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Baltinglass Cemetery County Wicklow, Ireland
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Baltinglass Cemetery County Wicklow, Ireland
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Baltinglass Cemetery
County Wicklow, Ireland

Lat: 52° 56' 45"N, Lon: 06° 40' 58"W

This cemetery is situated high on a hill overlooking the town of Baltinglass. It is a huge cemetery that goes halfway up a mountain, and is still active.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Feb 04, 2007. Total records = 336.

Contributor's Index:

Barrett, Bridget, d. 12 Mar 1909, age: 50yr, Tuckmill, [AR]
Barry, John, d. 27 Oct 1981, age: 17yr, [AR]
Bookle, John, d. 27 Nov 1974, age: 80yr, f/o Thomas, Irongrange, [AR]
Bookle, Thomas, d. 21 Jun 1973, age: 35yr, s/o John, Irongrange, [AR]
Brannan, John, d. 17 Feb. 1860, age: 71yr, Redmill, [AR]
Breen, Ellen, d. 11 Oct 1861, age: 70yr, Mother of Mary Flinter, [AR]
Breen, Thomas, d. 21 Oct 1879, age: 80yr, h/o Ellen, [AR]
Brennan, John, d. 17 Feb 1860, age: 71yr, [AR]
Brophy, Catherine (Cullen), d. 2 Aug 1879, age: 92yr, w/o James, Rathmoon, Grandmother of William H.Brophy. Bisbee.Arizona. U.S.A, [AR]
Brophy, James, d 1864, age: 30yr, h/o Catherine (Cullen), Rathmoon, Grandf/o William H. Brophy.Bisbee. Arizona. U.S.A, [AR]
Brophy, William, d. 1798, age: 55yr, G.Grandf/o William H. Brophy, Rathmoon, He gave his life in Ireland's great cause in Baltinglass , [AR]
Bulmer, Catherine, d. 19 Oct 1890, age: 72yr, w/o Joseph, Tuckmill, [AR]
Bulmer, Joseph, d 18 Jun 1902, age: 86yr, h/o Catherine, Tuckmill, [AR]
Bulmer, Joseph, d. 7 Nov 1975, age: 70yr, s/o Laurence and Winifred, Tuckmill, [AR]
Bulmer, Joseph, d. young, s/o Catherine and Joseph, Tuckmill, [AR]
Bulmer, Laurence, d 18 Nov 1940, age: 86yr, s/o Catherine and Joseph, Tuckmill, [AR]
Bulmer, Winifred, d. 4 Jan 1941, age: 73yr, w/o Laurence, Tuckmill, [AR]
Bulmer, Winifred, d. young, d/o Catherine and Joseph, Tuckmill, [AR]
Burke, James, d. 2 Nov 1897, age: 75yr, h/o Jane, Rathoon, [AR]
Burke, Jane, d. 2 Mar 1911, age: 78yr, h/o James, Rath, [AR]
Burke, Jane, d. 29 May 1903, age: 28yr, d/o James and Jane, Rathoon, [AR]
Burke, Joseph, d. 11 Dec 1969, age: 86yr, [AR]
Burke, Katty V., d. 12 Jul 1922, age: 15yr, d/o Mary Burke, [AR]
Burke, Margaret, d. 3 Jul 1893, age: 17yr, d/o James and Jane, Rathoon, [AR]
Burke, Martin, d. 12 Apr 1901, age: 20yr, s/o James and Jane, Rathoon, [AR]
Burke, Mary K. (Dowling), d. 4 Jan 1926, age: 53yr, [AR]
Burke, Mary, d. 16 Jul 1915, age: 29yr, [AR]
Byrne, Andrew, d. 1 Nov 1918, age: 47yr, Carrigeen, [AR]
Byrne, Annie, d. 4 Apr 1927, age: 66yr, w/o Edward, Baltinglass, [AR]
Byrne, Catherine, d. 10 Sep 1954, w/o Garrett, [AR]
Byrne, Christopher, d. 5 Jan. 1958, s/o Mary and William, [AR]
Byrne, Christopher, no dates, s/o Thomas and Ellen, [AR]
