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Mullawn Cemetery Tullow, County Carlow, Ireland
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Mullawn Cemetery
Tullow, County Carlow, Ireland

This cemetery is situated at the end of the Town across from Tullow Community School It is overlooking the road and is surrounded by a high wall.

Contributed by Anna Ryan, Aug 23, 2001[annaryan001@hotmail.com].
Total records = 162.

It is a very old cemetery and some of the headstones are just stumps and others hard to read. Locals claim that Father Murphy who led the 1798 rebellion in Enniscorthy. Co. Wexford is buried here but nobody knows where his grave is in the cemetery.
- Anna Ryan

Bolger, Ann, d. 15 Sep 1980, Wife of Thomas, Duragh
Bolger, Thomas, d. 3 Nov 1979, Husband of Anne, Duragh
Burgess, Mary, d. 8 Oct 1991, age: 70yr, Tullow
Burnard, Madge (Maher), d. 5 Jan 1988, age: 44yr,
Byrne, Hannah, d. 16 Oct 1972, Wife of Thomas, Tullow
Byrne, James, d. 5 Feb 1916, age: 9yr, Son of Mary and Patrick
Byrne, John, d. 10 Jul 1974, age: 84yr, Son of Sarah and Michael, Ouragh
Byrne, John, d. 31 Oct 1957, Tullow
Byrne, Laurence, d. 21 Nov 1912, age: 33yr, Son of Margaret and Patrick, Tullow
Byrne, Margaret, d. 5 Jan 1939, Wife of Patrick, Tullow
Byrne, Mary, d. 19 Aug 1971, age: 84yr, Daughter of Sarah and Michael, Ouragh
Byrne, Mary, d. 25 Feb 1971, age: 85yr, Wife of Patrick
Byrne, Michael, d. 20 Mar 1918, age: 77yr, Husband of Sarah, Ouragh
Byrne, Patrick, d. 13 Apr 1917, age: 47yr, Husband of Mary
Byrne, Patrick, d. 19 Apr 1906, age: 21yr, Son of Sarah and Michael, Ouragh
Byrne, Patrick, d. 27 Nov 1912, age: 66yr, Husband of Margaret, Tullow
Byrne, Sarah, d. 12 Nov 1946, Wife of Michael, Ouragh
Byrne, Thomas, d. 8 Jun 1953, Husband of Hannah, Tullow
Byrne, William, d. 5 Jan 1992, age: 92yr, Son of William, Ouragh
Canning, Ellen, d. 31 Mar 1909, Wife of Michael, Tullow
Canning, Michael, d. 17 Jan 1954, Husband of Ellen, Tullow
Canning, Sarah, d. 18 Jan 1988, age: 70yr, Tullow
Carroll, Daniel, d. 31 Dec 1921, age: 36yr, Ballinastraw
Carroll, Joseph, d. 24 May 1900, age: 21yr, Ballinastraw
Carroll, Kate, d. 4 Jan 1904, age: 54yr, Ballinastraw
Carroll, Mary, d. 28 Aug 1916, age: 25yr, Ballinastraw
Carroll, Patrick, d. 2 Nov 1916, age: 34yr, Ballinastraw
Carroll, Thomas, d. 31 Mar 1920, age: 82yr, Ballinastraw
Cullen, Andrew, d. 1932, age: 12yr, Son of Andrew and Jane, Castledermot Rd
Cullen, Andrew, d. 28 Oct 1954, age: 70yr, Husband of Jane,
Cullen, Jane, d. 15 Dec 1960, age: 86yr, Wife of Andrew,
Curran, Maryanne, d. 6 May 1941, Wife of Patrick
Curran, Patrick, d. 2 May 1931, Husband of Maryanne
Curran, Thomas, d. 1 Aug 1908, age: 76yr, Husband of Anna
Curran, Thomas, d. 13 Aug 1984, age: 70yr, Son of Patrick and Maryanne
Darcy, Edward, d. ?, Husband of Mary,
Darcy, Kathleen (O'Neill), b 1886, d. 1967, Daughter of Francis and Catherine, Tullow Hill
