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Forest Lawn Memorial Park
Glendale, Los Angeles County, California

1712 S. Glendale Ave.
Glendale, CA 91205
(800) 204-3131

Lat: 34° 07' 29"N, Lon: 118° 14' 36"W

Forest Lawn in Glendale was founded in 1917.

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Mar 07, 2007. Total records = 66.

Letters appearing in brackets [ ] at the end of each record refer to the person who submitted the record to this website. Please visit the Submitter's Index Page to view the submitter details.

Alsop, Arthur, d. 10/1952 Portland, Multnomah, OR, bur. 10/20/1952 Memory Slope, Lot 859 Sp. 5., h/o Jennie L. Smith, [KD]
Alsop, Jennie L. Smith, b. 1874 MO, d. 2/27/1951 Hollywood, LA, CA., bur. 3/21/1941 Memory Slope Lot 859 Sp 6., w/o Arthur Alsop, [KD]
Ballard, Dr. Jerry, Hollywood, CA, d. Jan 15, 1938 in Los Angeles, bur. Jan 18, 1938 in the Whispering Pines Section of Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery. Wife: Mrs. Cassie Ballard, [JM]
Beach, Hazel Irene, b. 1915, d. 1954, wife of Russell Beach, [LJ]
Benson, Marie, No. 2 Lot 321 Liberty, d. 4-5-1943, Actress Stage Name Peggy Lynne, d/o Mary Katherine Henrie Benson Fisher & George Washington Henrie, s/o Frank, [JW]
Bessmer, Albert John b. 16 Jun 1838 d. 9 Apr 1921, h/o Ellen (nee Bliven) Bessmer, bur. Space 1, Lot 306, Sec M, [GV]
Bessmer, Ellen b. 17 Nov 1849 d. 7 Feb 1927, w/o Albert John Bessmer, bur. Space 2, Lot 306, Sec M, [GV]
Black, David Alexander, b. 24 Jun 1887 in Scotland, d. 01 Apr 1972, h/o Mary G. Weller, [HB]
Block, Benjamin B., b. 8 Feb 1871, d. 26 Jul 1924, s/o Hans Alfred and Frances Elizabeth (Alcorn) Block, [JB]
Block, Hans Alfred, b. 8 Dec 1843, d. 23 Aug 1918, native of Sweden, [JB]
Brand, David, b. 16 Sep 1881 Dundee,Scotland, d. 16 Feb 1961, L.A. CA, s/o Robert and Elizabeth Brand, m. 15 Jun 1909 Padadena, CA, [LR]
Christy, Jack M. Sr., b. Mar 31, 1912 Denver CO, d. Jul 31, 1973, [Joa]
Day, Alliene E., b. 22 Feb 1865 Newark NJ, d.10 Jan 1943, w/o Henry A., d/o John "Sidney" and Emily J. (Cowdrey)Thompson, [AB]
Day, Olga Virginia Kolstad, b. Mar 21, 1898, Otter Tail, MN, d. Mar 24, 1989, w/o Roy Emery Day, dau. of Christian Olsen Kolstad of Christiana, Oslo, Norway and Lydia Lund Ericks/o Trollhatten, Sweeden, [NR]
Day, Roy Emery, b. Dec 4, 1896, IA, d. May 10, 1970, Pasadena, CA, h/o Olga Virginia Kolstad, s/o Clarence Edgar Day and Addie Browning, [NR]
Ellis, Stella, space 1, lot 1835 (Whispering), [JR]
Gaio, Dorothy V.(Lowe), b. Dec 11, 1920 ILL, d. May 25 1981 Van Nuys CA, w/o John J. Gaio, d/o William Lowe & Lucille Myers, c/d Cancer, [BK]
Gamble, Edwin Smith, d. Jan 9, 1935, 66yr 6mo 19da, space 1, lot 1835 (Whispering), [JR]
Garrett, Sarah Ann, b. 21 May 1879, Birkenhead, England, d/o James and Margaret Garrett, [LR]
Gray, Clarence E., no dates, [SP]
Gray, Edna, no dates, [SP]
Horn, Donald Thomas, b. 1936, d. 1943, [LJ]
Hughes, James Savage, b. 23 Aug 1892, Warsaw MO, d. 30 Dec 1950, s/o Abraham David Hughes and Martha E. Savage, [DG]
Lehrbass, August Ferdinand Julius, b. 23 Jul 1857 Germany, d. 08 Apr 1938, h/o Wilhelmina Lehrbass, bur. Graceland Sec, Lot 857, [RR]
Lehrbass, Walter Herman, b. 24 Apr 1891 Detrot MI, d. 19 Sep 1932, bur. Graceland Sec, Lot 3583, Space 1, s/o August and Wilhelmina Lehrbass [RR]
Lehrbass, Wilhelmina Emilie Adeline (Wittenberg), b. 22 Nov 1863 Germany, d. 26 Nov 1938, w/o August Lehrbass, bur. Graceland Sec, Lot 857, [RR]
