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Thomastown Lutheran Cemetery
(Westgarthtown Cemetery)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Greensborough Lutheran Church
33 Oldstead Rd
Greensborough, Victoria 3088 AU

Contributed by Ronald L. Weiher, Apr 05, 2002 [ronweiher@hotmail.com]. Total records = 131.

It is located in the Thomastown area of the City of Whittlesea, a suburb on the northern fringe of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The Greater Melbourne Melway map grid reference is 8 H5. The entrance to the cemetery is in Rosedale Drive. The nearest cross street is Gardenia Road.

A local community of German immigrants established this cemetery. They began arriving in this particular part of Australia in the 1850s. The cemetery was in use by 1850, as a child was reportedly buried in that year. The oldest burial found is 1852. The oldest year of birth in this record is 1788. The most recent death is 2001.

This cemetery is in poor condition and is not well maintained. A number of headstones have been vandalized. The cemetery is owned by the City of Whittlesea (Ferres Blvd, South Morang, Victoria 3752), the cemetery is managed by the local Lutheran Church.

This record was compiled from tombstones found in the cemetery. It has been augmented in a few instances by names from a list of burials found in the local library. The latter contains no authorship or publication data; it is simply entitled, ''Westgarthtown Cemetery Thomastown".

The list is divided into "Lutheran Section" and "Methodist Section". The latter is actually a separate cemetery a few blocks away. However, most of the names from the "Lutheran Section" were found in the Thomastown Lutheran Cemetery, the one being documented here. Because of this the compiler assumes that the few names from the list not confirmed by tombstones are nevertheless burials in the Lutheran Cemetery. These names contain an asterisk * at the end of the entry.

The record contains all visible burials. I recorded the information during February 2002. Please contact me if you have any questions or added information.

