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Beechwood Cemetery
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Beechwood Cemetery
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Beechwood Cemetery
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Lat: 45° 26' 45"N, Lon: 75° 40' 05"W

This cemetery is located off Beechwood Drive in the former city of Vanier now part of Ottawa.

Beechwood cemetery was organized in 1873 on rolling terrain bordered by a forest. It started out as a Protestant cemetery. Gradually local Chinese were buried in a small section and there was also a Muslim section. Many of the early local Scottish Lumber Barons and other important people from Ottawa's early history are buried here.

The cemetery was expanded in the late 1990s and became a National Military Cemetery for the Canadian Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Total records = 361.

Contributor's Index:

Adamyk, Eva Adamyk, no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Robert L. Adamyk), [MB]
Adamyk, Robert L., b. May 25, 1930, d. Dec 7, 2000, 30414 MAJ Royal Canadian Air Force, [MB]
Andruszka, Isabelle M. (Jolicoeur), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o John M. Andruszka), [MB]
Andruszka, John M., no dates, Servitium Nulli Secundus Logistics Logistique C54 610 439 MAJ Logistics CD, [MB]
Anjowski, Judith (Belley), b. Sep 7, 1928, d. Mar 17, 2006, Beloved Wife (w/o William Anjowski), [MB]
Anjowski, William, no dates, Royal Canadian Air Force CD 221670 MWO, [MB]
Archibald, Bryon A., no dates, SH61803 Cpl Royal Canadian Signal Corps, [MB]
Archibald, Helen (Shiska), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Bryon A. Archibald), [MB]
Arczynski, Michael G., b. 1956, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Bailey, Garnet "Ace", b. 1948, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Bains, Hardial, b. Aug 15, 1939, d. Aug 24, 1997, Our Founder, Our Leader, Communist Party of Canada Marxist Leninist,Vous Etes le rouge de notre Drapeau, LaL Salaam, Workers of the World Unite, The issue is not to Wave the Red Flag but to show Our Colours through our deeds, [MB]
Barkway, David Michael, b. 1957, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Barsauskas, Laisvydas K., no dates, Royal Canadian Dragoons R20001910 LCol CD, [MB]
Barsauskas, Linda E. (Gudas), no dates, Best Friend, Loving Wife and Mother (w/o Laisvydas K. Barsauskas), [MB]
Basnicki, Ken, b. 1952, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Beatty, James S., b. 1948, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Berkofsky, John Ricken, b. abt 1915, d. Oct 13, 1994, In Memory of Our Beloved Husband and Father Squadron Leader RCAF Age 79 Years (Royal Canadian Air Force), [MB]
Billings, Eliza Jane Mutchmor, no dates, Family of, [MB]
Billings, Hugh Braddish, no dates, Family of, [MB]
Bird, William J., b. Dec 27, 1930, d. Aug 30, 2007, Royal Canadian Air Force 38429 Cpl (DFAIT), [MB]
Bird, Yolande Cogan, no dates, Royal Canadian Air Force (w/o William J. Bird), [MB]
Blackburn, Mary Ann French, b. Oct 05, 1843, d. Dec 24, 1922, Born at Burritt's Rapids, [MB]
Blackburn, Robert, b. Dec 10, 1827, d. Aug 12, 1894, Born Glasgow Scotland, Died Liverpool England, [MB]
Bled, Henrietta Gordon, b. 1905, d. 1999, Mother of Cyhnthia Bled her Husband Yves Bled, [MB]
Boisvert, Raymond J.F., b. Sep 03, 1938, d. Jan 28, 1997, Who soever believeth in him should not perish, but have a eternal life, John 3;15 (Former member of Dept of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada), [MB]
Borden, Laura Bond, b. 1861, d. 1940, (w/o Robet Laird Borden) Widow of Born Halifax NS 1861, Died Ottawa Ontario 1940, [MB]
Borden, Robert Laird, b. 1854, d. Jun 10, 1937, Born in Grand Pre Nova Scotia, A Lawyer from Nova Scotia Borden became Canadian Prime Minister in 1911, Borden retired in 1920 and died in Ottawa on Jun 10, 1937, PM of Canada Oct 1911 to July 1920, [MB]
Bronson, Editha Pierce, b. Feb 11, 1814, d. Jan 16, 1905, (w/o Henry Franklin Bronson), [MB]
Bronson, Frank Pierce, b. Aug 08, 1851, d. May 16, 1932, [MB]
Bronson, Henry Franklin, b. Feb 24, 1817, d. Dec 07, 1889, Bronson was one of the great lumber barons whose contributions changed the social and econimic structure of the Ottawa Valley along with partner John J. Harris he built the first and largest mill on Victoria Island., [MB]