Darcy, Mary, d. ?, Wife of Edward,
Darcy, Patrick, b 1882, d. 1943, Husband of Kathleen, Tullow Hill
Darcy, Patrick, b 1926, d. 1947, Son of Kathleen and Patrick, Tullow Hill
Derwin, John, d. 24 Jan 1909, age: 49yr, Husband of Margaret, Tullow
Derwin, Margaret, d. 11 Apr 1930, age: 75yr, Wife of John, Tullow
Donohoe, Bridget, d. 18 Dec 1887, age: 67yr, Wife of Matthew, Ballintemple
Donohoe, Elizabeth, d. 12 Jan 1981, age: 78yr, Ballintemple
Donohoe, James, d. 20 Sep 1894, age: 13yr, Grandson of Matthew and Bridget, Ballintemple
Donohoe, John, d. 23 Mar 1864, age: 21yr, Son of Patrick, Ballintemple
Donohoe, Marcella, d. 14 Jun 1841, age: 65yr, Wife of Thomas, Ballintemple
Donohoe, Matthew, d. 14 Apr 1898, age: 23yr, Grandson of Matthew and Bridget, Ballintemple
Donohoe, Matthew, d. 26 Oct 1857, age: 35yr, Son of Thomas and Mary, Ballintemple
Donohoe, Thomas, d. 17 Jan 1848, age: 82yr, Father of Patrick, Ballintemple
Doran, Arthur, d. 23 Dec 1982, age: 68yr
Doran, Arthur, d. 9 Sep 1931, age: 78yr, Father of John
Doran, Ellen, d. 20 Jul 1903, age: 46yr, Wife of Arthur
Doran, John, d. 11 Sep 1951, age: 75yr, Son of Arthur and Ellen
Doran, Mary Anne, d. 24 Jan 1965, age: 86yr, Wife of John
Doyle, Denis, d. 25 Apr 1864, Husband of Catherine, Erected by son William
Doyle, Denis, d. ?
Doyle, Mary A. (Halpin), d. Oct 1950,New York America, Daughter of William and Ellen, Tullow
Doyle, Mary, d. ?, Wife of Michael, Tullow
Doyle, Michael, d. ?, Husband of Mary, Tullow
Farrell, Margaret, d. 8 May 1922, age: 78yr, Wife of Michael, Charlelane
Farrell, Mary, d. 10 Mar 1952, age: 76yr, Daughter of Michael and Margaret, Charlelane
Farrell, Michael, d. 22 Dec 1918, age: 96yr, Husband of Margaret, Charlelane
Flynn, Christina, d. 3 Jan 1986, age: 74yr, The Mullawn
Flynn, Lizzie, d. 26 May 1971, age: 77yr, Daughter of Richard, The Mullawn
Flynn, Mary, d. 6 Aug 1983, age: 94yr, The Mullawn
Flynn, Richard, d. 8 Mar 1938, age: 86yr, Father of Lizzie, The Mullawn
Halpin, Ellen, d. 7 Jun 1932, Wife of William, Tullow
Halpin, James, d. Aug 1895, Son of William and Ellen, Tullow
Halpin, Joseph L., d. 6 Oct 1979,Florida. America, Son of William and Ellen, Tullow
Halpin, Thomas J., d. ?,New York America, Son of William and Ellen, Tullow
Halpin, William, d. 11 Mar 1934, Husband of Ellen, Tullow
Halpin, William, d. Jun 1922, Son of William and Ellen, Tullow
Houlihan, Denis, d. 12 Mar 1946, age: 77yr, Bridge St, Tullow
Hurley, Bridget, d. 12 Oct 1958, age: 82yr, Wife of George, The Course, Tullow
Hurley, Bridie, d. 1 Feb 1913, age: 8yr, Daughter of George and Bridget, The Course, Tullow
Hurley, Elizabeth, d. 30 Sep 1935, age: 26yr, Daughter of George and Bridget, The Course, Tullow
Hurley, George, d. 1 May 1910, age: 38yr, Husband of Bridget, The Course, Tullow
Hurley, Patrick, d. 8 Feb 1984, age: 82yr, Son of George and Bridgett, The Course, Tullow
