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Old Abercorn Cemetery
Abercorn, Brome County, Quebec

Chemin Des �gises Est., Abercorn, Qc

Contributed by Marilyn Davis, Apr 01, 2006, last edited Sep 12, 2012 [davismarilyn@axion.ca]. Total records = 234.

Take the Autoroute #10 East. Exit 68, and turn left towards Cowansville. In Cowansville take Rte 104, to West Brome, turn right onto Rte 139 and this will take you to Abercorn. Turn left onto Chemin des �glises and its a short distance to the cemetery.

As its name suggests, this is the oldest cemetery in the area. It is here that the first pioneers of the Township of Sutton, established in 1802 were buried. Peleg Spencer has rested here since 1836. His brother Thomas and his wife Lania also have their monument since 1836 and 1837. The Shepard, Bresee, Miner & Willey families are obviously among the first familys to have settled here.

This cemetery was established in or about 1809. Even though this is a very old cemetery, it is very well maintained. The majority of the monuments are in good condition. What I noticed the most is the number of young people, babies young children and young adults buried here compared to other cemeteries we have read. I believe they must have had a very difficult life in this area.

Marjorie-Anne Smith and I compiled this from tombstone inscriptions in the fall of 2005.

- Marilyn Davis


b. = born
ch/o = child of
d. = died
d/o = daughter of
f/o = father of
h/o = husband of
s/o = son of
s/w = shared stone
w/o = wife of

??, Ea?hel M., d. Feb 14 1887, age: 3y, s/w Nelson, ch/o F.L M. & S.E.
??, James W., d. Mar 14 1872, age: 9m
??, John L., b. Jun 15 1861, d. Apr 18 1862
??, Luva J., no dates, Gone Before
??, Nelson, d. Sep 21 1876, age: 7m, s/w Ea?hel M., ch/o F.L M. & S.E
??, Rebecca L., b. May 9 1863, d. Sep 8 1863
Allen, Eleanor, d. Apr 24 18??, age: ?3y
Allen, Infant, no dates, d/o V.A. & C.T. Allen
Allen, John, d. Apr 9 1847, age: 88y
Andrews, Adam I., d. Jun 17 1883, age: 69y 6m
Andrews, Lany L., d. Jul 15 1856, age: 96y
Barber, Asahel, d. May 11 1852, age: 89y, h/o Polly Arms
Barber, Henry, d. Apr 15 1882, age: 76y
Barber, Polly Arms, b. unreadable, d. no date, w/o Asahel Barber
Batty, Henry, d. Jul 3 1868, age: 22y 1m 16d
Bennett, Charles, d. Feb 20 1852, age: 10y
Bennett, W. F., d. Feb 5 1897, age: 24y
Bennett, daughter, d. Aug 19 1872, age: 8 weeks, d/o E.H. & D.J. Bennett
Bennett, daughter, d. Nov 25 1872, age: 7y, d/o E.H. & D.J. Bennett
Bennett, daughter, d. Sep 24 1868, age: 6y 7m, d/o E.H. & D.J. Bennett
Bresee, Charity Hopkins, d. Dec 25 1838, age: 75y 6m 15d, w/o Nicholas Bresee
Bresee, Nicholas, d. May 10 1845, age: 81y 5m, h/o Charity Hopkins
Brown, Rebecca, no dates, w/o Francis Brown
Coan, Vania S. Waterhouse, d. Jul 23 1883, age: 21y 1m, w/o Charles N. Coan
