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Kilglass Cemetery County Roscommon, Ireland
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Kilglass Cemetery County Roscommon, Ireland
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Kilglass Cemetery
Kilglass, County Roscommon, Ireland

Submitted by Anna Ryan, Sep 04, 2002 [annaryan001@hotmail.com]. Total records = 126.

Take the N4 Road from Dublin to Sligo Turn left at the bridge in Rooskey Village to the Strokestown Road. About 6 Km along this road turn right at the signpost for Kilglass Cemetery. One mile along this road turn left. The cemetery overlooks the beautiful River Shannon.

I walked this cemetery in Aug of 2002 and transcribed from these headstone readings.

- Anna Ryan

??, Ellie Kate, d. 2 Jan 1967, Sister of William
??, William, d. 14 Jun 1974, Brother of Ellie Kate
Beirne, John, d. 22 Feb. 1965, Son of John and Ellen, Killcan
Carley, Eamon, d. 21 Mar 1974, Son of John and Mary E
Carley, Eva, d. 15 Feb. 1950, age: 15mo, Daughter of Patrick and Lily
Carley, Jane, d. 26 Oct 1924, Wife of Thomas
Carley, John (Sean), d. 10 Nov 1994, Son of John and Mary E
Carley, John, d. 24 Jul 1965, Son of Thomas and Jane
Carley, Lily, d. 11 Sep 1996, age: 90yr, Wife of Patrick
Carley, Mary E. (Ellie), d. 20 Oct 1976, Wife of John
Carley, Patrick, d. 30 Jul 1989, age: 86yr, Husband of Lily, Ruane
Carley, Thomas, d. 22 Feb 1895, Husband of Jane, Kilglass
Carley, Thomas, d. 9 Sep 1996, Son of John and Mary E
Cline, Edward, d. 1 Aug 1964
Cline, Edward, d. 22 Nov 1902, age: 56yr, Husband of Mary, Duane
Cline, Mary, d. 5 Sep 1977
Cline, Mary, d. 8 Apr 1927, age: 75yr, Wife of Edward
Cosgrave, Ellen, d. Dec 1879, age: 86yr, Wife of Patrick
Cosgrave, Ellie, d. 15 Sep 1878, age: 3yr, Grandchild of Patrick and Ellen
Cosgrave, Mary Margaret, d. 30 Mar 1939, age: 50yr, Wife of Michael
Cosgrave, Michael, d. 22 Nov 1931, age: 54yr, Husband of Mary Margaret, Kilglass, Erected by daughters Annie and Mary,
Cosgrave, Michael, d. 22 Oct 1999, age: 70yr
Cosgrave, Patrick, d. 15 Mar 1881, age: 90yr, Husband of Ellen, Ballyfeeney
Cox, Genevieve, d. 28 Oct 1963, age: 73yr, Wife of Thomas
Cox, John J., d. 12 May 1924, age: 57yr, Uncle of Mark, S. Africa
Cox, Mark, d. 10 Sep 1958, Son of Thomas and Genevieve, Church View
Cox, Mary, d. 31 Aug 1959, age: 76yr, Aunt of Mark
Cox, Stephen, d. 9 Mar 1955, age: 84yr, Uncle of Mark, Gillstown
Cox, Thomas Austin, d. 24 Jun 1984, age: 68yr, Brother of Mark
Cox, Thomas, d. 29 Jan 1953, age: 88yr, Husband of Genevieve
Diffley, James, d. 7 Jul 1947, Husband of Mary Ellen, Muckanagh
Diffley, Mary Ellen, d. 21 Nov 1956, Wife of James
Diffley, Mary, d. 9 Sep 1997, Wife of Patrick
Diffley, Patrick, d. 13 Mar 1993, Son of James and Mary Ellen
Dillon, Mary Jane, d. 2 Jan 1962
Dillon, Mary Jane, d. 2 Jan 1962
Dooner, Edward, d. 3 Sep 1997, age: 31yr
Dooner, Kathleen, d. 26 Jun 1993, age: 91yr
Dooner, Marie, d. 28 Dec 1995, age: 25yr
Egan, Edward, d. no dates
Egan, Jennie, d. 3 Feb. 1976, Wife of John
Egan, John, d. 14 Jan 1970, Husband of Jennie, Scrabach. Kilmore
Flanagan, James J., d. no dates, age: 4yr, Grandson of Jane and Michael
Flanagan, Jane (Meleady), d. 4 Jan 1920, age: 66yr, Daughter of Michael and Ellen
Flanagan, Jane, b. 1925, d. 1995
Flanagan, John, d. no dates, age: 1yr, Grandson of Jane and Michael
Flanagan, Margaret, b. 1898, d. 1968
Flanagan, Mary, b. 1922, d. 1923
Flanagan, Michael, d. 28 Mar 1926, age: 94yr, Husband of Jane
Flanagan, Thomas, b. 1887, d. 1964
Flynn, Bridget (McGuire), d. 10 Apr 1940, age: 72yr, Daughter of Hugh
Flynn, Daniel, d. 19 Nov 1956
Flynn, Peter, d. 19 May 1988
Gallagher, Mamie, d. 26 Jun 1997, Wife of Michael
Gallagher, Michael, d. 2 Feb. 1978, age: 75yr, Husband of Mamie
Healy, Andrew, d. 1 Apr 1942, Son of Bernard and Mary
Healy, Bernard, d. 14 Jan 1945, Husband of Mary, Mullagh
Healy, Kathleen, d. 18 Feb. 1978, Wife of Andrew
Healy, Mary, d. 8 Jan 1945, Wife of Bernard
Kelly, Francis, d. 30 Aug 1995, age: 95yr, Wife of Thomas
