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Saint Columbas Cemetery County Sligo, Ireland
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Saint Columbas Cemetery
County Sligo, Ireland

The cemetery is situated beside the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Ballymote Town.

Contributed by Anna Ryan, Aug 11, 2001 [annaryan001@hotmail.com]. Total records = 53.

This is a very old cemetery and the headstones are worn and hard to read. The Church was build in 1857 and dedicated in 1864.

There are old ruins on the site of this cemetery, which are probably the ruins of the origional church for Ballymote.

Begley, Brigid, d. 11 Mar 1888, age: 66yr, Wife of James
Begley, James, d. 31 Dec 1916, age: 54yr, Son of Brigid
Begley, Kate, d. 6 Mar 1937, Wife of James
Berreen, Annie, d. 1923, Mother of John and T.J.
Berreen, John, d. 25 Nov 1901, age: 21yr, Son of Annie
Berreen, Sargent T. J., d. 1945, Son of Annie, Manilla. Phillipnes Island, He erected this headstone.,"
Boyles, John, d. 16 May 1930, age: 74yr
Boyles, Mary, d. 6 Feb 1931, age: 61yr
Boyles, Thomas, d. 19 May 1930, age: 72yr
Brennan, Mary, d. 18 Jun 1916
Creegen, Anne, d. 1 Sep 1886, age: 38yr, Mother of Ellen
Creegen, Ellen, d. 20 Apr 1889, age: 9yr, Daughter of Anne
Davey, Catherine, d. 5 Nov 1886
Davey, James, d. 6 Apr 1883, age: 63yr, Husband of Mary
Davey, John, d. 14 Oct 1892
Davey, Margaret, d. 21 Nov 1937
Davey, Martin, d. 4 Nov 1907
Davey, Mary, d. 20 Apr 1886, age: 66yr, Wife of James
Davey, Mary, d. 5 Mar 1887, age: 19yr, Daughter of James and Mary
Davey, Patrick, d. 28 Oct 1894
Doody, Bridget, d. 27 Dec 1926, Wife of Thomas
Doody, Thomas, d. 2 Dec 1900, Husband of Bridget
Doody, Thomas, d. 8 Nov 1921, Son of Thomas and Bridget
Forbes, John, d. 7 Jul 1899, Doomore, Ballymote
Fox, Michael, d. 1864, Son of Michael, Erected by his father Michael,"
Fox, Patrick, d. 1878, Uncle of Michael
Healy, Bridget, d. 11 Sep 1900
Healy, Bridget, d. 12 Apr 1867, Wife of James
Healy, James, d. 22 Jun 1900
Healy, James, d. 9 Jun 1863, Husband of Bridget
Healy, Matthew, d. 7 Oct 1898
Keenan, Bridget, d. 16 May 1877, age: 80yr, Wife of John, Erected by daughter Ann.,"
Keenan, John, d. 2 Mar 1886, age: 21yr, Son of Patrick
Keenan, John, d. 4 Dec 1836, age: 53yr, Husband of Bridget
Martin, Bridget (Doody), d. 11 Sep 1924, Daughter of Thomas and Bridget.
McGetrick, Annie, d. ?
McGetrick, Edward, d. 24 Mar 1870, age: 61yr
O'Brien, Andrew, d. 9 Nov 1858, age: 79yr, Father of Barth
O'Brien, Barth, d. 20 Mar 1895, age: 28yr, Son of Andrew
O'Brien, Bridget, d. ?
O'Brien, Elizabeth, d. ?, Stone erected by J.A. O'Brein,"
Quinn, Ellen (Kinlahan), d. 4 Jul 1865, age: 77yr, Wife of Patrick, Erected by son James,"
Quinn, Patrick, d. 21 Feb 1861, age: 84yr
Rogers, Honor, d. 28 Dec 1882, Wife of Patrick
Rogers, Honoria, d. 5 Jul 1886, Daughter of Patrick and Honor, Erected by Pat. Rogers.,"
Rogers, John, d. 28 May 1886, Son of Patrick and Honor
Rogers, Patrick, d. 23 Feb 1868, Husband of Honor
Wims, Bridget, d. 9 Aug 1918, Daughter of Patrick and Mary
Wims, Margaret, d. 10 May 1894, Daughter of Patrick and Mary
Wims, Mary A., d. 9 Sep 1897, Daughter of Patrick and Mary
Wims, Mary, d. 15 Jan 1929, Wife of Patrick
Wims, Patrick, d. 24 Apr 1905, Husband of Mary
Wims, Sarah, d. 4 Jan 1896, Daughter of Patrick and Mary

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