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Westbrook Cemetery
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Westbrook Cemetery
Cainsville, Brantford Township, Brant County, Ontario, Canada

Contributed by Jim Spence, Feb 10, 2009, last edited Apr 21, 2009 [jspence1@ymail.com]. Total records = 39.

To reach this cemetery take Hwy 2/53 East from Brantford, turn right (south) onto Shaver Street, go 500m. Enter on left side of road, passing the sewage lagoons on the right side, continue up the hill to the cemetery entrance.

This cemetery is currently inactive. It's under the jurisdiction of the Corporation of the County of Brant. The grass is kept cut, but the main entrance off Shaver St. has a No Trespassing sign on the gate to keep people out of the sewage lagoons beyond. I have checked with the County officials, and entrance to the cemetery is however permitted.

These records were compiled from information visible on all tombstones in the cemetery that were legible on Aug 24, 2002. There are, however, some stones which have either been worn smooth by time or never originally inscribed.

- Jim Spence

Brown, Elizabeth Jane, d. 19 Oct 1871, age: 10y 2m 9d, children of Walter & Mary Brown Suffer All Children To Come Unto Me For Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven, Plot-35
Brown, Francis Augusta, d. 30 May 1872, age: 21y 4m 20d, s/w E.J. Brown, Plot-35
Brown, Walter Jury, d. 10 Nov 1859, age: 11yrs, s/w E.J. Brown, Plot-35
Cain, Margaret, d. 2? Dec 1875, age: 72yrs, Kind Angels Watch Her Sleeping Dust 'Till Jesus Come To Raise The Just Then May She Wake With Sweet Surprise And In Her Saviour's Image Rise, "W.D. Eastman, Hamilton", Plot-30
Cain, Margaret, d. 21 Dec 1876, In Memory Of Wife of Peter Cain, In Her 75th Year, Plot-38
Cain, Peter, d. 9 Jun 1852, age: 53y 4m 8d, In Memory Of, P.C., Plot-37
Cain, Rebecca, d. 10 Oct 1844, age: 32y 3m, wife of N.J. Devereux, R.C.D., Plot-11
Day, George N. Margaretta E., d. 29 Aug 1855 22 Oct 1853, age: 15mos 11m 7 d, children of Matthew & Agnes Day 'Tis Jesus Speaks. I Fold Says He These Lambs With My Breast, G.N.D. M.E.D. s/w G.N.Day, Plot-23
Devereux, Nelson J., d. 30 Nov 1855, age: 44yrs, N.J.D. (stone broken), Plot-13
Diamond, John W., d. 5 Dec 1847, age: 35yrs, There Shall I Bathe My Weary Soul In Seas Of Heavenly Rest And Not A Wave Of Trouble Roll Across My Peaceful Breast, Plot-8
Diamond, Margaret, d. 24 Jun 1878, age: 64yrs, Farewell wife of John Diamond A Loved One Is Gone From Our Circle On Earth We Will Meet Her No More She Has Gone To Her Home In Heaven, Plot-17
Drake, Harris M. Norman E., d. 7 Aug 1878 7 Jun 1905, age: 9mos 29yrs, In Memory Of Children of M. & V. Drake, Plot-1
Drake, Maleleel, d. 10 Aug 1914, age: 65yrs, In Memory Of Woodsmen Of The World Memorial, s/w H.M. Drake, Plot-1
Ervin, Dolly, d. 31 Mar 1895, age: 85yrs, In Memory Of, Plot-3
Ervin, Margaret, d. 1 Dec 1848, age: 4y 10m, daughter of Samuel & Dolly Ervin, s/w D. Ervin, Plot-3
Ervin, Samuel, d. 25 Jan 1875, age: 67y 2d, In Memory Of, He Hath All The, God Found The Rest, God Landed In The, s/w D. Ervin (stone broken) Cunningham & Harrington Monuments, Plot-3
Hobson, ?, d. 23 Dec 1863, age: 11m 3w, son of James & Mary Hobson, Plot-28
