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Immaculate Conception Churchyard Ashbourne, County Meath, Ireland
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Immaculate Conception Churchyard
Ashbourne, County Meath, Ireland

This church and cemetery is in the village of Ashbourne.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited May 18, 2005. Total records = 259.

Contributor's Index:

??, Jennifer, d. 26 Apr 1977, age: 3 weeks, granddaughter of Desmond and Neil King, [FC]
??, Kerry, d. 10 Jan 1988, age: 2da, granddaughter of John E Ward, [FC]
??, Lorraine, d. 26 Apr 1989, age: 6mo, gdau/o James O'Connor, [FC]
??, Patrick, d. 6 Jul 1985, age: 3yr, Grandson of Simon and Rose Kerrigan, [FC]
??, Vincent, d. 28 Dec 1990, age: 31yr, grandson of Jane and Thomas Beggy, [FC]
Allen, Andrew, d. 27 Feb 1997, age: 49yr, Castle Park Ashbourne, [FC]
Allen, Harry, d. 30 Nov 1981, age: 70yr, Castle Ave Ashbourne, [FC]
Allen, Philomena, d. 30 Mar 1998, age: 61yr, Killegland Park Ashbourne, [FC]
Anderson, William (Billy), d. 18 Jan 1985 Baltrasa, Ashbourne, [FC]
Armstrong, Agnes, d. 19 Nov 2000, w/o Thomas, [FC]
Armstrong, Thomas, d. 14 Mar 1984, h/o Agnes, Race Mill, Ashbourne, [FC]
Barry-Bermingham, Megane, d. 13 Apr 1997, (Infant), [FC]
Bartley, Elizabeth, d. 13 Nov 1983, age: 81yr, Castle Park, Ashbourne, [FC]
Battersby, Paul, d. 20 Sep 1993, age: 30yr, s/o Sean, [FC]
Battersby, Sean, d. 3 Feb 1986, age: 54yr, Milltown, Ashbourne, [FC]
Beary, Michael, b. 9 Oct 1930, d. 28 Oct 1993, [FC]
Beggy, Jane, d. 11 Aug 1982, age: 81yr, w/o Thomas, [FC]
Beggy, John, d. 15 Feb 1995, age: 73yr, Milltown Estate Ashbourne, [FC]
Beggy, Patrick, d. 11 Sep 1991, age: 67yr, St. Oliver's Park, Ratoath, [FC]
Beggy, Thomas, d. 21 Aug 1980, age: 91yr, h/o Jane, Killegland, [FC]
Beirne, John (Jack), d. 21 Nov 1978, h/o Philomena Barry Green, Finglas, [FC]
Beirne, Philomena, d. 12 Aug 1992, w/o John (Jack), [FC]
Bradley, Elizabeth, d. 7 May 1998, age: 63yr, Milltown Estate, Ashbourne, [FC]
Broughan, Liam Brendan, d. 14 Nov 1996 (Infant), [FC]
Browne, Christopher (Christy), d. 24 Jun 2997, age: 72yr, [FC]
Browne, Ethel Mary, d. 17 Feb 2001, [FC]
Buckley, Annie, b. 2 Mar 1930, d. 18 Feb 2000, Grandmother of James Peter, [FC]
Buckley, James Peter, b. 20 Apr 1983, d. 3 May 1983, [FC]
Burnell, Aisling, d. 7 Oct 1988 (Born an Angel), [FC]
Burnell, Conor, d. 23 Nov 1995 (Born an Angel), [FC]
Bury, Bernard, d. 3 Jul 1997 Race Hill, Ashbourne, [FC]
Byars, Esabelle, d. 22 Jul 2003, age; 92yr, m/o Sadie, [FC]
Byrne, Anthony, b. 9 Apr 1992, d. 26 Jun 1992, [FC]
Byrne, John, d. 30 Jun 1994, [FC]
Byrne, Thomas (Tommy), d. 10 Mar 1986, age: 46yr Castle Crescent Ashbourne, [FC]
