HILL, Cynthia, d. 2 Jan 1839, age 66y, Wife of Seth Hill
HILL, Maj. Jabez, d. 19 Oct 1779, age 35y
HILL, Seth, d. 10 Dec 1821, age 52y
HULL, Sophia T., d. 26 Jun 1855, age 12y 2m, Daughter of Benjamin & Susan Hull.
JENNINGS, Albin Barlow, b. 27 Nov 1839, d. 11 Mar 1902, "Reverend", s/w Carrie Jennings.
JENNINGS, Barlow, d. 20 Jun 1826, age 24y
JENNINGS, Carrie M., b. 17 Mar 1846, d. 26 Jun 1921, Wife of Albin Jennings. s/w Albin Barlow.
JENNINGS, Clarissa , d. 8 Mar 1833, age 47y, Wife of Thomas Jennings.
JENNINGS, Deborah (Burr), b. 1796, d. 1889, Wife of James Jennings. s/w James Jennings.
JENNINGS, Edmond, d. 2 Jan 1837, age 82y
JENNINGS, Elizabeth , b. 1833, d. 15 Apr 1836, age 3y, Daughter of James & Deborah Jennings.
JENNINGS, Esther, d. 13 Jun 1826, age 63y, Wife of Edmond Jennings.
JENNINGS, James, b. 1783, d. 1846, s/w Deborah Jennings.
JENNINGS, James B., b. 21 Nov 1823, d. 15 Feb 1905
JENNINGS, Martha, b. 1 Nov 1825, d. 22 Feb 1903
JENNINGS, Peter, d. 8 Jan 1827, age 39y
JENNINGS, Sarah, d. 5 Apr 1838, age 69y 9m, Wife of Sylvenus Jennings.
JENNINGS, Sarah, b. 1830, d. 18 Apr 1836, age 6y, Daughter of James & Deborah Jennings.
JENNINGS, Sylvenus, d. 3 Mar 1819, age 54y, s/w John Dimon.
KINNER, David, d. 2 Mar 1820, age 23y 10m 15d
KINNER, Eunice, d. 24 Apr 1837, age 74y 6d, Wife of Johnathan Kinner.
KINNER, Johnathan, d. 31 Mar 1838, "Soldier of the Revolution"
LYON, Cornelia E., d. 26 Aug 1837, age 4m, Daughter of William A. & Esther B.
LYON, Lockwood, d. 18 Mar 1813, age 41y 7m
LYON, Samuel , d. 29 Apr 1838, age 56y 7m
LYON, Wakeman, d. 30 Jul 1844, age 45y 2m 12d
LYON / BURR, Esther, d. 30 Dec 1867, age 90y 10m, Former wife of Lockwood Lyon, widow of Selleck Burr.
MAY, Mary, d. 12 Apr 1813, age 53y, Wife of John May.
MEEKER, Esther (Wakeman), d. 2 Jun 1881, age 58y 6m, Wife of Walter Meeker, daughter of Lewis & Esther Wakeman.
MERWIN, Hannah, d. 7 Feb 1853, age 83y, Wife of Lyman Merwin.
MERWIN, Lyman, d. 13 Dec 1841, age 80y
MERWIN, Thomas, d. 21 Jan 1831, age 39y
MOREHOUSE, Polly, d. 26 Jan 1823, age 27y 5m 11d, Wife of Gideon Morehouse.
MURWIN, David, d. 20 Oct 1814, age 85y
MURWIN, Elizabeth, d. 23 Apr 1808, age 38y, Wife of Miles Murwin.
MURWIN, Epaphras, d. 9 May 1813, age 65y
MURWIN, Eunice, d. 10 Dec 1839, age 91y, Widow of Samuel Murwin.
MURWIN, Grizzle, d. 5 Jan 1843, age 70y, Wife of David Murwin.
MURWIN, Hannah, d. 5 May 1809, age 75y, Wife of David Murwin.
