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Eadestown Cemetery County Kildare, Ireland
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Eadestown Cemetery
Eadestown, County Kildare, Ireland

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 83.

Contributor's Index:

Behan, Patrick, d. 18 Feb 1989, Punchestown, [AR]
Brady, Paddy, d. 23 Apr 1994, age: 77yr, Naas, [AR]
Browne, Nuala, d. 23 Jun 1995, age: 60yr, Mother of Peter, [AR]
Browne, Peter, d. 4 Feb 1995, age: 33yr, Son of Nuala, [AR]
Byrne, Joseph, d. 29 Nov 1976, age: 7Mths, Punchestown, [AR]
Byrne, Katheen, d. 17 May 1983, Wife of Patrick, Cromwellstown, [AR]
Byrne, Patrick, d 19 Jan 1987, Husband of Kathleen, Cromwellstown, [AR]
Carroll, Carmel (O'Reilly), d. 30 Sep 1998, age: 70yr, [AR]
Cassidy, Peter, d. 3 Feb 1995, age: 70yr, Naas, [AR]
Cavin, Bridget, d. 18 Mar 1987, age: 73yr, Wife of Michael, Kill,[AR]
Cavin, Michael, d. 24 May 1996, age: 90yr, Husband of Bridget, Kill, [AR]
Chan Ling Choong, Maresa, d. 22 Aug 1996, age: 18yr, [AR]
Corbett, Louise, Died young, Daughter of Paddy, [AR]
Corbett, Mary, Died young, Daughter of Paddy, [AR]
Corbett, Paddy, d. 4 Dec 1985, Father of Louise and Mary,[AR]
Coyne, Maureen, d. 1 Sep 2000, age: 68yr, Wife of Paddy, [AR]
Coyne, Paddy, d. 8 May 1981, age: 57yr, Husband of Maureen, [AR]
Crowley, Frances, d. 1 Feb 1992, Wife of Jim, Naas, [AR]
Crowley, Jim, d. 7 Mar 1992, Naas, [AR]
Crowley, Mary Elizabeth, d. 9 Aug 1983, age: 2yr, Eadestown, [AR]
Cullen, Jim, d. 18 Aug 1991, age: 73yr, [AR]
Dear, George, d. 14 Oct 1992, age: 78yr, [AR]
Delaney, Patrick, d. 7 Sep 1984, age: 63yr, Punchestown, [AR]
Doyle, Joseph, d. 27 Mar 2000, age: 78yr, Husband of Renee, Dublin, [AR]
Doyle, Renee, d. 21 Jan 1999, Wife of Joseph, Dublin, [AR]
Dunne, John, d. 26 May 1990, age: 83yr, Calliaghstown, [AR]
Fitzpatrick, Michael, d. 11 Oct 1985, age: 52yr, Father of Theresa, Rathmore, [AR]
Fitzpatrick, Theresa, d. 12 Dec 1989, age: 18yr, Daughter of Michael, Rathmore, [AR]
Flannelly, Kathleen, b 1941, d. 17 Oct 1996, Kill,[AR]
Gillis, George, d. 8 Jul 1984, age: 63yr, [AR]
Goslin, Elizabeth, d 20 Dec 1988, Sister of John, [AR]
Goslin, John, d. 10 Nov 1992, Brother of Elizabeth, [AR]
Grainger, Frank, d. 8 Jun 1983, age: 58yr, Brother of Michael, Naas, [AR]
Grainger, Michael, d. 30 Jan 1992, age: 70yr, Brother of Frank, Naas, [AR]
Grainger, Richard, d. 28 Jan 1999, age: 66yr, Eadestown, [AR]
Grainger, Stephen, d 19 Dec 1988, age: 57yr, Eadestown, [AR]
Harney, Anna Maria, d. 5 Mar 1993, age: 80yr, Wife of Lorcan,[AR]
Harney, Lisa, d. 2 Nov 1977, age: 3 Mths, [AR]
Harney, Lorcan, d. 5 Dec 1985, age: 69yr, Husband of Anna Maria, [AR]
Harold, John, d. 25 Mar 1983, age: 53yr, Son of William and Mary, Baltracy, [AR]
Harvey, Hugh, d. 8 Jun 1999, age: 82yr, Naas, [AR]