Bronson, Mary Hay, b. Aug 20, 1863, d. Jul 17, 1933, (w/o Frank Pierce Bronson), [MB]
Bronson, Pauline E. Bromley, b. Nov 04, 1891, d. Jul 07, 1914, Wife of Henry F. Bronson, [MB]
Bronson, W. Carlos, b. Jun 14, 1892, d. Aug 10, 1917, [MB]
Bronson, Walter Goodman, b. Nov 28, 1856, d. May 12, 1932, [MB]
Broski, Joan M. (Hammond), no dates, (w/o Stanley G. Broski), [MB]
Broski, Stanley G., no dates, LCol CD, [MB]
Brownfield, David W., b. Jun 13, 1943, d. Feb 09, 2005, R79 443 263 WO Royal Canadian Navy (Communications Research Branch), [MB]
Bruski, Frances P., b. 1934, d. no date, (s/s with Peter S. Bruski), [MB]
Bruski, Peter S., b. 1933, d. 2006, Picard-Kawam Bruski, [MB]
Bryce, Kate Lynde Pardon, b. 1854, d. 1931, (w/o Peter Henderson Bryce), [MB]
Bryce, Peter Henderson, b. 1853, d. 1932, [MB]
Brylewski, Roman, b. Mar 4, 1955, d. Nov 1, 2008, [MB]
Bura, Bertha (Mundier), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Nicholas Bura), [MB]
Bura, Nicholas, no dates, Royal Canadian Air Force CD 205328 S/L Per Ardua AD Astra, [MB]
Burke, Carol (Girard), no dates, (w/o William A. Burke), [MB]
Burke, William A., b. Apr 10, 1932, d. Jul 24, 2006, Royal Canadian Air Force R73 160 013 SGT (Member of Gloucester 98's Hockey Team) Ardua Ad Astra Per, [MB]
Burleigh, Barbara A. (Gosse), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Charles F. Burleigh), [MB]
Burleigh, Charles F., b. Jun 28, 1935, d. Mar 30, 2003, 12953-H PO CD Royal Canadian Navy, [MB]
Charko, Margaret (Winters), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Zenon Ronald Charko), [MB]
Charko, Zenon Ronald, b. Nov 23, 1917, d. Mar 5, 2010, 7554 W/C Royal Canadian Air Force Per Ardua Ad Astra, [MB]
Chlopowski, Adam, b. abt 1916, d. Nov 06, 1981, Sergeant Polish Forces age 65, [MB]
Chow, Joy Oy, b. 1899, d. 1967, [MB]
Chow, Yuet Ching, b. 1908, d. 1986, [MB]
Citulsky, Judith A. Stedman, no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Robert J.P. Citulsky), [MB]
Citulsky, Robert J. P., b. Mar 15, 1949, d. Sep 15, 2002, F71 904 820 CWO 1 CSR, [MB]
Clark, Anna Evelyn, b. Feb 17, 1911, d. Nov 02, 2003, (w/o Howard Hewlett Clark), [MB]
Clark, Howard Hewlett, b. Apr 23, 1903, d. Jan 21, 1982, C.C. D.D. Archbishop and Primate The Anglican Church of Canada, [MB]
Clarke, Janice Noreen Lowther, b. Mar 18, 1934, (w/o William Leslie Clarke), [MB]
Clarke, Karen L., b. 1968, d. 2005, (d/o William Leslie Clarke and Janice Noreen Lowther), [MB]
Clarke, Leslis York, b. 1890, d. 1959, [MB]
Clarke, Mary Louise Wilson, b. 1893, d. 1981, (w/o Leslie York Clarke) His Wife, [MB]
Clarke, William Leslie, b. Apr 14, 1930, d. Mar 27, 1994, [MB]
Coburn, Alexander Hugh James, b. Nov 17, 1863, d. Jun 16, 1919, In Loving Memory Born Pembroke Ont, [MB]
Coburn, Florence Hannah Goodall, b. Apr 10, 1867, d. Dec 30, 1939, His Wife (w/o Alexander Hugh James Coburn), [MB]
Coburn, Gerald A., b. Feb 04, 1907, d. Mar 03, 1956, (s/lo Alexander Hugh James Coburn and Florence Hannah Goodall), [MB]
Coffin, Adele J. Egan, b. Apr 27, 1854, d. Jul 27, 1941, [MB]
Collison, Joseph K., b. 1951, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Connolly, Cynthia (Cindy), b. 1961, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Crerar, H. D. G., b. 1911, d. Apr 01, 1965, General Canadian Army age 76 (Surname possibly Crfrar), [MB]
Crosby, Anna, b. abt 1841, d. Mary 11, 1861, Aged 20 Yrs (s/s with Christina S Wilson), [MB]
Currier, George Joseph, no dates, Died Sep 18, Aged 8 yrs 4,months & 11 Days Children of J.M. and C.S. Currier, [MB]
Currier, Hannah Wright, b. abt 1834, d. Jan 26, 1901, Aged 67 yrs (w/o J.M. Currier), [MB]
Currier, Ida Margaret, no dates, Died Sept 9 Aged 11 Months and 24 days Children of J.M. & C.S Currier, [MB]
Currier, Joseph Merrill, b. abt 1817, d. Apr 21, 1881, Aged 64 years, [MB]
Currier, William J.W., b. abt 1845, d. Sep 08, 1853, Children of J.M. & C.S. Currier, [MB]
Cvorovic, Milija, b. 1910, d. Oct 20, 1978, Battn Commander Yugoslav Royal Army Age 68, [MB]
Czapnik, Ireneusz 'Eric', b. May 26, 1958, d. Dec 20, 2009, Const Zginal Smiercia Tragicna Pograzeni W Smutku Zona Z Dzecmi, [MB]
