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Interment.net Begins Update of Veterans Cemetery Records

July 25, 2016
by Steve Johnson

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Over the next several months, Interment.net will be focused on updating records from the 241 national and state veterans cemetreries located within the United States.

Interment.net originally published these records in the summer of 2000. Back then, the only websites that published records from these cemeteries was Interment.net and FindAGrave.com.

National and state veterans cemeteries continue to be top destinations here on Interment.net. Since our original publishing in 2000, state and federal goverments have added dozens more cemeteries, and millions more burials have occurred.

While many other cemetery websites have since added these records, Interment.net remains as the only one that allows visitors to browse thousands of records at a time.

The advantage of browsing thousands of records at a time is that it makes it easier to find relatives whose names were mispelled. Imagine going through a cemetery with over 100,000 burials, and you're looking for the surname, "De La Cruz". But, the cemetery recorded the name as, "Delacruz". It's really difficult to find if a website restricts you to seeing 10-40 records at a time.

Besides, our search engine knows to find both "De La Cruz" and "Delacruz", whereas other websites do not.

We've already updated records for Calverton National Cemetery (NY), Tahoma National Cemetery (WA), Bakersfield National Cemetery (CA), Miramar National Cemetery (CA), Sacramento Valley National Cemetery (CA), and Northern California Veterans Cemetery (CA). A total of 320,000 records.

It's going to be our largest publishing project to date. When it's all said and done, more than 5 million records will have been updated and added to Interment.net. Moreover, these records will reflect exactly what the US Department of Veterans Affairs has on record.

We're also committed to remaining 100% free access.

- Steve Johnson, Publisher

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