- Ronald L. Weiher

Cemetery Records

Adams, Sylvia Dorothea, b. 8 Feb 1900, d. 14 Apr 1990, Our Mother
Barwald, Edmund, b. 14 Jul 1912, Vershnitza, Ukraine, d. 14 Nov 1988
Beenck, H.F. Rudolf, b. 3 Oct 1919, d. 21 Apr 1967, Mein Lieber Mann Unser Herzengutter Vater
Bengleson, Valentina, no dates, Your Loving Husband
Carnegie, Agnes Amelia, d. 28 Jun 1897, age 33, Also Her Daughter (Agnes Beatrice), s/w John Zimmer et al
Carnegie, Agnes Beatrice, d. 11 Apr 1911, age 15, s/w John Zimmer et al
Ewert, Florence, d. 27 Apr 1972,Also Our Mother
Ewert, Frederic, d. 22 Dec 1926, age 50, My Husband
Frank, Ingeborg M.E., b. 27 Nov 1914, Wuppertal, d. 26 Feb 1972, Melbourne
Fuhlbohm, Ruth, b. 6 Jan 1899, d. 21 Feb 1991, Our Dear Mother Wife Of Hermann Buried In Pittsworth Queensland
Gerlach, Bruno G.A., b. 19 Feb 1907, Rixdorf, d. 14 Jun 1971, Mein Lieber Mann Unser Lieber Vater Und Grossvater, s/w Edith H. Gerlach
Gerlach, Edith H., b. 30 Nov 1904, Podlask, d. 29 Dec 1984, Unsere Liebe Mutter Und Grossmutter, s/w Bruno G.A. Gerlach
Gosberg, Gustav Adolf, b. 16 Feb 1888, Wuppertal, d. 22 Nov 1970, Melbourne
Gosberg, Madalene E.L., b. 17 Feb 1891, Wuppertal, d. 17 Aug, 1985, Melbourne, Geb. Friederich
Graff, Auguste Pauline, b. 20 Sep 1846, d. 29 May 1876
Graff, Catherine, d. 13 Jul 1936, *
Graff, Emma Mary Amelia, d. 31 May 1875, age 3, *
Graff, Hanna, d. 19 Aug 1887, age 84, Also With Their Son (Johann Carl) Also With Their Grandson (Johann Heinrich), s/w Johann Graff et al
Graff, Infant, d. 2 Aug 1875, age 19 mos
Graff, Johann Carl, d. 11 Dec 1852, age 23, s/w Johann Graff et al
Graff, Johann Heinrich, d. 5 Mar 1889, age 21, s/w Johann Graff et al
Graff, Johann, d. 9 Jun 1888, age 86, s/w 3 other names as noted herein
Graff, Wilhelm Heinrich, d. 2 Aug 1875, age 1, *
Grutzner, Anna Louise, b. 24 Sep 1856, d. 17 Oct 1871, *
Hauer, Curt E. H., b. 24 May 1903, d. 11 Oct 1972, Mein Lieber Mann Vater Und Grossvater
Henry, Catherine, d. 18 Jun 1938, age 63, Wife Of Charles Henry Erected By Her Children
Karsten, Heinrich, d. 24 Sep 1885, Thomastown, age 64, Our Father, s/w Marie Karsten
Karsten, Marie, b. 20 Dec 1919, d. Thomastown, Also Our Mother Erected By Their Daughters, s/w Heinrich Karsten
Kreitling, Adolph, d. 1904
Kreitling, Alvina, d. 1916, Also Wife, s/w Johann Andres Kreitling
Kreitling, Johann Andres, d. 1915, s/w Alvina Kreitling
Lang, Hannelore, b. 4 Nov 1924, d. 30 Jun 1996, Geb Adrion In Liebevoller Dankbarkeit Deine Tochter Hazel
Maltzahn, Alwina, b. 28 Nov 1860, d. 1 Dec 1870
Maltzahn, Annie Elizabeth, d. 6 Aug 1936, Coburg, Wife Of The Above (Charles Maltzahn), s/w Charles Maltzhan
Maltzahn, Bertha, d. 2 Mar 1935, age 79, Sister of the Above (Louis Maltzahn), s/w Louis Maltzahn
Maltzahn, E, no dates
Maltzahn, John, d. 8 May 1897, age 83, s/w Sophia Maltzahn
Maltzahn, Louis, d. 17 Jan 1930, age 77, s/w Bertha Maltzahn
Maltzahn, Maria, no dates
Maltzahn, Sophia, d. 12 May 1898, age 76, s/w John Maltzahn
Maltzhan, Charles, d. 18 Aug 1919, Coburg, age 65, s/w Annie Elizabeth Maltzahn
Nebel, Agnes Ellen, d. 19 Sep 1957, age 82, Wife Of William Nebel, s/w George Ernest Nebel
Nebel, Anna Dorothea, b. 18 Mar 1796, d. 29 Oct 1877, Selig Sind Die Todten Die in Dem Herrn Sterben, s/w Georg Nebel
Nebel, Anna, b. 3 Apr 1859, d. 15 Apr 1867, s/w Hermann Nebel
Nebel, Augusta Wilhelmina, d. 15 Aug 1967, age 79, s/w Martha Nebel
Nebel, Fredrick, d. 25 Oct 1931, age 62, My Dear Husband and Our Father, s/w Hanah Elizabeth Nebel
Nebel, Friederike, b. 28 Aug 1828, d. 6 Jun 1915, s/w Georg Nebel