Byrne, Denis, d. 28 Nov 1957, s/o Elizabeth & Peter, [AR]
Byrne, Edward, d. 3 May 1924, age: 65yr, h/o Annie, [AR]
Byrne, Elizabeth, d. 28 May 1964, d/o Elizabeth & Peter, [AR]
Byrne, Elizabeth, d. 29 Nov 1935, w/o Peter, [AR]
Byrne, Ellen (Kemp), no dates, w/o Thomas, [AR]
Byrne, Ellen, d. 1 Mar 1944, d/o James, [AR]
Byrne, Ellen, d. 17 Dec 1935, age: 90yr, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Byrne, Ellen, d. 6 Jul 1957, age: 92yr, w/o James, [AR]
Byrne, Garrett, d. 25 Dec 1963, s/o Elizabeth & Peter, [AR]
Byrne, James, d. 22 Nov 1924, age: 30yr, s/o James, Main St., [AR]
Byrne, James, d. 9 Nov 1941, age: 86yr, f/o James, [AR]
Byrne, Joanna (Claxton), d. 14 Apr. 1949, w/o Christopher, [AR]
Byrne, John, d. 20 Mar 1887, age: 87yr, h/o Rose, Carrigeen, [AR]
Byrne, Kathleen (Duffy), d. 1912, d/o Thomas and Jane, [AR]
Byrne, Margaret, d. 6 Jul 1941, age: 70yr, w/o Thomas, Newtown, [AR]
Byrne, Mary (McGrath), d. 18 May. 1917, w/o William, [AR]
Byrne, Mary Josephine, d. 16 Dec 1963 age: 52yr, w/o Thomas, [AR]
Byrne, Mary, d. 14 Mar 1968, age: 79yr, d/o Elizabeth & Peter, [AR]
Byrne, Patrick J., d. 6 Feb 1921, age: 34yr, s/o Elizabeth & Peter, [AR]
Byrne, Patrick, d. 27 Apr 1906, age: 52yr, h/o Ellen, [AR]
Byrne, Peter, d. 24 Jan 1943, age: 46yr, s/o Elizabeth & Peter, died in England, [AR]
Byrne, Peter, d. 29 Sep 1920, age: 69yr, h/o Elizabeth, [AR]
Byrne, Rose, d. 10 Nov 1883, age: 40yr, w/o John, Carrigeen, [AR]
Byrne, Thomas, d. 2 Nov 1971, age: 52yr, h/o Mary, [AR]
Byrne, Thomas, d. 21 Apr 1921, age: 88yr, f/o Mary Doyle, Carrigeen, [AR]
Byrne, Thomas, d. 26 Nov 1963, age: 74yr, h/o Margaret, Newtown, [AR]
Byrne, Thomas, d. 29 Jun. 1966, s/o Christopher and Joanna, [AR]
Byrne, William, d. ?, h/o Mary, [AR]
Byrne, William, d. 26 May. 1941, s/o Christopher and Joanna, [AR]
Caffrey, Mary, d. 26 Oct 1935, sis/o Annie Dempsey, Tuckmill, [AR]
Caffrey, Mona, d. 27 Jan 1965, age: 93yr, Newtown, [AR]
Cahill, Catherine, d. 29 Aug 1934, age: 22yr, [AR]
Cahill, Edward, d. 2 Jun 1913, age: 32yr, Son in law of Kate Fleming, Baltinglass, [AR]
Cahill, Michael, d. 24 May 1953, age: 47yr, [AR]
Conlon, Mary, d. ?, [AR]
Connolly, Margaret, d. 21 Nov 1936, age: 45yr, Lathaleer, [AR]
Coogan, Bridget, d. 8 Oct 1957, d/o Hugh and Elizabeth, [AR]
Coogan, Elizabeth, d. 21 May 1933, age: 73yr, w/o Hugh, [AR]
Coogan, Ellen, d. 12 Oct 1955, d/o Hugh and Elizabeth, [AR]
Coogan, Hugh, d. 8 Mar 1913, age: 67yr, h/o Elizabeth, [AR]
Coogan, John, d. 26 Sep 1966, s/o Hugh and Elizabeth, [AR]
Coogan, Lizzie, d. 20 Sep 1928, age: yr, d/o Hugh and Elizabeth, [AR]
Coogan, Mary, d. 27 Jul 1932, age: 49yr, d/o Hugh and Elizabeth, [AR]
Cooke, Edward, d. 17 May 1985, age: 58yr, s/o Sara and Richard, [AR]
Cooke, Richard, d. 24 Oct 1965, age: 78yr, h/o Sara, [AR]
Cooke, Sara (Timmins), d. 22 Jan 1952, w/o Richard, [AR]
Cranny, Joseph, d. 6 Feb 1946, age: 76yr, Woodfield, [AR]