MURWIN, Mary, d. 29 Oct 1826, age 38y, Wife of Abigah Murwin.
MURWIN, Mary, d. 15 Jan 1826, age 61y, Wife of Nathan Murwin.
MURWIN, Miles, d. 18 Apr 1837, age 70y
MURWIN, Nathan, d. 2 Jul 1832, age 70y
MURWIN, Samuel, d. 13 Nov 1795, age 64y
MURWIN, Sarah, d. 5 Aug 1793, age 23y, Daughter of Samuel Murwin.
MURWIN, Seth, d. 8 Jul 1793, age 66y
NASH, Eunice, d. 27 Jul 1857, age 70y 17d, Wife of Israel Nash.
NASH, Israel, d. 28 May 1850, age 75y
NICHOLS, Arete (Banks), d. 10 Jul 1815, age 27y, Wife of William Nichols, Daughter of Hezekiah & Sarah Banks.
NICHOLS, Betsey (Chapman), d. 14 Nov 1842, age 44y, Daughter of Phineas & Ruth Chapman, Wife of Hanford Nichols.
NICHOLS, Catherine, d. 18 May 1868, age 88y 2m, Wife of Peter Nichols.
NICHOLS, Charlotte, d. 16 Nov 1876, age 82y 8m
NICHOLS, Ebenezer , d. 29 Mar 1822, age 46y
NICHOLS, Eliphalet, d. 6 Dec 1855, age 67y
NICHOLS, Goold, d. 28 May 1833, age 68y
NICHOLS, Hannah, d. 27 Oct 1845, age 91y, s/w Peter Nichols.
NICHOLS, Huldah, d. 8 Dec 1852, age 78y
NICHOLS, John, d. 16 Oct 1817, age 62y
NICHOLS, John, d. 21 Feb 1833, Son of Wallace & Merina Nichols. s/w Merina Nichols.
NICHOLS, Laurinda, d. 12 Sep 1825, age 26y, Wife of Hanford Nichols.
NICHOLS, Lloyd W., d. 25 Jul 1839, age 16y 3m 25y, Son of Hanford & Laurina Nichols.
NICHOLS, Marana, d. 12 May 1819, age 40y, Wife of Ebenezer Nichols.
NICHOLS, Mary, d. 14 Mar 1848, age 92y, Wife of John Nichols
NICHOLS, Mary Eliza, d. 11 Aug 1844, age 7y 7m 27d, Daughter of Alvord & Mary Nichols.
NICHOLS, Merina, d. 21 Jan 1833, age 29y, Wife of Wallace Nichols. s/w John Nichols.
NICHOLS, Patty, d. 10 Apr 1824, age 22y, Daughter of Goold & Sarah Nichols.
NICHOLS, Peter, d. 28 Apr 1806, age 53y, s/w Hannah Nichols.
NICHOLS, Peter, d. 26 Sep 1854, age 78y
NICHOLS, Sarah, d. 10 Nov 1825, age 60y, Wife of Goold Nichols.
NICHOLS, Urana, d. 9 Oct 1813, age 33y, Wife of Peter Nichols.
O'BANKS, Sarah, d. 11 Dec 1864, age 92y 8m 7d, Wife of Solomon O'Banks.
O'BANKS, Solomon, d. 27 May 1846, age 72y 11m 5d
O'KELEY, Lydia, d. 10 Nov 1873, age 87y 11m 14d
OAKLEY, Catey, d. 1 May 1813, age 49y, Wife of Jeremiah Oakley.
OAKLEY, Ebba J., d. 17 Apr 1888, age 86y
OAKLEY, Hester, d. 17 Aug 1794, age 41y, Wife of Peter Oakley. s/w Peter Oakley.
OAKLEY, Jane, d. 13 Jul 1829, age 84y, Wife of Jeremiah Oakley.
OAKLEY, Jeremiah, d. 11 May 1847, age 83y
OAKLEY, Jeremiah, d. 11 May 1820, age 90y 3m
OAKLEY, Mary, d. 26 Aug 1833, age 58y, Wife of Jeremiah Oakley.