Nebel, Georg, b. 11 Sep 1818, d. 19 Jun 1893, Und Seine Ehefrau, s/w Friederike Nebel
Nebel, Georg, b. 2 Feb 1793, d. 2 Sep 1877, Und Seine Ehefrau, s/w Anna Dorothea Nebel
Nebel, George Ernest, d. 9 Jun 1947, s/w Agnes Ellen Nebel
Nebel, Hanah Elisabeth, d. 23 Apr 1949, age 73, s/w Fredrick Nebel
Nebel, Hermann, b. 1 Jun 1856, d. 19 Aug 1868, s/w Anna Nebel
Nebel, Martha, b. 21 Oct 1866, d. 12 Mar 1899, s/w Augusta Wilhelmina Nebel
Oldenburg, Carl, d. 22 Feb 1923, age 36, Patient Sufferer Gone To Rest Erected By His Wife
Oldenburg, Christian Herman, d. 17 Nov 1890, age 2 yrs 9 months
Pettit, Stanley, b. 30 Apr 1915, d. 26 Jun 2001, Husband, Father and Grandfather
Robertson, Olive Elsie, b. 18 Jan 1914, d. 4 Feb 1997, Daughter Of Bruce & Dora Robertson (nee Oldenburg)
Schroder, Gunter R., b. 12 Aug 1929, d. 4 Mar 1966, Mein Lieber Mann Ulrike's Guter Vater
Schultz, Albert, d. 11 Jun 1943, age 68, Husband and Father, s/w Elizabeth Marie Schultz
Schultz, Elizabeth Marie, d. 11 Nov 1973, age 95, Also Our Mother, s/w Albert Schultz
Schultz, Emma Louise, d. 17 Jun 1873, Im Alter Von 4 Woghen
Schultz, Gottleib E, d. 6 Dec 1914, age 80, s/w 3 other names as noted herein
Schultz, Henrietta, d. 8 Feb 1911, age 69, Wife Of The Above (Gottleib Schultz), s/w Gottleib Schultz et al
Schultz, Joh. Gottlob, b. 12 Feb 1788, Halbau, Oberlausitz, d. 20 Oct 1875
Schultz, Marie, b. 25 Aug 1796, Wellersdorf, Niederlausitz, d. 6 Aug 1875, Geb Kluge
Schultz, Minna Caroline, d. 27 Oct 1948, age 65, Also Their Daughters (Minna & Selma), s/w Gottleib Schultz et al
Schultz, Selma Augusta, d. 4 Feb 1951, age 91, s/w Gottleib Schultz et al
Seeber, Benjamin, b. 4 May 1883, d. 11 Feb 1959, age 75, s/w Elizabeth Seeber
Seeber, Charles, d. 19 Sep 1942, age 78, s/w Emma Seeber
Seeber, Christian, d. 27 Nov 1902, age 78, s/w Sophie Seeber
Seeber, Elizabeth, b. 4 Sep 1867, d. 18 Nov 1928, s/w Benjamin Seeber
Seeber, Emma, d. 19 Apr 1942, age 81, s/w Charles Seeber
Seeber, Johann Gottlob, b. 1 Sep 1 1860, d. 2 May 1880
Seeber, Johanna, Saxony, b. 1 Mar 1846, d. 12 May 1886, age 40, Wife Of John Seeber
Seeber, Sophie, b. 4 May 1831, d. 8 Jun 1915, s/w Christian Seeber
Seitz, Eduard J, b. 1940, d. 1977, Husband Of Ingrid, Father Of Sonja, Eduard and Michael
Siebel, Christiane, b. 26 Apr 1819, Rettkau, Schlesien, d. 24 Sep 1898
Siebel, Johann Gottlob, b. 30 Dec 1812, Zauchaue, Schlesien, d. 2 Feb 1877
Sloan, Glen, b. 21 Sep 1949, d. 16 Nov 1951, s/w Winifred and Jason Young
Smith, Linda Louise, b. 5 May 1908, d. 12 Apr 2000, Nee Ziebel Our Mother
Steiniger, Annemarie, b. 5 Aug 1902, Hilchenbach, d. 29 Oct 1999, Melbourne, Wife Of Pastor Ewald Steiniger Geb Kraemer
Steiniger, Hermann Otto Ewald, b. 4 Apr 1901, Linden an der Ruhr, d. 16 Apr 1964, Melbourne, Pastor Der Deutschen Luth. Gemeinde In Melbourne, s/w Wolfgang Steiniger
Steiniger, Wolfgang, b. 21 May 1932, Stuttgart, d. 20 Dec 1976, Melbourne, s/w Hermann Otto Ewald Steiniger
Stortzer, K.A. Werner, b. 19 Feb 1938, d. 16 Mar 1970, Mein Lieber Mann Unser Gutter Junge
Ward, Emily, d. 14 Jan 1921, age 60, In Memory Of Emily Ward & Her Sister Eliza Winter, s/w Eliza Winter
Wuchatsch, Adolph Charles, b. 24 Sep 1877, d. 4 Mar 1878, s/w Johann Wuchatsch et al
Wuchatsch, Carl Herman, b. 5 Apr 1875, d. 18 Oct 1935, s/w Henry John Wuchatsch
Wuchatsch, Carl Peter, b. 26 Sep 1871, d. 11 Nov 1872, Children Of The Above, s/w Johann Wuchatsch et al
Wuchatsch, Christina, b. 23 Jul 1862, d. 19 Mar 1935, Daughter Of John And Magdalene Wuchatsch
Wuchatsch, Elizabeth Martha, b. 1 Jul 1876, d. 1 Sep 1905, Wife Of Charles Wuchatsch