Cobs, Samuel J. A., d. Aug 4 1848
Coffin, Lovey, no dates
Cope, Ann Jeffries, d. Apr 3 1891, age: 57y 2m, w/o John Cope
Cope, Daught., d. Dec 1 1892, age: 21y 3m, d/o J. & A. Cope
Cope, John, d. Oct 30 1904, age: 72y, h/o Ann Jeffries
Courser, Harvey E., b. 1829, d. 1911, h/o Rosannah Cook
Courser, Rosannah Cook, b. 1832, d. 1894, w/o Harvey E. Courser
Davis, Amos, d. Oct 21 1859, age: 15y 9m, s/o L. & E. Davis
Deth, Dorothy Jacobs, d. Sep 28 1886, age: 39y, w/o Joseph Deth
Deyette, Lewis O., d. Apr 26 1879, s/o W.M. & V.A. Deyette
Dodge, Abram, b. Feb 8 1830, d. no date, h/o Sophia L. Townsend
Dodge, Hattie S., d. Jan 10 1871, age: 2y 3m 23d, d/o Abram & Sophia
Dodge, Sophia L. Townsend, b. Dec 21 1835, d. Nov 14 1900, w/o Abram Dodge
Dwyer, Martha Shepard, b. Nov 6 1848, d. Apr 18 1903, w/o F.L. Dwyer
Ellis, Anna Waterhouse, d. Mar 2 1886, age: 82y 5m 11d, w/o Edmund Ellis
Farman, Clarissa L., d. May 6 1876, w/o H. I. Farman
Ferres, Christian Middleton, b. Apr 3 1783 Dilmuxton, Scot, d. Jun 6 1866, w/o John Ferres
Ferres, John, b. Jun 9 1780 Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scot., d. Apr 5 1849, h/o Christian Middleton
Gates, Eleanor L. Miner, b. Jun 1 1823, d. Jan 2 1901, w/o Darius Gates
Gibson, Eliza, d. Nov 30 1846, age: 16y, d/o J. & M. Gibson
Gibson, John, d. May 7 1846, age: 49y
Gibson, Mary, d. Aug 21 1847, age: 18y, d/o J. & M. Gibson
Gibson, Matilda Garland, d. Jun 29 1846, age: 46y, w/o J. Gibson
Gilleland, Alexander, b. 1808, d. 1874, h/o Sarah Crocker
Gilleland, Sarah Crocker, b. 1811, d. 1898, w/o Aleander Gilleland
Griggs, Alexander, d. Feb 23 1902, age: 74y
Griggs, Alma Thomas, d. May 27 1888, age: 43y, w/o Joseph Griggs
Griggs, Edna S., d. Jun 11 1866, age: 3m, d/o S.E. & H.A. Griggs
Griggs, Harriet A. Ruiter, d. Feb 16 1874, age: 37y 2m, w/o F.S. Griggs
Griggs, John H., d. Apr 16 1889, age: 54y
Griggs, Nelson A., d. Sep 8 1867, s/o S.E. & H.A. Griggs
Hope, Mary Edna, d. Jun 30 1881, age: 10y 7m, d/o Alex & Lucy Hope
Ingalls, Almy E., d. Sep 19 1869, age: 11m 4d, d/o Walter J. & Sarah A.
Ingalls, Electa Sanborn, d. Sep 24 1885, age: 82y, w/o J. Ingalls
Ingalls, James, d. Dec 1 1882, age: 80y, h/o Electa Sanborn
Jacobs, Louisa, d. Sep 3 1861, age: 16y, d/o J.B. & C. Jacobs
Jacobs, Mary Ann, d. Jan 30 1850, age: 9m 11d, d/o J.B. & C. Jacobs
Janes, Albert R., d. Mar 8 1888, age: 71y 5m., h/o Elizabeth Mack
Janes, Caroline Bresee, d. Feb 11 1844, w/o Ira Janes
Janes, Charles A., d. Feb 18 1936, age: 79y
Janes, Daniel, d. Mar 20 1809, age: 59y
Janes, Daniel, d. May 17 1867, age: 77y, h/o Polly P.
Janes, Elizabeth Mack, d. Oct 21 1865, age: 38y 6m, w/o A.R. Janes
Janes, Ira, d. Feb 16 1861, age: 69y 10m 15d, h/o Caroline Bresee
Janes, Maria, d. Apr 13 1813, age: 10y 5m 5d
Janes, Mary A., d. May 28 1837, age: 15y, d/o Daniel & Polly P.