OAKLEY, Peter, d. 18 Aug 1794, age 40y, s/w Hester Oakley.
OAKLEY, Peter Jr., d. 21 May 1821, age 23y, Son of Miles & Susanna Oakley.
OAKLEY, Sara, d. 29 Aug 1807, Wife of Jeremiah Oakley.
ODELL, Betsey , d. 17 Oct 1836, age 42y, Wife of Daniel Odell.
OGDEN, Albee, d. 21 Jul 1811, age 43y
OGDEN, Sarah, d. 29 Apr 1852, age 81y 1d, Wife of Albee Ogden.
OLMSTEAD, Abby J., b. 28 May 1819, d. 7 Feb 1883
OLMSTEAD, Abigail, d. 15 Mar 1809, age 67y, Wife of John Olmstead. s/w John Olmstead.
OLMSTEAD, John, d. 29 Mar 1809, age 77y, s/w Abigail Olmstead.
OLMSTEAD, Rachel, d. 22 Jul 1808, age 38y, Daughter of John & Abigail Olmstead.
OSBORN, Abigail, d. 23 Oct 1821, age 57y, Wife of Ephraim Osborn.
OSBORN, Anna, d. 28 Mar 1812, age 48y, Wife of Jeremiah Osborn.
OSBORN, David, d. 26 Jul 1871, age 88y 9m
OSBORN, Ephraim, d. 2 Feb 1828, age 71y 9m
OSBORN, Jeremiah, d. 2 Nov 1825, age 72y
OSBORN, Priscilla, d. 15 Jan 1857, age 72y, Wife of David Osborn.
OSBORN, Sally, d. 1 Jul 1830, age 16y 1m, Daughter of David & Priscilla Osborn.
OYSTERHAM, Sarah, d. 16 Feb 1801, age 28y, Wife of Ezekiel Oysterham.
PARRACK, Deborah D., b. 20 May 1790, d. 17 Jan 1864, Wife of Uriah Parrack.
PARRACK, Mary S., d. 8 Jan 1854, age 38y
PARRACK, Uriah, M.D., b. 10 Apr 1786, d. 15 Jun 1845
PARSONS, Abigail, d. 10 Jan 1837, age 57y 3m 10d, Wife of Elias Parsons.
PARSONS, Elias, d. 29 Sep 1851, age 70y 7m 5d
PECK, Abigail, d. 31 May 1851, age 88y, Wife of Benjamin Peck.
PECK, Benjamin, d. 23 Jan 1855, age 85y
PERRY, Burr, d. 27 Nov 1826, age 32y
PERRY, Clarissa T., d. 2 Oct 1861, age 55y 9m, Wife of Orrando Perry.
PERRY, Job, d. 18 Aug 1821, age 53y
PERRY, Lavinia Scott, d. 12 Jul 1870, age 40y 4m 23d, Daughter of Orrando & Clarissa Perry.
PERRY, Nathan, d. 8 Jul 1833, age 62y
PERRY, Orrando, d. 11 Dec 1869, age 71y 6m 19d
PERRY, Polly, d. 3 Dec 1824, age 30y, Wife of Burr Perry.
PERRY, Sarah, d. 17 Apr 1829, age 46y 8m 26d, Wife of Nathan Perry.
PERRY, Sarah, d. 20 Jan 1852, age 84y, Wife of Job Perry.
PLATT, Jesse, d. Oct 1795, age 32y, Son of Obediah & Thankful Platt.
PLATT, Obadiah, d. 25 Nov 1784, age 56y
RAYMOND, Frederick W., d. 12 Jun 1851, age 4y 9m 5d, Son of Roswell & Harriet Raymond.
REDFIELD, Huldah, d. 21 Jul 1841, age 21y 11m 9d
REDFIELD, Julia, d. 4 Jul 1837, age 18y 1m 9d
ROBERTSON, Alson, d. 11 Nov 1859, age 59y 10m
ROBERTSON, Amelia, d. 9 Aug 1847, age 51y 11m, Wife of Alson Robertson. Stone is missing.
