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The Old Cemetery Virginia, County Cavan, Ireland
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The Old Cemetery
Virginia, County Cavan, Ireland

Contributed by Anna Ryan, Nov 17, 2003 [annaryan001@hotmail.com]. Total records = 164.

This cemetery is just behind the Ramos Theatre in the town of Virginia.

There is a walkway and steps down to the cemetery beside the theatre.
I walked this cemetery in the summer of 2003, it includes all existing, visible and legible headstones. There could be more stones hidden under growth or missing.

- Anna Ryan
Brady, Annie, d. 10 Feb 1916, age: 70yr
Brady, Annie, no dates, niece of Philip and Mary, Auchacaskel
Brady, Daniel, d. 21 Aug 1916
Brady, John, no dates, s/o Philip and Mary
Brady, Leo, no dates, nephew of Philip and Mary
Brady, Mary, no dates, w/o Philip
Brady, Philip, no dates, h/o Mary, Liscarry
Brady, Philip, no dates, nephew of Philip and Mary
Callaghan, James, d. 4 Jan 1938, age: 62yr, h/o Mrs B
Callaghan, Mrs B, d. 27 Oct 1923, age: 26yr, w/o James, Virginia
Carroll, Anne, d. 20 Dec 1860, mother of John
Carroll, John, d. 20 Dec 1860, s/o Anne
Clancy, Annie, d. 24 Oct 1939
Clancy, James, d. 16 Apr 1993
Clancy, John, d. 31 May 1907, age: 62yr, f/o Michael, Burreen
Clancy, Michael, d. 19 Mar 1920, age: 21yr, s/o John
Clancy, Owen, d. 11 Nov 1981, s/o Thomas, erected by Ann Clancy
Clancy, Patrick, d. 1984, Violinist, Died in London
Clancy, Thomas, d. 23 Aug 1925
Corrigan, Mary Anne, d. Jun 1972, w/o Thomas
Corrigan, Thomas, d. Oct 1950, son-in-law of Hugh and Margaret
Cullen, James, d. 1 Oct 1982, h/o Mollie
Cullen, Mollie, d. 13 Aug 1963, w/o James, Ral
Duffy (Healy), Phillis, d. 6 Jan 1966, d/o Elizabeth
Duffy, Edward Joseph, d. 9 Jan 1935, son-in-law of Elizabeth Healy
Farrelly, Bridget, d. 7 Oct 1941, age: 52yr, w/o Thomas
Farrelly, Thomas, d. 21 Dec 1975, h/o Bridget
Fisher, Catherine, d. 24 Feb 1901, age: 76yr, w/o James
Fisher, James, d. 21 Nov 1880, age: 60yr, h/o Catherine, erected by Rt Rev Monsignor PJ Fisher PPVF Holy Cross Church, Santa Cruz, California USA
Fisher, Peter, d. 31 Oct 1872, age: 20yr, s/o James and Catherine
Fisher, Thomas, d. 7 Jan 1943, age: 91yr, s/o James and Catherine
Fitzsimons, Aidan, d. 14 Jun 1963
Fitzsimons, Ann, d. 13 Nov 1927
Fitzsimons, Bridget (McCabe), d. 14 Feb 1969, age: 75yr, w/o Thomas
Fitzsimons, Cornelius, d. 16 Jan 1917, Aughacashel
Fitzsimons, Ellen, d. 29 Dec 1946
Fitzsimons, Harry, d. 17 Jan 1947, age: 72yr, s/o Henry and Rose
Fitzsimons, Helena, d. 2 Jul 1954, age: 70yr, d/o Henry and Rose
Fitzsimons, Henry, d. 14 Dec 1910, age: 75yr, h/o Rose, Virginia
Fitzsimons, Kate, d. 20 Mar 1931, age: 61yr, d/o Henry and Rose
Fitzsimons, Patrick J, d. 19 Jan 1962
Fitzsimons, Patrick, d. 3 Sep 1958
Fitzsimons, Philip M, d. 5 Oct 1969, age: 17yr
Fitzsimons, Rose, d. 29 Sep 1919, age: 79yr, w/o Henry
Fitzsimons, Thomas, d. 24 May 1962, age: 62yr, son-in-law of Thomas and Bridget
Gargan, Margaret, d. 29 May 1938, w/o Patrick
Gargan, Mary Ellen, d. 5 May 1989, w/o Peter Paul
Gargan, Patrick, d. 19 Jan 1955, h/o Margaret