Janes, Oliver S., b. Mar 13 1826, d. Nov 30 1899, h/o Phoebe D. Austin
Janes, Phoebe D. Austin, b. Feb 18 1832, d. Oct 15 1873, w/o O.S. Janes
Janes, Polly P., d. Oct 21 1850, age: 63y, w/o Daniel Janes
Jenne, Dorinda Spencer, d. Mar 5 1894, age: 53y, w/o M.L. Jenne
Jenne, Gilbert E., d. Sep 17 1881, age: 81y
Jenne, Infant, d. May 11 1872, s/o Samuel C. & Nancy J.
Jenne, Lucy A. Safford, d. Jul 6 1883, age: 28y, w/o A.E. Jenne
Jenne, Marcus L., d. Oct 25 1915, age: 76y, h/o Dorinda Spencer
Jenne, Ruth D. Cleaveland, d. Aug 5 1880, age: 31y 1m 22d, w/o Samuel Jenne
Jenne, Samuel, d. Jun 3 1870, age: 65y 1m 3d, h/o Ruth D. Cleaveland
Judd, Cynthia Mack, b. Apr 11 1818, d. Feb 8 1905, w/o Sanford Judd
Judd, Emma M. Janes, b. Jul 21 1853, d. Dec 1 1932, w/o Homer B. Judd
Judd, Eugene S., d. Dec 24 1923, age: 70y 4m
Judd, Homer B., b. Apr 3 1848, d. Oct 31 1918, h/o Emma M. Janes
Judd, Sanford, b. Jun 1 1793, d. Jan 1 1888, h/o Cynthia Mack
Keach, Cynthia D. Damon, d. Apr 27 1887, age: 56y 6m 22d, w/o G.R. Keach. M.D.
King, Alfred, d. Mar 2 1891, age: 2y, s/o Salemel & D. King
Labounty, Electa Shepard, d. Sep 7 1890, w/o Samuel L. Labounty
Labounty, Samuel L., d. Jan 8 1840, age: 30y 2d, h/o Electa Shepard
Lapan, Edmund, d. Mar 5 1880, age: 3m, s/o Jos. & Ada E. Lapan
Lapanne, Ada Willis, d. Dec 14 1881, age: 25y 7m 2d, w/o Joseph Lapanne
Laplant, Francis, b. 1771, d. 1869, h/o Mary Youngman
Laplant, Mary Youngman, b. 1782, d. 1876, w/o Francis Laplant
Laplante, Lucy M. Collister, d. Jul 5 1863, age: 43y, w/o Sylvenus Laplante
Laplante, Sylvanus, d. Mar 22 1882, age: 62y, h/o Lucy M. Collister
Leach, Esther W., d. Jan 29 1884,d. Springfield, Missouri, age: ,35y 4m 19d
Mack, Rhoda Squiers, d. Dec 10 1880, age: 81y, w/o Stephen Mack
Marsh, Ruby A., d. Feb 20 1904, age: 54y, w/o M.B. Marsh
McAllister, S.W., d. May 24 1852, age: 26y 10m
Miner, Desire Waterhouse, d. Jun 27 1871, age: 79y 2m, w/o Maro Miner
Miner, L. W., b. 1822, d. 1896, h/o Perlina Titemore
Miner, Maro, d. May 22 1879, age: 79y 10m 22d, h/o Desire Waterhouse
Miner, Perlina Titemore, b. 1827, d. Apr 4 1887, age: 60y, w/o L.W. Miner
Montgomery, Niels, d. Infant, in f/o A.R. & A. Montgomery
O'Brien, John, d. Mar 29 1885, age: 45y
O'Brien, Margaret, b. 1882, d. 1882, s/w & d/o Thomas & Rebecca
O'Brien, Rebecca Beattie, b. 1850, d. 1888, w/o Thomas O'Brien
O'Brien, Sarah B., d. May 7 1871, age: 27y 7m, d/o Thomas & Sarah
O'Brien, Sarah Moffat, d. Mar 31 1871, age: 57y 3m 24d, w/o Thomas O'Brien
O'Brien, Thomas, b. 1848, d. 1886, h/o Rebecca Beattie
O'Brien, Thomas, d. Apr 26 1873, age: 55y 4m, h/o Sarah Moffatt