Byrne, Vincent, d. 17 Dec 1993, age: 71yr, Late of Ashbourne, [FC]
Caffrey, Annie, d. 5 Apr 1988, [FC]
Caffrey, Edward, d. 25 Jun 2001, h/o Kitty, Ashbourne, [AR]
Caffrey, Eileen, d. 5 May 1996, age: 72yr, The Rath, Dublin Road, [FC]
Caffrey, Kitty, d. 23 Aug 2001, age: 82yr, [FC]
Callaghan, Mark, d. 7 Mar 1999. age: 54yr, [FC]
Carey, Ronan, d. 31 Jan 1999, age: 25yr, [FC]
Carthy, Catherine, d. 29 Sep 1971, w/o Patrick, [AR]
Carthy, Mary, d. 2 Dec 1996, age: 45yr, [FC]
Carthy, Patrick, d. 21 May 1976, h/o Catherine, [AR]
Carthy, Sharon, d. 14 Jul 1998, age: 17yr, d/o Mary, [FC]
Carty, Catherine, d. 29 Sep 1971, w/o Patrick, [FC]
Carty, Patrick, d. 21 May 1976, h/o Catherine, [FC]
Cassidy, Christopher (Chris), b. 25 Jun 1954, d. 22 Dec 1978, [FC]
Clancy, Vince, b. 1929, d. 1997, [FC]
Collins John, d. 3 Aug 1979, age: 53yr, h/o Ellen (Eileen) Ashbourne, [FC]
Collins, Ellen (Eileen), d. 11 Jul 1994, age: 70, w/o John, [FC]
Conroy, Catherine, d. 8 Apr 1997, age: 76yr, [FC]
Conroy, Thomas, d. 20 May 1996, age: 88yr, [FC]
Conway, Doris, d. 9 Dec 1985, [FC]
Conway, Rosemary, d. 22 Aug 1970, age: 39yr, Interred in Drogheda, [FC]
Conway, Sean, d. 27 Dec 1995, age: 64yr (Senator) Ashbourne, [FC]
Conway, Tom, d. 23 Jun 1996, age 37yr, [FC]
Corcoran, Noreen, d. 13 Jul 1995, Ard Aoibbin, Athenry, [FC]
Cully, Patrick, d. 7 Oct 1997, age: 78yr, Baltrasna, [FC]
Curley, James J, d. 30 Dec 1998, [FC]
Curley, Madeline (ESME), d. 12 Dec 2000, w/o James J, [FC]
Daly, Margaret, d. 9 Dec 1995, age: 80yr, w/o Michael, [FC]
Daly, Michael, d. 10 Feb 1998, age: 91yr, h/o Margaret, [FC]
Daly, Patrick, d. 1 Jul 1979, age: 74yr Hammondstown, [FC]
Dardis, Michael, d. 11 Mar 1993, age: 70yr, Crestwood Road Ashbourne, [FC]
Dervan, Alice, d. 13 Oct 1992, age: 78yr, w/o James, [FC]
Dervan, James, d. 13 Apr 1969, age: 70yr, h/o Alice, Wotton, The Ward, [FC]
Doherty, Kathleen, d. 7 Nov 1995, age: 48yr, Broadmeadow Road Ashbourne, [FC]
Driver, Aisling, d. 27 Oct 1998, age: 12yr, [FC]
Durnin, Morgan, d. 26 Nov 1985 Nephew of Mary, [FC]
Dwyer, Jimmy, d. 15 Apr 1991 age: 57, [FC]
Earley, Daniel (Dan), d. 8 Nov 1988 Kilshane Road, Finglas, [FC]
Farrell, Angela, d. 1 Feb 1969, age: 22, [FC]
Farrell, John, d. 7 Mar 1998, age: 87, [FC]
Farrell, Kathleen, d. 17 Aug 2001, w/o Sean, [FC]
Farrell, Sean, d. 19 Nov 1978, h/o Kathleen, Milltown, Ashbourne, [FC]
Farrelly, Brian, d. 11 Sep 1995, [FC]
Farrelly, Edward, d. 19 Jan 1987, [FC]
Farrelly, John, d. 13 Apr 1992, age: 80, Archerstown, Ashbourne, [FC]
Farrelly, Margaret, d. 2 Feb 1995, age: 84, w/o John, [FC]
Farrelly, Tommy, d. 20 Oct 1982 Releghan, Bailiboro, [FC]