Hobson, Emma, d. 11 Sep 1862, age: 4m 3w, Gone So Soon daughter of James & Mary Hobson Beneath This Stone In Sweet Repose Is Laid A Mother's Dearest Pride A Flower That Scarce Had Rose, Plot-26
Sharp, Andrew B., no dates, son of David & Elizabeth Sharp, (stone broken), Plot-14
Sharp, David W., d. 20 Feb 1863, age: 3y 23d, son of Alx. & Emily Sharp, Beyond The Tender Little One, Would Have Wished Your Father's Will, (stone broken), Plot-19
Sharp, Eliabeth, d. ? Jul 1842, wife of Isaiah Sharp, (stone broken), Plot-7
Sharp, Mary Jane, d. 21 Dec 1850, age: 5y 3m 8d, dau. of David & Elizabeth Sharp, Plot-27
Sharp, Susannah E., d. 18 Jan 1851, age: 1y 9m 22d, dau. of David & Elizabeth Sharp Sleep On Sweet Babe And Take Thy Rest God Called Thee Home When He Thought Best, Plot-25
Spence, Mary A., d. 7 Nov 1877, age: 53yrs, In Memory Of wife of Walter Brown Hide Me In The Cleft Of The Rock, Plot-6
Starr, Joseph D., b. 26 Nov 1820, d. 11 Mar 1900, In Memory Of, Plot-21
Starr, Lydia A., b. 11 Mar 1821, d. 26 Nov 1873, In Memory Of wife of Joseph D. Starr, Plot-20
Westbrook, Agnes, b. 25 Feb 1836, d. 13 May 1902, Plot-2
Westbrook, Alexander, d. 1871, son of Peter and Victoria Westbrook, Plot-34
Westbrook, Alexr, d. 14 Mar 1884, age: 76yrs, Watch Therefore For Ye Not Know What Hour Your Lord Doth Come, "Matt. XXIV & 42 T. Jennings, City", Plot-9
Westbrook, Alice, d. 10 May 1897, age: 51yrs, In The Silent Tomb We Leave Thee Till The Morn When Christ Appears Then With Joy We Hope To Greet Thee Far Beyond This Vale of Tears Ph, Plot-31
Westbrook, Andrew, d. 23 Jan 1869, age: 70y 6m 14d, In Memory Of A Faithful Friend A Companion Dear A Tender Father Lieth Here Great Is The Loss That We Sustain, Plot-5
Westbrook, Elizabeth, no dates, In Memory Of wife of Major John Westbrook, b. 1776 nee Gage (stone broken), Plot-24
Westbrook, James, b. 18 Mar 1838, d. 15 Dec 1898, At Rest, s/w Agnes Westbrook, Plot-2
Westbrook, James, d. 12 May 1851, age: 1y 4m 6d, son of Levi & Louise Westbrook At Rest He Died Before His Infant Soul Had Ever Burnt With Wrong Desire, Plot-10
Westbrook, John, d. 17 Mar 1845, age: 75yrs, In Memory Of, (stone broken), Plot-22
Westbrook, Mary, b. 3 Jul 1839, d. 1 Jun 1877, In Memory Of wife of James Hobson Jesus Had Called The Mother Home Her Flesh Lies Mouldering In The Tomb, "Hard & Roberts, Hamilton", Plot-32
Westbrook, Mary, d. 9 Feb 1897, age: 91y 1m 19d, In Memory Of There's Rest Beneath The Quite Sod When Life And All Its Trials Cease And In The Presence Of My God, s/w Andrew Westbrook, Plot-5
Westbrook, Sarah Ann, d. 18 Apr 1852, 2nd wife of Alexr Westbrook, (stone broken), Plot-18
Westbrook, Wilkerson D., d. 29 Feb 1904, age: 72y 25d, In Memory Of Gone Home, Plot-4

??, ?, no dates, Plot-33
??, ?, no dates, W.H.M., Plot-16
??, George, no dates, son of Gideon and Charlotte, Plot-12
??, J, d. 14 Dec 1862, age: 52yrs, The Winter Of Trouble Is Past The Storms Of Affliction Are O'er The Struggles Are Ended At Last And Sorrow And Death Are No More, "Hard & Robers, Hamilton", Plot-29
??, Robert H., no dates, son of Robt. & Elizabeth, Plot-15
Marshall,, no dates, Plot-36

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