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Saint Feichin Old Cemetery  Fore, County Westmeath, Ireland
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Saint Feichin Old Cemetery  Fore, County Westmeath, Ireland
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Saint Feichin Old Cemetery
Fore, County Westmeath, Ireland

Contributed by Anna Ryan, May 26, 2001 [annaryan001@hotmail.com]. Total records = 37.

This Cemetery is set high on a hill on the outskirts of Fore Village facing the ancient Irish Monastery founded by St, Fechin in the 7th century Situated between Lough Lene and Lough Bane the latter on the Co. Meath border.

Close at hand on the west side of the hill, was an ancient anchorite's cell. This was converted to a mausoleum in the 19th Century

The old ruined Church of Saint Fechin is situated on the base of a hill and was originally build in the 10th, Century.

This Graveyard is very overgrown and many of the headstones were impossible to read as they are so old and worn.

I walked and read this cemetery in the spring of 2001., which includes all existing headstones.

- Anna Ryan
Caffrey, Bartle, d. no date, Uncle of Bernard, Fore
Caffrey, Bernard, d. 14 Sep 1980, Son of Michael and Kate
Caffrey, Kate, d. no date, Wife of Michael, National Teacher at Glenidon
Caffrey, Michael, d. no date, Father of Bernard, National Teacher at Fore
Fitsimons, Bartle, d. 15 Feb 1964, Husband of Mary Kate, Fore
Fitsimons, Mary Kate, d. Jan 1971, Wife of Bartle, Martinstown
Fitsimons, Maureen, d. 12 Jul 1946, Daughter of Bartle and Mary Kate, Martinstown
Gogarty, Anne, d. 2 Feb 1929, Wife of Thomas, Srunahella
Gogarty, Thomas, d. 3 Apr, 924, Husband of Anne, Srunahella
Melia, Kate, d. 22 Jun 1964, Daughter of Catherine and Thomas, Morgan, Srunahella
Morgan, Catherine, d. no date, Srunahella
Morgan, Thomas, d. no date, Srunahella
Smyth, Annie , d. 1932, Windtown
Smyth, Carmel (Baby), d. 1963, Rathcreevagh
Smyth, Debbie (Baby), d. 1960, Rathcreevagh
Smyth, Eamon, d. 7 Apr 1976, Rathcreevagh
Smyth, Edward, d. 16 Sep 1919, Windtown
Smyth, Eucenl, d. 1942, Windtown
Smyth, Louise (Baby), d. Apr 1924, Rathcreevagh
Smyth, Mary, d. 1946, Rathcreevagh
Smyth, Mary, d. 2 May 1964, Rathcreevagh
Smyth, William, d. 1925, Windtown
Walsh, Joseph, d. 12 Nov 1935,Fore, Husband of Julia, Rathcreevagh
Walsh, Josephine, d. 4 Nov 1926, Daughter of Joseph and Julia, Rathcreevagh
Walsh, Julia, d. 14 Jun 1954, Wife of Joseph, Rathcreevagh
Walsh, Thomas, d. 24 Jun 1925, Son of Joseph and Julia, Rathcreevagh
Ward, Annie, d. 3 Jun 1984, Wife of James
Ward, James, d. 3 Jul 1958, Husband of Annie
Winters, Annie, d. Nov 1933, Wife of Frank
Winters, Bessie, d. Nov 1946, Daughter of Frank and Margaret
Winters, Frank, d. Jun 1997, Son of Annie and Frank, Moorestown
Winters, Frank, d. Mar 1965, Husband of Annie, Moorestown
Winters, Frank, d. no date, Husband of Margaret, Martinstown
Winters, John, d. Aug 193-, Son of Frank and Margaret
Winters, Margaret, d. no date, Wife of Frank, Martinstown
Winters, William, d. Jun 1883, Son of Frank and Margaret, Martinstown
Winters, William, d. Sep 1987, Son of Annie and Frank, Moorestown
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