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Bunyip Cemetery
Cardinia Shire, Victoria, Australia

Hope Street, Bunyip, Victoria

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 48.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Berry, Edward John, b. 1888, d. 20 Dec 1976, age: 88yr, [PS]
Berry, Elizabeth, b. 1888, d. 26 May 1976 Prahran, age: 88yr, (Legg), [PS]
Biles, Beatrice May, b. 1919 Brighton, d. 8 Jun 1990 Bunyip, age: 71yr, (Purvis), [PS]
Dawes, Albert, b. 1890 Richmond, d. 7 Feb 1962 Warragul, age: 72yr, Husband of Rose Jolley, [PS]
Dawes, Alfred Thomas, b. 1845, d. 4 Nov 1936 Garfield, age: 91yr, [PS]
Dawes, Elizabeth, b. 1854, d. 2 Nov 1932 Warragul, age: 78yr, (Morgan), [PS]
Dawes, Rose Harriett Myrtle, b. 1900 Bunyip, d. 19 Jul 1979 Dandenong, age: 79yr, (Jolley), [PS]
Enticott, Alfred Andrew, b. 1890, d. 8 Mar 1975, age: 85yr, [PS]
Enticott, Margaret Christina, b. 1896, d. 7 Feb 1967, age: 71yr, (Hehir), [PS]
Halvy, Michelle, b. 1 Dec 1967, d. 5 Dec 1967 Parkville, age: 0yr, d/o Kevin & Kathleen (Kelleway), [PS]
Jewell, Elizabeth, b. 1862 Woodend, d. 16 Oct 1933 Warragul, age: 71yr, (Leask), [PS]
Jewell, Frederick William, b. 1887 Melbourne, d. 22 Aug 1969 Heidelberg, age: 82yr, [PS]
Jewell, Lila Phoebe, b. 1893 Longwarry, d. 9 Aug 1970 Box Hill, age: 77yr, (Holland), [PS]
Jewell, Ronald Frederick, d. 17 Feb 1995 Lang Lang, [PS]
Jewell, Veronica Marie, b. 1929, d. 1 Mar 1984 Melbourne, age: 55yr, [PS]
Jewell, William, b. 1860 Essendon, d. 10 Jan 1932 Tonimbuk, age: 72yr, [PS]
Johnson, Gresham Law, b. 1 Oct 1903 England, d. 19 Nov 1975, age: 72yr, [PS]
Johnson, Stella Rose, b. 1911 Fitzroy, d. 27 Nov 1998 Highett, age: 87yr, (Barnett), [PS]
Johnston, Graeme Trevor, b. 1949, d. 1949 Warragul, age: 0yr, s/o Trevor & Thelma (Little), [PS]
Johnston, Trevor James, b. 1925, d. 2 Dec 1988 Dandenong, age: 63yr, [PS]
Jolley, Florence Martha, b. 16 Apr 1892 Albert Park, d. 21 Sep 1980 Bunyip, age: 88yr, (Jewell), [PS]
Jolley, Harold William, b. 21 Sep 1919 Box Hill, d. 10 Apr 1999 Longwarry, age: 79yr, [PS]
Jolley, John Wallis, b. 1877 Yan Yean, d. 4 Nov 1940 Melbourne, age: 68yr, [PS]
Jolley, John Wallis, b. 1908 Garfield, d. Sep 1965 Elmore, age: 63yr, [PS]
Jolley, Raymond, b. 7 May 1923 Longwarry, d. 4 Mar 1999 Clayton, age: 75yr, s/o John & Florence (Jewell), [PS]
Jolley, Thomas Joshua, b. 1901 Bunyip, d. Jul 1915 Warragul, age: 14yr, [PS]
Kappler, Adolph Alfred, b. 1884 S.A., d. 23 Apr 1932 Cora Lyn, age: 48yr, Husband of Miriam Rigby, [PS]
Kelleway, Lewis Norman, b. 2 Jul 1919 Brighton, d. 00 Jan 2003, age: 83yr, s/o Sydney & Violet (Little), [PS]
Little, Albert Victor James, b. 07 Sep 1892 Brighton, d. 2 Jan 1939 Melbourne, age: 46yr, s/o James & Hannah (Hughes), [PS]
Little, Albert, b. 6 Sep 1923 Brighton, d. 6 Sep 1923 Bunyip, age: 0yr, s/o Albert & May (Rigby), [PS]
Little, Maria May Louise, b. 07 Dec 1893 Beaconsfield, Tasmania, d. 24 Feb 1951 Horsham, age: 57yr, (Rigby), [PS]
Little, Ruby Mary, b. 20 Nov 1926 Caufiled, d. 17 Jul 2004 Neerim, age: 77yr, (Gourlay), [PS]
Nash, Alan James, b. 1966, d. 4 Mar 1984 Ferndale, age: 18yr, [PS]
Nash, Clara May, b. 1882 Oakleigh, d. 22 Dec 1955 Neerim, age: 73yr, (Prowd), [PS]
Nash, Eric Roy, b. 1912 South Yarra, d. 3 Mar 1999 Warragul, age: 87yr, [PS]
Nash, Ernest Alfred, b. 3 Nov 1909 Prahran, d. 16 Apr 1987 Warragul, age: 77yr, [PS]
Nash, Henry Job, b. 1885, d. 24 Oct 1927 Bunyip, age: 72yr, [PS]
Nash, Job, b. 1885, d. 20 Jun 1902, age: 60yr, [PS]
Nash, Leslie Reuben, b. 1920, d. 14 Jan 1961 Melbourne, age: 41yr, [PS]
Nash, Minnie Elizabeth, b. 1886 Melbourne, d. 1973 Warragul, age: 87yr, (Jewell), [PS]
Nash, Sarah, b. 1850 London, d. 15 Jul 1929 Brunswick, age: 79yr, (Cartwright), [PS]
O'Halloran, Debra Lee, b. 23 Jul 1957 Warragul, d. 1 Sep 1987 Warragul, age: 30yr, (Little) d/o Ronald & Ruby (Gourley), [PS]
Purvis, Elizabeth, b. 22 Mar 1886 Bunyip, d. 2 Nov 1967 Dandenong, age: 81yr, (Reynolds), [PS]
Purvis, James John, b. 1878 South Australia, d. 18 Jul 1947 Bunyip, age: 69yr, s/o James & Hannah (Hughes), [PS]
Schmutter, Mary Ann, b. 01 Jan 1884 Dartmoor, d. 5 Jan 1961 Iona, age: 77yr, (Dowling), [PS]
Schmutter, William William Frederick, b. 22 May 1882 New South Wales, d. 05 Aug 1852 Warragul, age: 70yr, [PS]
Skeehan, Valda Jean, b. 9 Nov 1942, d. 2 Sep 1943 Brunswick, age: 0yr, d/o John & Jean (Little), [PS]
Teese, Marli Minnie, b. 1917 Armadale, d. 1988, age: 71yr, (Nash), [PS]
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