Page, Anna, d. Jun 27 1847, w/o Amos Page
Robinson, Daught., d. Sep 7 1883, age: 1y 4m, d/o David & Sarah
Rodewald, Amelia A., d. Mar 5 1864, age: 15y, s/w Lucy Ingalls Truax
Ruiter, A. N., b. Aug 29 1840, d. Apr 25 1895, h/o M.A. Shepard
Ruiter, Edna J., d. Jn 30 1864, age: 16y 2m 25d, d/o Nelson & Sophia
Ruiter, Hannah, d. Dec 10 1834, age: 1y, d/o Nelson & Sophia
Ruiter, M.A., b. May 29 1841, d. Jul 3 1894, h/o A.N. Ruiter
Ruiter, Nelson W., d. Jun 24 1881, age: 11y 29d, s/o Beldin & Cordelia
Ruiter, Nelson, d. Jan 6 1870, age: 65y 11m, h/o Sophia Sanborn
Ruiter, Sophia Sanborn, d. Jan 6 1886, age: 77y, w/o Nelson Ruiter
Ruiter, Thomas A., d. Dec 29 1845, age: 2y 7m, s/o Nelson & Sophia
Sampson, Carrie B. Gibson, d. May 8 1890, age: 52y, w/o C.W. Sampson
Sargent, Ernest, d. Jun 21 1881, age: 6m 6d, s/o D.M. & M.T. Sargent
Scott, Robert, d. Feb 24 1849, age: 87y
Scovill, Job W., d. Oct. 1841, age: 2y 6m 11d, s/o Stephen & Polly
Scovill, Liberty, d. Feb 11 1843, age: 6m 23d, s/o Stephen & Polly
Scovill, Polly Barber, b. Sep 25 1803, d. Feb 23 1898, w/o Stephen Scovill Jr.
Scovill, Stephen Jr., b. Jul 9 1808, d. Nov 17 1847, h/o Polly Barber
Scovill, William, d. May 21 1837, age: 2y 1m 12d, s/o Stephen & Polly
Seaton, Benjamin, d. Mar 24 1878, age: 60y 9m, h/o Rachel M. Miner
Seaton, Rachel M. Miner, d. Feb 28 1907, age: 78y 6m, w/o Benjamin Seaton
Seaton, William, d. Mar 6 1871, age: 21y
Secombe, Mary A. Stansfield, d. Oct 2 1888, age: 51y, w/o Henry Secombe
Shepard, Anna E, Janes, b. 10 Oct 1782, d. 4 Mar 1861, w/o Thomas Shepard Jr
Shepard, Annis Derby, d. Feb 13 1880, age: 64y, w/o Chas. Shepard
Shepard, Chas., d. Apr 8 1892, age: 76y, h/o Annis Derby
Shepard, Christina Bresee, d. May 15 1870, age: 84y 9m, w/o Richard Shepard
Shepard, Edgar S., d. Nov 25 1910, age: 66y
Shepard, Elizabeth Brew, d. Aug 19 1825, age: 86y, w/o Thomas Shepard
Shepard, Ella L. Miner, b. 1849, d. Mar 10 1871, age: 33y 2m, s/w & d/o L.W. & Perlina Miner, 2 stones, w/o Samuel B. Shepard
Shepard, Ella Miner, d. Mar 10 1871, age: 43y 6m, w/o Samuel B. Shepard
Shepard, Eva, d. Jan 21 1882, age: 3y 3m 18d, d/o R.A. & M.L. Shepard
Shepard, Helen, d. Jul 21 1928, age: 79y
Shepard, John, d. Jul 27 1876, age: 64y 11m 8d, h/o Polly Flint
Shepard, Lany L. Bresee, b. 1814, d. 1905, w/o Richard Shepard
Shepard, Polly Flint, d. Aug 20 1883, age: 73y, w/o John Shepard
Shepard, Richard, b. 1813, d. 1862, w/o Lany Bresee
Shepard, Richard, d. Nov 20 1825, age: 51y, h/o Christina Bresee
Shepard, S. Jane, d. Sep 22 1825, age: 2y 5m, d/o Richard & Christina Shepard