ROBERTSON, Betty, d. 19 May 1837, age 39y 2m 17d, Wife of Alson Robertson.
ROBERTSON, Hannah, d. 12 Feb 1846, age 92y 4m, Wife of Seth Robertson.
ROBERTSON, Mary Ann, d. 8 Mar 1824, age 3y 3m 3d, Daughter of Alson & Betty Robertson.
ROBERTSON, Polly, d. 3 Jun 1838, age 15y, Daughter of Alson & Betty Robertson.
ROBERTSON, William, d. 27 Jul 1839, age 2y 1m 8d, Son of Alson & Betty Robertson. Stone is missing.
SHERWOOD, Eleazer, d. 5 Apr 1814, age 43y 4d
SHERWOOD, Hez., d. 1 May 1824, age 19y 7m 16d
SHERWOOD, Joanna, d. 3 Nov 1814, age 38y 24d, Wife of Eleazer Sherwood.
SHERWOOD, Sarah, d. 14 Jun 1817, age 19y 11m 5d
SHERWOOD, Shelden, d. 1 Jan 1822, age 21y
SILLIMAN, Charity, d. 1 Jun 1853, age 67y, Wife of Isaac Silliman.
SILLIMAN, James, d. 1 Nov 1831, age 69y 4m 16d
STAPLES, Samuel, d. 21 Feb 1787, age 78y
STOCKER, Rhueamy, d. 9 Jun 1816, age 61y 8m, Wife of John Stocker.
THORP, Aaron, d. 27 Jul 1846, age 76y
THORP, Abigail, d. 27 Jun 1819, age 19y, Daughter of Ebenezer & Rhoda Thorp.
THORP, Dorothy, d. 14 Sep 1794, Relict of Nathan Thorp.
THORP, Ebenezer, d. 25 Aug 1792, age 72y 1m
THORP, Ebenezer, d. 13 Feb 1842, age 76y
THORP, Eliphalet W., d. 4 Jun 1809, age 33y
THORP, Elizabeth, d. 7 Apr 1863, age 89y
THORP, Eunice A., d. 5 Oct 1815, age 1y 10m 4d, Daughter of Isaac & Ruth Thorp. s/w 2 infants Thorp.
THORP, Hannah, d. 16 Apr 1846, age 52y 1m 2d, Wife of Charles Thorp.
THORP, Huldah, d. 18 Jan 1829, age 77y, Wife of Samuel Thorp.
THORP, Infant, s/w Infant & Eunice Thorp.
THORP, Infant, s/w Infant & Eunice Thorp.
THORP, Isaac, d. 29 Feb 1852, age 67y 7m 14d
THORP, Jabez, d. 1 Nov 1824, age 76y
THORP, Lyman, d. 20 Sep 1843, age 7y 9m, Son of William & Emeline Thorp.
THORP, Mary, d. 6 Feb 1825, age 73y, Wife of Jabez Thorp. Stone is missing.
THORP, Mary, d. 22 Mar 1799, age 85y, Wife of Ebenezer Thorp.
THORP, Nathan, d. 16 Nov 1785, age 71y
THORP, Peter, d. 2 Jun 1858, age 84y 1m 9d
THORP, Rachel, d. 19 Dec 1863, age 86y 9m 8d, Wife of Peter Thorp.
THORP, Rhoda, d. 1838, age 72y, Wife of Ebenezer Thorp. Sunken/broken.
THORP, Ruth, d. 8 Aug 1842, age 88y 16d, Wife of Isaac Thorp.
THORP, Samuel, d. 30 Mar 1820, age 73y
THORP, Samuel C., d. 24 Jan 1852, age 3y 17d, Son of Samuel E. & Mary B. Thorp.
THORP, Susanna, d. 22 Jul 1846, age 71y 6m, Wife of Andrew Thorp.
