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Public Health Funerals, 2019-2020
Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Published: April 14, 2020
Total records: 61

Compiled by: Liverpool City Council
Acquired from: Council website


liverpool city council council england

Liverpool City Council handles the disposition of bodies that expired within the limits of the Council, and which there are no other living persons willing to assume responsibility. If there is no next of kin to claim the body, the Council arranges for a public funeral. If the decedent had made their final wishes known regarding burial or cremation, the Council will comply. Otherwise, the remains are buried in a public lot with no burial marker.

Funeral expense are taken out of the decedent's estate. If there are any remaining funds, those funds are transferred to the Treasury Solicitor, and publicized through the Bona Vacantia Division. Browse these records at, "Unclaimed Estates".

Public Health Funeral Records

Beginning in 2019, the Liverpool City Council began making their Public Health Funeral records publicly available. Thus far, they have only made available records from 2019 to 2020...

Addr: = decedent's last known residence
b. = birth date (mm/dd/yyyy)
d. = death date (mm/dd/yyyy)
Mar. = marital status
Ref: = was the decedent's estate referred to the Treasury Solicitor, Bona Vacantia?

AINSWORTH, Charles, Addr: L8, Male, Mar: Single, b. 7/11/1951, d. 2/1/2020, Age: 68, Ref: No
ANDERSON, Clive, Addr: L9, Male, Mar: Single, b. 4/1/1940, d. 1/7/2019, Age: 79, Ref: No
BALDWIN, Margaret, Addr: L25, Female, Mar: Single, b. 10/16/1924, d. 12/26/2019, Age: 95, Ref: No
BELL, Joan, Addr: L14, Female, b. 5/7/1948, d. 2/7/2019, Age: 71, Ref: Family Traced
BIGLEY, Kathleen, Addr: L4, Female, Mar: Widowed, b. 10/6/1952, d. 11/24/2019, Age: 67, Ref: Family Traced
BIRMINGHAM, Patricia, Addr: L8, Female, Mar: Single, b. 9/12/1950, d. 12/8/2019, Age: 69, Ref: No
BLOOD, Patrick, Addr: L11, Male, Mar: Widowed, b. 10/10/1939, d. 2/13/2020, Age: 80, Ref: No
CAMPBELL, Brian, Addr: L17, Male, Mar: Single, b. 2/22/1936, d. 3/17/2019, Age: 83, Ref: No
CARLEY, Edmund Joseph, Addr: L27, Male, Mar: Divorced, b. 1/25/1945, d. 7/13/2019, Age: 74, Ref: No
CHAN, Kwok Bo, Addr: L1, Male, Mar: Single, b. 6/30/1940, d. 2/5/2019, Age: 79, Ref: No
CLANCY, Andrew, Addr: L13, Male, Mar: Single, b. 1/29/1959, d. 11/4/2019, Age: 60, Ref: No
CLARKE, John Brian, Addr: L9, Male, Mar: Single, b. 5/13/1931, d. 12/12/2019, Age: 88, Ref: No
COTTON, John, Addr: L9, Male, Mar: Widowed, b. 10/1/1956, d. 1/2/2019, Age: 63, Ref: No
CRAWFORD, John, Addr: L6, Male, Mar: Single, b. 4/21/1947, d. 6/20/2019, Age: 72, Ref: No
DALEY, Maureen, Addr: L4, Female, Mar: Single, b. 08/03/1745, d. 2/18/2020, Age: 74, Ref: Family Traced
DUFFY, Veronica, Addr: L4, Female, Mar: Widowed, b. 12/18/1937, d. 12/27/2019, Age: 82, Ref: No
FISCHER, Jakub, Addr: L6, Male, Mar: Single, b. 4/6/1978, d. 6/5/2019, Age: 41, Ref: No
GILL, Peter, Addr: L5, Male, Mar: Single, b. 9/3/1944, d. 2/18/2020, Age: 75, Ref: Family Traced
GORE, Geoffrey, Addr: L25, Male, Mar: Single, b. 2/3/1955, d. 12/9/2019, Age: 64, Ref: No
GRIFFITHS, Denise Valerie, Addr: L4, Female, Mar: Single, b. 11/24/1966, d. 11/14/2019, Age: 54, Ref: No
HAGEN, Thomas, Addr: L9, Male, b. 9/9/1939, d. 3/18/2019, Age: 80, Ref: No
HAMILL, Neil, Addr: L11, Male, b. 10/11/1946, d. 4/17/2019, Age: 71, Ref: No
HAMILL, Pauline, Addr: L11, Female, Mar: Widowed, b. 4/18/1944, d. 3/9/2019, Age: 75, Ref: No