Feeney, Margaret, d. 4 May 1989, Bourne Way, [AR]
Fenton, Maurice, d. 16 Feb 1997, age: 79, Fleenstown, The Ward, [FC]
Finglas, George, d. 27 Dec 1998, age: 72yr, s/o Mary, [FC]
Finglas, Mary, d. 27 Jan 1970, age: 77yr, Baltrasna, [FC]
Finnegan, Noreen, d. 4 Jul 1999, age: 38yr, [FC]
Fitzpatrick, Jenny, d. 4 Aug 1996, w/o Dan, [FC]
Fitzpatrick, Mr, d. 23 Sep 1996, h/o Jenny, [FC]
Fitzsimons, Danielle Mary, d. 8 May 1990 (Went to Heaven), [FC]
Fitzsimons, Rita, no dates, Her Children Barry John, Suzanne and Karen, [FC]
Flanagan, James, d. 20 Jul 1976, age: 83, h/o Mary, Milltown, [FC]
Flanagan, Mary, d. 29 Apr 1988, w/o James, [FC]
Flannery, Colette, d. 4 Mar 1992, age: 11, Dublin Road, Ashbourne, [FC]
Flannery, Emma, d. 1 Feb 1999, age: 21yr, Dublin Road, Ashbourne, [FC]
Flannery, Joseph, d. 12 Jun 1993, age: 19yr, died tragically, [FC]
Foran, Gerard, d. 1 Mar 2001, h/o Margaret, Collins Park Whitehall, [AR]
Fowler, Catherine, d. 1931, w/o Robert, [FC]
Fowler, Mary, d. 9 Jun 1996, d/o Robert and Catherine, [FC]
Fowler, Pauline, d. 1935, d/o Robert and Catherine, [FC]
Fowler, Robert, d. 22 Nov 1968, h/o Catherine, [FC]
Gallagher, Hugh, b. 13 Mar 1983, d. 24 Mar 2001, [FC]
Garry, John, d. 7 Feb 1992, age: 44yr, Maple Grove Ashbourne, [FC]
Geraghty, Catherine (Kit), d. 26 Jan 1986, w/o Michael, [FC]
Geraghty, John, d. 21 Oct 1992, age: 69yr, [FC]
Geraghty, Joseph (Joe), d. 3 May 2002, age: 74yr, Nephew of Agnes, [FC]
Geraghty, Mary Ann, d. 11 Dec 1981, w/o Patrick, [FC]
Geraghty, Michael, d. 21 Feb 1984, age: 76, h/o Catherine (Kit), [FC]
Geraghty, Patrick, d. 11 Dec 1969, h/o Mary Ann, Ashbourne, [FC]
Gillett, Austin, d. 27 Nov 1985, h/o Zita, [FC]
Gillett, Zita, d. 2 Jun 1985, w/o Austin Deerpark Ashbourne, late Drimnagh, [FC]
Gorman, James, d. 12 Mar 1983, age: 70yr, Newtown, The Ward, [FC]
Gorman, Martina, d. 19 Mar 1988, age: 87yr, [FC]
Goslin, Richard, Infant, [FC]
Grattan, Melanie, d. 7 Jun 1996, [FC]
Grouden, David, d. 28 Feb 1999, age: 73yr, [FC]
Guinnane, Martin, d. 2 Feb 1991, age: 86yr, Hammondtown, [FC]
Hann, William (Bill), d. 20 Sep 1998, age: 55yr, [FC]
Hanratty, Mary, d. 16 Sep 1974, age: 11 months Grandchild of James and Mary, [FC]
Harrington, Jerry, d. 9 Aug 1998, age 79yr, h/o Pauline, [FC]
Harrington, Pauline, d. 23 Feb 1992, age: 62yr, Milltown, Ashbourne, [FC]
Hayes, Andrew, d. 2 May 1994, age: 6yr, s/o Helen Patricia, [FC]
Hayes, Helen Patricia, d. 3 May 1994, age: 46yr, Ashbourne, [FC]
Hayes, Raymond, d. 5 May 1994, age: 11yr, s/o Helen Patricia, [FC]
Hickey, John (Jack), d. 28 Sep 1986, age: 79yr, Baltrasna, [FC]
Hynes, Anne, d. 16 Sep 1994, sis/o Doris, [FC]
Johnston, Baby Andrew, d. 22 May 1991, age: 4 Months, [FC]
