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Saint Bridget's Well Cemetery Liscannor, County Clare, Ireland
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Saint Bridget's Well Cemetery Liscannor, County Clare, Ireland
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Saint Bridget's Well Cemetery Liscannor, County Clare, Ireland
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Saint Bridget's Well Cemetery
Liscannor, County Clare, Ireland

Contributed by Anna Ryan, Apr 27, 2002 [annaryan001@hotmail.com]. Total records = 148.

This cemetery is on the left hand side as you take the road to the Cliffs of Moher and after Liscannor Village travelling from Lahinch.

There is a tall spire just beside the cemetery and in front of the cemetery a holy well named after Saint Bridget. In most country parts of Ireland there are spring wells which have been called after saints.

In the old days people went to visit them and walked around the well saying decades of a rosary on their prayer beads. Usually they prayed for some favour or gave thanks for something received.

In this particular well they left religious objects like images of the Virgin Mary or Rosary beads. These were hung up on the wall. The cemetery is located behind the well.

I walked and surveyed this cemetery in March of 2002.

- Anna Ryan

Barrett, Ellen (McMahon), d. 3 Nov 1932, Mother of Teresa
Barrett, Peter, d. 23 Sep 1955, Husband of Ellen
Barrett, Teresa, d 16 Nov 1940, Daughter of Ellen
Blake, Eileen, d. 7 May 1972
Blake, Patrick, d 10 Mar 1982
Carmody, Conor, d. 24 Oct. 2000, age: 84yr, Son of Patrick and Nora, Moher
Carmody, John, d 17 Oct 1990, Son of Patrick and Nora, Moher
Carmody, Nora, d 13 Nov 1973, Wife of Patrick, Moher
Carmody, Patrick, d. 9 Jun 1946, Husband of Nora, Moher
Carroll, Catherine, d. 24 Feb 1924, Wife of Michael, Ballyvisllane
Carroll, Michael, d 18 Jan 1939, Husband of Catherine, Ballyvisllane
Carroll, Patrick, d 15 Jan 1983, Son of Michael and Catherine, Ballyvisllane
Clair, Mary, d. 5 Dec 1959, Wife of Thomas, Ballylane
Clair, Thomas, d 15 Aug 1941, Husband of Mary, Ballylane
Considine, Catherine, d 10 Sep 1964, Wife of Patrick, Kilconnell
Considine, Dan., d 1942
Considine, John, d. 7 Mar 1933, Husband of Louisa, Liscannor
Considine, Louisa, d 1934, Wife of John, Liscannor
Considine, Margaret, no dates
Considine, Mary Kate, d. 22 Oct 1998, Wife of Thomas
Considine, Patrick, d. 3 Oct 1916, Husband of Catherine, Kilconnell
Considine, Thomas, d 12 Jul 1999, Husband of Mary Kate
Cusack, Delia, b. 17 Jan 1964, Wife of Michael
Cusack, Fr. Tommy, b. 24 Sep 1950, Son of Michael and Delia, Ballycotton
Cusack, Michael, b. 16 Nov 1942, Son of Michael and Delia, Ballycotton
Cusack, Michael, b. 29 Jun 1938, Husband of Delia,,,Buried with Ellen and Mary McInerney
Devitt, James, d 18 Oct 1968, Father of Patrick, Kilconnell
Devitt, John, d. 29 Feb 1952
Devitt, Kathleen, d. 21 Feb 1999
Devitt, Margaret , d. 29 Jan 1945, Ballinalacken
Devitt, Patrick, d. 22 Mar 1991, Son of James
Egan, Alice, d 18 Jun 1933, "Daughter of Patrick J, and Nellie."
Egan, Francis, d. 22 Jul 1968, Son of Patrick J. and Nellie
Egan, James, d 17 Aug 1966, Son of Patrick J. and Nellie
