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North Sutton Cemetery
North Sutton, Brome County, Quebec

north sutton cemetery quebec

GPS: 45.147512, -72.642716

Chemin Draper
Sutton, QC J0E 2K0

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown [lnutbrown@bell.net], September 1, 2019.
Total records = 99

Driving Directions

In Sutton, follow Main Street, (rue Principale) also known as Route 139 North until you get to Draper Road. You can see the cemetery from here on Draper Road.

Cemetery History

The cemetery (also called Strong's Memorial Cemetery) is the oldest one in Sutton. The earliest headstone dates from 1812 when the whole area was mostly a vast wilderness.  It has a wrought iron fence and gate and contains remains of the areas first settlers. The cemetery was used from about 1812 - 1910.

Cemetery Records

Records below were transcribed from tombstone inscriptions by Leslie and Susan Nutbrown during a visit in 2016. Records may also include information from church records.

Barnes, Sophia
Bennett, Cynthia, d. 13 Aug 1861, aged 96 yrs, wife of George Smith
Billings, Maria, d. 1 Dec 1860, aged 31 yrs, wife of Henry Billings
Burke, Minerva, d. 11 May 1881, aged 80y 3m, wife of Amos Hawley
Burnham, George, d. 29 Jul 1825, aged 1 yr, son of Daniel & Nancy
Castle, Belinda, d. 31 Oct 1872, aged 49y 5m, wife of Joseph
Castle, Betsey M, d. 4 Aug 1873, aged 52y 2m, wife of Philo
Castle, Chauncy, d. 27 Jun 1873, aged 17 yrs
Castle, E. R, d. 26 Feb 1862, aged 33y 11m 16d
Castle, Effie B, d. 2 May 1862, aged 16m 24d, daughter of Edmond & Nancy
Castle, Fanny E, d. 27 Mar 1874, aged 36y 3m, wife of Henry Hawley
Castle, Hawley, d. 14 Jan 1848, aged 2m, son of Joseph & Huldah
Castle, Henry J
Castle, Infant, d. Feb 1812, aged 2 hours, child of Joseph & Huldah
Castle, Jane E, d. 6 Jul 1855, aged 22y 5m, wife of Chancey
Castle, Joseph, d. 23 Feb 1849, aged 49y 8m
Castle, Levina, d. 27 Jun 1840, aged 46y 10m 19d, wife of William Hawley
Castle, Martha J, d. 19 Aug 1855, aged 2y 8m 12d, daughter of Chancey & Jane
Castle, Martha, b. 1832, d. 1863
Castle, Philo, b. 11 May 1811, d. 6 Mar 1884
Castle, Rolinda B, d. 12 Oct 1868, aged 16y 7m, daughter of Chauncy & Jane
Castle, Sarah Jane, d. 2 Feb 1851, aged 10y 3m, daughter of Philo & Betsey
Clark, Clarissa, d. 28 Mar 1887, aged 74 yrs, wife of James Grimble
Collins, William H, d. 12 Jun 186? In Washington D.C, aged 26 yrs
Cross, Caleb Royal, d. 21 Mar 1843, aged 3y 10m 14d, son of Phillip & Sally
Cross, Phillip A, d. 11 Apr 1864, aged 5m 19d, son of Amos & Margaret
French, Amos B, d. 14 Mar 1883, aged 57y 9m 8d, husband of Susannah Shufelt
Green, Abigail D, b. 25 Mar 1837, d. 29 Mar 1902, wife of Benjamin Grimes
Grimble, James, d. 3 Oct 1864, aged 70y 6m 17d
Grimble, Mary C, d. 31 May 1868, aged 28y 4d, wife of Thomas Coapland
Grimble, Patience K, b. 1 Jan 1838, d. 2 Oct 1890, wife of Edwin Strong
Grimble, Susan A, d. 198 Mar 1846, aged 3y 11m 15d, daughter of James & Clarissa
Grimes, Abel F, b. 3 Oct 1858, d. 26 Mar 1914
Grimes, Abigail, d. 1 Jan 1902, aged 90 yrs, wife of John T. Prentice
Grimes, Alice A, b. 20 Aug 1853, d. 26 Sep 1873
Grimes, Allard H, b. 9 Mar 1855, d. 11 Oct 1897
Grimes, Alvin E, b. 4 Mar 1861, d. 7 Oct 1917
Grimes, Anna, d. 27 Sep 1838, aged 7y 5m 5d, daughter of Benjamin F.
Grimes, Benjamin F, d. 15 Jan 1859, aged 53y 6m 12d, husband of Annis Hurlbut
Grimes, Benjamin H, b. 7 Dec 1828, d. 4 May 1914, husband of Abigail Green
Grimes, Franklin, d. 2 Sep 1838, aged 28 days, son of Benjamin F. & Annis