Johnston, Kathleen, d. 28 Apr 1998, age: 81yr, w/o Patrick, [FC]
Johnston, Patrick (Pat), d. 4 Feb 1974, age: 16yr (Accidentally Killed), s/o Patrick and Kathleen, [FC]
Johnston, Patrick, d. 26 Dec 1990, age: 77yr, h/o Kathleen, [FC]
Jones, Sadie, d. 8 May 1998, w/o Tony, [FC]
Jones, Tony, d. 10 Aug 1990, h/o Sadie, Broadmeadow Green, [FC]
Joyce, Elizabeth, d. 10 Mar 1973, infant d/o Margaret and John, Loughlinstown, [AR]
Joyce, John, d. 4 Mar 1982, age: 98, h/o Margaret, Loughlinstown, [AR]
Joyce, Margaret, d. 17 Jan 1967, age: 82yr, w/o John, Loughlinstown, [AR]
Kavanagh, Annie, d. 10 Jan 1984, age: 62ur, Hannonstown, Rath, Ashbourne, [FC]
Kavanagh, Kathleen, d. 20 Jul 1992, age: 84yr, [FC]
Kearns, James, d. 24 Aug 1973, Baltrasna, [FC]
Kearns, Mary, d. 13 Jul 1979, Nine Mile Stone, Ashbourne, [FC]
Kedizierski, Mieczyslaw, d. 3 Aug 1996, h/o Daisy, Ashbourne, [AR]
Keenan, Daniel (Donald), d. 3 Dec 1998, s/o Daniel and Kathleen, [FC]
Keenan, Daniel, d. 12 Jan 1972, h/o Kathleen, Milltown, Ashbourne, [FC]
Keenan, Kathleen, d. 3 Dec 1998, w/o Daniel, [FC]
Keller, James, d. 19 Mar 1988, [FC]
Kelly, Joseph, d. 3 May 1969, age: 84yr, h/o Winifred, Killegland, [FC]
Kelly, Mary Ellen, d. 5 Feb 1999 age: 85yr, [FC]
Kelly, Maureen, d. 1 Jul 1999, w/o Peter John, [FC]
Kelly, Nessan, 21 Dec 1906, d. 31 Dec 1990, [FC]
Kelly, Niall Gerard, d. 26 May 1979, age: 14yr (Following an Accident), [FC]
Kelly, Oliver, d. 21 Aug 1987, age: 47yr, Bourne Avenue, Ashbourne, [FC]
Kelly, Peter John, d. 17 Oct 1971, h/o Maureen, Ashbourne, [FC]
Kelly, Winifred, d. 3 May 1982, age: 86yr, w/o Joseph, [FC]
Kenny, Austin Patrick, d. 27 Mar 1979, [FC]
Kerrigan, Rose (Dolly), d. 25 Feb 1983, w/o Simon, Ashbourne, [FC]
Kerrigan, Simon, d. 7 Jan 1993, age: 79yr, h/o Rose (Dolly), [FC]
Kiernan, Matthew (Matt), d. 17 Apr 1986, age: 63yr, Baltrasna, [FC]
Kinane, Eddie, d. 10 Jul 2004, [FC]
Kinane, Eileen, d. 15 May 1996, [FC]
King, Desmond, d. 27 May 1987, age: 74, h/o Ellen, [FC]
King, Ellen, d. 29 Mar 1971, age: 62, w/o Desmond Ashbourne, [FC]
King, John, d. 23 Jan 1981, age: 90yr, f/o Toddy, [FC]
King, Julia, d. 27 Sep 1988, age: 84yr, m/o Toddy, [FC]
King, Mary, d. 25 Dec 2000 (Suddenly), [FC]
King, Neil, d. 16 Dec 2002, age: 26 (died tragically), [FC]
King, Toddy, d. 19 Oct 1974, age: 37yr, (Following an Accident), [FC]
Landers, Aine, d. 14 Oct 2003, age: 84ur, [FC]
Landers, Sean, d. 20 Sep 1982, age: 65ur, [FC]
Lawless, James, d. 28 Oct 1981, age: 63yr, [FC]
Lynam, Elizabeth, d. 26 Jul 1987, age: 84ur, The Rath, Ashbourne, [FC]
Macken, Jenny, d. 24 Oct 1994, Killegland, [FC]
Macken, Martin, d. 19 May 1986 (in infancy) Grandson of John Hickey, [FC]