Cranny, Michael, d. 30 Jan 1946, age: 78yr, Woodfield, [AR]
Cranny, William, d. 7 Jan 1965, age: 92yr, Woodfield, [AR]
Curren, Eileen (Flynn), d. 27 Apr 1979, age: 64yr, d/o Thomas and Catherine, Brusselstown, [AR]
Curry, Mick, no dates, [AR]
Dalton, Julia, d. 25 Jan 1981, age: 79yr, w/o Richard, Woodfield, [AR]
Dalton, Richard, d 18 Feb 1975, age: 92yr, h/o Julia, Woodfield, [AR]
Dempsey, Annie, d. 11 Jun 1941, sis/o Mary Caffrey, Tuckmill, [AR]
Donohoe, Anne, d. 3 Jun 1905, age: 65yr, m/o James, Baltinglass, [AR]
Donohoe, Catherine, d. 10 Mar 1919, age: 33yr, [AR]
Donohoe, Elizabeth, d. 8 Oct 1944, age: 73yr, m/o Thomas C., [AR]
Donohoe, James, d. 19 Apr 1918, age: 43yr, s/o Anne, [AR]
Donohoe, Joseph H., d. 18 Apr 1983, age: 72yr, [AR]
Donohoe, Patrick J., d. 29 Sep 1981, age: 69yr, [AR]
Donohoe, Thomas C., d. 11 Apr 1969, age: 61yr, s/o Elizabeth, [AR]
Doran, Catherine, d. 15 Jul 1992, w/o Edward, Stratford-on-Slaney, [AR]
Doran, Edward, d. 16 Dec 1975, age: 77yr, h/o Bridget, Stratford-on-Slaney, [AR]
Dowling, John, d. 9 Jan 1963, h/o Julia, Weaver's Square, [AR]
Dowling, Julia, d. 21 Mar 1957, w/o John, Weaver's Square, [AR]
Doyle Kelly, Bridget (Cleggs), d. 1926, w/o Michael, Doyles Hotel,Hill St, [AR]
Doyle, Joseph, d. 20 Apr 1827, age: 12yr, s/o Patrick and Mary, Tuckmill, [AR]
Doyle, Joseph, d. 27 Mar 1945, age: 79yr, h/o Katherine, Tuckmill, [AR]
Doyle, Katherine, d. 12 Feb 1944, age: 73yr, w/o Joseph, Tuckmill, [AR]
Doyle, Laurence, d. 5 Feb 1889, age: 75yr, s/o Patrick and Mary, Tuckmill, [AR]
Doyle, Leo, d. 15 Apr 1961, age: 74yr, s/o Michael & Bridget, Rathbran, headstone erected by Mary Doyle--Powell 2003, [AR]
Doyle, Luke, d. 11 Jun 1894, age: 75yr, Grandf/o Margaret and Teresa, Tuckmill, [AR]
Doyle, Margaret, d. young, d/o Joseph and Katherine, Tuckmill, [AR]
Doyle, Mary (Byrne), d 18 Jun 1910, age: 41yr, w/o Patrick, Carrigeen, [AR]
Doyle, Mary (Lynch), d. 1878, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Doyle, Mary, d. 17 Jun 1889, age: 73yr, d/o Patrick and Mary, Tuckmill, [AR]
Doyle, Mary, d. 26 Jan 1855, age: 72yr, w/o Patrick, Tuckmill, [AR]
Doyle, Mary, d. 29 Dec 1927, age: 21yr, Carrigeen, [AR]
Doyle, Mary, d. 29 Dec 1937, age: 84yr, w/o Michael Joseph, Baltinglass, [AR]
Doyle, May, d. 20 Aug 1953, d/o Michael Joseph and Mary, [AR]
Doyle, Michael Joseph, d. 9 Sep 1901, age: 45yr, h/o Mary, Baltinglass, [AR]
Doyle, Michael,, b.,1856, d.,1926, h/o Bridget, [AR]
Doyle, Patrick, d. 11 Jan 1821, age: 49yr, h/o Mary, Tuckmill, [AR]
Doyle, Patrick, d. 1876, grandf/o Leo, [AR]
Doyle, Patrick, d. 7 Sep 1910, age: 49yr, h/o Mary, Carrigeen, [AR]
Doyle, Teresa, d. young, d/o Joseph and Katherine, Tuckmill, [AR]
Doyle, Thomas, d. 26 Oct 1896, age: 86yr, s/o Patrick and Mary, Tuckmill, [AR]
Doyle, Thomas, d. Mar 1926, Parkmore, [AR]
Duffy, Bridget, d. 11 Apr 1945, age: 82yr, w/o John, Baltinglass, [AR]
