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Motu Cemetery
Motu, Gisborne Region, New Zealand

GPS: -38.24768, 177.53853

Motu Rd
Motu, Gisborne 4092
New Zealand

Published: June 16, 2020
Total records: 67

Motu Cemetery is owned and managed by Gisborne District Council.

Cemetery History

The approval for the land of Motu Cemetery was announced on the 6th of December 1906. There were no burial records until 1920, which were considered to be incomplete when the cemetery was transcribed in 1983 by Ronald and Denise Hermon from the Gisborne Genealogist Group. The oldest headstone recorded in 1983 was for Walter Fisher who died in September 1909.

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Cemetery Records

Records linked below were acquired from Gisborne District Council on June 14, 2020. Dates of burial range from 1910 to 2006...

ARMSTRONG, Sarah, Adult, Age: 52, bur. 17/01/1926, Plot: 35A
ASHDOWN, Ralph Ernest, Child, Age: 4, bur. 16/10/1920, Plot: 22B
BARBARICH, Gloria Kumeroa, Adult, Age: 19, Plot: 63A
BARBARICH, Morris, Plot: 62B
BARBARICH, Nga Waiata, Adult, Age: 43, Plot: 50A
BARBARICH, Rangi Joseph, Adult, Age: 42, bur. 27/05/2006, Plot: 49B
BARBARICH, Wanda May, Adult, Age: 47, bur. 10/09/2001, Plot: 49A
BEETS, Walter Edward, Adult, Age: 51, bur. 14/01/1927, Plot: 38A
BLUCHER, Child, Plot: 8A
BRADLEY, Mary Ann, Adult, Age: 37, Plot: 17A
BRADLEY, William, Adult, Age: 76, bur. 07/08/1935, Plot: 7B
BRYSON, Child, Plot: 16B
CLARK, Charles Dudley, Child, Age: 1, bur. 30/05/1920, Plot: 1B
CLARK, William Bruce, Adult, Age: 73, bur. 22/06/1994, Plot: 20B
COCHRANE, Child, Plot: 16A
COOK, Jessie Mabel, Child, Age: 3 weeks, bur. 26/02/1921, Plot: 23A
CURRY, Eileen Mary, Child, Age: 9, bur. 18/12/1922, Plot: 23B
DIXON, Gregory Thomas, Child, bur. 12/10/1954, Plot: 47A
DIXON, Trevor, Child, bur. 28/06/1953, Plot: 46B
DONALD, J, Child, Plot: 2
EMMERSON, Edith, Adult, Age: 45, bur. 27/08/1926, Plot: 25A
EVANS, Child, Plot: 14A
FISHER, Walter, Adult, Age: 66, Plot: 6
HANSEN, Caroline Mabel, Adult, Age: 36, Plot: 11
HANSEN, Christian, Adult, Age: 59, bur. 12/07/1910, Plot: 4
HANSEN, H K, Child, Plot: 22A
HARRIS, Rupert Arthur Anthony, Child, Age: 6, bur. 10/03/1924, Plot: 24B
HAYES, Augustus Thomas, Adult, Age: 57, Plot: 3
HENDERSON, Annie, Adult, Age: 58, bur. 24/08/1944, Plot: 40
HENDERSON, Richard Routledge, Adult, Age: 86, bur. 30/07/1942, Plot: 40
HEWITSON, Child, Plot: 15
HIGGINS, Child, Plot: 41A
HOLLAND, William Henry, Adult, Age: 65, bur. 29/02/1920, Plot: 28B
JACKSON, Mary, Adult, Age: 73, bur. 23/09/1930, Plot: 44A
JACKSON, Richard Fearon Sr., Child, Plot: 44B
JACOBS, Peter, Adult, Age: 86, bur. 02/11/1926, Plot: 26B
LEWIS, John Ross, Adult, Age: 45, bur. 31/12/1922, Plot: 29A
LLOYD, Child, Plot: 10A
LOVELL, Charles, Adult, Age: 48, bur. 04/07/1926, Plot: 12A
LOVELL, Robert Walter, Child, Age: 5, Plot: 12B
MAORI CHILD, Child, Plot: 30
MULHERN, Reginald Frank, Adult, Age: 24, bur. 22/07/1924, Plot: 29B
MURPHY, Joseph Herbert Patrick, Adult, Age: 30, bur. 04/03/1920, Plot: 27B
NIWHA, Margareta Johaana, Adult, Age: 46, bur. 28/10/1995, Plot: 48A
NIWHA, Robert Te Pou, Adult, Age: 58, bur. 03/10/2002, Plot: 48B
OBERG, J, Child, Plot: 28A
PAKURA, Lance Major, Child, Age: 2, Plot: 47B
PETHERBRIDGE, Janet, Adult, Age: 50, bur. 13/04/1913, Plot: 5
POSSITOR, Child, Plot: 17B
RICHARDSON, Chas, Child, Plot: 32A
RICHARDSON, Edward, Child, Plot: 31
RICHARDSON, Patty, Child, Age: 4, bur. 28/03/1924, Plot: 32B
STOCKWELL, Child, Plot: 13A
THOMAS, A, Child, Plot: 7A
THOMPSON, J, Child, Plot: 39B
THOMPSON, Jack, Child, Plot: 45A
THOMPSON, James Agnew, Adult, Age: 77, bur. 08/05/1950, Plot: 46A
THOMSON, Edward Buchan, Adult, Age: 53, bur. 28/05/1920, Plot: 19B
THOMSON, Child, Plot: 36
THOMSON, Child, Plot: 37
WHITEHEAD, Stanford Sargent, Child, Age: 5, Plot: 10B
WILLIAMS, Mary Ann, Adult, Age: 78, bur. 09/06/1937, Plot: 39A
WILSON, Alex Mckrell, Adult, Age: 26, bur. 24/07/1925, Plot: 34A
WORNER, Sidney, Adult, Age: 48, Plot: 27A
WRIGHT, Hester, Adult, Age: 68, bur. 20/09/1919, Plot: 21
WRIGHT, Peter, Adult, Age: 83, Plot: 21
WRIGHT, Child, Plot: 20A

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