Harris, Infant, d. 17 Aug 1870, daughter of William & Cynthia
Hawley, Amos, d. 21 May 1876, aged 81y 2m 6d
Hawley, Anna, d. 20 Jan 1828, aged 31 yrs, wife of Horace French
Hawley, Betsey, d. 25 Feb 1817, aged 15 yrs, daughter of Ephraim & Thirza
Hawley, Ephraim, d. 21 Aug 1852, aged 85 yrs
Hawley, Ephraim, d. 28 Mar 1854, aged 56y 9m 6d, husband of Thirza Sears & Mary Spencer
Hawley, Harriet, d. 11 Jun 1880, aged 65y 7m, wife of Paul West
Hawley, Henry, d. 15 Sep 1874, aged 62y 4m
Hawley, Millicent, d. 6 Apr 1859
Hibbard, Eleanor, d. 6 May 1846, wife of Joseph Barnes
Hungerford, Parthenia, d. 12 Mar 1890, aged 79 yrs, wife of Lawrence Salisbury
Hurlbut, Amos, d. 30 Jul 1825, aged 58y 6m 16d
Hurlbut, Annis, d. 29 Jan 1892, aged 96y 5m 11d, wife of Benjamin Grimes
Jennings, Sally, wife of ?
MacFarlane, Agnes M, b. 4 Jan 1872, d. 8 Apr 1954, wife of William Strong
Mandigo, Levi, d. 6 Feb 1847, aged 7y 1m 9d, son of Ira & Esther
McGowan, Emily, d. 3 May 1854, aged 3 yrs, daughter of Patrick & Mary
McGowan, Simeon, d. 22 Dec 1846, aged 4y 3m 2d, son of Patrick & Mary
McGowan, Susan, d. 3 Jan 1847, aged 2y 5m 18d, daughter of Patrick & Mary
Niles, Prudence, d. 3 Apr 1826, aged 63 yrs, wife of Peter West
Patterson, William J, b. 1893, d. 1910
Prentice, Anna A, d. 9 Oct 1861, aged 21y 4m, daughter of John & Abigail
Prentice, James W, d. 17 Dec 1878, aged 25y 8m, son of John T. & Abigail
Prentice, John T, d. 11 Apr 1902, aged 61 yrs
Prentice, John T, d. 15 Oct 1881, aged 83y 2m 15d
Prior, John
Reed, Allie O, d. 4 Sep 1897, aged 8m 9d, son of O.A. & C.A.
Reed, Zadock, d. 23 Sep 1871, aged 61 yrs
Reid, Daniel, d. 22 Mar 1841, aged 5y 8m, son of Zadock & Olive
Reid, Edmond L, d. 8 Sep 1864, aged 23 yrs, son of Zadock & Olive
Reid, John Bunion, d. 20 Dec 18??, son of Zadock & Olive
Reid, Mason, d. 17 Oct 1864, son of Zadock & Olive
Reid, Stephen Ivy, d. 29 Dec 1864, aged 6y 1m 24d, son of Lorenzo & Angelina
Reid, Walter Henry, d. 4 Jan 1865, aged 8y 8m 20d, son of Lorenzo & Angelina
Salisbury, Lawrence, d. 29 Aug 1870, aged 64y 4m 8d, husband of Parthenia Hungerford
Scofield, Olive, d. 15 Nov 1885, wife of Zadock Reed
Sears, Thirza, d. 22 Apr 1862, wife of Ephraim Hawley
Shufelt, Susannah, d. 19 Jan 1900, aged 73y 1m 14d, wife of Amos French
Smith, Eliza, d. 29 Mar 1842, aged 1y 5m 12d, daughter of William & Sarah
Smith, George, d. 24 Jun 1835, aged 72 yrs, husband of Cynthia Bennett
Spencer, Mary, d. 31 Mar 1869, aged 68y 7m 12d, wife of Ephraim Hawley
Stevens, Mary J, d. 31 Jan 1873, wife of Harlow Reed
Strong, Arthur C, b. 8 Apr 1868, d. 5 Oct 1884
Strong, Charles E, b. 9 Oct 1865, d. 22 Oct 1901
Strong, Edwin B, b. 8 Apr 1830, d. 16 Feb 1903, husband of Patience Grimble
Strong, Howard Edwin, d. 14 Nov 1885, aged 4y 1m 13d, son of Roscoe & Sarah
Strong, Patience Margaret, b. 27 May 1910, d. 21 Jun 1994, daughter of William & Agnes
Strong, William C, b. 22 Apr 1870, d. 1 Mar 1951, husband of Agnes MacFarlane
Sweet, Henry
Traver, Hiram E, son of Hiram
Traver, Rupert, d. Jan 1864, son of Hiram & Wealthy
West, Florance A, d. 8 Jan 1894, aged 7m 14d, daughter of M. A. & L. M.
West, Luella M, d. 19 Aug 1893, aged 18y, wife of M. A. West
West, Mary M, d. 5 Dec 1868, aged 18y 3m13d, daughter of Paul V. & Harriet
West, Paul V, d. 1888, husband of Harriet Hawley
West, Peter, d. 23 Nov 18??, aged 88 yrs
West, Sarah, d. 3 Nov 1859, aged 65 yrs, wife of John Pryor
Williams, Jane E, d. 21 Jun 1871, aged 54y 8m, wife of George Smith

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