Duffy, James, d. 15 Feb 1987, age: 85yr, Baltinglass, [AR]
Duffy, Jane, d. 1915, w/o Thomas, [AR]
Duffy, John, d. 9 Oct 1942, age: 77yr, h/o Bridget, Baltinglass, [AR]
Duffy, Thomas, d 1880, h/o Jane, [AR]
Duffy, Thomas, d. 27 Feb 1928, age: 16yr, s/o John and Bridget, Baltinglass, [AR]
Fanning, Jane, d. 22 May 1932, bur. in Donohoe grave, [AR]
Farrell, John, d. 24 Oct 1935, w/o Julia, Yellow Ford, [AR]
Farrell, Julia, d. 6 Aug 1965, age: 79yr, w/o John, Yellow Ford, [AR]
Farrell, Myles, d. 28 Sep 1977, Son in Law of Daniel and Mary Molloy, Clough, [AR]
Finn, Edward, d. 4 Dec 1892, s/o Margaret and John, Lathaleer, [AR]
Finn, John, d. 28 Oct 1916, age: 69yr, Lathaleer, [AR]
Finn, Kathleen, d. 1 Jun 1889, w/o John, Lathaleer, [AR]
Finn, Matthew Joseph, d. 24 Jul 1903, Lathaleer, [AR]
Finn, William, d. 10 Jun 1898, s/o Margaret and John, Lathaleer, [AR]
Fleming, Edward, d. 25 Jan 1907, age: 21yr, s/o Kate and Thomas, [AR]
Fleming, Kate, d. 2 Jun 1943, age: 94yr, w/o Thomas, [AR]
Fleming, Margaret, d. 7 May 1924, age: 39yr, [AR]
Fleming, Patrick, d. 8 Feb 1952, age: 59yr, s/o Kate and Thomas, [AR]
Fleming, Thomas, d. 13 Sep 1923, age: 72yr, h/o Kate, [AR]
Flinter, Christopher, d. 24 Aug 1878, age: 60yr, h/o Mary, [AR]
Flinter, Mary (Breen), d. 25 Oct 1894, age: 78yr, w/o Christopher, [AR]
Flinter, Michael, d. 6 Jan 1879, age: 28yr, s/o Christopher and Mary, [AR]
Flinter, William, d. 19 Sep 1904, age: 54yr, [AR]
Fluskey, Rita, d. 26 Dec 1972, age: 39yr, Stratford-on-Slaney, [AR]
Flynn, Catherine, d. 20 Feb 1964, age: 85yr, w/o Thomas, Brusselstown, [AR]
Flynn, Molly, d. 22 Jan 1983, age: 52yr, Daughter in law of Thomas and Catherine, Brusselstown, [AR]
Flynn, Thomas, d. 13 Nov 1943, age: 73yr, h/o Catherine, Brusselstown, [AR]
Flynn, William, d. 27 Mar 1984, age: 72yr, h/o Molly, Brusselstown, [AR]
Foley, Christopher, d. 6 Aug 1966, age: 78yr, h/o Margaret, Carrigeen. Baltinglass, [AR]
Foley, James, d. 17 Aug 1951, age: 32yr, s/o Christopher and Margaret, Carrigeen. Baltinglass, [AR]
Foley, Margaret, d. 17 Feb 1973, age: 85yr, w/o James, Carrigeen, Baltinglass, [AR]
Forrester, Sarah, d. 10 Aug 1932, bur. in Nolan grave, [AR]
Gethings, Ellen, d. Dec 1940, Tuckmill, [AR]
Giblin, James, d. 10 Aug 1949, age: 62yr, h/o Mary, Glencannon, [AR]
Giblin, Mary, d. 17 Feb 1952, age: 54yr, w/o James, Glencannon, [AR]
Giltinan, Frances (Frankie) (Harbourne), d. 1 Jul. 2001, age: 99yr, [AR]
Greene, Mary (Dougherty), d. 1935, w/o William, [MM]
Greene, William, d. 1953, h/o Mary Dougherty, [MM]
Griffin, Bridget, d. 14 Mar 1945, age: 76yr, Tinoran, [AR]
Griffin, Kitty, d. 15 Apr 1998, age: 87yr, w/o Michael, Tinoran, [AR]
Griffin, Michael, d. 9 May 1989, age: 83yr, h/o Kitty, Tinoran, [AR]
Griffith Whelan, Margaret, d. 22 Oct 1970, w/o Richard, [AR]
Griffith Whelan, Richard, d. 3 Apr 1948, h/o Margaret, [AR]
