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Rathbran Cemetery County Wicklow, Ireland
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Rathbran Cemetery
Rathbran, County Wicklow, Ireland

Contributed by Anna Ryan, Apr 29, 2005 [annaryan001@hotmail.com], Total records = 114.

From Baltinglass take the N 81 road to Dublin for two miles. At the signpost turn left and travel for one and a half miles along this road. The cemetery is on the right hand side.

It is a very old cemetery which is still in use by the Townland of Rathbran, in the Barony of Upper Talbotstown.

I walked and read this cemetery on Apr 15, 2005. It includes all existing and legible headstones. There may be other burials with no markers.

- Anna Ryan

Bermingham, Ann, d. 4 Sep 1933, age: 77yr, wife of Pat
Bermingham, Pat, no dates, husband of Anne, interred in Kelly grave
Browne, Julia (Nolan), d. 15 Oct 1936, daughter of Patrick & Winifred
Browne, Maureen, d. 1 Feb 1941, grand-daughter of Patrick & Winifred
Byrne, Bridget, d. 30 May 1930, age: 59yr, wife of Edward
Byrne, Bridget, d. 4 Apr 1925, daughter of Edward & Bridget
Byrne, Dominic, d. 15 Sep 1924, son of Edward & Bridget
Byrne, Edward, d. 17 ? Mar 1984, age: 95yr, husband of Bridget, erected by his son Patrick
Byrne, John, d. 22 Jan 1945, age: 55yr, son of Peter & Mary
Byrne, Mary, d. 2 Jun 1923, age: 65yr, wife of Peter
Byrne, Mary, d. 2 Mar 1970, age: 92yr, wife of John
Byrne, Patrick, d. 1898, age: 67yr, Golden Fort
Byrne, Peter, d. 23 Oct 1918, age: 78yr, husband of Mary
Coleman, Catherine, d. 25 Feb 1980, age: 80yr, wife of Martin, erected by Hazel & Tommy Bourne
Coleman, Elizabeth, d. 23 Sep 1990, age: 79yr, wife of James
Coleman, James, d. 16 Jan 1984, age: 71yr, husband of Elizabeth, Stratford on Slaney
Coleman, Martin, d. 19 Apr 1977, age: 90yr, husband of Catherine, Rathbran
Coleman, Peter, d. 18 Jan 1999, age: 83yr, Kyle
Coleman, Peter, died young, son of James
Connell, Daniel, d. 21 Jan 1977, age: 73yr, son of John
Connell, Denis, d. 8 Dec 1940, son of Peter & Mary
Connell, Elizabeth, d. 23 Apr 1932, wife of John
Connell, Elizabeth, d. Mar 1882 ?, , erected by her son John
Connell, John, d. 23 Feb 1964, age: 86yr, son of John
Connell, John, d. May 1945, age: 86yr, husband of Elizabeth
Connell, John, died young, son of Peter
Connell, Joseph, d. 31 Aug 1916, son of Peter
Connell, Mary, d. 18 Sep 1937, daughter of Peter & Mary
Connell, Mary, d. 8 Aug 1917, wife of Peter
Connell, Michael, d. 26 Oct 1984, age: 82yr, son of John
Connell, Patrick, d. 27 Feb 1942, son of John
Connell, Patrick, died young, son of Peter
Connell, Peter, d. 25 Jun 1897, husband of Mary, Rathbran
Connelly, John, d. 1782?, father of Ann
Coogan, William, d. 6 Jun 1770, age: 27yr
Dempsey, Anthony, d. 5 May 1907, age: 79yr, brother of Arthur
Dempsey, Arthur, d. 6 Apr 1907, age: 67yr, husband of Annie, Tuckmill
Dempsey, Bridget, d. 3 Sep 1898
Dempsey, Fannie, d. 9 Aug 1882, age: 92yr, wife of Matthew
Dempsey, John, d. 1879, age: 70yr
Dempsey, Mary, d. 17 Aug 1898
Dempsey, Matthew, d. Nov 1852, age: 60yr, father of Arthur
Doyle, Edward, d. 22 Jun 1909, age: 30yr, son of Patrick & Mary
Doyle, Elizabeth, d. 13 Feb 1893, daughter of Thomas
Doyle, Elizabeth, d. 27 Nov 1889, age: 74yr, wife of Thomas
Doyle, John, d. 8 May 1912, age: 36yr, son of Patrick & Mary
Doyle, Joseph, d. 7 Dec 1959, age: 75yr, wife of Joseph, their 4 son's and 3 daughters who died young
Doyle, Mary, d. 6 May 1912, age: 59yr, wife of Patrick, Stratford
Doyle, Patrick, d. 4 Feb 1925, age: 80yr, Stratford
Doyle, Philip, d. 27 Oct 1877, age: 20yr, son of Thomas
Doyle, Philip, d. 7 Apr 1868, age: 55yr