Wuchatsch, Ernst Adolph, b. 13 Sep 1884, d. 12 Nov 1889, s/w Johann Wuchatsch et al
Wuchatsch, Henry John, b. 1 Nov 1866, d. 10 Jan 1898, s/w Carl Herman Wuchatsch
Wuchatsch, Johann, b. 7 Oct 1838, d. 30 Sep 1892, Husband of Johanna Wuchatsch, s/w 4 other names as noted herein
Wuchatsch, Johanna, d. 15 Aug 1923, age 82 yrs 6 months, s/w Johann Wuchatsch et al
Wuchatsch, John, d. 29 Sep 1884, age 82 yrs 7 months, s/w Magdalene Wuchatsch
Wuchatsch, Joseph David, b. 17 Nov 1885, d. 8 Dec 1968
Wuchatsch, Magdalene, d. 27 Sep 1903, age 78, Wife of John Wuchatsch, s/w John Wuchatsch
Wuchatsch, Marion, d. 5 Jan 1968, age 86
Wuchatsch, Norman Charles, d. 29 Nov 1978, age 76, Husband, Father & Grandfather
Wuchatsch, William Albert, b. 28 Jan 1868, d. 29 Aug 1948, age 80, My Husband
Young, Ernest, Stillborn 10 Oct 1950, s/w Norman, Lois and Wendy
Young, Jason, Stillborn 23 Feb 1969
Young, Linda, d. 9 Jan 1934, Wife of Norman Mother of Norman, Reginald, Rollin, Lance & Valerie, Nee Nebel
Young, Lois, Stillborn 26 Feb 1948, s/w Norman, Wendy and Ernest
Young, Norman Rudolf, b. 26 Oct 1897, d. 30 Oct 1990, Husband Of Winnifred Elsie, Devoted Father & Pa
Young, Wendy, Stillborn 25 Mar 1946, s/w Norman, Lois and Ernest
Young, Winnifred Elsie (Blazley), b. 9 Aug 1908, d. 24 Sep 1974, Loving Wife of Norman Rudolf Devoted Mother And Gran Of Glen Sloan and Jason Young
Ziebell, Annie Emily, b. 3 Oct 1912, d. 28 Dec 1985, wife of Henry Christian Ziebel s/w Christian Levin Ziebel et al
Ziebell, Arthur Gottlieb, b. 18 Jan 1873, d. 11 Feb 1887
Ziebell, August, b. 1838, Germany, d. 1918, A Colonist of 70 Years
Ziebell, Auguste, b. Germany, d. 8 Oct 1915, age 75, The Wife of (August) A Good Wife And Mother
Ziebell, Carl Alfred, d. 26 Oct 1940, age 73, s/w Christian Levin Ziebel et al
Ziebell, Christian Levin, b. 9 Dec 1796, Pruhl, Mecklenburg, d. 4 Sep 1882, Westgarthtown, Und Seine Ehefrau, s/w 6 other names as noted herein
Ziebell, Dorothea, d. 14 Dec 1969, age 96, Also Beloved Wife of Carl Alfred Ziebell, s/w Christian Levin Ziebel et al
Ziebell, Henry Christian, b. 28 Jul 1911, d. 14 Sep 1988, husband of Annie Emily Ziebel s/w Christian Levin Ziebel et al
Ziebell, Sophia, b. 28 May 1801, Kleekamm, Mecklenburg, d. 3 Dec 1888, Westgarthtown, s/w Christian Levin Ziebel et al
Ziebell, Verona Lily, b. 6 May 1901, d. 6 May 1995, s/w Christian Levin Ziebel et al
Zimmer, Annie Maria, d. 21 Oct 1901, age 40, s/w John Zimmer et al
Zimmer, Annie, d. 5 Dec 1878, age 78, Wife of John Zimmer, s/w John Zimmer et al
Zimmer, Betty, d. 19 Dec 1929, age 17, Daughter Of (Eliza and William Zimmer), s/w John Zimmer et al
Zimmer, Charles Henry, d. 3 Aug 1931, age 69, s/w John Zimmer et al
Zimmer, Eliza, d. 8 Oct 1956, age 74, s/w John Zimmer et al
Zimmer, Emma Catherine, d. 13 Apr 1970, age 93, Wife of Michael Henry Zimmer, s/w John Zimmer et al
Zimmer, Frederick Henry, d. 12 Nov 1875, age 5, s/w John Zimmer et al
Zimmer, Gustave Adolphus, d. 10 Feb 1906, age 38, s/w John Zimmer et al
Zimmer, John Adolphus, d. 10 Jul 1866, age 7, s/w John Zimmer et al
Zimmer, John, d. 21 Sep 1882, age 79, s/w 15 other names as noted herein
Zimmer, Marie, d. 11 Dec 1894, age 56, Wife of Michael Zimmer, Their Children (Annie Maria, Gustave Adolphus, John Adolphus, Frederick Henry), s/w John Zimmer et al
Zimmer, Michael Henry, d. 28 Apr 1937, age 70, s/w John Zimmer et al
Zimmer, Michael, d. 13 Oct 1892, age 69, s/w John Zimmer et al
Zimmer, William, d. 9 Nov 1966, age 85, s/w John Zimmer et al
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