Hanrahan, Annie, d. 14 Jan 1968, w/o Denis, Baltinglass, [AR]
Hanrahan, Denis, d. 20 Jan 1961, h/o Annie, Baltinglass, [AR]
Hanrahan, Donie, d. 20 Aug 1920, s/o Denis and Annie, Baltinglass, [AR]
Hanrahan, James, d. 22 Jan 1990, s/o Denis and Annie, Baltinglass, [AR]
Hanrahan, Luke, d. 28 Apr 1981, s/o Denis and Annie, Baltinglass, [AR]
Hanrahan, Mary, d. 26 May 1921, w/o Nicholas, Baltinglass, [AR]
Hanrahan, Nicholas, d. 29 Mar 1914, age: 74yr, h/o Mary, Baltinglass, [AR]
Hanrahan, Sarah, d. 25 Mar 1942, d/o Dennis and Annie, Baltinglass, [AR]
Harbourne, Andrew Henry, d. 1 Apr 1962, age: 62yr, [AR]
Harbourne, Edward Joseph, d. 6 Jul 1947, born sleeping, [AR]
Harbourne, Elizabeth, d. 28 Nov 1963, age: 97yr, [AR]
Harbourne, John Anthony, d. 24 Sep 1973, [AR]
Harbourne, Michael Jas., d. 10 Sep 1918, age: 21yr, late of Bridge Hotel, Australian Imperial Forces, killed in action in France, [AR]
Harbourne, Michael, d. 13 Jan 1918, age: 66yr, [AR]
Harbourne, Nora Mary, d. 14 Jul 1996, age: 88yr, [AR]
Hayden, Annie, d. 27 Oct 1919, age: 24yr, d/o Patrick, Ballinacron, [AR]
Hayden, Bernard, d. 5 Dec 1974, s/o Patrick & Elizabeth, [AR]
Hayden, Elizabeth, d. 24 Dec 1938, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Hayden, Patrick, d. 14 Jan 1937, h/o Elizabeth, [AR]
Haydon, Elizabeth Ann, d. 29 Nov 1940, daughter in law of Patrick, [AR]
Haydon, Joseph, d. 3 Mar 1944, s/o Patrick, [AR]
Haydon, Julia, d. 18 Apr 1919, age: 58yr, w/o Patrick, Ballyraggan, [AR]
Haydon, Patrick, d. 7 Apr 1939, h/o Julia, [AR]
Healy, Philip, d. 12 Jun 1994, f/o Thomas, Parkmore, [AR]
Healy, Thomas, d. 1945, s/o Philip, Parkmore, [AR]
Heydon, John, d. 5 Jan 1889, age: 65yr, w/o Ann, [AR]
Hughes, Edward, d. 29 Aug 1912, age: 19yr, s/o Patrick & Mary, [AR]
Hughes, James, d. 4 May 1966, [AR]
Hughes, Mary, d. 3 Apr 1926, age: 70yr, w/o Patrick, Baltinglass, [AR]
Hughes, Patrick, d. 10 Sep 1936, age: 3yrs 6mths, [AR]
Hughes, Sarah, d. 4 Mar 1970, [AR]
Kehoe, Andrew, d. 21 Jun 1982, age: 68yr, s/o James and Bridget, Cloughcastle, Baltinglass, [AR]
Kehoe, Bridget, d. 22 Nov 1981, age: 88yr, w/o James, Cloughcastle, Baltinglass, [AR]
Kehoe, Daniel J, d. 13 May 1942, age: 76yr, f/o Daniel J, [AR]
Kehoe, Daniel J, d. 15 Sep 1946, age: 45yr, [AR]
Kehoe, Darby, d. 8 Feb 1874, age: 27yr, [AR]
Kehoe, Eugene, d. 1985, Interred in Melbourne Australia, [AR]
Kehoe, Gerald, d. 13 Apr 1975, age: 52yr, s/o James and Bridget, Cloughcastle, Baltinglass, [AR]
Kehoe, Helena, d. 1994,Los Angles. California, [AR]
Kehoe, James, d. 29 May 1959, age: 75yr, h/o Bridget, Cloughcastle, Baltinglass, [AR]
Kehoe, Kevin, d. 1 Jul 1951, age: 21yr, s/o James and Bridget, Cloughcastle, Baltinglass, [AR]
Kehoe, Martin Anthony., d. 3 Sep 1950, Infant s/o Paul Kehoe, Stone erected by Paul Kehoe of California, [AR]
Kehoe, Mary, d. 16 Mar 1931, age: 55yr, [AR]
Kehoe, Patrick, d. 4 Jul 1864, age: 80yr, [AR]