Hayden, Agnes, d. 10 Feb 1996, age: 96yr, Wife of Stephen,Eadestown.Naas, [AR]
Hayden, Stephen, d. 27 May 1989, age: 82yr, Husband of Agnes, Eadestown, Naas, [AR]
Hetherington, Edward, d. 13 Jun 1995, age: 82yr, Valleymount, [AR]
Hickey, Seamus, d. 30 Aug 1993, age: 59yr, Craddoxtown, [AR]
Hogan, Catherine, d. 17 Jun 1997, age: 88yr, Newbridge, [AR]
Hyland, Madeline, d. 18 Jan 1990, age: 39yr, Punchestown, [AR]
Kavanagh, Joseph, d. 1 May 1997, age: 79yr, Husband of Mai,[AR]
Kavanagh, Mai, d. 18 Jan 1992, age: 69yr,Wife of Joseph,Eadestown,[AR]
Kearney, E. Julia, d. 21 Jan 1996, Infant, [AR]
Kelly, Anthony, b, Kilteal, d. 30 Oct 1998, age: 82yr,Tallaght, [AR]
Kelly, John, b 1917, d. 2000, [AR]
Kelly, Mae (Finnerty), b 1922, d. 1994, [AR]
Kenny, Peter, d. 3 Jul.1998, Infant, [AR]
Lambe, Thomas, d. 21 Aug 1977, age: 55yr, Kilteel, [AR]
Larkin, Cornelius, d. 5 Mar 1985, age: 89yr, Husband of Mary, Eadestown,Naas[AR]
Larkin, Mary, d. 10 Jul 1978, age: 66yr, Wife of Cornelius, Eadestown, Naas, [AR]
Lawler, Bridget, d 19 May 1986, age: 80yr, Wife of William, Callinghstown, [AR]
Lawler, William, d. 10 Jan 1952, age: 52yr, Husband of Bridget, Interred in Saggart, [AR]
Mason, William V, d. 12 Jun 1981, Naas, [AR]
McCormack, James, d. 21 May 1980, age: 67yr, Kilteel, [AR]
McGee, Barbara, d. 2 Apr 1985, age: 61yr, Sister of Patrick, [AR]
McGee, Christopher, d. 6 Mar 1999, age: 87yr, Brother of Barbara, [AR]
McGee, Patrick, d. 12 Sep 1987, age: 73yr, Brother of Barbara, [AR]
McGee, Thomos, d. 24 Oct 1992, age: 79yr, Brother of Barbara, [AR]
McNamara, John, d. 5 Dec 1996, age: 63yr, Inchicore, Dublin, [AR]
McNamara, Mary, d. 30 Jul 1994, age: 89yr, Wife of Patrick, Athgarrett,[AR]
McNamara, Patrick, d. 8 Jun 1981, age: 83yr, Husband of Mary, Athgarrett, [AR]
Miley, Kathleen, d. 8 Oct 1986, Wife of Thomas,Newtown Great, Naas, [AR]
Miley, Thomas, d. 24 Jul 1998, Husband of Kathleen, Newtown Great Naas, [AR]
Mooney, John, d. 25 Dec 1978, age: 50yr, Tipper East, [AR]
Nolan, Ann (Quinn), d. 26 Mar 1993, Wife of James Joseph, [AR]
Nolan, Bernard, d. ?, Son of Ann and James Joseph, Interred in Tippertown, [AR]
Nolan, Elizabeth, d. ?, Daughter of Ann and James Joseph, [AR]
Nolan, James Joseph., d. 23 Jul 1993, Husband of Ann, [AR]
Nolan, Marie, d. ?, Daughter of Ann and James Joseph, [AR]
O'Connor, Charles A., d. 13 Aug 1987, age: 77yr, Newtown, [AR]
O'Connor, John, d. 13 Oct 1990, age: 80yr, Eadestown, Naas, [AR]
O'Donohoe, Geraldine, d. 21 Apr 1985, Wife of James A, Walshestown Naas, [AR]
O'Donohoe, James A., d. 2 Jul 1983, Husband of Geraldine, Walshestown Naas, [AR]
Redmond, Kevin, d. 26 Aug 1992, age: 57yr, Naas, [AR]
Sargent, William, d. 24 Apr 1988, age: 83yr, Saggart, [AR]
Woods, Mary, d. 10 Mar 1981, Kilteel, [AR]

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