Dack, C. Arron, b. 1961, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Dale-Harris, Hugh Redford, b. 1896, d. 1970, [MB]
Dale-Harris, Mary Elizabeth Wilson, b. 1909, d. 1960, (w/o Hugh Redford Dale-Harris), [MB]
Dankner, Max M. J., no dates, D 141935 TPR Princess Louise Dragoon Guards (Star of David on stone), [MB]
Dankner, Natalie, no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Max M.J. Dankner), [MB]
Davidson, Harriet Maria Bell, b. Apr 15, 1817, d. Jun 20, 1913, Beloved Wife of Samuel Sproule Davidson, [MB]
Davidson, Rankin, b. Jan 25, 1852, d. May 04, 1921` (s/o Samuel Sproule Davidson, Sr and Harriet Maria Bell), [MB]
Davidson, Samuel Sproule, Sr, b. Dec 15, 1813, d. Oct 13, 1861, [MB]
De Chastelain, A. John G.D., no dates, ZM6864 GEN OC CMM CD CH PPCLI ( Former Chief of the Defence Staff Canadian Armed Forces), [MB]
De Chastelain, Mary Ann, no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o A. John G.D. De Chastelain), [MB]
Devji, Satbai K., b. 1894, d. 1981, 786 Verily We Belong to God and to Him we will Return Holy Quran 2:156, [MB]
Dillon, Jess, b. May 20, 1903, d. Dec 08, 1991, S/Sgt Army Inteligence (SIC) Corps (Royal Canadian Air Force), [MB]
Dobranski, Joseph S., b. 1904, d. 1996, Together Forever, [MB]
Dobranski, Stella, b. 1914, d. 1996, Together Forever (w/o Joseph S. Dobranski), [MB]
Douglas, Irma, b. 1911, d. 1995, (w/o Tommy Douglas), [MB]
Douglas, Tommy, b. 1904, d. 1986, "Courage my Friends,'tis not too late to make a better world" Orator, Clergyman, Premier of Saskatchewan, Father of Medicare, Federal MP for Weyburn NDP Leader, [MB]
Doyle, Frank Joseph, b. 1962, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Drogowska-Fabisiak, Henryka Maria, b. Oct 5, 1955, d. Jul 9, 2007, [MB]
Dumanski, Evelyn M., b. 1939, d. no date, (w/o Julian Dumanski), [MB]
Dumanski, Julian, b. 1940, d. no date, They completed the Journey, They Kept the Faith, [MB]
Edey, Ernest Richard, b. 1883, d. 1958, [MB]
Egan, Christine, b. 1946, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Egan, Henry, b. Feb 15, 1848, d. Oct 19, 1925, Sir, [MB]
Egan, Michael, b. 1950, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Egan, Mrs, b. Oct 09, 1846, d. Mar 21, 1926, Lady Egan (w/o Sir Henry Egan), [MB]
Elmarry, Albert Alfy William, b. 1970, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Etamanski, Elizabeth G., no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Isiah J. Etmanski), [MB]
Etamanski, Isiah J., no dates, V59 209 147 CWO Royal Canadian Air Force CD Per Ardua Ad, [MB]
Etmanski, Elizabeth G., no dates, (w/o Isiah J. Etmanski) Beloved Wife, [MB]
Etmanski, Isiah J., no dates, Royal Canadian Air Force V59 209 147 CWO,CD, [MB]
Ewart, Meredith Emily June, b. 1972, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Farlinger, Doris Christine, b. 1915, d. 1951, [MB]
Feidelberg, Peter Adam Gad, b. 1967, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Field, Ada Healey, b. 1888, d. 1970, (w/o Ralph Patrick Field), [MB]
Field, Channer, b. 1936, d. 1999, (s/o Doris Christine Farlinger), [MB]
Field, Ralph Channer, b. 1908, d. 1967, (s/o Ralph Patrick Field and Ada Healey), [MB]
Field, Ralph Patrick, b. 1882, d. 1951, [MB]
Fleming, Anne Jean, b. Jan 13, 1831, d. Mar 26, 1888, Married Jan 03, 1855 (w/o Sandford Fleming), [MB]
Fleming, Jeannie, b. Jul 08, 1883, d. Mar 02, 1873, Daughter of Sandford Fleming in Remembrance, [MB]
Fleming, Sandford, b. Jan 07, 1827, d. Jul 22, 1915, Sir, Married Jan 03 1855 (Inventor of Standard Time Zones Born in Scotland), [MB]
Foley, Carl D., b. Dec 27, 1954, d. May 02, 1995, SGT Your Friendship was an inspiration, your love a blessing, [MB]
Forget, Bernard J. W., no dates, Scrutat Q Et Quaestio 36948-G CPO2 RCN/SRS CD, [MB]
Forget, June (Lee), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Bernard J.W. Forget), [MB]
Fuller, Caroline Anne Green, b. Jul 24, 1827, d. Dec 31, 1900, In they Presence is the Fullness of Joy (w/o Thomas Fuller II), [MB]
Fuller, Ethel Jane Belford, b. May 28, 1866, d. Jan 10, 1939, My Peace I Give to You (w/o Thomas William Fuller III), [MB]
Fuller, Thomas William, III, b. May 03, 1865, d. Nov 04, 1951, MRAIC Chief Architecht Dominion Of Canada, [MB]
Fuller, Thomas, II, b. Mar 08, 1823, d. Sep 28, 1898, R.C.A. Chief Architecht Dominion of Canada, Native of Bath England Thy Upright Shall Dwell in Thy Presenct, [MB]
