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Timaru Cemetery
Timaru, Canterbury Region, New Zealand

GPS: -44.41338, 171.25913

47 Domain Ave
Timaru 7910, New Zealand

Published: March 16, 2020
Total records: 17,207

Timaru Cemetery is owned by Timaru District Council.

Cemetery Records
Unidentified Remains

Records listed below were acquired from Canterbury Maps, a collaborative data portal of the 10 District Councils of Canterbury. These records were aquired from March 14, 2020. Canterbury Maps compiled this data on February 27, 2020.

?UNKNOWN, Cremation, Plot: MA_669
?UNKNOWN, Cremation, Plot: MA_671
?UNKNOWN, Cremation, Plot: MA_727
?UNKNOWN, Cremation, Plot: MA_739
?UNKNOWN, Plot: G-3_399A
?UNKNOWN, Plot: LAWNC-9_48
?UNKNOWN, Plot: TC187_111
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1869, Plot: E_89
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_17
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_18
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_19
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_20
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_21
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_22
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_23
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_24
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_25
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_26
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_27
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_28
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_29
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_30
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_31
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1870, Plot: TC28_32
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1875, Plot: D-6_81
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1879, Plot: B-4_86
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1882, Plot: C1-2_55
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1883, Plot: S-3_390
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1885, Plot: S-2_676
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1887, Plot: C-1_81
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1889, Plot: S-1_234
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1901, Plot: S-2_178
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1901, Plot: S-2_201
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1905, Plot: S-2_412
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1905, Plot: S-2_413A
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1905, Plot: S-2_434
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1905, Plot: S-2_435
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1905, Plot: S-2_436
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1921, Plot: D2-5_62
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1922, Plot: S-6_487
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1930, Plot: P-1_178
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1932, Plot: C-3_325
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1932, Plot: R-3_62
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1936, Plot: P-2_599
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1936, Plot: P-2_743
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1941, Plot: P-1_661
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1943, Plot: R-4_328
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1946, Plot: C-4_378
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1963, Plot: L-6_548A
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1974, Plot: B-3_458A
?UNKNOWN, bur. 1995, Plot: K2-1_551
?UNKNOWN, bur. 2007, Plot: LAWNC2-C_364

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