Egan, Nellie, d. 27 Jan 1936, Wife of Patrick J.
Egan, Patrick J., d. 30 Sep 1953, Husband of Nellie
Fitzpatrick, Dan., d. 5 Jul 1963, age: 76yr
Fitzpatrick, James, d. 27 Mar 1968, age: 72yr
Fitzpatrick, Kate, d. 30 Apr 1939, age: 80yr
Fitzpatrick, Mary Ann, d. 28 Feb 1977, age: 79yr
Fitzpatrick, Michael, d 13 Feb 1921, age: 80yr, Kilconnell
Flanagan, Catherine (Carroll), b. 16 Dec 1963, Wife of Thomas, Ardacara, Liscannor
Flanagan, John, b. 8 Sep 1939, Brother of Thomas, Ballycotton, Lost with the Irish Pine
Flanagan, Mary K, b. 29 Jun 1980, Daughter of Thomas and Catherine
Flanagan, Mary, b. ?, Wife of Patrick,Ballycotton,,Died at the Massacre of Prisoners at Taejon Korea
Flanagan, Patrick , no dates, Husband of Mary, South Lough
Flanagan, Thomas, b. 16 Aug 1976, Brother of John (Lough South)
Flanagan, Thomas, b. 5 Nov 1936, Husband of Catherine Caroll, Ardacra, Liscannor
Hillery, Bridget, d. 29 Mar 1982, Wife of Johnny.
Hillery, Kathleen, d 14 Apr 1946
Hillery, Patrick, d. 29 Sep 1969, Ballylane
Hogan, Catherine, d. 21 Jun 1923, Sister of Michael
Hogan, Margaret , d 13 Oct 1947, Mother of Michael
Hogan, Mary, d 14 Sep 1947, Wife of Michael, Ballyhean
Hogan, Michael, d. 22 Aug 1975, Husband of Mary, Ballyhean
Hogan, Thomas, d. 29 Mar 1936, Father of Michael
Leahy, Bridget, d. 25 Nov 1963, age: 73yr, Wife of John, Ballyvislane
Leahy, John, d. 21 Apr 1968, age: 87yr, Husband of Bridget, Ballyvislane
Leahy, Mikie, d. 4 Apr 1959
Leyden, Bridget, d. 23 Sep 1920, age: 82yr
Leyden, Conor, d 17 Jan 1953, age: 43yr
Leyden, James, d 10 Dec 1961
Leyden, Mary, d. 24 Jun 1956, Wife of Thomas
Leyden, Mrs. Bridget., d. 6 Jul 1969, age: 83yr
Leyden, Thomas, d 18 Jan 1948, Husband of Mary
Leyden, Thomas, d. 27 Sep 1977, Son of Thomas and Mary, Liscannor
Lyons, Michael, d. 26 Sep 1923, age: 45yr, Husband of Susan, Kineilty
Lyons, Susan, d 1 Jan 1922, age: 36yr, Wife of Michael, Kineilty
Madigan, James, d. 4 Apr 1987, Brother of Jane, Derreen
Madigan, Jane, d. 22 Mar 1971, Sister of James, Derreen
Mantle, John, d. 29 Apr 1923, Father of Thomas, Clahane
Mantle, Maargaret, d. 20 Jul 1925, Clahane
McCarthy, Gus, d. 24 May 1994, Ballinalacken
McCarthy, Joseph, d. 22 Sep 1991, age: 27yr, Ballinalacken
McDonagh, Anthony, d. 23 Oct 1943, Son of James, Birchfield
McDonagh, Catherine, d. 2 Dec 1974
McDonagh, James, d. 22 Sep 1967, Father of Patrick and Anthony, Birchfield
McDonagh, Jimmy, d 1 Aug 1997
McDonagh, Patrick, d. 31 Oct 1958, Son of James, Birchfield
McHugh, Joseph, d 17 Dec 1989
McHugh, Kathleen, d. ?, Daughter of Thomas
McHugh, Susan, d 12 Jul 1986
McHugh, Thomas, d 12 Nov 1983, age: 61yr
McHugh, Thomas, d. 29 Nov 1972, Brother of Walter, Liscannor
McHugh, Walter, d. 31 Dec 1973, Brother of Thomas
McInerney, Ellen, b. Mar 1942, Mother of Mary
McInerney, James, b. 26 Mar 1945, Wife of Mary Pearse, Ardacara, Liscannor, and son of Patrick and Mary
McInerney, Mary (Pearse), b. 2 Feb. 1964, Wife of James
McInerney, Mary, b. Apr 1912, Daughter of Ellen McInerney, Derreen
McKenna, Anne (Sherry), b. 24 Mar 1946, Mother of Annie, Derreen
McKenna, Annie, b. 15 Jul 1998, Daughter of Annie McKenna
McMahon, John, d 18 Dec 1949, Brother of Ellen