Fundarek, Evelyn, b. Jan 21, 1925, d. no date, In Bonavista NFLD Died (w/o Paul Fundarek), [MB]
Fundarek, Paul, b. Aug 14, 1921, d. no date, In Bytca Slovakia Died Thank You God for Your Love and Many Blessings, [MB]
Gadomski, Jan, b. Oct 17, 1920, d. Mar 08, 2008, Beloved Husband of Yvonne, [MB]
Gadomski, Yvonne, b. Jun 28, 1930, d. no date, (w/o Jan Gadomski), [MB]
Garton, William M., b. 1921, d. 1996, Major General, 407 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force, a Gentleman, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth, Put out my hand and touched the face of God, John G. Magee, [MB]
Gerhardt, Ralph, b. 1967, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Hlohovsky, A. Joan (Jerrett), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Frank A. Hlohovsky), [MB]
Hlohovsky, Frank A., no dates, ZL5205 LCol RCEME CD, [MB]
Hnatyshyn, Ramon John, b. Mar 16, 1934, d. Dec 18, 2002, P.C. C.C. C.M.M. C.D. Q.C. 24th Governor General of Canada - 24e Gouverneur general du Canada, [MB]
Honer, Leroy W., Jr, b. 1965, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Janega, Darlene (Golley), no dates, Beloved Wife 69358W F/O (w/o Peter P. Janega), [MB]
Janega, Peter P., b. Jun 20, 1939, d. Apr 14, 2006, 244487 LCol Royal Canadian Air Force Per Ardua Ad Astra CD, [MB]
Jekabson, Egons, b. Apr 10, 1915, d. Oct 12, 1998, Milestiba nekad nebeidzas Love Never Ends, [MB]
Jekabson, Elza, b. Nov 12, 1919, d. Oct 12, 1998, Milestiba nekad nebeidzas Love Never Ends (w/o Egons Jekabson), [MB]
Jessa, Nasim Sultan, b. 1947, d. 1978, 786 Verily We Belong to God and to Him we Return Holy Quran 2:156, [MB]
Jodoin, Therese Catherine, b. 1945, d. 1989, In Loving Memory, [MB]
Kadikoff, Maureen Kadikoff, no dates, Belove Wife (w/o Theodore Kadikoff), [MB]
Kadikoff, Theodore, no dates, SB180904 MAJ RCASC EIIR CD, [MB]
Kanonowicz, J. Rande, b. Nov 1, 1958, d. Nov 26, 2007, Beloved Son (s/o Joseph Kanonowicz), [MB]
Kanonowicz, Joseph, b. Mar 19,1923, d. Apr 24, 2002, R 116262 Cpl Royal Canadian Air Force Per Ardua Ad Astra, [MB]
Karam, Pierre, b. u/k, d. u/k, and Baby Pierre 1 Day (s/o Shadia Abou-Memme Karam), [MB]
Karam, Shadia Abou-Mehme, b. 1957, d. 1984, (w/o Wahib Karam), [MB]
Karam, Wahib, b. 1950, [MB]
Kazaks, Aleksandrs, b. May 25, 1913, d. Jun 27, 1985, (Born) Salas Pagasta (Died) Otava, [MB]
Kazaks, Zigrida (Meijers), b. Dec 27, 1912, d. Jun 14, 1986, (Born) Rujiena (Died) Otava (w/o Aleksandrs Kazaks) Milestiba Paturam Dzim Meijers, [MB]
Kearney, Joseph S., b. May 28, 1917, d. Aug 09, 2003, [MB]
Keefer, Edith Anderson, b. May 26, 1887, d. Apr 13, 1961, (w/o Thomas Coltrin Keefer C.E.), [MB]
Keefer, Thomas Coltrin, b. Nov 12, 1880, d. May 27, 1942, In Memory of my Beloved Husband, [MB]
Keefer, William Holland, b. May 22, 1918, d. May 09, 1956, (s/o Thomas Coltrin Keefer and Edith Anderson), [MB]
Kekewich, Glenn A., b. Oct 26, 1924, d. May 1, 2008, 6692-H MWO Royal Canadian Navy, [MB]
Khoja, Madatalli M., b. 1934, d. 1976, Inna Li Lahe Wa Inna Ilehe Rajeun, [MB]
Khoja, Sherbanu M.A., b. 1914, d. 1984, 786 Verily We Belong to God and to Him We will Return Holy Quran 2.156 Alijabanu, [MB]
Kolisnek, George J., no dates, K42 551 099 LCDR Royal Canadian Navy CD, [MB]
Kolisnek, Joan E. (Hattie), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o George J. kolisnek), [MB]
Koradi, James Charles, b. 1941, d. 2004, (DFAIT), [MB]
Koradi, Virginia Gail, b. 1943, d. no date, (w/o James Charles Koradi), [MB]
Kozoriz, George, b. Nov 4, 1923, d. Dec 21, 2007, 93064 LCol Royal Canadian Air Force Per Ardua AD Astra, [MB]
Kozoriz, Rose, no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o George Kozoriz), [MB]
Kronbergs, Janis-Andrejs, b. Jul 07, 1907, d. Nov 06, 1981, Dzimta Zema Latvija, [MB]
Krumberts, Nikolajs, b. 1907, d. Mar 20, 1983, Dzimis 1907 G.8.Junija, Miris 1983 G 20. Marta, [MB]
Krupka, Laure, b. 1906, d. 1999, [MB]
Krupka, Milos, b. 1896, d. 1974, [MB]
Kufrin, Jean-Phillippe, b. Sep 17 1962, d. Sep 9, 2006, B25 773 413 Cpl Royal Canadian Air Force Aviation Royale Canadienne CD, [MB]
Kung, Hoy Lip, b. 1889, d. 1940, [MB]
Kung, Kan Ong, b. 1912, d. 2004, [MB]
Kung, King Sen, b. 1891, d. 1975, [MB]
