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Tekapo Cemetery
Lake Tekapo, Canterbury Region, New Zealand

GPS: -44.013337, 170.488803

Lilybank Rd
Lake Tekapo 7999, New Zealand

Published: March 15, 2020
Total records: 68

Tekapo Cemetery is owned by Mackenzie District Council.

Cemetery History

Tekapo Cemetery is one the newest cemeteries in the Mackenzie District Council. Construction started in 2003. Local residents got the project funded and launched under the name, "Six Feet Under Group", and raised nearly $140,000. The initial construction was funded by club members, but has since been handed over to the Mackenzie District Council for administration and maintenance.

Cemetery Records

Records listed below were acquired from Canterbury Maps, a collaborative data portal of the 10 District Councils of Canterbury. These records were aquired from March 14, 2020. Canterbury Maps compiled this data on February 27, 2020.

ANGUISACA, Plot: TK*A2**10*
BANKS, bur. 30/03/2013, Plot: TK*A2**5*
BURTSCHER, bur. 24/04/2013, Plot: TK*A1**35*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**19*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**20*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**21*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**22*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**23*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**24*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**25*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**26*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**27*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**28*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**29*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**30*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**31*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**32*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**33*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**34*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**36*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**37*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**38*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**39*
BURTSCHER, Plot: TK*A1**40*
CLARK, Plot: TK*A2**7*
GREEN, Plot: TK*A2**51*
GREER, bur. 2013-07-30, Plot: TK*A1**51*
HAMPTON, bur. 2013-08-03, Plot: TK*A1**49*
LEWIS, Plot: TK*A2**2*
LEWIS, Plot: TK*A2**4*
MURRAY, Plot: TK*A1**41*
MURRAY, Plot: TK*A1**42*
MURRAY, Plot: TK*A1**43*
MURRAY, Plot: TK*A1**44*
MURRAY, Plot: TK*A1**45*
MURRAY, Plot: TK*A1**46*
MURRAY, Plot: TK*A1**47*
MURRAY, Plot: TK*A1**48*
PARRY, Plot: TK*A2**12*
PARRY, Plot: TK*A2**14*
RIEDER, Plot: TK*A1**11*
RIEDER, Plot: TK*A1**12*
RIEDER, Plot: TK*A1**13*
RIEDER, Plot: TK*A1**14*
RIEDER, Plot: TK*A1**15*
RIEDER, Plot: TK*A1**16*
RIEDER, Plot: TK*A1**17*
RIEDER, Plot: TK*A1**18*
RUSSEK, bur. 01/02/2013, Plot: TK*A2**42*
SCOTT, Plot: TK*A2**15*
SCOTT, Plot: TK*A2**17*
SCOTT, Plot: TK*A2**52*
SCOTT, Plot: TK*A2**53*
SCOTT, Plot: TK*A2**54*
SCOTT, Plot: TK*A2**55*
SCOTT, Plot: TK*A2**56*
SCOTT, Plot: TK*A2**57*
SCOTT, Plot: TK*A2**58*
SLADE, Plot: TK*A2**3*
SLADE, Plot: TK*A2**3*
WOOD, bur. 2013-07-22, Plot: TK*A2**1*
WOOD, Plot: TK*A2**1*

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