Kehoe, Richard, d. 1988, age: 72yr, Interred in Sydney, Australia, [AR]
Kelly, Anne, d. 12 Mar 1872, age: 64yr, w/o William, [AR]
Kelly, Annie, d. 28 Nov 1862, age: 22yr, d/o Anne and William, [AR]
Kelly, Edward, d. 22 Jul. ?, age: 63yr, s/o Anne and William, [AR]
Kelly, Margaret, d. ?, age: 6yr, d/o Anne and William, [AR]
Kelly, Marie, d. 22 Feb 1862, age: 23yr, d/o Anne and William, [AR]
Kelly, Michael, d. 11 Nov 1881, age: 32yr, s/o Anne and William, [AR]
Kelly, William, d 18 Aug 1868, age: 25yr, s/o Anne and William, [AR]
Keogh, Andrew, d. 24 Jan 1943, age: 21yr, s/o Thomas & Mary, [AR]
Keogh, Elizabeth, d. young, d/o Thomas & Mary, [AR]
Keogh, Mary, d. 21 Jun 1976, age: 83yr, w/o Thomas, [AR]
Keogh, Thomas, d. 11 Sep 1974, s/o Thomas & Mary, [AR]
Keogh, Thomas, d. 20 May 1958, age: 72yr, h/o Mary, Irongrange, [AR]
Kitson, Joseph, d 18 Oct 1929, age: 52yr, h/o Sara, Baltinglass, [AR]
Kitson, Joseph, d. 4 Dec 1917, s/o Sara and Joseph, Baltinglass, [AR]
Kitson, Sara, d. 12 Oct 1918, age: 36yr, w/o Joseph, Baltinglass, [AR]
Lally, Christina, d. 9 Apr 1973, w/o John, Baltinglass, [AR]
Lally, John, d. 9 Dec 1959, h/o Christina, Baltinglass, [AR]
Leigh, James, d. 24 Feb 1943, h/o Julia, Raheen, [AR]
Leigh, Julia, d. 11 Sep 1971, w/o James, Raheen, [AR]
Leigh, Margaret, d. 7 Apr 1941, age: 83yr, w/o Thomas, Raheen, [AR]
Leigh, Peter, Died young, s/o Thomas and Margaret, Raheen, [AR]
Leigh, Thomas, d. 2 Jan 1916, age: 72yr, h/o Margaret, Raheen, [AR]
Lennon, Bridget, d. 19 Mar 1983, age: 93yr, Baltinglass, [AR]
Lennon, Joseph, d. 26 Apr 1909, age: 12yr, s/o Margaret and Owen, Baltinglass, [AR]
Lennon, Margaret, d. 4 Nov 1924, age: 63yr, w/o Owen, Baltinglass, [AR]
Lennon, Mary, d. 20 Jan 1893, age: 82yr, w/o Michael, Baltinglass, [AR]
Lennon, Michael, d. 21 Nov 1889, age: 74yr, h/o Mary, Baltinglass, [AR]
Lyons, Ellen, d. 20 Apr 1942, w/o Richard, Stratford-on-Slaney, [AR]
Lyons, Richard, d. 21 Nov 1994, h/o Ellen, Stratford-on-Slaney, [AR]
McGrath, John, d. 27 Nov 1969, born sleeping, bur. in Harbourne grave, [AR]
McGrath, Nora, d. 2 Jul 1980, lived 15 minutes,bur. in Harbourne grave, [AR]
McGrath, Patricia, d. 28 Apr 1973, born sleeping, bur. in Harbourne grave, [AR]
McLoughlin, Frances, no dates, d/o John, [AR]
McLoughlin, John, d. 1947 age: 86yr, [AR]
McLoughlin, John, no dates, s/o John, [AR]
Mogg, Dermot, d. 9 Oct 1977, age: 61yr, [AR]
Mogg, Dorothea Mary Shelia, d. 2 Jul 1931, Died in Paris France, age: 18yr, d/o Marie Thomastina, [AR]
Mogg, Harry Percy, d. 22 Feb 1950, age: 65yr, [AR]
Mogg, Marie Thomastina, d. 6 May 1944, [AR]
Mogg, Noel John, d. 13 Apr 1939, age: 21yr, s/o Marie Thomastina, [AR]
Molloy, Anne, d. 23 May 1949, age: 60yr, w/o Michael, [AR]
Molloy, Daniel, d. 10 Aug 1951, h/o Mary, Clough, [AR]
Molloy, Kathleen, d. 5 Sep 1999, age: 83yr, d/o Anne and Michael, [AR]
Molloy, Mary, d. 27 Sep 1903, w/o Daniel, Clough, [AR]