Kung, Ronald .., b. 1911, d. 1980, [MB]
Kwan, Fook Guoy, b. 1893, d. 1972, (Old Chinese Section of Cemetery), [MB]
Kyswaty, Doris (McGovern), b. Jul 18, 1931, d. May 4, 2007, Beloved Wife (w/o Ronald P. Kyswaty), [MB]
Kyswaty, Ronald P., no dates, ZA11382 MAJ Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense, [MB]
Lange, .. Alida DZ Andersons, b. Jan 15, 1907, d. Feb 16, 1985, Kristus Mana Dziviba (w/o Edgars Andrejs Lange), [MB]
Lange, Edgars Andrejs, b. Dec 28, 1907, d. Dec 1926, Kristus Mana Dziviba, [MB]
LeBeau, Muriel M. (Price), no dates, Beloved Wife (Raymond LeBeau), [MB]
LeBeau, Muriel M., no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Raymond R. LeBeau), [MB]
LeBeau, Raymond D., no dates, 63218-G LCDR RCN/CFSRS, [MB]
LeBeau, Raymond R., no dates, Scrutatio Et Quaestio, Royal Canadian Navy RCN/CFSRS 63216-G LCDR,CD, [MB]
Lee, Soo-Jin (Stuart), b. 1970, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Leung, Fong Bik Yiu, b. 1925, d. 1972, (w/o Stanley Tse Yi Leung), [MB]
Leung, Stanley Tse Yi, b. 1920, d. 1994, [MB]
Love, Christina (Hicks), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Morley K. Love), [MB]
Love, Morley K., b. Aug 24, 1928, d. Oct 7, 2008, 6868-H CPO1 Royal Canadian Navy (Communications Research), [MB]
Ludvigsen, Mark, b. 1969, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Lukaszewicz, Janka, b. 1923, d. 2009, WWII Veteran, Much Loved Mother and Grandmother, [MB]
MacBrien, James Howden, b. 1878, d. 1938, Distinguished Solder and Police Officer, MacBrien served in the African and The Great War. He was awarded the D.S.C. in 1915 and the Order of St Michael and St George in 1918, In 1931 he was appointed Commissioner of the R.C.M.P., [MB]
MacBrien, James Ross, b. 1911, d. 1978, Major, [MB]
MacBrien, James, b. abt 1879, d. Mar 05, 1938, Commissioner Sir, K.G.B. C.M.G. D.S.O. RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Age 59, [MB]
MacBrien, Michael D., b. u/k, d. Jan 06, 1941, Flying Officer R.C.A.F. (Royal Canadian Air Force), [MB]
MacBrien, Nellie Louise Ross, b. 1880, d. 1921, In Loving memory of, Wife of Maj Gen James H. MacBrien, [MB]
MacBrien, William Ross, b. 1913, d. 1986, Air Marshall R.C.A.F. O.B.E, C.D., [MB]
MacKay, Thomas, b. 1792, d. 1855, Noted as on of the first Masonry Contractors in Upper Canada, MacKay contracted to build the Scotch Kirk, the County Courthouse and the Nicholas Street Jail, Father of the Rideau Canal, land for Govt House and Rockcliffe Park., [MB]
MacKenzie, George Patten, b. Oct 17, 1873, d. Jun 10, 1954, Born Malagash N.S (Nova Scotia) Died Ottawa Ontario, [MB]
MacKenzie, Thora Bartram, b. Aug 16, 1870, d. Feb 11, 1966, His Wife (w/o George Patten MacKenzie), [MB]
MacLean-Priest, John S. Sandford Fleming, b. Sep 05, 1926, d. Jan 02, 2006, [MB]
MacLean-Priest, Patricia Allman Rinehart, b. Jul 20, 1935, (w/o John Sandford Fleming Maclean-Priest), [MB]
MacPherson, Florence Elizabeth, b. 1912, d. 2002, [MB]
Malek, Alex, b. Feb 18, 1928, d. no date, Loving Husband,Father,Grandfather & Great-Grandfather (s/s with Joanna Malek), [MB]
Malek, Joanna, b. Jul 20, 1925, d. no date, Loving Wife,Mother, Grandmother & Great-Grandmother, [MB]
Maluski, Andre, b. 1935, [MB]
Maluski, Catherine, b. 1934, d. 1992, (w/o Andre Maluski), [MB]
Mandzuk, Jeanne M. (Duey), no dates, Loving Spouce (w/o M. Donald Mandzuk), [MB]
Mandzuk, M. Donald, b. Jan 20,1935, d. Jun 20, 2007, ZL6694 MAJ RCAPC/Logistics, [MB]
Markariak, Anthony, no dates, K43 818 739 TPR Lord Strathcona's Horse Royal Canadians, [MB]
Mascarenhas, Bernard, b. 1947, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
McArthur, Colin R., b. 1949, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
McLean, Allan M., b. Jul 6, 1928, d. Aug 3, 2000, 6209H PO1 RCN/COMM Scrutatio Et Quaestio CD, [MB]
McLean, Doris (Charest), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Allan M. McLean), [MB]
Michalisko, Clementine M., no dates, WRCNS W-5633 WREN (Royal Canadian Navy), [MB]
Michalisko, David J., no dates, Beloved Son (s/o Clementine M. Michalisko), [MB]
Middlemiss, Jean (Smith), b. Mar 27, 1924, d. Nov 25, 2006, Beloved Wife (Norman L. Middlemiss), [MB]
Middlemiss, Norman L., b. Jul 18, 1922, d. Feb 27, 1991, Saskatoon Light Infantry SL1189 Capt, [MB]
