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Hook Church Cemetery County Wexford, Ireland
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Hook Church Cemetery County Wexford, Ireland
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Hook Church Cemetery
County Wexford, Ireland

Slade Village
Hook Head Ireland.

Contributed by Anna Ryan, Jun 15, 2002 [annaryan001@hotmail.com]. Total records = 49.

A plaque on the gate reads. St. Dubhan's Church. A Welsh monk named Dubhan established a monastery on this site in the 5th century and the peninsula became known as Rinn Dubhain. As Dubhain also means hook this was later anglicized as Hook Head.

The Monastery was called St. Saviours of Rinndeauan This medieval parish church of Hook dates to the 13th or 14th century. It consists of a nave with a double belfry and a somewhat later chancel. A number of interesting stone walls survive.

I walked this cemetery in June of 2002, reading all existing headstones.

- Anna Ryan

Colfer, Jane, d. 17 Jul 1998, age: 87yr,
Colfer, Kate (Kennedy), d. 3 Dec 1957, age: 77yr,
Colfer, Mary (Crowley), d. Nov 1904, age: 30yr, Daughter of Michael and Dora
Colfer, William, d. 15 Jan 1979, age: 67yr, Husband of Jane
Connolly, John, d. ?, Son of Patrick
Connolly, Simon, d. 2 Jul 1896, age: 73yr, Brother of Patrick, Herrylockin
Crowley, Dora, d. Jan 1908, age: 67yr, Wife of Michael, Churchtown
Dunne, David, d. 30 Jul 1907, age: 24yr, Son of Margaret
Dunne, James, d. 28 Aug 1911 , age: 39yr, Son of Margaret
Dunne, Margaret, d. 11 Apr 1902, age: 60yr, Mother of David and James, Templetown
Fanning, Bridget (Kennedy), d. 11 Jan 1957, age: 75yr, Daughter of Thomas and Bridget
Fortune, Margaret, d. 9 Feb 1848, age: 82yr, Wife of William
Fortune, William, d. 18 Mar 1815, age: 21yr, Son of William and Margaret , Churchtown, Erected by son John,
Fortune, William, d. 5 May 1837, Husband of Margaret
Furlong, M. E. (Power), d. 1943, Daughter of Catherine
Holland, Fr. Norbert (O.F.M.), d. 9 Feb 1989, age: 72yr,
Kavanagh, Richard, d. 18 Mar 1873, Husband of Hanna, Churchtown
Kennedy, Annie, d. 11 Jun 1962
Kennedy, Bridget, d. Oct 1922, age: 78yr, Wife of Thomas
Kennedy, Ellen, d. 1 May 1956
Kennedy, Joey, d. 1916
Kennedy, John, d. 1911, age: 26yr, Son of Thomas and Bridget.
Kennedy, Mary, d. 11 Dec 1955, Wife of Philip
Kennedy, Michael, d. 23 Sep 1943, Son of Philip and Mary
Kennedy, Patrick, d. 24 Mar 1973, age: 86yr,
Kennedy, Philip, d. 11 May 1941, Husband of Mary, Slade, Erected by Margaret Mason,
Kennedy, Thomas, d. 19 May 1919, age: 80yr, Husband of Bridget, Errected by son Thomas Kennedy,
Kennedy, Tom, d. 10 Oct 1910, Son of Philip and Mary, Drowned.,
Mason, Margaret, d. 28 Nov 1979, age: 85yr, Wife of Thomas
Mason, Thomas, d. 10 Feb 1944, Husband of Margaret
Moran, Bridget, d. 13 May 1977, Mother of James
Moran, Catherine, no dates
Moran, James, d. 27 Mar 1983, age: 74yr, Son of Bridget
Moran, Johanna, d. 12 Jan 1976, Daughter of Thomas and Catherine
Moran, Martin, d. 21 Nov 1910, Husband of Sarah
Moran, Mary Ann, d. 15 Mar 1991
Moran, Sarah, d. 20 Apr 1973, Wife of Martin
Moran, Thomas, no dates
Murphy, Annie (Kavanagh), d. 21 Jul 1987, age: 94yr, Ballinruane
O'Brien, Catherine, d. 24 Mar 1894, age: 53yr, Sister of Joseph, Erected by son Patrick. Loftus Hall
O'Brien, Joseph, d. 15 Jun 1880, age: 21yr, Son of Catherine
Power, Catherine, d. 18 Jun 1921, Wife of Nicholas
Power, James, d. 1932, Son of Catherine
Power, John, d. 1928, Son of Catherine
Power, Nicholas, d. 25 Jan 1928, Husband of Catherine
Wallace, John, d. 20 Nov 1857, age: 92yr, Husband of Sarah, Loftus Hall
Wallace, Sarah, d. 28 Nov 1884, Wife of John
White, Mary, d. 27 Nov 1996, age: 81yr, Wife of Patrick
White, Patrick, d. 28 Oct 1972, age: 70yr, Husband of Mary, Slade

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