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Jones Cemetery
Val Perkins, Brome County, Quebec

GPS: 45.091706, -72.304767

Chemin due Lac
Val Perkins, QC, J0B 1T0

Contributed by Joan Cruickshank [mail], October 20, 2020.
Total records: 54

Driving Directions

Out of Mansonville (Potton), Quebec, follow Chemin Vale Perkins to the tiny village of Vale Perkins, From there, take Chemin du Lac in the direction of Knowlton Landing. You will find this old cemetery just outside Vale Perkins in a pasture, surrounded by a fence.

Cemetery History

This cemetery is named after Gardner Jones (1818-1886), who once owned and farmed this land. It began as a family burial ground, but later became a cemetery for the area. The first recorded burial was that of Samuel Perkins who died February 4th, 1845, and the last recorded burial was that of Ralph C. Wheelock (1884-1959).

The cemetery is cared for by the Jones Cemetery Association, and through volunteers and work bees, the cemetery remains clean and continues to be well looked after

Cemetery Records

Records published below were transcribed from tombstone inscriptions by Joan Cruickshank during a visit in 2020.

Brown, James, d. 6 Mar 1853, age 24 yrs, son of J. S. & L.
Brown, Joseph S., d. 29 Dec 1868, age 64 yrs
Brown, Louise M. Eastman, b. 1849, d. 1904, wife of Titus
Brown, Titus, b. 1842, d. 1912, husband of Louise M. Eastman
Clifford, Cynthia, d. 10 Sep 1872, age 23y 8m, wife of E. J.
Clifford, Francis E., d. 13 Jun 1867, son of Edson
Gardner, Eliza Hussey, d. 29 Jan 1890, age 68y 11m, wife of Roswell
Geer, Bertha S., b. 28 Nov 1877, d. 6 Apr 1905, daughter of Mills & Lydia Ann
Geer, Charles, d. 27 Dec 1886, age 11 yrs, son of E. D. & L. G.
Geer, Flora A., d. 18 Sep 1871
Geer, George M., d. 4 Feb 1872, age 6m 20d, son of A. J. & F. A.
Geer, Gillford E., b. 1840, d. 1868
Geer, Herbert A., b. 1857, d. 1863
Geer, Lydia Ann Place, b. 27 Aug 1839, d. 24 Jan 1917, wife of Mills
Geer, Mary, d. 22 Sep 1870, age 30y 1m 26d, wife of Edmond D.
Geer, Mills, b. 26 Oct 1812, d. 3 Feb 1888, husband of Lydia Ann Place
Geer, Sabrina Magoon, b. 1820, d. 1867, wife of Mills
Geer, Walter, b. 1874, d. 1933
Hand, Charles F., d. 8 Mar 1871, age 9y 2m, son of F. & L.
Hand, Charles, d. 6 Apr 1876, age 88 yrs, husband of Clara Hurd
Hand, Clara Hurd, d. 16 Sep 1876, age 89 yrs, wife of Charles
Hand, Flora, d. 5 May 1882, age 57 yrs, wife of Leverette A.
Hand, Frederick, d. 2 Jul 1865, age 38 yrs
Hand, Laura, d. 14 Aug 1880, age 70 yrs
Hand, Leverette A., d. 21 Dec 1906, age 89 yrs, husband of Flora
Howie, James, d. 22 Dec 1877, age 56y 6m 3d
Jewett, Flora A., b. 28 Feb 1885, d. no date, daughter of G. W. & L. E.
Jewett, George R., b. 24 Mar 1837, d. 23 Apr 1921
Jewett, Jane Allen, d. 12 Oct 1881, age 40y 11m, wife of G. R.
Jewett, Lizzie E., b. no date, d. 21 Mar 1888, daughter of G. W. & L.E.
Jewett, Willie, d. 6 Apr 1882, age 9yrs, son of G. R. & J.
Jones, Charity J., d. 11 Mar 1863, age 17 yrs, daughter of Gardner & Rosetta
Jones, Doratha, d. 10 Dec 1866, age 25y 10m, daughter of G.B. & R. B.
Jones, Esther McLaughlin, b. 1850, d. 1918, wife of John B., Jr.
Jones, John B., Jr., b. 1843, d. 1918, husband of Esther McLaughlin
Jones, Leland S., b. 12 Oct 1891, d. 29 Nov 1916
Lavoy, Loren H., d. 16 Mar 1871, age 14y 7m, son of L. & L.
Magoon, Harriet, d. 1866, wife of Gilman
Magoon, Herbert M., d. 11 Mar 1865, age 8m 25d, son of G. & H.
Magoon, Philinda, d. 1853, age 41 yrs, wife of Daniel
Magoon, Theddosia Geer, no dates, wife of Willard C.
Magoon, Willard C., d. 8 Feb 1906, age 75 yrs, husband of Theddosia Geer
Perkins, Asa, d. 21 Apr 1851, age 55 yrs
Perkins, Cyrus, d. 5 Jan 1868, age 78 yrs
Perkins, Ebenezer E., d. 8 May 1889, age 92y 9m 10d
Perkins, Laura, d. 1857, wife of Ebenezer E.
Perkins, Levina Edson, d. 10 Nov 1855, age 90 yrs, wife of Samuel
Perkins, Sally, d. 10 May 1870, age 78 yrs, wife of Cyrus
Perkins, Samuel, d. 4 Feb 1845, age 82y, husband of Levina Edson
Perkins, Sarah, d. 2 May 1854, age 18y 11m
Wheelock, D. C., b. 1845, d. 1917, husband of Harriet Gardner
Wheelock, Harriet Gardner, b. 1851, d. 1925, wife of D. C.
Wheelock, Martha, illegible, daughter of D.C. & Harriet
Wheelock, Ralph C., b. 1884, d. 1959

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