Lingelbach, Laura Lynn, b. 1934, d. 1969, "Wherever Thou Goest", [DO]
Lopez, Jane Ann (Harle), d. 1950, cremains, [CH]
Maxfield, Gladys,
no dates, [KS]
Maxfiled, Blanch Inez, b. 28 Jun 1885 Hill Co. Tx, d. 24 Oct 1951 L.A. Co. Ca, d/o James Monroe And Lucy Ann (Moore) Shaw, w/o Buford Alma Maxfield, [KS]
McCarty, Eturia, Wife, mother, year 1946, [RC]
Miller, Alice Elizabeth (Gruber), b. in E.Stroudsburg, Pa Dec 03, 1861, d. May 27, 1941., s/w Samuel, [MK]
Miller, Samuel Oakley,1 b. in Scranton Pa., Mar 30, 1862 d. Jun 01, 1940., h/o Alice, beloved parent of Cora P., Samueol Oakley !!,Voyt R., Alice P., Coconino, Beryl F.Charles Phillip, Easter E. lived last 18 yrs on Redfield Ave in Highland Park area of Los Angeles Calif., [MK]
Pavletich, Imogene Ruth Bixby, b. 18 Feb 1914 Seymour, Baylor Co. Tx, d. 6 Jul 1963 L.A. Co. Ca, d/o Buford Alma & Blanch Inez (Shaw) Maxfield, w/o John Edwin Bixby & Joseph Pavletich, [KS]
Reiterman, Bessie (Walker), b. 1872, d. Apr 1924, wife of Reiterman, Lewis Phillip, [WF]
Reiterman, Dr. Charles, b. Nov 18, 1851, d. Feb ll, 1925., [WF]
Reiterman, Elizabeth Hellen (Reynolds), b. May 5, 1855, d. May 7, 1954, wife of Reiterman, Dr. Charles, [WF]
Reiterman, Ethel, b. Dec 4,1882, d. Aug 7, 1960, dau. of Reiterman, Dr. Charles and Elizabeth, [WF]
Reiterman, Lewis Phillip, b. Aug 20, 1876, d. Aug 1932, [WF]
Reynolds, Richard Irving, no dates, [SP]
Reynolds, Roxy Irving, no dates, [SP]
Reynolds, Ruby Pearl, no dates, [SP]
Ritzmand, Richard, b. 2 Aug 1944, d. 17 May 1968, [WR]
Rusk, Edwin Mckinnon, b. 8 Sep 1867, d. 30 Aug 1950, h/o Katherine, s/o James W. Rusk and Martha Jane Tubbs, [PR]
Russell, Edgar Allyn, b. 4 Jul 1889, d. 26 Mar 1978, h/o Margaret, [MR]
Russell, Margaret Elmendorf, b. 10 Apr 1890, d. 17 Sep 1981, w/o Edgar, [MR]
Russell, Robert Cushing, b. 20 Nov 1914, d. 17 Apr 1928, s/o Edgar and Margaret, [MR]
Sanchez, Abraham, b. Oct 10, 1901, d. Sep 29, 1968, [JO]
Savage, Martha E. "Mattie", b. 07 Aug 1870, MO, d. 06 Feb 1943, d/o Jeremiah and Lettie (Graham) Savage, [DG]
Skillington, Martha Lucy Sutton, b. Indiana, d. 11 Dec 1976, [RH]
Skillington, Richard, b. 30 Mar 1890, 15 Aug 1984, 94yrs, d. Los Angeles, Cal., m. Martha Lucy Sutton, s/o John Grange Skillington, [RH]
Smith, Edith A., b. 1902, d. 1984, Loving wife and Mother, [GS]
Smith, John C., b. 1897, d 1955, husband of Edith A. Smith, loving father, [GS]
Thayer, Madeline, b. 1907, d. 1990, 3rd, w/o Robert E. Thayer, [RTC]
Thayer, Robert E., b. 1913, d. 1982, h/o Madeline Thayer, [RTC]
Ulrich, Helen Marie (Drake), b. Jan 22, 1909, d. Jan 31, 1989, [AA]
Ulrich, Louis Theophil, b. Apr 07, 1910, d. Aug 08, 1999, [AA]
Ulrich, Michael Alan, b. Jun 15, 1967, d. Oct 03, 1994, [AA]
Vaughn, Elizabeth Mae Woods, b. KS, d. Jul 06, 1959, bur. Sunrise Slope, Lot 1962 Sp. 2., w/o Frank Vaughn, [KD]
Vaughn, Frank, bur. Nov 6, 1930, Sunrise Slope, Lot 1962 Sp. 1., h/o Elizabeth Mae Woods, [KD]
Warren, Lyman W., b. 15 Feb 1916, d. 19 Sep 1985, [HS]
Warren, Mary E., b. 17 Jan 1903, d. 6 Dec 1983, bur. 10 Dec 1983, [HS]
White, Ella S., b. 1862, d. 1961, [KW]
White, George A., b. 1857, d. 1932, [KW]
White, Hilda Elida, b. 1889, d. 1955, Beloved Wife-Mother, [KW]
White, William R., b. 1889, d. 1983, Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather, [KW]
Williams,Alonzo Kent, b. 1851, d. 1921, h/o Ella Mae Cantwell, s/o Alonzo and Martha Williams, [KB]

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