TREADWELL, Bradley, d. 6 Jun 1841, age 26y 7m 22d
TREADWELL, Clarissa, d. 30 Jul 1875, age 88y 9m 9d
TREADWELL, Edward, d. 2 Jan 1902, age 83y 3m
TREADWELL, Edwin, d. 28 Apr 1841, age 22y 7m 24d
TREADWELL, Eunice, d. 4 Sep 1825, age 62y, Wife of Joseph Treadwell.
TREADWELL, Frederick A., d. 19 Apr 1839, age 10y 5m 10d, Son of Walter & Marinda Treadwell.
TREADWELL, Joseph, d. 20 Apr 1819, age 58y
TREADWELL, Mary, d. 24 Sep 1843, age 78y, Wife of Nathan Treadwell. s/w Nathan Treadwell.
TREADWELL, Mary, d. 10 Jan 1906, age 92y 8m
TREADWELL, Nathan, d. 22 Jun 1824, age 58y, s/w Mary Treadwell.
TREADWELL, Nathaniel, d. 29 Dec 1812, age 43y 3m 28d
TREADWELL, Ruth, d. 25 Sep 1811, age 77y, Relict of Thomas Treadwell.
TREADWELL, Salina, d. 31 Mar 1824, age 28y, Wife of Ebenezer N. Treadwell.
TREADWELL, Samuel, d. 30 Jun 1845, age 55y
TREADWELL, Thomas, d. 13 Jul 1803, age 70y
TREDWELL, Sarah, d. 8 Feb 1818, age 38y, Wife of Isaac Tredwell.
TURNEY, Eunice G., d. 25 Nov 1853, age 34y, Wife of John B. Turney.
WAKEMAN, Aaron, d. 28 Feb 1810, age 16y, Son of Aaron & Sarah Wakeman.
WAKEMAN, Aaron, d. 30 Sep 1822, age 58y
WAKEMAN, Abigail, d. 1 Sep 1831, age 80y, Wife of Lyman Wakeman
WAKEMAN, Betsey Ann, d. 25 May 1832, age 25y, Daughter of Eliphalet & Eunice, niece of Elizabeth Wakeman.
WAKEMAN, David, d. 5 Apr 1857, age 51y
WAKEMAN, Drusilla, d. 6 Oct 1784, age 89y 9m 15d, Wife of Samuel Wakeman.
WAKEMAN, Ellen A, d. 25 Feb 1841, age 1y 10m 9d, Daughter of David & Rebecca Wakeman.
WAKEMAN, Esther, d. 7 Dec 1861, age 74y 6m, Wife of Lewis Wakeman.
WAKEMAN, Hanford, d. 4 Jul 1892, age 76y, Son of Lewis & Esther Wakeman.
WAKEMAN, Lewis, d. 10 Jan 1823, age 38y 8m
WAKEMAN, Lyman, d. 6 Mar 1836, age 81y
WAKEMAN, Mary, d. 30 Aug 1870, age 50y, Daughter of Lewis Wakeman.
WAKEMAN, Rebecca, d. 2 Nov 1846, age 38y 5m, Wife of David Wakeman.
WAKEMAN, Samuel, d. 2Aug 1831, age 53y
WAKEMAN, Sarah, d. 24 Nov 1844, age 76y, Wife of Aaron Wakeman.
WAKEMAN, Sarah, d. 15 Sep 1873, age 82y, Daughter of Aaron & Sarah Wakeman.
WELLS, Juliett, d. 1 Apr 1870, age 70y, Widow of Stephen Wells.
WELLS, Stephen, d. 28 Dec 1828, age 26y
WHEDER, Charles, d. 20 May 1825, age 2y, Son of Edwin & Laura Wheder. s/w Henry Wheder.
WHEDER, Henry, d. 1 Aug 1827, age 1y 6m, Son of Edwin & Laura Wheder. s/w Charles Wheder.