Kelly, John, d. 21 Jan 1972, age: 82yr, Brother of Thomas
Kelly, Thomas, d. 5 Jun 1962, age: 70yr, Husband of Frances, Kiltegan, Kilglass
Kielty, Ignatius, d. 11 Jan 1995, age: 79yr, Son of Thomas and Margaret
Kielty, Margaret, d. 29 Mar 1956, age: 80yr, Wife of Thomas
Kielty, Thomas, d. 10 Apr 1954, age: 72yr, Husband of Margaret, Cullaghmore
Lannon, B.J., d. 10 Feb. 1996, age: 86yr
Lannon, Peter, d. 25 Nov 1957, Husband of Teresa Kate, Mooneenbeg, Rooskey
Lannon, Teresa Kate, d. 1 Oct 1978, Wife of Peter
Lawe, Catherine, d. 12 Oct 1922, age: 64yr, Lisheen
McGuire, Catherine, d. 8 Jun 1956, age: 71yr, Wife of Terence
McGuire, Ellie Kate, d. 2 Jan 1962
McGuire, Hugh, d. 20 Jun 1994, age: 81yr, Son of Terence and Catherine
McGuire, Hugh, d. 24 Feb. 1900, age: 84yr, Caul
McGuire, Hugh, d. 29 Oct 1903, age: 74yr, Father of Bridget, Doo, Slatta, Erected by his son James McGuire A.D 1915,
McGuire, James, d. 13 Nov 18??
McGuire, John, d. 17 Jun 1962, Brother of Sarah, Ballyfeeny
McGuire, John, d. 17 Jun 1962, Brother of Sarah, Ballyfeeny
McGuire, John, d. 6 Jun 1971, age: 53yr, Son of Terence and Catherine
McGuire, John, d. 7 Jun 1865, age: 24yr
McGuire, John, d. Mar 1806, Ballyfeeny ?
McGuire, Patrick, d. 26 Dec 1992, age: 72yr, Son of Terence and Catherine
McGuire, Sarah, d. 12 Mar 1946, Sister of John
McGuire, Sarah, d. 12 Mar 1946, Sister of John
McGuire, Terence, d. 25 Apr 1952, age: 85yr, Husband of Catherine
McGuire, William, d. 14 Jun 1974
McHugh, Bridget, d. 3 Jan 1977, Wife of John Patrick
McHugh, John Henry, d. 13 Sep 1976, age: 86yr, Husband of Sarah, Knockhall
McHugh, John Martin, d. 10 Feb. 1977, Son of John Patrick and Martin
McHugh, John Patrick, d. 3 Oct 1955, Husband of Bridget, Slattamore
McHugh, John, d. 22 Oct 1961, Husband of Mary Ann, Knockhall, Rooskey
McHugh, Margaret Ann, d. 17 May 1989, Wife of John
McHugh, Margaret, d. no dates, Daughter of John Patrick and Bridget
McHugh, Owen, d. 23 Nov 1934, age: 9yr, Son of John Henry and Sarah, Erected by their family,
McHugh, Sarah, d. 23 Mar 1982, age: 86yr, Wife of John Henry
McNally, Anne, d. 23 May 1924, Wife of Martin
McNally, Elaine, d. no dates, age: 4 Mthsyr, Daughter of Marty
McNally, John, d. 12 Jul 1946, Husband of Kate
McNally, Kate, d. 5 Jul 1938, Husband of John
McNally, Martin, d. 20 Dec 1966, age: 53yr, Father of Marty
McNally, Martin, d. 7 Dec 1893, age: 79yr, Husband of Anne, Setta
McNally, Marty, d. 16 Feb. 1968, age: 30yr, Father of Elaine, Lanesboro
Meleady, Annie, d. 1850, age: 17yr, Daughter of Michael and Ellen
Meleady, Ellen, d. Jun 1876, age: 70yr, Wife of Michael
Meleady, Michael, d. Jan 1876, age: 80yr, Husband of Ellen, Ruane, Erected by their sons Michael and James Meleady A.D 1913,
Nanneny, Thomas, d. 24 Mar 1956, Husband of Mary, Ballykilcline, Kilglass
Nannery, Mary (Reyolds), d. 10 Apr 1986, Wife of Thomas
O'Reilly, Catherine, d. no dates
O'Reilly, John, d. 21 Apr 1924, Son of John and Catherine
O'Reilly, John, d. 25 Dec 1993, Son of John and Mary
O'Reilly, John, d. no dates, Lavagh
O'Reilly, Mary, d. 15 Jul 1962, Wife of John
O'Reilly, Paddy, d. 10 Feb. 1989, Son of John and Mary
Padian, Elizabeth, d. 15 Jun 1930, age: 84yr, Wife of Richard
Padian, Luke, d. 12 Aug 1952, Husband of Mary
Padian, Mary, d. 4 Dec 1973, age: 83yr, Wife of Richard
Padian, Richard, d. 22 Jun 1928, age: 86yr, Husband of Elizabeth, Cordrummin
Padian, Richard, d. 8 Jan 1998, age: 66yr, Son of Luke and Mary
Shanley, Thomas, d. 9 Oct 1986
Sherwin, Edward, d. 27 Dec 1976, age: 62yr, Erected by his son Michale J. Sherwin. Boston. Mass. U.S.A.,
Sherwin, Margaret, d. 31 Jan 1921, age: 11yr
Sherwin, Mary E., d. 23 Aug 1963, age: 87yr
Sherwin, Patrick, d. 2 Nov 1912, age: 77yr, Husband of Rose, Mullagh
Sherwin, Rose, d. 30 Jun 1930, Wife of Patrick
Sherwin, Thomas C., d. 10 May 1950, age: 81yr
Washington, Patrick, d. 4 Mar 1981, Son of Thomas and Katie
Washington, Thomas, d. no dates
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