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North Africa American Cemetery
Carthage, Tunisia

north africa american cemetery

GPS: 36.86554, 10.32993

BP 346 Sidi Bou Said
Tunis Tunisia

Published: November 24, 2019
Total records: 6,569

North Africa American Cemetery is managed by American Battle Monuments Commission, and is located in close proximity to the site of the ancient city of Carthage, Tunisia.

Cemetery History

North Africa American Cemetery covers 27 acres of the plateau lying between the Mediterranean and the Bay of Tunis, both of which are a mile or so distant. It is located near the site of the ancient Carthaginian city destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC and lies over part of the site Roman Carthage.

After the end of World War II, a survey made jointly by representatives of the Secretary of War and the American Battle Monuments Commission revealed that all of the sites of the temporary cemeteries established in North Africa during the war had major disadvantages. The present site was established in 1948. It lies in the sector of the British First Army which liberated the Tunis area in May 1943. Construction of the cemetery and memorial was completed in 1960.

The military dead resting here represent 39 percent of the burials which were originally made in North Africa and Iran. A high proportion of these gave their lives in the landings in, and occupation of, Morocco and Algeria and in subsequent fighting which culminated in the liberation of Tunisia. Others died as a result of accident or sickness in these and other parts of North Africa, or while serving in the Persian Gulf Command in Iran.

Cemetery Records

Records below were acquired from American Battle Monuments Commission on November 24, 2019. These include dates of death ranging from 1940 to 1947. The 3,723 soliders who remains were never found have been tagged with, "Tablets of the Missing".

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