HARRY, Thomas John, Addr: L17, Male, Mar: Single, b. 12/19/1954, d. 12/11/2019, Age: 63, Ref: No
HIBBERT, David, Addr: L6, Male, Mar: Single, b. 9/12/1947, d. 6/4/2019, Age: 72, Ref: No
HODGSON, Thomas, Addr: L15, Male, Mar: Divorced, b. 11/11/1957, d. 7/2/2019, Age: 64, Ref: Family Traced
HOLDEN, Ramona, Addr: L19, Female, Mar: Widowed, b. 9/8/1928, d. 1/7/2020, Age: 91, Ref: No
HUGHES, Trevor Howard, Addr: L4, Male, Mar: Single, b. 12/31/1949, d. 5/29/2019, Age: 70, Ref: No
JOHNSTON, Carol Ann, Addr: L7, Female, Mar: Single, b. 10/27/1965, d. 4/18/2019, Age: 54, Ref: No
JONES, George, Addr: L12, Male, Mar: Widowed, b. 12/27/1936, d. 2/19/2019, Age: 83, Ref: No
JONES, Peter Leslie, Addr: L25, Male, b. 2/2/1975, d. 4/7/2019, Age: 44, Ref: No
JOYNSON, Doreen, Addr: L15, Female, Mar: Widowed, b. 6/27/1937, d. 3/6/2019, Age: 84, Ref: No
KEEN, Henry, Addr: L8, Male, Mar: Single, b. 7/11/1939, d. 11/13/2019, Age: 80, Ref: Family Traced
KIRKHAM, Gordon, Addr: L4, Male, Mar: Single, b. 5/25/1935, d. 10/10/2019, Age: 84, Ref: No
LEE, James, Male, b. 4/20/1969, d. 3/17/2019, Age: 50, Ref: No
LEE, William, Addr: L13, Male, Mar: Widowed, b. 7/22/1938, d. 8/9/2019, Age: 81, Ref: No
MCARTHUR, Roy, Addr: L13, Male, Mar: Single, b. 12/16/1945, d. 2/3/2020, Age: 74, Ref: No
MCKAY, Erik, Addr: L7, Male, Mar: Single, b. 3/14/1962, d. 11/4/2019, Age: 57, Ref: No
MCKENNA, Andrew, Addr: L13, Male, Mar: Single, b. 6/10/1960, d. 2/23/2020, Age: 59, Ref: No
MCLOUGHLIN, Julia Valerie, Addr: L14, Female, Mar: Single, b. 1/2/1943, d. 11/30/2019, Age: 76, Ref: No
MCMAHON, Mark, Addr: L8, Male, Mar: Single, b. 2/4/1962, d. 9/24/2019, Age: 57, Ref: No
MITCHELL, David, Addr: L9, Male, Mar: Widowed, b. 12/10/1942, d. 5/19/2019, Age: 77, Ref: No
MORRIS, John Berwyn, Addr: L4, Male, Mar: Single, b. 3/27/1937, d. 4/18/2019, Age: 82, Ref: No
MULLINS, David John, Addr: L20, Male, Mar: Divorced, b. 2/23/1945, d. 1/24/2019, Age: 74, Ref: No
MURPHY, Anita, Addr: L7, Female, Mar: Single, b. 2/1/1954, d. 6/23/2019, Age: 65, Ref: No
MURRAY, Ian Charles, Addr: L6, Male, Mar: Divorced, b. 6/28/1960, d. 12/25/2019, Age: 61, Ref: No
ORAM, Trevor, Addr: St Helens, Male, Mar: Single, b. 8/13/1959, d. 10/27/2019, Age: 60, Ref: No
PARKINSON, Raymond, Addr: L13, Male, Mar: Single, b. 7/22/1948, d. 2/21/2019, Age: 71, Ref: Family Traced
PEPPER, Tina Sharon, Addr: L6, Female, Mar: Single, b. 10/6/1972, d. 3/7/2019, Age: 47, Ref: No
PICKEN, Leslie James, Addr: L19, Male, Mar: Single, b. 9/1/1931, d. 4/12/2019, Age: 88, Ref: No
RADCLIFFE, John, Addr: L5, Male, Mar: Single, b. 4/26/1943, d. 11/4/2019, Age: 76, Ref: No
RAYNER, Alan Bruce, Addr: L8, Male, Mar: Widowed, b. 1/21/1947, d. 6/16/2019, Age: 72, Ref: No
ROBERTS, Hazel, Addr: L25, Female, Mar: Widowed, b. 4/26/1940, d. 2/9/2019, Age: 79, Ref: No
SADLER, Dennis Vincent James, Addr: L4, Male, Mar: Divorced, b. 7/1/1951, d. 11/6/2019, Age: 68, Ref: No
STEEN, Clive, Addr: L3, Male, Mar: Single, b. 6/17/1950, d. 1/21/2019, Age: 69, Ref: No
TAGUE, Charles (Neville Garston), Addr: L13, Male, b. 2/19/1940, d. 2/17/2019, Age: 79, Ref: Family Traced
THRELLFALL, Norman, Addr: L9, Male, Mar: Single, b. 12/29/1948, d. 4/10/2019, Age: 71, Ref: No
TREBLE, George, Addr: L5, Male, b. 5/11/1946, d. 3/18/2019, Age: 75, Ref: No
WALKER, Peter Paul, Addr: L8, Male, Mar: Widowed, b. 5/10/1940, d. 12/21/2019, Age: 79, Ref: No
WARD, Winifred, Addr: L12, Female, Mar: Single, b. 4/11/1963, d. 1/24/2020, Age: 56, Ref: No
WARYCKI, Aaron Alan, Addr: L3, Male, Mar: Single, b. 12/7/1987, d. 5/8/2019, Age: 32, Ref: No

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