Gargan, Peter Paul, d. 18 Jul 1966, s/o Margaret and Patrick
Geherty, Ellen, d. 18 Sep 1950, w/o Michael
Geherty, Michael, d. 23 Sep 1943, h/o Ellen, Cornasesk
Geherty, Nellie, d. 7 Jan 1957, d/o Michael and Ellen
Healy, Elizabeth, d. 5 May 1937, w/o John
Healy, John, d. 31 Aug 1921 ?, age: 59yr, h/o Elizabeth
Hughes, John J, d. 19 Jan 1947, h/o Mary
Hughes, Mary, d. 7 Jun 1942, w/o John J
Kellett, Annie M, d. 6 Nov 1946, age: 52yr, w/o Charles, Virginia
Kellett, Charles, d. 12 Mar 1995, s/o George and Rose
Kellett, Charles, d. 19 Jun 1964, h/o Mary, Rahardrum
Kellett, Charles, d. 1916, infant s/o Charles and Mary
Kellett, David, d. 17 Apr 1945, h/o Elizabeth
Kellett, Elizabeth (Reynolds), d. 19 Oct 1940, d/o John and Elizabeth
Kellett, George, d. 2 Jun 1934, h/o Rose, Mullachmore
Kellett, James, d. 1 Apr 1990, s/o George and Rose
Kellett, James, d. 16 Dec 1950, s/o Charles and Mary
Kellett, James, d. 3 Nov 1976, h/o Rose
Kellett, Mary, d. 24 Dec 1937, w/o Charles
Kellett, Michael, d. 18 Oct 1975, s/o George and Rose
Kellett, Nancy, d. 28 May 1990, d/o Rose and James
Kellett, Patrick, d. 26 Nov 1945, age: 31 ?yr, s/o Owen and Annie M
Kellett, Rose, d. 20 May 1965, w/o James, Virginia
Kellett, Rose, d. 5 Oct 1948, w/o George
Kermath, Kathleen, b. 1915,, d ,1992, w/o Peter
Kermath, Mollie, d. 20 Aug 1921, w/o Pater
Kermath, Peter, b. 1914,, d ,1967, h/o Mollie, Aughnadrung
King, Ellen, no dates, w/o Patrick
King, Patrick, d. 29 ? Sep 1945, h/o Ellen, Virginia
Leonard, Susan, d. 1 Jun 1958, sister of Mollie Cullen, Dublin
Lynch, Anne, d. 15 Apr 1910, age: 72yr, w/o Philip, Carrigabruise, erected by their son Peter Lynch, New York City,
Lynch, Brendan, d. 5 Aug 1932, age: 58yr, s/o Anne and Philip
Lynch, Bridget, d. 14 Jan 1959, age: 68yr, w/o Bernard
Lynch, Philip, d. 19 Aug 1916, age: 84yr, h/o Anne
Matthews, Bernard, d. 4 Feb 1959, h/o Margaret Jane
Matthews, Bridget, d. 29 May 1978
Matthews, James, d. 1 Jun 1952
Matthews, Kitty, d. Jun 1920, d/o James
Matthews, Margaret Jane, d. 12 May 1975, w/o Bernard
Matthews, Nellie, d. 5 Jul 1920, w/o James
Matthews, Vincent, d. 8 Feb 1979, s/o Bernard and Margaret Jane
McCabe, Bridget, d. 11 Aug 1941, age: 82yr, w/o Thomas
McCabe, Ellen (King), d. 5 May 1948, d/o Patrick and Ellen
McCabe, John, d. 14 Sep 1917, age: 23yr, s/o Thomas and Bridget
McCabe, Maria, d. 12 Jul 1944, age: 54yr, d/o Thomas and Bridget
McCabe, Matthew, d. 11 Mar 1979, h/o Ellen
McCabe, Thomas, d. 23 Mar 1923, age: 77yr, h/o Bridget, Copperagh
McConn, Elizabeth, d. 10 Apr 1982, w/o John
McConn, John, d. 31 Jul 1973
Murray, Francis, d. 27 Feb 1952, s/o Henry and Mary
Murray, Henry, d. 20 Nov 1938, h/o Mary
Murray, Mary, d. 21 Jan 1950, w/o Henry
O'Brien, Alfie, d. 1 Feb 1995, s/o James and May
O'Brien, James, d. 18 Mar 1932, h/o May, Dunancory
O'Brien, May, d. 21 Mar 1956, w/o James
O'Brien, Patrick, d. 5 May 1992, s/o James and May
O'Connell, Daniel, d. 1946 ?, age: 36yr, s/o Henry and Elizabeth
O'Connell, Elizabeth, d. 13 Feb 1907 ?, age: 55yr, w/o Henry
O'Connell, Henry, d. 18 Dec 1910, age: 74yr, h/o Elizabeth