Molloy, Michael, d. 15 Mar 1999, Died in Sydney Australia., age: 82yr, s/o Anne and Michael, [AR]
Molloy, Michael, d. 5 Sep 1970, age: 86yr, h/o Anne, [AR]
Moore, Annie, d. 16 Feb 1943, age: 77yr, Grandmother of Clare Ann, Grange Con, [AR]
Moore, Clare Ann, d. ?, age: 9 Mths, Grandaughter of Annie, Grange Con, [AR]
Moore, Esther, d. 28 Feb 1978, age: 77yr, Grange Con, [AR]
Moore, Michael, d. 24 Jul 1950, age: 82yr, Grange Con, [AR]
Moran, Mary, d. 16 Nov 1960, age: 53yr, d/o Mary & William Greene, [MM]
Morrissey, Sarah (O'Hara), d. 6 Jun 1986, age: 74yr, d/o Thomas and Elizabeth, Knockaicc, [AR]
Murray, Christopher, d. 20 Aug 1938, [AR]
Murray, Elizabeth, b. New York America, d. 24 Mar 1966, w/o Christopher, Richmond Rd. Dublin, [AR]
Murray, Mary., d. 24 Feb 1918, age: 85yr, w/o William, Tuckmill, [AR]
Murray, William, d. 25 Dec 1914, age: 85yr, h/o Mary, Tuckmill, [AR]
Neill, John, d. 27 Dec 1865, age: 58yr, [AR]
Nolan, Cathrine, d. 17 Nov 1980, age: 88yr, Freynestown, [AR]
Nolan, Elizabeth, d. 16 Sep 1984, age: 89yr, w/o James, The Wood, [AR]
Nolan, Ellen (O'Neill), d. 24 Dec 1893, age: 81yr, w/o Thomas, Baltinglass, [AR]
Nolan, Francis J., d. 25 Mar 1932, age: 72yr, Erected by Catherine Nolan, Carriceen, [AR]
Nolan, James, d. 14 Feb 1984, age: 85yr, h/o Elizabeth, The Wood, [AR]
Nolan, James, d. 6 Sep 1938, age: 9yr, s/o James and Elizabeth, The Wood, [AR]
Nolan, Julia, d. 3 Jul 1929, w/o William, Freynestown, [AR]
Nolan, Kathleen, d. 4 Sep 1992, d/o Peter, Weavers St, [AR]
Nolan, Mary, d. 24 Oct 1937, age: 58yr, w/o William, Parkmore, [AR]
Nolan, Patrick John, d. 23 Aug 1907, age: 23yr, s/o Julia and William, Freynestown, [AR]
Nolan, Peter, d. 11 May 1959, age: 53yr, f/o Kathleen, Weavers St, [AR]
Nolan, Richard, d. 25 Apr 1976, age: 52yr, [AR]
Nolan, Stephen, d. 22 Feb 1964, age: 77yr, Freynestown, [AR]
Nolan, Thomas, d. 29 May 1845, age: 43yr, h/o Ellen, Baltinglass, [AR]
Nolan, William, d. 1 Mar 1957, age: 66yr, h/o Julia, Freynestown, [AR]
Nolan, William, d. 30 Dec 1934, age: 7yr, s/o James and Elizabeth, The Wood, [AR]
Nolan, William, d. 4 Oct 1961, h/o Mary, Parkmore, [AR]
O'Brien, Annie, d. young, d/o William & Kate, [AR]
O'Brien, Kate, d. 19 Aug 1937, w/o William, [AR]
O'Brien, William, d. 11 Apr 1937, h/o Kate, Rathmoone, [AR]
O'Hara, Elizabeth, d. 15 Jan 1956, age: 79yr, w/o Thomas, Knockaicc, [AR]
O'Hara, Thomas, d. 10 Nov 1993, age: 84yr, s/o Thomas and Elizabeth, Knockaicc, [AR]
O'Hara, Thomas, d. 30 Mar 1952, age: 84yr, h/o Elizabeth, Knockaicc, [AR]
O'Neill, Ann, d. 8 Jan 1904, age: 80yr, sis/o Ellen Nolan, Baltinglass, [AR]
O'Neill, Annie, d. 17 Dec 1946, age: 53yr, w/o Michael, [AR]
O'Neill, Dan, d. 12 Dec 1999, age: 69yr, s/o Michael & Annie, [AR]
O'Neill, Margaret, d. 11 Jun 1939, age: 90yr, Neice of Ellen Nolan, Baltinglass, [AR]
O'Neill, Mary, d. young, d/o Michael, Tuckmill, [AR]