Hutton, Ellen, d. 27 Sep 1932, Wife of James, Mill St.Tullow
Hutton, James, d. 12 Sep 1900, age: 57yr, Husband of Ellen, Mill St.Tullow
Hutton, James, d. Sep 1873, Father of James, Mill St.Tullow
Johnston, Mary A., d. 14 Mar 1955, Tullow
Johnston, Tony, d. 18 Dec 1940, age: 3yr, Nephew of Charles Michael Kennedy
Kealy, Ann, d. 6 Jan 1953, Wife of James, Crosslow
Kealy, James, d. 6 Apr 1953, Husband of Anne, Crosslow
Kealy, John, d. 30 Sep 1918, age: 86yr, Husband of Margaret, Tullow
Kealy, Margaret, d. 29 Jan 1917, age: 80yr, Wife of John, Tullow
Keating (Purcell), Ellen, d. 23 Aug 1937, age: 36yr, Daughter of John and Mary, Tullow
Kelly, Elizabeth (Doran), d. 1 Sep 1944, age: 29yr, Daughter of John and Mary Anne, Erected by her sister Mary Demick
Kelly, Laurence, d. 20 Apr 1972, age: 65yr, Son of Mary, Tullowbeg
Kelly, Margaret, d. 19 Nov 1964, age: 81yr, Daughter of Mary, Tullowbeg
Kelly, Mary, d. 18 Sep 1933, age: 80yr, "Mother of Thomas,Margaret.And Laurence", Tullowbeg
Kelly, Thomas, d. 26 Apr 1956, age: 66yr, Son of Mary, Tullowbeg
Kennedy, Alice M., d. 31 Mar 1953, age: 44yr, Sister of Charles Michael
Kennedy, Charles Michael, d. 27 Oct 1929, age: 19yr, Uncle of Tony Johnston
Kennedy, Elizabeth Anne, d. 20 Sep 1971, age: 87yr, Wife of Thomas
Kennedy, Lyle, d. 3 Apr 1997, Sister of Charles Michael
Kennedy, Thomas, d. 2 Aug 1955, age: 87yr, "Father of Charles Michael, Alice M.and Lyle"
Kenny, David, d. 4 Apr 1953, Husband of Jane, The Mullawn
Kenny, Jane, d. 9 Nov 1950, Wife of David, The Mullawn
Murphy, Anne, d. 20 Jan 1925, age: 60yr, Wife of William, Ouragh
Murphy, Bridget, d. 1836, age: 65yr, Wife of Peter
Murphy, Catherine, d. 11 Dec 1932, age: 72yr, Wife of Martin, Newtown
Murphy, Catherine, d. 6 Feb 1921, age: 50yr, Wife of John, The Green, Tullow
Murphy, John, d. 18 Jun 1952, age: 88yr, Husband of Catherine, The Green, Tullow
Murphy, Margaret, d. 30 Aug 1920, age: 21yr, Daughter of John and Catherine, The Green, Tullow
Murphy, Martin, d. 25 Mar 1909, age: 73yr, husband of Catherine, Newtown
Murphy, Mary, d. 22 Feb 1927, age: 45yr, Wife of Peter, Tullowphelim
Murphy, Michael, d. 24 Aug 1964, age: 72yr, Son of Martin and Catherine, Newtown
Murphy, Mrs Murphy, d. 8 Feb 1832, age: 24yr, Daughter in law of John and Catherine, The Green, Tullow
Murphy, Nannie, d. 10 Aug 1911, age: 19yr, Daughter of John and Catherine, The Green, Tullow
Murphy, Peter, d. 10 Apr 1926, age: 47yr, Husband of Mary, Tullowphelim
Murphy, Peter, d. 1819, age: 66yr, Husband of Bridget, Erected by Son William
Murphy, William, d. 3 Dec 1927, age: 72yr, Husband of Anne, Ouragh
Neill, Andrew, d. 27 Oct 1914, age: 75yr
Nolan, Bridget (Doyle), d. 30 Jun 1938, Wife of Edward, Mill St.Tullow
Nolan, Edward, d. ?, Husband of Bridget, Mill St.Tullow, Interred in Abbey
Nolan, Michael, d. 24 Dec 1956, Son of Bridget and Edward, Mill St, Tullow