Mierins, Hilda (Erglis), b. Nov 26, 1912, d. Oct 27, 1981, (Born) Riga, (Died), Ottawa Mirdzot Aizej Tu Labestibu barstot Cela Noieta Dzim Erglis (w/o Janis Mierins), [MB]
Mierins, Janis, b. Jul 02, 1908, d. Jul 19, 2000, (Born) Taurene (Died) Ottawa, Mekletaja Cels ir gala Vakars nacis-talu iets, [MB]
Molnar, George "Ren", no dates, 28141-G LS Royal Canadian Navy, [MB]
Morawski, Wojciech, b. Jul 1, 1923, d. Sep 27, 2009, WWII Veteran, [MB]
Mosley, M. M. Philomena Foley, b. u/k, d 1992, (w/o Richard E.M. Mosley, [MB]
Mosley, Richard E.M., b. u/k, d. 1983, Major, [MB]
Muchkin, Dimitri, b. Apr 20, 1966, d. Apr 18, 2003, C25 615 434 Pte Electrical Mechanical Engineering (Canadian Army), [MB]
Muchkin, Dimitri, b. Apr 20, 1966, d. Apr 18, 2003, C25 615 434 PTE Electrical Mechanical Engineering EME GEM (Star of David on stone), [MB]
Muchkin, Michelle, no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Dimitri Muchkin), [MB]
Murphy, Edyth Agnes Forbes, b. Mar 04, 1880, d. Nov 27, 1971, (w/o George Patterson Murphy), [MB]
Murphy, George Patterson, b. Nov 28, 1873, d. Feb 22, 1938, Colonel C.M.G, E.D., [MB]
Muzyka, Edward, no dates, Royal Canadian Air Force J42094 F/O Served with 432 Squadron RCAF, [MB]
Namiesniowski, C. A., no dates, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery EIIR ZK 5426 Col OMM.CD, [MB]
Namiesniowski, C.A., no dates, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery ZK5426 Col OMM, CD, [MB]
Namiesniowski, Conrad R., no dates, C23309906 Air Operations Branch, [MB]
Namiesniowski, Janice L. (Edwards), no dates, Loving Wife and Soul Mate (w/o Conrad R. Namiesniowski), [MB]
Namiesniowski, Marjorie J. Giffin, no dates, Beloved Wife NF9557LT (w/o C.A. Namiesniowski), [MB]
Namiesniowski, Marjorie J. Griffin, no dates, NF5957 LT Beloved Wife (w/o C.A. Namiesniowski), [MB]
Nowak, Janina, b. 1930, d. 2007, (w/o Zygmunt Julian Nowak), [MB]
Nowak, Yolande Gadomski, no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Zdzislaw Rudolf Nowak), [MB]
Nowak, Zdzislaw Rudolf, no dates, R 56 627 401 MAJ (RCAF) CF Medical Services, [MB]
Nowak, Zygmunt Julian, b. 1924, d. 1983, Jezu Ufam Tobia, [MB]
Nygaard, Karen Gerda, no dates, Moderatio in omnibus Nee Andreasen C.C. (w/o Ramon John Hnatyshyn), [MB]
Osgood, William, b. Dates u/r, Of the Guards Sharpshooters Cut Knife Hill (Killed during Riel Rebellion in 1885 in Saskatachwan Canada), [MB]
Ozers, Alfons Teodors, b. Mar 24, 1897, d. Aug 08, 1982, Latvija (Latvia), [MB]
Ozers, Anna Marta, b. Jan 11, 1900, d. Mar 05, 1996, DZ Jansons Latvija Tevi Milesiba Mes Sirda Paturam (w/o Alfons Teodors Ozers), [MB]
Pauksens, Janis, b. 1915, d. 1986, Tuvak Pie Dieva Klut, [MB]
Pauksens, Valerija, b. 1922, (w/o Janis Pauksens) Tuvak Pie Dieva Klut, [MB]
Pawlak, Irena S., b. Nov 21, 1922, d. Oct 17, 2004, Beloved Mother Dear Grandmother Jezu Ufam Tobie, [MB]
Pawliuk, Joan S. (Keeler), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Paul Pawliuk), [MB]
Pawliuk, Paul, no dates, Royal Canadian Air Force CD, [MB]
Pecarski, Edmund A., b. May 16, 1928, d. Mar 08, 2006, N7163 CPO2 Royal Canadian Navy, [MB]
Pelletier, Dorothy Novitsky, no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o John E. Pelletier), [MB]
Pelletier, John E., no dates, 32514 MWO Royal Canadian Air Force Per Ardua AD Astra CD, [MB]
Pelletier, Mike A., b. 1965, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Pernal, Franciszek, b. Dec 14, 1927, d. no date, (s/s with Katarzyna Popowicz), [MB]
Pernal, Maria,", b. ","b Dec 9, 1954, d. Dec 1, 2005, (s/s with Katarzyna Popowicz), [MB]
Pernitzky, Alan Mark, b. Nov 19, 1962, d. Sep 8, 2009, A70 498 980 MWO CD Canadian Military Engineers, [MB]
Pernitzky, Donna M. (Burton), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/lo Alan Mark Pernitzky), [MB]
Petitclerc, Francine, b. 1956, [MB]
Petitclerc, Imelda Rochette, b. 1922, (w/o Samuel Petitclerc), [MB]
Petitclerc, Samuel Sproule, Sr, b. 1920, [MB]
Petitclerc, Serge, b. 1958, d. 2003, [MB]
Piasetzki, James Carman, b. abt 1920, d. Dec 13, 1988, Captain, CD RCA (Royal Canadian Artillery Canadian Army), [MB]
Picarski, Edmund A., b. May 16, 1928, d. Mar 8, 2006, N7163 CPO 2 Royal Canadian Navy, [MB]
Plisell, Ben, b. 1922, d. 2003, Served as Bernard Plisetsky SGT RCAF Least We Forget (Royal Canadian Air Force), [MB]