WHEELER, Andrew N., d. 8 Aug 1841, age 3y 10m 12d, Son of Eliza & Ebenezer Wheeler
WHEELER, Eliza B. (Nichols), d. 23 Jul 1839, age 25y, Daughter of Lewis & Alina Nichols, wife of Ebenezer Wheeler.
WHEELER, Marietta, d. 6 Dec 1834, age 27y, Wife of Sanford Wheeler.
WHEELER, Nathan, d. 1 Jul 1816, age 65y, "Honorable Esquire"
WICKS, Nash, d. 18 Nov 1815, age 16y 7d, Son of Nathaniel & Mary Wicks.
WILLIAMS, Abigail, d. 5 May 1837, age 71y 4m 17d, Wife of Elnathan Williams.
WILLIAMS, Clarissa, d. 20 Apr 1791, age 3y 9m, Daughter of Elnathan & Abigial Williams.
WILLIAMS, David, d. 16 Dec 1856, age 72y
WILLIAMS, Eliza, d. 16 Jan 1825, age 4y 4m, Daughter of David & Olive Williams.
WILLIAMS, Elnathan, d. 23 Oct 1815, age 86y
WILLIAMS, Elnathan, d. 4 Jul 1853, age 89y
WILLIAMS, Eunice, d. 8 Apr 1825, age 14y 6m, Daughter of David & Olive Williams.
WILLIAMS, Hanford, d. 27 Jul 1826, age 33y
WILLIAMS, Hannah, d. 28 Jun 1818, age 79y, Wife of Elnathan. Stone missing.
WILLIAMS, Jonathan, d. 26 Oct 1808, age 2y 2m 15d, Son of David & Olive Williams.
WILLIAMS, Nathan B., d. 9 Oct 1848, age 11m 22d, Son of Nathan & Abigail.
WILLIAMS, Olive, d. 28 Oct 1854, age 72y, Wife of David Williams.
WILLIAMS, Sarah, d. 31 Aug 1881, age 86y 7m 20d, Wife of Hanford Williams
WILLSON, Joseph, d. 28 Dec 1819, age 53y
WILLSON, Joseph, d. 7 Sep 1830, age 76y
WILSON, ?, d. 13 Apr 1854, age 69y, Wife of David Wilson. Broken Stone.
WILSON, Alvin B., d. 13 Dec 1842, age 4y 4m 14d, Son of Samuel & Polly Wilson. s/w Eliza Wilson.
WILSON, Eleanor, d. 31 Oct 1843, age 84y, Wife of Joseph Wilson.
WILSON, Eliza J., d. 13 Dec 1842, age 2y 6m 2d, Daughter of Samuel & Polly Wilson. s/w Alvin Wilson.
WILSON, Elizabeth, d. 20 Jan 1855, age 1y 6m 2d, Daughter of Samuel & Polly Wilson.
WILSON, Elizabeth, d. 5 Jun 1838, age 59y, Wife of William Wilson.
WILSON, George W., d. 10 Jan 1841, age 10d, Son of Levi & Harriet Wilson.
WILSON, Hester, d. 31 Oct 1856, age 70y, Wife of Peter Wilson.
WILSON, Mary W., d. 23 Apr 1842, age 3y 1m, Daughter of Levi & Harriet Wilson.
WILSON, Meranda, d. 2 Nov 1826, age 22y
WILSON, Peter, d. 18 Feb 1851, age 68y
WILSON, William, d. 4 May 1844, age 68y
WINTON, Charity, d. 14 Jul 1851, age 67y
WINTON, Charles, d. 19 Apr 1841, age 52y
WINTON, Joseph, d. 12 May 1834, age 77y
WINTON, Judson, d. 29 Sep 1854, age 60y 7m 12d
WINTON, Mary, d. 2 Jul 1825, age 69y, Wife of Joseph Winton
WINTON, Pollina, d. 20 Jun 1851, age 75y 8m 3d
WINTON, Sarah, d. 2 Nov 1862, age 80y 9m 11d

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