Nowlan, Joseph, d. Apr 1793, age: 53yr
Nowlan, Mary, d. 27 May 1775, age: 41yr
O'Brien, Charles, d. 29 Nov 1909, age: 37yr, Son of Thomas and Ellen, Bridge St, Tullow
O'Brien, Ellen D., d. 5 Feb 1915, age: 84yr, Wife of Thomas, Bridge St, Tullow
O'Brien, George, d. 24 Mar 1902, age: 52yr, Son of Thomas and Mary
O'Brien, John, d. 23 Apr 1937, age: 68yr, Son of Charles, Bridge St, Tullow
O'Brien, Mary, d. 24 Sep 1894, age: 88yr, Wife of Thomas, Erected by son John
O'Brien, Thomas, d. 24 Nov.1908, age: 63yr, Husband of Ellen, Bridge St, Tullow
O'Brien, Thomas, d. 9 Jan 1898, age: 80yr, Husband of Mary
O'Brien, William, d. 1 Dec 1898, age: 52yr, Son of Thomas and Mary
O'Connell, Elizabeth, d. 10 Jun 1940, Tullow
O'Connell, William, d. 8 Jun 1998, Tullow
O'Donohoe, Annie, d. 12 Dec 1934, age: 78yr, Wife of Sylvester
O'Donohoe, Annie, d. 2 Nov 1853, age: 70yr, Wife of John, Coppenach
O'Donohoe, John, d. 12 Apr 1879, age: 77yr, Son of John and Annie, Coppenach
O'Donohoe, John, d. 15 May 1932, age: 78yr, Grandson of John and Annie, Coppenach
O'Donohoe, John, d. 26 Sep 1821, age: 51yr, Husband of Annie, Coppenach
O'Donohoe, Mary Anne, d. 7 Oct 1920, age: 47yr, Wife of John
O'Donohoe, Mary Margaret, d. 27 Jan 1906, age: 14yr, Daughter of Sylvester and Annie
O'Donohoe, Michael, d. 23 Dec 1969, age: 69yr, Son of Sylvester and Annie, Erected by Edward O'Donohoe
O'Donohoe, Patrick, d. 25 Nov 1969, age: 60yr, Son of John and Mary Anne
O'Donohoe, Sylvester, d. 18 Apr 1933, age: 75yr, Husband of Annie
O'Neill, Alice, b 1892, d. 1913, Daughter of Francis and Catherine
O'Neill, Annie, d. 21 Mar 1909, age: 60yr, Charlelane
O'Neill, Catherine, d. ?, Wife of Francis, Tullow Hill
O'Neill, Charles, b 1894, d. 1929, Son of Francis and Catherine, Tullow Hill
O'Neill, Francis, d. ?, Husband of Catherine, Tullow Hill
O'Neill, Judy, d. 6 May 1907, age: 70yr, Aunt of Mary Farrell, Charlelane
O'Toole, Mary, d. 10 Feb 1902, The Green, Tullow
Purcell, John, d. 3 May 1939, age: 75yr, Father of Ellen, Tullow
Purcell, Mary, d. 18 Apr 1947, age: 75yr, Wife of John, Tullow
Roche, Bessie, d. 8 Aug 1923, age: 82yr, Wife of Thomas, Tullow
Roche, Bessie, d. Died young, Daughter of Kitty and Joseph, Tullow
Roche, Joseph, d. 7 Oct 1960, Husband of Kitty, Tullow
Roche, Kitty, d. 4 May 1925, age: 33yr, Wife of Joseph, Tullow
Roche, Thomas, d. 2 Jan 1911, age: 70yr, Husband of Bessie, Tullow
Rooney, Elizabeth, d. 14 Oct 1931
Savage, E. "Lill "(Halpin), d. ?,England, Daughter of William and Ellen, Tullow
Thompson, Annie, d. Apr 1887, age: 89yr, Wife of James
Thompson, Catherine, d. Dec 1914, age: 73yr, Wife of Luke
Thompson, James, d. Dec 1901, age: 34yr, Son of Luke and Catherine
Thompson, James, d. May 1860, age: 60yr, Husband of Annie
Thompson, Luke, d. Oct 1924, age: 88yr, Son of James and Annie

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