Shepard, Sarah J., d. Aug 8 1858, age: 6y 8m 10d, d/o R. & L.L. Shepard
Shepard, Thomas, d. Apr 10 1831, age: 91y, h/o Elizabeth Brew
Shepard, Thomas, d. Dec 27 1822, age: 19y 4m 26d
Sherrer, Alice J., d. Jan 29 1889, age: 24y, d/o John & Matilda Sherrer
Sherrer, John, d. Mar 2 1886, age: 51y 4m 15d
Sherrer, Matildia M., d. Feb 11 1882, age: 39y 5m 4d, w/o John Sherrer
Slyfield, Benjamin, d. Nov 20 1879, age: 77y, h/o Hannah Scott
Slyfield, Hannah Scott, no dates, w/o Benjamin Slyfield
Smith, Abram, b. Nov 7 1839, d. Mar 15 1898, h/o Judith Scovill
Smith, Betsy, d. Feb 27 1840, age: 16y
Smith, Delphina N., no dates, d/o William
Smith, Esther F., no dates
Smith, Eudora A, d. Dec 1 1867, d/o Abram & Sophia
Smith, Judith Scovill, b. Jul 10 1844, d. Mar 10 1909, w/o Abram Smith
Smith, Son, d. no dates, s/o Abram & Judith
Spencer, Anny, d. 1831, age: 66y, consort/o H. Spencer
Spencer, Betsy, d. Jun 15 1849, age: 4y 6m 21d, d/o Richard & Julia
Spencer, Daniel, d. Jun 15 1818, age: 83y 1m 17d
Spencer, Elizabeth Shepard, d. Nov 8 1850, age: 75y, consort/o Peleg Spencer
Spencer, Lania Savage, d. Aug 11 1832, age: 66y, w/o Thomas Spencer
Spencer, Peleg, d. Jul 10 1836, age: 67y
Spencer, Richard, b. Mar 5 1816, d. Jan 14 1875, h/o Wealthy Willey
Spencer, Thomas, d. Aug 21 1838, age: 74y, h/o Lania Savage
Spencer, Wealthy Willey, b. Aug 25 1823, d. Sep 14 1898, w/o Richard Spencer
St.Pierre, Alice E., d. Oct 14 1893, age: 22y 4m, d/o Levi & Ann
St.Pierre, Ann Deth, d. Sep 21 1916, age: 63y, w/o Levi St. Pierre
St.Pierre, Charles M., d. Jan 14 1906, age: 23y, s/o Levi & Ann
St.Pierre, Eva C., d. Mar 19 1886, age: 13y 3m 22d, s/o Levi & Ann
St.Pierre, John H., d. Mar 31 1897, age: 20y 9m, s/o Levi & Ann
St.Pierre, Levi, d. Mar 23 1900, age: 60y, h/o Ann Deth
Sweet, Daisy B., d. Sep 8 1886, age: 1y 6m, d/o N.T. & L.D. Sweet
Sweet, Della D. Mitchell, d. Jan 29 1906, age: 50y, w/o Nathan P. Sweet
Sweet, Eliza Brewer, d. Aug 17 1888, age: 83y, w/o Henry Sweet
Sweet, Grace A. Laplant, b. 1879, d. 1972, w/o Nelson T. Sweet
Sweet, Nelson T., b. 1850, d. 1929, h/o Grace A, Laplant
Thomas, Addie L., d. Jun 6 1867, age: 5y 8m, d/o Mary & Parker
Thomas, Anna Eudora, d. Jun 22 1864, age: 19m 15d, d/o Cyrus & M.A. Thomas
Thomas, Marier C., d. Jul 9 1883, age: 64y
Thomas, Mary Casey, d. Nov 3 1897, age: 83y, w/o P.G. Thomas
Thomas, Parker G., no dates, h/o Mary Casey
Thomas, Sarah A., d. Jan 29 1862, age: 2y 6m, d/o Mary & Parker
Tibbits, Rachel M. Comstock, d. Nov 26 1884, age: 56y, w/o S.C. Tibbits
Tibbits, Silvia G., d. Aug 19 1870, age: 18y 11m 7d, d/o Solomon C. & Rachel Tibbits
