23 October 2000

Woodgrange Park Cemetery
Manor Park, Newham, London, ENGLAND
Woodgrange Park Cemetery Act 1993

The undersigned strongly protest regarding the way the 14,000 thousand "human remains" have been removed from the development site of above cemetery, which has been sold for housing development.

The fact that these "remains" were removed by mechinical means then bagged up in black plastic bin bags and reburied in a road within the Cemetery with no reburial service.

With regard to the remains that have been left laying within and without the development site because of the mechinical removal, we insist these are removed in accordance with the Woodgrange Park Cemetery Act.

We request that you ensure that the Woodgrange Park Cemetery Act, Section 4 - 1 is adhered to "Before the scheduled lands are used for any purpose other than as a burial ground, the developer shall remove or cause to be removed therefrom the remains of ALL deceased persons interred therein in accordance with the provisions of this section."

We protest that the road is still being used by vehicles and ask you to ensure that this is be closed and treated as a burial ground with no further delay.

We strongly protest that burial grounds are being sold for development when there is a lack of burial ground space throughout the U.K.




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