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Public Health Funerals, 1999-2019
West Berkshire, Berkshire, England

Published: April 20, 2020
Total records: 51

Compiled by: West Berkshire Council
Acquired from: Council website


west berkshire council england

West Berkshire Council handles the disposition of bodies that expired within the limits of the Council, and which there are no other living persons willing to assume responsibility. If there is no next of kin to claim the body, the Council arranges for a public funeral. If the decedent had made their final wishes known regarding burial or cremation, the Council will comply. Otherwise, it is up the council to decide between cremation or burial.

Funeral expense are taken out of the decedent's estate. If there are any remaining funds, those funds are transferred to the Treasury Solicitor, and publicized through the Bona Vacantia Division. Browse these records at, "Unclaimed Estates".

Public Health Funeral Records

Beginning in 1999, the West Berkshire Council began making their Public Health Funeral records publicly available. Thus far, they have only made available records from 1999 to 2019...

b. = birth date (dd/mm/yyyy)
d. = death date (dd/mm/yyyy)
Addr: = last known residence
Desc. = Description
Rea: = Reason for publicly assisted funeral
NOK = next of kin

ANTONINO, Alessandra, b. 01/11/1928, d. 8/1/2016, Addr: Address at the date of death-Willows Edge Residential Home, Hutton Close, Shaw, Newbury, RG14 1HJ, Desc: Funeral Cost (burial), Rea: NOK located in Italy- Social Services in contact
BAILEY, Richard, b. 14/03/1968, d. 10/15/2015, Addr: 7 Battalion way, Thatcham, RG19 4RN, Desc: Funeral Cost (Cremation) 25/02/2015, Rea: NOK
BARNETT, W Mr, d. 9/13/2005, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs (Cremation)
BISHOP, Patricia Lesley Mrs, d. 6/7/2005, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs (Cremation)
BONE, Audrey Mrs, d. 4/10/2018, Addr: 13 Green Lane, Thatcham RG19 3RG, Desc: Funeral Cost (cremation) 17/05/2018, Rea: NOK unable
BOZAI, Julianna Mrs, d. 2/16/2006, Desc: Burial and Catholic Service- Hungarian has NOK, Rea: NOK unable to arrange funeral
CHAPMAN, Anthony Paul Mr, b. 27/10/1960, d. 7/10/2013, Addr: Flat 7, Bartholomew Court, Newbury, Desc: Funeral costs (Cremation) 21/08/13, Rea: NOK unable to arrange funeral
COLLINS, Sally Miss, d. 10/2/2010, Addr: 2 Barclay Road, Calcot, Desc: Funeral Costs (Cremation), Rea: No NOK
COWDREY, Anthony Mr, d. 4/13/2018, Addr: 67 Dickens Walk, Nby RG14 7UQ, Desc: Funeral Cost (cremation) 16/05/2018, Rea: NOK unwilling
CULLEY, Verena Noreen Miss, d. 10/17/2017, Addr: Flat 9 Notrees, High Street Kintbury Berkshire, Desc: Funeral cost (cremation), Rea: No NOK
DAVIES, Edwin Arthur Mr, d. 3/9/2016, Addr: 92 David Smith Court, Bayford Drive, Calcot RG31 7UW, Desc: Funeral cost (cremation) 01/04/2016, Rea: No NOK- Funeral fees covered by Estate
DAVIS, Frederick John, d. 9/22/2016, Addr: 7 Mulberry Court, oddfellows Road, Newbury, Berkshire, Desc: Funeral costs 18/10/2016, Rea: NOK however no contact and do not wish to arrange funeral
DE BASQUERVILLE, Sydney Mr, d. 12/20/2004, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs (Cremation)
DIXON, Keith Martin Prynne Mr, d. 4/4/2016, Addr: 21 Freemans Close, Hungerford, Berkshire RG17 0QR, Desc: Request for Public Health Funeral, Rea: NOK located- refered to third party for funeral arrangements
DOWNS, Sheila P Ms, b. 12/05/1949, d. 9/15/2014, Addr: Flat 1, 9 Mill lane, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5RE, Desc: Funeral cost (cremation) 07/10/2014, Rea: No NOK- funeral fees charged to Estate
ELLIS, David Mr, d. 7/20/2010, Addr: 11 Lambourn Court, Mill Lane, Lambourn, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs, Rea: No NOK
FALKELD, Leslie Mr, d. 6/2/2008, Addr: Two Saints Hostel, Newbury, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs (Arranged by Two Saints), Rea: No NOK
FRANCIS, Isaac William Mr, d. 6/17/2005, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs (Cremation)