O'Reilly, Bernard, d. Jan 1963, s/o Hugh and Margaret
O'Reilly, Bridget, d. May 1980, d/o Hugh and Margaret
O'Reilly, Elizabeth, d. 12 May 1983, age: 88yr, w/o Michael
O'Reilly, Hugh, d. 27 Jul 1988, s/o Hugh and Margaret
O'Reilly, Hugh, d. Apr 1922, h/o Margaret, Cornaslieve
O'Reilly, John, d. 13 Dec 1951, h/o Kate
O'Reilly, Kate, d. 19 Apr 1954, w/o John
O'Reilly, Kathleen, d. 29 Dec 1980, d/o John and Kate
O'Reilly, Margaret, d. Jul 1930, w/o Hugh
O'Reilly, Mary, d. 10 Apr 1929, w/o John
O'Reilly, Mary, d. 16 Mar 1920, h/o Mary
O'Reilly, Maureen, d. 22 Oct 1999, age: 81yr, w/o Patrick
O'Reilly, Michael, d. 25 Aug 1969, age: 79yr, h/o Elizabeth, Virginia
O'Reilly, Michael, d. 5 Mar 1952, uncle of Andrew Quinn
O'Reilly, Mollie, d. 3 May 1921, d/o John and Kate
O'Reilly, Patrick, d. 19 Feb 1994, age: 87yr, s/o John and Kate
O'Reilly, Peter, d. Jun 1945, s/o Hugh and Margaret
O'Reilly, Philip, d. Aug 1983, s/o Hugh and Margaret
O'Rourke, Catherine, d. 14 Dec 1965 ?
Quinn, Andrew, d. 11 Dec 1970
Quinn, Andrew, d. 18 Jul 1955, age: 20yr, grand s/o James and Margaret, Virginia
Quinn, James, d. 28 Jul 1932, h/o Margaret
Quinn, Mae, d. 15 Dec 2000
Quinn, Margaret, d. 10 Apr 1945, aunt of Andrew Quinn
Quinn, Margaret, d. 26 Jul 1938, w/o James
Quinn, Mary, d. 6 Mar 1977
Quinn, Michael, d. 17 Feb 1952, uncle of Andrew Quinn
Reehill, Rev Patrick PP, d. 20 Feb 1904, age: 40yr, erected by the people of the Parish
Reynolds, Elizabeth, d. 14 Feb 1918, age: 74yr, w/o John
Reynolds, John, d. 29 Jun 1912, age: 76yr, h/o Elizabeth
Reynolds, Mary, d. 21 May 1939?, d/o John and Elizabeth
Reynolds, Peter, d. 2 Aug 1933, s/o John and Elizabeth
Reynolds, Thomas, d. 24 Jun 1940, s/o John and Elizabeth
Sheridan, Elizabeth, d. 7 Oct 1953, w/o Owen
Sheridan, Maureen, d. 31 Mar 1968, age: 12yr, grand-d/o Owen and Elizabeth
Sheridan, Owen, d. 18 Jun 1999, age: 74yr, s/o Owen and Elizabeth
Sheridan, Owen, d. Sep 1918, h/o Elizabeth
Sheridan, Patrick, d. 1 Feb 1957, s/o Owen and Elizabeth
Sheridan, Thomas, d. 23 Apr 1968, s/o Owen and Elizabeth
Smith, Annie, d. Apr 1918, w/o Peter
Smith, Henry, d. 24 Feb 1954, age: 58yr, h/o Mary Anne, Cornasesk
Smith, John, d. 9 Apr 1939, age: 68yr, h/o Julia, Bridge View
Smith, Julia, d. 11 Oct 1958, age: 53yr, w/o John
Smith, Marie, d. 30 Nov 1977, age: 38yr, dau-in-law/o John and Julia
Smith, Mary Anne, d. 18 Sep 1946, age: 60yr, w/o Henry
Smith, Michael, d. 15 Apr 1961, s/o Annie and Peter, Granadillon
Smith, Patrick Joseph, d. 29 Jun 1923, age: 3 mths, s/o Henry and Mary Anne
Smith, Peter, d. 13 Mar 1947, h/o Annie
Smith, Theresa, d. 24 Sep 1983, w/o Michael
Soden, Agnes, d. 2 Feb 1958, age: 42yr, d/o David and Catherine
Soden, Austin, d. 1 Feb 1989, age: 59yr, s/o David and Catherine
Soden, Catherine, d. 14 Oct 1947, age: 70yr, w/o David
Soden, David, d. 12 Dec 1975
Soden, David, d. 3 Mar 1946, age: 85yr, h/o Catherine, erected by their son David
Soden, Marcella, d. 9 Feb 1997, age: 69yr, w/o Austin
Stephens, Annie, d. 24 Apr 1925, age: 86yr
Sullivan, Margaret, d. 16 Mar 1961
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