O'Neill, Michael, d. 19 Apr 1971, age: 87yr, h/o Annie, [AR]
O'Neill, Thomas, d. 6 Feb 1978, age: 50yr, s/o Michael & Annie, [AR]
O'Toole, Bernadette, d. young, d/o Eilzabeth and John, Rathsallagh, [AR]
O'Toole, Elizabeth, d. 5 Apr 1935, age: 59yr, w/o John, Rathsallagh, [AR]
O'Toole, John, d. 14 Nov 1936, age: 73yr, h/o Elizabeth, Rathsallagh, [AR]
O'Toole, Mary, d. 17 Nov 1972, age: 82yr, w/o Peter, Rathsallagh, [AR]
O'Toole, Peter, d. 17 Sep 1965, age: 69yr, h/o Mary, Rathsallagh, [AR]
Peakin, Patrick, b. Stratford -on-Slaney, d. 29 May 1959, Ranleagh Co. Dublin, [AR]
Phillips, Bridget, d. Jun 1883, Tuckmill, [AR]
Phillips, James, d. Jan 1908, h/o Julia, Tuckmill, [AR]
Phillips, James, d. Mar 1954, age: 10 Mths, Tuckmill, [AR]
Phillips, Josephine, d. Jun 1933, w/o Thomas, Tuckmill, [AR]
Phillips, Julia, d. Jun 1945, w/o James, Tuckmill, [AR]
Phillips, Thomas, d. Jun 1945, h/o Josephine, Tuckmill, [AR]
Powell, Ethel (Doyle), d. no date, d/o Michael & Bridget, [AR]
Powell, Ethel, d. 8 Dec 1982, age: 84yr, w/o Patrick, Rathbran.Grange Con, [AR]
Powell, Patrick, d. 10 Feb 1979, age: 84yr, h/o Ethel, Rathbran.Grange Con, [AR]
Reddan, Phillis (O'Neill), d. 23 Sep 1996, age: 65yr, d/o Michael & Annie, [AR]
Rodgers, Catherine, d. 2 May 1980, age: 86yr, w/o John, [AR]
Rodgers, John, d. 9 Jun 1963, age: 81yr, s/o Patrick, Edward St., [AR]
Rodgers, Patrick, d. 24 Jul 1921, age: 86yr, f/o John, [AR]
Sainsbury, Lena (Burke), d. 1 Jul 1963, Interred in Lanark in Scothland, [AR]
Salmon, John, d. 10 Jan 1978, age: 54yr, h/o Bridget, Lowtown, [AR]
Salmon, Margaret, d. 4 May 1960, Mother of Patrick, Lowtown, [AR]
Salmon, Mrs. Bridget., d. 4 Feb 1974, age: 39yr, w/o John, Lowtown, [AR]
Salmon, Patrick, d. 29 Apr 1975, s/o Margaret, Lowtown, [AR]
Scott, Bridget, d. 8 Apr 1959, w/o Patrick, Screen Rd. Sligo, [AR]
Scott, Patrick, d. 4 Apr 1951, h/o Bridget, Screen Rd. Sligo, [AR]
Shortt, Charles, d. 30 Jun 1949, age: 58yr, h/o Martha, Tuckmill, [AR]
Shortt, Martha, d. 7 Jan 1991, age: 86yr, w/o Charles, Tuckmill, [AR]
Simpson, Patrick, d. 26 Mar 1928, age: 72yr, f/o Thomas, [AR]
Simpson, Thomas, d 18 Dec 1919, age: 33yr, s/o Patrick, [AR]
Smyth, Julia,10 Jul 1992, age: 88yr, [AR]
Smyth, Michael,21 Nov 1940, age: 18yr, Ballyraggan, first person to be interred in this cemetery, [AR]
Smyth, Peter,8 Oct 1976, age: 85yr, Ballyraggan, [AR]
Sutton, Ellen, d. 1 Jul 1994, age: 90yr, w/o James, Parkmore, [AR]
Sutton, James, d. 27 Mar 1971, age: 75yr, h/o Ellen, Parkmore, [AR]
Sutton, Martin, d. 26 Jul 1964, age: 10yr, Belan St, [AR]
Sutton, Rosaline, d. 29 Jun 1957, age: 20yr, d/o James and Ellen, Parkmore, [AR]
Whelan, Ann, d. 19 Nov 1947, w/o William, Carrigeen, [AR]
Whelan, William, d. 19 Apr 1935, h/o Ann, Carrigeen, [AR]
Whyte, William, d. 9 Feb 1970, age: 67yr, Knockfield, [AR]

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