Tibbits, Solomon C., d. Aug 6 1881, age: 58y, h/o Rachel M. Comstock
Truax, Lucy Ingalls, b. Apr 29 1825, d. Mar 24 1905, w/o Andrew Truax
Tyler, Royce, b. Mar 27 1809, d. Apr 17 1880, age: 71y 21d
Vincent, James, b. 1890, d. 1912
Vincent, Margaret Carty, b. 1840, d. 1916, w/o Thomas Vincent
Vincent, Thomas, d. Feb 15 1886, age: 47y 5m 28d, h/o Margaret Carty
Waterhouse, Jane Courser, d. Oct 19 1869, age: 48y 3m, w/o N.D. Waterhouse
Waterhouse, Melvina Alexander, d. Jun 25 1873, age: 38y 6m, w/o N.D. Waterhouse
Waterhouse, Tirza E. Courser, b. 1857, d. 1926, w/o Willie Waterhouse
Waterhouse, Willie, b. 1858, d. 1899, h/o Tirza E. Courser
Webster, Allen Griggs, d. Jul 20 1880, age: 9y, s/o Geo. & Sarah Jane Webster
Webster, Effie J., d. Apr 17 1894, age: 18y 1m, d/o Geo. & Sarah Jane Webster
Willey, Agnes M., d. Mar 18 1883, age: 15y 3m 5d, d/o Anson & Alma
Willey, Amy, d. Jun 7 1856, w/o Enoch Willey
Willey, Annette Jenne, b. 1855, d. 1911, w/o Orson R. Willey
Willey, Arthur M., d. Mar 1 1873, age: 5m 6d, s/o Martin & Eliza A. Willey
Willey, Betsey Sanborn, no dates, w/o John Willey
Willey, Claude Orcutt, d. Feb 27 1894, age: 8y 1m 15d, s/o Orson R. & Annette
Willey, Eleanor Gibson, d. Nov 8 1846, w/o John Willey
Willey, Ella E., d. Jan 16 1877, age: 7m 3d, d/o D.H. & A.A. Willey
Willey, Ethel V., d. Aug 26 1899, age: 19y 4m 26d, d/o D.H. & A.A. Willey
Willey, Eulalia A. V., d. Nov 19 1887, age: 16y 5m 1d, d/o D.H. & A.A. Willey, Dearest Eula
Willey, George, d. Sep 17 1883, age: 65y
Willey, Harriet A., d. Feb 13 1849, age: 13m, d/o G. & L. Willey
Willey, Hazen, no dates
Willey, John, d. Dec 29 1850, age: 84y, h/o Eleanor Gibson
Willey, John, d. Nov 2 1886, age: 91y 9m, h/o Betsey Sanborn
Willey, Josiah, b. 1828, d. 1902, h/o Sally Lock
Willey, Orson R., b. 1842, d. 1913, h/o Annette Jenne
Willey, Royal, d. Jan 26 1880, age: 74y
Willey, Sally Lock, b. 1831, d. 1922, w/o Josiah Willey
Willey, Son, d. Aug 23 1891, age: 1y 10m, s/o C.M. & L.M. Willey
Willis, Carrie B., b. 1877, d. 1928, s/w George B.
Willis, George B., b. 1878, d. 1964, s/w Carrie B.
Willis, Mary Hopson, d. Jun 14 1902, age: 62y, w/o Geo. Willis
Wills, Almira Bresee, d. Oct 31 1880, age: 41y, w/o Audren Wills
Wing, Anna A. Tyler, d. Apr 12 1889, age: 45y, w/o Sherman J. Wing
Wing, Hosea, d. May 22 1881, age: 61y 5m 11d, h/o Huldah Beers
Wing, Huldah Beers, d. Dec 18 1897, age: 83y, w/o Hosea Wing
Wing, Willie S., d. Aug 7 1872, s/o Willie S. Wing
Young, Ella C. Deth, d. Dec 6 1896, age: 29y 1m 7d, w/o L. H. Young

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