Pokotylo, August E., no dates, O-59617 LT(N) Royal Canadian Navy, [MB]
Pokotylo, Eleanor Vincent, no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o August E. Pokotylo), [MB]
Pokotylo, Joan E. (Binns), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Waldomar H. Pokotylo), [MB]
Pokotylo, Waldomar H., no dates, Royal Canadian Air Force 208003 MAJ Arqua Ad Astra, [MB]
Popescu, Elena, b. Apr 23, 1925, d. Nov 6, 2005, Born in Romania Rest in Peace Mamaie, Mama Leana Muma We Love You We Miss You Nu Te Vom Uita Niciodata, [MB]
Popowicz, Katarzyna, b. Nov 10, 1930, d. no date, Pernal Wilga, [MB]
Powell, Fred Hamilton, b. 1862, d. 1925, (s/s with Walker Powell), [MB]
Powell, Mary Ursula, b. 1930, d. 1916, (w/o Walker Powell), [MB]
Powell, Walker, b. 1828, d. 1915, Colonel, [MB]
Prabtani, Dolatkhanu, b. 1921, d. 1975, [MB]
Prabtani, Naseem M., b. 1953, d. 1981, 786 Verily We Belong to God and to Him We will Return Holy Quran 2.156, [MB]
Pusiak, Richard C., b. 1959, d. 2003, In Loving Memory of, [MB]
Queen, Isobel Mary Dale, b. May 03, 1944, d. Nov 15, 1995, (d/o Hugh Redford Dale-Harris and Mary Elizabeth Wilson), [MB]
Radecka, Czeslawa, b. 1912, d. 2005, [MB]
Ralph, Claude Edwards, b. 1881, d. 1955, (s/o Robert A. Ralph and Eugenie Victoria Dunning), [MB]
Ralph, Eugenie Victoria Dunning, b. Jul 19, 1858, d. May 17, 195., (w/o Robert A. Ralph), [MB]
Ralph, Robert A., b. Jan 11, 1851, d. Apr 21, 1917, [MB]
Robson, Donald Arthur, b. 1949, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Rochester, Bertram Cole, b. 1899, d. 1953, [MB]
Rochester, Frances Annable Ross, b. 1906, d. 1992, (w/o Lloyd Baillie Rochester), [MB]
Rochester, Gwendolyn Maude Heimrich, b. 1902, d. 1982, (w/o Bertram Cole Rochester), [MB]
Rochester, Lloyd Baillie, b. 1893, d. 1981, [MB]
Rochester, Margaret Fay Holcomb, b. 1901, d. 1994, (w/o William Laurence Rochester), [MB]
Rochester, William Laurence, b. 1901, d. 1995, [MB]
Rodger, Isabel Wilson, b. Jan 31, 1914, d. Oct 10, 2005, (w/o N. Elliot Rodger), [MB]
Rodger, N. Elliot, b. Nov 30, 1907, Major-General C.B.E. C.D., [MB]
Rogers, John, b. Dates u/r, Of the Guards Sharpshooters Cut Knife Hill (Killed during Riel Rebellion in 1885 in Saskatachwan Canada), [MB]
Ross, Colin MacKenzie, b. 1911, d. 1966, [MB]
Ross, Helen Lois Edey, b. 1916, d. 1998, (w/o Colin MacKenzie Ross), [MB]
Rudak, Elzbieta Barbara (Morawska), b. 1944, d. 2007, [MB]
Sadokierski, Marian, b. 1921, d. 2002, Forever Loved, [MB]
Sakamoto, Patricia (Kessel), no dates, Beloved Wife 62603W Law (w/o Tatsuo Sakamoto), [MB]
Sakamoto, Tatsuo, no dates, 240134 LCol Royal Canadian Air Force, [MB]
Santos, Rufino (Roy) F., III, b. 1964, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Sayani, Fatma, b. 1917, d. 1978, Inna Li Lahe Wa, Inna Ilehe Ra Jeun, We belong to Allah and to Him we Return (w/o Hassambhai Devraj Sayani), [MB]
Sayani, Hassambhai Devraj, b. 1909, d. 1981, Inna Li Lahe Wa, Inna Ilehe Ra Jeun, We belong to Allah and to Him we Return, [MB]
Sejnoha, Alberte, b. Mar 27, 1905, d. Apr 13, 1999, [MB]
Seto, Charles, b. Feb 29, 1890, d. Jun 24, 1949, (Old Chinese Section of Cemetery), [MB]
Shadforth, Ahmed Unissa Shahzadi, b. 1941, (w/o William Hughbert Shadforth) 28. Return unto thy Lord, content in his good pleasure, Enter thou among my Bondmen! Enter Thou my Garden, [MB]
Shadforth, William Hughbert, b. 1941, d. 1996, 27. But Ah! Thou soul at Peace, The Quran LXXXIX, Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds (Department of Canadian Foreign Affairs), [MB]
Shek, Shui He, b. 1922, d. 1986, [MB]
Sing, Seekumar, b. Aug 15, 1965, d. Jan 6, 2002, N12 310 761 Cpl Transport Logistics, [MB]
Sipolins, Dzidra, b. 1922, d. 1998, [MB]
Sipolins, Klavs, b. 1953, d. 1979, [MB]
Slater, James Dyson, b. 1813, d. 1876, One of Canada's Greatest Engineers, Slater's contributions include the construction of the Welland Canal and the Ottawa River Works in 1858 he was appointed superintendent of the Rideau Canal, [MB]
Smith, James Desmond Blaise, b. Oct 11, 1911, d. Oct 11, 1991, Major General CBE, DSO CD KSTJ KLS Dearly Loved by his wife Belle and all his Family Royal Canadian Dragoons (Army), [MB]
Sowchuk, Alexander, b. Dec 5, 1925, d. Nov 17, 2003, Royal Canadian Navy 8981-H MWO CM CD, [MB]
