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Kilranalagh Graveyard County Wicklow, Ireland
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Kilranalagh Graveyard
County Wicklow, Ireland

Village of Kiltegan
Co Wicklow IR

Contributed by Anna Ryan, Jun 16, 2001 [annaryan001@hotmail.com]. Total records = 21.

This cemetery is hidden in a pine forest high up in the Co. Wicklow Mountains. It is situated a few miles from the Village of Kiltegan and is signposted from the road.

You will have to walk about two miles uphill to reach the cemetery on a narrow lane. A local woman warned me to tread carefully, as there is a St. Bridgets Well which may be overgrown with grass and weeds. Someone had been there before me and I followed the path they had made through the long grasses.

At the top of the cemetery is the grave of Sam Mac Alastair one of the leaders in the 1798 rebellion. A blue fence surrounds his grave. Ann Devlin a cousin of Michael Dwyer who led the 1789 rebellion had with two of his sisters at night disinterred the bodies of the Ulster man Sam Mac Alastair and Adam Magee and buried them in Kinranalagh Cemetery. I did not find the grave of Adam Magee.


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In the town of Baltinglass Co. Wicklow stands a monument to these men. It reads as follows:

"To Commemorate The Heroism and Sacrifices Of Michael Dwyer And His Faithfull Comrade Sam Mac Allister.

And Also To Perpetuate The Memory of Those Who Participated In The Insurrectionary Movement Of 1798, 1803, 1848, 1867.

This Monument has been erected by the People of Co. Wicklow, God Save Ireland 1904."

Below is a listing of all the names I could read, when I visited Kilranalagh Graveyard in summer of 2001.

- Anna Ryan

Conningham, Anthony, d. ?, Husband of Elizabeth
Conningham, Elizabeth, d. ?, Wife of Anthony
Cullen, Ester, d. 15 May 1849, age: 57yr, Sister of John
Farrell, Hanoria, d. 23 Jan 1883, age: 49yr, Wife of John
Farrell, John, Died young, Grandson of Michael and Rose
Farrell, John, d. 27 Jan 1877, age: 40yr, Father of Michael
Farrell, John, d. 8 Mar 1915, age: 76yr, husband of Margaret
Farrell, Margaret, d. 27 Mar 1907, age: 64yr, Wife of John
Farrell, Matthew, d. 14 Nov 1886, age: 6yr, Son of John and Margaret
Farrell, Michael, d 19 Dec 1944, Husband of Rose
Farrell, Rose, d. 12 Dec 1966, Wife of Michael
Mac Alastair, Sam, b. Ulster, d. 1798 Ulster
O'Toole, ?, d. 16 Dec 1856, age: 78yr, Father of John
O'Toole, Bridget, d. 22 Mar 1851, age: 79yr
O'Toole, Elizabeth, d. 21 Jul 1865, age: 76yr, Mother of John O'Toole
O'Toole, James, d. ?
O'Toole, Mary, d. 1 Mar 1885, age: 53yr, Daughter of John and Elizabeth.
O'Toole, Mary, d. ?
O'Toole, Nicholas, d 1889, age: 54yr
Swann, Christy, Died young
Swann, Sarah, d. 1914, age: 76yr, Mother of Henry
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