GARFIELD, John Mr, d. 9/13/2005, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs (Cremation)
GEAR, Dennis, d. 12/16/2011, Addr: 26 Clayhill Road, Burghfield Common, Reading RG7 3HE, Desc: Funeral Costs (Cremation), Rea: No NOK
GIRDLER, S Mr, d. 8/23/2006, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs
GITTENS, Beryl, d. 1/30/2012, Addr: Hungerford Care Home, Wantage Road, Newtown, Hungerford RG17 0PN, Desc: Funeral Costs (Cremation), Rea: No NOK
HANLON, Jeanie (aka Sheina or Sheila) Miss, b. 13/05/1937, d. 9/28/2011, Desc: Funeral Costs (Cremation), Rea: NOK unable to arrange funeral
HAYWAR, Sully Mr, b. 20/01/1940, d. 1/26/2012, Addr: Bayford House, Stockcross. Formerly of 6 Gilbert Court, Bath Road, Thatcham, Desc: Funeral Costs (Cremation), Rea: No NOK
JAMES, Jean Queenie Mrs, b. 28/07/1930, d. 5/22/2012, Desc: Funeral costs (Cremation) 27/06/12, Rea: NOK unable to arrange funeral
JOHN, St Mrs, d. 6/8/2007, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs
JONES, Christopher Frederick Mr, d. 8/14/2017, Addr: 80 Windmill Road, Mortimer Common, Berkshire, Desc: Funeral Cost (Cremation) 31/08/2017, Rea: No NOK
JONES, Derek Mr, d. 10/19/2005, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs (Cremation)
JONES, NKC Mr, d. 6/20/2006, Desc: Funeral Costs (Cremation)
LAY, Richard Donald Mr, b. 10/02/1945, d. 8/27/2013, Addr: Brae Cottage, Cheap Street, Compton, Berkshire, Desc: Funeral costs (Cremation) 15/10/2013, Rea: No NOK
LOGUE, P J Mr, d. 1/24/2007, Desc: Burial costs of £1000.00 due
MALLOY, John Mr, d. 3/24/2010, Addr: 8 Bodin Gardens, Newbury, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs, Rea: No NOK
MAY, Peter Charles Mr, d. 9/29/2019, Addr: 14 Great Barn Court, Thatcham, Berks, Desc: Funeral costs (Cremation) 1/11/2019, Rea: No NOK
MEIER, David Leonard Mr, b. 02/12/1962, d. 10/16/2013, Addr: 5 Bramble Court, Queens Road, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 7FP, Desc: Funeral Cost (Cremation) 6/12/13, Rea: NOK living in USA
MORRIS, G Mr, d. 3/31/2008, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs
MYLUM, Leslie Mr, d. 2/1/2006, Desc: Funeral similar to late wifes
NAIRNE, Kevin Mr, d. 9/8/2005, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs (Cremation)
O'SHEA, Mary Mrs, d. 5/26/2006, Desc: Funeral Costs (Cremation)
O'SULLIVAN, Patrick Mr, d. 6/25/2016, Addr: Hollies, reading Road, Burghfield Common, Reading, Desc: Funeral Cost (cremation) 26/07/2016, Rea: No NOK located
OSBORNE, John C, d. 12/29/2009, Addr: 42a Second Avenue, Ravenswing Park, Aldermaston RG7 4PX, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs, Rea: No NOK
PAGE, Valerie, d. 2/8/2010, Addr: 107 London Rd, Newbury, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs, Rea: No NOK
PLANK, Anthony Keith Mr, d. 8/1/2012, Addr: 26 Kennet Road, Kintbury RG17 9XW (and latterly Hungerford Care Home), Desc: Funeral costs (Cremation) 28/08/12, Rea: NOK unable to arrange funeral
SPEAKE, Robin Mr, d. 11/12/2012, Addr: Thornford Park, Crookham Hill, Crookham Common, Thatcham, Berks RG19 8ET, Desc: Funeral costs (Cremation) 30/11/12, Rea: No NOK
STREET, Simon Mr, d. 1/15/2009, Desc: Standard Funeral Costs, Rea: No Nok
SZENDZIELORZ, Francisezek Mr, d. 12/1999, Addr: 57 Northfield Road, Thatcham
, d. 8/21/2017, Addr: Thornford Park, Crookham Hill, Crookham Common, Thatcham, Berks RG19 8ET, Desc: Funeral cost (burial), Rea: No NOK
TRIMBY, Stephen Nigel Mr, d. 11/14/2017, Addr: 12 Blakeney Fields, Great Shefford, RG17 7BX, Desc: Funeral cost (cremation) 14/12/2017, Rea: NOK Unable
WALKER, Michael Mr, d. 12/1/2015, Addr: 3 Rotary Way, thatcham, Desc: Funeral Cost, Rea: NOK located- refered to third party for funeral arrangements
WALSH, G Mr, d. 6/19/2006, Desc: Funeral costs to bank
WAY, Anthony, b. 19/11/1949, d. 5/28/2015, Addr: 2 Lower Bothampstead Cottages, Hampstead Norreys, Thatcham, RG180SL, Rea: No NOK
WOOD, Robert Mr, b. 28/11/1960, d. 2/9/2015, Addr: 33 Donnington Lodge, Newbury, Berks, RG14 3AA, Desc: Funeral cost (cremation) 10/03/2015, Rea: No NOK

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