Doyle, Sarah, d. 12 Sep 1953, age: 61yr, wife of Joseph
Doyle, Thomas, d. 4 Dec 1911, age: 67yr, son of Thomas
Doyle, Thomas, d. 5 Jul 1888, age: 76yr, husband of Elizabeth, Winetavern
Dwyer, Anne, d. 23 Nov 1983, wife of Thomas
Dwyer, Anne, d. 24 Mar 1979, wife of Thomas
Dwyer, Anne, d. 7 Feb 1900, age: 80yr, wife of Edward
Dwyer, Annie, d. 25 Feb 1925, age: 60yr, wife of John
Dwyer, Edward, d. 9 Dec 1861, age: 72yr, husband of Annie, Gibralter, erected by their daughter Anne
Dwyer, Eliza, d. 25 Oct 1875, age: 30yr, daughter of Edward & Anne
Dwyer, James, d. 6 Nov 1913, age: 72yr, son of Edward & Anne
Dwyer, Jim, d. 15 Feb 1995, son of John & Mary, interred in Limerick
Dwyer, John, d. 15 Dec 1940, brother of Thomas
Dwyer, John, d. 4 Feb 1940, age: 74yr, husband of Annie, Manger
Dwyer, Molly, d. 14 Jul 1996, daughter of John & Annie
Dwyer, Thomas, d. 15 Jan 1942, husband of Anne, Gibralter
Dwyer, Thomas, d. 2 Dec 1911, age: 60yr, son of Edward & Anne
Dwyer, William, d. 17 Jan 1947, brother of Thomas
Fitzgerald, Edward, d. 1798
Fitzgerald, Mailon ?, d. 24 May 1798, age: 23yr
Foley, Margaret (Keogh), no dates, daughter of Patrick & Catherine
Kelly, Bridget, d. 3 Aug 1883, age: 26yr, sister in law of James
Kelly, Catherine, no dates, wife of Daniel
Kelly, Daniel, no dates, husband of Catherine
Kelly, John, d. 24 Apr 1902, age: 71yr, husband of Bridget
Kelly, Mary, d. 2 Jul 1879, age: 77yr, wife of James
Kelly, Michael, d. 3 Feb 1849, age: 74yr, husband of Mary, Tuckmillhill
Keogh, Catherine, b. 1843, d. 1897, wife of Patrick
Keogh, Frank, d. 22 Mar. 2003, son of Frank & Julia
Keogh, Frank, d. 26 Dec 1943, son of Patrick & Catherine, Grangecon
Keogh, James, no dates, son of Patrick & Catherine
Keogh, John, no dates, son of Patrick & Catherine
Keogh, Julia, d. 21 Feb 1971, wife of Frank
Keogh, Kathleen, d. 21 Jul. 2001, age: 90yr
Keogh, Michael, no dates, son of Patrick & Catherine
Keogh, Myles, no dates, son of Patrick & Catherine
Keogh, Patrick, b. 1833, d. 1897, husband of Catherine, Rathbran
Keogh, Patrick, d. 17 Nov 1971, age: 63yr, son of Frank & Julia
Keogh, Patrick, no dates, son of Patrick & Catherine
Keogh, Peter, d. 2 May 1954, age: 44yr, son of Frank & Julia
Loughlin, Bridget, d. 28 Nov 1974, age: 86yr, wife of John
Loughlin, John, d. 24 Sep 1960, age: 76yr, husband of Bridget, Saunders Grove
Mooney, Annie (Keogh), no dates, daughter of Patrick & Catherine
Moran, Christopher, d. 2 Jul 1971, age: 72yr, husband of Elizabeth
Moran, Elizabeth, d. 30 Jan 1990, age: 85yr, wife of Christopher
Moran, John, d. 27 Jun 1872, age: 67yr, husband of Hester, Tuckmill
Moran, Margaret, d. 3 Oct 1933, wife of Thomas
Moran, Thomas, d. 7 Aug 1934, husband of Margaret, Ballinacrow
Nolan, Anne, d. 4 Feb 1880, wife of Stephen, Fryanstown
Nolan, Annie, no dates, wife of William
Nolan, James, no dates, father of Philip
Nolan, Joseph, d. 20 Apr 1970, age: 79yr, son of Philip & Julia
Nolan, Mary, no dates, mother of Philip
Nolan, Patrick, d. 21 Nov 1938, husband of Winifred, Rathbran
Nolan, Philip, d. 2 Oct 1899, age: 55yr, husband of Julia, Freynestown, Dunlavin
Nolan, Stephen, d. 12 Apr 1913, age: 95yr, husband of Anne
Nolan, William, no dates, husband of Annie
Nolan, Winifred, d. 15 May 1943, wife of Patrick
O'Keeffe, Hugh, d. 13 Nov 1992, age: 89yr, husband of Maureen, Gibralter
Wade, Ed., d. 27 Nov 1947, son of Hanoria
Wade, Hanoria, d. 29 Nov 1910, age: 71yr, mother of Ed., Stratford on Slaney
Wade, Isobelle, d. 9 Feb 1972, wife of Ed.
Wade, Sarah, d. 12 Mar 1945, wife of Thomas
Wade, Thomas, d. 7 Nov 1953, son of Hanoria
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