Maher, Thomas, b. 1905 Bruree Co. Limerick, d. 1986 Rathgar Dublin, [FC]
Martin, Margaret, d. 29 Apr 1980, age: 65 Milltown, Ashbourne, [FC]
May, Jackie, d. 28 Mar 1995, age: 73 The Ward, [FC]
McCahey, Ellen, d. 10 Jun 1973, [AR]
McCarrick, John, d. 13 Apr 1985, age: 27yr, Huntsgrove, Ashbourne, [FC]
McCormack, Joseph Norman (Joe), d. 14 Jul 1976, [FC]
McCreevy, John, d. 8 Jun 1965, bro/o Thomas, [AR]
McCreevy, Michael, d. 12 Nov 1983, bro/o John and Thomas, [AR]
McCreevy, Thomas, d. 5 Jun 1965, bro/o John, [AR]
McDonald, Alice, d. 30 Jun 1999, age: 70yr, Ashbourne, [AR]
McDonald, Eileen (Deasy), d. 28 May 1999, age: 39yr, Court Mac Sherry, [FC]
McDonnell, Alice, d. 30 Jun 1999, age: 70yr, Ashbourne, [FC]
McDonnell, Eamon, d. 7 Feb 1998, [FC]
McDonnell, Mary, d. 18 Jun 1965, age: 71yr, [FC]
McEvoy, Aidan, d. 18 Feb 1978 Grandson of Jeremiah and Mary Ellen, [FC]
McEvoy, Jeremiah, d. 16 Feb 1974, h/o Mary Ellen, Milltown House, [FC]
McEvoy, Mary Ellen, d. 30 Sep 1990, w/o Jeremiah, [FC]
McEvoy, Rhona, d. 27 Sep 1990, age: 50, [FC]
McNulty, Matthew, d. 13 Mar 1979, age: 78, His twin brother, [FC]
McNulty, Rt Rev Mgr M, d. 9 Mar 1978, age: 77yr, Milltown (Late Capetown), [FC]
McWeeney, Mary, d. 8 Jun 1996, w/o William, [FC]
McWeeney, Noel, d. 18 Dec 1964, baby, [FC]
McWeeney, William, d. 22 Feb 2003, h/o Mary, [FC]
Mooney, Margaret (Peggy), d. 9 Jun 1999, age: 75 Castle Street, Ashbourne, [FC]
Mooney, Michael, d. 13 Nov 1978, age: 11mo, [FC]
Moran, Bridie, d. 2 Oct 1996, age: 86yr, w/o Martin, [AR]
Moran, Martin, d. 5 Jan 1981, age: 75yr, h/o Bridie, [AR]
Moran, Matthew, d. 22 Jan 1979, age: 30yr, Wotton, The Ward, [FC]
Morgan, Jane, d. 27 Jan 2005, [FC]
Morgan, John, d. 28 Sep 1978, Cookestown, Ashbourne, [AR]
Mulcahy, Ellen, d. 10 Jun 1973, also her Infant Grandson, [FC]
Mulhall, Bridget (Daisy), d. 30 Aug 1985, w/o Jim and, m/o Michael, [FC]
Mulhall, Jim, d. 27 Aug 1996, age: 69yr, h/o Bridget and, f/o Michael, [FC]
Mulhall, Michael M, d. 17 Apr 1979, Athy and Finglas (accident), [FC]
Mullen, Maureen, d. 3 Nov 1997, [FC]
Murphy, Kevin, d. 10 Aug 1995, age: 8yr, [FC]
Murphy, Matt, d. 16 Dec 1994, age: 56yr, [FC]
Newman, Ellen, d. 30 Aug 1991, age: 78yr, w/o Thomas, [FC]
Newman, Thomas, d. 1 Apr 1980, age: 67yr, h/o Ellen, Ashbourne, [FC]
Nulty, Annie, d. 9 Apr 1983, age: 88yr, [FC]
O' Regan, James Patrick, d. 12 Nov 1974, age: 42yr, accident, [FC]
O' Regan, Mary, Infant, d/o James Patrick, [FC]
O'Brien, Deirdre, d. 27 Dec 1992, age: 33, d/o Ignatius and Norah, [FC]
O'Brien, Ignatius (Nicky), d. 27 Jan 1978, h/o Norah, Finglas, [FC]
O'Brien, Jimmy, d. 7 Mar 1996, [FC]