Nagle, Anthony, d 12 Apr 1965, Son of Paddy, Caherbarna
Nagle, Austin (Gus), d 1 Jan. 2001, Son of Thomas and Mary
Nagle, Christy, d 1 Aug 1974, Son of Thomas and Mary
Nagle, James, d. 2 Sep 1957, Brother of Thomas, Kinielty
Nagle, John J., d. 9 Aug 1972, Kinielty
Nagle, John, d 11 Oct 1996, age: 83yr, Son of Michael and Margaret, Kilconnell
Nagle, John, d. 21 Nov 1992, Son of Richard and Margaret, Ballherragh
Nagle, Kathleen, d 19 Sep 1998, age: 80yr, Wife of John, Kilconnell
Nagle, Margaret , d. 22 Mar 1944, Wife of Michael, Kilconnell
Nagle, Margaret , d. Jul 1937, Wife of Richard, Ballherragh
Nagle, Martin, d. 2 Jul 1998, age: 35yr, Son of Paddy, Caherbarna
Nagle, Mary, d 14 Apr 1957, Wife of John, Ballherragh
Nagle, Mary, d. 30 Jan 1962, Wife of Thomas
Nagle, Michael, d 12 Apr 1941, Husband of Margaret, Kilconnell
Nagle, Nora, d. 28 Aug 1984, age: 94yr
Nagle, Paddy, d 14 Feb 1990, Caherbarna
Nagle, Richard, d. Jul 1926, Husband of Margaret, Ballherragh
Nagle, Thomas, d 15 Dec 1959, Brother of James
Nagle, Thomas, d. 20 Mar 1974, Son of Paddy, Caherbarna
Nagle, Thomas, d. 7 Feb 1942, Husband of Mary, Kinielty
Nestor, Margaret , d. 2 Jul 1927, age: 56yr, Wife of Pat.
O'Connor, Ann, d 19 Jul 1947
O'Connor, Austin (Gus), d 12 Sep 1967, Son of Mary and Pat. L.
O'Connor, Brid. (Nagle), d 15 Apr 1990, Clahane
O'Connor, Bridget (Nagle), d. 22 Jan 1929
O'Connor, Bridget, d. 4 Oct 1917, age: 17yr, Daughter of James
O'Connor, James, d 18 Feb 1946, age: 76yr, Father of Patrick, Clahane
O'Connor, John, d. 9 Aug 1974
O'Connor, Mary, d 19 Aug 1926, Wife of Pat., Ballycotton
O'Connor, Michael, d. 29 May 1973, Son of Mary and Pat. L.
O'Connor, Pat. L., d 19 Sep 1947, Husband of Mary, Ballycotton
O'Connor, Susan, d 19 Jan 1983
O'Donnell, "Michael Leonard, , b. 19 Oct 1995, age: 36yr, Armagh
O'Donnell, Kate (Barrett), b. 9 May 1951, age: 74yr, Mother of Lambie and Michael, Liscannor
O'Donnell, Michael, b. 27 Apr 1950, age: 33yr, Brother of Lambie, Armagh
Perry, Frank, b. 13 Jun 1893, d. 31 Jan.1964
Perry, Jean, d. ?, Sister of Francis
Perry, Margaret , d. Jun 1948, Wife of Francis
Perry, Susan, d. ?, Sister of Francis
Perry, Winifred, d. Jun 1927, Mother of Francis
Pierce, Margaret , d. 6 Nov 1934, Sister of Michael
Pierce, Mary, d. 28 Mar 1937, age: 82yr, Mother of Michael
Reidy, Danny, b. 7 Apr 1995, Father of Thomas
Reidy, Margaret (Considine), b. 29 Jun 1936, Wife of Thomas, Derreen
Reidy, Margaret (McInerney), b. 1 Dec 1994, Wife of Danny
Reidy, Pattie, b. 25 Mar 1977, Son of Thomas and Margaret
Reidy, Stephen, b. Mar 1919, age: 36yr, Husband of Mary Curry, Derreen
Reidy, Thomas , b. 9 Mar 1942, Husband of Margaret Considine, Derreen
Royine, Catherine, d. 29 Apr 1921, age: 80yr, Wife of Thomas, Ballycotten
Royine, Thomas, d. 4 Dec 1943, age: 34yr, Son of Martin
Royine, Thomas, d. 4 May 1922, age: 84yr, Husband of Catherine, Ballycotten
Sexton, Daniel, d. 3 Feb 1929, Husband of Marianne
Sexton, Marianne, d. 2 Jan 1924, Wife of Daniel
Vaughan, Mary, d. 6 Dec 1898, age: 21yr, Daughter of John, Moher
Vaughan, Mollie, d 18 May 1980, age: 81yr
Vaughan, Patrick, d 12 Aug 1958, age: 69yr

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