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Rhone American Cemetery
Draguignan, France

rhone american cemetery france
Rhone American Cemetery

GPS: 43.536701, 6.473467

553 Blvd John F. Kennedy
83300 Draguignan, France

Published: November 29, 2019
Total records: 1,155

Rhone American Cemetery was built and is maintained by the American Battle Monuments Commission.

Rhone American Cemetery is in the city of Draguignan, France, located 40 miles west of Cannes and 16 miles inland from Frejus.

Cemetery History

Rhone American Cemetery covers 12 acres near the eastern edge of the city of Draguignan at the foot of a hill clad with the characteristic cypresses, olive trees, and oleanders of Southern France. Across the street opposite the cemetery are schools and playgrounds. Just west of the cemetery is the civilian cemetery of the city of Draguignan.

The first U.S. troops to enter the city of Draguignan were elements of the 1st Airborne Task Force, on the night 16 August 1944. They were joined by units of the U.S. 36th Division on the next day. Rhone American Cemetery was first established 19 August 1944. Here are buried soliders representing 39 percent of the burials which were originally made in this region; most of these men died during the operations incident to the landings on the southern coast on 15 August 1944 and the advance northward.

The official name of the cemetery is derived from the Rhone River whose watershed was the scene of these operations. Construction of the cemetery and memorial was completed in 1956.

Cemetery Records

The following records were acquired from the American Battle Monuments Commission on Novemeber 29, 2019. Dates of death range from 27-Oct-1942 to 10-Aug-1946. Some 294 of these records are those of soldiers whose bodies were missing, and not recovered. They are denoted in these records with the words, "Tablets of the Missing", referring to a special section of the cemetery where they have been remembered.

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