O'Brien, Norah, d. 11 Nov 1990, w/o Ignatius (Nicky), [FC]
O'Brien, Philip, b. 4 Dec 1954, d. 7 Jan 1955, Baby, [FC]
O'Callaghan, Rosin, d. 17 Nov 1997, age: 18, Castle Street, [FC]
O'Connell, Siobhan, b. Dundalk 30 Oct 1970, d. 24 Dec 1997, [FC]
O'Connor, James, d. 10 Jan 1982, age: 57, h/o Kathleen, Ratoath Road, [FC]
O'Connor, Kathleen, d. 26 Oct 1994, age: 68yr, w/o James, [FC]
O'Neill, Patrick Joseph, d. 7 Sep 1994, age: 73, [FC]
O'Reilly, Gertie (Toomey), b. 20 Jun 1920, d. 17 Apr 1988 Finglas, [FC]
O'Reilly, Leo, d. 22 Nov 1999, h/o Mary, [FC]
O'Reilly, Mary, d. 6 Dec 1994, w/o Leo, Milltown, Ashbourne, [FC]
O'Reilly, Patrick, d. 12 Feb 1989, age: 56yr, [AR]
Quinn, Erick, d. 5 Sep 1994, age: 19yr, [FC]
Quinn, Harold Victor, d. 3 Dec 1983, h/o Mary, [AR]
Quinn, Mary, d. 21 Jun 1973, w/o Harold Victor, [AR]
Quinn, Robert (Bob), d. 16 Apr 1982, age: 56yr, f/o Erick, [FC]
Raune, Stephen, d. 22 Nov 1979, h/o Theresa, [FC]
Raune, Theresa, d. 26 May 1997, w/o Stephen, [FC]
Rooney, Joseph, d. 31 Oct 1996, age: 60yr. Deerpark, Ashbourne, [FC]
Scully, Ann Marie, d. 9 May 2000, age: 19yr, [FC]
Sheehan, George, d. 23 Nov 1983, h/o Margaret, Lindsey Mews, [FC]
Sheehan, Margaret, d. 15 Feb 1999, age: 83yr, w/o George, [FC]
Shine, Aideen, d. 25 Jun 2002, w/o Joe, [FC]
Shine, Joe, d. 23 Feb 1999, age: 74, h/o Aideen Castle Park, Ashbourne, [FC]
Smyth, Bridie, d. 18 Dec 2000, age: 52yr, Tara Lawns, [FC]
Staunton, Georgina, d. 15 Nov 1970, w/o John, Ashbourne, [AR]
Staunton, John, d 19 Jun 1968, age: 69yr, h/o Georgina, Ashbourne, [AR]
Staunton, John, d. 19 Jun 1962, age: 60yr, h/o Georgina, Ashbourne, [FC]
Stevens, Joan, d. 26 Mar 1988, age: 35yr, Ashbourne, [FC]
Sweeney, Eileen, d. 27 Oct 1981, age: 62yr, w/o Paddy, The Rath, Ashbourne, [FC]
Sweeney, Paddy, d. 29 Oct 1997, age: 70yr, h/o Eileen, [FC]
Tier, Ron, d. 17 Dec 1993, age: 50yr, Baltrasna, [FC]
Traynor, John, b. 5 Oct 1975, d. 17 Nov 2000, [FC]
Tynan, Robert (Bob), d. 10 Feb 1994, age: 50yr, Castle Cresent, Ashbourne, [FC]
Tysom, Derek William, d. 16 Dec 1994, age: 46yr, [FC]
Walsh, Mary, d. 19 Mar 2001, w/o Oliver, [FC]
Walsh, Oliver, d. 2 Jun 1999, h/o Mary, [FC]
Ward, Camilla, d. 4 Jul 1978, sis/o Concepta, [FC]
Ward, Concepta, d. 28 Mar 1974, [FC]
Ward, John E, d. 13 Nov 1987, age: 48yr, The Rath, Ashbourne, [FC]
White, Joseph, d. 27 Apr 1965, age: 72yr, h/o Mary, The Rath, Ashbourne, [AR]
White, Margaret, d. 24 Mar 1999, d/o Joseph and Mary, The Rath, Ashbourne, [AR]
White, Mary, d. 15 Sep 1969, w/o Joseph, The Rath, Ashbourne, [AR]
White, Shelia, d. 2 Dec 1980, dau-in-law of Joseph and Mary, w/o Ben, The Rath, Ashbourne, [AR]

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