Sowchuk, Sadie (Milley), b. Jan 5, 1935, d. Aug 22, 2005, Beloved Wife (w/o Alexander Sowchuk), [MB]
Spry, Daniel C., b. Abt 1913, d. Apr 02, 1989, Major General CBE, DSO, CD Loved Husband of Betty, Father of Daughter Margot Son Toby Age 76 Years, [MB]
Szczerba, Marian T., b. 1936, d. no date, (s/s with Michalina I. Szczerba), [MB]
Szczerba, Michaline I. (Zajac), b. 1937, d. 2008, In Loving Memory of, [MB]
Szukala, George T., no dates, D25 136 302 Canadian Air Force CD Per Ardua AD Astra, [MB]
Tabaka, Wladyslaw E., b. Oct 31, 1920, d. Oct 5, 2004, Beloved Husband, Father Dziadzi Always in Our Hearts, [MB]
Taraschuk, Rose (Ewasiuk), b. Feb 9, 1924, d. Apr 3, 2010, Beloved Wife (w/o Walter Taraschuk), [MB]
Taraschuk, Walter, b. Jan 28, 1924, d. Apr 13, 2010, R153554 Sgt Royal Canadian Air Force Per Ardua AD Astra, [MB]
Taylor, Frederick George, b. 1922, d. 1989, [MB]
Taylor, John Alexander, b. 1871, d. 1966, [MB]
Taylor, John Alexander, b. 1906, d. 1974, [MB]
Taylor, Kathleen, b. 1904, d. 1989, [MB]
Taylor, Mary Elizabeth Field, b. 1881, d. 1947, [MB]
Taylor, Mary Elizabeth, b. 1905, d. 1994, [MB]
Taylor, Norah Eileen Soame, b. 1920, d. 1970, [MB]
Tom, Jack Fung, b. 1901, d. 1971, [MB]
Tom, Wong Kim Oy, b. 1903, d. 1977, (w/o Jack Fung Tom), [MB]
Tomasevic, Vladimir, b. 1965, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Vincelli, Chantal, b. 1963, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Vuckovic, Eva Wodak, b. Jan 1937, d. Dec 2002, [MB]
Walaszczyk, Zygmunt, b. abt 1899, d. May 08, 1987, Flight Sergeant Polish Air Force Age 88, [MB]
Waycik, Gary K., b. Mar 31, 1948, d. Aug 20, 2009, 56736-H CPO1 Royal Canadian Navy CD, [MB]
Wellsbury, Martha T. (Blank), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o William S. Wellsbury), [MB]
Wellsbury, William S., no dates, SB153837 WO Royal Canadian Corps of Signals (DFAIT), [MB]
White, Greta (Mennie), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Robert W. White), [MB]
White, Robert W., no dates, A21 201 955 CPO1 Royal Canadian Navy CD, [MB]
Wierzbowski, Janina Eleonora Wolniak, b. abt 1909, d. May 25, 1995, Polish Home Army, [MB]
Williams, Debbie, b. 1966, d. Sep 11, 2001, In Remembrace of the Canadians Lost, [MB]
Wilson, Christina S., b. abt 1821, d. Jul 18, 1858, Wife of J.M. Currier Aged 37 yrs, [MB]
Wilson, Florence Birtch, b. 1867, d. 1980, (w/o John Wilson) Asleep in Jesus+E51, [MB]
Wilson, Florence, b. 1895, d. 1980, Asleep in Jesus, [MB]
Wilson, Georgina, b. 1888, d. 1974, Asleep in Jesus, [MB]
Wilson, Herbert, b. 1886, d. 1952, Asleep in Jesus, [MB]
Wilson, John, b. 1862, d. 1934, Asleep in Jesus, [MB]
Wilson, William, b. 1885, d. 19.., Asleep in Jesus, [MB]
Wycech, Irena, b. Oct 26, 1927, d. Nov 27, 2009, [MB]
Wyczynski, Pawel, b. Jun 29, 1921, d. Nov 27, 2008, Ora Pro Nobis, [MB]
Wyczynski, Regine, b. Aug 25, 1930, d. no date, (w/o Pawel Wyczynski) (w/o Pawel Wyczynski), [MB]
Wylupski, Michalina J.W. Kostko, b. Feb 5, 1925, d. no date, Poland, [MB]
Wylupski, Pawel, b. Jul 5, 1925, d. Jun 17, 2001, Poland Ottawa, [MB]
Yablonski, Bernice (Bridden), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o John S. Yablonski), [MB]
Yablonski, John S., no dates, 33304-E CWO RCN/CFSRS CD, [MB]
Yaworski, Christopher J., b. 1969, d. no date, (s/s Ronald J. Yaworski), [MB]
Yaworski, Lucille McDonald, b. 1938, d. no date, (s/s Ronald J. Yaworski), [MB]
Yaworski, Ronald J., b. 1939, d. no date, C/Supt., [MB]
Zacharuk, Nicholas J., no dates, Quo Fas Et Gloria Oucunt Royal Canadian Artillery K81 662 432 CWO OMM CD, [MB]
Zacharuk, Zusanne (Wistaff0, b. Sep 22, 1957, d. Oct 19, 2007, Beloved Wife (w/o Nicholas J. Zacharuk), [MB]
Zavalski, Josef, no dates, SK 101 355 Medical Corps, [MB]
Zelnicek, Elsie I. (Jokat), no dates, Beloved Wife (w/o Vladimir Zelnicek), [MB]
Zelnicek, Vladimir, no dates, 71886 Sgt RCAF/Central Band CD, [MB]
Zicat, Andre A., no dates, 220325 Sgt Royal Canadian Air Force Per Ardua Ad Astra CD, [MB]
Zicat, Louisette LaPierre, no dates, Epouse Bien-Aimee (w/o Andre A. Zicat), [MB]
Zielinski, Jan M., b. Oct 2, 1920, d. Jul 11, 2004, Together Forever, Razem Na Zawsze, [MB]
Ziemba, Igor, b. Mar 8, 1960, d. Mar 4, 2009, Psychologist, [MB]

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